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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  November 19, 2015 3:07am-4:00am EST

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the way out of syria for many refugees and terrorists alike is through turkey. it is place that holly williams has spent a lot of time. holly, how difficult is it to keep extremists from crossing into europe from syria? >> reporter: scott, it's very difficult. at least six of the attackers are thought to have spent time in syria. at least one was apparently known to french authorities as an extremist but was still able to travel to syria. part of the problem is isis has no respect for national borders. its fighters are smuggled across the turkish border into syria, and one of the paris attackers appears to have posed as a refugee in order to enter europe. >> now, the u.s. today said it would help turkey fortify its border? is that going to help? >> reporter: that border is 500 miles long and it is porous.
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i spoke to a senior turkish official yesterday who said that as long as isis exists in syria, it will be impossible to stem the flow of extremists across that border. the other problem is intelligence sharing. that turkish official said turkey had warned france twice about one of the terrorist attackers, last year and again this year, over concerns that he may have traveled to syria, but french officials didn't follow up until after the paris attacks. >> holly williams. thanks, holly. there are well over 100 americans fighting for isis in syria. according to secretary of state john kerry. in paris, we asked kerry whether the wider goals of isis have now gone international. he calls isis by its arabic acronym daesh. >> the only goals i can define of daesh are to enforce their twisted view of the caliphate,
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which has nothing to do with islam, to put women into slavery to license rape as the will of god, of non-muslim women, to be able to kill yazidis because they're yazidi, kill shia because they're shia, kill christians because they're christian. that's what they do. >> now they're exporting that wholesale. >> well, let's see how wholesale it is. they're exporting it, yes, but most of the folks i've heard responding, and particularly in the muslim world, do not accept this. >> president obama wants the u.s. to take in thousands of syrian refugees fleeing the syrian civil war. but republicans are trying to stop him. margaret brennan is traveling with the president in manila. >> reporter: president obama lashed out at republican presidential candidates who said the u.s. should not accept any syrian refugees.
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oftentimes who suggested that they're so tough, that just talking to putin or staring down isil or using some additional rhetoric is somehow going to solve the problems out there, but apparently they're scared of widows and orphans coming into the united states of america as part of our tradition of compassion. >> reporter: and mr. obama warned, the political backlash is helping isis. >> i cannot think of a more potent recruitment tool for isil than some of the rhetoric that's been coming out of here during the course of this debate. >> reporter: the administration plans to accept around 10,000 syrian refugees over next year. of the more than 2,000 refugees admitted since the start of the syrian war, more than 40% are children under 14, and only 2% are single males of combat age. the president says they're thoroughly vetted over a nearly two-year process, and he dared his critics to come up with a better system. >> they've been playing on fear
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political points. or to advance their campaigns. and it's irresponsible. and it's contrary to who we are. and it needs to stop, because the world is watching. >> reporter: tonight, white house officials said the president will veto a republican bill that would make it even harder for syrian refugees to enter the u.s. and, scott, despite the uproar, there are no plans to change the refugee policy. >> margaret brennan traveling with the president in manila tonight. margaret, thank you. now with the response from the republicans, here's major garrett. >> i got to tell you, it is utterly unbefitting of the president to be engaging in those kinds of personal insults and attacks. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz hit back at the president for suggesting those who do not want to accept syrian refugees are unamerican. >> i would encourage you, mr. president, come back and insult me to my face.
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>> reporter: a new poll shows more than half of americans want the u.s. to stop admitting syrian refugees, a sentiment echoed by most of the republican presidential field, including marco rubio and john kasich. >> it's not that we don't want to accept people, it's that we cannot, because we cannot conduct effective, reliable background checks. if you admit 10,000 people and 9,999 of them are good people and one of them is an isis killer, you have a problem. >> we just have to make sure that we're not inviting people in here who pose a threat to us, who come in under the cover of refugee status, whose view it is to come in here and destroy us. that's not unreasonable for america to say no. >> reporter: in south carolina today, former florida governor jeb bush for the first time called for direct military engagement against isis. >> the united states, in conjunction with our nato allies, and more arab partners will need to increase our presence on the ground. >> reporter: and donald trump
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voting states. >> i will quickly and decisively bomb the hell out of isis. we'll rebuild our military and make it so strong. no one, and i mean, no one will mess with us. >> reporter: the white house said today not one of the more than 2,000 syrian refugees allowed into the u.s. has been arrested or deported for terrorism offenses. scott, in that poll we referred to, 69% of republicans opposed admitting new syrian refugees. >> major garrett in washington tonight. major, thank you. did isis bring down that russian jetliner with a bomb in a soda can? that's next. i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies.
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isis is a master of propaganda. and it's worth keeping that in mind when we show you what isis claims is the bomb that brought down the russian jetliner in egypt. here's jeff pegues. >> reporter: it's a soda can, detonator and a switch. it doesn't look like much, but atf special agent curt dennis, an explosives expert, says it could do a lot of damage. could that bring down a plane? >> i think it would depend on where they placed it on the plane and how much explosives are in a soda can, but i believe
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it could. >> reporter: isis published the image in its official propaganda magazine along with this message: revenge was exacted upon those who felt safe in the dock pills she the cockpits of their jets. the group's claims that the soda can bomb brought down the russian plane has not been verified. just yesterday the russian government confirmed the crash in egypt's sinai peninsula was caused by terrorism. and president vladimir putin vowed to hunt down those responsible for killing all 224 people onboard. investigators say an airport insider in sharm el sheikh may have planted the bomb, and the russians say it contained about two pounds of tnt. a u.s. counterterrorism official says isis in the sinai is one of the groups most active and potent affiliates. how do you stop something like this from getting on a plane? >> good security screening methods, vetting your people, things of that nature.
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boast about its successful terror operations and it's published details about other attacks in the past. scott, out of an abundance of caution, an advisory was sent to u.s. law enforcement to be on bomb components. >> jeff pegues, thanks. a big story back home is the violent weather in the northwest, and a tragic loss for
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flutie when we come back. at least three people were killed and thousands are without electricity after hurricane-force winds howled across the northwest. david begnaud is in the hard-hit city of spokane, washington. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: 70-mile-per-hour winds toppled 175 trees in the city of spokane, washington, in less than an hour tuesday. >> that was going quick-- oh! >> reporter: overnight, residents were told not to go outside. the warning came after a woman died when she was struck by a falling tree. another woman was trapped in her car after this tree collapsed onto it. neighbors rushed to her aid.
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>> she was stuck in there for about ten minutes, but we finally got her out on the passenger side. i asked her to rub my head for good luck because she is a very fortunate young woman. >> reporter: today, work crews were spread out across the city repairing downed power lines. this tree fell onto the home of 83-year-old don roadifer. how severe was the wind around tree fell on your home? >> oh, man, it was something else. i don't know-- i never heard wind like that before. >> reporter: in the seattle area, flooding sent people scrambling. tim mohrbacher rescued a woman in her home. >> so it was coming in from both ways at her place, so we pulled her out of the window and took her to the fire station. >> reporter: andrea zeigler couldn't sleep last night. a tree fell into her home. >> it sounded like an explosion, like a big bomb or something. i thought we were having an earthquake. i'm just thankful that god took care of us because, it's a house, you know? it can be replaced. >> reporter: business owners were busy protecting their
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properties with sandbags. in southwest colorado, 100-mile-per-hour winds led to near whiteout conditions. nearly three feet of snow has fallen in parts of colorado over the last 72 hours. back here in spokane, the wind toppled this nearly 100-year-old tree and sent it falling into the home behind me. there was a man and his three children inside. they were not harmed. scott, tonight, in the greater spokane area, nearly 139,000 people are without power right now. >> david begnaud in spokane for us. david, thank you. sad news tonight from former nfl quarterback doug flutie. in a posting on facebook, he said that his father dick died today of a heart attack, and his mother joan died an hour later, also from a heart attack. they were married 56 years. doug flutie wrote, "they say you can die of a broken heart, and i believe it."
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this week parents looked at the questions on the faces of their children, and did their best to make sense of the senseless. how to explain? what is the meaning of life, if life is lost so easily to those who hate? in paris, we recognized each and every face. we know them. we met in oklahoma city, in new york and washington after 9/11, and after the last mass shooting, familiar in every time and every place, children serene because they don't understand, parents in anguish because they
3:25 am
today, a parisian, antoine leiris, found his answer. his wife, who he called the love of his life, was killed friday, leaving him to write a letter to the terrorists for himself and his 17-month-old son. you will not have my hatred, he told the killers. this little boy will insult you by being happy and free. the letter reminded us of viktor frankl, the psychiatrist who endured auschwitz-birkenau. the love of his life was lost in the death camps. everything can be taken from a man but one thing, he wrote. the last of the human freedoms to choose one's attitude. or, as antoine leiris put it today, "we are two, my son and i, but we are stronger than all the armies of the world."
3:26 am
leaves us with silence until we search inside. in these times don't ask the meaning of life. life is asking, what's the meaning of you? that's the "overnight news" for this thursday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back with us a little bit later for the morning news and "cbs this morning." from outside the cathedral of notre dame in paris, i'm scott
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this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the "overnight news." i'm michelle miller. investigators in france can't say for sure whether the suspected mastermind of the paris terror attacks was killed during a predawn raid that turned violent. two people died in that firefight, and more than a half dozen people were arrested. elizabeth palmer is in paris with details. >> reporter: a vibrant paris neighborhood turned into a war zone. when, just after 4:00 this morning, s.w.a.t. teams stormed a third floor apartment and came under a barrage of heavy gunfire. [ gunfire ] including from a woman shooter who is then believed to have blown herself up. the battle raged for an hour. the police, 110 officers in all,
3:28 am
backed up by military reinforcements -- [ gunfire continues ] -- fired off 5,000 rounds of ammunition. during a lull, neighbors ran for cover. when the shooting finally stopped, three naked men were taken away into custody, with at least five police officers wounded. a block away, the owner of the apartment spoke with reporters. he told them as a favor to a friend, he loaned it to people he didn't know. a short time later, he was under arrest, too. along with seven others. but the presumed leader of the paris attacks, abdelhamid abaaoud, was not among them. however, it is possible he's one of at least two killed. as forensic specialists got to work looking for, among other things, more bodies in the ruined building, the paris prosecutor said -- a witness had
3:29 am
told police on monday that abaaoud was in france, not syria. communication intercepts and bank data appeared to back that up. all day, residents were coming to grips with the realization that an armed group with an arsenal of weapons had taken refuge in the heart of their community. now they have another worry. saint-denis has a large muslim population, and they're afraid of terrorists as anybody else. but they're also afraid they'll be targeted by the french government's new emergency powers, including the right to search property without a warrant, set curfews and order house arrests. since the paris attacks, president francois hollande has underlined again and again that french muslims are full citizens not terrorists. but the stigma is still there. says this woman, i get more strange looks now.
3:30 am
the same category. and of course, there's a real general undercurrent of fear. saint-denis today how glad they were when the terrorist mastermind was killed. when i said there was no proof of that, even the children burst into tears. the paris attacks are overshadowing the economic talks at the apec summit in manila. president obama confirmed the u.s. is seeking an alliance with russia to combat the islamic state. margaret brennan is traveling with the president. >> reporter: while russia's already coordinating air strikes with france, and here in manila today, the russian prime minister said the best way to combat isis is to unite with the west, and president obama seemed to agree. but he said there's one catch. first, russia has to help end the syrian war. >> i've also welcomed moscow going after isil. >> reporter: just days after
3:31 am
significant strikes against isis, president obama extended an offer. >> if we get a better understanding with russia about the process for bringing an end to the syrian civil war, that obviously opens up more opportunities for coordination >> reporter: the strikes were a major shift. russia spent weeks bombing syrian rebels, some u.s. backed, who were fighting to unseat president bashar al assad. >> it may be now having seen isil take down one of their airliners in a horrific accident that reorientation continues. >> reporter: now president obama is relying on vladamir putin to help broker a cease-fire in syria, which would eliminate an isis safe haven. >> everybody wants to hit isis, and i think that can be done.
3:32 am
say putin may simply be seizing an opportunity to repair frayed relations with the list. >> i think the paris bombing has produced a short term kumbaya with mr. putin. i don't think it will last, but they need each other right now. >> reporter: the coordination needs to coordinate intelligence to track and target isis leaders. that may increase after the french president visits moscow and washington next week. but charlie, there is already some tension. today, russia's top diplomat compared president obama's reluctance to sound ground troops to a cat who wants to eat a fish but refuses to get its feet wet. indiana is the first state in the nation to slam the door on syrian refugees. a syrian family was supposed to be resettled in indiana today. the governor ordered state agencies to stop the process. the family of three has been
3:33 am
connecticut. on capitol hill, house speaker paul ryan says legislation dealing with refugees will not include any language related to their religion. nancy cordes reports. >> this is not about politics. this is about national security. >> reporter: if they can't stop the flow of syrian refugees, republicans want more assurances that the screening is being done right. their new bill would require the department of homeland security to certify that each refugee is not a security threat, and has undergone a background investigation. at a classified briefing for house members last night, the homeland security secretary said that's already happening. >> syrian refugees, for the most part, the ones who we have admitted are women and children. they are the principal victims of the violence that is occurring in that part of the world. >> reporter: he said only 2% of the 2300 refugees accepted so
3:34 am
far were single men of combat age. but republicans argued it only takes a few to inflict mass destruction. >> remember isis in their own words said we want to exploit the refugee process to infiltrate the west. >> reporter: michael mccaul chairs the homeland security committee. are you worried about the message it sends if we close our doors to these refugees all together? >> you know what i'm worried about is the gulf states who are taking zero of these refugees. >> reporter: 30 governors feel the same way and will try to keep refugees out of their states. >> i can't think of a more potent recruitment tool for isil been coming out of here during the course of this debate. >> reporter: at the apec summit in the philippines, president obama defended his administration's refugee screening process and fired back at his republican critics. >> apparently they're scared of widows and orphans coming into the united states of america as part of our tradition of compassion.
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thousands of residents in and around denver are still in the dark after tuesday's blizzard. wind gusts of up to 100 miles per hour continue to buffet the region, whipping the two feet of snow that's already on the the storm is good news for ski resorts, though. early for the first time in 13 years. another ski resort in utah is also open, but won't allow snowboards. that sparked a lawsuit. david begnaud has the story. >> reporter: like most ski resorts in the country, they share the mountain here at loveland ski area. snowboarders and snow skiers. but the bottom line comes to this, here's the question in this case. can a resort that leases public land from the federal government say yes to people that want to snow ski but no to people who
3:38 am
want to snowboard? as this historic footage shows, for more than 75 years, ulta has promoted itself as a skier's paradise. >> enthusiastic skiers from around the globe flock to this unique resort. >> reporter: known for its deep powder and beautiful scenery, it's one of three resorts in the u.s. that does not allow snowboarding. it's a policy this group of snowboarders wants to change. >> it's about access, exclusion and violates the law. >> reporter: unlike the other two resorts that ban boarders, ulta leases public land. rich and drew, seen here with their lawyer, have been snowboarding since '80s. they're two of the four snowboarders who filed suit. they say the skiers-only policy is discriminatory and violates their constitutional rights. >> under the law, if you have a policy that excludes one group of people because you don't like that group of people, that
3:39 am
violates the equal protection clause. >> part of it is, that's my public land as well. they operate on public property. i feel like i have a right to be able to use that mountain. >> reporter: this undercover video provided by the snowboarders involved in the case, shows the level of animosity some skiers have towards boarders. whom they per soef as -- perceive as dangerous risk takers. >> i hate them. >> oh, you guys are the worst. >> i don't ever want to see a snowboarder near me. >> reporter: but they contend they're banning snow boards, not the people that ride them. in a statement, the company says restrictions are a business decision made to promote a unique recreational experience. they say the equipment restrictions are not about banning people. >> this equal protection argument doesn't have a snowball's chance. the equal protection clause is concerned about laws that treat people differently based on who they are. and it's okay in most cases for the government to treat people differently based on what they do.
3:40 am
>> reporter: these snowboarders know they're likely facing an uphill battle but hope the legal system gives them a lift. >> it is a passion and way of life. to be excluded from the best powder and not to be part of that is something very disappointing. >> reporter: there is no word on when the federal appeals court will make their decision, but it is interesting to note, last year a judge in utah threw out the case because he said allowing the case to move forward could open the door to
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against private companies. silent night holy night sleep in heavenly peace
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former alaska governor and vice presidential candidate sarah palin has been keeping a low profile since she lost her job as a commentator for fox news. but palin has a new book out and is opening up to the press. tracy smith took a trip to alaska to chat with palin for sunday morning. >> reporter: this is stunning. >> isn't sit a gorgeous view? i love waking up to this every
3:44 am
day. >> reporter: wasilla, alaska's most famous private citizen still lives in the same house, the one she bought before she was a household name. after the loss in 2008, did you come back here to nurse your >> came back here, man, because got to get back to real life, you know? >> reporter: did you feel like a loser? >> well, sure. you either win or you lose. and it's like, dang, i wish i could have added more, contributed more positively. maybe there was no chance that we were going to win any way. >> reporter: do you feel like you're to blame for the loss in 2008? because people do blame you. >> well, it takes a team to win, so it takes a team to lose. i was part of the team that came in second, out of two. so, yes. yeah, i mean, semantics. words matter. you either win or you lose. we lost. that makes you not a winner, at that time. >> my running mate, my friend, senator john mccain.
3:45 am
>> reporter: it all began, of course, in the summer of 2008, when senator john mccain picked alaska governor sarah palin, a feisty 44-year-old mother of five, to be his running mate. >> the next vice president of the united states, sarah palin. >> reporter: at that moment, she had a lot going on in her private life. her oldest son was bound for iraq. she had a new baby with special needs. and she just found out her unmarried teen daughter, bristol, was pregnant. >> they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull, lipstick. >> reporter: sarah palin was new to national politics, and sometimes it showed. her every stumble was immortalized on late-night tv. >> i believe that diplomacy should be the cornerstone of any foreign policy. >> and i can see russia from my house. [ laughter ]
3:46 am
of heat for this awkward moment with then cbs noose an -- news anchor katie couric. >> when it comes to establishing your world view, i was curious, what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for this to stay informed? >> i've read most of them with a great appreciation for the press and media. >> what specifically, i'm curious? >> all of them, any of them that have been in front of me all these years. i have -- >> reporter: was that a fair question? >> sure, yeah. i had a crappy answer. but it was a fair question. i didn't like, though, the way that forever then in the seven years that interview has kind of been stamped on my forehead as, she's an idiot. i just think in the context of the whole ball of wax that day or two days of an interview and editing, it wasn't real fun. >> reporter: and in the end, it wasn't even close.
3:47 am
>> at this defining moment, change has come to america. >> let me show you something for instance. >> reporter: if 2008 was a hard year for sarah palin, 2015 hasn't been much better. she lost her job as a commentator for fox news, though she won't exactly be going hungry. >> this is this season's moose. >> reporter: this is all moose in here if >> yeah, this is all moose. >> reporter: and this past may, her daughter bristol's wedding was called off. you mentioned a disappointment is bristol's marriage falling through. bristol is pregnant again. this can't be how you saw this playing out? >> heck no. being a single mom. my heart goes out to the single parents. but my admiration for what it is they're able to accomplish, doing double duty. i watch her do double duty all
3:48 am
tripp. i can't wait for about 45 more days and i'm going to have a little baby granddaughter, and i'm happy about it. >> reporter: you're looking at it like a blessing. >> absolutely. >> reporter: there are those that say, come on, this goes against everything you stand for. >> well, the cool thing about putting your faith in god is, he certainly is a god of second chances and third and fourth and fifth chances. i screw up all the time. >> reporter: she says she turns to scripture to help her through tough times, and as she writes in a new book, she's had her share. >> i think this book will express some of that, because there's a lot of admittance of the mistakes. there's admittance in the book about things that, oh, yeah, i orchestrated that when i pushed it too far and i screwed it up. >> and god bless the united states of america. thank you. >> reporter: palin's political future may be cloudy right now. her opinions are as clear as
3:49 am
there's this feeling that maybe instead of contributing to making things work, that you're part of the problem of people not being able to find a solution. >> because some of my comments are very candid and perceived as costic to some, i do that because i know that i speak for a whole lot of people thinking the same thing but don't have a microphone or a stage and they want somebody to say it and i'll say that and call people out for doing something stupid and i'll use the word stupid. >> reporter: do you worry that's too divisive? >> too many people worry that's too divisive or worried about the politically correct police that will tell them to sit down and shut up because you're politically incorrect. that's part of the problem in our country right now. >> welcome back to the republican presidential debate. >> reporter: if you had to
3:50 am
the gop field, who would it be? >> right now, i would say that fighter is donald trump. because he has nothing to lose. he doesn't have to be bought or sold, especially when it comes to contributions. he is his own man. >> i may leave here and you will say that's not nice what he said. who cares? >> hi! >> reporter: but at the moment, there are more important people in sarah palin's life. >> how did you do at school >> reporter: trig, her youngest, is now 7. slide at recess? >> yes. >> was your job to push the kids down the slide? >> yes. >> reporter: being a full-time mom never slowed her down before and it doesn't now. >> i still usually write something every day for my facebook page, because i want to keep up with the million people whom rereach informed about issues i think we need to start talking about. then my goodness, before we know it, it's time to give you a bath, right?
3:51 am
is that fun? how about brushing your teeth? no. he doesn't like that either. >> reporter: so you would leave this to go back on the campaign trail? >> this will always be home. i would know i could always come back here. >> reporter: translation, she would jump at the chance. you're willing to run again? >> i would be willing. that's a good way to put it. >> reporter: sarah palin can't really see what russia from her house. she never said she could. but what she can see is even better. >> you see a lot of silver lining here, don't you? you see a lot of -- that's clouds, but there's light coming through the clouds all the time. and i have an illustration every day here in alaska of beauty, in more ways than one. i look around and i get to see the beauty of god's creation. man, it makes me appreciate it.
3:52 am
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the french national soccer team was in the middle of a match friday when terrorists struck right outside the stadium. the team was back on the field tuesday night, facing england in london. and it turned into a love match. mark phillips reports. >> reporter: while they're cleaning up today after a night that was about a lot more than sports. several international soccer games were canceled for security reasons, but the one here between england and france went ahead. and it was more than just a game, it was a statement of defiance. you know a game is more than a game when the theme song of the night is the visiting team's anthem. and when the home stadium, wembley, the shrine of english soccer, is decorated in the visiting team's colors. after the tragedy in paris last
3:55 am
friday night, including the attempt by the attackers to cause mass carnage at the france-germany soccer game, the suicide bombers detonating outside the stadium when they couldn't get in, the french were given the option of pulling out of last night's london game. two french players had been directly affected. one's cousin was killed. and another's sister escaped the bataclan concert hall massacre. but the team wanted to play and the fans wanted to come. >> i tried for two days and i was dispirted and now i'm here to support my country. i know that every country are behind us in the situation. this is just amazing. >> reporter: the wreath laying by prince william was amazing. the singing of the anthems was amazing. the words to the french anthem were put up on the scoreboard so the english fans could sing along.
3:56 am
the song sung not just by the french but the english and in london. these are extraordinary times. an anthem that resonates still today and not just in france. you brought a pile of kids here. any concerns? >> we're here to watch the match, enjoy the match and remember what's happened in the last week. this is our place to be. >> we love you, paris! i love you. >> reporter: if love is all you needed, there were about 80,000 cases of it here. the french played, but their heart wasn't really in it. they lost 2-0. nobody cared about the score. the winner here was sanity.
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