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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 27, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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kevin frazier is off today. let's kick things off with something we are grateful for, our 35 seasons on the air. >> we covered all the landmark events in entertainment, including weddings. >> 1981, just last weekend, sofia and joe said i do in grand style. >> sofia's lavish gown was one of a kind. >> sofia had a gorgeous 50s custom made, it took 32 people almost 1700 hours to make this dress. covered in 350 crystals. it was 11 pounds of sequins and 7 pounds of pearls. >> over 400 guests watched as she was given away. >> she is very close to her son. >> she got the bridal glow from ingleman. >> she has sensitive skin for
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>> a week before the ceremony, she got an oxy light facial. >> a combination of microcurrent stimulation for the muscles, derm abrasion, sonic massage, you can step out of the room and walk right down the aisle. >> just about everybody there shared instagram pics of the wedding over the weekend. decades before social media in 1981, 750 million viewers watched princess diana say i do to prince charles. >> the bride arriving in a glass gown. >> 30 years later, kate's royal time. >> kate's wedding dress was absolutely shrouded this secrecy. confidentiality agreement. >> after the ceremony, thousands gathered at buckingham palace
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middle of it all. there's the kiss and the crowd is going crazy. there is the kiss. all kinds of tears and flags waving. even oprah, and before they're famous dos, rosie o'donnell. >> i bought a tiara. nine people stopped me. >> that cost $2 million. >> i was more nervous than you. >> just a little bit nervous. >> and marie osmond, she walked down the aisle for the first time in 1982. >> i think we were supposed to have like 5,000 people there. and 7,000 showed up. >> they do have a big family. >> scary.
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the american princess diana. the cake was, like, seven feet high. >> they divorced three years later but fell in love and remarried. and wore the same gown. >> i did wear that dress again. i wore that. >> tom and katie, adorable flower girl suri. and who else, kim and kanye. remember versailles in paris? with the wedding we wanted to crash and kind of did. george and amal. from all their celebrity friends and the canal in venice, it was luke like the best four-day party ever. >> when is the baby coming? >> you're worse than my mother. >> can't blame a girl for trying, right? good sports. >> they were. along with all of the joyous celebrations, we also have to cover the ones that break our heart. 2009, the year we lost michael jackson far too soon.
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>> i want to entertain people. >> "e.t." saw him the first time in 1983. on the set of jackson's legendary video "beat it." >> even then, classic michael. more comfortable performing than with people. >> i'm happy on the stage. i'm different on the stage. when i'm off, i'm not sure. >> his nephew saw it first hand. >> i think between bad and dangerous, he started freaking out a little bit. he was always shy. then as far as being on stage, i mean, you can see it, he's at home. >> jackson's talent was legendary, but his personal life was a source of rumor and speculation. we saw him on dates with brooke
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shields and out with madonna. in 1988, michael invited mary hart to be with him on tour. >> you go rehearse. i'll see you later. bye. >> it was extraordinary. i got to see in a way nobody else ever had an almost musician at work. i didn't realize that michael was the maestro of it all. he knew every step. he was brilliant. >> if you want to make the world a better place, look at yourself and make a change. >> his hits were often overshadowed by personal drama, changed his appearance after surgery and made headlines, he dangled his son from a balcony, spectacle. >> michael was stoic. straightforward. but he had to have been buoyed when he came outside to the cheers of had his hundreds of
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>> michael took a curtain call. and in 2005 he was found not guilty of molestation charges. >> just to make people happy, to change their lives and make them happy. >> but the horrible rumors of abuse and drug use followed the king of pop until the awful day in 2009. >> -- for a period of more than one hour, and they were unsuccessful. >> michael's nephews watched the horrible news unfold. >> there was a ticker that would have crossed that said my uncle had passed. i remember between us we were contemplating on if iing out ingfiguring out if it was true or not. >> it was an emotional day at the cemetery, the entire jackson family in mourning. >> it is tough for us to think about. >> it was tough for fan who
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image of michael as a humanitarian. >> i love to create, i love to stay busy. and i'm very thankful. >> so incredibly talented. michael is the number one biggest moneymaker among celebrities who have passed away, $150 million in the past year alone, raking in nine figures every year. >> coming up, inside oscar winning duo ron howard and brian glazer's new scientific tv project that will blow your mind. we'll be right back. >> but first, heading into theaters this holiday weekend, sylvester stallone as rocky balboa fighting cancer while helping with a title fight. he's done. what am i sticking around for? >> crying when nobody is around you. i'm here for you every day. you.
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>> and daniel radcliffe and james mcavoy with life in the lab. moving on, eddie redmayne learns he's transgender. >> i don't think there was a moment of reveal, like makeover moment. >> then in the good dinosaur, anna paquin going casual in the studio for the animated disney pixar movie. >> i don't wear my pajamas, but no hair and makeup is nice. another new movie, legend, tom hardy playing identical twin brothers ron and reggie, both gangsters in london, no problem for tom. >> very easy, breath of fresh air to wake up to. >> finally, you'll have to wait until january to see kung fu panda 3.
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women to project hollywood ron howard and brian glazer,
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oscar winners for a beautiful mind and their new series explores the mind and the body and the breakthroughs on aging. >> my episode touches on all of those far reaching, far fetched ideas about living, you know, hundreds of years. >> we can slow aging in humans a little bit, the impact is monumental. >> ron's look at the science of living longer and better is the latest installment in the set of six documentaries. >> the whole series is to find subjects that are -- give people an education that is not about terrifying the audience. it is about understanding that we as human beings go to great lengths to tackle time. >> time has flown. >> he chronicles his own aging process, but "e.t." has been there with ron for most of it. he got a star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> wow. a big day.
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>> i had forgotten my little speech. >> i was wearing a mustache. i just wanted to look older. now i got the beard and i want to look younger. us. there is one director ron would bryce. >> to show up on bryce's -- and get bossed around by her that would be fun. >> they have more big stars lined up for the series. angela bassett will look into the crisis with water. >> sounds fascinating. up next, do you remember where you were? 20 years later we're with marcia clark. >> and the other celebrity trials and crimes that made history. >> today is a shameful day. >> that is straight ahead.
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anwi a yr reen wel veoullhereummoe anlsor 40doarba. soo li oca n.t t t pt.etio 40 years ago "e.t." was all over one of the most stunning celebrity legal cases of all time. 1995 was the year o.j. simpson heard the words not guilty. retold in a new show for producer ryan murphy, american crime story, and we talked to some of the real life key players in that trial. >> would you please stand and face the jury? on --
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>> during this time, i remember it well, the interest level was amazing. >> here is the chilling new poster for the series which starts in february on fx. >> there is so much buzz around this series. >> i think they're doing it really well. >> it was easy to say it. >> cuba gooding jr. plays o.j. >> i think he's perfect. similar look. he's played a football player before. >> not going to get away with killing her. >> it was one of the hardest things i've ever done. this was a civil service, a private woman who worked for the city. >> did you understand at that moment that this would be something that 20 years later we would talk about? >> i really didn't. i did think that people would talk about it for a while. i mean, it was an outrageous verdict. >> i hope i do her proud.
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i have so much respect for her. >> you have my word and my word is gold. >> and john travolta as robert shapiro. >> i was studying from the books and the videos that were online that represented as being in his possession. i feel that we really captured him in the piece. >> the series is from ryan murphy, who brought you glee and american horror story. >> a chance to make a statement. i knew it would be very unlikely. i'm not a bad person. >> and kris jenner recently sat down, when the verdict was read, she could tell her ex robert kardashian was floored that a jury found o.j. not guilty. >> not guilty are two words that a lot of other celebrities wish not. so as we look back at other history-making crimes and trials, we'll start with martha stewart, forced out of her kitchen and into a cell.
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>> that was martha in 2004, about to enter a federal prison in virginia. among other things, obstruction of justice conviction. >> i was kind of shocked. >> a scarf one day, a black overcoat with a $10,000 designer purse the next. at the time, nancy grace weighed in. >> martha stewart is probably smarter than all the lawyers in that courtroom sitting together. >> i'll be back. i will be back. >> and now that martha is back, grace weighs in again. >> i think martha stewart has worked hard and has climbed back to the top again. >> equally striking, in front of the house is farrah fawcett. >> i came here to tell the truth. i told the truth and i'd like to thank you all.
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>> she had just given tearful testimony detailing the attack her ex-boyfriend james orr. amidst a sea of media was her father james. >> she's a great person. >> orr was convicted of misdemeanor battery. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> this not guilty verdict brought to an end one of the most rackous trials in history. under john landis' set, vic more yes and moreo and two small children were killed. >> witnesses said morrow was carrying the two children in his arms, running across open ground mined with es explosive charges. >> it caused a huge upheaval within the movie industry and trial labor laws.
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>> the o.j. not guilty verdict brought riots to the streets. >> it was an outrageous verdict. the evidence is overwhelming. >> but it was this trial ten years later when we noticed eerie similarities with o.j. >> not guilty of first degree murder of bonny lee blakely. >> robert blake accused of murdering his wife, we were at murder scene the next day. >> blake said he returned to the car, parked here, where the memorial flowers now stand. he told police it was then he found his wife slumped over in the passenger seat with a bullet wound in her head. >> the ride was reminiscent of the bronco chase. >> this is the same facility that once held o.j. simpson. >> marcia clark, a prosecutor in the o.j. trial, was our special correspondent in the blake trial. >> blake stood to address the court. just like o.j., before the criminal acquittal, blake was
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>> hes with order was ordered to pay a multimillion dollar restitution. >> remember when paris hilton got out of jail, it was like zsa earlier. it was like a queen returning to her subjects. >> tell us about the cell. very cold. >> zsa zsa was also ordered to do 120 hours of community service at a homeless shelter for women. but got in more trouble when she failed to fill that service. >> now, in our "entertainment tonight" first dates, which tv nerd was shy about showing those muscles for a photo shoot? is it alphonsefonzo rivera, jalil
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>> i go with, your 24/7 destination for entertainment time now for the answer to tonight's "e.t." birthdays. which tv nerd was shy about showing his muscles for a photo shoot? >> i was flattered, but still, there is a certain -- i can't say humility that just won't accept it.
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you got it right. >> you're going to fall for this new show, home on the ranch, which debuted this week. >> my buddy. take a look. >> home on the ranch is about going back to our roots, we're renovating a family friend's ranch. >> i love the roof. these are things i look for in a
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