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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  December 13, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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donald trump out of the lead. right now, a sunday spent in short sleeves and skating, even though it feels like summer. for the fourth straight day, temperatures in our area are shattering records. good evening, i'm cindy hsu. in some places, temperatures made it in the low 70s. but there is a slight change coming our way. we start with brian live in westchester county, where
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this warm weekend. >> reporter: yeah, cindy. they're trying to get into the holiday spirit here at westchester's winter fest. the unusually warm weather has some people thinking summer instead. winter fest in westchester county has a different feel this year. yes, there are the traditional rides, ice skating, and the christmas tree, but the record warm weather has some people scratching their heads. >> it's amazing. the first time i have come in here and it's 70 degrees, we're just wearing hardly anything. >> reporter: the weather is wonderful. >> joanne smith and her family were out trying to get into the holiday spirit, despite no signs of wintery weather. >> it just doesn't feel like winter. >> no, it doesn't, but at least we get to hang out, and have fun. no mittens, no hat, and just enjoy. >> reporter: earlier in the day, it was more about golf, than winter sports.
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december 10, it's pretty much over. >> reporter: dean johnson is the head pro, where they had 80 golfers on course on sunday. >> definitely the best we're seen in decades, so we're seeing a good friend in the weather and going full bode. >> reporter: for a father and his sons to be out on the golf course together in mid-december -- >> fantastic. couldn't be better. playing mid-december golf in new york, couldn't be better. >> reporter: some folks here, including the skaters say it could be a little better, maybe if there was a light dusting of snow on the ground, but believe me, they're not really complaining. reporting live, brian coybeare, cbs 2.
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by with your forecast. >> hello cindy. good evening, it was a real record breaker today. we broke five of six records. it was 67 today in central park. the old record 64. 63 in newark. in jfk, it was 70 today. the previous record 63 degrees. very warm today. we keep the 60s tomorrow, as cindy mentioned, some rain will accompany it. but that is late in the day, i still think you'll be able to enjoy much of tomorrow. 67-degree high for today, was normal for may 1. we were way off the mark. 57 right now. 54 in franklin. another mild night, we'll see passing clouds. still continuing with the fog. a little drizzle is possible, so tonight, looking very warm yet again, cindy. 55degrees the overnight low in the city. we'll talk more about the rain arriving tomorrow, and seasonal air for next weekend.
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university are on edge tonight after a series of robberies at new brunswick. three robberies were reported within a two hour period on sunday. steve lang ford has the developing story. >> reporter: a gorgeous 70- degree sunday in december for rutgers students clouded by news of more violent robberies in and around campus. >> one kid clearly got beaten up pretty bad. >> reporter: 2:45 a.m. on saturday on mine street in new brunswick, a suspect punched two men. >> when they approached the corner. >> reporter: moments later, a man alone, approached by two suspects, police say who pulled guns and robbed the man before bolting. >> this might have been the second time. >> reporter: neighbors say crime on our near this corner is all too frequent. >> my roommate had remember car broken into a couple weeks back
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stolen. >> reporter: early saturday evening on morell street, a man accostedded by two suspects. gone. >> i think the attitude is that students are an easy mark. >> reporter: these latest reported robberies come amid a series of similar crimes in and around rutgers in recent months. >> in that building there, i february. >> reporter: student patrick davink says two men held up his roommate and him. latest armed robberies, he says shows little has changed. >> they shouldn't have to wait until after these things have happened to deal with it. >> reporter: rutgers police say they're beefing up security adjacent to campus, and continue to provide escorts to students, faculty, and staff upon request. in new brunswick, cbs 2 news. an update now on that building where falling bricks shut down streets on the upper east side.
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clock to build the facade. 1st avenue between 60th and 64th street remains closed. the city hopes to reopen those streets by the monday morning rush. we're learning new information about a shooting in california, where a suspect was shot and killed while crawling away from officers. the officers were called to a los angeles neighborhood about the armed man, that's when they found 28-year-old nicholas robertson. surveillance video shows him waking across the road, as the officers demand he drop the gun twice. when he didn't, they opened fire. >> they shot him in the shoulder, and he was crawling. >> the video indicates that he had the weapon in his left hand. >> the deputies involved have been reasooned from field duty, pending the outcome of the investigation. a new push to prevent suspected terrorists from
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senator chuck schumer, and governor cuomo announced a plan that would block suspects from passing a gun background check and literally obtaining a firearm. >> over the past ten years, 2,000 suspected terrorists went to buy a gun in this country. of the 2,000 suspected terrorists, over 90% were granted the right to buy a gun. i mean, think about it. it is a basic breach of national security. >> reporter: cuomo and schumer want the federal government to share terror background check information with states. right now, that information is considered classified. now to a big shakeup in campaign 2016. new polls show another top republican candidate emerging as the top contender. ted cruz, is leading the gop field in iowa with 31%. pushing donald trump to second
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13%. the sudden surge comes a week after the "new york times" released audio of cruz questioning trump's judgment to lead america. >> i was against going into iraq. that's good judgment. i was for bombing the oil long before anybody else thought about it. i have good judgment, i would say i have far better judgment than ted. >> donald trump will be front and center for the final republican presidential debate of 2015, surrounded by ted cruz, and ben carson. chris christie makes a return to the main stage after he was poll ratings. the debate is tuesday at 8:30 eastern. severe weather slams the midwest. new video of the hardest hit areas. is the flood over yet? >> plus. >> how does it feeling about >> great.
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ever kids who got a special early visit from the big man in red. >> the jets have a top ten offense and a top five defense, and both were on full display today. this was not a trap game for the jets. this was simply their most dominating performance of the season. we'll show you later in sports. i'm not a fan of putting my personal info in these online shopping forms. hellloooo??? i don't have time to be filling out my address, i need to be buying a dress. that's why i use masterpass. less typing, more dancing. sfx: tango music como te llamas? yo soy camarones. dip me. the easier way to shop online. masterpass from mastercard and your bank.
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i'm not a fan of putting my personal info in these online shopping forms. hellloooo??? i don't have time to be filling out my address, i need to be buying a dress. that's why i use masterpass. less typing, more dancing. sfx: tango music como te llamas? yo soy camarones. dip me. the easier way to shop online. masterpass from mastercard and your bank.
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severe weather hitting parts of the midwest this weekend. this tornado touched down in the texas panhandle just east of amarillo. luckily, there were no reported injuries. today christmas arrived early for dozens of children in new york city. they got a special visit from santa claus to brighten up their holiday.
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>> reporter: santa claus lighting up this room at the hard rock cafe in times square. he's greeting 25 patients from st. mary's hospital in bay side, queens, and putting smiles on their faces. all of them have a variety of complex medical conditions. these children get specialized medical care, and rehabilitation for their long term illnesses. >> i've heard you have been very, very good. >> it makes me feel happy and excited. >> reporter: their nurses and therapists here enjoying some good times with the kids. >> it's such a good day for community. >> reporter: for the patients here, this early holiday therapeutic. >> it's an incredible opportunity for our kids to get
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to get out of the rigors of being cared for, and just get into a fun festive environment and have a chance to just be a kid. they really deserve it. >> reporter: these children also spending time together and becoming friends, and giving each other well needed support. >> it feels exciting, because you get to hang out with all your friends and people that have other disabilities. >> merry christmas! >> reporter: and starting off this holiday season on a positive note will make their christmas even more special this year. in midtown, alana gold, cbs 2 news. >> hard rock cafe donated the space and the food for this holiday celebration. still ahead on cbs 2 news, a terrifying crash on the tracks. a truck slashed in half by a train. and making sure our four legged
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new video tonight shows a moment a passenger train slam noose a semi truck's trailer ripping it in two. you can see the driver ignored the flashing lights and crossed the tracks. seconds later, the train barrels through. 50 people were onboard, and amazingly no one was hurt. vanessa murdock here now with our fabulous forecast. >> tomorrow we'll still be in the 60s. we're going to see a little bit more in the way of cloud cover tomorrow, and there is soom rain in tomorrow's forecast, but most of it is late in the day. i think you'll be able to enjoy much of tomorrow just as we did today. let's check in with our weather watcher, and see what our highs were around the region. i cannot tell you the unbelievable number of 70-
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that we have received from our weather watchers. it's impressive. michael in millington, new jersey, 73 degrees. east brunswick, 70. 72 in new milford. 73, where was that? in hanover, new jersey. you get the point. it was warm today. our normal high, 44 degrees was shattered. we blew it out of the water. we set five of six new records today, and tomorrow we may set a few more. but germy tomorrow will be cooler than today, still though, in the 60s. east-northeast winds at 7 miles per hour. as we make our way through. more records are broken today. overnight, more cloudy, more fog, maybe a little drizzle. then tomorrow, most of the day will be dry for us. late in the day, we're looking at a cold front rolling through, that will likely bring us some good precipitation. maybe even some thunder. so we'll look at the future cast model, and show you the timing on that. first, 67 was the high today in central park.
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so now we have a new record. today, it was 23 degrees above the normal 44 degrees. lovely. as you look at the vortex, and satellite picture, you can see the clouds passing us by. maybe a little bit of drizzle. the set up is there. an area of low pressure to our west. as this makes its approach tomorrow, maybe a few showers, but the main event arrives late in the day as a cold front rolls on through. here is the break down hour by hour of what you can expect. for tonight, passing clouded continues. fog thickens up a bit more. tomorrow, a little bit of drizzle possible. as we go through the day, maybe a little bit of spotty drizzle. here we are at 4:00. watch what happens as we head towards 6:00 and 7:00. a lot more action moving on in, as a cold front approaches. then this. around 1:00 a.m., a well defined line. along the edge of that front could mean overnight thunder activity for us, and hopefully some rain.
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use the depths climbing over the 11-inch mark now. tonight, fog redeveloping, passing clouds. 55 in the city. 40s north and west. we look at tomorrow's high of 62 degrees. we're still hanging in the 60s. winds will be picking up as that cold front approaches. remember, rain late in the day, after dark, really. wednesday, beautiful, 55 and sunday. thursday into friday, watching wet weather. friday 47. we're still tracking the potential, maybe a little bit of snow for some. keeping a close watch, but really, what's interesting is it's going to be about 30 degrees cooler next weekend for some than it was today. >> vanessa, thank you. you are the biggest animal lover. today, some lucky animals were serenaded inside of christ's church in manhattan on the upper west side. [ music ] >> the animals.
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blessings to all kinds of pets, including nypd horses, bunnies, dogs, guinea pigs. interesting. sheep. all sorts of farm animals, a llama. explaining why it's beneficial for pet lovers to get their four legged friend blessed. >> they need to be blessed like all of us just need to go to our church, or synagog, or what else. they need to feel that god blessed them. >> celebrating the life of st. francis of asisi, saying there's beauty in all.
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next with sports. steve overmyer is here. a great game for the jets. >> jets fan high -- fans had to love what they saw out of this team today. showing consistency, and versatility, and the ability to dominate. right now, the jets exhibit the makings of a genuine playoff contender. that always starts with a hot quarterback, and ryan fitzpatrick is playing the best quarterback of his career. this opening drive touchdown,
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in his last three games, fitzpatrick has 9 touchdowns, spreading the ball around. so the jets have been trying to get their running backs more involved in the offense. who knew the beefs way to do it was -- the best way to do it game. i'm getting the titans game plan for brandon marshal should have started with someone at least covering him. it turn noose a 69-yard touchdown. this idea of the jets taking advantage of other teams mistakes might seem a little foreign around here, but it's happening more and more. the jets are up 27-0. this game would have ended in a shutout, this trick play. it was their only score of the game. that's their quarter bark, marcus mariota, catching the touchdown. performance. they shut down the titans offense.
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three times from mohammed wilkerson. time. >> i think we're playing better football than we've played, and we've got a lot more confidence, and we're learning how to win different games. different types of ballgames. >> what do you attribute your success to? >> i think we're just doing a great job on the outside with guys making plays. i think we simplified the offense a little bit, and everybody is really starting to understand their role. it showed the last few weeks. >> it was a big win because we understand what's on the line. all of these games, down the stretch are big wins. >> when you are a great team. this is the time you usually click. in november, december, and going into the postseason. you know, today was an example of that. >> reporter: switch gears now. st.john's basketball needed a day like this. playing in the garden, in front of a raucous crowd. they said the energy gave them
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the storm have yet to lose at home all year. they take on syracuse at the garden. the johnnies ambushed them, shooting 50% from the field. 48% from three-point range. chris mullen scores a win in his first rivalry game by 12. 84-72. seton hall treated today's game against st. peters as a walk through. the pirates also shooting 50% from the field. opportunities like this. you can see why. seton hall wins by double- digits for the fifth time this year. on the ice, the isles and devils making ground in the metropolitan division. 14 games combined since either team has lost in regulation. it has been a lop side the game so far. new york, leading new jersey 4- 0 in the 2nd intermission. finally, there are touchdown celebrations and then there are one man parades.
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but then here comes dance number 2. by the third dance, the ref's throwing the flag for excessive celebration. are you done yet? he cares not for the rules. he refuses to be denied this justifiable joy. he had four dances in him before the event was over. >> i love him. can they dance again? >> got the flag thrown against him for it. >> thank you very much, steve. that does it for cbs 2 news at 6:30. for the entire cbs 2 news team, thanks so much for joining us.
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