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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  November 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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of deliberations the jury handed the defeat. took jurors 13 hours to reach their conclusion with reports of one juror feeling stressed and pressured and one juror saying he had a conflict of interest. in the end none of that mattered and the jurors voted guilty. sheldon sliver served as the aassembly speaker for 21 years. prosecutors called 25 wint to prove their -- witnesses to prove their case. his defense team called no witnesses and sheldon sliver declined to take the stand in his own defense. now, sheldon sliver phases 130 -- faces 130 years in prison. .
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that sheldon sliver immediately loses his seat in the wake of this guilty verdict. as you recall he stepped down as speaker of the assembly when he was indicted in january. at this point we believe sheldon sliver is still in the courthouse. i just talked to the u.s. attorney's office, they tell me no date has been set for senting and it is likely -- sentencing and it is likely sheldon sliver will be released till the sentencing date. jessica schneider, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. a disabled man unavailable to escape a fire is rescued by his neighbor. cbs2 has the story. >> reporter: they awakened at 2:30 a.m. smoke pouring in from next door. his neighbor's house lit up.
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lard. >> i saw the flames leech -- ladder. out. >> reporter: his disabled neighbor was trapped. >> the bedroom door was closed. >> got hotter. i dropped the hose. i can't -- i am going to get burnt. ran upstairs, start pounding on the door. your house is on fire. >> the crash and the window breaking. >> pulled him out of the window. down to the ground. some other guy take him out to the front yard. >> reporter: wishing he would have stuck around for a thank you. he was overcome. lungs burning with smoke. firefighters took him to the hospital. he was waiting. >> i love him. hey is like a brother to me now -- he is like a brother to me now. >> reporter: firefighters
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investigating whether a heat lamp from his pet equana is the -- iguana is the cause. he thinkscourage is part -- thinks scourge part of one's dna. >> people run away -- >> i run in. >> reporter: it will take a year to rebuild. he says at this time he is grateful to his hero neighbor and friends and family offering to help. jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> they will be bonded for life. he has four-month-old son and he was just asked to be the baby's godfather. two water main breaks and a failing valve in 8 days. the city needs to focus on dealing with the aging pipes underground so this doesn't happen again. we sent out cbs 2's christine
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>> reporter: crews incident day repairing a water main break but it is no guarantee they won't have to deal with another pipe bursting. >> here for 10 years and not a week goes by that something -- you know, goes wrong. >> reporter: during thanksgiving week a 24-inch main also broke and a valve failed. 28 breaks last year. it is alarming. >> we cannot develop in the future if we are dealing with an aged infrastructure. >> reporter: they say a quarter of the underground pipes were built in the 1900s. officials say their deal
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>> they their only legal obligation -- [ indiscernible ] repairing the water main breaks that leaves left for improvements. >> reporter: they are renegotiating the deal. both sides say talks and insomecities increased -- some cities increased rates. >> we need a water master plan to understand what the problems are. >> reporter: he can terminate the deal and look for another company and it can self-manage but officials say the last time they were in charge it was losing a million a year. christine sloan, cbs 2 news. one of new york's busiest roadways got a face lift. fdr drive has been repaved frommened to -- repaved from end to end.
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they started in july and will be finished this week. the mayor says voters considering road resurfacing a top priority. >> they want us to repave the road so we are focused on getting it right. >> the project is part of a larger $1.6 billion effort to resurface roads all over the city. some people living on the upper west side of manhattan say more security is needed. police officers were pulled out of green spaces to patrol other locations. new at 5:00 p.m. cbs 2's megb has the -- meg baker has the story. . >> i am surprised. i was not aware of it. >> reporter: they were enjoying the day. unaware of a string of crimes there and at nearby parks. >> hundreds and hundreds of
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parks in the last year. and that is unacceptable. >> reporter: 391 crimes in parks city wide from july 1 through september 1. he points to a few recent incidents. in october a group of young males had been robbing victims walking alone in the park. they have been arrested. another, a mother robbed as she was breast-feeding her baby. residents here say they are not only needs to be police surrounding the park but boots on the ground in the park. >> a few officers to patrol. talking hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of acres. that is not resources. >> reporter: 67 acres at the northern tip of manhattan. 196 acres. 20 acres. ane statement the farction
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maintain strong lines communications -- lines of communications to address trouble spots. a pilot program to get officers more involved in the community. meg baker cbs 2 news. the search is on for a driver involved in a hit-and- run crash. twisted metal is all that is left of an suv that collided with a bus on route 45. it happened before 3:00 a.m. this morning. investigators say the driver of the suv actually ran off before officers could ariver and they are concerned the driver -- arrive and they are concerned the driver could be hurt. the bus driver was treated for minoriaries. a man a-- minor injuries. man accused the of deadly shooting in colorado was in court today and the nypd continues to step up their presence outside of clinics
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>> reporter: robert lewis dear answered questions from a judge. he is accused of owning fire at a planned parenthood in colorado springs friday killing three. so far his motive is unclear but he told officers after his arrest no more baby parts. a reference to a video earlier this year about planned parenthood. over the weekend investigators searched his trailerane remote area -- trailer in a remote area. before that he lived in a cabin in north carolina. his ex-wife said he was against abortion but it was never really a topic of discussion. >> looks over at me and walks towards me and aims. >> reporter: he was just feet from the planned parenthood entrance when the gunman opened fire. >> when i stared at him i saw this stone cold emptiness. >> reporter: among those shot
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and killed a police officer, garrett swasey. a father of two and former figure skater. jennifer markovsky was killed and ke'arre marcell stewart. ke'arre marcell stewart was shot when he stepped outside the clinic to make a phone call. he went back inside to warn everyone and called 911. >> happened to be my brother out of all these people. >> reporter: security remains. critsult response units stand guard outside of planned parenthood facilities in new york city. . >> we have protocols here at all of our centers. >> reporter: police will also visit 60 clinics throughout new york state to help with longer term securities. authorities found propane tanks, they believe he intended to cause an explosion.
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in court next week. his public defender represented james holmes. jury selection begun in the trial of a police officer accused in the death of freddie gray. william porter is charged with manslaughter, assault and misconduct. he is one of six officers charged. his death led to several days of protests, unrest and clashes with police. today demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse. inside the judge questioned 80 jurors. all familiar with the case. >> we want convictions and we want jail for killer cops. >> i think people are willing to let the judicial process go forward. we are waiting to hear the truth. >> the defense claims it is impossible for porter to get a fair trial in baltimore. bail has been set at $1.5
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police officer accused of murdering a black teenager. till today he was ordered held without bail. jason van was arrested last tuesday after the video of the shooting death of laquan mcdonald. prosecutors say jason van shot laquan mcdonald 16 times. a cyber monday hiccup. the websites that crashed on shoppers and shopping within your budgets, ideas to keep you from spending more than you mean to. >> and what governor chris christie had to say before donald trump went on a twitter tirade against him. >> christmas trees, what experts say you need to look for in a tree. >> look at this. how does that happen? the mystery between trucks and cars floating above an intersection. >> a cold morning out there this morning.
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now we have rain on the way. could that rain be frozen?
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the break. cyber monday deals so good some websites are buckling under the pressure of online shoppers. target experienced delays all day. also paypal experienced an outage but the company says the site is now back up and running. >> if you are among those hitting the internet today you helped make this the biggest online shopping day of all consumers will spend $3 billion. the number of shopsers actually -- shoppers is actually lower than last year because sales are more common throughout the holiday season.
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the best deals are on clothing, shoes and beauty products. with the best deals you can still end up paying top dollar. especially if you are using credit cards without a plan. cbs 2's emily smith has tips that will help you walk away a winner this holiday season. >> reporter: this cyber monday hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent as folks get ready for the holidays. >> we use 300. but the games alone, they run 50, kick. 50 -- 50, 60, those 50% off deals aren't deals at all. . >> 100 dollars deal, if it is not paid off in 90 days could become $150. >> reporter: come up with a holiday budget. and then buy 50 cards and when
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officially finished shopping. buying gift cards for yourself to use for others. if you can't do that, plan how charged. interest rates. yeah. we try not to use credit cards. >> reporter: it could be tempting to open credit cards at every store you go to but that could make your credit score go down. so make a plan and stick to it knowing everyone will love you january 1. emily smith, cbs 2 news. >> more information now on how to protect yourself online. buy from retailers you know by going to their websites directly. check security measures by making sure wifi private and -- is private and protected.
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purchases and check your records daily during the season for unusual purchases. . a bazaar scene in china. take a look at this. surveillance video shows three vehicles jerk and then they appear to levitate off the ground. at work. a steel cable got caught on a truck on the right side of the screen there and then it tripped all the passing vehicles. >> wild. >> there is the cord and the truck. and then that tripped all the other vehicles. >> got to look closely. >> did you see that? [ laughter ] >> man, i thought the video had to be doctored. >> no, it is for real. >> cars like dancing.
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here is what we have weather wise. the temperature is 43 degrees. more clouds over head. you will see the clouds thicken up. high temperature of 49. 49 is what you expect to see this day. the last day of november. 24 your morning low. 34 degrees this morning. and you were one of the warmest in the region. bridge port 33. everyone else at the freezing mark or below. 21 monticello. weather wise, couple little sprinkles around trenton. most of it a dry set up. rain. rain around washington makes it into our area. a rain chance tomorrow.
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frozen, no watches and no warnings. for tonight chance of rain late. 40 degrees for your day tomorrow. high temperature 52. 52 degrees. some rain out there. leave with the umbrella. on again, off again. have the umbrella i for your day -- umbrella for your day tomorrow. >> thank you. something new is popping up across new york city but will this picture change what food you order? the first of its kind rules and reaction. >> dana tyler has a look at what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> a neighborhood chancing its tree lighting -- channeling its tree lighting. they say it is too expensive so they had to cancel it.
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. more terror fears overseas. the u.s. embassy received credible information about an imminent attack in afghanistan. the state department official says it does not appear directed at the u.s. embassy or american citizens and there are no other details about potential targets. kabul isn't the only city on alert. security in paris as world leaders gather for climate change talks. president obama is joining 150 heads of state for the biggest summit in history. >> reporter: the world's two biggest polluters, china and the u.s. kicked off the summit. >> the united states of america
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recognizes our role in creating this problem we embrace our responsibility to do something about it. >> reporter: smog climbed to high levels in china. the goal in paris is to limit global warming from preindustrial levels but the terror threat is diverting attention. the president's first stop was to pay his respects, site of the worse of the paris terror attacks. france remains on high alert. 120,000 strong security force stationed across the country. riot police deployed. 174 protesters were arrested for defying the government ban on demonstrations. president obama discussed the fight against isis with the presidents of france and china and officials say he will have a shot at another difficult chat with russian president
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in the battle against isis. >> the conference runs till december 11. giving them two weeks to lock down the first deal. dorm room up in flames, how this could effect one student's for parents. the toy company that just got . >> high and dry in the middle
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the medicare enrollment deadline for new york is december 7th. so call empire today at 1-844-717-2652 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. we continue to follow former new york state assembly speaker sheldon sliver has been convicted of federal corruption. the 71-year-old politician was found guilty on all 7 counts. sheldon sliver was once one of the most powerful politicians in new york. he will be immediately strip offend his seat. right now at 5:30 p.m. a frightening day for students in the bronx. fire torched their dorm. cbs 2's ilana gold talked to some of the victims ands the video.
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out the window at this dorm at 7:30 a.m. this morning and students recorded the fiery scene.they say they left it room 10 minutes before it caught on fire and then it spread to the room upstairs. >> didn't know what to think because, like, it is just overwhelming. >> reporter: dozens of cadets at this special school had to evacuate in a matter of minutes. it is by the water under the bridge. students spend an hour in 30- degree temperatures watching everything. >> we ran over here. saw the flames coming out the window. >> reporter: they say the fire gutted their room. >> everything i own is gone. except for my wallet. >> everything i had to study for my exam was in my room. i don't know what i will have to study off of.
5:29 pm
anything burning before hand. >> never think it will happen to you. >> reporter: they are just thankful no one got hurt. they are trying to figure out thew move forward and study. the college is doing everything possible to help the victims. it says they have new rooms and the school is working to get them new book says they can stay on -- books so they can stay on track. ilana gold, cbs 2 news. . >> the cause of the fire is undercretion. first it -- under investigation. first it was trans fats and now ait is salt -- how the new requirements will effect what you see on menus. >> reporter: this won't take anything away from you or your favorite restaurant. it is about giving consumers information they need. it requires a small icon on some items and you will be
5:30 pm
surprised where the salt is hiding. >> reporter: solid, a lilt is essential for -- little is essential for life but too much is deadly. >> a long with -- along with linked to raising blood pressure we have information that it can damage the enter lining of the blood vessel. damage the kidney. >> reporter: which is what led the board of health to require restaurant chains to add a shot shaker icon to their items. >> when you see this warning label you know that that item has more than the total amount of sodium you should consumerane day.
5:31 pm
salt -- consume in a day. >> reporter: the ceo of new york metro applebee's say they are already on board. >> we are not the food police. we are interested in transparency and letting the consumer make informed decision. >> reporter: it goes into effect tomorrow but won't result in fines till march. the bigger issue is whether this information will result in any new yorkers actually changing their eating habits. >> won't change mind. >> no, i think people will -- i don't think so. >> reporter: even if you use the salt icons to reduce your salt intake, it is only one piece of healthy eating. it won't make up for high fat, high sugar foods, smoke
5:32 pm
picture. moderation. yeah. >> making sure you read the labels. >> i know that probably none of it is good -- [ laughter ] >> you won't survive the meal -- [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. a warning for parents who purchase toys made by vetech. 5million people were effected by a cyber attack november 14. they stole personal information. the breach exposed information about kids, including names, gender and birthday. no credit card information was compromised. donald trump is trying to shore up support from black leaders and taking aim at a new rival. he called out governor chris christie this morning saying he spends more time running for president in new hampshire than being governor.
5:33 pm
governor chris christie brushed off the attack that came after he picked up a key endorsement. >> i am glad, i am glad that he noticed me. so nice. i am happy to take any observations he has. >> donald trump met today with members of the coalition of african american ministers. those in attendance called it a productive exchange. lot of people are christmas tree shopping but how do you make sure it will stay alive? the tootlings to do before you leave the -- the two things to do before you leave the lot. >> there are lots of children who are hoping people will open their homes as they search for their forever families. we will have their stories. [ music playing ] >> today in history in 1979
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the album would go platinum 23
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[ music playing ] national adoption awareness month ends today but for kids the cause is never ending. the focus is finding homes for older children. cbs 2's cindy hsu has more. >> reporter: she is 16 years family. >> have fun with each other. nev a dull moment with -- never a dull moment with them. >> reporter: she was 10-year- olds when she joined the family as a foster child and remembers the challenges. >> it was kind of rough for me. with the change and everything. but as the years gone by it has gotten easier. >> reporter: there are more than 100,000 children under 18 available for adoption in the united states.
5:36 pm
many of the children's pictures have been displayed, most recently at pen station. the goal is to find forever homes. >> just because someone is older, may be a few barriers to knock down, but the rewards are great. >> reporter: she has been working -- she has been working to find homes for children for 40 years. >> enormous need. most children are coming in 14 or orlando. >> our older kids have a lot to offer. they just need someone who is dedicated to them, that is consistent, that is stable. >> reporter: that is what she found with her adoptive family. that includes two sisters. >> she really smart. takes a lot of ap classes. she pushes me to be a better person in school. >> the mother says adopting an
5:37 pm
teaches you a lot. >> challenges. how you can over come them. and how strong -- how strong you are. >> they hope other families will take on the challenge. cindy hsu, cbs 2 news. >> she plans to keep challenging herself and hopes to someday be a doctor. >> very nice. looking for a president? the charity that is offering up celebrity experiences. >> i couldn't go out there. i couldn't get closer. >> trying to save a woman trapped on thin ice. the device that helped bring her to safety. >> first dana tyler with what is coming up on cbs 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> tonight at 6:00 p.m. scandal at a failing new york city high school. the principal under investigation after reports he fixed grades so students would
5:38 pm
new charges for parking at a train station.
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out of california. a 40-foot yacht teetered on a break wall. the coast guard rescued two people. no one was injured. it is unclear what caused it to run aground like this. rescue caught on camera to show you now. a woman and her two dogs fell through ice in utah. she was visiting family and took the dogs for a walk. the dogs ran when she chased after them, she fell in. it is in a seclude area. thankfully a man happened to drive by and saw her. he called 911. and immediately went into action to save her. >> i happened to notice out on the lake the pink -- something floating. i got up here and i seen there was lady. she said i fell through the ice. and i have been here for a
5:41 pm
>> the woman was treated for hypothermia and released and reunited with her dogs. happy ending. hollywood is raising money to help fight hiv and aids. how you can spend a day with a celebrity. [ singing ] >> we are launching red shop-a- thon. brings many partners into the fight against aids to shop this ald season. >> reporter: -- holiday season. >> company that specializes in making dreams come through. log on to the website to make a donation and 100% of the proceeds goes to fighting aids. the bonus is you get to choose a chance to win a celebrity experience. you can enter to win a coaching session with tom brady or fly to los angeles to meet with kim kardashian to get done up for
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>> if you want to go on a bike ride with bono, get ice cream, hang out with him, you can go on the website. >> a bike ride with bono. >> i think it would be totally cool to ride with bono. i would love to pick his brain. >> talk to him about music. >> reporter: you can win a portrait session with james franco. >> james franco all the way. >> we have been able to cut in half the decision. >> you can enter to win a cooking lesson with mario. cbs 2 news. >> if you would like to donate you can do so till january 21. good news if you are looking for 50 ideas.
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days of christmas hasn't changed much. only a hand full of items, $25 for a partridge. they are popular. two turtle doves up $30, 290 because of higher grain prices. those labor prices will get you, that push 10 lords a leaping to $5,500. [ laughter ] >> that has value. [ talking at the same time ] look at what we have -- time ] >> so festive around here. >> we love it. >> elves that work while we were away. all right. talking about the cold air that
5:44 pm
has been in place. what i see, here is the deal, right now outside, look, the air is chilly. a really cold morning out there. i was talking earlier on you could see maybe possible freezing rain north and west. i am talking places like where you see a 26-degree reading right now. you have to go north and west but it does merit a hazardous weather statement. national weather service is keeping their eye on those areas. in new york city blank slates on the skating rink. 43 degrees. there are more clouds making their move into the area. headlines looking like this, a warm november. december looks to be mild as well. the first half of it.
5:45 pm
december i think you will be above average. this november, closing the books on, this year averages as far as afternoon high temperatures go, the warmest we have been since we have been keeping records, back to the late 1800s. 2015 the afternoon high is average 53.1. does not take into consideration today's numbers. i don't see us getting a warmer reading than the 49. it will drop a little bit but we should stay above 2001, 52.7. winter is on its way. 21 more days till the season begins. satellite and radar, it is a dry air mass. you can tell when you watch the rain drops. they don't hold together. see, like there sabrick wall and -- is a brick wall and they fall apart.
5:46 pm
the mid-west, north of the area, snowstorm. not coming to town. tuesday's rain around the carolinas. south of d.c. wednesday, wednesday's rain could be heavier. and the possibility of thunderstorms on wednesday. a peak at how i see the numbers coming together. tomorrow 52. rain. rain is more "likely" on wednesday. -- likely on wednesday. 58 degrees. and cooler air on thursday. a brighter sky at 49. get into thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures max out at 48 degrees. all those days but one would be above average. marches on. >> no one is complaining. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. up next, searching for the best christmas tree, how to pick the perfect one and how to
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christmas is approaching and for many people that means time to pick a tree. >> if you are looking for a way to choose the tree, elise finch has help from the experts. >> reporter: they know exactly what they are looking for. >> something fresh. >> i want to make sure the base was straight'. >> try to get a -- straight. >> try to get a full one. >> most of the branches still there. >> reporter: next up, check the needles. his best selling trees have thick needles that are sturdy and give them great color. >> run your finger over the branches, it shouldn't have off. >> reporter: you might see brown needles at the bottom or
5:49 pm
inside near the trunk. if you see them on the outside that means the tree is very dry and probably won't last long indoors. plant food can help a tree look good for a month or longer but water really matters. before customers take a tree employees make a fresh cut to make sure it could absorb water. is there a better tree for allergy sufferers? >> there are molds on the pine needles, they may double and 1- 7 of us have mold allergies. >> reporter: hosing a tree down and drying it off will reduce mold spores. if that is not an option consider keeping the tree for 7 days or less. it will let you you enjoy -- let you enjoy the look and smell. elise finch, cbs 2 news. >> one thing i found helpful, there are huge bags you can put
5:50 pm
it over the tree, like one big garbage bag and it cuts down on the needles -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i love the smell of a real tree. nothing beats that. >> if you are shopping now, make sure you place your tree away from heat sources and water it often so it will last through christmas and a dry tree creates a fire hazard. that is it for the news at 5:00 p.m. see you at 11:00 p.m. right now the news at 6:00 p.m. starts right now. live from studio 46, this is cbs 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> a grade fixing scandal, a principal accused of changing scores at this failing school and a costly commute, railroad riders forced to pay more and a christmas tradition canceled, the city says the homeless
5:51 pm
problem is putting a damper on the tree lighting and former new york state assembly speaker corruption charges. good evening. i am dana tyler. he was one of the most powerful people in albany, tonight he is convicted of fraud, extortion and money laundering. a jury found former new york state assembly speaker sheldon sliver get. 7 counts. the verdict comes after a four week trial. cbs 2's jessica schneider has been following the trial and she was in the courtroom when the verdict was read and when sheldon sliver just walked out. >> reporter: an overwhelming guilty verdict against sheldon sliver. he just walked out of the courthouse. he said he is disappointed and he will fight this on appeal with his lawyers. we saw sheldon sliver walk into the courthouse every day for this trial. every day he said the same thing.
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