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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  December 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the police officer while friends and family of the motorist, 22-year-old kyle howell, cried out "shame." supporters of kyle howl stormed out of the courtroom with answer raised, bitterly upset with the verdict clearing officer vincent logiudice in a case caught on videotape. >> we have a broken justice system which is evident throughout this country. not only in nassau county but throughout the united states of america. >> reporter: the judge ruled during a 2014 traffic stop logiudice did not use excessive force to sub due unarmed motorist kyle howl when he punched and kneed him 18 times. the officer's reactions were quote reasonable and necessary because howl disobeyed orders to show his hands and instead reached across the front seat to empty the glove box of marijuana, a movement that looked to the officer like howl was reaching for a weapon.
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happy day for police officer logiudice. it should be a happy day for nassau county because this police officer is a tremendous asset to the nassau county police department as well as the citizens of nassau county. >> reporter: today's acquittal prompted local civil rights activists to rally at the criminal courthouse. >> that is unacceptable. it needs to change. they should have been clearly convicted. there was a gang assault that happened with kyle howl, and that wasn't charged. right now there is no justice. so where there is no justice, there is no peace. >> reporter: officer logiudice faced seven years in prison if convicted. he is now being sued in federal court by cowl howell -- by kyle howell who maintains his civil rights were violated. >> jennifer, thank you. now to dave stating fire in the bronx. dozens are displaced after the fast moving fire tore through several homes overnight. this afternoon firefighters are
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cbs2 is live in the tremont section with more. >> reporter: along with the firefighters we now have the fire marshals here on scene trying to figure out what caused the flames to tear through this entire row of houses. nearly 90 people forced out of their homes overnight. many of them losing everything. it the massive flames and plumes of smoke dwarfing this fdny firefighter. about one of 200 battling the fire that spread through these row houses on valentine avenue near east 10th street quickly tearing through half the block with many people still inside. >> i heard someone pounding on the door so i jumped up. i noticed that the building was on fire. >> reporter: it was around 11:30 thursday night when harold ivy says he woke up, turned to leave his apartment, but then realized his neighbor in a back unit had not left. >> i went in there and she was
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>> reporter: not even awake? >> right, she wasn't awake at all. i grabbed her and got out of the building. i said, the building is on fire. at that time i didn't even know it was four, all the buildings on fire. >> reporter: four buildings quickly turned to nine as the flames raged to six alarms. >> one of the problem was with a wood tram building is that it's purely combustible. so everything burns. the furniture burns, the roofing burns. >> reporter: many left with no choice but to run. >> my landlady knocked on the door screaming fire, fire. i ran out, grabbed may phone, no asthma puff, no glasses, nothing. freezing. >> reporter: crews spent the morning putting water on hot spots as residents waited. >> i feel so bad. it's almost christmas. many people lost their house and everything. it's really sad. >> reporter: harold ivy says'
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hearing those knocks on his door. >> it would have been a bad situation. >> reporter: now, back live you are looking at some of the damage as firefighters continue to make sure that all the hot spots are out this afternoon. we can tell that you there were nine injuries, all of them minor. six firefighters were hurt in that number. we also have inspectors from the buildings department here on scene trying to determine whether those buildings will have to come down. reporting live this afternoon from the tremont section of the bronx, janelle burrell, cbs2 news. a lot of frustrated people on the upper east side. the buildings department says it will be at least another few days before first avenue will be safe enough to reown pen. several blocks have been closed all week since bricks sprayed down from a high-rise on monday night. >> reporter: this morning's rush hour even more jam packed than usual near the 59th street bridge during this holiday season.
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>> reporter: all because first avenue between 60th and 64th streets remains shut down on the upper east side. >> i'm trying to get to my apartment and i have to, like, ask the cop every single time to go. it kind of stinks. >> reporter: this part of first has been closed since monday night when bricks started falling from more than 30 stories up. the city department of buildings was worried more bricks would fall, crashing into the wood frame buildings, so yesterday it ordered tenants to leave. joel lives in the neighborhood. >> it's just a shame for all the people that have businesses here that can't do business. >> reporter: that includes this laundromat owner who says he has been closed since tuesday. >> it's everybody. nobody is making money. you can't walk. >> reporter: over the last few days crews have put up scaffolding and protective netting to catch anything else
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the department of buildings says demolition of the facade will start today and be completed by sunday. it says this is complicated delicate work that will be done by hand. this man says business owners cannot wait that much longer for first avenue to reopen. >> hopefully it's soon because it's going to be big problems. >> reporter: the buildings commissioner says their goal is to ultimately reopen first avenue before rush hour on monday, but says ultimately this atop priority must be the safety of everyone in this area. on the upper east side, andrea grimes, cbs2 news. warm temperatures, sunshine. and this is december. few people are wearing coats, gloves, or scarfs as they take it all in. definitely not a day to be cooped up inside. we've got team coverage. mark. >> reporter: central park certainly will be a hub of activity for the next few days.
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runners, bike riders, people working, generally enjoying themselves this morning. in fact with temperatures expected to reach 60 and above over the next few days, new yorkers are out in force enjoying this beautiful weather. >> awesome spring. beautiful. >> reporter: the barron trees may indicate fall and winter, but in the seasonably warm temperatures say something else altogether. and people are flocking outdoors to enjoy the gorgeous weather. >> normally it's freezing cold, it's holidays, i know it's got to be some snow, but we'll take it. >> i was just talking about husband. last year i think it was 34, it's unbelievable. right now we're walking to work through the paring which i wouldn't have done otherwise. and so yeah we're going to enjoy central park. i live close by so it's really nice to be here. >> reporter: athletic activities are front and center during warm weather.
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a perfect time to hit the course. >> i'm going to spend as much time outside as possible, maybe play some more tennis. and take advantage of it. february is coming. >> the last couple of weeks, it was really cold, and now it's a good time to go running. >> yeah. >> you said you only ran like a mail. >> reporter: a mail and a half pretty fast. >> reporter: the feeling of spring has one woman ponder ago true warm weather tradition. the park. >> reporter: you think that's a good look? >> with this weather i think we don't have any choice. >> reporter: she was kidding, right? i think. so but obviously a lot of folks considering many different options when it comes to this warm weather. live in central park, mark morgan, cbs2 news. >> mark, thanks so much. today's taste of spring is just the beginning. john elliott joins us in the weather center. >> the heat is getting to some people.
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in the park. right now numbers are between 50 and 5. 56 in the city, with a few clouds. it's that beautiful mix of sun and clouds. the normal high for this time of year is 44. that. it's lunchtime, shooting for 62. the city. islip has already tied the record for the day today. there will likely be more over the next few days. now, it's a sweep. every single day this month has been above normal. first 11 day, all above normal. some a little, quite a few a lot. now, as far as 60-degree days, the most consecutive 60-degree or 60-plus degree days in the month of december is five. we are shooting for that over the next few days. we'll give you some specifics coming up. but, yeah, you heard it, february's coming. in fact, winter just 10 days away.
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in wet weather in a bit. day two of deliberations in the trial of former new york state senate leader dean skellos. he is accused of strong arming companies with state businesses into giving his son consulting fees and no-show jobs. it appears there won't be a quick verdict. yesterday jurors asked to review the testimony of nine witnesses. today the judge heard and denied a motion from the defense to dismiss evidence. the fbi is searching a lake in san bernardino, california for more clues about the shooters who killed 14 people last week. sources tell cbs2 news that divers are looking for a computer hard drive that was missing from the home of syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik. they suspect they dumped the hard drive in the water. most don't agree with the
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the united states but while 58% of voters oppose, more than 5% of republicans support the idea. the lights at westchester county airport were stopped for two hours after a small plane skidded off the runway. a picture shows the tow truck pulling the gulf stream jet from a grassy area. the airport says the plane landed but did not stop. visibility was poor. no one on the plane was injured. a state judge has blocked draft kings and fanduel from doing business in new york. the state attorney general had gambling. both draft kings and fanduel insists their games are legal and based on kit. in a statement, draft kings appeal. there is more coming up here on cbs2 news at noon. a beating. a major storm is bringing torrential rain, flooding, even a rare tornado. plus this. >> where were we?
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>> oh, last season was a bus. >> we'll get a sneak peak at tonight's blue bloods.
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oregon in parts of a little town named battleground, zone. >> a rare tornado touched down there yesterday in the latest of a severe weather systems. >> it looked like a tornado to people living in battleground, washington. >> we're getting multiple calls. >> it came amid four days of fast moving pacific storms that left much of oregon and washington a mess. andrew saw it coming. he said pieces of his fence were hitting his home like knives. his pool, the trampoline outside all destroyed. >> it looked like the wizard of oz out here. there was debris flying everywhere, trees flying down the road, people's sheds. >> since monday as much as 18 inches of rain had swelled northwest rivers and saturated the ground toppling trees. a landslide closed the interstate that connects oregon and washington most of the day. >> i'm told the department of transportation has hopes, this
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reopen at least one lane. >> washington governor jay inslee declared a state of emergency. two people have died including a 72-year-old woman who drowned overnight in her car. her husband was able to crawl out of the sunroof. >> everything just came down and everything was shaking. everything went black. >> james silver berg was one of the lucky ones. this tree destroyed his rv, but somehow james, his fiance, and escaped unharmed. the damage in the pacific northwest is widespread, from flooding and landslides to massive snowfall amounts in the sierras to 20-foot swells expected along the california coast. >> if that wasn't all strange enough as we've highlighted here we're enjoying december temperatures in the 60s this weekend. john will be by in a few moments to explain more. >> wild here for us. the police drama "blue bloods" is back. the family takes on a tough problem, and a family member is
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and john, just how warm is it going to get? >> as we speak we are compile ago list of potential records that will be tied or broken this weekend.
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the hit show "blue bloods" back after a brief hiatus. >> danny is in some hot water again. jill caught up with the cast onset. >> maybe they're just a bunch of ungrateful knuckleheads who have no respect. >> reporter: on tonight's episode, danny gets interrogated by the district attorney's office. as usual his character pushes the boundaries. >> typically danny skirts the line. so this one puts him in a real tough predicament, and we see him facing moral dilemma he's really never faced. >> reporter: his father is the police commissioner who is a real stand-up man when radicals threaten to burn the american flag, reagan has to make some decisions. >> burning the flag is shameful, but it's legal. >> this stuff really weighs on him. that's why i love him. he's flawed, but he takes the
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>> he's in a command situation. he can't show weakness in front of his people. >> reporter: but the question everyone wants to know is will position. >> i don't know what's going to happen, by the way. >> reporter: you don't? >> no, they don't talk to me about that stuff. they really don't. i enjoy. that. >> reporter: the family's sit- down dinners seem to be both the viewers' and the casts' favorite. >> the family dinners are the heart and soul of this show. it's a moment that makes people reflect on their own lives and maybe yearn for that. >> everybody is on their cell phones, a one is eating upstairs playing video games. >> here's this family that disagrees, but ultimately there's this unity that remains. i think something about that is attractive to people. >> reporter: the reagan family
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drama that bridget moynahan cowrote the show's cookbook. >> see "blue bloods" right here on cbs2. >> grad to see this. let's get to the weather. wow, these temperatures incredible, john. >> you guys made the point earlier, just brutal out west. welcome show for some, but flooding, devastating rain, and severe weather for others. we've got this huge ridge of high pressure, and this is what it does. look at these numbers. 55, 58, 56, 54, 57. i just want to have some fun with some of these pictures. beautiful fog shots this morning from the island. look at this, though. brian just sent this in. beach weekend. i love. this we've got that view. flowers. appreciate. tiki bar.
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big party to go to, it's a beach party, and even robins in the backyard. there. now we're seeing that mix. we were advertising it this morning on the air. a lot of people loving it. speaking of love hello to alexa and mel alvarez. they just got married yesterday. they called the weather center and said we love channel 2 so much we're going to spend our honeymoon watching you. 62 in the area today. by sunday 65. so let's talk about those potential records. we could see a new record sunday in newark, central park, laguardia. jfk, it is going to be close. bridgeport, islip all likely new records for sunday. the flip side of that is it stays mild, and that extra energy is going to add to the potential for a soaker on monday. windy and wet by monday
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then a big ridge of high pressure. big numbers peaking on sunday. >> looking forward to that. we'll be right back. "they are very surprised how affordable it is. want to be able to provide is to everybody. i want to be able to tell everybody what we have, what we can do for you and then have everybody take vantage. it's important to have it cause you don't know what fe can bring you. talk about the benefits and the premiums and how much it can
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coming up on cbs2 news the season of tipping. whom? questions answered. more costs for the new $20 billion hudson tunnel. why the project could mean more fees for railroad commuters. beginning at 5:00. noon. for john and the entire cbs2 news team, thanks for joining us. i'm mary calvi.
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