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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  December 13, 2015 7:00am-8:00am EST

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firefighters race to put out the flames after several mail trucks catch fire inside a post office garage. holiday shopping put on hold after a scare at a new jersey mall why shoppers were forced out and law enforcement rushed in. >> and here comes the sun. record warm weather headed our way but how much longer will that last. cbs 2 this morning continues right now. good morning 7:00 a.m. on sunday december 13. i'm diane. >> and i'm andrea grymes.
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really warm weather for this weekend in december. >> we are going to see a total of five days straight in the 60s. today will be number four breaking more records today and today will be the first time we are going to break the central park record. that hasn't happened yet. today is going to be another record breaker and this morning it is starting off so warm in the city. 59 degrees right now. 52 in cress, 48 in hamburg so not everybody incrediblely mild in the 50s. more patchy fog today and that your sunday. on the vortex and radar picture clouds and breaks of sun and the trend today. don't expect a ton of sunshine but expect the possibility of passing light rain drops. as we break our way through the day 9:00 a.m.
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noon 63 by 3 and at 65 degrees if that happens we have set a new record. we'll talk about the much cooler air for the end of the week coming up. back to you. >> thanks so much. the weather is our top story today. we could see record highs today. >> some are wishing for winter white weather instead and others are getting ready to enjoy more out doors. live from bryant park. good morning. >> good morning andrea. it feels great out here. people are definitely going to be taking advantage of this warm weather today. bryant park is going to be packed. clouds are going to be here for the holiday market and get their shopping done before the cold weather moves in. 60-degree temperatures hitting new york city for the fourth day in a row and today a record of 65 could be set. >> it feels like spring. >> it's nice but it's bizarre. >> unseasonably warm december weather bringing crowds to the
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many to get out and exercise. >> it's a treat. wonderful to see christmas lights and bike at the same time. >> and venture to places they normally wouldn't go this time of year. >> i'm going to the beach tomorrow actually. >> what are you going to do there. >> i'm going to take a long walk up towards breezy point because i know it's going to be nice. >> no chill in the air means ditching the layers and winter coat. >> not cold at all. >> scott bernstein was digging out his golf club easting off in a t-shirt. >> i could do without the snow all year. >> it's bustling. >> i like this weather a lot. it feels like i moved out of new jersey. >> stephanie says she doesn't need a coat or even long sleeves. >> i'm kind of sweating honestly. >> some say the warm december weather is making it difficult to get into the holiday spirit. >> we listened to white christmas the song where i'm
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and i'm like this is crazy it's definitely not going to snow. >> we want to see a sign of winter for the christmas decorations but only for a few days. >> it's strange around christmas not having snow. >> difficult to imagine snow right now. this is the first time in 14 years temperatures have been above 60 degrees for four days in a row. we are live in bryant park. cbs 2 news. >> all right enjoy it. an investigation is under way after a bomb scare put a busy holiday shopping day on hold. shoppers were forced to evacuate after a bomb threat was found on a note in a bathroom. it happened yesterday afternoon just after 1:00 while employees and customers waited outside the bomb squad swept the building. >> we pulled in and police all over the place and told everybody to get out the mall was closed. >> it's awful you can't go shopping for christmas without
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might happen. >> police gave the all clear after about three hours. >> an investigation is under way in brooklyn after a man was shot and killed overnight. this happened just after midnight on lexing ton avenue in bedstudy. a 27-year-old man was shot several times. it's unknown what led to the shooting and who shot him. the man was taken to the hospital where he died. police investigating a shooting at a walmart store in pennsylvania. someone entered the store in strasburg near the pennsylvania new jersey border with several hand guns and an assault rifle. the person shot was the gunman. not clear who may have shot him. >> a 25-year-old man is fighting for his life after being hit by a car. the impact sent the victim into a tree. time. it happened just after 3:00 a.m.
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street. a second person was also hurt in the crash but is expected to be okay. police in queens want to question the man seen here in connection with a deadly hit- and-run. investigators say he was in a black toyota that hit a 17-year- old as he crossed the street at northern boulevard and junction boulevard in jackson heights on tuesday. the picture shows the man after he got out of the passenger side of the car. and police have released surveillance photos as they continue to investigate an attempted kidnapping at a kohls store on long island. a woman seen here tried to abduct a one-year-old in the bathroom on thursday. the mother says the suspect began by saying the baby was beautiful then said "give me the baby" while grabbing the child's arm. the suspect left the store in a black liberty cab. a 23-year-old california
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accused of setting fire to a mosque. police in riverside county say they have arrested james junior of palm desert of hate crime and armed charges. no one was hurt. the mosque is 75 miles from san bernardino, the site of that december 2 shooting by radicals apparently inspiringed by isis. a georgia school is apologizing to a family after a teacher asked their muslim daughter if she had a bomb in her backpack. the girl's family brought the comment to the school's attention and the principal offered an apology. other parents were disturbed to hear of the comment. >> it's prejudice. >> i don't think they should have asked her that because of her religion. i don't think that was fair. >> the teachers treat them like they treat others with respect instead of discriminating where she come from.
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>> they spoke with the teacher and determine there was no ill will. they are working with the teacher on the issue. uber has a controversial request for new drivers now asking drivers to sign an agreement to prohibit them from participating in class action lawsuits two days after a judge expanded a california class- company. the new agreement only applies to drivers who started after friday and did not choose to opt out of the initial arbitration clause. time now 7:08. six days and counting since falling bricks shut down several blocks on the upper east side. relief may be on the way for residents and commuters. and santa behaved a little badly at santa con this year. at least one person was hurt after a scuffle at the event. >> it was a victory. >> and days after her
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gracey west about what she's calling her early christmas miracle. the forecast today alone another warm one. more records broken across the region. the sun is almost officially
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coming up your full forecast. anwi a yr reen wel veoullhereummoe anlsor 40doarba. soo li oca n.t t t pt.etio new this morning an overnight fire at a postal facility in chelsea has damaged
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fire broke out around 10:30 at the facility on 11th avenue. responded. they got it under control around midnight. the trucks were on the third floor of a parking grog. no reported injuries or if any mail was damaged and unclear what started the fire. crews are working around the clock to get a closed section of first avenue open in time for the monday morning rush. first avenue between 60th and 64th 64th street has been closed and they are removed unsafe bricks one by one to prevent them from falling. santa con did go off without many major issues but fists did fly leaving one man arrested. another man can be seen being loaded into an ambulance.
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when one man punched the other in the face causing him to hit his head on the pavement and lose consciousness. they may know each other. if you have thinking to adopting the bunny now is the right time. they need a new home. they were rescued back in january as part of an animal cruelty case in brooklyn. now they have been nursed back to health. >> they make great pets even for apartment dwelling new yorkers. they don't require a lot of space. they need a cage four times their size and be able to hop around a few times a day for exercise. >> the aspca charges $25 to adopt a rabbit and gives you a cage and water bottle. and you can litter train rabbits too. ours runs around the house and
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business. >> frank sinatra needs a brother or sister. >> we have one. he keeps us busy enough. he's a great pet and be wear of their chewing and know they can be litter box trained. >> i hope they go adopt then. >> i hope so. let's check in with vanessa. >> lovely weather for frank to hop around outside. >> my daughter wants a bunny. i don't want her to hear how easy it is. we have a dog and that is enough for now. it's a beautiful day to go for a hop or walk. it's a great day to be out doors. we will see plenty of clouds just as we have right now. fog as well. generally it's going to be warm. record breaking warmth expected again today and we are starting at 59 degrees. the normal day time high is 44. so we are so above that already. and we will climb by a few
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rise and does it's job. for today record warmth, lots of clouds. however there is a slight chance of a passing drizzle. don't change your plans. then mild rain tomorrow because we are still in the 60s and passing showers early and a main event into the evening hours. a cold front bringing significant rain fall for us. highs only in the 40s later this week. we should be in the 40s. instead we are in the 60s. getting ridiculous. 15 to 20 above degrees. we still didn't break a record at central park. today the record stands at 64 degrees in central park and we think we'll break it. tomorrow 62 and numbers continue to drop off from there of the this december so far not a single day has been at or below normal and the trend continues all the way through friday. on average 10 degrees above normal for the month. very warm. the trend continues.
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we've got a front to our north so you see the necks of green passing drizzle possible. front is right about here. winds out of the east but once the front lifts to the north we should get a southerly flow. regardless it's going to be warm today. hour by hour we show you what it looks like. some breaks of sun but for the most part mainly cloudy. some passing drizzle. clouds continue to stick around, more fog in the forecast and showers tomorrow through the day but here you see a much bigger cluster. it is possible to get half an inch. we could use the rain. the deficit climbing towards 11- inches. skies clearing. the winds strong tomorrow into tuesday. for today winds on the calm side. 65 degrees mainly cloudy and passing drizzle. today at 1 the jets taking on
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point in time for that first kick and overnight cloudy and drizzle 65 for your day tomorrow windy and wet 62 degrees still. things looking really good. tuesday 59 breezy sunshine. 55 beautiful on wednesday. thursday wet weather returning to the forecast at 56 and temperatures drop off as cold air plunges in. 47 on friday. a couple people maybe to start the day with some snow looking less likely now. 40s where we should be. >> i heard snow. >> that little logo of the snow man was in the background but i think he's melting. >> we'll talk in a bit. thanks vanessa. in sports a tough loss for the rangers. they scored three goals. they went on to lose in ot5-1.
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the knicks did beat the trail blazers 1 112-110. here's steve with the sports update. eastern conference team do you think had the best home record? right. they are 6-1 record at the barclays center is more remarkable considering their seven. taking on the clippers who's ability to score points in the paint appears effortless. jordan has been throwing them down at a league best 68% this year. the nets down by 18 in the fourth and suddenly get their act together. thadous young isn't getting the credit he deserves but a double double per game and 16 points 9 boards in this one. nets up but they came up short blake griffin beating them from the inside then the outside. 105-100.
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it around after a slow start to the season. are 5-1 in the last six games. fifth straight over time game. wayne says the 3 on 3 format is really the best thing that's we agree. kyle aposa wins this for the islanders 3-2. i'm steve overmyer, have a great day. kiwi is a popular fruit and for good reason. they are juicy and delicious. >> here's stephanie with your tip of the day. >> today i'm going to talk about one of the most widely consumed fruits in the entire world and that's kiwi. they are eaten across the globe because they are high nutritional value and they taste delicious. when you see them in the market pick them up and they should be feel the skin. you want it to be nice and fresh. it should have a slight give to
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the insides might already be rotating and not rock solid. remember they are a tropical fruit. when it comes to eating them nature made the bowl for you. i like to slice it in the half, use a spoon like there or in fruit salads too but on their
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i'm with your tip of the day. every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds.
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what better way to celebrate the festival of lights than with song. they rose to internet fame with their hit song candlelight an all male acapela group that got started out of university and they join us in studio. welcome gentlemen. >> thank you so much for having us. >> so you are a spokesperson for the group this morning. tell us for people who don't know not your average acapela group. tell us what makes you different and are you surprised by all of the success you have. >> we started there because there wasn't one and we just did it for fun. we weren't even performing for a lot of people and we put out this video in 2010 the candlelight video and today
7:22 am
views on youtube so since then we have been all over the world and performed and do all sorts of videos and are very active and we love it and have a great time. >> it's been a whirl wind week. tell us about your latest song and cd you have out. >> i'll tell you about the song. people ask why are you doing the la tka recipe. this is our sixth year doing hanukah songs. we started that craze, the hanukah parody video. we ran out of things to do. we did the menora andradeels so we took our turn with a recipe. we just came out with another. this is our hanukah album. this is for you. have one in the studio. please enjoy. >> thank you so much. >> we are really excited about it.
7:23 am
it's hanukah songs exclusively. we are very proud of that. >> what do you hope that people sing. >> our main message is to be proud of who we are. we get all sorts of e-mails messages on twitter, facebook. it's so cool you are jewish and proud of it and you sing and energetic. be prout of who you are and >> very nice. what are you going to sing? >> we are going to do the latest hit. >> can't wait. take it away guys. [singing] >> tonight is hanukah got everything we need.
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let's celebrate our ancestry, we've got the latka recipe. [singing] for potatoes peeling shredding and tears streaming down your face. add eatable spoon of flour, a pinch of baking powder. then add to it and mix it all together. it's hanukah got everything we need a frying pan and a latka recipe. let's celebrate our victory. we've got the latka recipe. pour enough oil to cover the pan.
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mall. building. law enforcement rushes to the scene on a busy holiday shopping day. >> smoke goes into the sky after several mail trucks catch fire in a post office garage in
7:29 am
>> plus get ready for possible warm weather today. how long will it last? cbs 2 morning news continues right now. good morning. it is 7:31 on sunday december 13. i'm andrea grymes. >> i'm diane n. first meteorologist vanessa murdock is here with a look at a very warm day. >> record breaking temperatures again today in the 60ss and we are seeing a little sun out there this morning. plenty of fog. today is going to be a day where the clouds truly dominate the forecast. we might see a passing sprinkle but all anybody wants to care about is the fact it's going to be so warm. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. visibility issue because of the fog. expect it to stick around. it's not going anywhere.
7:30 am
do see breaks out there. that will be the trend for today and showers passing to the north of the city dropping a few rain drops here and there and that's a possibility today but most of us stay dry. hour by hour 9:00 a.m. at 60 degrees. figure and clouds passing by. by noon 63 degrees in central park. if we hit it we will officially set a new record for central park on this day so very warm. we'll talk about when things get back to normal coming up in my full forecast. back to you. >> vanessa thank you. these mild temperatures have some of us missing true winter weather. >> but others are happy about all of the warmth and if you get outside you'll be able to take advantage of it. no hat or gloves or scarf today right? >> no layers. it feels amazing out here. what a difference this weather hawks and bryant park is going to be packed.
7:31 am
this weather. we've seen people ice skating out here. the ice hasn't melted. it could be 65 degrees indunas a record for december 13. >> 60-degree temperatures hitting new york city for the fourth day in a row and a record of 65 could be set. >> it feels like spring. >> it's nice but it's bizarre. >> unseasonably warm december weather bringing crowds to the park and motivating many to get out and exercise. >> it's a treat. it's wonderful to see christmas lights and bike at the same time. >> and venture to places they normally wouldn't go this time of year. >> i'm going to the beach tomorrow actually. >> what are you going to do there? >> take a long walk at reese park up towards breezy point because i know it's going to be nice. >> no chill in the air means ditching the layers and winter coat. >> yes in a t-shirt very pleasant, not cold at all. >> scott bernstein says he's
7:32 am
anteing off in a t--and teeing off in a t-shirt. all year. >> a t-shirt is bustling. >> i like this weather a lot. feels like i moved out of new jersey. >> stephanie says she doesn't need a coat or even long sleeves. >> i'm kind of sweating honestly. >> but some say the warm december weather is making it difficult to get into the holiday spirit. >> we listened to white christmas like the song where i'm hoping it knows for christmas and it's crazy. it's definitely not going to snow. >> they want to see some sign of winter to go along with the christmas decorations but hope it only lasts for a few days. >> it's definitely strange around christmas time not having snow. >> now it's not unusual to see 60-degree temperatures in december. it was actually 62 degrees on christmas last year. live in bryant park this morning cbs 2 news. >> all right thank you. new this morning postal
7:33 am
damage after an overnight fire damaged six vehicles. the fire broke out around 10:30 last night on 11th avenue in chelsea. several departments responded. the fire was under control around midnight. the trucks were on the third floor of a parking garage. no reported injuries or word if any mail was damaged or destroyed. also no word yet exactly what caused this fire. also new a shooting at a walmart store in far eastern pennsylvania. this happened in east straysburg near the pennsylvania new jersey border. a man entered the store with an assault rifle and several hand guns. there are reports the person shot was the gunman. police have not said who may have shot him. a 29-year-old man is fighting for his life at a hospital right now after he was hit by a car on the upper east side. the impact sent the victim into a tree. the man had been riding a scooter at the time. it happened just after 3:00
7:34 am
on fifth avenue and east 85th street. a second person was hurt in the accident but is expected to be okay. an investigation is under way in new jersey after a bomb scare put a busy holiday shopping day on hold. shoppers were forced to evacuate the mall in hackensack after a bomb threat was found on a note in the bathroom just after 1:00. while employees and customers waited outside the bomb squad checked the building. >> we just pulled in and police all over the place and they told everybody to get out the mall was closed. >> it's awful you can't go shopping for christmas without being concerned something awful might happen. >> police gave the all clear after about three hours. a suspect remains jailed this morning charged with setting fire to a southern california mosque. 23-year-old james palm junior is being held on hate crime and arson charges. the fire was friday on the
7:35 am
70 miles of san bernardino. radicals there were inspired by isis. no one at the mosque was injured injured. there weren't too many injuries at santa con but fists did go flying leaving one man injured and another arrested. a handcuffed man in a santa hat another man being loaded into the ambulance. the two were arguing when one man punched the other in the face causing him to fall and consciousness. they may have known each other. a new jersey girl is celebrating an early christmas gift. >> her disease is in remission and she credits pope francis for what she and her family are calling a miracle. >> this christmas is the best christmas ever. it's a christmas miracle. >> 12-year-old graceie west is filled with holiday cheer. she's from freehold new jersey
7:36 am
in remission. >> it's a moment of victory. i do still have lots of treatment ahead. >> this was gracey last december after returning from the vatican. she was all smiles while talking about her meeting with pope francis a trip the make a wish foundation arranged. >> everything is going to be fine. >> gracey was diagnosed with stage four neuro blastomo a cancer that effects the nervous cells. her brother was with her to get a hand shake and blessing from the holy father. >> his healing really helped and his hand of healing i think was just amazing. i would thank him for all that he did. >> cbs 2 followed gracey's journey as she battled her illness with grace and a positive attitude so young but so full of strength despite the struggles. >> when i first started
7:37 am
but to be strong happy and positive. >> gracey and her family started the cookie crumbliers foundation to help other kids with cancer. when we introduced her last year her faith was helping her get through it so so amazing. >> i'm looking at all of the video footage and you can't find a shot where she's not smiling despite everything she's dealt with. a very strong little girl and we are so happy for you. >> uh huh. time now 7:39. what's the wildest thing you've seen at a holiday office party. john is there to find out. >> i would think most want to keep that to themselves. >> the forecast i want to spread the word. it is going to be another record breaking day but in the extended forecast it is back to reality. i'll talk about exactly when that happens. rain or shine you can have the weather any time on the weather
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7:40 am
stay there. >> uh oh. >> so john set out to find out years past. >> good gifts. >> a few hilarious moments. rollers. >> lots of drinks. [laughter] >> a lot of things go on. go oh sorry. >> a few sinly things going on. >> breaking of commandments. >> we had one girl at work that was very quiet until she got a few drinks in her and she was dancing on the tables. >> one guy got up and said to the boss i've been meaning to tell you to kiss my buns. >> though he probably didn't say buns. >> was she singing too? >> nope just dancing. >> exactly. >> he gets back to work on
7:41 am
>> people say are you crazy and other people are like do you still have a job. >> absolutely. >> do you have a strategy. >> easy on the drinks and stay away from the women. >> when we were younger holiday parties were wild. >> yes indeed. >> now they are not as crazy. >> too many cameras and who is looking. you got to go into a bathroom and hope there's no cameras in the bathroom. >> for cbs 2 news john montone. >> a good story, i don't know that always involves me and i don't want to tell you any stories. [laughter] [ music ] >> that's the issue these days is everyone has a camera and things end up on social media so it's tamer now. >> i think john montone would get down. >> we have to go see. >> vanessa murdock now it's
7:42 am
for any party you have to attend today. >> absolutely gorgeous. maybe passing drizzle but come on 65 degrees. do we even care about that. going to be amazing again today. more record setting warmth. we actually have not yet set a record in central park and i think that happens today so the forecast on the grayer side but none the less very, very hot out there for december. lots of 50s across the region. 57 degrees right now. david taylor clouds and sunshine. also wanted to share with you photos we received so far this morning because it gives you a sense of what's happening out there. beautiful sunrise shot from charley hoffman but ample cloud cover. for today the scene plenty of clouds breaks of sun and ultimately what most people notice of course is the warmth. live outside in central park earlier this morning it was still at 60. right now plenty of clouds.
7:43 am
as we move through the day more records being broken. hopefully central park finally gets it's moment in the sub is. clouds dominate and tomorrow is the best day looking to be rain in the near future. chance for showers throughout the morning and mid day hours and into the evening hours a cold front rolling through weather tomorrow. today's high 65 degrees normal high is 44 degrees so so much above seasonal. 20 degrees above the normal and every day in december so far has been above normal. way through friday. still going to be above the normal on friday even though highs will be in the 40s. as we look at the vortex the clouds are moving through a little less of the white less likely where you are seeing a little more sun and a few passing showers bringing just a few rain drops not heavy rain. here's the set-up. a stationary boundary sitting over head.
7:44 am
today winds have a bit more of an easterly component but still a december delight. just more cloud cover than some may prefer. tomorrow a cold system getting closer to us and morning showers giving way to a robust amount of rain. still it will not be enough for the deficit, 11-inches under for the year. as you make your way to tuesday, the cold front and sunshine is building in breezy tomorrow and on tuesday. tuesday temperatures out of the 60s. we are in the 50s, upper 50s. so a little bit cooler towards midweek. for today mainly cloudy record warmth 65 degrees as we head towards sunset this evening at 4: 29 for the last night of hanukah. 61 degrees and skies mainly cloudy. overnight persistent fog. temperatures mild. 55 in the city, 48 for wade and 51 in whiting. tomorrow rain showers on and
7:45 am
into the e a little more on the way of steady stuff. 62 degrees your high tomorrow so still in the 60s five days straight and into the midweek temperatures begin to drop off. tuesday 59 degrees lots of sunshine as the day progresses. breezy wednesday 55 degrees and mostly sunny looking amazing. as we make your way into thursday a storm system bringing the chance nor wet friday. the question is will the cold air roll in in conjunction with the wet weather? if it does some of us may see a little bit of snow early friday morning but it is trending dryer friday so looking less likely some of us will see a little snow. then on saturday finally at seasonable levels. highs in the low 40s out there. andrea over to you. >> crazy thank you vanessa. the jets head into week 14 riding high over the win over the giants take on the titans
7:46 am
men are playing tomorrow night against the dolphins. this morning from the game show and sports network to break down the big games. welcome back. >> who cares about football. let's play golf. i like that weather report. pretty favorable. >> every time you come in you ask about the golf weather. >> i do. >> and people going out to the jets game today don't need the heavy jacket for sure. tell me how excited you were as a jets fan. >> oh last weekend take that giants. how does that feel. 23 years. i mean it's per plexing. and i thought the jets would win. i picked the jets to win. but it wasn't overly pretty. coughlin really made mistakes and i think this guy is just so good. but i think it really illuminates the giants are pretty much a one trick pony, that guy and if he's not doing it they are not doing much. for the jets i'd have to say
7:47 am
of an over achievement. first year head coach. he's got the hurdle into the end zone. coming off a four win season. they is a little bit above schedule and you have to certainly embrace it and who knows what the next couple of weeks brings. i think today brings a win for the jets. this is the kind of game most jets fans worry about. oh my god, we are starting to have success and flourishing and now we are going to fail. i'm not a fatalist. i think they win easily told and smack around the young limited titans team. i think in time marcus mariota is going to be good but i don't think he's ready to beat this team. it's the next games after that where the season defined but i think they win today. >> do you think they make it into the play offs? >> i think the steelers game is huge. if the steelers beat the bengals today and i picked them to lose. but if the steelers do win then
7:48 am
look at the way the afc wild card race is set-up it's kansas city the jets and steelers. i wouldn't worry about the bills yet. the raiders are shot. they are like five wins and done. it comes down to the three teams kansas city, jets and steelers and it's the last weekend to see if they get in. >> and as a jets fan that's when you worry. let's talk about the giants fans because the giants play tomorrow. they lost their last three games but somehow they are still tied for first place in the horrible nfc east. >> it's misery. i think the giants are going to play well monday night. i think they are going to beat miami and this is the kind of game and this is the kind of story line that has surrounded tom coughlin. >> because he was doing jumping jacks. >> still sorry. don't let anybody kick our out before you are ready to go. i have profound respect for him.
7:49 am
much as it is about the limitations of the team. more jerry reese for not making the roster. and i don't think he's drafted very well. i do think if you look at coughlin versus campbell the med coach from miami this is the gail you count the giants out historically and i think they win. >> hopefully they have the lead at the end of the game. >> don't call time outs don't pass when you are supposed to run or do anything whacky. i think the jets win and giants win. >> thank you brandon we appreciate it and the pregame show kicks off at 9:00 a.m. on the cbs sports network and also the jets game right here
7:50 am
we'll be right back. i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me to lead the life that
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always fresh with that signature smooth taste. we take pride in every cup, but only one is your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. well this morning living large takes us to a home that sits in the middle of the appalachians trail. >> it covers 100-acres in salisbury, connecticut. >> this home belongs to one of the world premier treasure hunters,ar ladies and gentlemen edenger's home built in 1972. >> we are in salisbury, connecticut, the northwest corner. >> we met in the two story entrance and from there the great room. >> you would never think from
7:53 am
>> this was actually a barn they recreated. >> the beams 17th century chestnut. the dining room has a custom made field farm table. >> it has a great connection to the out doors. >> it has a large marble slab counter from vermont. >> it took 14 men to carry it in. >> the home includes a cozy library filled with fair first edition books. >> it has a beautiful arched ceiling. >> upstairs a play room awaits you filled with valuable moment os. >> this is joe frazier's punching bag. >> also head of the new york option house. >> he made his home a time capsule for forgotten eras. >> macy's used this as a window display at christmas time. >> this is a ship model worth $100,000. >> this is a builder's model. they typically make only two of them.
7:54 am
the garage. >> a 1964, 330gt ferrari and next to it the rolls royce many people think of elegant town cars to go to the opportunity area in. this car would have been used on an estate in england. they are both in the same league $500,000 each. >> does anything come with the sale.
7:55 am
>> it will cost you $6,850,000. firefighters race to put out flames after several mail trucks catch fire need a manhattan post office garage. >> holiday scare sent shoppers spilling into the parking lot at a mall and law enforcement rushing in.
7:56 am
scarves at home today.
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