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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  December 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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is making them bald. he's a chaos candidate and he'd be a chaos president. >> tonight, the candidates talk about a top concern for voters. how to keep the country safe. police a southwest flight skids off the runway. passengers injured and panicked. wondering what went wrong. first, hundreds of schools shut down in los angeles, but here in new york schools remained in class. more on the school scare and the two very different responses. tracy. >> reporter: both school districts confident they made the right choice.
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more different to nearly identical threats. mayor de blasio called the threat outlandish. students in los angeles will be back in class tomorrow. one day after their parents received this message. >> we are closing all district campuses today due to a threat that has come. >> reporter: that threat came as an email last night to board members of the los angeles unified school district, and threatened an attack with assault rifles on every school. new york city schools received a similar email, but unlike los angeles, mayor de blasio and police commissioner bratton said the threat was a hoax. >> it was so generic, so outlandish, and posed to numerous school systems simultaneously. >> it appears the school district acted on their own. >> reporter: new york city schools chancellor said the nypd was contacted immediately
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>> the mayor bratton and myself made a decision to keep schools open. safety is my first priority under all circumstances. we felt very confident that this was the right thing to do. >> reporter: given the terrorist attack less than two weeks ago, in nearby san bernandino, the mayor defended the decision to not take any chances. >> we've just gone through a horrible experience of losing loved ones. >> reporter: the los angeles unified school district is its own entity run by the superintendent. parents are confident city officials did the right thing. >> i'm not going to second guess people who's job it is to make those decisions. >> if it was credible here in new york, they would have done something about it. >> reporter: investigators believe the emails were routed through a server in germany.
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airlines plane skidded off the runway after landing at airport. eight people were injured. flight 31 from houston slid off the runway and got stuck in a grassy ditch. one person had to be treated for chest pain. the other seven injured had minor injuries. a united airlines jet just before it landed at newark airport tonight. >> did it come from the west here? >> yes, sir, it did. >> the strike happened about 3,000 feet, some 14 miles southwest of newark. united flight 1550 landed safely at 7:25. now to campaign 2016 and the final republican
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and it was dominated by talk of fighting terrorism. cbs 2's tony aiello live with more. >> reporter: the terror attacks in paris and in california and donald trump's proposal to shut down syrian refugees from coming into the united states. that prompted a heated exchange between trump and jeb bush. >> they're not comes to this country, and if i'm president and if obama has brought some to this country, they are leaving, they're going. they're gone. >> donald, you know is great at the one liners. but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. >> no, you're a tough guy jeb, i know. real tough. >> you're never going to be president of the united states by insulting your way to the presidency. >> i'm at 42, and you're at 3. >> the heat was on the also rans to put a dent in donald
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carly fiorina got in a dig, saying americans are looking at solutions. >> reporter: senators cruz and rubio had to test the foreign exchange. >> he has far too often supported hillary clinton and barack obama. >> it is a fact that the kits we're facing today amend the cuts senator cruz would have supported would leave us with an even smaller air force, and a smaller navy. >> reporter: and new jersey's governor back on the big stage blamed gop lawmakers for contributing to the dysfunction in washington. >> you would think they're not even there. they had nothing to do with this. this is a difference between being a governor and someone in legislature. >> reporter: governor christie had a big pause line, calling
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weakling. the primary, nine days after the iowa caucus, which is just 50 days away. >> tony thank you,. the nypd is asking for help tonight in finding a man wanted for staking a teenager in brooklyn. police say last wednesday, the man followed a 15-year-old girl around the atlantic avenue subway station platform, grabbed her arm and told her to come with him, but she was able to run away. officers say the girl was on the same platform today when the same man followed her and once again tried to get her to leave with him. again, the girl got away, and the man took off. new developments as police in forest hills, queens, say they've arrested the man who set three garbage fires. police say he was the man seen on surveillance video last wednesday. they say he told them he was drunk and in a bad mood when he lit up trash. police say he is not responsible for setting homes to seven homes under construction in the area.
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a long island school will reopen tomorrow morning, a day after a mysterious odor sent dozens of students to the hospital. emergency crews rushed to west babylon high just before noon. authorities say students in a hallway near the main office first smelled something caustic in the air, and then started falling sick. the scare came as students were just starting lunch. >> everybody was like, you have to get out. everybody was coughing, and there was a really bad smell. >> they didn't smell anything. they didn't see anything. all that happened was they could feel a burning sensation in their throat. >> the cause of the odor still under investigation. police in the bronx searching for a robber who held up an armored truck and started a gun battle. police say a man put a gun to the guard's neck and grabbed two bags full of cash. the guard had just made a pick up from a check cashing store in sound view. security video captured the
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street, shooting at the guard who fired back. the man got away with $78,000. amid the city's growing homeless crisis, a major shakeup at the city's department of homeless services. the mayor announced the resignation of gilbert taylor, the agency's commissioner of just two years, as well as a 90 day review. the restructuring comes as the mayor faces criticism for the rising number of homeless new yorkers. >> we recognize as the homelessness situation persists, as the challenge persists that we have to evaluate whether the current structures make sense and what kind of changes we can make. >> cbs 2 has been reporting on the homeless problem and bringing up issues to the mayor for months now. mayor de blasio says his administration is now actively
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usually this time of the year there is at least some snow on the ground at our ski resorts. but not this year. and it's bad for business. at mountain view, the ski room is closed up, and the locker room is empty. same thing at malwa. a lot of people wondering when the warm stuff is going to go away. look, when did it really start? we've had a mild season, if you will. remember, it was the warmest september in our history. the warmest november in our history, but 60 degrees in december? come on. it started on thursday. then 61 on friday. 66 saturday. 67 sunday. 67 on monday. today, we maxed out at 68 and beat the old record of 67 degrees. when is it going to stop? by saturday, you're below average at 41.
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what about the timing we get into the weekend? we'll talk about it in a bit. washington, d.c.'s cherry blossoms have no idea what season it is either. they are already starting to bloom. this is four months ahead of schedule. a much different picture in colorado. parts of that state saw as much as two feet of snow today. nearly 500 flights at denver international had to be canceled. still ahead here at 11:00 tonight, a beauty product with a possible serious side affect. >> i started bawling. i couldn't stop crying. >> some celebrities swear by it, but hundreds of women are saying it's causing them to lose their hair. and could your office holiday party land you in legal trouble? hi, we're the leisure
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we want to give a shout out to our grand mom.
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>> merry christmas. you'll feel the difference and you're see the difference. >> however, 200 people in 40 states say the difference was a disaster. they've joined in a class action lawsuit against the wen. photos of the lawsuit show bald patches and thin hair allegedly the result of using wen's cleansing conditioner. the lawsuit claims the product contains virtually no cleanser, and that it's like using lotion to wash your hair. >> it started to get a bald spot, and then i found another one in the back. >> it just becomes impacted in your hair follicle. traps dirt, oil, debris, product in the hair follicle, and causes a lot of scalp irritation.
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company say there is no evidence it causes a loss of hair. the mild weather appears to be stalling the flu season. well below normal. doctors say that could be because airborne germs fall to the ground more quickly in warm, damp air. they stress if you've already got your shot, you should still be protected. it's never a good idea to get more than one flu shot in a season, they say. tense moments on live television today. a reporter in rochester, minnesota, was taking about a robbery that took place at a bank. yesterday is when this happened, when all of a sudden this scene took place. >> just 24 hours ago, -- >> the bad guy right there. >> what? >> that's the robber. >> that's the robber. this is live tv folks, that's the robber that just went by
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so i've got to go here and call 911. >> the robber had just struck the same bank again and was running away. a short time later, a suspect was spotted by the police and arrested. new tonight, tis the season for office parties. yours may be filled with good cheer. others are plagued with drunken, and even career ending moments. companies are getting legal advice on how to avoid holiday party problems. >> drunk, slurring. dancing, falling over. >> reporter: what happens at the holiday office party, no longer stays at the office party because of smart phones and social media. >> these things live a lot longer than the end of the party. >> reporter: more legal claims are now resulting from inappropriate behavior at workplace parties. workers are not surprised. >> sometimes it can cross the line. >> i've certainly witnessed it, yes. >> reporter: some people are
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others who drink too much at open bars may not keep their hands to themselves, and some may talk inappropriately about presidential politics and ways to offend, and even get people fired. >> the more you are talking about a hot button emotional issue in a workplace setting which is what the office holiday party still is, the more you are risking somebody being offended, or somebody raising a complaint. >> reporter: schmidt says they must make it clear that workplace protocols do not go out the window during holiday parties. >> you're still being judged. you have to be careful. >> reporter: because here, even all dressed up, having fun, you are still at work. >> oh, yes you are. lonnie quinn join us now.
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tell you, pretty sedate at least what i saw. everything was above board. >> i think i was okay. >> yeah, you were good. >> that was a lot of fun. that party is always nice every year. so happy holidays. let's check in on the weather watchers. what hive got for you right now as far as the temperatures, look, it's been so mild out there. and you're mild right now. there will an change, i think by the time you get to saturday you'll feel the cold air. right now, it's the 50s all throughout the area. you're at 54 around islip. this is nancy in east islip. nancy, you're saying breezy, and sunny today. now you've lost that sunshine. i think you'll go back into the sunshine by the time you end your day tomorrow. right now, 54 degrees on the thermometer. winds, you're still catching a gust up to 26 miles per hour. those winds will start to fade away as you get into tomorrow. 68 was your high.
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that's the new record for this day. 43 is where you should be. it will be in the 50s, not the 60s, but 50s, still above average tomorrow. rain will creep in late tomorrow. maybe light rain, more likely to see the wet weather on thursday. future cast will show you what i'm talking about. now wednesday starts off just fine. i think the daytime hours, pretty nice out there, as a matter of fact. that's your slight chance for shower creeping in late around 9:30 tomorrow. more likely to see it on thursday, as we're going to see a front through the area. oranges, yellows, even the reds. throughout your day on thursday. then friday morning, and still a little leftover moisture still with you to start off friday. look at that. that's just indicative of the colder air that will eventually get here. i really think it gets here by the time you get to saturday. low pressure out around i'll say the northern plains. that's a big snowstorm out there. this skinny line of green,
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associated with that low pressure system. that's going to combine offshore. as this low goes up north into canada, that's going to push the rain chances into our area. anybody could see a half inch to an inch for your day on thursday. come on, we have a deficit over 10 inches. we'll take what we can get. i know you don't want to root for a rainy day. you need some moisture. 51 on friday. then that cold air will set up by saturday. 41 will be the warmest reading you get. that's actually below average. 44 on sunday. then next week, you're right back to 50 degrees or above, and i've seen some crazy numbers for christmas day. i was telling you before, i'm talking close to 70s. we'll watch that and have more for you tomorrow. >> thank you, lonnie. otis living stone looking ahead to sports tonight. >> denied once again. we hear from a disappointed, and yet still gambling pete
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and a full night on ice.
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your game, you've come to the right place. 90 years ago today, the first nhl game in new york took place. what better way to celebrate than than with all three area teams playing. the rangers hosting the oilers. tie game in the 2nd. defenseman, and he's a rookie blasts it past nielsen for his first nhl goal. the game tied now, late in the 2nd. rick nash stays with the puck, puts in the power play goal. the rangers win it 4-2. they move past the islanders and are now second in the division, which brings us to the islanders. new york outshot florida early in the game. but the panthers scored first on just their third shot of the game. riley smith makes it 1-0 panthers. the islanders on the rush. brock nelson tips in his 10th of the season to cut the lead
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florida makes it a 2 goal lead again when the shotslips past jaroslav halak. the new jersey boys also playing in buffalo. there to bury the rebound. he said i've got your back buddy. new jersey goalie corey schneider with 25 saves tonight gets the shutout. 2-0 devils. how about some mets news, lefty reliever, jerry blevins resigns to a one year contract. a day after having his lifetime ban from baseball upheld, pete rose says he should be commissioner because he watches and promotes so much baseball. he also said he recreationally gambles, but says he can help others with his story. he's still hoping to get into the hall of fame some day after all the highs and lows the game has dealt him. >> i spent 26 years in the major leagues, and 26 years out of the major leagues, and i can
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last 26 years were a hell of a lot worse than the 26 years i spent in the big leagues, as you can imagine. when we return, the monmouth bench was at it again, another celebration. but would they celebrate another big win this time over georgetown? kids don't stay little forever. so help them get the opportunity they need. it's never too early or too late to save for college. you can open a ny 529 account with just $25. and you may get tax benefits
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someday you'll look back and be glad you got started. ny's 529 college savings program.
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we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here.
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add the georgetown hoyas to the teams knocked off by the monmouth hawks. up 13, they go on to win by 15. they broke out a new celebration. the creation of adam on the ceiling of the sistine chapel. they are creative and winning. the jets currently in the 6th and final spot in the afc playoff race. it's possible they could win their last three games, and still not make it though, thanks to the tiebreaker system.
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next game, with the playoffs down the road. i'm talking about todd bowles. >> that's what you want to do. but there's a process to go about that. obviously, you see the playoffs at the end of the tunnel, but in a short area right now is the dallas cowboys. >> don't forget to tune into our pregame show game night at 7:00. catch the jets, as they look to keep their playoff hopes alive against the cowboys. >> they should have a good shot there. the cowboys have been struggling. >> i think so. no tony romo, if that defense gets after the cowboys quarterback, they should have a shot. the thing is, even if they finish on a six game winning streak, and end up at 11:5, that's still a successful season. you can't point to a spot where they dropped the ball. >> good season so far. thank you.
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thanks for watching. stephen colbert is next. he's got quentin tarantino.
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great night. we'll see you back here
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