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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  December 13, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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pets poisoned in brooklyn,
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gets sick. somebody is just poisoning all the animals. >> pet openers in brick lynn say someone is targeting animals with poison, and one person got sick as well. >> the frantic clean upafter the threat of more falling layers. look at that picture. good evening, i'm cindy hsu. on this date one year ago, the high was a chilly 44 degrees. today we hit an official high of 77 degrees. some areas got into the low
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vanessa murdock is standing by. >> reporter: here at westchester's winter wonderland in valhalla, the skaters have been out in full force, and they're trying to get into the holiday spirit, even though there's no winter weather to be found. winter fest at westchester county has a different feel this year. yes, there are the traditional rides, ice skating, and the christmas tree with all the trimmings, but the record warm weather has some people scratching their heads. >> it's amazing. >> the weather is wonderful. >> reporter: joanne smith of white plains and her family were out, trying to get into the holiday spirit, despite no signs of wintery weather. >> it just doesn't feel like winter. >> no, it doesn't, but at least we get to hang out, and have fun. >> reporter: earlier in the day, families flocked to riverside park near 116th street in manhattan, pushing children in strollers, and some little ones even going barefoot. >> it's been great for us to get outside with the kids, and take walks.
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some tennis. >> reporter: and golf courses around the region that would swamped. >> usually, you can count on by december 10, it's pretty much over. >> reporter: dean johnson is the pro, where they had 80 golfers on the course on sunday. >> definitely the best we've seen in decades. couldn't be better, playing december golf in new york, unheard of. pretty much. playing with my boys, sundayy afternoon, what could be better? >> reporter: so far the only snow to be found is down here, from the saddam bonnie machine's ice shavings, and it probably won't last long. brian conybeare cbs 2 news. >> even though we could be getting warm temperatures again tomorrow, we're likely getting some rain to go along with it.
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dark tomorrow, but it will also be very warm tomorrow. not this warm per se, but we will be likely getting close, breaking some records. today's highs, several records at jfk topped at 70. that was a record. islip set a new record at 68. a record as well in central park. 67degrees today beat out the old record of 64. tomorrow, will rebreak more records? here's the deal? the record high for central park, 64 degrees. we're forecasting 62 tomorrow. so we think we'll fall a little short in central park. 63. we think we'll hit 64. islip, a new record is possible as well. as we look at the tore text satellite and radar picture, not much wet weather here. however, off to the west, there is much of it. this is what's heading in our direction. a cold front. tomorrow late in the day as we move toward darkness, that's showers. the main event looks to roll
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thunder showers will be possible. we'll time out this for you tomorrow, rather, coming back in my full forecast. it's one of the things pet owners fear. they're beloved animals getting sick. tonight dog owners in brooklyn say someone is poisoning their pets. the department is investigating. >> i week up in the morning, he was dead. >> reporter: talking about his beloved dog, angel, a cherished pet he thinks was poisoned. following a normal walk outside, angel refused to eat, started throwing up, eventually became lethargic and died. >> most of the neighbors whom i've known for years knew the dog's name, but didn't know my name. everybody knew angel. it was just very sad. >> reporter: walking his dog
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found bird seed scattered over the sidewalk, and mixed in, rat poison. >> i found teal round pellets in the bird seed. because we had already had several incidents on this block, i started thinking this was very odd. found the pellets several times. her husband took it to a vet and it was identified as poison. her dog salty walked through the pellets and ended up getting sick as well, but survived. she became violently ill. >> my mouth just exploded in blood. i still have one of the sores. >> reporter: convinced this is no accident. >> it seems like, you know, someone is purposefully doing this. down the block, it was very, very systematic. >> somebody is just poisoning all the animals. not just the dogs, they're poisoning all the animals. >> reporter: he told me angel is the third dog in the last
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street block to die suddenly. reporting from cobble hill brooklyn, mark morgan, cbs 2 news. first avenue has reopened after nearly a week of closure. it started with bricks falling off the building on the upper east side. cbs 2's hazel sanchez joins us live with more. >> reporter: cindy, there's still a lot of work to be done out here. first avenue, finally reopened to traffic. police opened 1st of a around 9:00 tonight. it had been closed from 62nd, to 64th streets since last monday only two east side lanes and a bus lane are open. the two west side lanes that run along the building with a facade remain closed for the last week construction crews have been securing the apartment building with scaffolding, while they continue repairs.
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between 1st and 2nd avenues. there are several businesses closed since the bricks fell. they don't know when they'll be able to reopen their doors to customers, since it's still unclear when all the street closures will be lifted. but again, in the meantime, two lanes here on first avenue are now open to traffic. this will definitely make tomorrow morning's commute a lot smoother. we're live on the upper east side tonight, hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. >> hazel, thank you. a big shakeup in the race for the white house this week. a new poll shows a new top contender in the republican field. senator ted cruz now leading in iowa, pushing trump to second place. cbs 2's brian web has more on the new numbers. >> reporter: donald trump spent the day taking aim at his usually suspects, but he also targeted someone new, presidential candidate, ted cruz. >> he goes in there like
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get things done that way. >> reporter: a new poll released shows cruz has a 10 point lead over trump and an even bigger lead over ben carson amongst iowa republicans. last week, cruz predicted he would inherit the anti- establishment vote. >> i believe that gravity will bring both of those campaigns down. i think the lion's share of their supporters come to us. >> reporter: "the washington post" reported last week that some party elders are considering ways to sidestep a possible trump nomination. trump said that would be a mistake, and could force him to run as a third party candidate. >> i signed a pledge. but the pledge was a double deal. they're supposed to be honorable. so we're going to find out. if it's that way, they're going to have problems. >> reporter: the iowa caucuses are set for february 1. brian web, cbs 2 news. a new push to prevent
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buying guns in new york. senator chuck schumer and governor cuomo announced a plan that would allow the state to block suspects on the terror watch list from passing a gun background check and legally obtaining a firearm. >> over the past ten years, 2,000 suspected terrorists wept to buy a gun in this country. of the 2,000 suspected terrorists, over 90% were granted the right to buy a gun. i mean, think about it. it is a basic breach of national security. >> cuomo and schumer want the federal background check to share information with states. the search of a san bernandino lake for clues in the attack that killed 14 people is now over. the five says divers recovered some items in the lake, but a law enforcement source says there is nothing related to the investigation. the divers were looking for
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wife shooters, including a missing hard drive from their computer. mourners gathered in paris to mark one month. the victims. still ahead at 11:00, a suspect shot and killed while crawling away from cops. why officers say they did the plus. >> one kid clearly got beaten up pretty bad. >> a crime spree targeting college students. from forced to sit to standing tall. a breakthrough in wheel chairs. >> some thought this is going to be a let down week for the jets. not a chance. we will break down the game with our friend, and find out what common thread coach todd bowles hopes to share with the
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it's later in sports. students at rutgers university on edge tonight
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the streets of new brunswick. three robberies were reported within a two hour period early saturday. >> reporter: a gorgeous 70- degree sunday in december for rutgers students. clouded by news of more violent robberies in and around campus. >> up with kid clearly got beaten up pretty bad. >> reporter: 2:45 a.m. saturday, on mine street in new brunswick, a suspect punched two men police say robbed them and fled. >> two cops arrived. when they wept to approach the guy, he took around around the corner. >> reporter: minutes later across town, a man alone approached by two suspects. police say who pulled guns and robbed the men before bolting. >> this might have been the second time. >> reporter: neighbors say crime on or near this corner is all too frequent. >> my roommate had her car broken into, a couple weeks back, and all of her stuff was stolen. >> reporter: earlier saturday morning on morell street, a man
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of whom had a gun. >> i think the attitude is that students are an easy mark. >> reporter: these latest come amidst a series of similar crimes. >> i was held at gunpoint this february. >> reporter: he says two men with a rifle got into his apartment on morell street and held up his roommate and him. the latest armed robberies he says shows little has changed. >> they shouldn't have to wait until after these things happen to deal with it. >> reporter: continuing to provide escorts to students, faculty, and staff upon request. in new brunswick, cbs 2 news. >> we're learning new information about the suspect who was shot and killed in california while crawling away from officers. the officers were called to a los angeles neighborhood about an armed man. that's when they found 28-year- old nicholas robertson.
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walking across the road as the officers demanded he drop the gun twice. when he didn't, they opened fire, shooting at least 33 rounds, even after he dropped to the ground. >> they shot him in his shoulder, and he was crawling. >> the video indicates that the suspect was looking in the direction of the deputy sheriffs, and that he had the weapon in his left hand. >> family members say robertson was a father of three, leaving behind a daughter and two sons. the deputies involved have been re assigned from field duty. the latest on whether this warm weather is going to last. it's going to last a little longer. the extended forecast stays above the norm for several days. however, for those of you hoping for some cold air to dive in it does. as you look at our weather watches, turn to them for highs around the region today. everybody from 70s, to 50s. let's take a look, shall we in
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56 though in pleasant valley. so north of the city, cooler. 65 for east islip. and 72 in plainsboro township. quite a spread today, but for everybody, it was well above seasonal. we take you live outside for a beautiful live picture. it's cloudy and mild. 55degrees. east winds at 8 miles per hour. as we look at headlines tonight, we'll be mild and cloudy. temperatures are not going to drop much more. so it is going to be in the 50s for most of us overnight. we'll have fog developing as well. tomorrow, another warm day. many of us in the 60s again. late tomorrow. for some of us it could be get thunderstorms tomorrow night. as we make our way through the week, temperatures will be dropping. here's how it looks. yesterday 66 not a record. today 67, that was a record. degrees. well above the norm.
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continuing to drop off from there. as i mentioned next weekend we'll be only in the low 40s for highs. on the vortex satellite and radar picture. passing clouds at this point in time. this will be the general trend, with fog thickening as well. so a little bit of drizzle is possible. then tomorrow with the approach of the storm system, what's going to happen, the winds will pick up, the air will be very mild again. we'll be topping out in the 60s, then the rain arrives. through the afternoon hours, a chance of showers, but it's really after sunset and through the midnight hour, we have the best bet for wet weather. hour by hour, here's what it looks like for tonight. clouds moving on through. by your drive home, wet weather is moving in. main event looks to be closer to midnight as that front pushes on through. skies will be clearing into tuesday. tomorrow, 62 degrees, becoming windy. some clouds, some sun, and rain late in the day. tuesday 59, clearing skies breezy.
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and still breezy. 56 on thursday, with wet weather returning. we're looking out for the chance of a little snow for some, it's not looking too promising anymore, and we are in the low 40s, next weekend with some sun. still ahead at 11:00, crumbling roads and trees crashing to the ground wheel we deal with record heat. other parts of the country get slammed with severe weather. how a driver walked away from this with only minor injuries. don't forget to follow cbs 2 news on facebook. find us at i'm not a fan of putting my personal info in these online shopping forms. hellloooo??? i don't have time to be filling out my address, i need to be buying a dress. that's why i use masterpass. less typing, more dancing. sfx: tango music como te llamas?
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(man) what's that, remy? (remy) it-it's a speck of cork, sir. (vo) a new york gentleman spends $28,000 a week
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(man) i'm so sorry you had to see this. (vo) you'd make a way better rich person. (man) i'll be in the pool. (vo) lotto. making more new yorkers rich than any other game. stunning video tonight shows the moment a passenger train slams into a semi truck's trailer ripping it in two. seconds later, the train barrels through. 50 people were onboard. the driver only had minor injuries. steve overmyer is in with sports. a great day for the jets. a good one for the jets, and this is the kind much game the jets and the jets fans were hoping to get.
11:22 pm
they absolutely crushed the spirit of the titans. they took advantage of the titans mistakes. they actually forget to put a defender on brandon marshal. the jets win 30-8. they maintain a hold on that final wild card spot. chris mullen and the johnnies are now 7-3. and the islanders downing the devils 4- 0. the isles have now jumped in front of the rangers for second in the division. later in the show, we will talk meetings to "star wars." i'm a huge "star wars" fan, and so is da, so it's going to be fun. i'm sorry. you just were funny to me, steve. >> i get that a lot. still ahead at 11:00, it's being called the next
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giving paralyzed veteran as new point of view. plus -- >> how does it feeling about here? >> great. >> big smiles after kids get a
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wel veoullhereummoe anlsor 40doarba. soo li oca n.t t t pt.etio pacific northwest. what started as a crack turned into a crater in oregon. volunteers helped make hundreds of sand bags to stop further damage. >> you just woke up, you walked out, and it looked like this. >> yes. did not hear a sound. not a sound one. just the land went away. >> in texas, a tornado touched
11:25 pm
at least 50 homes were damaged, but no reported injuries. christmas arrived early for dozens of children in new jersey. they got a special visit from santa claus. >> reporter: santa claus lighting up this room. he's greeting 25 patients from st. mary's children's hospital in bay side queens and putting smiles on their faces. >> how does it feeling about here? >> great. >> reporter: all of them have a variety of complex medical conditions. these children get specialized care for their long term illnesses. >> i hear you've been very, very good. >> reporter: they could use some extra holiday cheer. >> it makes me feel happy and excited. >> reporter: their nurses and therapists, also joining them here.
11:26 pm
like this for these kids? >> it's honestly amazing. >> reporter: this holiday is also therapeutic. >> it's an incredible opportunity to get out of the hospital, get out of the rigors of being cared for, and just get into a fun, festive environment and have a chance to just be a kid. they really deserve it. >> reporter: these children also spending time together and becoming friends and giving each other well needed support. >> i feel it's exciting, because you get to hang out with all of your friends and disabilities. >> reporter: in starting off this holiday season on a positive note will make their christmas even more special this year. in midtown, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> the hard rock cafe donated the space and food for this holiday celebration. still ahead at 11:00, new lives. >> for me to occasionally stand
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>> the device that gives people in wheelchairs the ability to stand. plus, a bunny getting blessed. the holiday tradition that's friends are not forgotten. >> all right, i just got the chills watching that wonderful video and there is chilly weather in the extended forecast. i'll have specifics coming up. market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. people are shocked, that this process is so easy. every person that i helped, i wanted to help 10 more people after that. it just made me feel good. come into work everyday, and just knowing that i was going to make a difference in people's lives. come get health insurance, it's easy. i can help you. i just love helping people.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. here's a look at what's happening in the week ahead. tomorrow marked three years since a gunman opened fire at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. to mark the day, joining gun safety advocates to push for gun safety measures. also tomorrow, a homeowner charged with killing three bears outside his home resumes. he is charged with hunting out
11:31 pm
he claims he acted in self- last year. the owners of tully's bar will hold a fundraiser for a 12- disease. a goa fund me page has raised nearly $60,000. pope francis joined bishops around the world today by opening the holy doors of their churches and cathedrals. the pope opened the doors at st. john's basilica and broke with a century's old tradition in which catholics are expected to make the pilgrimage to rome to join in the jubilee.
11:32 pm
it is the seventh annual blessing of the animals. the event offers individual blessings to all kinds of pets, including nypd horses, pigs. bunnies, dogs, guinea pigs, farm animals. explaining why it's beneficial for pet owners to get their four legged friend, blessed. >> they need to be blessed just like all of us need to go to our church or synagog or anything else. they need to feel that god loves them. >> the blessing of the animals celebrates the life of st. francis of assisi, who said there's beauty all of god's creatures. according to the national spinal cord statistical center, -- there's a new device that gives people in wheelchairs the ability to stand. >> reporter: four weeks,
11:33 pm
>> now i can actually operate it all by myself. >> reporter: it's rolling out a new sense of freedom for bill winchester. >> this handle raises it up. this handle takes the shock, so i will probably try to bring myself, most, if i can, as tight as i can for the most part. i'm squeeze this handle. and stand up. >> reporter: during a bike race last year, the fire department captain struck an illegally parked trailer, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. >> in the beginning stages, i lost a lot of self confidence. >> reporter: new technology from the tech rmd is part of that solution. it's a segway like device that allows people with spinal cord injuries to stand, and move upright. >> that ability to be recognized as a adult standing,
11:34 pm
to eye with somebody is a tremendous, mental, and moral accomplishment. >> reporter: this 200-pound mobility robot allows him to navigate through his house with greater ease than a traditional wheelchair. >> before i can't even reach this. i can't set the controls on the oven. now i can, i can actually get into the oven, and the sink allows me to do those things in life that you take for granted. >> squeeze this handle. it is absolutely a game changer. >> reporter: demand has been so high, he says his company has nearly sold out through the first quarter of 2016. >> take someone who is in a wheelchair, who can access 45% of their home. they can't cook. they can't iron, they can't vacuum. and it puts them in a position where they can access 95% of
11:35 pm
>> it's more emotional than it is physical. my accident was last december, and i'm used to being down there. that's my new life. my new norm. for me to occasionally stand up, and be at eye level with other people, it's big. >> reporter: even with a $20,000 price tag, sonny says he's hoping to buy one soon. >> this is an adaptive device that would give so much freedom to my life. for the price, i think it's worth it. >> reporter: back at bill's house, it's simple moments like this that mean so much more. that allow a sense of pre- accident life to stand tall in the face of paralysis. rear going to talk weather now. vanessa murdock has another check of your workweek forecast. >> temperatures will be going down into the weekend cindy, so we're actually going to be at seasonal levels next weekend. what i'd like to do is take you
11:36 pm
a quick look at your christmas 2015 outlook. the jet stream looks to be well above us yet again. so temps look to be on the mild side for the christmas holiday. talking probably in the 50s. that's where we are right now. 48 in monticello. dry overhead right now. fog will develop overnight. maybe some drizzle. this is tomorrow's event. it rolls in late. so much of the day will be dry. then as we head toward darkness, showers are possible. but the main line of this front rolls through really between 8:00 and midnight. we could get rumbles of thunder. entire day. but most of the daylight hours side. here's the deal. fog will be thickening overnight. there's a dense fog advisory for many of us until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, then as we go through the day, some clouds, some sun, and still very warm to start your workweek.
11:37 pm
skies, wednesday beautiful. 55 with cool breezes. thursday and friday a little bit of wet weather, then next weekend, seasonal weather with highs in the low 40s. that's where we should be, and to. >> thank you very much, vanessa. steve overmyer is next with sports. we'll be right back. i'm not a fan of putting my personal info in these online shopping forms. hellloooo??? i don't have time to be filling out my address, i need to be buying a dress. that's why i use masterpass.
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soo li oca n.t t t pt.etio if we have learned anything
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teams that do the most damage in the playoffs aren't necessarily the ones with the best records. it's always the ones playing the best football in december. right now, the jets are in the thick of it. it's hard to believe the jets hadn't won three in a row in three years. it's hard to believe that the entire 56 year run of the franchise, the jets have never had two receivers who have scored 9 touchdowns each. eric decker and brandon marshal will be forever linked, and we still have three more games to go. last year jets fans would have done anything to have marcus mariota with the top pick in the draft. that's him on the receiving end. that was tennessee's only touchdown of the game. while the former heisman trophy winner might have broken up the price. the defense put the rookie on his back five times.
11:41 pm
alive and well 8-5 right now after today's 22 point win at metlife stadium. >> we're out there having fun. got the teammates flying around making plays. >> it was a big win because we understand what's on the line. all of these games down the stretch are big wins. >> when you have a great team, this is the time you usually click. in november, december, and going into the postseason. you know today was was an example of that. >> is there such a thing as a trap game? >> the golden state warriors, you can have a trap game. we're not that good. >> honestly, the jets have not had a day like this in a long time. a complete domination on both sides of the ball. our otis livingston was the sideline reporter for the game. he asked was this the best game of the year for the jets? >> i think it was.
11:42 pm
the 2nd half, but they were kind of on cruise control. they're going up and down the field. they didn't have a punt in the 1st half. they could have actually had more points. ryan fitzpatrick did a great job again. they use the pass to set up the run and use the power run game in the 2nd half, to push this away. >> another huge game for the jets, as they continue their march toward the playoffs. how do they get geared up for the cowboys next week? >> i think they need to be geared up the rest of the way. people worry about today being a trap game, but they have everything to play for right now. they could still finish 10-6 and miss out on the playoffs. i think the most vision is that it's sort of a playoff game every week. and yeah, tony romo is not in there for the cowboys.
11:43 pm
i think really the jets are looking towards ryan fitzpatrick, and brandon marshal kind of leading the charge. the motivation and the hunger is there. the momentum is there, that giant overtime win, i think definitely buoyed them. this is my favorite time of the month. we bring in a man you can hear every saturday night from 6:00 to 10:00. david amandala joins us in studio again. >> that was nice, steve. >> that's the only kind things we're going to say. there are 10 teams in yours and my league. there are six teams that make the postseason. four are out. i'm out. >> and you're out. >> >> why would people listen to our fantasy advice? >> they shouldn't. that's why i blame you.
11:44 pm
this was all your stupid idea. >> did you at least out-score mraz? >> once i went on my five game skid. >> let's talk about the real teams and the jets. can you believe that the last three jets coaches have all made the playoffs in their first season? so todd bowles is on the right path right now. >> yes, except those last three guys got burned out quickly in the locker room. mangini, herm edwards, and rex ryan. their consistency wasn't there year in and year out. i think what it shows is a new voice in the locker room can really invigorate the locker room. the key to great coaches is that the message doesn't wane in coming years. todd bowles coming in is doing what a lot of jets coaches have done. but he will be judged what he does. >> it seems like every week is the same old song with this team. yet, they're still in the playoff hunt.
11:45 pm
the season for the giants this year. >> i hate to say it, but i think that the way the season has unfolded is evidence that tom coughlin needs to go. it's just that there have been too many times over the last five years where it felt like this. that they put their backs against a wall. but they lost games they shouldn't have early. maybe they mismanaged games down the stretch, and that they're in desperation, urgent, must win mode, and yes, it's worked a couple of times for the super bowls, but it doesn't always work. i just think, if it's going like this, this is more of a pattern and a trend than an anomaly for tom coughlin. >> from what we understand, the guy is the first one up at 5:00 a.m., he's doing all the research, and all the work. can you say that sometimes the game may have passed someone buy, or is it just bad luck? >> steve, tom coughlin is a great guy, but if i got up every morning at 4:00 a.m., and had the worst ratings every year, it wouldn't matter how
11:46 pm
history was. unfortunately, that's it for tom coughlin. the thing is, he's a great coach in this franchise's history, but the winning has run out. if he's going to miss the playoffs for 6 out of 7 years, that's just not good enough. >> what does is say that this is being promoted as the top receivers against one another. odell beckham jr. and jarvis landry. >> it doesn't say anything great about either franchise, when you've got to sell the wide receivers in december. unfortunately, this feels a lot like when the bengals and oilers used to play in december, or the jaguars and the colts. it's like, hey there's good players kind of on tv. do you want to watch football? >> let's get to baseball. the winter meetings just wrapped up. wall street journal's jared diamond did a really nice piece on the finances of the sport. that these top flight pitchers
11:47 pm
that is $1 million a start. >> it's crazy. and i think that's where the resentment lies with the fans. you can't even really wrap your mind around $30 million a year to go out and play a game 30 times. >> why should that matter to fans? >> i think it matters because we're at a point where we can absorb, and accept certain bench marks, but it keeps sky rising every year, to where it forces us to adjust every year. >> what's the difference between 25 and $30 million? it's all big numbers, but the mets, they had a chance at zobrist. swing and a miss on zobrist. but they ended up still picking up walker and cabrera. >> they absolutedly did steve. i believe not signing zobrist is a blessing in disguise. i don't want to be locked into a four you're contract for a
11:48 pm
a guy that's already 35. they upgraded, they added depth. what we learned last year is once they acquire the guys at the deadline, you can never have too many options. that's what the mets are doing, adding options. >> yankees, it has been 12 years since both middle infielders for the pinstripers have been under 30. they are clearly making an effort to try to get younger, even though their handcuffed by all of these salaries. >> steve, the game has changed under the yankees feet. there's more money in baseball than ever before, so lesser franchises can afford to keep their guys or sign others. the diamondbacks spent all of this money on the zach greinke deal. >> they used to have 10 guys, all big name players, but now it doesn't seem like they have any marketable, identifiable players for this team. >> it's alex rodriguez. that's it.
11:49 pm
step back to take two steps forward in that regard. you can't just keep spending money and get the big guys. because as we've seen, those guys will get older and falter while their under contract for you. it's better to do it this way. >> each month we ask you for your predictions and see how you measure up about a month later. last month we asked you will playoffs. your answer was no ding ding. >> who will have better christmas, the yankees or the mets, you say the mets. is that a push? >> no, two good days of signings for both teams, but when the mets got michael cuddyer's retirement papers they end up winning. >> you're 12 for 21 on the season. so the next time we see you in
11:50 pm
football will have crowned its national champion. who will it be? >> clemson, they're an underdog in their first game. probably an underdog in their second game. i like the tigers. >> the warriors just lost. will they have 4 losses? >> they're going to lose 3 more times in 22 games? no. i think they'll lose twice before them. this is an amazing story. if you're not a warriors fan, it's okay. watch this. this story unfolding is absurd. they're amazingly good. historically good. >> you're saying they're only going to lose 2 more times in the next 22 games. >> they only lost once in the first 30 games. >> "star wars," a month from now, will it still be number 1 in america? >> no, it will drop to number 2, but it will be the highest box office blitz in the last ten years. >> how can you not expect "star
11:51 pm
a month? >> i'm also a savvy financial guy. i believe it will be three weeks and then it will dip off. >> i can't wait for your "star wars" special. >> i'm getting chewy back home. >> you can watch the da show every night from 6:00 to 10 on cbs sports radio. thank you so much for being in studio again. >> absolutely, i'm a ticket to the debut coming up soon. >> me too. a couple of other things to get to. st.johns has yet lose at home all year. johnny's ambushing. they shot 48% from three-point range. chris mullen scoring a big win in his first rivalry game. a 12 point win. seton hall also winning, and the devils blanked by the
11:52 pm
we'll be right back. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever?
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