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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  November 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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live on the upper west side with the security issues. dave. >> reporter: dana, we have a great perch here to see some of the action. we are at the entrance that's on 77th street. you can see that this street has been taken over by the colorful balloons. as we are up here we are seeing a lot of happy faces in the crowd. we also see plenty of police officers. extra officers in this post- paris environment. the balloons get full and tight as a drum and security is big and tight too as the crowds take in these bright happy sights. their protectors in blue keep an eye on everything along with the extra uniformed officers, nypd added more plainclothes officers, k-9 units, bomb-sniffing dogs plus mobile cameras. some visitors to the inflation celebration feel police have their backs.
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>> it's reassuring. it's nice to see the nypd out in full force and makes you feel like you're protected. >> we're feeling concerned about what's happening globally but we are feeling like the new york city police department has our back tonight. >> reporter: in this post paris atmosphere, mayor de blasio made it a point to tour the balloons and answer questions about the state of the city's security. >> i know that people feel safe because of the work of the nypd. >> this country cannot, this city cannot, be intimidated particularly for these events. let us celebrate this great time of year with our families and have a joyous time together. >> reporter: so the message from the mayor and from nypd: we are looking out for you. be our extra eyes and ears but most importantly, have fun this holiday. live on the upper west side, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> thank you, dave. heightened security in place for the roads, the rails and in the skies.
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at laguardia airport with what to expect with the holiday getaway. jennifer. >> reporter: good evening. to the ebb and flow of lines, police patrol with bomb- sniffing dogs and carry intimidating weapons. still, millions of americans are traveling undeterred this thanksgiving. the fisher family traveling to charlotte would rather the kids not have to be told why there is a hyperstate of vigilance. >> ignorance is bliss. >> reporter: thanksgiving is beckoning travelers and with the looming threat of terrorism, passengers flying to meet loved ones are going through special coping rituals. >> meditation kind of like deep breathing and just kind of stay calm and be relaxed. >> reporter: since the "islamic state" claimed it used a soda can as a bomb to bring down a plane, travelers say they have never seen security as stringent with liquids. but most feel undeterred. >> i believe in our airlines. i feel comfortable and safe. >> reporter: record numbers of
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traveling away from home this holiday. is your family at all concerned about you traveling? >> a little bit on edge about whether we are going to be okay, whether everything is safe. and obviously with what happened in paris. >> the fact that everybody is on high alert, it's just a little more -- brings it to the top of mind more when you see all the activity. >> reporter: for rail riders, too. amtrak says be prepared for increased police presence and random screenings especially along the northeast corridor. >> we encourage people to make sure they have their photo i.d. with them and surrender it upon request show it to the conductor if asked for in. >> still kind of looking around to make sure that, um, that nothing is going on. >> what's on my mind is that terrorists are not going to put fear in me. >> reporter: it's tough, say many to strike a balance. we are in a difficult time in new york, in america, in the world! here holiday travelers here say they don't want to let fear alter their lives. mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> thank you, jennifer.
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whether you're headed to one of our airports or up to the upper west side to the balloon inflation, the weather is looking good and should cooperate. let's go back to the upper west side. lonnie quinn is there as he has been, having a great time with everybody. lonnie? >> reporter: oh, listen, it's really nice. i'll explain how all of it's going to work but i just love being out here every year all these beautiful kids and -- >> hi! whoo! >> reporter: all the nice happy folks. everybody is excited. >> yeah! >> reporter: they should be excited. this really kicks off the holiday season. >> whoo! >> reporter: hey, young lady. what is your name? >> lily. >> reporter: lily. and who is your daddy? >> you! >> reporter: yes, i am your daddy! let's go find your mama. hey, mama! let's grab lily here. she wants to stay. okay, lily, you can stay. let me show you how i see the forecast working out. lily and i will do this together. really no problems, okay, four your night tonight. coming out -- for your night tonight. coming out to check the balloons, light winds, 45 degrees.
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taking a peek at what's it's going to be mild. there will be clouds overhead but we are talking about a degrees. all you have to do is not go very far back into your memory bank, dana, just remember what last year was like. look at this. on thanksgiving. snow flurries, wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour. the winds did stay below the 23-mile-per-hour threshold so the balloons were in the parade last year. this year no problems at all because nower' looking at 59 degrees -- because now you're looking at 59 degrees, light winds. so all systems are go for a great looking parade tomorrow. >> whoo! >> reporter: i'm telling you, once the light goes on the camera, all these guys just start hooting and hollering! >> whoo! >> reporter: who is enzo? i love that name! that's cool. if you were a boy i would have named you enzo. do you like that? >> hello. my name is enzo! >> reporter: we reiterated
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that. dana, we're live on the upper west side. let's go we'll be right back. >> father/daughter quinn, so nice to see lily. she is so big. thank you. >> say hi, dana. say hi. no. we're not going to do that. >> that's okay. i feel the love. we'll check back with you. >> cbs, cbs! >> kids, thanks, lonnie and lily quinn. you can expect four new balloons tomorrow at the 89th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade making their debuts. angry birds red, [ indiscernible ] an updated look for ronald mcdonald and that was dino the return of sinclair oil's dino. the tradition kicks off at 77th street and central park west making its final turn and stop in front of macy's in herald square. if you want to see all those new balloons as well as the old favorites without standing for the whole parade, cbs 2 is the place to be. we'll have live coverage of the parade starting at 9 a.m. and running until noon.
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may be the worst possible way to be awakened. police in queens searching for somebody's bedroom, stole his cell phone. the burglary happened early this morning at a home in flushing. police say the suspect took the phone from the top of the victim's dresser and ran off when he woke up. a new attempt by mayor de blasio to corral the popular horse carriage industry. as you remember he failed to keep a campaign promise to banish them from the streets. he said that on his first day cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer says the horse carriage controversy appears to be closer to a solution. [ clip clop ] >> reporter: mayor de blasio is at it again finding a new way to say nay to the horse carriage industry he vowed as a campaigner to send into oblivion. only this time, after two years of failure, he is offering a compromise. reducing the 220 carriage horses by two-thirds and
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inside central park to keep them out of traffic. we continue to work for legislation that represents a humane and equitable solution that moves the horses off however streets safeguards the animals and protects the livelihoods of the men and women who provide carriage rides says the mayoral spokesman. but the drivers see it as a ploy to apiece the mayor's supporters mo have given over $600,000 to de blasio in various pac's. in addition to expressing concern for the animals they are interested in the west side real estate where the houses are stabled. >> it's all about money, politics, real estate, where the stables are, radical animal rights people. >> reporter: they provide jobs for hundreds of people and are a tourist attraction. the jobs will be lost if the mayor gets his way. >> i have been in the business for 11 years. my dad's been in the business for 40 years, and it's very upsetting and, um, that this guy's actually trying to
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follow through with everything when it's absolutely no reason for it. we're hard working people and the horses have a great life here. >> reporter: the mayor wants to get rid of these carriages. >> oh, no, no. they have been here for centuries. change your mind, mayor. keep the people happy. >> i love 'em. done it every time i come to new york. >> reporter: it's hard to tell at this point whether this is just another proposal from mayor de blasio or it's one that has legs. or in this case, hooves. at central park, i'm marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. >> any change would have to be approved by the city council where several members have already expressed reservations about the loss of jobs. a newborn baby left at a nativity scene tonight. surveillance video reveals new could be. >> also, frank gifford's family releasing new information on how the football legend died. played a role. >> and the word cloud took facebook by storm. now security experts say your personal information might
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>> and another live look at the upper west side. everybody gathering for the macy's thanksgiving day parade balloons being inflated tonight. we'll check back in with holiday season with the holiday forecast. coming up after us here the "cbs evening news," unrest in chicago after the release of video showing a police shooting of a young man. jim axelrod in for scott pelley tonight. hi, jim. >> reporter: dana, there are calls for peace tonight in chicago after the release of a graphic video showing the fatal shooting of a black man by a white police officer. dean reynolds is following the developments and we'll bring
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evening news." brings saw in video shows a woman carrying her newborn son before she abandoned him in a church in queens. she was seen entering a "99 cent" store near the holy child jesus church in richmond hill. she pays for a towel at the front counter. less than an hour later, the baby was found in a church's nativity scene wrapped in the towel. police are now trying to find the mother. efforts to ban syrian refugees from certain states are being quietly defied by humanitarian groups.
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welcomed a family this week despite governor christie saying he doesn't want syrian refugees in new jersey. but as cbs 2's steve langford reports, once this family is investigated, there's little a state governor can do. >> if i cannot promise you and you and you that i'm not letting in a terrorist then i can't let them in. >> reporter: new jersey will not accept syrian refugees, governor christie wrote the president just over a week ago. that same day, the morrow church council in maplewood voted unanimously to help sponsor a family of syrian refugees. >> we wanted to say no, you are welcome. how can we make you feel welcome? >> reporter: the family landed at kennedy airport tuesday and already this congregation has amassed donations to pay rent for the apartment for the family of five and other assistance. >> the phone ringing off the hook and emails of people saying what can i do? >> the husband said he feels as if he is dreaming and the wife she was in tears.
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>> reporter: sally pillay head of a group called first friends spearheading the welcome of the syrian family was at the airport as the man's wyche and three children arrived -- wife and three children arrived from the middle east. >> the wife indicated to us that she had seen death all around bombs being exploded. >> reporter: here in new brunswick an interfaith group says it's in the final stages of helping a syrian family of 7 settle here in new jersey next week. >> governor christie, you know, he really needs to show more compassion and dignity. >> reporter: these groups say the syrian refugee family that's just arrived will spend their first thanksgiving in virtual seclusion as invited guests at a family dinner grateful for the welcome they are receiving in america but wary of the backlash here, too. in maplewood, new jersey, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> the syrian family that landed at jfk airport yesterday did not want to appear on camera for this story.
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let's head right back now. snoopy is taking a rest there on the upper west side and ready to go, will soon be in the air with handlers with the special ropes tomorrow for the parade. lonnie quinn is on the ground. great weather for the parade. >> reporter: it's lovely. that's why people come out here in droves. they are 20 people deep here. what happens is you come out here and you make your big walk around the block. if you look in the crowd you will see part of the crowd is moving some of the crowd stops balloon. what we have right here, swing around -- >> whoo! the hello kitty balloon. as you walk along, pan to the left and down to the sign. they stop and they will see a
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little sign that tells them about what balloon it is. this is hello kitty. it's first in the parade in 2012. but dana tyler, i'm telling you, if i'm lying i'm dying! >> yes. >> this sign and the balloons they come with instructions! look at this. on the back side of the sign, instructions. [ laughter ] >> unrole kitty face down with central park. are you kidding me? bottle of shampoo. >> that's very good. >> follow the rules. >> you know what? sure enough, they have the propeller facing right towards central park. so bravo to the crew. i'm just being silly here but yeah, they have the instructions right there. >> it will purr. >> there's about 11 steps inflating hello kitty. weather-wise, we are going to do just fine with your holiday forecast. certainly going to be mild enough. there will be clouds out
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degrees. don't have the clouds. clear skies 45 in the park. around the area, look at the hamptons and sparta right now you're 35 degrees. there. edison at 46. we hit 50 on the nose today. that's where we should be. the year. satellite and radar shows us nothing overhead excepted a few clouds out east. flow bigger picture will show you more clouds off to the west. a little bit of rain around, say, green bay wisconsin moving towards chicago. that rain comes into our area right now looks like late, late, late friday into early saturday. so the futurecast when you put it the into motion 10 a.m. tomorrow we have a few clouds. stop it again at 4 p.m. a few clouds. by the time you get to friday 1 p.m. you're still dealing with clouds out there. it's early-morning saturday at 9 a.m. long island, new jersey, central pennsylvania, you're looking at rain. so your thanksgiving forecast 9 a.m. 50 degrees.
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friday high temperature will be 63. that's a mild day. sunday 47. some cooler air comes to town. monday 49. tuesday, wednesday, we do have a rain chance for those two days temperatures in the lower to mid-50s. so we are live here guys on the upper west side with some happy new yorkers! people from all over the country. this is a fun assignment. back to you. >> thank you. great forecast, great people. cyber security experts are calling a popular app on facebook a privacy nightmare. more than 17 million people have taken the quiz to learn status updates. the latest is compiled into a graphic that posts on each person's profile. the app was created by a south korean company called vonvon. users agree to share their personal information including name, birth date, photos, addresses and time linings.
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vonvon is likely selling that information to third parties. >> it may get in the hands of the wrong people. >> vonvon says it doesn't keep user data from these word clouds. we have information on on how to delete this app and others like it from your facebook account. otis livingston is here with what's ahead in sports tonight. otis. >> dana, shocking revelation from the family of the late great frank gived. the hall of famer suffered from brain disease. it's been anything but paradise on the court over in st. john's in hawaii.
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let's start with the giants. notes. >> things starting to get interesting down the stretch with tony romo returning to things are more interesting in the nfc east shaping up to be a tight division race down the stretch. but you know which team can control their own destiny? the giants. they own a one-game lead over the redskins and eagles already and they put a little more distance between themselves and washington head to head this sunday down in d.c. in fact they could really
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division hopes because they metlife stadium. needless to stay this is a blue. >> it feels good to be in these circumstances and feel like you're, you know, playing for opportunities to make the play-offs and win your division and so, um, we are excited. >> you want to be playing meaningful games at this point in the season going into our 11th game. you know, it doesn't get much better than this. get a good push here and hopefully see what happens at the end. >> meanwhile, with the jets sheldon richardson practice with that hamstring injury he is going to play on sunday. mango didn't practice with the lacerated hand and darrelle revis was sent home after he couldn't sit through meetings with concussion symptoms. this is a must-win situation against the dolphins on sunday because gang-green is losing but because the jets are looking up at four teams in the play-off chase.
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it's time to get back to basics. >> we try to complicate things outsmart yourself. we want to get back to doing what we're good at whether it's me or whether it's routes the receivers are running, running backs, we are going to play our strength and do what we're good at and, you know, not try to be too cute. >> all right. the late frank gifford's family with the revelation today that they hope will honor the nfl hall of famer's safety. they announced he has cte when of 84. the family released a statement where they revealed after his death they gave permission to have his brain studied and found out he had the concussion related brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy. the family also said they hope to be a small part of the solution to an urgent problem concerning anyone involved with football at any level. all three local hockey teams in action at home tonight. the nets will be in oklahoma city. and the knicks wrap up their
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four-game road trip in orlando. st. john's and chaminade in hawaii. they found their stroke against the division 2 school. christian jones chipped in with 17 points and 11 boards and then the freshman frederico put some in.
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we'll be right back. i'm kristine johnson in the newsroom. coming up at 11:00 new video. here it is. a man running down the street statue. church officials say this bizarre crime may have earlier. also tomorrow's turkey dinner can be hard to swallow for millions who suffer from acid reflux. tonight, cbs 2's dr. max gomez goes under the knife for a new procedure promising a permanent reflux fix. join us tonight at 11. up next on the "cbs evening news," a queens physical therapist on a mission to build special desks for disabled students. how he was inspired by his father to make this difference. we thank you for joining us tonight. wish you a happy thanksgiving and safe thanksgiving. good night.
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