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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  December 6, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now we have breaking news in queens. another house fire in forest hills. we are live with a new clue about a possible suspect. plus this. >> i heard the win toes crash -- windows crashing. >> a house linked to the couple behind the san bernardino couple is raided and the message about isis. >> the president of a university urges his students to take the controversy surrounding guns into his own hands. cbs 2 sunday morning starts right now.
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on this sunday, december 6th i'm da da. >> when i use the word warmer and you see temperatures like 23 and 25 it seems crazy. however, we do have another cold morning. 30 degrees in scarsdale. 28 for toes river. 40 in central park. we will however warm up pretty nicely this afternoon. only today we will be a little warmer. your vortex satellite and radar showing the impact of that area of high pressure. so it keeps us basically cloud free. we will see tons of sunshine. and this is our hour by hour forecast.
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of 56 degrees so that puts us ten degrees above where we should be. should be hitting that around 3:00 in the afternoon. so that 56 feels like 56. we get that with tons of sunshine. we are not done yet with these mild december days. and i'll have more coming up in a bit. we begin with breaking news this morning. another home in queens goes up in flames. this is the seventh suggestion pushous fire since october. >> investigators have new details on a person of interest. cbs 2 ag ag -- alana gold is there with the details. >> reporter: we can tell you the home in question is under construction. police say someone set this house on fire and it's linked if to the other incidents. they started recording this fire around 12:30.
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the roof. this morning police are telling us an arsonist is to blame. take a look at this picture. it's a person of interest. they tell us a neighbor saw this man on a motorcycle peeling away from the scene seconds after the fire started. he was wearing glasses and atabrine helmet. now at this point it's unclear if he is responsible but police definitely answers because there have been six other fires in this same neighborhood six the end of october. >> what is interesting here there is no accelerant. it's combustible materials found at the scene. so now we are going forward with that case. >> reporter: police have also released surveillance video from the suspect from an incident in november. a man left a note behind with a code that offers a person name. investigators tracked down that person but they say he has
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and a suspect did this to throw them off. it was a false lead. right now police are offering a $12,000 reward for any information that will lead to an arrest. live in forest hills queens this morning alana gold cbs 2 news. >> thank you. president obama will address the the country tonight about the mass shooting in san bernardino. >> his address comes a day after fbi agents raided the home of shooter syed farook's. the fbi has not spoken with that friend who they say is not a suspect. they did say he checked himself into a mental hospital following wednesday's attack. meanwhile fbi agents are looking into the shooters ties to terrorists groups. farook had some kind of contact
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group in syria. california shootings have reignited a debate over gun control. calling for a ban on assault weapons and stricter gun control. but as cbs 2 dave carlin shows us, it was immediately dismissed by republicans on the campaign trail. >> reporter: america's latest mass shooting is reigniting and amplifying calls for gun control. new york times put an editorial on its front page. stating it's a moral outrage that civilians can purchase
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kill people with brutal speed and efficiency. and they must be outlawed for civilian ownership. a swift reboattail from new jersey governor chris christie. >> i don't know what gun control laws will stop terrorists from attacking. >> i think there would be a lot better if there were guns in that room. >> we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else. >> reporter: two measures were blocked. one to keep those on the no fly list to buy guns. and expanding background checks. republicans pointed out the guns used in california were bought legally and new background checks would hot
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they say the focus should be on
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could end those muslims before they walked in and killed us. >> jerry foul junior insists the muslims he was referring to were farook and malik. he wants students to get a permit to carry concealed weapons. he said the campus needs to be prepared in the face of increasing frequency of mass killings. we are following developing news in london. scott land yard made an arrest in what they are calling a terrorist incident. a man was threatening people with a knife in an under ground rail station in east london. three people were hurt. one of them seriously. british newspapers reported witnesses heard the suspect screaming quote, this is is for syria. police eventually subdue the man with a stun gun and took him into custody. time is 6:08. a blackout in parts of new york. what caused more than 50,000 homes to go dark for several hours last night. >> plus why it will cost you more to travel between new york
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>> a show down at the meadow lands. find out what is at stake between the jets and the giants. >> it looks like they will have good weather. >> they do have good weather. i'm not sure if it's traditional december football weather. but i think those that will sit there for several hours will be very pleased.
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52,000 customers. more than 60% of the county left power. orange and rockland utilities says an electric substation malfunctioned. and there were power problems at the power plant in west chester. a nuclear reactor had to be shut down after power were lost to stroll control logs. path trains are back in service this morning. they were suspended after a a train. a port authority spokesman says the unidentified woman was struck around 1:00 yesterday afternoon at the 14th street police are investigating how the woman ended up on the tracks.
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and 33rd street via ho bow can was suspended. glum the jewish celebration of hanukkah starts tonight. each night of the holiday is marked by a lighting of nora gift giving and traditional foods. >> can we get lat coos even if we are not jewish. [ laughter ] >> we have already. let's check in with elise finch for our weather. >> yesterday was a beauty. today very similar as far as
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temperature wise. winds out of the west, northwest at 5 miles an hour. already pretty mild out there. we have another cold start. it's mild in the city but it's a cold start everywhere else. we will have a nice warmup by mid afternoon so we expect another mild afternoon. in fact, warmer than yesterday. take a look. here's the vortex satellite and radar. for us. most people like it that way on a weekend. we have a huge area of high pressure. it's starting to shift to the east. nevertheless it's kept the skies nice and clear for us. dry air. we had cold spots. it will be pulling in milder air. we will call ate superb sunday. this one will be really mild. about ten degrees above where
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as we head into the evening. i don't think you can complain about this sunday for any reason. as we head into the day tomorrow, a little cooler but still incredibly milder. temperatures start to inch their way back down. but it's another winter. a very nice start to that workweek. on tuesday we watch an year of low pressure that a few days back it makes it look like a real soaker. it will be moving to our south. it will give us some clouds. we will see that cloud cover increasing late sunday. we'll see more clouds in our area late on tuesday. some areas south could see a little bit of rain. but of course the big story today in addition to if our mild temperatures, jets, giants at met life stadium. 54 degrees when that game begins. tons of sunshine which could be an issue but winds not so much. only about 5 miles an hour. i would say warm but still good football weather. 56 the official high on the day today. we are talking mostly sunny skies. it will be nice and mild out there. hopefully you have a chance to enjoy it.
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tonight it's clear and calm. cold but not as cold as it is tonight and as it was last night. 42 degrees the over night temp tonight. 30 in the sub suburbs. we start to see the clouds thickening up later in the day. here's a look at your seven- day. 56 today. tomorrow 54 we'll see late cloudsen. we dip into the 40s for tuesday and wednesday again. tuesday we will see more of that cloud cover. wednesday a little bit better. as we head into your thursday, friday, saturday temperatures rebound again so we are talking about more of those 50-degree temps and temperatures that will be about ten degrees about where they should be as we head into mid november. i know. i know. enjoy it while you can. >> i passed over fifth avenue yesterday. there were so many people walking around. great day to walk around yesterday.
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we are hours away from a show down at the meadow lands. the jets and giants face off today. >> the empire state building it will up in the colors of both teams. >> not playing favorites. >> as fans await the kickoff. here >> if they expect to make it to consistency. last night this milwaukee taking on the bucks who they beat by 25 on opening night. kris to have has been seeing double for the knicks. he finished with 12-7. not quite a double-double. the bucks open up an 18 point
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the knicks will make a mild push but milwaukee did have by 15. 106-91. new york now 10-11 this year. monday. don't forget this afternoon it is a pivotal game of the season here for the jets and the giants. the battle for met life stadium kicks off at 1:00 p.m.. you can only see it right here on cbs2. also the islanders losing to the senators. time is 6:18. the spirit of giving inspired one man to really go the distance. >> they were lost once. i didn't want to chance it again. >> the priceless gift he brought a local veteran all the way from chicago. >> plus see how two business part if nevers are help --
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america runs on dunkin'. it's modern, simple and high quality and you don't have to pay a fortune for it. joining us this morning are founders alexander and polina. thank you for being here. we appreciate it. so universal standard is a little different than your average clothing company. tell us what sizes you guys cater to. >> we start from a size 10 and we go all the way up to a size 28. and we like to think that, that includes a very vast majority of north american women. >> yeah. talk a little bit about why you felt it was important to start this company. >> we took a look at what was available today and we saw this humungous white space.
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white space within a white space. we wanted if to create clothe -- we wanted to create clothing that is modern, style relevant. we started thirsty commerce business. >> essentially it was clothes that we felt were available in straighter sizes. we wanted to sort of make them available to ladies who wear the larger sizes. >> and you brought models with us so let's get started. who is first up here? >> this is alicia. blazer. this is actually one piece. although it looks like two.
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purse if you don't want to. it's got the zippers on it. >> and that is not connected to the top obviously. >> it is not. no. >> and then we have the top that is made of satin back. >> yes. everything has a bit of stretch. for? >> the coat is $390. the top is $110 and the skirt is $110 as well. >> beautiful. you also have a lot of dresses. tell us about the next look here. >> this is our geneva dress. items. it's very modern, clean cut, simple design. and it's made of a jersey with spandex. we have it paired here with heels.
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with running shoes and it looks really, really school. >> what is this look? back crepe. mat top. it is one of the things that i think people would like to wear during the holidays. it's very simple. it's super comfortable and it's quite elegant. >> how much does this go for? >> great. ladies let's have both of you come back out. you look beautiful. where can people find out more information about your company? >> you can find us on >> thank you for coming in we really appreciate it.
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you look beautiful. and for more information on universal center you can also head to our website
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this is cbs 2 sunday morning. (man) what's that, remy? (remy) it-it's a speck of cork, sir.
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>> brian who found the dog tags drove all the way from chicago to hand them to veteran josh gellis. >> i was upset when i lost them. and you just kind of deal with it. it was amazing. h >> he mentioned something about putting them in an envelope. i refused. they were lost once. i didn't want to chance it again. >> the two men met through a mutual friend in chicago. he thinks he lost his tags when he was moving out of his friends house. coming up at 7:00. why a local lawmaker nearly resigned over this christmas tree. plus this. >> celebrating the life of frank sinatra.
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birthday. announcer: from washington, "the mclaughlin group", the american original -- for over three decades, the sharpest minds, best sources, hardest talk. john issue one. slaughter in san bernardino. mayhem came to san bernardino, california on wednesday when two terrorists syed farook age 28 and tashfeen malik age 27 shot 14 people dead and wounded ten critically. san bernardino is on the eastern edge of los angeles. investigators believe farook and malik were seeking to align themselves with a syrian and iraq based quote unquote
6:31 am
over the last year, islamic state has called for attacks in the west. it was also responsible for the recent terrorists attacks in paris. farook and his accomplice targeted their victims at the inland regional center which specializes in supporting developmentally impaired individuals. the attack has reignited two contentious u.s. debates. one debate over gun control laws and the other debate over fighting isis. democrats say u.s. gun laws need to be tightened to keep individuals. republicans say president obama must use more aggressive force in fighting the islamic state on its home territory. and with more u.s. troops on the ground. commander and chief obama
6:32 am
horror citing the anomalies in our u.s. terrorism controlled laws. >> for those concerned about terrorism, some may be aware of the fact that we have a no fly list but those same people who we don't allow to fly could go into a store right now in the united states and buy a firearm and there is nothing we can do to stop them. that is a law that needs to be changed. >> why is president obama trying to divert attention from his administration's failure to prevent this terrorist attack by scapegoating guns? you understand the question? >> yeah, i do, john. there is no doubt about it the president has been dead wrong. he said isis has been contained. it's a jv and we have them in this area. they are diminishing in terms of the area they control. but now what isis is doing i believe and i think this is an example. we now we have connections
6:33 am
as isis is being hammered in its base and it is lashing out and i think calling into action sleeper cells and other attackers in the west to do the kind of massacre that took place in paris and in san bernardino. basically to make a statement to the world that we are fighting the west and we're at war with the west. and very successful. i think the president is almost in denial. up in friday he had not mentioned islamic terror or with this. i think the whole democratic party is trying to return it into a debate on gun control. losing. >> washington post fact checkers took obama to task for using false statistics in his claims about mass shooting. are you surprised the president is stretching the truth again? >> no, i'm surprised you're stretching the truth again. trying to blame this whole
6:34 am
this is a new form of terrorism. if in fact it bares out to be that. it looks like the woman in this bonnie and clyde pair is the key and she spent some time in saudi arabia and one of the theories that they are investigating is that saudi based terrorists are using what they call the honey pot. putting islamic brides out there to entice american muslim will. there is so much we don't know. this. where a young mother with a six- month-old baby would go on this killing revenge and why they would choose a target that
6:35 am
value -- huge symbolic value. i think there is a lot that we don't know. but the recruiting tools and social media have really transformed the way radicalism can take root. and no matter how many troops you send in, i don't think more troops are the answer. it's a very different kind of terrorism and i think so far president obama has the right tone, attitude and strategy. >> what is the best way to diminish the appeal of isis? >> i think the key thing here is to recognize there is a connection point between the success of the islamic state and spreading. if you look at the territory across the middle east but also this direction. where you have the islamic state being able to perceive itself to others as this empire
6:36 am
about the united states. this woman being inspired. eleonore is right we have to wait for the fact. the problem is where that exists, the narrative of propaganda is self-fueling. so how do you do it? you have to puncture the banner. the black flag they wave around is very important as a symbol of power. what you have to do is be much more aggressive in confronting them. both on their alliance in iraq and syria. and that they are surfing the islamic safe. and through that you build that political military groven. i would agree in the sense of presence.
6:37 am
it is a bound up in ideology. be >> he's not in denial. also trying not to get the -- and in england a country you are familiar with they are debating about sending in troops as well. for and isis is moving. they are getting pummeled on the ground in syria and iraq but at the same time they are this is a new way of using facebook, using the singles marriage market. all this talk about the dangers of refugees. they are carefully screened. >> something really happened to this guy that he would go in
6:38 am
friends and coworkers. apparently there was no any great dispute on that. let me say, a lot of groups because of the success in paris, the success in massacres are identifying their own cause. i think boca they are all saying we're an affiliate now. isis is winning because it's perpetrating these he or she acts -- these horrible acts of terror. >> the gun debate would change very quickly if we recognize how easy it is for people to come in and get ak47, assault weapons should be taken off of the market. >> the cops had semi automatic weapons fired 300 shots. people are buying guns today. you can bet on it.
6:39 am
plane but still buy a weapon, that is shameful. >> let's move it along. how badly will this terrorist attack impair obama politically? >> i think it's major. people consider the president i hate to say is it mildly irrelevant in all of this right now. and the country is moving to the right. >> eleonore. >> i give it a c. and the republicans are going to exploit the hell out of this and create as much fear as they possibly can. >> we know they are good at it. >> and they are good at that. >> it's major because people recognize the disconnect between the president's statement and the policy denial on the ground. >> i think president obama does need to get ahead of this story.
6:40 am
national fear, understandably. and national anger. i will give it 8.5. >> 8.5 sounds to me like something major. >> pretty significanten be >> i think you are right on track. i call it major. not only a strategy to contain isis failed overseas, but now it has failed at home. when we come back, boots on the ground. erve
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john: issue two, boots o n issue two. boots on the ground. >> we're deploying a specialized targeted force to assist iraqi forces and put even more pressure on isil. >> president obama has long opposed u.s. boots on the ground. no deployment of combat ground forces to fight the islamic state terrorist group also known as isil and isis. but this week commander and chief obama's defense secretary ash carter announced that a quote expedition their force unquote, of special operation forces will be if deployed boots on the ground to help iraq and fight isis. some of those are already
6:44 am
objectives. it will gather intelligence on isis. second it will rescue hostage. third it will assist u.s. and coalition jets in destroying isis targets. and while republicans in congress and many democrats have welcomed the deployments, not everyone is happy. some liberals feel a is quagmire and some believe the expedition their deployment is not sufficient. what is president obama's rational for putting combat boots on the ground. >> his rational is this is a doubling down of the strategy he already has in place. and it's not a massive invasion of tens of thousands of troops. i think the number they have put on it's 200. and i think it's kind of the least bad option that is
6:45 am
he keeps asking other people if you have better ideas, tell me what they are. putting a substantial number of u.s. troops on the ground in a muslim country is is counterproductive, disastrous. the flaw in this strategy is there has to be boots on the ground to hold any ground taken back from isis. >> there is one of the problems. the iraqi government has said we don't want american disciplinary force. we may be shooting at the americans. and this is a very small force frankly. you hear talk of entering troops into syria. it's time the congress of the united states and the republican party either pass or reject it in organization of military force because we are getting into this thing on the side of the turks who are up against the russians and you've
6:46 am
the road of a direct conflict with russia. >> part of the problem here is the term boots on the ground. we have over 3,000 men and women that all wear boots. but that is not boots on the ground. when we talk about boots on the ground, we talk about combat brigades. >> we talk about military action. >> these are mostly support for the drones and the planes in the air. you need to have special operations on the ground. [ inaudible ] >> i do think it is too little. the reason you can't get the sue knee arms buying in because you see them trading with iran. but at the same time this is
6:47 am
strikes on the ground now. it will mobilize more people. hopefully it engages the sunni tribes. interestingly the body government approved this. actually on that i commend president obama. >> ash carter said in his testimony that the troops are there at the invitation of the iraqi government. they are playing some politics in things they say. those troops are there by invitation. >> the sunnies are scared to death of the militia coming in and liberating them. because it means the end of them. >> that is the failure of the iraqi government. you will hear cries of mission creek and slippery slope and all of that.
6:48 am
think this comes under the heading of tweaking. >> okay. let's move it along. putin verses ed gone. how could we wish for such attention? >> a russian air force jet
6:49 am
was shot down. a russian marine was killed. and has now deployed fighter escorts in advance antiair missile systems into syria. the risks are clear. as a nato member, turkey has military support. including from the united states. if russia attacks its territory. how serious is the friction between russia and turkey? >> we certainly don't want to see world war iii develop in that area. this is serious in terms of the anger on both sides. but putin the other day said that he is not interested in military action. but they are definitely exercising sanctions as far as
6:50 am
there is a big oil pipeline that erdogan's family has an interest in. russian tourists are canceling plans to visit turkey beaches. >> this is more serious than a the lot of words. what the turks did was stupid. they are dangerous. shooting down a russian plane. it was deliberate. let me say this. erdogan is an unstable guy in my judgment and we cannot allow erdogan to drag this country into a shooting confrontation with russia.
6:51 am
>> neither country wants a shooting war and erdogan reacted that way because the russians have been bombing turkey and syria. they were ethnic turks and he was sending a message. you have two strong men here. neither is good at backing down. i think president obama has a task on his hand to deescalate the whole thing. i think so far it's calming down. >> let's have a little bit of other edition this here. the european union caught a deal with turkey for $3 billion. in aid for joining the european union. in exchange for turkey sealing its borders to refugees and migrants. isn't that a deal? isn't that deal a threat to russian interests? >> because of the energy pipeline going through turkey,
6:52 am
adhand back. the russians have been doing this. they have been pushing the line and crossing over into turkish air space. what i would say is that the united states can play more of an influential role you have to be able -- >> who are we fighting? we are fighting isis. >> yeah but they've got other agendas they are also accomplishing. >> no confrontation between america and russia because nothing in syria justifies a
6:53 am
>> if you say to erdogan do not go over there and cross the line. but you say to vladimir putin do not cross into turkish air space. >> if you shoot down another russian plane, goodbye and good luck. you're on your own. what impack will it have -- impact will it have on isis? will it be a, catastrophic.
6:54 am
or d, negligentable. >> i'm going to see negligible. that they are now interested in exploiting their few gnat schism. and i think that is scarier. >> they want to draw the u.s. into an all out war because that is part of their prophesy. you have all out armageddon. >> it's a major impact.
6:55 am
predictions. s. forced predictions. the federal reserve will raise interest rates at its upcoming december 15th meeting. wall street will react to the news with a yawn. not a stock market route. true or false? >> true. >> true. >> true. >> true. >> the answer is unmistakably true. bye bye. jookts answer -- john: the answer is unmistakeably true.
6:56 am
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