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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  December 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it came crashing down. they felt 45 feet. city officials tell us that the workers were repairing that roof and the roof here is very different than normal roofs. so they were rushed to the hospital and right now, investigators are trying to determine exactly what happened. this is what city officials said earlier. >> they are reroofing the side of the building on tracy place. the scaffolding collapsed. seven people fell from the scaffolding and all were transported to hackensack university medical center. >> reporter: so we're back live here on tracy place in hackensack, new jersey. as you can see, the sheriff's department is here trying to determine exactly what happened. the names of the victims have not been released. they have been -- they are in the hospital. two of them again in critical condition. 7 in total injured. live in hackensack, new jersey christine sloan, cbs2 news.
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trusted with directing flights above the tri-state area is behind bars tonight. breen peck a controller at tracon one of the busiest flight centers in the country is accused of illegal possession of drugs and guns. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan with the story from westbury. >> reporter: a veteran air traffic controller on the job since 1991 and asaned here to westbury control -- assigned here to westbury control center was arrested during a traffic stop in a car with illegally tinted windows as he headed to a hotel. police say 52-year-old breen peck identified himself as an air traffic controller and admitted to arresting officers he had two unlicensed loaded handguns in his car. they also found a stash of what's believed to be crystal methamphetamine in his pants pocket. >> we believe that he is an active substance abuser and the nassau county police department may have averted an air disaster by arresting this defendant. >> reporter: the faa would not
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traffic controller responsible for near misses in skies over washington, d.c. but sources tell us peck was made to undergo extensive retraining in 2011 after he directed a white house plane carrying the first lady and the wife of the vice president into potentially dangerous turbulence of a massive military jet. >> negative one five trot. 119.3. >> reporter: that landing at andrews air force base had to be aborted. sources say he also allowed a united airlines airbus carrying a u.s. congressman to come within 15 seconds of colliding with a smaller jet. >> if he had a checkered back ground they should not have trained him. >> reporter: the federal aviation administration says peck was not on duty directing aircraft because he failed his westbury testing. peck is assigned to the facility training program at new york terminal radar approaching westbury the faa is investigating. peck, who maintains his innocence was not represented by a union lawyer. a judge held him on $25,000 bond.
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tracon the center where peck is employed controls flights in and out of laguardia, jfk, long island macarthur, republic, newark liberty and teterboro airports. connecticut governor dannel malloy says he is ready to sign an executive order to ban people on federal terror watch lists from buying guns in his state. malloy says after the attacks in san bernardino and paris, now is the time to act. >> this should be a wake-up call to all of us. this is a moment to seize here in america and today i'm here to say that connecticut is seizing this moment. >> following the 2012 sandy hook shooting massacre where 26 people were killed, connecticut enacted some of the toughest gun laws in the country. this would make connecticut gun laws even more stringent. before it con be put in place the federal government has to give state police access to its watch lists. there is some opposition to the plan.
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citizens defense league a gun rights group tells the connecticut post the measure is another example of malloy's, quote, pattern of abuse of legal gun owners. wilson has also threatened to sue. a scathing assessment of the de blasio administration's homeless policy from an aide to governor cuomo. she calls it tragically misguided and the result of incompetent leadership. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer reports. >> reporter: an escalation between mayor de blasio and governor cuomo over how to get the homeless off the streets. a cuomo aide on facebook said: >> reporter: she knows a lot
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spokesman for the department of homeless services under former mayor michael bloomberg. and as the number of homeless on the streets continues to skyrocket, new yorkers treated the sights of homeless people begging a homeless man taking a bath in the fountain at columbus circle, so has the dispute between the mayor and the governor. last month, when the mayor announced the plan to build 15,000 units of supportive housing for the homeless, he demanded that the governor match it and he had a homeless advocate echo that demand. >> please, from the bottom of up. >> reporter: aides to the governor responded saying the state already contributes more than $1 billion to existing homeless programs in the city. but that wasn't good enough for the mayor. and in case the governor missed de blasio's move throwing $2.6 billion at the homeless problem, the mayor had a terse message for cuomo. >> the city just did more. >> reporter: well, today a spokesman for cuomo said that the aide doesn't speak for the governor on homeless policy. de blasio's spokesman said she doesn't agree with the
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are sure the advocates would not agree. we certainly do not. but cuomo still intends to unveil his own homeless policy for new york city on january 13. >> not too far from now. >> no. >> thank you. a bill guaranteeing healthcare funding for 9/11 first responders is expected to pass in congress next week. the zadroga act expired last month but has enough funding to last another year. the legislation provides medical monitoring and treatment for those who responded to the attacks in 2001. police commissioner bill bratton joining both new york senators in washington today calling for a permanent extension of the law. >> this country has an obligation and a debt to those who went toward the danger and stayed in danger. >> 23 nypd officers died on 9/11. 115 more have succumbed to illnesses related to their work on the pile at ground zero.
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the zadroga act will be part of a comprehensive spending bill that will come up for a vote next week. a major document from the vatican instructing catholics not to try to convert jews. but dick brennan reports it's also a reaction to religious extremism. >> reporter: ask any catholic about whether they need to be told not to try to convert people, and you might get an answer like this. >> once jewish always jewish once catholic always catholic. >> people don't convert? >> not those two religions. >> reporter: there are those who convert on their own but the vatican released a major document warning catholics not to try to convert jews sake the catholic church neither conducts for supports any specific institutional mission work directed towards jews. >> we are correcting a past that's a very sad past in which a coercion was used to convert people from one faith experience to another.
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says the document is relevant today. >> because of the turmoil of extremism in which people say you must, uhm, join our faith or, you know, you're dead. >> reporter: until 1960, prayers at good friday masses called for conversion of the jews but that changed. >> 1965 was a defining year where the vatican said any negative references to jews in our liturgy must be removed. director of the new york board of rabbis says relations between jews and catholics here have been strong. >> years ago i was here at st. patrick's and cardinal o'connor become catholics. become jews. i want jews to be better jews. catholics. that should be the stance that all of us take in our respective traditional lives. >> reporter: two religions
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in midtown, dick brennan, cbs 2 news. a warning for holiday shoppers about thieves prowling parking lots. also tonight, a symbol of american independence in trouble in a family's backyard. who came to the rescue of this bald eagle ? >> plus, the yankees in a whole new spotlight. see the new lights that have fans and players cheering already. we'll light it up for you tonight. it's a cbs 2 exclusive. and later in sports, feeling the burn, why was tom coughlin doing jumping jacks today? >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," a poll on the presidential rate. scott pelley live in washington tonight. scott, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, dana. our new cbs news poll shows donald trump leaping ahead! widening his margin for the republican nomination! and another poll reveals how many americans agree with his plan to bar muslims from entering the united states. we'll have that for you and the rest of the world news all coming up on the "cbs evening
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warm weather, darker nights, brings out the bad guys in parking lots. christine sloan tells us how to stay safe.
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parking lot of the short hills mall in new jersey. a young attorney murdered in front of his wife in the mall's parking deck after a night of holiday shopping. surveillance video shows carjackers casing out the lot days before, for their car of choice, a range rover. shoppers have become more vigilant since then. >> you just have to be careful, look around, try not to park at the darkened. parking lot. >> i'm always aware of who is around me and i am aware of who i park next to. >> reporter: there's more to do in a store parking lot. >> everyone has with him in his hand a smartphone. and that phone can be a flashlight, it can be a communicating device. >> reporter: dan coleman is a former detective. >> when you come to your car, exiting the mall, few are feeling unsafe dial 911 on your phone and press send if there's something you're uncomfortable
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just as a matter of precaution what you can do is call somebody that you know and just stay on the phone with them while you're approaching your car. and then if something unfortunately does happen, they can immediately call the police. >> but making personal calls when you should be paying attention not a good idea. also make a mental note of where you park your car. >> so that you're not unlocking your car and your lights are going off projecting where you're headed towards your car. >> reporter: and he says if a criminal approaches you, give them whatever they want. >> be it your car, your packages, your phone. >> reporter: the bottom line, trust your instincts. ticket. if you are in a parking lot and you're uncomfortable, call 911 or go back to the store where there are people. christine sloan, cbs2 news. an injured bald eagle stuck in a tree in new jersey in a backyard. safe tonight. it was first spotted by a homeowner in pittstown in
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fish and wildlife came. after three days the bird left. but into the reach of rescuers injured leg. tonight, the injured bald eagle is at a rehabilitation center for treatment to get better. like april! still yet almost 6:30 tonight lonnie quinn with the mobile weather lab at a great tradition in new york, columbus circle and the holiday fair. lonnie. >> reporter: we are here at columbus circle. there's all booths. three, four, five booths deep and all along this entrance to the park, this particular booth we were talking, okay, chris my photographer and were saying what's the hat salesman are probably buying holiday gifts. they are not necessarily flying off the shelves because it's so warm. stuffer. let's take a peek.
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temperature is coming in at. the mobile weather lab is recording 57.9 degrees. 57 in central park. it's partly cloudy. high temperature today was 60 degrees today. that's 15 degrees above average 45. it was not a record in central park. by the end of the weekend central park could break some records. we broke records in islip today at 61 and jfk, it's a record at 59. tomorrow spring-like temperatures slightly warmer, 61. just be prepared there's going to be fog in the morning. the radar pick shows us we have a few clouds filtering in tonight and overnight foggy in the morning and then warm. high temperature tomorrow 61. but rain, just not in this forecast. rain is going north of the area. we may catch partly sunny skies but not the wet weather.
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temperatures even in the early morning starting off at 50 degrees. be ready for that. temperatures go up from there. 62 on saturday. 64 on sunday. that would tie the record. now, you may have been with me a little earlier in this week and maybe 61. then you bumped it 62 then 63. now i'm saying 64 for sunday. some models go much warmer than that and then you get to monday at 61. mild on monday there's going to be a rain chance on monday. and that's not going to drop those temperatures that much because by the time you get to tuesday, wednesday, thursday, you're still looking at temperatures in the 50s which would be significantly above average. so we are live at the holiday market at columbus circle. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. coming up, otis livingston helping us solve that mystery at giants practice today. notes. >> that's right, dana. why was tom coughlin doing calisthenics at his press conference today? the jets were happy seeing number 24 in the jersey. darrelle revis returns to
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yankees fans are about to watch games in a whole new light.
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stadium with an exclusive look at some new technology and how it will change the game both in person and at home. >> reporter: in just the last hour, chopper 2 got a first look at the stadium at night with the field illuminated by brand-new l.e.d. lights. in the light of day, they look like this small square panels nearly 1400 of them around the edge. stadium operations vp doug behar says it will upgrade the viewing experience at the game and on your tv with a truer more natural looking light. >> the color of the grass, the green will be the true green. the white uniforms will pop. >> reporter: he says these lights are saving 40% more energy than the old ones. >> enough to power up about 45 homes every day. >> reporter: it's not just yank fans here in the stands and watching at home that will notice the different lighting. if you come here for a concert, you might see these light panels dancing with you. they can be choreographed to music. the company behind the upgrade plan l.e.d. shows us this demonstration of the lights. you can see the field's ready
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couple of weeks where the lights will make their debut. yankee stadium is the second major league baseball stadium to switch to l.e.d. field lights. >> seattle mariners did it, went incredibly well, their feedback was tremendous from the fans, the players, broadcasters. we have had a little time to improve on that technology. >> reporter: each panel is pointed for precision meaningless glare which the stadium's neighbors might appreciate. >> the white doesn't escape on the way down. it's -- it goes where it is intended to go. >> reporter: next month, the blue lettered signs go l.e.d. staying bright through the winter and when baseball is back on the field. at yankee stadium, sonia rincon, cbs 2 news. the company says the lighting job costs $1.5 million. >> cool to see the mets and yankees in the world series under that light. [ laughter ]
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and catchers? >> we start with darrelle revis. it was a sight for sore worried eyes. he is back on the practice field in limited capacity. he is in red. don't even breathe on him. his first time practicing in 18 days after a concussion against the texans. he has made slow progress. but he says he is ready to go sunday against the titans but knows he still needs to get cleared for full practice by the medical staff. >> you don't wish a concussion or injury on anybody. this is what we signed up for. but at the same time if you got an injury or, um, a bloody to the head or -- or any injury, just got to follow protocol healthy as you can. >> don't take any chances. rivalry loss to the jets sitting at 5-7. normally that combination wouldn't be much to get excited about. but when you add in the fact that the cowboys beat the redskins monday night on the last second field goal the mood around giants camp is upbeat.
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go they have a shot to win the division and go to the play- offs. you don't think tom coughlin is fired up? he was asked his reaction when the cowboys won creating that three-way tie for first place. he was pumped to say the least. >> it's exciting, let's face it. it is exciting. i mean, i have said it many times before. we have to take care of our own business. but to be in a circumstance where we're in the hunt is a good exciting thing. i think the players realize that. >> he will pull that move out from time to time. that's within of his ways of getting us going. 8 a.m. that first meeting is something. >> they will get us revved up. everybody starts screaming loud and it was good atmosphere for him. >> you better be fired up. winter baseball meetings are done in nashville. yankees and mets were productive to improve teams. mets middle infield is stronger after getting second baseman neil walker from the pirates last night and getting a shortstop from tampa. to get walker the mets traded
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may have had a parting shot for his former team. when talking about the pirates defensor, said, i'm sure what i'll appreciate more than anything is the way they play defense. i'm looking forward to that. >> hm. >> you be the judge. that was it. >> the mets or just praising the new team that he is with? >> i'm not sure. kind of -- in this off season time it's like all those jabs start. >> he was saying their offense was hard to face so that's, you know, you put that to the side but he is looking forward to that defense behind him. >> and you know, the calisthenics, i feel like jack lalanne! [ laughter ] >> i did break out -- i didn't want to give it away with jumping jacks. >> even though the players say they do it all the time, after these past couple of weeks you have to do all kinds of things to lift -- > they are still in it. one of these teams could win the division at 8-8 or worse. that's crazy. they will get in play-offs and hosting a game.
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i'm maurice dubois in the cbs 2 news room. three days after bricks rained down from an upper east side building shutting down streets now more buildings are evacuated. we'll have the latest. plus he has millions of fans, his own clothing line an agent and, oh, did he mention he is a dog? tonight the owner of doug the pug reveals the secrets to making your pet a social media star. that's coming up tonight at 11. >> thank you, maurice. also, we hope you can watch the news at 9:00 on tv 10/55. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," voters respond to donald trump's ban on muslims coming into the united states. scott pelley with poll results live from washington. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. good night.
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