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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  November 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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fall from grace. he was among the most powerful politician in the state of new york, and tonight sheldon silver forced to face the cameras for his guilty conviction. it tops our news tonight. good evening. i'm kristine johnson. maurice has the night off. matt kozar with more from federal court. >> ultimately i believe, after we fight the legal challenges, we will have a different result. >> reporter: once a power broker of albany, sheldon silver could spend the rest of his life behind bars. the 71-year-old looked defeated outside of a federal court as he drifted through the sea of lawyer by his side. >> we will be filing the
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fight. >> reporter: after the verdict was read in court, silver was expressionless. guilty on all seven counts including four counts of honest services fraud and two counts of extortion as well as a count of money laundering. in a brief statement the u.s. attorney said today sheldon silver got justice, and at long last, so did the people of new york. >> everyone has their opinion, but at that time i didn't feel opinion. i just felt a lot of pressure. >> reporter: arleene phillips sent a note to the judge asking
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she was the only member who didn't think he was guilty until this afternoon when she review the evidence. debora bloom says it could give him room for an appeal. >> she say said she felt pressured by other jurors, and that's ground for an appeal. >> reporter: silver is facing 130 years behind bars, but debora blum says it's more likely he will get 20 based on >> reporter: reporting from federal court in lower manhattan, matt kozar. assaulted step the from home. a jackson heights resident is in critical condition following an attack sunday morning that could turn out to be a hate crime. cbs 2's lou young has the story new at 11. >> reporter: in street lingo, it was a curb stop. a vicious assault where the street and sidewalk meet.
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name of kathy was taken to the hospital, dressed as a woman, familiar to neighbors. >> i just know he's one of the guys who live around here. >> reporter: they dress as women? >> yes, we have a lot of neighbors like that, uh-uh. >> reporter: we are told some of the renters in the neighborhood congregate under the 7 train l. >> sometimes you know, like 1:00 or 2:00, they are out. >> reporter: walking the streets? >> yeah. >> reporter: most people will not talk about it on camera. >> they are in the roosevelt neighborhood, and you know, they like to, you know, get i'm saying? >> reporter: the assailant followed his victim home to this gate that leads to a small basement apartment. the attack was as quick as it was violent. >> everyone is different, their feelings against certain types of people i guess. you're worried it could be a hate crime. >> yeah, i am worried about that. >> reporter: thank you. >> reporter: police don't know the motive, and they are still looking for the suspect. neighbors say the assault here
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violent from the night activities along the roosevelt lou young, cbs 2 news. danger. a disabled man unable to escape a fire is rescued and carried to safety by his neighbor. jennifer mclogan has the story from north babylon. >> reporter: christopher cacuza and his family awoke at 2:30 a.m., smoke pouring in from next door. scene. the new york city train operator on the j & r subway lines grabbed a garden hose and a ladder. >> saw the flames leaping out this way, right through my bedroom window over there. >> reporter: his disabled neighbor was sound asleep from his cerebral palsy medication. he was trapped.
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was going to get burnt. i pounded on the window, get up, get up, your house is on fire. >> i heard the crash, the window breaking, and that woke me up. >> pulled him through the window, down to the ground, and some other guy pulled him to the yard. >> reporter: during the rescue he was overcome, lungs burning with smoke. firefighters took him to the hospital, and ganaro was waiting. >> i love him. he's like a brother to me. >> after i got out of the hospital he said you saved my life, man. >> reporter: firefighters are investigating if a heat lamp from his pet iguana is a cause. the rescuer is the son of a fireman and believes courage is part of one's dna. >> when the moment comes, you will know who you are or who you are not. >> reporter: people run away, and you run in. >> i run in. >> reporter: at this difficult
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his hero neighbor and his friends and family offering to help him through the holidays and beyond. jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. the man accused of killing people during a shooting at a planned parenthood in colorado went before the judge today. robert lewis dear appeared via video link. dear will face first degree murder charges, and in our area, police stood guard outside of planned parenthood locations in our city. state troopers visited 60 clinics. new jersey clinics said they have strong security measures in place. accusations of grade fixing at dewit-clinton high school in the bronx. there's accusations that the principal changed a student's know show to a 75 and a 55 in
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failing algebra grade 55, was changed to a passing 65. >> my department of education initiated the investigation. the investigation will proceed promptly, and if we find any serious consequence. >> the principal is is a former deputy chancellor with the department of education, and his job was to close failing schools. the school's graduation rate is just 45%. chris christie is the latest victim of trump. >> he said he doesn't know, and how he feels embolden. he must be careful by what he says. >> being warned by donald trump to watch what i say is fascinating. i have no reason to engage in him. his facts are wrong. i know that. he knows that, too. >> also today trump med with members of the coalition of
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he did not win any endorsements. christie was endorsed by new hampshire's biggest newspaper. severe weather is slamming the midwestover the last 24 hours leaving an icy mess. >> it's coming down. hit record! hit record! >> it's recording! >> the ice took down power lines and knocked out electricity to thousands of businesses. oklahoma's governor has declared a state of emergency in all 77 counties, and let's talk about the system affecting our forecast. here's lonnie quinn. kristine, the system from the dakotas down into minneapolis also dealing with, and also portions or at least the northern half of wisconsin this system, we just showed you what it did with the ice around oklahoma. it's going to the north of us. i'm not paying too much attention to that. we have a better chance of
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and the system feeding in from texas and the gulf moisture there. the wet weather days are coming up, and the big snowstorm, the ice storm, that's someone else's storm. kristine? >> the christmas celebration was canceled. >> that's one thing you miss, tradition. >> are the homeless putting the damper on one tree lighting? secret tips for shoppers that will have you saving through the whole month. and an item on the menu that is now mandatory. it may look like the truck is levitating, but we will show you what was really going on during the wild ride. that's all next. family, work, the holiday season, and the anxiety ha goes with it. shaving 5 years off your life? >> it could be a killer. >> enough is enough. cbs 2 with ways to break the
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just ahead. starting tomorrow, it will be harder for people in the city to shake off their salt intake. chains with more than 15
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roll out new menus, high-sodium items will have an image of a saltshaker next to them. the new rule is the first of its kind in the nation. the maximum recommended salt is 2300 milligrams, about a teaspoon. controversy on arthur avenue in the bronx after the annual tree lighting ceremony was canceled. the belmont improvement district told residents that money for the ceremony is being used to pay for a security guard. the district said the guard is needed to deal with panhandlers, and business owners don't agree. >> i just don't get it. i don't see the need. i see it as more of a need to embrace the holidays. >> when they hear we have to hire security and stuff, i think people will be afraid to shop. >> the district has not commented on our request for comments.
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funds for the tree lighting. if you didn't shop on cyber monday, no need to rush. experts say it will extend into cyber december, and they suggest an online shopping trick. when you get to the page that reviews payment information, close the browser instead of clicking on buy. a retailer could mail you coupons, and also a warning about charging deals on your credit card. interest rates can override your savings in just months. a warning for parents who bought toys by vtech. information on 5 million people was stolen 2 weeks ago. hackers got e-mails, pass words, and home addresses, and it gave information about kids like their names, genders, and birth dates. credit card information was not taken. with the holidays upon us,
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concerns, and some people have too many worries that can take years off your life, but there's ways to live worry free. >> there's nothing worse than lying awake at night, worrying. >> life, home, student debt. >> work. >> my children. >> younger folks deal with their parents. >> it's not always the big problems. even small stuff, like gift giving and holiday family gathering cause us to worry, for up to 2 hours a day, according to a new study out of the u.k. when you do the math, that adds up to as many as 5 years off your life, time you could be spending doing something else, not to mention the health hazards worrying can cause. >> when stress is controlling us, it can be a killer. >> reporter: just ask 36-year- old rosie gill who was diagnosed with panic attacks in her early 20s. >> heart racing, thinking you're really ill.
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psychologist bart rosie says there's specific ways to break the cycle. >> we need to come up with some plan or strategy and changing the expectation level you have. >> reporter: having a strategy will help you feel more in control says dr. rossi, and he suggests imagining where you would like to be in 6 months in terms of the problem. >> what do i have to do between here and there to make a difference? >> reporter: experts also say talking about your worries and concerns can help to ease them. knowing all the facts about something worrisome can help. listing your worries on paper can help you realize that some of them may never come to fruition. >> try to do one thing at a time. >> reporter: gill says the strategies have helped her. >> everyone has difficulty. to take a step back and look at what we can do to change the way we think.
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well, a recent study from harvard and stanford said job stress alone can shorten your life by 3 years. on that note, let's go to lonnie quinn, who never has any stress in his life. [ laughter ] here's the deal. it was cold out there this morning. you will be cold tomorrow morning, but not as cold. there was a special weather statement put out earlier today for areas north and west of new york city, and all right, places, okay, for example, and you go like up to around ed in redhook, and it's 34 degrees. we think you will be dropping below the freezing mark. could have precipitation, and they are are thinking maybe slick spots out there. could have freezing rain and it didn't merit a watch or warning. that's what we will see as of now. the empire state building lit up in red in honor of aids awareness day.
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seeing some rain south of the city. 49 for the high temperature today. exactly where you should be for this time of the year. the last day of november, and it's been an incredibly mild november. you will be mild for the first half of december as well. there's rain on the way for tomorrow. a couple of chances, not just tomorrow, but wednesday as well. wednesday will be more impressive. by the time you get to, let's say 10:30 wednesday evening, i think most areas will have a chance to have picked up in total an inch of rain or more in spots out there. the vortex satellite and radar, the rain is now getting into the area, and a little bit of light rain over staten island, pushing out into morristown, that area, and areas south of that. if you go north, you don't see the rain as of yet, but you can see the progression it's making. rain is in the forecast for the overnight and out there tomorrow. off again, on again. the system going north of us. that's not for us. two chances. one from the carolinas, and
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the wet weather chance is here tuesday morning,6:30. could have spots of heavy rain. i think tomorrow will be on- again-off-again. wednesday, same deal. wider coverage by 11:30, and wherever you can see the yellow, moderate to heavy showers, and 9:30, it's out there, but it's breaking up. across the board, 52 for the day on wednesday, and i want you to have the umbrella. 52 for tuesday, and 58 on wednesday, and both of those days merit the umbrellas. thursday, you're cooler, and rain is compliments of the cold front. 49 on thursday, and then 50 on friday. 53 on sunday, and 52 on monday. the average this time of the year, 48 degrees. >> we love it. >> thank you, lonnie. a dramatic rests cue on an ice-covered reservoir is caught on camera. >> oh my god! >> okay, okay. i got your back. come on. >> reporter: a 32-year-old woman fell through the ice
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dogs at the northern utah reservoir. rescuers said she's lucky to be alive because there were no homes or people nearby. thankfully a man happened to drive by and saw her and called for help. the woman was treated for hypothermia. she was released and reunited with her dogs. it was a bizarre scene at a busy intersection in china, and investigators were scratching their heads. the surveillance video shows the moment the three vehicles levitated off the ground, but it turns out there was a ground wire. >> there's always an explanation. otis now has sports. >> the giants came up small yesterday. what's the secret to ryan fitzpatrick's decision? a hair-raising decision may
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otis is here with sports now. did you reference facial hair or something? >> yeah, i. did i'm cliche. it's the jets-giants week, and we will call it the meadowland show down.
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it for the first time in the regular season in 4 years. the jets taking care of business against the dolphins. the freshly shaven fitzpatrick going at it. the jets win after losing 4 out of their last 5, and they jump right back into the thick of thing in the playoff hunt. now back to fitzpatrick. after back-to-back lackluster games, the coach knows what the secret to his success was. >> it's all about the beard. [ laughter ] >> reporter: fear the beard, huh? >> he played well, manned the game well. he made great throws, didn't force anything. he ran the football for good complimentary football. >> reporter: are you going to make him do that every week? it was looking straggly out there. >> if he doesn't shave it, i will shave it for him. >> reporter: the giants are not coming in on the same high. they didn't have the fashion against the redskins.
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grab, but big blue misses out on the chance to put the straggle hold on the division race. they are now tied with the red skins for the top of the east. we will have a full preview of the game in the meadowlands showdown special. guests including gary myself, phil sims, and a couple of special guests. we will find out what happens here on sunday on cbs 2 with the battle of new york. jets and giants, don't change the channel thursday night until sunday. time for a quick break. when we come back, how much are the world series shares worth? a laugher at the garden that turns into a nail biter.
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welcome back, everyone. the rangers are in action tonight, trying to end their 3- game skid, and they have to go a ways without stephen. he is out indefinitely with broken ribs after his controversial hit in boston last friday.
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get a goal from the bad angle. chris slides it, and ward needs a new stick after that. that's definitely the stick's fault. hayes coming out of the penalty box, subbing stephen for the 4- 1 lead and the blue shirts hang on to win, 4-3 the final. the avalanche, follow the bouncing puck. off the stick and in. blake cuomo with the credit for the lead, but the rest of the way, all islanders. that rips to the back of the net and the islanders skate to a 5-3 victory. you can add the name chris young to the list of players suiting up for the yankees and the red sox in their career. the yankee leaves the bronx and boston. the mets may have come up short of the world series their efforts.
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each full share was worth $300,000. the champion kansas royals' full share was valued at $370,000. >> do you have to pay taxes on that? >> i'm sure you do. >> i'm just kidding. >> wouldn't that be nice? >> tax-free world series! >> jets and giants. a lot on the line for both teams. the giants want to get back in the race. they had a golden opportunity, and the red skins came out small yesterday. fitzpatrick's beard, i was looking at it, how was the chin strap keeping the helmet on? >> he just had elastic. >> he looked pretty good. >> it looks good trimmed short. keep it! >> brett said he wasn't a handsome guy, but i think he is. >> our sports director just said that. >> we will be right back. t. rowe price... ...we've helped ouinvestors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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