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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  December 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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security too. we can be politically correct, and we can be stupid, but it's going to get worse and worse. >> donald trump calls for a complete stop to muslims entering the u.s. and other candidates are already calling him out. >> not once, but twice, trying to destroy a menorah, and now churches taking no chances when it comes to security. >> plus look for clues in the death of a new jersey mom as they try to track down the gunman who is still on the run. good evening, i am kristine johnson. >> tony ayeleo following this story. >> reporter: a bizarre crime on beacon street.
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how was the victim's body missed during the initial search of her home. >> the body was in the house. there was search dogs, they didn't find it. >> reporter: the victim's former fiance spoke shortly after investigators returned to the scene to look for additional evidence. 35-year-old yalonda vega, a mother of two found dead in her home. jonathan came home and found a gunman hiding in a closet. >> he apparently saw the guy in the closet, and closed the door and went to the neighbor's house, and she called the cops. >> reporter: family members say in the confusion, police detained a neighbor chasing the suspect who escaped. yolanda vega was nowhere to be found. >> her car was here, then we just waited for her. we filled out a missing person's report, and waited, and waited for her. >> did you see the police searching yolanda's house? >> yeah, they had the dogs
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but at that point, they didn't find a body. >> reporter: then overnight, a family member found vega's body behind a curtain in the basement. she worked at this sporting store in union. a manager told me here, everyone loved yolanda, we are all in shock. >> she is a very beautiful person. i mean, if you knew her, you would love her, honestly. whatever animal did this needs to be caught. >> reporter: hernandez told me he tried to do cpr after the victim's body was found, but it was too late. autopsy results and the cause of death expected to be released on tuesday. in rahway, union county, new jersey, tony aiello, cbs 2. bricks have fallen from a 35 story upper east side high rise onto a street below. >> the bricks fell from a 32nd floor facade onto the street
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avenue and 64th street. we're told construction crews were working above. firefighters are on the scene right now. thankfully, no reports of any injuries. we have a crew on the way, and will bring you more information as it happens. new information about the terrorist shooting in san bernandino in southern california. the fbi says the husband and wife killers had been radicalized for quite some time. this is a picture of syed farook, with his then fiance tashfeen farook, as they arrived at chicago's o'hare airport in july of 2014. investigators also revealed, the couple practiced shooting at gun ranges in southern california. last week's attack left 14 people dead, 6 people still in the hospital. a surviving employee at the inland regional center returned to their jobs today. the federal government will soon unveil a new terror alert system.
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was criticized for having too many alerts. homeland security secretary jay johnson says the current system is flawed, and has never sent an alert, because it requires an imminent threat. donald trump wants a ban on all muslims coming into the u.s. many of his opponents were quick to condemn his words. >> reporter: the man who claims he can make america great again released a new policy statement that calls for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. republican front runner donald trump held a rally shortly after releasing the controversial plan. >> our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad. >> reporter: the proposed ban is in response to what trump calls hatred toward americans by large segments of the muslim population. >> yes, we have to look at mosques, and we have to respect mosques, but yes, we have to look at mosques.
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>> reporter: the nation's largest muslims civil rights organization quickly fired back. >> donald trump sounds more like a leader of a lynch mob than a great nation like ours. >> reporter: trump's remarks come a day after president obama urged the country to not stereotype against american muslims. presidential candidates on both sides criticized trump's announcement. >> that is not my policy. i've introduced legislation in the senate that would put in place a three year moratorium on refugees coming from countries where isis, or al- qaeda control a substantial amount of territory. >> reporter: republican jeb bush tweeted donald trump is unhinged. and chris christie called the proposal ridiculous. hillary clinton said this is rep hencability, prejudice, and divisive.
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week when we allow racism, and xenophobia to divide us. now to parents behaving badly in new jersey, when a brawl erupts in the stands at a new jersey high school football game. the fight was caught on video during the championship game between brick memorial and jackson memorial at rutgers university on saturday. the brick township superintendent says a parent threw a megaphone into the student section prompting the mayhem. no one was seriously hurt. protesters make their voices heard as new jersey begins its 2015 bear hunt. >> killer! >> murderer! >> rights activists demonstrated as hunters brought the bears they killed to a weigh station in sussex county. at least 118 bears were killed today. opponents say the hunt is cruel. while proponents say it's an
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population control. >> they do kill pets, they kill livestock. >> this is just a trophy hunt. >> last year, 272 bears were killed in new jersey hunts. this year the goal is 800. symbols of the season around the city are falling victim to vandals. [ music ] >> this menorah near gracie mansion was repaired in time for tonight's lighting ceremony. it was knocked down twice even shortly after it was lit on the first night of hanukkah. mayor de blasio was there tonight as it was relit. >> when we see an act of prejudice, when we see an act of hate, we must respond to it. the light does triumph over the darkness. >> it's not just symbols of judaism that can be potential targets. they've actually installed a metal plate and padlock on the back of the baby jesus figurine
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>> today marked the 74th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. at the intrepid sea and space air on manhattan's east side, they took part in a wreath laying ceremony. in pearl harbor itself in hawaii a ceremony was health on a pier overlooking the uss arizona memorial. the battleship sank minutes after it was struck on december 7, 1941, more than 2400 servicemen were killed in pearl harbor and other military installations. still ahead a party problem. an airbnb rental turned animal house. >> if it was up to me, i would do it every day, because i'm a party animal. >> confrontation over wild parties advertised online to the world. >> plus a former president's medical recovery. the treatment that made jimmy carter's cancer disappear. >> also, police say she was drunk behind the wheel, and
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wel veoullhereummoe anlsor 40doarba. soo li oca n.t t t pt.etio port authority police arrest a woman after she got lost. really lost. 31-year-old carol andeano of north bergen now faces drug driving charges. police say she told an officer she was quote looking for new jersey. police say andeano had a blood alcohol level more than three times the legal limit. a battle in the bronx where neighbors say a man rents his home on airbnb for wild parties. >> they've got pictures of strippers, jumbo screens in the backyard. >> do i look in your house? >> the homeowner defended himself as dozens of residents demonstrated outside his house. neighbors say nebi ayala lists
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he says his parties are private, but neighbors say one advertised event ran until 5:00 a.m. social media posts detailed strippers, live dj's, and plenty of alcohol. >> i had to close my windows. put my window air conditioner on to make noise, and put ear plugs in my ears. >> if it was up to me, i'd do it every day. >> airbnb says it has suspended the lifting, but ads for the sites. the former president now announcing he is cancer free. carter shared the news sunday at a church in his hometown of plains, georgia. it was just a few months ago, the 91-year-old revealed melanoma had been found in his live, and four spots on his brain. new tonight, without
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quick how many phone numbers can you actually remember? >> and what about relying on those apps to help you stay organized? turns out all of that dependcy on our phones could be melting our minds. >> reporter: with so much going on in her life, it's easy to see how ryan jordan, mother, and full time business owner could occasionally lose her mind. which is why she says she relies on her digital devices to do some of the thinking for her. >> i used to be able to spit off directions and spit off phone numbers. >> reporter: jordan is far from alone in her digital dependence. >> what's your mom's phone number? >> i have no idea. >> my schedule on monday? i don't know my work schedule, it's on my phone actually. >> what's the day today? >> oh, god. >> reporter: using your smartphone as an extension of your brain to store things like birth dates and passwords might
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experts say this memory crutch is leading to what's known as digital amnesia. >> we no longer have information on the tip of our tongue because we have the information on our fingertips. >> reporter: psychologist dr. barbara greenberg says it could have long term consequences. >> the brain sort of like our muscles, needs to get exercise. >> reporter: neurologist says in order to learn something new, we need to take the time to process it, by repeating it, even connecting with it. when we use a digital device, the information may come in, but it goes right owe. >> by 7:30 a.m., i have 15 to 16 reminders that come in. and everything's that's set for the day. >> reporter: experts say instead of relying on computerized convenience to
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time to memorize important information, especially emergency numbers. >> there's no problem with going on google to research our questions. but i think we also need to then step back and think about the information we learned. >> all right, so how many of you out there? can't remember the numbers. >> i think i can remember five numbers, and three of them are mine. >> the only numbers i remember are the ones that i knew before all of this digital stuff. >> exactly. now, no idea. got to look them up. got to find out the date on the phone too by the way. let's talk weather now. lonnie is here. i think you've got these numbers committed to memory though. >> there are some pretty big numbers temperature wise. they're going to be going up. not for tomorrow. you take a peek out there now, and our temperatures are dropping. down to the lower 40s for most of the folks around here. we do have a 48 still holding on in brooklyn. alana is there with that 48-
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what a nice fall day it was today. have a great celebration of lights. there you go. what i see out there as of right now, we've got, you're looking into madison square garden there. partly cloudy. 45degrees as of right now. 54 was your high temperature today. so you're 8 degrees above average. that's not how i see is for tomorrow. here's the deal. temperatures are dropping as we speak. they're going to continue to drop here during the overnight hours. but it's really a one day event as far as this colder air coming to town. really, tomorrow's temperatures are going to be where they should be, in i think the mid- and upper 40s. average. a up with day event. after that, each day gets warmer, and warmer, and warmer. so let's talk numbers here. waking up tomorrow morning in central park. it's 39 degrees. it's colder inland, and a slight shower chance off to the east. the high temperature up to 47 degrees. unlike today, some of you were in the upper 50s. 58 for newark.
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you'll be about 47 tomorrow. there's that early shower chance, that will exit. partly sunny as you go through your day. then i talk about the warm up arriving for the weekend. look at this. saturday, it's 59 degrees. a nice sky. sunday, 61 i wrote near record. the record for sunday, 64 degrees. going to be close. i'll keep watching it. we watched clouds float up from the south. the bigger picture is going to show you nipping at the very southern portion of ocean county there on the shore line, with a little bit of a shower. most of this is moving east- northeast. so i think the best rain chances go through the overnight hours toward the morning would be the east end of long island. suffolk county you could catch some of that rain. i don't think rain is going to be any part of this seven-day forecast as far as the things you're going to remember. you're going to remember, and take note of the temperatures going up and up each and every day. let's start talking those numbers. 47 on tuesday. 50degrees on wednesday.
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up from there. 50 wednesday. 53 thursday. your 56 on friday. 59 saturday. 61 on sunday. quite a bit above average right there, and i don't have any real big rain clouds out there. i just don't see a chance for a lot of rain. when you look at a 61-degree reading on sunday, i know we talked earlier today about how, it just seems like this season year. last year, the really cold stuff didn't kick in until after the new year. >> are we in for a repeat? >> this year, you've got the whole el nino situation. i don't see a repeat. nominations for the 58th annual grammy awards were announced today. >> kendrick lamar led the way with 11 nominations, followed by the weekend, and taylor swift with 7 a piece. [ music ] >> taylor was the only artist
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categories, album, song, and record of the year. her album 1989 was a monster hit. lamar took home nominations in two of those categories, album, and song. watch the grammy's on february 15 at 8:00 p.m. >> can't wait. >> that will be great. >> one of my favorite award shows. sports now. >> christine, kristaps
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his basketball hero today. otis is here with sports, and there's a lot to talk about tonight. >> yeah, we're going to start with kp6. and call it the maturation of kristaps porzingis. he's not going to sneak up on anyone. tonight, the dallas mavericks in town and the guy many compare his game to, dirk nowitzki. he never met him before. kp gets a nice hug before the tip-off, and then school was in session. dirk came out, and hit his first four shots including this
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the mavs hit 11 threes in the 1st half alone. the mavericks broke open a 23 point lead, porzingis trying to get new york back in it with the alley oop. in the 4th, he would get the knicks within 4. porzingis with 28 on the night. he's the real deal. but new york ran out of time. afflalo can't hit the three with time winding down. kristops. the outcome between the jets and giants already causing tom coughlin questioned for his decision to go for it on 4th and 2 in the 4th quarter. dropping big blue to 5-6, people question if coughlin's decision would end up costing him his job at the end of the season. >> i don't pay any attention to it.
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the benefit of my team, my coaches and everybody else. to be honest, nobody knows my team better than i know my team. so when you sit in judgment of what goes on. it's all been thought out, whether you like it or not, whether it's right or long. >> the win for the jets has them flying high. not only does it keep them in the hunt for a playoff spot. also the first time this season, they won a game after trailing at halftime. i spoke with coach about not just getting the w, but how they did it. >> to win that game, and come from behind like we did showed some grit for us, which is the first time this year, we've came from behind, so i'm happy for us. >> of course the giants are 5-7 on the season. time for us to step aside for a minute.
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welcome back, everyone. the program has taken a beating on and off the field. today rutgers university
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coach, chris ash. they're hoping he can turn around the scarlet nights. he comes from ohio state, where just a season ago, he was a defensive coordinator for the national champion buckeyes. it's not going to be easy to turn it around, but he's going to stay in the big ten conference, and rutgers fans will have to thank a teenager if he gets this program headed in the right direction. >> my son tanner has been great. he had two questions about rutgers before i took this job. the first thing he said dad, can we win? i said yeah, we can win. the only other thing he cared about, can we get ranked some time? yeah, we can get ranked. take the job, and i did. >> he said he's got to keep the new jersey high school players in state. by the way, the cowboys just scored a touchdown, they're up 16-9 on the redskins with under a minute left. if they hold on to win this game, there will be a three way tie across the nfc east. the cowboys still in it.
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cheered for the cowboys as a giant fan? it's a strange kind of night. >> no doubt. but yeah, if they hold on, it will be a three way tie, so that loss yesterday certainly hurt the giants, but they'll still be in it, as it turns out. >> it's crazy. >> thank you otis. >> back in just a minute. prediabetes is a serious medical condition that increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. more than 1 in 3 adults has prediabetes, but 90% don't know it. you could be one of them. talk to your doctor about small lifestyle changes that can prevent you from getting type 2 diabetes. sponsored by naccd with support from the centers for disease control and prevention
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before we go tonight, let's update you on the breaking news on manhattan's east side, police and firefighters on the scene still after bricks fell from the facade of a 35 story high rise, it happened around 10:15. we're told construction crews had been working above. >> right now, a live picture where you can see what's left of those bricks. the fdny says there are no reports of injuries. for more on this story, be sure to tune into cbs news 4 this morning. it begins at 4:30. in the meantime, thank you for joining us. >> up next, late show with stephen colbert.
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