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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  December 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:50pm EST

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>> and a train keeps going without an operator. [barks] are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked!
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tossing chairs and shattering glass. exclusive video shows a violent rant in a manhattan restaurant. what set him off. >> and ice skating in short sleeves. it's almost the start of winter, but we're seeing record temperatures. >> new evacuations on the upper east side, three days after falling bricks shut down roads, new areas are in danger of being hit. good evening, everyone, i'm maurice dubois. >> reporter: traci johnson is live on the upper east side tonight with the very latest. >> reporter: maurice and christine, work out here continues more than three days later, take a look behind me. the first avenue here is closed still. the department of buildings
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will open back up. they're worried more bricks may fall from this east 64th street building's facade after they rained down onto the street below here monday night. things have gone from bad to worse, as upper east side residents living at 346th east 63rd street next to the building with the crumbling facade were told by the department of buildings they had to get out over concerns that bricks could crash through their wood frame building. the building super helped all 16 telephonents leave safely. >> i got called by the building department, that they're going to evacuate the building, and they needed me over here to make sure all the ten he wants are out. >> reporter: the department tells us the plan is to install protective netting to catch anything that may fall. this will be a temporary fix built. for now, traffic is shut down
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for drivers, it's a sea of brake lights. >> we're not moving. >> you can't get anywhere. >> maybe i sleep over here. >> reporter: residents along these blocks equally fed up. days? >> horrible. coming home from work, look what i have to go through. >> it is what it is, i wish it would be over. >> reporter: because with the traffic also comes the noise. >> what good do those people think they're doing honking that way? >> we're all going to be deaf. >> 3:00 a.m. is the same as 3:00 p.m. >> reporter: as you can see, the businesses out here dark. also shut down for the time being. again the department of buildings says it's unclear how long this could take. they want to be absolutely certain that this area is safe before they open it back up.
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east side, tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. a scaffolding collapse in new jersey injured seven construction workers. three of them critically, the workers were installing a new roof this afternoon on a 3 story apartment building hackensack. the burton county sheriff's office is investigating. now to breaking news, three teenage boys and a 20-year-old has been arrested in a robbery inside central park this evening. police say a man was punched, and had his iphone stolen earlier this evening near east 73rd street. the four suspects then ran away, and were caught three blocks away. the group is suspected of being involved in two previous central park robberies this week. police are also investigating two other robberies in and around the park in recent days. new now information in a suspected arsonist connected to at least seven fires in queens. new video shows he is armed.
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forest hill shows a man taking what police say is a handgun out of his sweatpants. today, including one just outside a police station. connected. a man on an anti-muslim tirade faces charges after his outburst at a midtown restaurant turned violent. cbs 2's valerie castro has more now on how the confrontation story. >> reporter: 26-year-old robert moreno was charged with a hate crime after this profanity laced outburst in midtown manhattan. it happened tuesday night at the salt and pepper restaurant. workers say marino appeared to be drunk and began to spew hate filled words about muslim people. tahir mahmoud was working behind the counter.
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towards mahmoud and hit him in the head. >> you're a muslim. he was using really bad words. >> reporter: mahmoud says he tried to stay calm, but had to defend himself. >> if i do not stop him then he going to attack me again. >> reporter: in the surveillance video, you can see mahmoud, and another employee forced marino out of the store. but he comes back inside, and picks up three chairs. throwing each one into the food counter, smashing the glass case. lena parvin called police. >> reporter: hate crimes against muslims are down. 13 this year, compared to 23 last year, however those numbers were collected before both the shootings in san bernandino and donald trump's recent tirade. marino is charged with criminal mischief and assault, both as hate crimes.
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divers certainlied a lake in san bernandino in the investigation into last week's terrorist mass shooting. the lake is almost three miles from the shooting scene, but investigators say the husband and wife killers visited the lake the day of the shooting. police believe they may have thrown evidence into the water. they say the search could take days. and today, the first funeral for a victim of the shooting. 27-year-old evette valasco was one of 14 people killed. she was due to receive a gold badge, officially recognizing her as a san bernandino county health inspector. he says he will sign an executive order panning people on federal terrorism watch lists from buying guns in his state. >> i have previously written to congress in this matter, that inaction is not an option, so
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if you cannot fly due to being on a government watch list, you should not be able to purchase a firearm. >> they will have to give connecticut officials access to its know fly, and terror watch list. in a new cbs news poll, 44% of americans believe an attack is likely. that is the highest percentage since right after the 9/11 terror attacks. 35% think an attack is somewhat likely. he is still leading in the preponderate presidential polls, but not -- republican presidential poll, but not everyone supports donald trump's views. 57% disagree with his call for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. 25% agree with him. mayor de blasio is having
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quick recovery. he plans to return to work at city hall on monday. we're heading into winter and seeing record warmth. check out buffalo, new york. this time last year the area was under 8 feet of snow. today people were out golfing. the weather so warm tonight that we sent lonnie quinn out to bryant park to enjoy it. no jacket required, lonnie. >> reporter: no, no. i could actually have the sleeves rolled up out here, but i wouldn't want to alarm anybody. it's that mild out here. we're in the winter village right now at bryant park. you'll see the christmas tree all lit up. look inside some of the kiosks. all of the little doors are open. last year, we were seeking to escape the cold by jumping in the shops. right now, we're recording a
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what i sue as -- sees a far as a the biggest warmth today. jfk, a new record at 59. almanac shows us new york city hit 60 degrees. not a record, but still 15 degrees above average. waking up tomorrow morning, it's still going to be mild in the morning. 50degrees for your morning low. just be prepared, because there will be some fog out there and that may cause a little bit of visibility problems. the extended forecast will be out there, talking about temperatures getting even warmer into your weekend. >> thank you, lonnie. just a moment, sentenced to prison for stabbing and killing his former scout leader. >> not only stole my childhood, but he affected how i live my whole life. >> why a judge apologized to the convicted killer before handing down his punishment. >> plus suing one of manhattan's most famous museums. why this man says classic works of art at the met are offensive. >> panicked passengers on a runaway train. where the investigation is focusing tonight.
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plans if you were going to travel with this popular item. it's been banned from some major airlines.
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may seem, i urge everyone to speak up about abuse. >> an emotional apology from the new jersey man who killed his alleged molester. 50-year-old clark fredericks says he endured years of sexual abuse as a child. he says he was first abused at 8 by dennis pegg. pegg was stabbed to death inside husband sussex county home. fredericks says his childhood was stolen by pegg. >> i saw pegg in the company of a young boy months before the attack, and it tore something open in me. i don't recommend anyone to follow my steps and the path i chose. >> vigilantism, whether it's a lynch mob or someone carrying out what they believe to be their form of justice is never good.
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included five years in prison. the minimum sentence. although it could include time served so he could be paroled late next year. dennis pegg's family says they will never know the absolute truth. a manhattan author is suing the metropolitan museum. he has a big problem with some of the paintings. spoke with the man offended by art. >> i think it's a pretty serious issue. >> reporter: justin joseph filed a federal lawsuit, hoping to force the metropolitan museum of art to take down some classic oil paintings that depict images of jesus as a white man. >> i'm calling it white's only art. that shouldn't be in a museum, just like white's only seating shouldn't be in a restaurant. >> reporter: the paintings, some 500 years old, show images of a blonde, fair skinned jesus as a child, or on the cross. >> in response, artists often
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image of their audience. in this case, the baby jesus. >> reporter: art lovers outside the met thursday night had plenty to say. >> nonsense, horrible. what a shame that he can't be a little more open minded. >> we can stand to have art that is historically accurate, but i think to take it down would miss it. >> i'm sure that jesus wasn't white, but i don't think there's a need to have a lawsuit over it either. >> reporter: joseph calls the art racist propaganda, and dismisses allegations that his lawsuit is frivolous. >> they're paying for this art through tax dollars. that makes it government speech. >> reporter: so is it art, or is it racism? a judge may have to decide. on the upper east side, cbs 2 news. >> investigators are focusing on operator error as a cause for a train leaving a suburban boston station without a driver. the train went through four
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and it was brought to a stop. the driver had permission, rather had permission to move the train despite a signal problem. he got off the train to put it into bypass mode. the investigation is focusing on whether he failed to apply the brakes. it's popular on a wish list for holidays, but airlines are saying leave the hover boards at home. america, delta, and united announcing they are banning these motorized devices in both checked and carry on luggage. some are concerned about the lithium icon batteries. at least ten reports of fires. new tonight, a small dog now a big star on social media. >> yes, with millions of fans, this dog has a following that rivals many celebrities. cbs 2's tracee carrasco has more. >> reporter: meet doug the pug.
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dog on the internet, with more than 4 million followers combined on instagram, facebook, and twitter. >> one of the first videos we posted went viral in two days, and got 20 million views. >> reporter: doug's over the top videos, get thousands of likes, but it's the witty captions and almost human like response. >> the way we've positioned doug is almost in the fact that he's not a dogment they feel him on a personal level. >> reporter: his stardom took off when moaser noticed people started following her on instagram, just to see pictures of doug. >> i quit my job. kind of on a whim, but i just had a feeling that doug would work out. >> reporter: she quit her day job in may. >> i worked at a record label in nashville, so i did marketing and day-to-day
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everything with doug is what i did at my old job. >> reporter: she sent emails to outlets hoping for doug's big break. finally, after the first article was published, came the next, then tv appearances. doug opened an online store with t-shirts and mugs. he just signed a book deal and his 2016 calendar is already a top seller. leslie says you can also turn your dog into an internet superstar. >> if you have a pet and you like taking photos, it's such a fun, creative outlet. >> reporter: she says start small. first a social media page for your pet. she posts two pictures online every day, because consistency is key. >> we get to travel the world and i get to hang out with doug every day. >> reporter: what pet owner wouldn't want that? >> she's so chill. >> i know, she's kind of brilliant. >> she used her professional background.
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lonnie has stepped outside, and is loving it tonight. >> reporter: it's not so bad being outside, are you kidding me? we've got the mobile weather lab parked here on 6th avenue. if you look down 6th avenue, there's a lot of hustling and bustling here at this hour, but nobody is doing it in that ooh i'm so cold sort of way. here's comes a gal, legs exposed. it's not that cold out. let's look at the mobile weather lab. temperatures coming in, 57.4. a different view of the city. we'll show you the official reading right now in new york city comes in at 55 under a partly cloudy skies. almanac show us the high temp was 16 degrees. 15degrees above the average. tomorrow, we're talking more spring like temperatures. it's going to feel great out there, about 61. as far as the headlines, an even warmer weekend, and as far as any precipitation. if you're wondering about snow, we cannot buy a snowflake around here. the next chance for precipitation would be rain, and that would be on monday.
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from? that big storm that is in the pacific northwest. that storm is not going to necessarily roll right over us, but a little bout of energy from that would give us a rain chance on monday. what we see out there as of right now, a few clouds floating through tonight. the bigger picture says any rain off to our west, in the vicinity of the great lakes, it's just not coming here. that goes up and over the area. here's how i see everything working out. it's mild in the morning. starting off around 50 degrees or so. you will have that early morning fog, so be ready for that. high temps, 61. then saturday, 62. sunday, 64. could even be warmer on sunday. right now, i'm still taking a little bit of a conservative approach. i see big numbers out there on some computer models. i'm going to say 64 which would tie the record. monday, 63. it is part of a cold front. a weak cold front, and you expect temperatures to really drop. yes, they drop. 56 on tuesday, 54 wednesday.
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above the typical that time of the year, which would be about 45 next week. guys we're live here, right outside of bryant park, looking right down 6th avenue, and again, nobody is really all that bundled up out here. let's go back to you live in the studio. >> all right, thank you, lonnie. why was tom coughlin doing jumping jacks at his press conference this morning? cue the let's get physical song. and melo and the knicks are
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the kings. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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time for sports with otis. the knicks didn't start their road trip all that well. >> the knicks trailed as many as 33 to the jazz before losing by 21. tonight, game 2 of 3 of their roady. the knicks have lost 7 of 9. trying to right his wrongs, as he comes up with the big block on the post. sacramento closed out the 1st quarter on a 14-3 run. the knicks are down 34-20 in the 2nd quarter. nets trying to avoid becomek the just the second time to lose to the 76 evers this season. philly ended up being a tougher
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shane larken with the hoop and the harm. nets by 6. knicks castoff barnani pumps in 24. the nets go on to win by 9. they are 7-15 this season. it was a sight for sore and worried eyes. dorell revis back on the practice field. wearing the red jersey, usually reserved for quarterbacks. his first time practicing in 18 days after suffering that concussion. he's made slow progress, but he knows it's serious. and if he wants to play sunday against the titans he has to pass all the tests. >> you can't play around with these things. these are serious, and it's a blow to your head, so you've definitely got to follow protocol. time for us to step aside for a minute.
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soo li oca n.t t t pt.etio welcome back everyone, the giants are coming off that rivalry loss to the jets and sitting at 5-7, normally that combination wouldn't be too much to get excited about, but they are happy to be still in the playoff race. check out coughlin's reaction when he found out monday night that the cowboys beat the redskins. that created a three way tie for first. in spite of that bad record, he meaningful games. >> it's exciting. let's face it, it is exciting. i've said it many times before, we have to take care of our own business, but to be in a circumstance where we're in the thing. i think the players realize that. to time. that's one of the ways of getting us going in the mornings. 8:00in the morning, that first meeting is something. everyone starts getting a little loud, so it was a good atmosphere for him.
11:27 pm
>> so he does jumping jacks to get him going. >> let's get our minds right, let's get focused. >> get the party started. >> he looks good by the way. >> tom is in great shape. no doubt. just get some wins guys, four straight. >> come on blue, let's go.
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>> we'll be right back. what dear? oh! oh, you're bad. stop that! i'm sorry. (vo) a new york millionaire spent $714,000 to learn how to be a pet whisperer. what? oh ho ho! (vo) you'd make a way better rich person.
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an injured bald eagle is safe tonight after perching itself in a backyard tree. the bird spent about three days there. it attempted to fly off today, but animal workers caught up with it. it was taken to a rehab center for treatment, before it will be returned to the wild. >> what a sight. so majestic. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> coming up, the late show is next with stephen colbert. he's got bruce willis. >> for the entire cbs 2 news team, have a great night.
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tomorrow. and welcome to the colbert. >> stephen: right on! (cheers and applause) everybody! very nice. thank you, jon. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! lz that's-- . >> stephen: that's nice, thank you, everybody, thank you so much. beautiful to hear. i like it. thank you, everybody.
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thanks, everybody, thanks. whooo! (cheers and applause) thank you. welcome-- welcome to the late show, everybody, thanks so much, i'm stephen colbert. how is everybody doing tonight? doing all right? i'm so glad, that is wonderful, tonight. news. and here it is. donald trump was attacked by a bald eagle. (cheers and applause) lz it was during a photo shoot for time magazine back in august. but time just released the footage. take a look at it. look at that! that eagle-- that eagle thinks that donald's hair is like a blond rabbit or something. and donald is getting out of
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tenant in trump tower. (cheers and applause) and like all things trump, this story has rocketed around the globe. i believe we have some footage of people reacting to seeing this video for the first time. (cheers and applause) now, even the animals are happy. here's the thing, everyone's having a good time with that footage of trump. and here at the late show we have enjoyed a joke or 50 or 60 at donald's expense. but when it comes to our endangered species, and i mean
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(cheers and applause) jon! so nice, jon stewart, everybody! fantastic, jon, this is lovely. this is so wonderful. what brings you to this neck of the television? >> i'm terribly sorry to interrupt. i wanted to-- there's actually, i'm here for a reason. there is a big vote coming up in congress to reauthorize health benefits for 9/11 first (applause). >> stephen: i know that about that the zadroga act. it is a slam dunk, everybody wants that, right. everybody wants that. (cheers and applause) >> if i may, everybody human. but congress is-- if i could make a last minute pitch to them. >> stephen: sir, absolutely,
11:35 pm
>> thank you, my brother. everybody. >> have a seat, here we go, here we go, for a second i actually thought they were leaving. here we go. after the sacrifice that our first responders made-- . >> stephen: boring! sorry, jon, sorry. i hate to go proon you here but you've been out of the game for awhile. that's got no zazz, all right? you want people to pay attention. >> sure, okay, okay. >> stephen: no one is going to listen to you unless you, i don't know how to put this, trump it up a little bit. you got to trump it up. thank you, jon, the media won't pay attention to anything-- it won't pay attention to anything at all unless you are donald trump. all right, mark, do we have that? here, we keep-- (cheers and applause) i keep one of these standing by in case i ever have to say something important.
11:36 pm
>> stephen: shall we do it. >> i would rather not. >> stephen: you probably should. do you want the attention or not, jon. >> i do. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: please, please. (laughter) >> the zadroga act is an important piece of legislation-- . >> stephen: i have to stop you missing. can i have some makeup, please. thank you very much. (laughter) >> i was just going to tell them-- i think that's trump thuf. >> stephen: think so?
11:37 pm
above the door at passover. >> there you go, my friend. >> stephen: all right, all right. now, now you're ready for people to pay attention to your message, all right. >> all right. >> stephen: i will step out of here. you bring da noise, bring da trump. >> all right. >> 9/11 first responders-- . >> stephen: bring da trump! >> these 9/11 first responders-- let me tell you something, hey, these 9/11 first responders are the most top notch first class diamond encrusted heroes america can produce. don't let congress play politics with this necessary bill, if i'm elected, and i will be elected, i will build a wall around politics and i will make
11:38 pm
the hashtag worstresponders. tell them donald said pull up your big boy pants and make america great again. pass the zadroga act or i will glue congress together, dip them in gold and wear them around my frigin neck. plenty, fantastic. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: yes, my friend, that-- people heard that. they heard that. (cheers and applause) >> thank you. >> stephen: i hope congress did too. >> all right, thank you. >> stephen: people hear that. come here, my friend. thank you. now we've got a great show for you tonight. we've got a great shoavment i will be sitting down with superstar action man bruce willis. (cheers and applause) he's starring in the broadway version of "miss ree." >> he's a good friend of mine, he an i will defeat isis hand to hand. >> stephen: also i will be
11:39 pm
of "the big short" michael lewis, everybody. >> i like books, love books. he's got good books. >> stephen: he's got excellent books. keep moving to the next one, and let's see, keep going. we will have a performance,-- we're free falling, we'll have a performance by hip-hop artist lizzo. >> oh, 100 percent, a hundred percent black rappers support donald, is that an eagle, is that an eagle? >> stephen: it's not an eagle donald jon. that is jon batiste and stay human. (cheers and applause) >> very nice! >> stephen: now before-- before they kick things off, one more thing, here in new york city burglars broke into gwyneth paltrow's goop store and made off with $17 3,000 worth of
11:40 pm
>> $17 3,000, that's right, they stole two pillows. (cheers and applause) >> tonight, stephen welcomes bruce willis. author michael lewis. and a musical performance by lizzo. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now it's time for the late show with stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: whooo!
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whooo! >> stephen, stephen, stephen! >> stephen: thank you very much, thanks, everybody. i got to tell you, i got to say rubbing cheat owes dust on jon stewart is a great-- is a part of this complete breakfast is what it is. i got to do that more often. now i think a lot of you know that i am a roman catholic. but i am so busy doing this show every night, i don't always have time for my favorite catholic rituals like sunday mass or saying the rosary or feeling guilty for not going to mass or saying the rosary. but of course without a doubt my favorite catholic ritual that i no longer have time for is confession. well, even if i can't sit down with my priest, i still have a lot to get off my conscience. and i feel like i can say
11:42 pm
you won't tell anybody, right? >> no! >> stephen: thanks. this is stephen colbert's midnight confessions. just for the record, i'm not sure the following things are sins. but they are things i feel really guilty about, okay? i will be right back. forgive me, audience. i-- (laughter) forgive me, audience, i give to the homeless, but only when i'm trying to get rid of pennys. i shall i kind of like yankee candle. i am a 51 year old man, but i
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swift's girl squad. sometimes instead of paying a toll on the highway, i just drive threw yelling i'm stephen colbert! (cheers and applause) i never pitch in for pizza, but i always take the last slice. i tell people that my fists are named slayer and dominator, but they're really named ross and rachel. (laughter) audience, i actually like the npr pledge drive. it makes me feel like i'm wanted.
11:44 pm
foot to make lines in the carpet so it looks like i vacuumed. when i'm in other people's houses, i look through their medicine cabinets. those were actually tick takes. and i regret having put them on a pizza. one time a little kid asked me if famous people like me go to the bathroom. i lied and told him yes. (laughter)
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bottle and i think shouldn't they have tested this on animals first? (laughter) last week when i was talking with barack obama, i don't have anything to confess, i just wanted to say that last week i was talking with barack obama. (cheers and applause) my dog isn't really a service dog, i just bought him a vest online so i could take him to the movies with me. you want some pizza, have some pizza.
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that wasn't my real dog.
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