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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  November 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the ignition on, was out of gas, and we believe that the fumes from the car possibly or most likely have drifted into to suffocate. >> reporter: police aren't accidentally left on and they tell us there were no carbon monoxide detectors in the home. we are live tonight from west chester county, trace say carrasco, cbs 1 news. new information about the energy. bad news for some living in hoboken. they may not have water until after thanksgiving. fix. >> reporter: that's right. hoboken. as you can see, many threats behind me -- streets behind me
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two maine breaks -- two water main breaks and officials say the repair could go right through the holiday. >> reporter: your business is on an island now. >> we are on an island. >> reporter: losing money water is on the street in hoboken, new jersey. chris back is frustrated. >> reporter: what do you want to say to city officials? >> let's clean it up. >> reporter: more than 24 hours after the 24-inch main broke in the city, streets still flooded and residents dealing with low water pressure. officials say it is because it is a second 36-inch valve also failed. >> in an effort to isolate that, basically to stop the water from running out of that break, we operated some valves in jersey city. in doing so, one valve broke. >> reporter: city officials say the bad news? repairs are complicated and could go through the thanksgiving holiday. unfortunately, if you are in a experiencing low water pressure, it is possible that is what you will experience through thanksgiving and you
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may want to make your plans accordingly. >> we gave out the warnings yesterday. it seems the word got out to use mass transit or the north entry of the city. >> reporter: living in hoboken the difficult part there was no hot water. >> there was no water running until about 10:00 p.m. last night. we got cold water this morning. >> reporter: some residents of a lie rise on jackson street had no water. a truck, parked outside, offering them fresh water. >> it is difficult when people live. >> reporter: there is also a concern that some buildings may units. they may have to pump heat right up to the higher floors until the repairs are made. a boil water advisory is in effect as a precaution. live in hoboken new jersey, christine sloan. newark. a crowded nj transit bus caught hurt.
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a bullet pierced the windshield of the route 44 bus. hurt. the shots were fired in the 200 afternoon. officers at the scene found a man, shot in the leg. he is being treated at university hospital and right now, detectives are searching for the shooter. now to our weather picture. getting ready for a serious chill tonight. center. >> reporter: if you get to the color. basically all the city except for staten island. if you are wondering why would that not exist for places north and westward, it is going to be even colder. have already had one. temperatures will be dropping and starting off around the freezing mark in the city. 33. look at 24 for a place like 33 white plains. 37 jamaica. 31 around the jersey shore.
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look, a little bit of a snow flurry around the northwest corner of sullivan county. a company came through warren county, here or there, but it is indicative of how cold it is going to be. 28 right now in monticello. that is why you are seeing a couple of flurries in the area. 39 in the city and 30s for everybody. for your day tomorrow, 48 degrees. a chilly one out there, mostly sunny sky once again. so it is cold but it looks pretty. maurice will talk the thanksgiving forecast a little bit later. >> lonnie thank you. from from european capitals to here at home the isis are having a major impack. the city of brussels bracing for an attack, the stunning discovery in a paris suburb. maticos czar has more.
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matt kozar has more. >> reporter: police are investigating, a bomb squad removed a suicide belt discovered from a garbage can. police sealed off the streets and an analysis of the belt is underway. the capital of belgium is in security measures. investigators are warning a paris-like attack is imminent in brussels, home to the headquarters of nato and the european union. the subway has been shut down. and for the first time since world war ii, schools are closed. during a series of nighttime police raids, authorities arrested 21 people, but not the last remaining suspect in the paris attacks. >> salah abdeslam is not, not among the persons arrested during the searches. >> reporter: europe's most wanted man, salah abdeslam remains on the run. the french aircraft carrier charles degall is in the
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up its air campaign in sire syria. this morning british prime minister david cameron and french president holland visited the paris nightclub. cameron will ask the british parliament this week to approve air strikes against isis. >> the united kingdom will do all in our power to support our friend and ally france. >> reporter: the french president will travel to washington for meetings with president obama on tuesday. in the newsroom, matt kozar, cbs-2 knew. governor cuomo announced new efforts to fight terrorism in new york state. the new see something send something campaign encourages new yorkers to report suspicious activity through a smartphone app. also the mta, will hire 46 more police officers. they will patrol at grand central terminal, penn station and along the metro north and long island railroads as well as the staten island railway. do expect tighter security at
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the tsa says it will handle 25 million passengers this week with enhanced screenings. extra police enters and patrol dogs will also in add and security will be in place for overseas flights heading into the united states. even without a current credible threat against the u.s., police are stepping up security at large gatherings and gearing up mobile response teams to keep would-be terrorists on guard. >> reporter: the tactical police units and suburban departments generally go on high alert starting black friday for the christmas shopping rush. this year the alert comes early with an eye on paris and the deadly low tech terror attacks on soft civilian targets. >> we have our own, county-wide hercules teams. again they consist of every major jurisdiction within the county. >> reporter: suburban departments have banded together to reproduce the kind
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to many it makes good sense, because there are so many more places to protect now. >> could be at the mall in white plains, could be downtown new york, could be on athrane, who knows? -- on a train, who knows? >> reporter: the terror concern now penetrates deep into suburbia, for instance here west of the hudson in the village of nyack. >> it is absolutely terrifying. we had a giant skate park opening this weekend and of course. >> i had a moment where i went oh, no, please let this not be something on their radar. >> reporter: it is a sad commentary we have gotten good at dealing with active shooting scenarios because they happen anywhere and there is really no safe place to run. >> people are concerned but i are going to alter plans. >> reporter: everywhere we went, people told us they are this season. >> i am not going to let them scare me. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> like i normally do. i'm going everywhere.
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>> reporter: quick reaction teams are planning to make whatever happens next a short event. lou young, city city -- cbs-2 7news. the most recent attacks were planned and staged in the immediate suburbs. >> the poll shows the majority of americans do not agree with allow the president is handling the war aisis. the latest cbs news poll finds 66% of the people don't think mr. obama has a clearman for dealing with the terrorists. 23% believe his plans are clear. there is growing support for sending u.s. ground troops into iraq and syria. the poll shows 50% supporting putting boots on the ground, up 4% since summer. 42% opposed. that is down 3%. and for more poll results, stay tuned for cbs's evening news tonight. an elderly queens man is in serious condition after being
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hit by an mta bus this morning. the m22 was making a right turn when the bus struck the man all the madison and jackson streets on the lower east side. the victim was taken to bellevue hospital. up next the hot topic of the campaign trail. did donald trump really see thousands of people celebrating the 9/11 attacks in new jersey. that depends on who you asked. tied-up and robbed. another unsuspecting store hit on long island. why can't police find a suspect. ? as the holiday travel season gets ramped up thieves could be using your boarding pass to steal your identity. we received several photos yesterday.
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wel veoullhereummoe anlsor 40doarba. soo li oca n.t t t pt.etio . campaign 2016 now donald trump's version of reality is now being called into question.
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now the candidate insists he saw thousands of muslims cheering in jersey city when the towers fell. but is there a single shred of evidence to back that claim? >> a lot of questions about this one. ben carson says he, too, saw a video of muslims cheering the 9/11 attacks in new jersey. >> reporter: did you see that happening on 9/11? >> i saw the film of it yeah. >> in new jersey? >> yeah. >> reporter: ben carson was responding to questions after donald trump said this in bam bam saturday night. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down. and i watched in jersey city, new jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> reporter: trump doubled down sunday on abc. >> it was well covered at the time. >> reporter: but where? the only video we found was of palestinians cheering the attacks in jerusalem.
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you say you saw the film. what film are you referring to? >> the news reels. >> reporter: today trump tripled down, demanding an apology from critics and pointing to the september 182001 washington post article which said in jersey city within hours of jet liners plowing into the world trade center law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river. but the washington post now says there was no source for the information and nothing came of it. in the meantime one democrat is questioning trump. >> i have not heard any i don't know where mr. trump gets his evidence, what he has seen, but i don't think anybody else in america has seen it. >> reporter: but since the terror attacks in paris, trump is actually increasing his lead in the gop race. >> it is very clear he is
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the american public that may not be very widespread, but it is certainly there, within a certain segment. the more he enunciates and articulates those views the moreen nap mored that segment of the population will become. >> reporter: in the meantime new jersey governor chris christie is running for president and he says he doesn't remember muslims cheering after the world trade he hedges then and says there could be things that i forget too. so he says he doesn't really remember it but who knows? >> okay. some economic news now. u.s. home sales declined in october after a september surge. this is all according to the national association of realtors. sales of previously owned homes dropped 3.4% last month for an -- to an annual rate of $5.6 million.
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the median existing home price ago. as the holiday travel season is set to begin, there is a new way thieves are trying to access your personal data. how bar code bandits could be >> reporter: that's right. boarding pass. it is this piece of paper that could make you an easy target for hackers. >> they normally just leave it in the bin in the back of the >> reporter: cyber security expert ian marlow says it is the bar code that is letting information. and it is as simple as using this tree app. >> what was gleaned off the boarding was was my full name, including salutation, the record locator, right here, which is what will tell you everything about the flight i'm on, where i'm going, where i have been. >> reporter: story seats and product bar codes usually just
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someone who wants your information, these bar codes can open a window of opportunity. >> whether or not you are home at that time, if it is a burglar looking. i can actually change seats. i can cancel flights. >> reporter: and in some instances, they can access your home and e-mail address our even steal your frequent flyer miles. >> you'll be none the wiser physical you look at the account and see. >> i'm shocked. it never even occurred to me. but yeah that would be a lot of personal information people have easy access to. >> reporter: experts say exercise caution with your boarding pass. don't leave it behind or toss it not trash and don't post them on social media. even electronic boarding passes could be vulnerable. >> i have a case that covers the screen until i get up to the front. >> and travel expert peter greenburg makes this additional case. >> the computer at the airline plane.
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your boarding pass at the end of your trip. and different airlines have different vulnerabilities when it comes to information that could be read with a bar code scanner so the best advice is dealing with it. bar checking back in with lonnie, we've got to get another look at yesterday's spectacular sunset. >> reporter: incredible. look at this one. this is from our facebook page. cynthia sending this. florence dougherty sent us this from franklin square, new york. monica alvarez from valley stream, long island, some amazing photos. i saw it driving down the fdr last night with my son. we were like what is going on. lonnie quinn checking it out. why? >> what were the combination of events that took place? >> first a little animation for you. number one, you know the sun will set earlier this time of
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the year so you have the low sun angle. also the storm we had today, a little storm, as that sun was setting, so he had lots of left over suspended water droplets in the sky. that picture had some clouds in them right? now we say clouds were a pretty sunset. a bug cluster of ice crystals more stuff for them to reflect off the water drops and ice crystals. they are skating out there in bryant park, 39, clear, cold. factor in the winds, feels like 32 in the city. 18 monticello, with the exception of rosalyn, everybody feels like you are at the freezing mark or below. overall it has been a mild november. the mildest in hiv. we will lose a little track, a little foot omega healthcare this tomorrow as well as today. because we have been cold out there. but overall this is the warmest we have had in history and it
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a little bit of a cold snap. tomorrow 48 degrees. by the time we get to thanksgiving, we are talking 5, almost 60 degrees. it gets warmer after that. will it end up as the warmest november ever? i think there is a very, very good chance of that. back to you guys. lonnie thanks. up next, is it a miracle? you may remember this one. a little girl with a brain tumor kissed by the pope. well now her parents say she is getting better and they have evidence. also the city council wants to take action over drones. the new rules they are proposing. >> first though dana taylor with a -- dana tyler with a look at the news at 6:00. nypd's counter terrorism emergency drill in the city. what we are hearing about potential problems. marcia kramer has that at 6:00. also traffic cameras everywhere. congested roads across the
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of us know right there at the lincoln tunnel. our alice gaynor live in mobile 2 with the 50 biggest bottle necks including those here in the city.
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we'll see you at 6:00.
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being thankful this thanksgiving has even deeper meaning if a family of a 1-year- old girl battling a brain tumor. two months ago pope francis kissed the child during his visit. >> her parents are calling what happened since then a miracle. >> reporter: it is the kiss little gina's parents insist is par shallly responsible for her quick recovery. >> i think all this is from god. the pope was a messenger from god. >> reporter: the 1-year-old has a rare, inoperable brain tumor. her blood cells attacked her brain stem weeks after birth and surgery is not an option. the family went to the parade in front of independence hall expecting maybe a quick glance. but what happened next? see the man holding gina? he is the pope's bodyguard and his name is dominick june any. dominick is the brother and the parents say the similar names are just another sign of divine intervention.
5:25 pm
and they say proof is in the scans. here is a scan taken in late august before the pope's spontaneous kiss. here's the scan from the end of october. >> you can hardly see the tumor. and in so many of the cuts it is just a blur. >> the scans next to each other clearly slow a difference, the left is before the kiss, the right after. >> she is getting better and stronger. she is blowing kisses, she started pointing at things. >> reporter: she has spent eight months of her short life in hospice. her parents thought she had just weeks to live. she endured numerous rounds of chemotherapy. >> last year was about living in honor of her. now we are going to get to live with her. >> reporter: her future is a bright one, and they can't wait to show her and tell her what a difference a kiss can make. >> and radiologists cannot determine the percentage of the shrinkage because they can no longer tell exactly where the edges of the tumor are.
5:26 pm
wish them the best. >> i don't know what to say. kind of speechless after something like that. >> i know. i know. let's see, right? >> absolutely. definitely thinking of them. up next, wheels and rims ripped off, and now police are making a special request to try and stop these unusual thefts. also he stood up for a stranger and almost lost his life. the moment of luck that helped a medical student survive a shooting. and new information about the suspect. and kids can quickly grow tired of their latest toy. the app that allows parents,
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a robbery spree spreads to this peer one store and it has some long island shoppers on edge, heading into the biggest shopping days of the year. good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> and welcome back. i'm maurice dubois. now police say at least 12 stores on long island have been hit by what appears to be the same mask wearing man. >> jennifer mclogan has more now on the crime spree that has shoppers and employees very worried. >> appearing rattled and shaken employees return to their jobs, reluctant to speak about the heist.
5:29 pm
just before closing, a masked man entered peer one imports in huntington station, forced employees to open cash registers and safes, bound clerks and customers with zip ties. fled with cash and patron's valuables. >> i shop there. >> people are terrified. >> this is at least the 12th such patterned robbery across long island since september. >> but everyone is okay. and no one saw the fleeing car. >> reporter: police say in all 12 harrowing cases they suspect the same black male suspect, 25 to 35 years old about 6 feet, thin build, face concealed by a black mask, a hoodie, black leather gloves armed with a black handgun. he orders shoppers and workers to the back of stores and binds their wrists. >> detectives have been in constant contact with nassau county robbery squad, new york city robbery squad, and we are also working together on this case.
5:30 pm
one of the busiest weeks of the holiday season, shoppers say they are vulnerable and tell us they wish police had gone public sooner. >> pretty scary to think you can't even go shopping any more for fear you are going to be robbed in the store. >> reporter: all but one victim have been female. some complain companies are cutting corners when it comes >> the companies themselves, they don't have the security in place. >> reporter: some victims are considering lawsuits against the stores. police are deploying undercover k-9 and aviation units and hope to soon catch the thief. jennifer mclogan cbs2 news. in some cases the suspect has disarmed security systems. so far they don't have clear security photos to share with the public. and police are asking for help in finding a bike thief in brooklyn. the man was caught on security video stealing a specialized bike used in trying loans.
5:31 pm
this is outside the brooklyn brewery in williamsburg. happened just after 4:00 on sunday november 8th. because of the bicycle value the suspect faces charges of grand larceny. bold thieves are targeting cars in maple wood, new jersey. they are not after the vehicle. it is certain parts they seem to want. >> cbs2's meg baker has more on going to. >> reporter: we don't drive into the parking lots any more. >> reporter: cathy hoover now hoofs it to the maple wood train station. she isn't alone. maple wood police sent out an alert to residents after reports of stolen tires and rims. this picture, posted on facebook, of a car on blocks, right here in the train station parking lot. other cases stolen right off residents' property. on november 19th at 2:30 a.m. police say homeowners saw an suv driving off their lawn. they came outside to find all four tires and rims removed
5:32 pm
from their range rover in their own drive. >> reporter: maple wood a safe community. i'm surprised to their that. >> reporter: earlier in november again in the overnight hours, four vehicles hit. in october four jeans were targeted on walton road, burnett street and elmwood avenue. few on burnett street have a garage, so, many people park on the street. some i spoke to say they may have to change that after seeing the police alert. >> you can never have enough police. it is just a matter of time before it happens. but they are on it. >> reporter: still, police cameras are in the parking lot of the train station. but if it is happening there in public, what can homeowners do at their houses? >> i have motion sensors at my house for lighting. >> reporter: maple wood p.d. suggested home owners install exterior lighting with motion sensors. but they can be pricey to install. >> if it is an existing socket there, it is about $85 to put in. it would be hundreds if you had to start from scratch.
5:33 pm
suggest getting four antitheft tire locks, similar to the tire boots used by police. in maple wood, meg baker cbs2 news. >> police have increased patrols in the areas where thefts have been hasn't. four bills are being considered restricting the use of drones over the city. one would require all drone operators to register and carry liability insurance. another bill would place restrictions on the times, locations and altitudes of drones. back in september a drone landed at louis armstrong stadium during a tennis match at the u.s. open. nobody was hurt, though. the faa is working on new guidelines for drone use. until then it says local laws will be enforced. new information. police in new orleans now have a suspect in custody accused in a violent crime caught on surveillance camera. video shows a good samaritan stopping to help after he saw a man drag a woman to an suv on friday. seconds later, that man is shot
5:34 pm
by the good samaritan in the stomach. the gunman tried to shoot him again but the gun jammed and the suspect ran off. police arrested the man at a home in new orleans today, and that good samaritan is now up next. it is a lesson to take to heart. >> life is short and you really have to give. >> reporter: meet the local nurse helping heart patients celebrate thanksgiving. how she is lifting their meal. plus how adhd medications could be hurting children's sleep. and today in history, in 1936, life magazine was first published. it ran in various forms until 2007.
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and ask how you could get a $300 reward card.
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this time of year is often difficult for people spending the holidays in the hospital. >> yes and one nurse who works with people waiting for heart transplants found a way to lift their spirits and also tempt
5:38 pm
elise finch has the story now from west chester medical center. >> reporter: registered nurse susan young has a tradition she started three years ago after watching people struggle while spending the holiday in the hospital. >> it is a rough time and they are critically sick. and you never know. it is day by day. >> reporter: young works with people who need new hearts and must stay in the hospital to survive while they wait for a donated one. >> i have been here since june, waiting on a heart. >> mentally i'm prepared to go to my birthday in february. it could be longer. >> reporter: with the help of her co-workers and two daughters young decorates the patients' room and traditional young also invites former patients who have already received new hearts. >> thanksgiving and the holidays religious holidays and so on, everybody else is having a good time doing things. your family is together.
5:39 pm
you're not there. so that is why it's important that we get them through it. >> it is great to meet the other transplant patients that have been here. and hear their stories, because you. >> reporter: the foods and friends and festive decorations aren't just nice gestures. the cardiologists say keeping the patients hopeful is key to their survival. >> it is ski to remain hopeful and in good spirits. >> reporter: this former mets shortstop says it cheers him up patients. >> all of us aren't together this frequently. we are out in the hall walking around rather than sitting down and chatting with each other. >> reporter: young says camaraderie is what the holiday season is really all about. >> nurse young and her co- workers, by the way, pay for all the thanksgiving
5:40 pm
>> love the costume touch, too. >> i think those were turkey leg drums. >> or reindeer, something. up next, fighting terrorists with photos of cats. this is an odd trend that has some people in europe flooding the internet with photos like this. plus, could the sweet scent of essential oils help children with autism? first though, dana tyler with a look ahead to the news at 6:00. >> mares and christine, four -- maurice and christine, four people arrested for selling counterfeit goods and some of the shoppers are falling victim. tonight how to tell the difference between the real thing and a bogus one. mayor de blasio opens up about a very personal struggle.
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prescribed stimulant medications like ritalin and adderall, the most common form of adhd treatment. a new study finds children on these medications often have trouble sleeping. >> it can be a delay in sleep onset, sleep duration. so kids are not getting quite as much sleep in the night have more difficulty falling asleep. >> researchers say the drugs tend to cause more sleep problems for boys and while the problems can subside over time, they never completely go away. essential oils have been used for thousands of years for everything from medicine to massages. >> and now some parents are claiming that essential oils like lavender and sandalwood calm their children who have awe tis and i'm help them sleep better. but is it true? cbs2's dr. max gomez tells us, sam has autism and would use things like electronics to distract himself and delay his bedtime. then his mother started using
5:44 pm
essential oils, putting things like afternoonter and frank incense on his head and feet. now sam's bedtime battles are over. >> it has gotten so much better. if i have to go up maybe once to tell him to stay in his room, that's it. versus 10 to 15 times before. >> reporter: talk of essential oils in autism is virtually everywhere online from personal blogs to parent support sites. >> they are reporting that they've seen improvements in quality of life and transitioning in their children throughout the day. but these are anecdotal. >> reporter: so researchers at the ohio university wechsler medical center are studying two mixtures of 18 different essential oils to see if they are safe for children with autism and to see if they work. during the study, parents rub oil on their children in the morning, then use a diffuser in their bedrooms at night to see what effect the oils have on sleep, children wear watch-like devices that record activity levels. >> what we find is a lot of
5:45 pm
these children wake up during those times. so it has the minutes awake and minutes asleep, et cetera. >> reporter: moms like shannon say they appreciate that researchers have taken a cue from them and are willing to study less conventional forms of therapy. >> there are so many thousands of us parents across the world autism. >> reporter: desperate parents try many different types of therapy on their children with having scientific data helps determine if they work and how they should be applied, possibly saving parents money and time wasted, using ineffective treatments. dr. max gomez, cbs2 news. and researchches hope to definitely several children over a two year period. this next story shows laughter may be the best medicine in the face of terrorism. these pictures of cats were all posted to social media from accounts in belgium. authorities in brussels have asked people not to post any
5:46 pm
activity, as long as the city remains on lockdown. so people began putting up pictures of their pets instead. they have been using the hashtag brussels lockdown. >> i like it. especially the one drinking a beer. that is pretty good. anyway. we could all use a good laugh. lonnie quinn is here, talking weather. >> reporter: and look. i don't know if the cold air is going to make you laugh or make you shiver. whatever it is going to do. that is what i'm serving up. cold air, like 39 degrees in new york city. 5 degrees comes in to us right now from steven in hanover. a new weather watcher. well come. 35 for you. steven is saying lonnie my mom has a question, are we going to get bad snowstorms this year? >> it looks like with a strong el nino, we get a lot of storms, doesn't look like it is always going to be cold enough for snow. right now in new york city the
5:47 pm
but the warm jackets are needed skating around, it is 39 but it feels like 32. if you factor in the wind. freeze warning has been issued with most of staten island. not in effect if you go south of the city. you have had your first hard fries you don't city temperatures drop down to the freezing mark or below. if that's got you thinking about winter how much longer winter starts in 28 days. wait we are going to go back to mild temperatures. sit back it really starts to warm up again. currently skies are beautiful. warren county sullivan county a flowery. not a big deal. a couple of snow showers out there they are not going to be forecast for our area, because they just won't hold themselves together. bigger picture shows you not too much going on in our country.
5:48 pm
day coming up on wednesday. there is a storm system pushing into the pacific northwest right now. anywhere from texas up to the great lakes. but ahead of the front the push of mild air, by thanksgiving thursday is very mild. saturday is when you could see some of that in our area. getting to where you've got to go. thanksgiving looks good. for your day tomorrow, 48 degrees mostly sunny still a a company clicks warmer and then the warming trend is going to really push into the holiday time. look at it right here. 48 tomorrow, 53 on wednesday. a good looking sky again. 59 on your thanksgiving holiday. friday 62. saturday we start hinting at
5:49 pm
57 degrees, the cold front pushes through. 48 degrees on sunday, 50 for next monday. but outside of that, that chance for wet weather on saturday, it is a garden variety type of thing. i don't see any big, major storm that would have a name or anything like that. >> that is a good thing. >> certainly mild for thanksgiving, good for the runners on their turkey trots. >> thank you lonnie. if parents want to cut down on toy store spending. >> there is an app for that. how it allows your kids to trade-in their toys that they are tired of without spending a dime and then at 6:00. >> reporter: i'm alice gaynor in mobile 2. new york and new jersey have some of the worst spots when it comes to bottlenecking.
5:50 pm
a new study, coming up tt2watx#@nt p bt@q7y@ tt2watx#@nt p "a@q'u$ tt2watx#@nt p bm@q,^( tt4watx#@nt r dztq (nd tt4watx#@nt r entq xj$ tt4watx#@nt r gzt& am\ tt4watx#@nt r hnt& qc0 tt4watx#@nt r iztq ;*h @nt r lzt&t& certainly is the season for shopping and parents know toys can have a short shelf life. >> it doesn't take long for some kids to lose interest. emily smith shows us the new way that children are trading toys. >> reporter: farrah and alley love to shop. but living in manhattan, there is limited space and cash for it all.
5:51 pm
that is where kids trade comes in, a new, free app that allows school children to swap item. parents get an alert e-mail and can approve the trade or not. >> i trade pokemon. i got stuffed animals on there. i got a necklace and the sweater i'm wearing i got from my friend at school. >> reporter: it is up to kids to do the work. you snap a photo of the item and post t then an e-mail goes to the parent. >> every now and then i get an e-mail about what's called an uneven trade. as much as i realize it wouldn't have been an even trade i'm completely fine with it. because the toy has been sitting in our corn foremonths. >> reporter: and it is not just games. -- corner for months. >> alley even made this bag herself. >> reporter: kelley harrison helped found kids trade, frustrated by her sons getting frustrated with a new toy in 20 minutes i don't we connect kids
5:52 pm
only to kids in their own school. so there is a familiar face. >> reporter: the trade gets made at the bus stop or after school. and if there is trader's remorse. >> i sort of had to cry and then i had to get my mom. >> reporter: and then your mom went to her house? or called her and said can we get it back? >> yeah. >> reporter: and they understood? >> yeah. >> reporter: parents admit it is another app and another online tool, but it seems to eliminate unnecessary trips to the toy store. and in a way, teaches kids to put down the ipad and play like kids used to. emily smith, cbs2 news. >> reporter: children as young as 4:00 can join kids' trade. the only criteria is you have to be in school. here are some ways to contribute to the bottom line. social media is exploding with opportunities every day for kids to become superstars. even super earners from free clothing to nest eggs for the future. posting pictures and videos
5:53 pm
>> i was able to really help myself work through college my first year. all the books i had, pretty much everything i did at school my first year at college was because of youtube. the pros and the cons tonight on cbs2 news. that is going to do it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. right now this monday night at 6:00, a developing story in think in new jersey. there is trouble on tap for the thanksgiving holiday. plus a rush hour traffic jam at the lincoln tunnel right now. we are live with mobile 2 and the worst bottle necks nationwide.
5:54 pm
after an emergency terror drill in the city. a discovery underground that some say could put your safety in jeopardy on the subway. good evening, i'm dana tyler. first at 6:00 tonight, an emergency response headache for new york city. some ehs technicians say radio service is spotty. and potentially dangerous on the subway. so what does that mean if you need medical help underground? cbs2 news political reporter marcia kramer explains the communication concerns. >> reporter: city cops are known as the finest and firefighters the bravest. but some emergency medical technicians say they should be known as the weakest because their radio signals are so weak they often don't work when we respond to calls in the subway. they say it is like that old telephone commercial can you hear me now? >> reporter: on the ground ems communications is very hit or miss. there are spots in the subway system where it works. there are lots and lots more where it doesn't work.
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