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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  December 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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before the attack. she and her husband, syed rizwan farook killed 14 people and injured almost two dozen more wednesday when they attacked farook's office holiday party. >> we are going through a large volume of electronic evidence. this evidence that these kilters tried to destroy and conceal from us that we now have and are trying to understand them. >> reporter: cameras got the first look inside their apartment since investigators finished processing it but it offered little insight into the suspects' motives. inside, half eaten food lay near toys and child bedding. the couple had a 6-month-old daughter who is now being raised by relatives. >> they just seemed like they were very happy. >> reporter: the landlord said she rented the apartment to farook six months ago. >> because he seemed so nice and he seemed sincere. um, and he had good credit. >> reporter: the fbi says it knows who purchased the guns used in the attacks but they
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the fbi says the couple left behind digital footprints they found smashed cell phones in the trash and are working on recovering the data. in san bernardino, california, danielle nottingham, cbs 2 news. >> we are also hearing from syed farook's sister and brother-in-law who insist they had no idea what the couple had in store. alice gainer reports. >> reporter: sarah khan says she doesn't know why this happened. >> i asked myself if i had called him that morning or the night before asked him how he was doing what he was up to, if i had any inclination, maybe i could have stopped it. >> reporter: she describes her brother and his wife as shy and quiet. >> they were happily married. they had a beautiful 6-month- old daughter. i can't imagine them doing that.
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>> makes us very upset and angry how they can leave a six- in this predicament. >> he said he felt an obligation to do so. to the victims. people were hurt. i -- i -- i love this country. i love the people. i felt responsible to tell this to the people. >> reporter: they haven't had time to process what happened but when it comes to forgiveness -- >> i don't know if i would forgive him. >> what he did to his family, to his daughter, to other families, to other people there. i won't forgive him. >> on behalf of their family, they say this. >> i want to say i'm sorry, deeply saddened and it's a sad
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we can imagine the loss that everybody went through, all the people that were injured, you know, or, um, hurt badly. our thoughts and prayers are going out to them. >> they say they are mourning the loss of someone they thought they knew and need time to grieve. officials say syed rizwan farook started searching for a wife using an online dating website. he became engaged to tashfeen malik when he went on hajj to saudi arabia. with one of the suspects having having used social media to praise isis, some are calling for terrorists to be shut out of certain websites. marcia kramer reports. >> reporter: terror experts point out that social media campaigns by isis and other terror groups are so effective that 50 people every day enlist in the radical cause. the united states experts say
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them on their own turf. it's not only boots on the ground, it's fighting a social media war too. >> we needless talk and more action from those of us in washington. >> reporter: robert menendez says refusing allowing people on the terror watch list to legally purchase guns could help avoid more shootings like san bernardino, california. with the disclosure that the female killer pledged allegiance to isis, there is a call tonight for a new type of action. >> i think we should do whatever we can to smithtown social media when it involves isis and -- to shut down social media and when it involves isis and radicalization. the more obstacles we can throw in their way the better. >> reporter: a former fbi agent whose job was to go after terrorists says shutting down facebook, twitter and other internet sites is a necessity. it's more than that we have to -- >
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telling people, hey, this is the reality about isis. it's a culture of violence and death and put people that were successfully escaped and have those people tell on the internet and on facebook and on social media say i was there this is what happened. i got raped and assaulted. >> twofold, you're saying we need to have a campaign to rein in and stop their social media campaigns. but on the other hand, we have to mount our own? >> absolutely. >> absolutely. we need to strip them of their media power of their production power of their social media and internet capabilities. shut it down. on the offensive put our own campaign out moot media. every time we drop a bomb on them to take one sharpshooter from a -- a rooftop, it costs us a million dollars. why can't we spend a million dollars on a media campaign? >> some say the government should pass laws to enable it
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>> we should as a country certainly call on these companies voluntarily to shut this down whenever it's detected whenever we come upon it. >> reporter: manny gomez even suggested there should be a hotline to talk people out of joining these terror groups. he called it the 1-800-prevent me from becoming a suicide bomber hotline. >> it's clear something has to be done and they are so proficient on the web it's one your our main issues of marcia, thank you. in the wake of the shootings, the white house is said to be working on a way to sidestep congress and tighten the rules for gun sales. yesterday the senate voted against expanding background checks for purchases at gun shows and online. right now checks are only licensed gun dealers. the legislation. >> what they are trying to do problems and would impede the second amendment rights of a
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>> the san bernardino shooting was the 355th mass shooting this year. gun violence has reached states. >> the background check proposal was the same one put forward months after 20 students and educatedders connecticut. police say when they pulled a man over, he pretended to be a federal as cbs 2's carolyn gusoff reports, police wants to know if there are any victims of this man's dangerous charade. >> reporter: he claimed to be a federal air marshal and had this convincing shield to prove it. but police say mark vickers is an imposter. lengthy investigation. we have a lot of weapons, a lot of ammunition. >> reporter: because, say nassau police, what started as a tip led to this cache of weapons. as they pulled vickers' car over on jericho turnpike thursday morning, he activated emergency lights and flashed a
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but prosecutors say the 49- year-old is just an unemployed personal fitness trainer with a troubling arsenal, 500 rounds of ammunition in his back seat. >> loaded the daniel defense 223 caliber assault rifle and two vests in which three high capacity magazines containing 30 rounds each. >> reporter: at his syosset home five more guns and 8300 wardrobe of official looking federal agent gear all in a gated community where he lives with his wife and stepson and where neighbors already on edge from san bernardino and paris terror say they can't believe what was right here. >> i can't believe it happened. it's crazy. but then again the world is crazy. but it's scary. >> reporter: the arrest, part of a joint investigation with the terrorism task force. but police sayrevilleers has no known ties to any terror group.
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from anyone who thinks they cop. vickers adamantly denies the charges says his court appointed attorney and never hurt anyone. all the guns are legal. but police say not one is legally registered. in long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> bail was set at $300,000. how and where vickers got the investigation. a hunt in belgium for two new suspects in the terror attacks in paris. authorities release the photos of the men they say traveled with the only gunman known to have survived the attacks. investigators say in september the men were in a car with salah abdeslam that was checked at the austrian- hungarian border. authorities says one of the identities was used to rent a home where the attacks may have been planned. the four juveniles accused of wanting to detonate a bomb inside clifton high school
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counseling. according to passaic county prosecutors the alleged bomb was immature and unrealistic in response to a bullying student. if the juveniles fail to complete counseling they could be charged. a second person has died as a result of last month's house explosion in elizabeth, new jersey. 26-year-old camaya henderson died yesterday. investigators say an apartment behind the garage was illegally receiving electricity. they believe an improperly blame. another explosion this one in brooklyn and now caused it. fire officials say 47-year-old francisca figueroa poured gasoline in the stairwell of the three-story building in tonight investigators are trying to determine a motive. another tenant was killed in the blast.
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still ahead, neighbors can't take the trash anymoore piled up and attracting unwanted visitors. can't the city do anything? >> strangers at their door accusing them of stealing. the iphone mix-up that sent a mother and son to the hospital. >> warming up to the big game and warming hearts. how the jets brought cheer to military families. >> if you go with high heels for holiday parties, you know all about foot pain. we'll show you how to find relief right at home. >> and, you know, christine was just things are heating up for the jets and giants game. wait until you see the temperatures. it will be something else at the stadium.
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nypd is looking for a suspect in a bronx assault. two women here on surveillance video with a man last week, they knocked on a door of a home in randall avenue in castle hill. they told the mother and son inside they lost an iphone and had tracked it to this house.
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didn't have it and got the group to leave. but police say when the mother and son tried to get the group's license plate, they were assaulted. the suspects got away. the mets have announced that general manager sandy alderson has cancer. the team put out a statement saying it's a very treatable form of cancer. and the 68-year-old gm will begin chemotherapy this week. the mets also say doctors are optimistic about his full recovery. the team didn't say what kind of cancer he has. he will undergo eight to 12 weeks of chemotherapy and continue to work as general manager. >> sending good thoughts his way wishing him the best. >> we are. meantime, the jets took time to get into the holiday spirit. otis livingston is here to tell us how the jets lent a helping hand to some grateful families. >> it makes you feel warm inside. great moment by the jets. two days before their biggest game of the season the jets honored those who have fought real battles for the rest of
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now, most of these families of the military weren't in attendance but we spent some time with one family who was shown the true holiday spirit. 'tis the season to be jolly and for the family of u.s. army staff sergeant danza taylor is thankfully the season to be dotting. he has -- to be together. he has been deployed overseas but will be home for the holidays. his daughter is happy to see him. >> it's like a fairy tale movie and my dad comes home and we are very happy. happily ever after. >> reporter: the atlantic help jets women's organization hosted families in a holiday themed appreciation event at the practice facility after watching practice, the kids decorated gingerbread houses and went through the obstacle course working up a sweat while the mothers got pampered. >> wonderful time, massage, my makeup, had a facial, you
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[ laughter ] part. [ laughter ] what we do. you know, we're serving and protecting and we are in harm's way. >> there was a visit by st. nick who looks a lot like s nick van gold. >> i think i was typecast but it also goes into my jolly disposition that obviously i santa. >> i'm a die-hard giants fan. >> it's going to make me root for the jets. i was telling my son that. wow, this is really nice to see the organization and see the players and the general manager and i'm definitely going to root for the jets now. >> big battle this week jets and giants. i don't know. the jets didn't stop there. they bought supplies and are sending c.a.r.e. packages to family overseas serving our country. also gave the mothers presents that will be given to the kids on christmas day. and we are talking about that big game.
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right here on cbs 2 from metlife stadium. which team will improve their play-off chances in the rivalry game? what a nice touch. >> mom loved it. >> away from the kids a little. a little break, you know? we all feel that way sometimes. >> she said that was the best part. [ laughter ] >> so funny. we all get it. we all get it. the jets, big supporters as we all know wounded warriors project building those homes for the wounded warriors. they are really, really good. >> so the giants too. >> yes, they are. >> both organizations. >> equal love. equal love. [ laughter ] >> thank you, otis. flowers can make someone's day especially if they are unexpected and they're free. the group called repeat roses takes floral arrangements after they have been used at places like weddings. then they restyle and repurpose the blooms. the arrangements go to places like hospitals and community centers. the creator of the program explains why it's so important. >> we are bringing a little bit of flower power to the lives of others who might need
5:18 pm
somebody who has not had a visiter in a while, someone who is going through cancer treatment. it's nice to know that we can brighten someone's day. >> repeat roses also picks up and composts the flowers after they have died. and they recycle the glass vases so nothing goes to waste. >> you know, it gives regifting a good name. >> it does. >> the best regifting i ever heard of. [ laughter ] >> good for them. >> yes. let's talk about this weather. lonnie promising big things for the weekend. what's up? >> it's going to be good. right now it's been a good- looking day, as well. your skies have been nice, still clear out there, 50 degrees as we speak. your high temperature was a click warmer, 51 degrees at 4:00 in the afternoon. 42 your morning low out there. as of right now, here's that 50-degree reading in the city. it's of the 30s, 40s and 50s. the hamptons 37. monticello 39. 40s out there. edison, as well. overnight. for a lot of folks i think this is like a great day because if you like it mild
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afternoon. you want that chill in the air to put a scarf on, overnight lows heading out late tonight or tomorrow morning 4:00 36 degrees in the city. everybody somewhere around say the lower to mid-30s or so. then you will warm up in the afternoon to a high temperature of 51 degrees. chilly sunshine with light winds. as you look ahead to the football game this weekend, this 51 tomorrow, it's going up. it's going to be going up. i'll be talking that forecast in a little bit. right now, kristine and maurice, back to you guys. >> thank you. >> thank you. still ahead, is it disrespect or holiday spirit? this display is dividing a local community. why the mayor ordered it to be taken down. >> also, come january 1, a lot of people may try to shed those holiday pounds. the way. >> first, though, dana tyler at 6:00. >> reporter: in the wake of bernardino, a local imam is saying that muslims need to do more to expose extremists
5:20 pm
detectives within muslim congregations. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan has both sides of that story on long island. that's tonight at 6:00. also, at 6:00 tonight, a store owner turns the table on a would-be robber and it's all caught on camera. see what he did that made the armed suspect turn around and
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at 6:00. the holiday season means food and drink to a lot of people of the that's the perfect recipe of gaining weight. as i you think of ways to drop that weight, dr. max gomez tells us along with diet and exercise there's another option to consider. >> as a mental health counselor, shakira talks to students almost every day about ways to handle stress. but for years she was completely unaware that the way she handled it was to eat. >> that would be my go to so even the time of day me coming homing from work, that was something i emotionally associated with time to eat. >> reporter: thanks to a change in her diet and exercise routine, she lost 100 pounds but is keeping it off because she learned a simple secret. >> your brain can help make you fat. >> reporter: neuropsychologist
5:22 pm
comes to losing weight, most people focus on the physical. a national survey by orlando health asked people to name the biggest barriers to weight loss and found 6 out of 10 said diet and exercise. only one in ten mentioned the mental aspect. food can release dopamine in the brain's pleasure center the same as drugs or alcohol causing a strong emotional connection. >> a brain recognizes it as a reward and it can become very difficult to separate that kind of emotion and the physiological response that food can have in us. >> reporter: robinson says to break those emotional connections, keep a journal to track your food and your mood. identify foods that make you feel good and write down the reasons why. and before every snack or meal ask yourself, am i eating because i'm hungry? >> if the answer is no, then you really know there's a strong emotional component here and it's giving yourself a clue to say, what's going on with me? >> the fact that able to overcome that struggle that's
5:23 pm
>> we all have an emotional connection to food to some degree. stress, anxiety, depression, have all been linked to unhealthy eating habits. keeping a food diary meeting with a psychologist, joining a support group can all help you break that unhealthy eating habit cycle. dr. max gomez, cbs 2 news. coming up a deadly attack investigation. the latest information out of california and the odd turn home today. >> would you want to live next to this? neighbors have complained and now we are demanding answers about this trash heaped home. >> open it or i'm going to shoot you. >> a jewelry store heist and these accused robbers had a shopping list. the specific demand they made
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call 1-800-341-9716. the fbi says it is treating the shooting massacre in california as an act of terrorism. good evening once again, i'm maurice dubois. >> welcome back to the broadcast. i'm kristine johnson. the fbi revealed some major developments about the married couple who killed 14 people in the mass shooting in california. agents taking a close look at the wife tashfeen malik.
5:26 pm
alias on facebook to post her allegiance to isis on the day of the attack. cameras got a glimpse inside her home. the fbi said they tried to cover their tracks by crushing cell phones and erasing files but the agents are working to put the pieces together. investigators hope the information will tell them who else may have been known about the plot. we are talking more about the decision to allow reporters terrorists lived. welcome, manny. it's highly unusual. we have been covering investigated for decades. never seen people -- 100 reporters and camera crews the fbi left. what do you make of that? >> i'm -- i'm -- i'm -- i'm surprised that the fbi would let them have access to the apartment so quickly. only 72 hours before this incident -- after this incident happened. and furthermore, for the landlord to go in there, he has a civil obligation to the
5:27 pm
tenant, although they are dead or they are still contractually under -- under -- some sort of lease. so the fact that the fbi let them have access to that house without even telling the landlord hey, listen, you know, you cannot let people in there in case we need to go back. now if they need to go back, that's a contaminated crime scene. so i'm a little surprised. but i have every confidence that they went through every piece of evidence they could find. fbi, atf, state police, california police. everything they could have found i'm sure they did find, um, although that it is unusual as you said that they would let civilians in -- >> people were saying it's bizarre. we are looking at video of the
5:28 pm
home. we saw baby toys, food that sort of thing and we saw the fbi really ransacked the place. the ceiling tiles were down. they were looking at every inch of the apartment. could they have gotten everything they wanted in 48 hours? >> well, keep in mind they had every and all resources that they have locally in the l.a. largest office second only to the new york field office of the fbi and yet they brought in people from quantico which are the subject experts for evidence collection. i'm confident they did find everything that could have been found. i'm a little, uhm, surprised that they would have released that evidence -- that criminal evidence scene so quickly after they -- in case they wanted to get a second bite of the apple if you will. >> curious your thoughts to the investigation right now
5:29 pm
we know they were self directed or inspired by isis. >> so far they seem to have definitely received some sort of training and guidance, resources. obviously these people were funded by somebody. they couldn't have bought the firearms and built these explosive devices in a vacuum. they needed to have the training, the resources and the guidance. did they receive instructions or was like you said inspired? if they were inspired, then, uhm, you're talking about a group that's acting alone in a vacuum. although obviously very dangerous. if they were instructed by isis, then we have a big problem. >> i think it's also interesting though that isis or this sort of pr, um, department of isis didn't come out until today. they say that this was associated and it was only when the u.s. officials announced that this was in fact being investigated as terrorism, so there's a little disconnect there, as well. >> there is a disconnect and i wonder if that means they are just taking credit for something that they didn't know about.
5:30 pm
>> or are they just being, um, um, very smart in their pr, which we know they are. they recruit an average of 50 people a day just through their pr network through the internet and social media. >> manny gomez we would love to talk more. unfortunately we're out of time. thank you we appreciate your insight. new at 5:30 a house in brooklyn surrounded with piles of trash and neighbors say the city is not doing enough about it. so they called us looking for help in getting the mess cleaned up. cbs 2's ilana gold went to borough park and she demanded answers. >> reporter: you can't miss this eyesore on 57th street in borough park by new utrecht avenue. the length of the driveway is covered in trash. luggage, furniture and debris stacked five feet high. how would you describe this? >> disgusting, living next door. >> reporter: this neighbor,
5:31 pm
name, says he has been looking at the mess since august claims it's attracting vermin. some neighbors set up traps and recorded this raccoon in one of them after it went through the garbage. they also worry about a fire hazard. >> my kids -- i'm afraid for them to walk out. >> reporter: that neighbor wants it cleaned up. he tells us he called the city at least a dozen times to complain and says nothing is getting done. >> i asked them, begged them, please, help me try to clean this up. >> reporter: we went to the home and noticed citations from the city dating back to november 16. [ knock knock ] >> reporter: we tried asking the owner why the piles haven't been cleaned up but no one answered the door. this community leader says the drastic measures. >> nobody in the city should be forced to live like this. >> reporter: the health department says it's been dealing with the issue since getting the initial complaint. they say it's a challenge because the trash is on private property. the property failed an
5:32 pm
ordered to remove the debris and was fined several times. >> it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: today we told the agency what we saw. now the health department says the next step could be increasing the penalties. and it's going to send another inspector here to see what other measures the city can legally take to get it cleaned up. in borough park, brooklyn, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> a viewer tipped off ilana to this story. if you have something you would like us to check out, do send us a message on our cbs new york facebook page. police are searching for armed robbers who appear to be targeting midtown jewelry stores. jennifer's she was scared stiff wednesday. two men seen here on surveillance video walked into the madison jewelry on west 38th and demanded she and her coworkers hand over all the jewelry and watches. >> they go, well, move. i'm like, you know, i was just frozen and they're like, okay, you don't see what i have in my hand? now what this is?
5:33 pm
>> well, all in all, about half a million dollars worth of merchandise was stolen. investigators believe the same pair struck on october 9 at kenjo jewelry store on west 57th street and carried out a similar attack at a seventh avenue shop in september. coming up next, getting into the spirit of chanukah. [ singing ] >> we'll show you how some people are getting ready and we'll reveal the one secret that may help you create the perfect latka. >> spike lee takes on shakespeare an a holiday horror story. we'll show you the new options hitting theaters this weekend. >> today in history in 1996, the mars pathfinder lifted off and sped toward the red planet. after the rover landed in july it gave scientists a lot of information through photos and
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wind. (dramatic music) centrum brings us the biggest news in multivitamin history. ( ) a moment when something so familiar becomes something so new. (impact on metal) introducing new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin that contains a full spectrum of essential nutrients you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints. go to for a $4 coupon. jews celebrate the start of chanukah sunday. cbs 2's scott rapoport shows us how some are preparing and
5:35 pm
[ music ] >> reporter: at the synagogue on the upper east side the children are getting ready for chanukah. [ music ] >> reporter: chanukah commemorates the rededication of the temple in jerusalem more than 21 centuries ago and how a small amount of oil meant to provide light for one day burned for eight. the festival of lights doesn't start until sunday night but the kids here are getting a head started lighting the menorah and spinning the dreidels eating chocolate coins wrapped in silver. >> yeah. >> why? >> because i get presents. >> reporter: meantime, here at the kosher market on the upper west side, shoppers are picking up food for the holiday including a tradition chanukah staple, latkas, potato pancakes. >> at some point i'll have latkas for sure. >> reporter: because if latkas are important. >> i'd say they are probably
5:36 pm
parts of the holiday. >> reporter: why? >> it's an excuse to eat latkas. >> reporter: all of which brings us to little miss party planner who says she is going to show us the secret to making the perfect latka. >> it's a secret from my booby. >> reporter: she started by grating a potato and putting it in ice water, later when she removes it from the bowl it leaves a starchy residue. she says that is the secret. >> because the more potato starch you have, the crispier the latka you will get. >> reporter: next she adds her ingredients, potato, onions, egg, a quarter cup of beer, flour and salt and mixes vigorously. fry it up in a pan with corn oil on high heat for 4 to 6 minutes until it's golden brown. voila! scott rapoport cbs 2 news. >> and full disclosure, scott says the latkas were pretty awesome. >> there used to be a time when we got to sample these things.
5:37 pm
to have taken them all for himself. >> remember the ones we used to get in the newsroom, huge? >> those were a little oversized. >> megagiant ones. they were good. getting dressed up for the holidays can be painful. up next, three ideas to help women ease the pain that holiday heels create. >> i'm in new jersey where some people are upset about this holiday display and what's not on the flagpole.
5:38 pm
that's coming up. i'm not a fan of putting my personal info in these online shopping forms. hellloooo??? i don't have time to be filling out my address, i need to be buying a dress. that's why i use masterpass. less typing, more dancing. sfx: tango music como te llamas? yo soy camarones. dip me. the easier way to shop online. masterpass from mastercard and your bank. it's the shortcut to priceless. i'm not a fan of putting my personal info in these online shopping forms. hellloooo??? i don't have time to be filling out my address, i need to be buying a dress. that's why i use masterpass. less typing, more dancing.
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como te llamas? yo soy camarones. dip me. the easier way to shop online. masterpass from mastercard and your bank. it's the shortcut to priceless. i'm dana tyler. at 6:00, wires down, property damaged, but the power company says it's not their fault. now the owners of this home are fighting back. >> and tolls going up this tunnels. how it could cost you even if you don't use them. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. maurice? >> dana, thank you. now to campaign 2016. and donald trump! skyrocketing in the polls now!! earning support from more than
5:40 pm
cnn poll out gives him 36%, ted cruz 16. christie up to fifth place at 4%. trump is also viewed as best qualified to handle a number of issues on the economy, 55% have him over other candidates. on illegal immigration, 48%. and defeating isis 46% among republicans. the holiday season is here. and that means lots of parties and events for a lot of people. and for many women, that's the time we all throw on our high heels which can definitely look great but can end up being very painful by the end of the night. cbs 2's cindy hsu finds out how to get some relief. >> reporter: if you walk around in these, you know the pain. >> it's excruciating. if you go to a wedding and then realize, oh, gosh, i shouldn't have worn these shoes. >> it's painful and then your feet go numb. >> reporter: sharon injured her achilles' tendon when she tripped down a flight of stairs in high heels but still
5:41 pm
>> to put your foot flat on the floor is painful. the back of your heel hurts, your arches hurt. >> reporter: this doctor says high heels can cause a lot of problems. >> all that squishing can cause bunions and it can cause what's called metatarsal pain or pain in the toes and pain in the ball of the foot. >> reporter: she says putting gel insold in your shoes can give your feet a little more cushion. she also likes these yoga toes gems that stretch and separate your toes. you can put them on when you're relaxing at home. >> you can see how wide my foot just got. bunions squish you this way. and then this is opening it up which is a really nice thing. >> reporter: here's a velcro contraption you can get a a drugstore. it stretches your feet and calf muscles while you sleep. the foot rocker can rockaway the pain. >> it's working calf muscles and helping to decrease swelling that you might get in your foot. it foot goods. >> reporter: a foot massage
5:42 pm
one at home with a massage ball you roll under your foot and here's a pain reliever that won't cost a thing if you happen to have a bottle of water. >> freeze and it's great for anything that's inflamed, sore or overused. >> reporter: a bottle with ridges works best. cold water works fine. you might find the most relief with just flats. cindy hsu, cbs 2 news. >> those who love high heels say that the key is to wear them for short periods of time. throw a pair of flats on in your bag that you can bring with you to the party and only wear the heels while you are at the party. >> so saying all this i'm not feeling their a buying it. >> i'm laughing because it's true. [ laughter ] >> bring an extra pair? >> well, you bring a little pair of flats with you or sneakers and, you know, you change into them right before you walk into the party. that's when you put on your heels. >> yes i understand that part.
5:43 pm
>> just saying. >> kj has a good collection over there. >> anyway, what's going on? >> i think you're going to love the weekend weather. i think it's going to be great and i don't think there's going to be any complaints. for those of how like a little chill at night, then it warms up to above average temperatures. right now the picture that you can see right interest that big box you have a good- looking sky a clear picture and the temperatures come in at 5 degrees. headlines look kind of like this. there's going to be a chill in i'm talking 30s. some of you lower 30s out there. saturday. sunshine looks good. sunday could possibly guess close at least in the vicinity of 60 degrees out there. and, of course, that's the football game and the football game kicks off at 1:00. giants and jets look at that. you're heading to the stadium, i mean, this is like october
5:44 pm
under sunny skies with winds not an issue you. vortex satellite and radar, a thin deck of clouds north of the city. it's not going to be an issue. i don't see any problems here overnight and for tomorrow, it's more the clear air that rolls in sort of just tamps out. high pressure with us for the whole weekend. in terms of what's going on like every like, you start heading west, you don't hit any cloud cover until you get to the foothills of the rockies. there's a low pressure system that's pushing onshore around the pacific northwest and there's all this rain that you see around the florida keys. those are the two low pressure systems in the country right now. they are going to give us a chance of rain on tuesday. the bigger rain associated with this florida low is going offshore. i feel very confident of that but it's close enough i was talking to kristine about this yesterday. when it's within like 100, 200 miles of our shores you have to put in a rain chance of could be enhanced by this low pushing in from the west so i just put in a rain chance for tuesday. until then, it's good sailing. mainly clear, cold overnight about 36 degrees in the city. for your day tomorrow, chilly
5:45 pm
it is above average though and here we go with the numbers. you're looking at 52 on 57 on sunday. 53 degrees on monday. again sunday night, at sunset we begin the start of chanukah and then you get into your day on tuesday and that's where we're hinting at that rain chance. i wrote should stay dry because right now all the indications are the big storms will stay offshore. by the edge of it. >> okay. thank you. >> there you go. >> thank you, lonnie. nick fisher is here. if he is listening, big shout out. he is retiring. we won't say how many years he has worked here. it's been quite a long time. we wish you all the best. we have learned a lot from you. excellent photographer. there are plenty of movies this weekend. they run the gamut, the dysfunctional family and gun violence. >> welcome. >> shy rack, that reunites spike lee and samuel l.
5:46 pm
>> chicago's south side, you go by the numbers, it's a war zone. >> nick cannon and wesley snipes play gang leaders we tiana paris plays a woman who leads a sex strike in hopes of stopping all the violence. >> merry christmas! >> looks like martha stewart threw up in here. >> and then there's k rampus a christmas horror story. the shadow of st. nicholas punishing children with more than a lump of coal. a local mayor says that this show of holiday spirit was downright disrespectful but not everyone agrees. >> and then at 6:00 an armed robber walks into a liquor store but didn't stay long. see what the store owner did that sent the would-be robber
5:47 pm
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patriotism is colliding with holiday spirit. a light display was removed. meg baker looked into why. >> have something wrong with this holiday display? >> there's never been really anything exciting on the center. >> reporter: in the heart of rutherford stands an american flag in the circle near the train station.
5:49 pm
which i thought was really horrible. >> reporter: she is not talking about the flag. she is talking about the lights a landscaping company strung in the shape of a christmas tree. the lights were taken down by the mayor. >> we thought we were doing what we were told. >> reporter: they got permission to decorate it. >> we talked to veterans to make sure everything was okay with the lights being across the pole and they said to decorate the flagpoles on their ships before they witness out to sea. >> reporter: but we spoke to the mayor on the phone who says the display was disrespectful. >> the flag should not be touching anything. the ground, water, any merchandise, if the flag was to be lowered to half-staff it would be touching the lights that they were on, on the pole. >> reporter: and federal law does state the flag should never touch anything under it such as the ground, floor, water or merchandise. the brothers say they engineered the design so that the flooding could be flown at
5:50 pm
some residents i spoke to here in the center of town told me normally there isn't much of a display. so when the lights went up they were all excited. >> something nice for the holidays. i don't think it interferes with the flag. i think they should put the lights back up. >> reporter: veterans at the vfw in lyndhurst were surprised. >> i didn't think it was hurting anything. >> reporter: the mayor is holding his ground and says the lights will not go back up. in rutherford, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> the issue will be debated at the next borough council meeting on december 14. >> and that's it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. inspired by isis and motivated by hate, new information on why a married couple murdered 14 people in san bernardino. plus --
5:51 pm
back and say, you know, i condemn this thing. it's just not enough anymore. >> drastic measures in the wake of the mass shooting. a local imam calls for detectives to be planted in muslim communities. >> a suburban gun stash a long island man facing charges after police seize weapons and ammunition in his home. >> and tables turned. why a would-be robber ended up bolting from the store owner he was trying to rob. good evening. i'm dana tyler. the fbi is now investigating the san bernardino massacre as an act of terrorism. here's what we know at this hour. federal sources say tashfeen malik the woman accused in the attack had pledged her support to isis on facebook. members of the media were allowed in the apartment she shared with her husband and coconspirator syed farook but about their motive. family members are sharing
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