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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  November 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> meanwhile, the nypd says it's trying to learn as much as possible from the paris attacks and down playing threat of an attack here after isis released a propaganda video with image of herald square and times square. that's where janelle burrell is live this afternoon. >> reporter: well, chris, i spoke with nypd commissioner bill bratton this morning. and he says right now his main concern is how was isis able to attack paris, seemingly undetected. but for now here at home including here in times square, we continue to see extra security. >> fears is the oxygen of terrorists. they want to spread and it stoke and it keep it alive. >> reporter: and nypd police commissioner bill bratton remains adamant that his department will not book down, continuing their surveillance against isis, seemingly unphased by isis' new
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2 news has chosen not to show depicting a suicide bomber. >> it's like the lottery. if something were to happen, it would just happen but i can't be running around new york afraid of people. i'm sorry. i'm just not going to do it. >> reporter: bomb-sniffing dogs and heavily armed officers keeping watch around the congested area. police commissioner bill bratton says one of the key questions he has right now, how was isis able to go undetected before the paris attacks? >> how is it that one of the most professional intelligence services in the world had no warning of this comprehensive and sophisticated series of attacks? we're learning a lot about the attack, about after the attack. but more importantly, we need to know before, what happened that they didn't detect? >> reporter: as they work to get those answers, here at home, expect more security at the macy's thanksgiving day parade next week where millions
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officers from the critically response team. >> for thanksgiving, we will have about 300 of them in addition to everybody else that we have for the parade. >> i am aware. i am not scared. >> reporter: and that is the attitude that the commissioner is urging the public to adopt. as we get into the holiday season, we will see more crowds and he is urging everyone to remain vim atlanta. and they have -- remain vigilant. and he tells us that they have detectives in france working to see what they can learn additionally about the attacks in paris. janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. a major break through today in the hunt for terrorists who gunned down 129 people in last week's attacks on paris. jonathan vigliotti has new information from paris. >> reporter: the french prosecutor now says the master mind of the paris terror attacks was killed in yesterday's raid in san day the knee.
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body which was rittled with bullets. parisian ryan welch comed the news. >> it's great. it's very great. because france is very sad about what happened. >> reporter: prosecutors also say the woman who blew herself up when the raid started was his cousin. the manhunt continues for attackers who got away abdeslam. the daily mail obtained surveillance mail that shows a gunman opening fire on a cafe. hail of bullets. the fear of another attack has some parisians avoiding crowded places. there's more traffic on the streets as people stay away from the subway. when we were all gathered in a small place, it's an easy target in man said. we worry someone will come again and attack us. france's prime minister warned legislatures today the next attack could be with chemical or bilogical weapons. he wants to extend the state of emergency three month, giving security forces the power to search and detain suspects
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without a warrant. in paris, jonathan vigliotti, cbs 2 news. >> and the bill in france to extend the state of emergency passed the lower house and goes to the upper house on friday. the house of representatives is scheduled to vote on a republican-backed bill which would temporarily halt president barack obama's plan to bring up to the 10,000 syrian refugees to the u.s. craig boswell is on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: house republicans say they want to temporarily keep out refugees from syria and iraq in order to keep the country safe. >> you've got isis claiming that they are going to the exploit this refugee crisis the infiltrate america. i take them at their word. >> reporter: congressman hudson helped write the bill. >> until the fbi can put a system in place. >> reporter: government officials told congress the system is already in place and it works. >> we screen applicants
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rigorously and carefully in an effort to ensure that no one that poses a threat to the safety of americans is able to enter the country. >> reporter: but the capabilities isn't in place say some. >> this week we found more evidence of that. the french sent the fingerprints of the attackers in paris and there was no trace of them in our databases. >> reporter: 53% of americans polled say they oppose the program to allow syrians into the country. and 28% say it should move ahead as planned. and 11% want it limited to just christians. but president barack obama says he will veto the bill if it passes. craig boswell, cbs 2 news, capitol hill. >> and france still plans on resettling 30,000 syrian, the same number it committed to before the attacks last friday. the search is on this noon for the driver who struck a woman crossing the the street in brooklyn and left her to die. andrea grymes spoke with one of her friend and reports. >> i can't imagine.
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her longtime friend and neighbor is gone. 66-year-old sofiya ostrovskaya, a wife and mother, killed by a hit-and-run driver last night here in bath beach. >> she is very much like everybody and she was filled with love and life. >> reporter: police say she was crossing the road at bay path street around 7:15 when a speeding car went through the red light, striking sofiya ostrovskaya and sending her flying into the air. investigators say the driver just kept going. a neighbor saw the aftermath. >> just terrible. how do you leave somebody laying dead on the street and not help them out. >> reporter: residents say the area is prone to accidents and the city clearly knows it since workers recently put up a speed camera in addition to the traffic signal. while some say it's helped -- >> i think it's fine. just that people have to slow down. >> reporter: others say the extra improvements have not slowed down many drivers.
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>> reporter: this morning a city transportation department worker surveyed the intersection. police were also keeping watch and pulling drivers over. sofiya ostrovskaya was actually not the only pedestrian killed last night in this neighborhood. police say just a few blocks away on bay parkway, a 61-year- old man was crossing mid-block when he was hit by a car and killed. that driver though did stay on the scene but police say they arrested him for being unlicensed. in brooklyn, andrea grymes, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. more than a dozen pedestrians have died on city streets since halloween. two israeli men are dead after a stabbing attack in tel- aviv. police say a knife-welding man went on a stabbing spree. a third man was wounded. police arrested the suspect identified as a father of five from a west bank village. in a separate attack, one was killed and six wounded in a
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shooting in the west bank. there's much more coming up on cbs 2 news at noon. sentencing day for former subway spokesman jared fogle after a plea deal on child sex crimes. and a break in the cold case murder in new jersey. who price are charging in the killing of a schoolteacher in her home. plus, connection between exercise and your sex life? should you or shouldn't you? and now here's john. we've got some rain headed our way and numbers are going to be all over the place, so
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up. don't forget to follow us on facebook and like our page. you can find us at the ntsb is cot investigating a helicopter crash in california that left two people dead. it burst into flames. it happened yesterday at the airport. the identities of the victims have not yet been released. well, three men have been charged in the cold case murder of a new jersey teacher. the 33-year-old was killed in her neptune city apartment. today prosecutors announced charges against three men in the 2009 killing of the red bank schoolteacher. police say the men broke into
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the wrong apartment in the woman inside. the suspects are currently in prison on unrelated charges. the former spokesman for subway is in an indiana court right now awaiting sentencing. jared fogle admitted in court to having sex with teenagers and possessing child porn. >> what do you you want to say to the families of the victims? >> reporter: a psychologist said he suffers from hypersexuality and substance abuse, all developing after his weight loss. in august, fogle pled guilty to one count of distributing and receiving child pornography and one count of crossing strait lines to engage in sex with minors, including here in new york. the 38-year-old became a household name as a pitchman for subway and used his fame to establish a foundation promoting healthy life styles for children. subway cut ties with the spokesman following the the arrest. a former radio host who
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interviewed him became suspicious with when she overheard him say he found middle schoolgirl astrictive. in recordings, the father of two discussed his sexual interest in children. >> like all ages, that's the thing. >> what makes the it different? i mean from one age to another? >> well, who's going to give you the glance, you know what i mean? >> reporter: and fogle admitted to receiving child pornography, produced by the former executive director of his foundation. and prosecutors are asking for 12 years behind bars but he could be sentenced for up to 50 years. so much more ahead here. some golfers got a surprise on a texas golf course. and you will need an umbrella today.
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john elliott has the forecast. talk about a hazard on the golf course. a 12-foot alligator was removed from a course in the houston area yesterday. it weighs close to 700 pounds. they think it came from a nearby river after it was
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if you google how to have better sex, almost 7 million posts will appear. some of the best doctors have documented their own theories and the common denominator in a lot of research is physical fitness. >> if you feel good, if you look good, those things also enhance your relationship with your significant other or others. >> reporter: now do i have your attention? the doctor, a professor advises, if you want to increase confidence the, boost your sex drive, fight stress, increase blood flow and improve endurance, then you have to do this. >> three, two, one, go. >> reporter: two fitness champions instruct in flatiron. their classes are high intensity and working for men and women, not just looking to get or stay in shape. >> i get a lot of couples,
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like, thank you, these workouts have changed us as far as in their personal life but also just being together. >> and a lot of women are dedicated to it but staying active, it really translates over into your personal life obviously in the bedroom. the better you feel about yourself, you can keep the lights on ladies. >> reporter: and in the latest research, one study showed a direct correlation with high intensity training and increased pleasure for women in their 40s and 50s. for men, weight lifting promotes the production of testosterone. a harvard study of 31,000 men found that burning just 200 calories a day resulted in a 30% lower risk of erectile decision function. >> a lot of men go through only of the issue, as far as functioning and it can destroy the their self esteem. >> sometimes you need help staying in the game. >> reporter: so men, our options are this, we can lay on the couch and sit through another commercial tell thing
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get up, we can bike, swim, do yoga and instead of just burning 200 calories a day, come to class and burn 800. >> the the energy, confidence, everything is definitely going up. >> i feel lucky i discovered it at a young age. >> and i'm sure you heard of the word endorphins? well, those are released duringer and cease and it's the same chemical released during sex. the more in one may lead to results in the other. >> got it. >> you've been working out all morning. >> knee bends. >> you're on your way tiger. >> a great family show. i like that. and it's win-win. another fun fact. this is important. the great american smokeout. the thursday before thanksgiving, do whatever you have to do to kick that nasty habit as well. a great healthy habit. giving me the observations.
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look at how many weather watchers are sticking around if the noon show. we appreciate it. and most of these observation, upper 50s and low 60s already. and i appreciate these pictures. i love this from lori. look how many leaves came down yesterday due to the wind. the maples always hanging on to some but you will lose more of that. and red in the morning for brian. he took warning. a little bit of wet weather. and charlie shared a picture on the morning show. he changed the filter so you really see the definition of the clouds. he's norther and west. and we are seeing more wet weather to the west. it's on again, off again rain. in the city, it's light rain. i love this picture too. clearly there's light rain in the city. 61, winds are variable and 6 to 22. wind an issue. predominantly a southeast south wind so that's why the numbers are so warm. it's november. and it's 62 in the hamptons. and 61 in edison. and 60 in sparta.
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and compared to yesterday, four, five, six, seven degrees warmer and. the wind, yeah, winds on average about 20 miles per hour. but we're seeing gusts closer to 25. so wind an issue as well. and of course with the direction of the wind out of the south, we are over 10 degrees above normal, 71 and 18 the records. today is the peak heat. and more leaves will come down because it's going to be windy friday and saturday. and here's what i'm talking rockland. and more filling in to sussex, there's charlie up there. and more to the west. but long island, you get the break and the passing shower. and then falls apart. and look to the west and you think we're going to miss it. but more rain filling in through maryland and delaware. that will hold together. and the front is still to the west. the models may be a little bullish on this but i still see the possibility of an isolated pocket of heavy rain or a through.
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and remember, the front doesn't push through till overnight tonight into tomorrow. that's why potential is still inches of rain. depends on if you get into a situation where you have the brief heavy rain or even an isolated thunderstorm. and today's the busy day. cool after that. and look at sunday and monday. 40s. so enjoy the 60s. shine. >> yeah. afternoon. >> thank you. find out the weather any time, just download the cbs new york weather app. get the forecast, check live radar and send us pictures and video. it's free and available in the itunes store. people have been speculated about a carly simon song since 1988. you're so vain you probably think this song is about you u.c.l.a. you're so vain >> the song came out in '27 but in about '88, everybody started
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more car pool karaoke on the late late show with james corden last night. the surprise guest in the passenger seat, justin bieber. i will fight forever >> i feel it. i honestly feel like --
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>> okay. >> you know, i'm ready to just -- >> i love it. what do you need? stage. >> the only thing that's annoying is you actually look cool. >> james corden went ahead and tried the bieber make-over. it's not clear if he pulled it over. tune in to "the late late show" every weeknight right here. coming up on cbs 2 news tonight beginning at 5:00, doctors have new help in finding prostate cancer and it's the same technology that your gps uses. and at 6:00, day care workers accused of slamming children to the ground and force feeding them. action. those stories and much more at 5:00. and we finally have the answer to one of music's bigamist ring leaders. -- big mysteries. you're so vain you probably think this song is about you
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pgh you're so vain >> in an interview with people magazine, carly simon confirmed the second verse. it is about warren beatty. he was speculated to be the protagonist. simon says she's not ready to tell who else the song is about. her memoir "boys in the trees" is due out next week. and she's never going to divulge the whole story. >> you don't think so? >> no. >> that's it for us at noon. for john elliott and the entire cbs 2 news team, thanks for joining us. i'm mary calvi. >> got to keep them wondering. i'm chris wragge. cbs 2 news is back at 5:00. look how beautiful it is...
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