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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  November 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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note, miami ends up 8-4 on the regular season, 4 under larry scott, oregon scored 31 straight and washington state without luke faulk is trailing washington 248-10 in the apple cup. coming up the latest on the les miles hot seat which appears to have gotten a little hotter if not a little more bizarre today when the rams post-game show continues. hello again everybody and welcome back to the much anticipated matchup between the eagles and the bulldogs. h-hold on. not quite sure what we're
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seeing right now... but cows are parachuting onto the field. i cannot believe what i'm watching. two cows landing on the field... there's a third headed into the stands. it's actuallly headed right towards a burger... look out! oh my! that's going on a highlight reel. hi -- i need the new iphone to play my reindeer games. aren't you cute!
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ipad mini... nice. so what are "reindeer" games? angry reindeer, doodle reindeer, flappy reindeer... oh, so, like regular games with the word "reindeer" added to them? hah. i guess so! buy any iphone on at&t nexts and get an ipad mini 2 for $99.99 at at&t. >> adam: reminder, go big or go home, the home depot s.e.c. on cbs tomorrow, 3:30 eastern, it is the iron bowl. number 2 alabama at auburn. coverage begins at 2:30 with "inside college football" powered by ram.
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boise state and san jose state followed by a basketball double helder starting with virginia tech and fourth ranked iowa state at 7:00 eastern. all right, three weeks ago lubs was number two in the country but three straight losses have les miles sitting firmly on the hot seat. reports came out a couple of hours ago that miles spoke at a booster club luncheon this afternoon and there were insinuations made that he would be coaching his last game for l.s.u. tomorrow. now, a short while ago, the football team's twitter feed sent out a statement to the contrary, stating that he has not resigned, nor did he indicate he was resigning. the word "firing" was not used, or "fired" although that seems to be the vibe les was giving off, with the tiger gridiron club. what should we make of this? >> this the works the kept secret in the history of the world. coaches understand that we're expendable. you can -- they can make a change. and certainly, that is their prerogative. what i don't like for les
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miles, given what he's accomplished at l.s.u., is that it's come to 24 where we have all this misinformation, or leaking of information over the course of a week. just make up your mind. >> you would think the brass would be a little more respectful of his tenure there and the success he has had and they have enjoyed while he's been there. but we talked about it last week, there's legitimate displeasure. i've been told during this week there have been a number of assistants who have talked as if it was the last ball game for them and les miles at l.s.u. >> it'll take a heck of a hire to have a guy come in and win 110 games in ten years and do what les miles did over the course of his time. >> we stated last week, first call they'll make is to jimbo fisher. >> that's the word on the street. >> adam: get in line behind the number of teams who have trouble beating nick saban, too. they're among them. that will just about do it for now here, thank you for watching the ram post-game
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here is what is on cbs tonight. thursday night football returns to cbs and nfl network, next week with the packers and lions. nfl on cbs kicks off sunday with doubleheader action. many see the dolphins and jets. most will see the steelers and the seahawks. all gets started at noon western the "nfl today." for all of us -- >> can i sigh anybody but my cowboys?
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see you tomorrow. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. right now at 6:00, a security scare on brooklyn bridge. >> she was going to get a newspaper, this he retired nypd officer killed in the middle of an alleged hit-and- run.
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where a gunman locked in a standoff with police at a planned parenthood. good evening, i'm dana tyler. all that's ahead tonight. we'll started though with breaking news in new jersey. and word just in that two people died after their boat capsized in the atlantic. cbs 2's christine sloan live at the scene with more. that's right. two people confirmed dead. now, it was such a beautiful day here that so many people out here can't imagine something so awful like this happening but state police say the currents in manasquan inlet was so strong it caused the pontoon to capsize. >> one wave came up behind it and almost tipped it. and as soon as it hit, it just kind of sat there and the next wave came up right behind it and tipped it over the rest of the way and it looks like there were about 7 people in the watered. >> reporter: dozens of people
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watching as the coast guard uses a helicopter to rescue 7 people who were on a pontoon that capsized in the manasquan inlet down the jersey shore. >> and the helicopter lowered the basket, a couple of divers to look underneath. something was pulled up. couple of people since then have said one or two. i think the word they used was victims were taken to the hospital. >> reporter: a number of onlookers even tried to help. >> luckily there are a lot of boats around that were able to help people out. helicopterrers got the last couple people. >> reporter: state police say two of the people pulled from the rough waters later died. you can see the capsized pontoon being towed away. new jersey state police say more than likely the strong currents led to the accident all of this leaving so many numb.
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heck does a pontoon boat go in the ocean? i'm a fisherman. and, um, i know they shouldn't be. it's not made to be in the ocean. >> reporter: the names of the victims haven't been released but they were all men. live in point pleasant beach, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs2 news. more breaking news tonight. an active shooter situation going on for the past few hours at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs, colorado. cbs 2's alice gainer live in our newsroom with the latest. alice. >> reporter: dana, the situation began about 4 hours ago and the latest reports say police are continuing to exchange gunfire with someone inside the planned parenthood facility. here's what we know. nine people have been hurt and taken to area hospitals including four police officers. there's no word on their conditions right now. an fbi s.w.a.t. team is also involved at the scene but it's not known if hostages have been taken. witnesses say they heard at least 20 shots fired. police just confirmed the
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planned parenthood. businesses in the area are currently on lockdown. and due to the active shooter situation in colorado, the nypd says as a precaution, the police department has redeployed critical response vehicles to planned parenthood locations throughout new york city. police say there are currently no threats to any new york city locations at this time. in the newsroom, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. >> and stay with cbs 2 for more on this story in colorado. the "cbs evening news" follows immediately after our newscast. despite extremely tight security at the brooklyn bridge right now, an incident this afternoon had police scrambling to rescue a woman in a dangerous place. cbs 2's sonia rincon has more. >> reporter: the woman made it on to this tiny catwalk on the edge of the brooklyn bridge. a crowd took pictures. she was holding a sign with the words, leave me alone, an innocent.
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>> reporter: witnesses watched as a police team went into action. >> she was incoherent. she seemed very upset. so he just kept telling her that we were here to help her. >> reporter: she was very distraught. >> she was making all the motions like she was intent on hurting herself. >> reporter: you can see that little walkway is blocked off by this fence. but you can see there's some space here if you are determined enough, it's not hard to get around it. police from the 84th precinct patrol here and they were let the team know exactly where the woman was. >> it's a very large bridge. it's over three miles long. it's impossible to cover every square inch of that bridge. so sometimes things happen. that's why the emergency people came to help her. >> people think that's all that's left but we are there to convince them otherwise. >> reporter: witnesses watched as they convinced her to come down.
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bottle and they were hugging each other. everything was okay. and the police were all grateful that it ended well. >> reporter: the woman was taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. on the brooklyn bridge, sonia rincon, cbs 2 news. new at 6:00, right now dozens of firefighters are battling a fast-moving brush fire in berkley heights, new jersey. homes in the surrounding communities are on high alert because of high winds. flames burning through five acres. i-78 was shut down causing traffic to back up for miles. we're learning more tonight about the woman killed in a hit-and-run crash in brooklyn that also left nine other people injured. the nypd said she was a retired police officer. her family spoke to cbs 2's scott rapoport. >> she was so loving and caring. >> reporter: tears and anguish from the family of the victim 56-year-old yvette molina, a
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retired nypd cop from the 77 precinct with 25 years on the job. police say she was struck and killed last night by the driver of this white vehicle while trying to get into her car here on pennsylvania avenue in east new york. >> she was on her way to get a newspaper. >> reporter: her shaken relatives and friends describing molina seen here in a graduation photo from the '90s as a kind person who had a penchant for looking after the neighborhood cats. they say she was a breast cancer survivor. and above all, a woman with a deep and abiding love for the church. >> very, very spiritual, very religious. she would drive her church members to church upstate. >> reporter: cops say the suspect in the case is 24-year- old michael mcbean in brooklyn the driver of the white vehicle. they say after hitting yvette molina, the suspect took off, hit another car resulting in a chain reaction of crashes, six
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with nonlife-threatening injuries. police say mcbean fled on food as wanted shortly thereafter caught. >> it was the six-car pile-up and she was the only fatality. >> reporter: police say the suspect faces a slew of charges including attempted robbery and leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in a death. scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. when we come back, will the warm weather stick around? stay with us. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals.
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among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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new operator. in september we can told you the owner announced his retirement decided to sell the land to a private company making its fuel i doubt. the milleridge inn is back to the 1600s and is popular for families. open the floodgates. it's shopping season, crowds rushing into the macy's at herald square last night at 6:00 we saw plenty of shoppers out and about on this black friday. the national retail federation estimates 135.8 million people will shop over this four-day weekend. many black friday bargain hunters out of bed and out the door very, very early. some stores opening at 6 a.m., some earlier before dawn with deals many shoppers we spoke with today were just too good to pass up.
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>> tried to get a couple of gifts. it's kind of hard when you see a bunch of stuff that you like. >> i got a [ indiscernible ] for 260 and a sweatsuit for free. >> super 25 deal and urban outfitters had things on sale so i really enjoyed myself today. it was a very pleasant day. >> the additional hours starting yesterday appear to have helped with crowd control as well as except a few lines we did see today the chance to get into work with santa. santa will be at the menlo park mall in the 9 p.m. online sales set a record people spending more than $1 billion yesterday online up 22% from last year. another firm channel adviser says sales at amazon were up 30% from a year ago as of midday on thanksgiving. elise finch has been busy
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shopping, too, and she's hear -- [ laughter ] >> she's here. >> you're looking for winter, not quite yet. >> really. it is. today incredibly mild. you thought yesterday was good and it was? today even milder. let's check in with some of our weather watchers and see what kind of numbers we are seeing. it's still 6:20 incredibly mild. one of the warmest temperatures we are getting is this is anthony in plainsboro township, 65 degrees. and his comment, beautiful spring day less than a month from the first day of winter. and he is correct. spring-like temperatures. it is a beautiful night. hopefully you had a chance to get out and enjoy tonight. we are going to see some changes. but right now, still partly cloudy, 61 degrees. south-southwest winds at 8 miles per hour. check out these high temperatures. newark 66 degrees. laguardia 65. tied a record central park 64 for islip that's 64. set a record. jfk tied a record at 63. bridgeport, connecticut's high was 60 today. looking at your vortex
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satellite and radar, we are seeing an increase in cloud cover so that you need to get used to. also you need to locate your umbrella. we are watching this complex system move in our direction. so here's where it is. we have this cold front here. we are still enjoying the nice surge of mild air in advance of that cold front. but eventually the front moves in our direction. so we will have a chance to see some showers and then on the back side of it, things cool down significantly. for tonight, the clouds continue to increase. expect to see some late showers 49 degrees that's your temperature for tonight. not terrible. as we head into the day tomorrow, not nearly as warm as today but still above where we should be. cloudy tomorrow, cooler with a few showers. 57 degrees is our forecast high for tomorrow. and take a look here is a look at the seven-day forecast. we go 57 degrees. we get that with clouds. a chance for a passing shower. sunday is cooler only 50 degrees. and then as we head into monday we are talking about 46 degrees. tons of sunshine but definitely chilly.
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and then another chance for some significant rain as we head into tuesday. dana. >> thank you. when we come back, a costly day for the rangers.
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wel veoullhereummoe anlsor 40doarba. soo li oca n.t t t pt.etio otis is off. steve overmyer is here. >> it's an important weekend in hockey. history says more than 77% of the teams are in the play-offs at this point make it to the play-offs. right now the rangers and isles would be in. we bring that up as because of the pain we had to endure watching it today. the rangers say one player is out indefinitely with broken rips. rangers in boston against the bruins, 7-1-2 in the last 10 games against new york. they had a 3-2 lead late when the bruins sneak in a pair of goals and henrik lundqvist takes the lead. he has begin up 13 goals over the last four games.
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games for the first time since october 18. 4-3 the final. but again, remember, they are still in first place in the division. >> also saying that this injury, when you're talking ribs, that's something you need to -- >> out indefinitely. we don't know how long this guy is going to be out and he has endured so much over the past few years. we just wish him the best. >> jets coming up? >> jets coming up against the fins on sunday. and boy, it's going to be big for both of these squads. [ laughter ] >> let's just hope the jets get their stuff in gear here.
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tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00, we continue to follow the breaking story in colorado springs where an active shooter opened fire at planned parenthood this afternoon. we know at least four police officers and at least five others are injured. >> plus, dashcam video of a close call of an area interstate. why police hope this video goes viral. those stories at 11. we hope you can also join us at nine on tv 10/55. up next on the "cbs evening news," the latest from colorado springs. and in chicago, how protestors tried to stop some black
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friday shoppers. we thank you for joining us.
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