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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  December 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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there's a gal checking out winter hats but not too, too much in terms of winter wear out here and somebody buying snacks. is that a hot drink or a cold drink? miss, hot drink or cold drink? come here for a sec. >> hot. >> reporter: it's a hot drink? >> yes. >> reporter: are you doing it warm up or -- >> no, i just like hot chocolate. [laughter] >> reporter: gad for you. you know what? you could have gotten by with a lemonade today. it's so warm. >> i would love to. i just didn't find any. vendor for you. let's talk about why it's so you got the jet stream. the jet stream right now, if you were with me during the last newscast at 5:00, i said the north. i just measured this thing it's 730 miles to the north. so we're just filling up with northeast. take a look at this. records were set in certain spots. newark, 64.
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record for you. j.f.k., 62. new york city hit 65. not a record, however. we did have a record yesterday but not so much for today in central park but i do see more mild air out there. by the time we get to the end of the weekend, the colder air will set up. we'll talk about that extended forecast a little bit later. right now, you've got this mild air. you got rain on the way. it should be here in a couple of hours. we'll talk about that when i see you the next time. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. homelessness in new york reaches a new level. >> from city streets and parks now dozens of people find shelter at the airport. hazel sanchez reports some of la guardia airport. >> reporter: while travelers couple and go at la guardia airport, some people never leave. dozens of homeless call terminal b home lugging around everything they own, even their tv and antenna for better reception. this man claims he was on a united flight to miami today.
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i'm flying first class. >> reporter: that flight didn't exist. several airport workers say he's been hanging around the airport for a couple of weeks. two weeks ago our cameras captured video of this man sitting in the food court. monday afternoon, he was still there. restaurant employees say this man has been living at la guardia for a year and this couple for as many as five years. vendors who could not speak on camera say as many as 50 homeless people live in lrl central terminal, eating, drinking and bathing here. >> it's clean, it's air conditioned. there's food there. >> reporter: this man says, though unusual, the airport has become the new option. >> they don't feel comfortable in the shelters and this place, as i explained before, has a lot of amenities for them. >> reporter: port authority is responsible for policing the homeless population at its major airports. it contracts with nonprofit human services providers like volunteers of america.
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day offering services and relocation to shelters. it's possible travelers say they are concerned. >> the number one concern is the safety of everyone in the city especially here at the airport. >> it would be really nice to have them have help. i know a lot of people work with their local churches and things to try to help that out. but never really enough with this many people. >> and port authority is dealing with the same challenges as the nypd. airports are considered public space. officers are unable to move the homeless from the airports unless they are causing a disturbance. >> okay. thank you. a brooklyn woman's death first thought to be from natural causes until the funeral home found otherwise. 82-year-old myrtle mckinley's body was found in her brownsville apartment last month. her doctor originally thought she died of complications of hypertension and diabetes. but sources tell cbs2 someone at the funeral home noticed a
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neighbors say they can't believe it. >> they find out she's killed. she was a good lady. >> the medical examiner found broken ribs and bruising to her face and neck. now being investigated as a homicide. no word on suspects. police in new jersey shot and wounded a man armed with a bb gun. two officers opened fire around 3:350 this morning in rochelle park. they shot 36-year-old matthew chaseman after he allegedly crashed his car near an office building. detectives recovered a bb gun which they say was painted overrer to look like a real weapon. neighbors say they woke up to the gunfire. >> i heard gunshots about 3:00 a.m -- >> how many? >> five to seven. a million cop cars and detectives. it's just scary that it happened right outside your back door.
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>> it's unclear if chaseman aimed the gun at officers. he was transported to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. an update on police brutality polices on long island. two suburban men who claim to be victims are making their first public comments since two high-profile legal decisions last week. jennifer mclogan reports. >> reporter: the two young men with prior can,s testified they are -- convictions in separate long eye land cases -- long island cases. >> every time i asked for a lawyer, i got hit again. >> reporter: prosecutors calling him a danger to his community with a long-running campaign of cooers, corruption, conspiracy and coverup. >> threatened to kill me with a hot shot.
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>> i was there and i saw all of this and my -- i was crying on the inside but i could not do anything. >> reporter: chief burk arrived at the home to claim his duffel stolen out of his car, allegedly containing a gun belt, sex toys and pornography. later while lowell was chained in the station house, revenge was sought. a different outcome in nassau. a judge ruled that although kyle howell suffered injury, he refused to -- to show his hands. >> this was a petty car theft and a petty marijuana offense. beeth of them were brutally beaten. >> disappointed about what happened in court.
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have made a better decision. hopefully that the federal investigation happens an justice will come. >> reporter: a judge cleared the officer because he said she followed protocol. attorneys for ex-chief burk said he's a heroin addict. jennifer mclogan cbs news. >> also a search for two grinches on long island. thieves dash up to a decked out holiday display on a lawn. in a matter of minute, they ran off with the 10-foot tall inflatable yule slide and a little bit of their holiday spirit as well. >> they shouldn't do that. they ruin the holiday. that's it. you can't -- we'll replace it and move it. >> it's just a shame that people can pass by -- can't pass by and enjoy. they have to touch and enjoy other people's things. >> reporter: with the
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it is, the family hopes someone will recognize the thieves. update on a menorah vandalized near gracie mansion. police say it was a 14-year-old boy who knocked over a00-pound menorah at carl shurz park. the teen has been arrested and charged with a hate crime. he reportedly told the police he knocked it over because he was bored. well, if you have been stuck in traffic, and wonder what the bridges are next to the bridge, they are good news. >> d tu. al bridges are being built to replace the old span and then it will be three lanes wider. >> reporter: sorry, over the brooklyn queens expressway like a beacon of hope for beacon commuters. the towers that will support
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replace the 76-year-old bridge. the skurge of new york drivers. the new bridges will be built in two parts, the first already well underway set for completion by the end of 2017. the new brooklyn-bound bridge scheduled to finish by mid-20 20. the old bridge constructed before there was even a bqe has six lanes. the new bridges will feature five lanes queens bound and four brooklyn bound. in. >> it will lower the brurblg and flatten that curve that. will allow the trucks too 345eu7b dane their. >> reporter: when the first structure was complete, it will be able to handle the same amount of traffic the original bridge has while the second link is under construction. the really hard part is not just building two new bridges. not just dealing with a daily traffic nightmare on the old bridge.
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trying to figure out how to pronounce the name of this bridge. >> i don't know. >> that's what i've done for 40 years. >> i don't know how to say it. >> we say the k bridge. [laughter] >> reporter: and the rest of us may one day say thank goodness. back to you. >> exactly. >> i like the k bridge. >> that's right. >> simplify it. >> all right. defending his actions, a new jersey man on trial for killing three bears outside of his home. >> the bear fell. >> why the state took this place to court and why the homeowner says he didn't have a choice but to shoot. oh, my god. thank you. >> a secret santa at work in new jersey. why he's giving money to strangers. and coming up on the cbs
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lines in the war against isis. >> scott pelley is here live with more. scott? >> kristine, maurice, great to be with you. the president said today that u.s. special operations forces are now on the ground in syria. our charlie dag ga da is on the ground in -- our charlie d'agata is on the ground and will tell us what they are likely to find on the ground there. we'll have that and the rest of the morning news -- coming up at 6:30. hello. i'm here from germany. happy holiday seasons greetings to all of my friends and
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it just made me feel good. come into work everyday, and just knowing that i was going to make a difference in people's lives. come get health insurance, it's easy. i can help you. i just love helping people. i don't want anybody to be without health insurance. enrollment for 2016 is happening now. a new jersey man faces fines for killing three bears there said he was protecting his home. robert ailing said he was protecting his wife when he shot the bear and cubs. prosecutors say it beans wasn't a case of self-defense. they believe he was tired of the bears and took matters into his own hands. >> when up went out there with that loaded gun, if that bear wasn't gonna leave you were gonna shoot it. is that correct?
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i would have to do something. each bear. new jersey's largest utility said scams are on the rise as we head into the holidays. pseg says they threaten to shut off service if they don't pay with a card. the out says customers should always ask to see i.d.s. to one man's way as he says writing a wrong. handing out 100 gift card to perfect strange hers. one new jersey man hopes his story will inspire others to positive impact. >> i just wanted to wish you a very merry christmas and give you a gift card to toys 'r' us. >> just like that. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> i just got a $100 gift card >> big hug.
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>> and huge miles for a complete stranger. >> i'm a middle-aged guy from new jersey. >> this guy invited us to join him and his buddy for the day in newark so we could witness first hand the reactions you get when surprising someone holiday spirit. we agreed to keep their identity secret. >> doing something little can make a major difference in people's lives. >> they started to give out these cards that he buys with his own money in 2013 after he missed his chance to help someone in need at toys 'r' us. >> there was a woman who didn't have enough money to pay for her gifts. and i thought for a minute i should give her the extra money. >> but he didn't. and he regretted it. >> i went home and thought about how i could make it right. >> this is what he came up with. the veronica project. he says it he does it to spread future. >> amazing that someone is -- like nice people out here.
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>> not everyone accepted his generosity. >> this is a $100 gift card for toys 'r' us for christmas. it's free. free. that's for you guys. >> thank you so much. >> no problem. >> and walked away with their spirits lifted. awesome. just awesome. >> it reaffirms your faith. >> it really does. >> i think people that to this, they get so much more from it than they are giving out. it's really amazing. >> especially the lady, seriously? let's take you yo outside -- you outside. a lot of people can't believe what's going on outside. lonnie is handing out his cheer. >> reporter: i have a smile for everyone going by.
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-- mr. australia, come here for a second. the only guy i can find who has a scarf on. you said you are from australia. >> i'm about brisbane australia. >> reporter: and your name. >> paul hudson. >> reporter: you got the scarf on. most are feeling balmy. >> i am, too. i made a mistake. from? >> brisbane, australia. >> reporter: hopefully your enjoying your time here in new york. >> we love new york. >> reporter: we love it, too. my friend, happy holidays to you and your friends and everything back there. let's talk about the weather and how we see things working out. right knew the temperature went up over the last hour. different view of the city shows you your current reading comes in at 61 degrees. cloudy sky overhead. warmest time of year day was 2:41 in the afternoon. you hit 65.
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but it is the normal temperature for the very end of april. april 28th you should hit 65. we're hitting it in december. dense fog advisory is in effect for 1 huk in the morning, fairfield, westchester. even if your county is not highlighted, you could see dense fog. radar picture shows you wet weather moving in. it's part of a front. not a very strong front. you will see sussex county, starting to catch the leading edge of the wet weather. would say for new york city, sometime between 8:00, 9:00. i think you will see boughts of moderate rain. it won't be terribly, terribly heavy. as a matter of fact, this event will give you -- i don't think anybody pictures up more than .50. could be a couple of weeks with the outlying big number of a .75 reading. it's not the type of rainfall that will be measured in inches.
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how do we see things playing out? >> the mild air stays in place. wednesday, 54 degrees. by the time you get to thursday. 56. thursday will bring another front to the area. this will drop the temperatures down. by the time you get to friday you are in the upper 40s. by saturday, below average at 41. i haven't talked about a below average december day in quite some time this year. last year, plenty of them. we're live in columbus circle. back to you. >> thank you. strike three for pete rose. >> in a three-page statement, baseball ally commissioner explained why he's not gifting the ban for the home run be king. we'll tell you what he has failed to achieve since he was
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that's next in sports. steve's here. 26 years later we're still debating pete rose. >> right. and it's a debate that will continue to go on and on because pete rose's last chance to really earn his way back into baseball's good graces has been dashed. rob manfred has upheld the
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all-time hit king will continue to be left out of the hall of fame. at the age of 74, it is likely he will never see the inside of cooper'stown. he was banned for betting on baseball. rob manfred met with him and concluded that rose has never sought treatment for gambling and even still bets on baseball. rose says he will address the media tomorrow morning at his bar in las vegas. well, tonight we'll find out if the giants can keep their slim playoff hopes alive. how many five and seven teams in history can say that? the narrative for the giants has not changed despite multiple late-game disaster, this team continues to get extra lives and a win tonight keeps them tied for the division. last night, damon told us what he thinks happens if the giants lose.
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the way the season has unfolded is evidence that tom coughlin need to go. too many times over the last five years where it felt like this, the think is he's a great coach in this franchise's history if he's gonna miss the playoffs for six out of seven years, that's not good enough. for the first time in four years, the jets have a three- game winning streak. they have look like a confident team. but there is a problem. they are in a three-way tie for the two wild card spots. if everyone wins out, the jets lose the tie breakers. they could easily be 11-5 and miss the playoffs. of course, a lot can happen in the next three weeks. but considering the role ryan fitzpatrick is on, they have reason to be decided. there's one negative. devin smith suffered an ac tl. tear. he will miss the remainder of the season. hand how far would you go for a game ticket?
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ticket under the sewer. he goes underground and find it all under police supervision so all was safe there. i think what was so important to him, it's a packers game. how could you not get it. but it was list first game at the field as well. of the don't imagine he got any high hifer fives. it department look dirty or
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back in just a minute. coming up tonight on the news at 11:00, breaking up is never ease you why but unstead of ending your relationship face to face, morant more people are turning to technology to do the dirty work for them. the digital breakup tonight on cbs2 news at 11:00. join us for the news at 9:00 on tv 1055. tracking the poll up next with scott pelley. >> the race is tightening between donald trump and ted cruz. we'll see you later.
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