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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  November 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:27pm EST

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>> a fire broke out forcing dozens to evacuate. alanna joins us with an update on the situation. >> no one was hurt but there is quite a bit of damage. take a look. it started on the second floor and spread to the third level and two of the rooms are badly marred. a lot of students watched this place burn. >> students grabbed their cell phones and recorded the fire at the dorm right after it started this morning. the flames quickly spread upstairs. >> the fire alarm was going off and we ran over here to see the busted windows out. >> a coast guard license had to evacuate in a matter of minutes. they stood out here by the water on the peninsula right under the bridge for more than an hour watching the scene. >> the curtains were caught and
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the bed, desks, everything. >> it grew and grew and started shooting you are out and shooked up to the other building the second floor got set on fire. >> were you worried about your room? >> yes i was paranoid. >> firefighters contained it to two rooms. the students that live there left minutes earlier. >> lots of rooms had to be searched but the students were on the parade grounds at the time of the fire. >> one of the victims learned the fire destroyed almost all of their belongings. >> he was kind of upset because all of his notes caught on fire and finals is next week. >> everyone here is thankful they didn't get hurt. some scary moments for the cadets who live in this dorm. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. cbs 2 news. >> thank you. new at noon police are
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walked away from this horrific crash. investigators say this manageeled suv collided head on with a coach bus on friday night. the bus driver suffered minor injuries. no one else on the bus was injured at the time but the driver much the suv fled before officers arrive and he or she could be seriously injured. three water main breaks in eight days dozens impacted by yet another destruction in the city's water system overnight. janel has new information on what is being done. >> dozens of hob joken residents waking up to this this morning. crews drilling and digging to get to this, a rusted and cracked piece of water main the culprit responsible for sending thousands of gallons of water in the city's south side just after midnight.
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rupture in the eight inch main between first and second street several feet below street level that left 100 homes without water. >> if you live here you've been here for ten years and not a week goes by that something doesn't go wrong. >> it's the third in eight days the latest happening just hours after they announced they fixed a break in a 24-inch water main and 36-inch valve less than a
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in the streets for a week. >> it seems to be a bit of a problem. >> they say he and his neighbors are constantly worrying about when and where the next break may happen. >> i think it's crazy to have this close together physically. it makes you wonder what it looks like underneath the town if it's stable or if there's more that's going to crack. >> i think we have a tremendous problem with water period. >> crews are now working to get this mess cleaned up. they anticipate service fully being restored sometime this afternoon. reporting from hoboken janel burrell cbs 2 news. diane reports about the deadly shooting in colorado. >> planned parenthood of new york city has had a close working relationship with law enforcement and she's especially grateful for that today. >> this is a tremendous damage and loss and we feel what's going on in california. >> in the wake of a colorado springs attack they have guarded clinics like this one on baker's street. >> what does it do to employees. >> today it helps people feel good that they know there is more security and an added presence and while this may have happened more than 2,000
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very, very seriously. >> in addition to the nypd presence in the city state police will be visiting throughout new york to pep with emergency planning. the move comes as we learn more about the three victims killed in the colorado attack, the mother of two jennifer. >> everybody loved her. >> she was at the clinic to support a friend who was shot in the hand. >> he asked her for help and she helped. >> the 29-year-old stepped outside to make a call when he was shot. he warned everyone. >> half a million people here and it happened to be my brother out of all of these people, random. >> yesterday friends and family remember the officer a 44-year- old father of two. law enforcement say they believe the suspected gunman planned to kill even more people saying he had several guns and apparently intended to shoot propane tanks. his first hearing is scheduled
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diane cbs 2 news. >> five police officers and four civilans are expected to be okay. the suspected gunman is currently being held without bond. happening now a second member of the jury deciding the fate is asking to be exudes claiming he just learned of a conflict of interest last week and another panelist had bullied her. the jury ended without reaching a verdict and collecting millions of dollars in kick backs for favors. jury selection is under way in the trial of william porter. he's the first of six officers to go on trial of freddie gray. he died from injuries. expected to take the stand in his defense. we are following a developing story in afghanistan warning american citizens to be on high alert. officials say they received reports of an eminent attack
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the next 48 hours. the state department issued a warning to you traveling to afghanistan after the terror attacks in paris. an israeli court has convicted to teens in the killing of a 16-year-old boy who was burned to death in east jeremy morinnous almost. he was burned for the earlier killings. their deaths set off a chain of events that led to the war. no classes after someone threatened to shoot up the school. the f.b.i. informed them about an anonymous threat made on line about a planned shooting at the quad. it would happen at 10:00 this morning. only classes and activities on the main campus are effected. after a disappointing season that was a mess on and off the field rutgers football program made some changes.
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along with athletic director julie herman. he was seaton hall university school of law and served as the sites interim director in 2010. still ahead after the deadly attacks in paris world leaders come together in paris for a conference on climate change. why president obama says the u.s. is partly to blame for it. you are about to see a warning logo at certain restaurants in new york city. it's the new deal on line cyber monday. plus a dramatic rescue of an eagle and the fabulous selfie these good samaritans got before they set it free. we'll show it to you. i love that. a mix of blue and gray over head right now but what's headed your way tonight? don't go anywhere.
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learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit 1. don't forget to follow us on facebook and like our page. find us at new york. president obama is in paris with nearly 150 other world leaders for the largest ever summit on security change. >> security is higher than ever attacks. more from paris.
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kicked off the climate change summit. >> the united states of america not only recognizes our role in creating this problem we embrace our responsibility to do something about it. >> a pledge made as smog climbed to dangerously high levels in china. the goal in paris is to limit to 3.6 degrees fahrenheit from preindustrial levels but the terror threat is diversitying attention. the president's first stop on french soil was to pay his respects at the theater the site of the worst attacks. france remains on high alert, a 120,000 strong security force stationed across the country. riot police have been deployed in unprecedented numbers. on sunday 174 protestors were arrested for defying the ban on demonstrations. >> president obama the fight against isis with the
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and he'll likely have a shot at another difficult with russia's vladimir putin about his role in the battle against isis. cbs news paris. >> the conference runs until december 11 locking down the first ever universal climate arrangement. pope francis and the african republic visiting a they have divided the capital and forced 1 million people to flee their homes. ready set shop. with millions of consumers heading on line together retailers are offering steep discounts so what is the best strategy to get the best deal. >> it's cyber monday. americans are expected to spend $3 billion in on line shopping today 12% more than last year.
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target are rolling out toys. other retailers like express, gap and banana republic are offering 40% off. >> shopping on line is a lot to deal with. >> all of the on line shopping this year is taking a bite out of black friday typically the unofficial start of the holiday a national federation survey found that more people shopped this long weekend. one of the busiest the new amazon fulfillment center in robinson new jersey. >> we have thousands of robots who work with the thousands of associates to make sure the products get out the door as quickly as possible. >> there are tricks to save money. after getting to the final stage of a purchase reviewing payment information the experts suggest not clicking buy. close the browser.
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behavior and may e-mail coupons that lead to more savings. >> if you have the patience to wait a couple of days and sometimes it only takes a couple of hours you might really get that final incentive which will get you to the rock bottom price. >> so the rush of on line consumers was enough to put a halt to shopping at target. a technical glitch prevented services. the site is back up on a day that's key to retailers. many restaurants across the city starting tomorrow chain and fast food restaurants will have to start putting a salt shaker symbol on items containing high sodium. >> there will be a lot of those pictures. danger ahead some of the most popular cities in the world facing smog warnings getting worse every day.
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rescue a man and his dog from
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. you'd be surprised how easy it is to get a good low-cost health plan! you might even get help paying for it! go to or call 1-855-355-5777 enrollment ends december 15th a few moments ago major pollution concerns in china. the heavy smog has reached hazardous levels nearly seven
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organization considers safe. the ministry of environmental protection has advised people to stay indoors. and a dramatic water rescue in texas over the weekend a man clinging to his dog as flood waters rushed around them last friday. firefighters had to use pings off the man's cell phone to track the location before pulling the pair to safety. flooding and ice storms have led to at least ten deathst in texas and kansas. >> hold onto those ropes and dog. >> everybody okay thank goodness. time for your forecast. holiday. what can we expect johnny? >> the mess we've been dealing with in parts of the central states that snow and ice. that. our next system coming in from the south bringing in warmer temperatures starting overnight tonight but tell that to the weather watchers. cool readings. 32, 38, 38, 36 here. that's a cool one.
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obstacles observations. we appreciate that. always appreciate the photos as well. ralph on the island with a mix of sun and clouds. charlie's got evidence here the clouds are start allege to fill in. beautiful day for you and i love the composition as well. she's waiting for more clouds to fill in. and adele says i just need some snow. she's got everything weighted down here. she's ready, she's got all of the gear but would like some snow. a lot of weather watchers and twitter folks are saying when are we going to see some snow. this next system may be a little bit of ice mixed in but that quickly changes to liquid warm up. 43 until the city. mostly sunny still. this afternoon. parts of new jersey with elevation north and west but 45 out there the hamptons these numbers compared to yesterday
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we are seeing cooler air filter in and with the clouds and cool conditions you feel it. it's going to feel like december, not so much november even though it's right around the bend. 49 the normal shooting for 46 today. sunset around 4:30 seeing more clouds. the sunset also setting on the month but 23 of the 29 days in the books have been above normal. so this could be it. we could actually go down in the books as the warmest november. could even be the warmest or tie the warmest for meteorology fall. so we are looking at mild conditions. not today. clouds filling in and cool conditions. here's our system to the south. here's what's left in that mess in iowa, minnesota, south dakota and nebraska there's snow and ice as well. timing it out a little bit of moisture after midnight. tomorrow morning a little wet. it's light rain on and off for your tuesday. periods of heavy rain possible
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then a break then wednesday morning then wednesday afternoon. so it's an extended period could see over an inch of rain before this thing wraps up on thursday. when it does though we cool back down to right around 50 thursday and friday. just remember it gets busy tonight and stays that way through wednesday. >> not tootoo cold. >> here comes the rain though. >> to find out the weather any time download the cbs new york weather app get the forecast and radar and send us your pictures and video. it's free in the itunes store. and how to choose the perfect strawberry. >> the tip of the day is it a strawberry. some are still grown but this time of year people like to bite into them and have them be crunchy not with the wonderful texture and not that sweet. not that bitter but not that sweet. do not compromise and select them properly throughout the holiday season.
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going to be smaller than in the summer time. make sure they are red all the way around and free from green shoulders because once they get picked they don't get any sweeter. they just ripen which is natural but the sugar stops so make sure they are nice and sweet. got to feel and look nice and fresh in that tray, very important. when you bring them home store them in the fridge and wash them before you enjoy them and strawberries have 140% of vitamin c per day per serving. beautiful strawberries for winter and store them right and it's like tasty summer. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> tony thank you so much. mary wait until you see this one. i'll tell you it is going to be
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stay with us.
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some selfies are more memorable than otherst. two brothers found a bald eagle stuck in a trap. before they freed the bird how about a quick selfie. it looks like their third buddy in costume. >> can't believe he hung out. he doesn't look too happy. >> i'm out of here. >> that'll do it. good stuff right there. >> thanks for joining us. i'm mary kelly. >> i'm chris ragie. cbs 2 news is back tomorrow morning at 5:00. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a great afternoon. [ music ]
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