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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  December 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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that same jet stream shows you denver today 61 degrees. lincoln nebraska 62. new york 59 degrees. just to show you how unusual stream. this is how it should be flowing. it should be a flat sort of west-to-east flow going right but i'm telling you we are way below that jet stream and that's why we are not just warm today. we'll get warmer still tomorrow and sunday. >> thank you. we have new information about the man police are looking for in connection with seven arsons in queens. there is some new surveillance video and it shows he is armed. meanwhile, several more fires have been set in the area. are they connected? alice gainer has more now from forest hills. >> reporter: the video from a surveillance video shows the man walking by and taking a handgun out of his sweatpants
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police say this happened minutes before a home was torched. >> it's unbelievable. this is scary of course. >> reporter: eli solomon handed the video over to police once he realized what his cameras captured. police say it's the same man seen in this surveillance video walking away from another fire. since october 20, 7 fires have been set intentionally in this community made up of mostly boo carrian jews. the homes targeted have all been under construction and so far police don't believe it's a hate crime. they have increased patrols in the area uniformed and plainclothes. they are using technology like cameras. and yet right under their nosings, in fact, right outside of the 112 precinct last night, police say the trash outside for pickup was intentionally set on fire. other suspicious small fires popped up at other dumpsters in the area, too. but are they connected to the
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something else? police are looking into it. >> a message, yeah, taunting. >> i don't think it's making a difference. i think he is picking his opportunities. >> reporter: meantime, a reminder there is still that $12,500 reward for any information. it's been almost two months since this serial arsonist has been torching homes and neighbors say someone has to know something. in queens, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. >> police say that they are reviewing surveillance video from last night's smaller fires to see if it's the same person. a woman died after allegedly getting trapped in a local burger king restroom. now her family is suing the fast food chain and detailing what happened to her during the final moments. ilana gold has the story new at 5:00. >> i wake up every morning and it feels like i'm in a dream. >> reporter: struggling to cope with the death of his girlfriend following their visit to this burger king on 82nd street in jackson heights queens on september 27.
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die in that bathroom. she wanted to live like everybody else. and god bless her soul. [ crying ] >> reporter: he said she didn't feel well so she went to the restroom and locked the door. moments later she had symptoms of a seizure, fell on the bathroom floor and couldn't reach the handle. then the 47-year-old started screaming for help. >> i pulled the handle and it broke. >> reporter: the lock could only be accessed from inside the restroom. he said he couldn't pry open the door and says when firefighters arrived they had to use an axe to smash open the door and get this mother of four to the hospital. >> if i would have got to the door, i opened the door, she would have been standing here today. >> reporter: her sons say doctors claim she had brain damage from a prolonged lack of oxygen. >> standing here because i'm still in shock. >> reporter: their lawyer is now in the process of filing a wrongful death lawsuit against
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this attorney says the lock on the door, which has been replaced, was antiquated. >> what happens if there's a fire? to me, it's stupid. >> reporter: we reached out to burger king for a response but they said it can't comment. the victim's loved ones hope taking this legal action will prevent this from happening to someone else. the lawyer for the victim's family says this case will go in front of a jury in the next two to three years. in lower manhattan, ilana gold hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. >> checked with the department of buildings and a spokesman says there is nothing in the city's building code that prohibits this type of lock. a search is on for suspects wanted for an armed. >> reporter: bring outside central park the fourth in or near the park this week. police say a 33-year-old man was held up at gunpoint and robbed at west 70th street and central park west just after 3 a.m. this morning. investigators say two suspects got away with the victim's phone, money and jordan sneakers. the cops searched the area.
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into the back of a squad car. reaction from people who live nearby was mixed. >> my husband said better be careful. central park. i'm not so concerned that i'm going to change anything. >> i don't feel safe. >> police aren't sure in the robberies are connected. transit officials in boston are trying to figure out exactly how a train took off this morning with no one at the controls. the runaway train left at 6 a.m. and passed through four stations before crews stopped it. fernanda daily was on board and says panic set in after passengers realized they were alone. >> some people are trying to break the windows. most of the people are trying to open the doors and some other people just trying to call and see what's going on. >> 50 people were on board. boston's transit agency says
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apparently the current focus of the investigation. >> the florida teen accused of killing a rabbi, deandre edwin charles is charged with first- degree murder and attempted robbery in the august 2014 shooting death of 60-year-old rabbi joseph raksin. raskin was in florida visiting his daughter when he was attacked while walking to synagogue. charles was ordered held without bond. he will be tried as an adult. police are now searching for more possible suspects. jury deliberations started this afternoon in the corruption trial of dean skelos and his son adam. the former new york state senate leader said he felt good as he walked into federal court this morning. the jury asked for transcripts from testimony of six witnesses as well as wiretap skelos is accused of using his clout to get his son a no show job as well as other benefits. they are charged with bribery, extortion and conspiracy. they have pleaded not guilty. washington connecticut
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wants to be the first governor in the nation to ban people on federal terror watch lists from buying guns in his state. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer says it could pressure other governors to act. >> reporter: the terror attacks in paris and san driven connecticut governor dannel malloy to act. he says he will sign a first in the nation executive order that would ban people on federal terrorism watch lists from buying guns in his state. >> like all americans, i have been horrified by the recent terrorist attack in california and paris. this should be a wake-up call for all of us. this is a moment to seize here in america. and today i'm here to say that connecticut, we are seizing this moment. >> reporter: following the massacre at the sandy hook elementary school where 20 schoolchildren and 6 staffers were murdered in a hail of bullets, connecticut enacted some of the toughest gun laws in the nation. this would make it even tougher.
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leaders at all levels of government to protect its citizenry. >> reporter: fbi data shows that 2233 people on the terror watch list tried to buy guns in the past decade. they succeeded more than 90% of the time. before malloy can act, the federal government will have to give the connecticut state police access to its no fly and terror watch lists. if they get approval, malloy will empower them to use it for background checks required to buy handguns, shotguns or rifles as well as ammunition. assault weapons are already outlawed in connecticut. malloy says he is acting because lawmakers in washington have not. >> i have previously written to congress on this matter but inaction is not an option so in connecticut we shall be acting. if you cannot fly due to being on a government watch list, you should not be able to purchase a firearm. >> reporter: the move prompted an assemblyman from manhattan to immediately call on new york governor cuomo to do the same thing.
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there was no response from new jersey governor chris christie's office. >> thank you. now to campaign 2016. the building momentum for donald trump. the latest poll showing 35% of republican primary voters support trump as the party's nominee. that's up 13% since october. ted cruz now in second place at just 16. ben carson fell from first in october to just third today. he is at 13%. and in a nationwide survey, voters were asked how they felt about the republican and democratic front-runner. 64% say they would be concerned if donald trump were elected president. 57% expressed concern if hillary clinton were elected. check out this moment. donald trump's run-in with uncle sam. that's the name of this 27- year-old bald eagle posing with him during a "time" magazine photo shoot back over the summer.
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messed up his hair, later the eagle snapped at trump while perched on his desk. trump was not injured. got a little scared though. eventually they did get a few perfect shots right there. >> first time i have ever seen him flinch. >> genuine fear. >> sheesh. new information on a high- speed chase and crash in westchester. the suspect was shot and killed on the saw mill river parkway but his family says it didn't have to happen that way. >> sentencing day for a man who admitted to murdering his boy scout leader who had abused him as a child. the emotional testimony in the courtroom today. >> danger in the air. investigators worry about a flame throwing drone. >> a lot of whining on long island. why some people are trying to
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neighborhood. new controversy for a connecticut teen to posted videos of a modified drone
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they are roasting a turkey that suspended on a rod in the woods there behind a house. in july, 19-year-old austin of clinton posted a video of a drone firing a gun. it went viral. they are looking into the video but they can't do figure about it. one officer reportedly said the video doesn't show anything illegal going on. the state is investigating a fatal police shooting of an unarmed man on the saw mill river parkway. tuesday's chase from the bronx into yonkers went on for eight miles. the crash left debris on the road and traffic backed up. cbs 2's lou young spoke with the victim's family today in yonkers. >> whether you running from the cops or not it doesn't justify getting shot. >> reporter: relatives of the person killed after a high- speed chase and crash say they are pleased the attorney general is stepping in. he fled from cops in his
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tuesday. a marrowing wrong way run onioningers before he crashed and was gunned down by a pursuing officer. a passerby says the single shot was fired mere moments after the crash. >> i would say maybe 30 seconds or less. it was very -- it was right after the bang, i heard the shot. >> reporter: police say espinal was shot in the chest after struggling with an officer. family members who identified the body say it didn't seem like he was in any shape to fight. >> he was all scratched up. it's a possibility it could have been due to the accident. but his face was -- his face was destroyed. >> reporter: because espinal was unarmed state attorney general eric schneiderman's office is handling the case under the new pro toll by governor cuomo a move designed to mitigate some of the suspicious that arises when the criminal justice investigates itself. are you happy the attorney general is looking into this? >> extremely happy. >> i have a strong belief that justice will be served.
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shooting is being handled by deputy attorney general alvin bragg whose office will decide whether or not it will be presented to a grand jury and i'm told even if there's no indictment, a report will be released to the public. lou young, cbs 2 news. >> police say they were trying to pull him over because he was driving recklessly. espinal's family says he ran from the officers because he does not have a driver's license. an emotional sentencing for a new jersey who confessed he murdered his sexual abuser. 50-year-old clark fredericks was given the minimum sentence of five years for stabbing dennis peg to death in 2012. frederick said he endured years of sexual abuse by pegg. it allegedly started when he was 8. during sentencing fredericks apologized to the family, court and community. >> i don't recommend to anyone to follow my steps or the path i chose.
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from my experience instead of following my example. >> vigilanttyism whether it's a lynch mob an individual carrying out to believe their form of justice is never good. >> the judge said it was clear to him that clark fredericks had been abused by pegg who was a former boy scout leader. protestors in chicago continue to call for the resignation of the mayor rahm emanuel. dozens of medical students staged a die-in as they called it at daley plaza in the city's downtown loop area. they are accusing the mayor of participating in a cover-up of the police shooting of 17-year- old laquan mcdonald and of keeping the dashcam video of the incident under wraps for more than a year. emanuel refuses to resign but admitted that chicago police have treated black residents differently. in baltimore, testimony continued in the trial against a police officer accused in
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returned to the courtroom one day after he took the stand in his manslaughter trial. today other officers testified on his behalf saying the 35- year-old did all he could the day gray was arrested. injury. porter is the first of six officers charged in the case to face trial. wild confrontation at an- uber protest in toronto. watch as a taxi driver confronts the driver of this honda civic. he pounds on the window alleging the man is an uber operator. he tries to open the door, the car takes off dragging him more than 60 feet before stopping at the light. when the light turns green the driver speeds off leaving the man in the street, unharmed though. cabdrivers are protesting uber because think say uber is skirting city laws and cutting into their bottom news. in new jersey, several people hurt after a
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live on the scene. she joins us now with the very latest. christine. >> reporter: 7 workers injured, two of them in critical condition, a very sad story right before the holidays. joining me live the mayor of hackensack and the city managers. this is such a sad story, mayor. can you tell us what happened? >> we do know there was a construction job going on in hackensack. there was a scaffolding up. there were 7 workers on it. scaffolding collapse. all the workers fell, all injured, two in critical condition. they have been been taken to hackensack university medical center. as soon as i get more information here on what happened and get a look at the site, i'm going to head over there and see how they're doing, hopefully meet with some of them and their families. >> reporter: david, i know you've been at the scene. what did you see? they fell about 45 feet. did they? >> that is correct. what i saw was residential ladders up against the side of the building.
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which i didn't have visual of because of the darkness of the situation. as the mayor had said, there are seven, two of them are critically ill. we have osha on the scene here. obviously workplace accident, they always show up. they will be submitting a report. the sheriff's department, the investigative unit, they are performing an investigation on the scene and what happened. there are several of the witnesses that are back at city hall being interviewed to make sure that we have the right facts and the right story for the investigation. >> reporter: thank you so much. and thank you for joining us. our hearts go out to the families of those victims. that is the story out here live in hackensack, new jersey. christine sloan, cbs2 news. a once vibrant teen from new jersey now bedridden in another country. he lapsed on vacation and his family is struggling to get him home. >> skin condition made famous because michael jackson had it.
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people who have the same thing. >> and an awards season is here. the golden globe nominations announced today. who is being honored by the hollywood foreign press. >> first, though, dana tyler back now looking ahead at the news at 6:00. hi, dana. >> reporter: we have a cool news on cbs 2 news at 6:00. the future is now at yankee stadium. sonia rincon is with this. >> brand-new lights at l.e.d. lights all over the field and edge and yankee stadium is only the second baseball stadium in the country to get them. >> players and fans both noticing the difference, i'm sure. >> both at home and at the games, you will see brighter lights, richer color, but less glare. and we have an exclusive tour. we'll take you inside. >> can't wait. and the stadium turns the
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she says she was still in bed this morning when she heard she received a golden globe nomination for best acts tress in a comedy. she let out a scream and then
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hollywood's foreign press made their selections for the best in tv and film. >> their choices are often a good indication at least in some cases of what's to come in the academy awards. cbs 2's meg baker has the story. >> best motion pictured drama. >> reporter: it's that time of year again and no, i'm not talk about the holidays. it's awards season. and the nominations for the 73nd golden globes have been announced. leading the pack. >> would you like to come visit me this sunday? >> reporter: carole with five nominations. and other blockbusters like train wreck, room spotlight and others received multiple nods. >> tell me the difference between stupid and illegal and i'll have my wife's brother arrested. >> reporter: not so new to the awards scene eddie redmayne nominated for the danish girl. will smith for concussion. leonardo dicaprio the revenant and jennifer lawrence in joy. >> the world owes you nothing. >> reporter: the hollywood foreign press association honors not only the best in
5:24 pm
lady gaga received her first nod for her role in, american horror story, hotel. which was also nominated for best tv miniseries. amazon has three shows competing in the best tv comedy series or musical category including casual, mozar in the jungle and transparent. netflix "orange is the new black" and hbo's beep. >> i'm afraid i'm going to have to accept. >> i can't believe it!! >> reporter: lily tomlin got two nods one for her tv show grace and frankie and the other for her movie grandma. in the newsroom, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> and for a complete list of all the golden globe nominees in each of the 25 categories, go to that's a lot of reading. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> definitely. there are several wineries on long island. so when plans were announced for a new vineyard, no one expected any trouble. they are trying to shut it down before it opens >> your iphone could be
5:25 pm
we'll show you the little known setting you might want to change. >> making wishes come true. a little girl who survived a
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sour grapes on long island as some say no to the location of a new winery. good evening, i'm maurice dubois. >> welcome back to the broadcast. i'm kristine johnson. grapes of wrath in one long island community where opposition is heated against a proposed new vineyard. as cbs 2's carolyn gusoff reports, the vineyard tasting room would be located nextan elementary school. it's new at 5:30. >> this is fred and lisa's field of dreams. an abandoned northport farm they hope to turn into a bucolic vineyard following a family's tradition. >> my family has been making wine for hundreds of years in italy. >> reporter: they want to turn this old farmhouse into a wine tasting room surrounded by ten acres of grapevines. >> it is preserving a greenbelt that will be here for we're hoping for many years to come. >> we thought a quaint vineyard would be a nice addition to a community like this.
5:29 pm
it looks like a catering hall. >> reporter: neighbors have a bad taste already. the land sits next door to the norwood avenue elementary school. >> a lot of people, you know, just take one or two sips. >> these people are not going to be completely sober probably. >> reporter: the law bans a business with a liquor license less than 200 feet from a school. this building is further away but still this person fears for the safety of children, traffic and noise from parties. >> this is a residential neighborhood. and this is zoned for residential living. and not for commercialization. >> reporter: hundreds have signed an online petition calling on the town of huntington to reject the site plan. >> no doubt there are many concerns with this project. >> reporter: the town is working with the school district, the state and county reviewing already issued liquor and agricultural licenses. >> we're trying to address their concerns. for instance, hours of operation.
5:30 pm
but, you know, wineries are not open at 8 a.m. >> reporter: the family says they understand concerns and want to work with neighbors to make this a place they welcome and enjoy but some of those neighbors say, they hope it dies on the vine. in northport, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. new regulations aimed at protecting nail salon workers, a judge threw out a lawsuit challenging mandatory wage bonds. it claims requiring salons to buy wage bonds would put thousands of small businesses in jeopardy. the bonds are a form of insurance and intended to protect workers from wage theft. salon owners say the regulations are unjust and the state acted out of bounds making it mandatory. tonight a father's desperate plea for help. his son has a debilitating disease and the little boy's trapped overseas. hazel sanchez has their story from montclair.
5:31 pm
a charming grin always active and ready to take the field. that's the 13-year-old marco friends and family know and love. >> is he chatty? >> very chatty. that's the tragedy here that, you know, he's such a chatty, you know, outgoing kind of guy. >> reporter: that's why it pains vito to see his son like this bedridden on a breathing machine and stuck in a hospital in finland, thousands of miles from his home in montclair, new jersey. >> he wants to come home. and i want him to come home. >> reporter: he says in september, his wife from finland flew to her home country seeking treatment for marco after doctors in new jersey couldn't figure out why marco's tongue was swelling. >> on the fourth day that he was there, they went out to choking. so they rushed him to the emergency room. and right away they put him in icu. >> reporter: doctors have since diagnosed marco with a motor neuron disease that's destroying his ability to swallow. his condition so delicate, he
5:32 pm
a full ambulatory flight. the event planner father started a "go fund me" page in hopes of raising more than $100,000 to pay for the transport which isn't covered by insurance. >> you would do anything for your kid and, you know, when your hands are tied and you're not able to grant a simple request, it's devastating. >> reporter: the family has already received a great outpouring of support from their community including donations from teachers and students here at marco's school. >> i'm amazed at how he stays upbeat throughout this whole i mean, he's my hero. >> reporter: and this determined dad says he will do everything in his power to bring his hero home. in montclair, new jersey, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> and if you would like to contribute to the "go fund me" page find a link on christmas is coming early for an 8-year-old girl from upstate new york. sapphire terry of rotterdam
5:33 pm
cards to fill her card tree. she lost her father and three younger siblings in an arson two years ago. she was burned over 75% of her body and has had dozens of surgeries. her aunt posted her niece's wish on facebook. and then the mail started coming. >> how many cards do you think there's going to be? >> 20? >> we have already have over 100 letters and cards. and multiple packages and parcels that have come in for her. >> her message is out to the world now. and we're happy about it. >> so i guess you could say sapphire was able to fill that little tree, card tree, and she's also received ornaments, books and teddy bears from all the people that care about her. >> the power of one. well, it has been a warm december. record-breaking weather today and it's not going anywhere just yes. lonnie quinn is back with this mild forecast. >> "living large" in the home
5:34 pm
includes a one-of-a-kind rolls royce. >> today in history in 1906 president roosevelt became the first sitting president to get the nobel peace prize and became the first american. he was given the honor for
5:35 pm
between russia and japan. [ music ] tonight's "living large" takes to us a home in the middle of the appalachian trail. the estate covers 111 acres. cbs 2's emily smith is in salisbury, connecticut. >> this home belongs to one of the world's premiere treasure hunters. steve penner from william pitt sotheby's showed us the home built in 1972. >> we are in salisbury, connecticut, which is the northwest corner of connecticut. >> reporter: we met in the two story entrance and from there, the great room. you would never think the
5:36 pm
>> this is a barn. >> reporter: the beams 17th century chestnut. the dining room has a custom made field farm table. >> this is a pretty fabulous kitchen. it has a great kind of connection to the outdoors. >> reporter: it has a large marble slab counter from vermont. >> actually took 14 men to carry it in. >> reporter: the home includes a cozy library filled with rare first edition books. >> as you can see it has a beautiful arched ceiling. >> reporter: upstairs, a playroom awaits you filled with valuable mementos. >> this is joe frazier's actual bunching bag. >> reporter: we had a chance to meet the homeowner. >> but also, head of guernsey's the new york auction house. >> reporter: he made his home a time capsule for forgotten era. >> macy's used this as a window display at christmastime. >> reporter: here's a ship according to ettinger. >> this is a -- what's called a builder's model. they would typically make only two of them. >> reporter: and among the garage.
5:37 pm
next to it, you have this rolls royce. the only one in the world like this. many people think of rolls royce as stately elegant town cars to go to the opera in, this car would have been used on an estate in england. they are both in the same league, 3, 4, $500,000. >> reporter: does anything come with the sale, any car? >> everything is negotiable. >> reporter: to live large in this idyllic country home it will cost you $6,850,000. >> wow. >> what did you think of those cars? >> a lot. a lot of them. [ laughter ] >> gorgeous. a lot of treasure this is that whole place. >> yeah. absolutely. almost like a museum. >> i need to see the piece again. >> keep track of it all. close call on the sidewalk. pedestrians scramble to get out of the way when a roof collapses. >> if you need to take a family photo for the holidays, we'll show you the dos and don'ts to get it right.
5:38 pm
>> first, though, dana tyler looking ahead to the news at 6:00. tonight at clock an air traffic controller under arrest on long island. the man accused of carrying guns and drugs. tonight we expose the mistake the suspect allegedly made that could have put jilled by then danger. >> theaves targeting shoppers at a mall. where they hide and how you can protect yourself, plus this. >> a big new technology upgrade promises to make watching a game or concert here at yankee stadium a new kind of experience. we'll take you on a tour.
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tonight at 6:00. [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most.
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what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. terrifying moments london in caught on camera. a roof suddenly came crashing down on the sidewalk. security video shows fast falling debris narrow little missing pedestrians at 3 p.m. in london. nobody was hurt. >> wow, in a second like a gap was created and that's where all the debris fell. very, very lucky. this is a skin condition you may not have heard of. but you have probably seen. >> it's called vitiligo made
5:41 pm
had it. cbs 2's dr. max gomez here to tell us about a new treatment. >> reporter: vitiligo is a condition where white patches develop on the skin. it's caused when the pigment cells of the skin die off probably due to auto-immune disease. it isn't life-threatening but it is disfiguring especially for african-americans and other dark-skinned people. when all else fails, how about a cell transplant? [ music ] >> reporter: anyone who followed michael jackson's career easily noticed how his skin became lighter and lighter over the years. [ music ] >> reporter: he had an all over type of vitiligo and rather than appear splotchier opted to bleach his skin to match his patches. >> if somebody would look at me or if other strangers would look at me my face was covering my hate. >> reporter: this woman has a different type that started in
5:42 pm
the splotches around her eye affected her psychologically. >> i thought i was ugly when i had it on my face. and i would cry and i would say, why did this happen to me? i'm not pretty. >> she didn't like to go out, liked to stay in the house. basically, she didn't want to contact anybody. >> reporter: today you can hardly notice caitlyn had vitiligo. what made the transformation is this, cells that do make pigment are actually transplanted into the white patches. >> 80% of patients will see a very, very good response. maybe 15% have a partial response. >> reporter: here's how it's done. the doctor takes a small patch of normal pigmented skin. in watson's case from behind her ear. in his lab he extracts the pigment forming cells. he then lasers the vitiligo treatment patch onto which he applies a solution containing them. >> we do an area about a credit card size at a time and we see what the response is. and then we take it from there. >> reporter: it takes a few
5:43 pm
producing pigment but as you can see, the results are remarblable. for caitlyn it's transformed her personality. >> more confident when it comes to like going outside, talking to people. i'm not as shy as i used to be. >> now, the creme transplants are for patients with stable vitiligo that's not spreading and in whom other treatments have failed. the cost is 500 to $1,000 depending on the area and it can take several treatments which are not yet covered by insurance because the technique is very new. but as you can see, it can give a person back -- >> the transformation of her life -- >> high school kid who looked like that and people think it's contagious which it's not. >> no. >> but, you know, they see something like that and people want to say away. >> kids are mean. yes. >> thank you, dr. max. >> you bet. all right. weather picture now, getting milder by the minute. look out for sunday! lonnie quinn out and about no jackets required today. >> no. i can actually probably have the sleeves rolled up but i
5:44 pm
thinking there's a big storm system coming. there's not. i'm right now at columbus circle in the holiday marketed and this particular booth there's a bunch of booths here this one is selling christmas ornaments right next to a sign that says, life's a beach. someone this one has more of a feel for the day than holiday day seasonal ornaments. as a matter of fact, ma'am, you and i had a chance to speak earlier. catherine, where are you from? >> queens. >> you were saying there's something not right about this? >> no. christmas. >> yeah. now what? i just don't see that happening in the near future. look, we'll see what we can do for you, but, you know, at the top of the newscast we were telling you guys, look, we are slaves to the jet stream and right now we are south of that jet stream. we have the warm air and i don't see that changing over the next seven days. riley don't. we are going to stay -- i we're going to stay above average. let's take a peek at a york city.
5:45 pm
we have a temperature of 57 degrees. it's way above average. the almanac shows us we had a high temperature today of 60 which is 15 degrees above the typical of 45. and 60 happens to be the average temperature that you would experience on april the 15th. well, for your day tomorrow, we're talking more spring-like temperatures. if anything, maybe a click or two warmer out there. we'll go 61. still feels great out there. in terms of what the skies are going to be serving up, the radar picture shows you, we see some clouds out there clouds here, breaks there, but no precipitation because the bigger picture shows you any rain that is out there is going to be going up and over our area. so rain is not in this forecast. so what are you dealing with? waking up tomorrow morning, it's even milder -- it's even mild in the early morning with a temperature of around 50 degrees but i think one of the stories for your morning will be the fog. just be ready for it. i think the fog is going to be setting up and then as you get into the seven-day forecast, this is what i was just talking about with katherine from queens, really no cold air out
5:46 pm
62 saturday. 64 on sunday. you know that, would tie the record and again, i see these models and the trend is for the temperatures to go warmer and warmer for sunday so i do believe we'll tie or break that record for sunday. still mild. there's a rain chance on monday and that is part of a cold don't drop off after that. yes, they did down a bit but i mean, come on, we are talking tuesday, wednesday, thursday temperatures in the low 50s, still well above average. we are live here in columbus circle with the mobile weather lab. columbus circle almost 60 at this hour. 59.5. so again, guys, we're live in the middle of new york city. let's go back to you in the studio. >> thank you so if the holidays have crept up on you and you haven't had the family photo for your greeting card, not to worry. cindy hsu reports. >> reporter: to get pictures like these you have to go through a lot of this. >> these are so beautiful. >> reporter: this professional
5:47 pm
on a holiday shoot with a family. she says forget the idea of getting that perfect picture. new keep yelling smile or cheese, you'll get the fake smile. so just have fun. >> i want some attitude. there you go, yes, like that! i say funny things to them, i jump around and capture them when they are reacting to the moment. >> reporter: she says keep the heads and bodies close together for the best family shot. >> mark, put your head closer to jackie's. i wanted to capture what they are feeling in their faces when they're holding their child. it's just what makes you happy. it could be a very funny picture. kids being goofy. that makes people smile, too,. >> reporter: if you can't get everyone together for the picture create a photo collage. shooting profiles and back-to- back shots can make it easier if you are dealing with people who don't like to pose for pictures. if you want shots that can work not holidays and all year round -- >> you don't do something that's really a christmas eve or chanukah theme.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: they went with burgundy in each outfit. jacqueline and olivia say it was fun especially since mom backed off. >> no matter what it has to be perfect hair. right when we are about to take the photo, mess up the hair! [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's fun to think out of the box. you can shoot a holiday picture just about anywhere. she shoots outdoors preferably on a cloudy day. too much sun ruins the picture. if you are staying indoors, photograph near a window for good lighting and let your natural personality shine through. >> little rosy there. >> i know. what a beautiful family by the >> perfectly done. your iphone it turns out might know more about you than you think. up next, how it could be tracking your every move and how to make it stop. >> and then at 6:00 imagine seeing this outside your home. a bald eagle trapped in a tree. now residents in new jersey are
5:49 pm
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arrived and left? turns out that information is on many of our phones. cbs 2's julie watts explains how to beat the feature that is tracking you. >> do you have frequent locations enabling your phone. i am not sure. i don't know. >> reporter: they are not new but most people don't exactly know what they are or how to find their frequent locations. >> so settings, privacy, location services. we're going to scroll all the way down to the bottom of your app. system services. at the bottom you see here frequent locations. >> reporter: and once there, most are shocked by what they find. >> i feel a little bit sick. >> this is everywhere you've been, the time that you arrived and you left. >> reporter: it even labels your assumed home and work addresses based on the amount of time you spend there. you arrived last night at 6 p.m. and you left your house this morning at 8 a.m. >> yes, i did. >> a little creepy. >> i don't like that doing it without my knowledge. >> the concerns thing is this is hidden from you in your phone. >> reporter: and privacy
5:53 pm
frontier foundation have long been concerned about the implications of this hidden information. >> this could be used by abusive partners, police in an investigation, it can be used by your boss or your company if you gave them access to your phone, if you were using a work phone. >> reporter: cell phone data can also be subpoenaed for both criminal and civil cases like divorce proceedings. apple says the data is stored only on your device unless you opt in to improve maps then apple says it stores your data anonymously. you can delete the locations from your phone by clicking clear history but first, you have to know how to find it. did you know it was there? >> no. >> did you turn this on? >> no. >> got to go find it. >> yeah. i have a feeling a lot of people are going to their phones. >> that's it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now.
5:54 pm
captioning for you in real time. the print may have averted an air disaster. >> reporter: right now at 6:00, guns, bullets and drugs an air traffic controller arrested on long island. tonight the safety concerns about his past. plus a war of words over the homeless, mayor de blasio gets an earful from a state worker. and let there be light. new improvements for fans and players at yankee stadium. it's a cbs 2 exclusive tonight at 6:00. good evening, i'm dana tyler. we start with breaking news in new jersey. several people injured in a scaffold collapse. cbs 2's christine sloan live in hackensack with details on the injuries and what happened. >> reporter: investigators are on the scene from osha and the sheriff's department trying to determine exactly what happened. this is what we know now. 7 workers injured, two of them in critical condition.
5:55 pm
it came crashing down.
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