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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  December 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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down. right now, a cbs 2 news exclusive. is this laguardia airport, or a homeless village. >> but first, breaking news, an escaped prisoner. another one, and now a manhunt in lower manhattan. >> for the sixth time this year, a suspect escaped nypd custody. >> the events unfolded in tribeca. >> reporter: maurice, and christine, right behind me is where this all started. that handcuffed suspect took off running down this subway station, police are still looking for him. as you said, he is the sixth
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the big question tonight is how could this happen again? this is the nypd squad car the suspected carjacker escaped from tonight. he jumped out of the backseat. he was last seen running into the subway station and onto the tracks here at franklin street and west broadway. residents in the area welcomed home tonight by this massive police presence. >> get a little nervous these days. it's kind of like you never know what the deal is. >> reporter: the nypd should down entrances and power to the one, two, and three trains in search for the suspect, possibly hiding out confused commuters just looking for ways to get home. >> unfortunately, i can't take the subway right now, because it looks like a vacant lot. >> reporter: an nypd boat with search lights was out checking the waters for any sign of the suspect.
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june. you may remember detectives harlem. in july, burglary suspect arthur collins somehow got out of the holding cell in east in august, austin stevenson pushed an officer while in custody, and took off also in east harlem. later that month, tiffany newman gave officers the slip while being guarded at a manhattan hospital, and most recently gerald brooks took off from officers. >> it's really unfortunate that the police can't hang onto people. you're in handcuffs, all of a sudden, you're in custody, and you can get away, so that's a problem the police have to deal with. >> reporter: sources tell us that the suspect is believed to be in his 20s, and that police didn't even have a chance to
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so they can't confirm his identity, we're live tonight in tribeca. mayor de blasio unfailed a new homeless program. tonight, we found more people in desperate need of help. they sleep on the floor, and bathe in public bathrooms, and they've been doing it for a lot longer than you might think. cbs 2's meg baker thinks people are living at laguardia airport. >> reporter: it's the busy travel season, and if you go to laguardia airport, you may be surprised to see this under the christmas tree. homeless people living at the airport. this is 2:00 a.m. you see a person asleep in a wheelchair with plastic bags full of belongings. even people bathing themselves in the public bathrooms. homeless.
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old man began talking to me near baggage claim in terminal b. he points out security cameras. >> much safer here than in a shelter, because i can get have bedbugs on me, lice. i'm 68 years old, i don't need the hassle. i sit and watch cnn all night. >> reporter: he says others that are here have been here just as long. >> a lot of people upstairs. >> how many people do you think >> maybe 100. >> reporter: at 2:00 a.m., we foot court. this man shaving himself, and bathing in the sink. >> people aren't working now. they're living paycheck to paycheck. they're one paycheck from
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ain't that sad. >> reporter: other people here aren't as friendly, like these people with cats. >> people are living like this every single day. >> it's not good for the tourism either. for the people to see when they get here, that there's united states people in the airport. >> they don't even bother us or anything like that. as long as you're not a knucklehead. >> reporter: during the day, he takes a bus and then a subway to the meat district to panhandle, and get food. but always comes back to his seat in front of the tv at the airport. at laguardia, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> today, mayor de blasio announced sweeping changes to try to get the homeless off the streets. >> every single street homeless person had their own path to the street. if we do our job right, every single with one of them will
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>> city hall says as many as # city's streets. under the new program called home-stat, rapid response teams will canvas every block from canal street to 145th street every day. new at 11:00 you now, we're hearing from a man who was slashed at a subway station in brooklyn. tonight, police are still looking for his attacker. shock. a large bandage covering the large gash in john's neck. he doesn't want us to use his last name, or show his face. >> i had 8 to 10 stitches. they said an inch more, and he would have hit an artery. >> reporter: a stranger slashed him around 11:00 wednesday night inside the subway stop near fulton street in brooklyn. john says he had just gotten off the a train at the station, and was walking up the stairs with a crowd of people, when he was attacked from behind. >> just felt a bump.
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people started saying to me, he cut you, you're bleeding. >> reporter: john says he didn't get a good look at his attacker who ran off down the train tracks. riders in brooklyn says it scares them to know this was a random assault. >> i think it's crazy. they need more police in the station. wow. that's all i can say to that. i don't understand why. >> reporter: john says he also doesn't know why this happened to him, but it won't stop him from riding the trains, like he has the last 35 years. >> like i say, it's new york. in a way, it's surprising. but it's not. it's surprising that it's you. >> reporter: call police if you have any information. reporting in bedford. surveillance video shows a man running up behind a 16-year-
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as she walked to school in whitestone. he cut her face and her neck before running away. her injuries thankfully, were not life-threatening. new information into the investigation into the terror attack in san bernandino. the man who bought the assault rifles used by the killers appeared in court to face terrorism charges. 24-year-old enrique marquez is accused of conspiring to commit terrorism. investigators say they planned to target a community college and a freeway. marquez is also charged with illegally buying the assault rifles that farook and his wife used to kill 14 people at a holiday office party two weeks ago. today the president moved to reassure the nation there is no specific credible threat of another attack in this country. but he did remind everyone to stay vigilant. tomorrow, mr. obama will visit san bernandino to meet
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families. the drug company ceo who hiked the price of a drug 5,000% is released on bail. martin shkreli left brooklyn federal court wearing sup glasses in the pouring rain. he posted a $5 million bonds on the security's fraud and conspiracy charges. investigators allege he defrauded investors when he ran a hedge fund. >> he when lost the $3 million that he had gotten through a series of bad trades, he didn't tell investors that he lost their money. instead, shkreli started a new hedge fund, which you will see, which he founded in 2011. >> shkreli was harshly criticized after boosting the price of a drug that treat as rare infection from $13.50, to $750 a pill. the rain finally over, but there are some more changes on the way.
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>> hoping for more seasonal weather. i'm talking low 40s. it's in the forecast. i'll tell you when coming up. >> also ahead, the causes of cancer, new research finds most cases are avoidable. >> he's a hero. he is the biggest hero ever. >> postal pride. a mail man answers a woman's cries for help and then goes back to work. >> then later, mike sable's
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night so special. gorgeous, isn't he? (vo) a new york man spent $3.2 million on a dead bat. i have such enormous respect for these creatures. which is why i stuff them and hang them on the walls. (vo) you'd make a way better rich person. lotto. making more new yorkers rich than any other game. new video tonight shows the terroristing moment a man carrying a shotgun storm as duchess county gas station, and demands money. the clerk attempted to scare the man off, by throwing a shoe and running after him. the suspect fled, but the clerk followed trying to tackle him. during the struggle, the suspect fired off a shot. thankfully no one hurt. the suspect though, did get away. cancer risk may have more to do with your lifestyle, and
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that's according to a new research by the stoney brook cancer center. this includes diet, alcohol, cigarette use, sunburns, viruses, pollution and more. researchers say this information could significantly change how cancer is both treated and prevented. a new jersey woman delivered an early holiday gift to a postal worker. it was a hug. to say thank you to the east orange mail carrier who saved her father's life. garfield scott was delivering mail on his route in october, when he heard rock scream for help. rock's father was not responding to phone calls, and his door was locked. good thing scouted was nearby. today, she gave him a poem, calling the postal worker here hero. >> i didn't do anything more than anybody else would. >> i believe this guy was in the right place at the right time.
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and he performed cpr. now recovering. all right, now to the movie that is taking the nation by storm. you may have heard of this. "star wars: the force awakens" kicked off back-to-back shows tonight. it is set to break box office records. >> but as cbs 2's jessica schneider tells us, this is as much about the tradition as the storyline. >> reporter: at just 4 years old, max jones is already a super "star wars" fan. >> why do you like "star wars"? >> it's so cool. >> he dressed in his costume, and waited in line for three hours. before he even got into the theater here for the first showing at amc in times square. >> nothing will stand in our way. >> reporter: "star wars," the force awakens marks the 7th film in the series to be released since 1977.
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theater when he was 5. now it's his 13-year-old son adam's turn. >> it's amazing this is captivating everyone in his generation. >> reporter: this is an event. people are camped out here. while amc won't allow face masks or face paint, they allow people to dress up. >> how long did it take you to do your hair like that? >> only about 10 minutes, because it's all fake. you just hook it on. >> reporter: some waited outside in the rain. well worth it, of course. >> it was awesome. >> reporter: to be first to take in some movie history that spans generations. in times square, jessica schneider, cbs 2 news. >> guess what? the new "star wars" movie is also trending on social media. this is a photo of mark zuckerberg's daughter. yeah, the facebook founder.
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jedi, and surrounded by chewy, darth vader, and the new bb8 droid. >> look at her expression. she's like really dad? seriously? >> just hooked it on. >> it looks good. >> loving it. having a lot of fun. vanessa murdock in for lonnie quinn tonight. >> those craving some cold air, it's moving in. right now, i'd like to check in with our weather watchers. it is a very mild, and damp night out there. many of us in the 50s. 56 says robert norville. he's in queens. a few clouds, relative humidity at 97%. really, one is about the average. and what we received with this system.
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this is nancy oswald in east islip. she got nearly 1.5 inches of rain. a soggy day, but moving forward, the forecast the is much drier and colder. west-northwest winds at 9 miles per hour. as far as the headlines go, the rain is all done. we'll see some fog overnight, maybe a little bit of drizzle, otherwise, the majority of the wet weather is moving out. dry weather will be making its way on. colder air is making its way in for the weekend. next week, we'll be warming up again. we're talking 60s for your forecast. today's high was 59. the normal high is 42. well above normal today. tomorrow, a high of 51. this will happen early, then temperatures will drop through the afternoon, setting the stage for a very chilling start to your weekend. 41 will feel like the 30s. then for sunday, 46. monday, 52. we continue to warm from there. big picture is this. we've got one cold front making its exit. another that will be sweeping
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that colder air will be diving in for the weekend. 49. winds will be out of the south early, becoming more northwesterly. those northwesterly winds are ushering in that cooler air. tomorrow, a high of 51 degrees. plenty of clouds. some sun, a stray shower east of the city, otherwise, you'll note temperatures dropping off through the afternoon, as the colder air takes its place here in the tri-state area. we'll warm to only 41 saturday, under mostly sunny skies, but with the winds whipping, it will feel like the 30s. a little bit warmer on sunday. 46, mostly sunny, still breezy. 52 on monday. partly sunny, 58 on tuesday. plenty of clouds wednesday and thursday. it is wet, but it is warm out there. expect some travel problems for those who are making plans for christmas, it's possible,
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along the eastern corridor. >> duly noted. thanks vanessa. a special delivery, ensuring his name will live on for at least another generation. and we'll get you ready for the weekend. big games for the jets and giants. we'll hear from eric decker, leading up to their match up with the cowboys. hi, i'm cathy vendemarel. hi mom, dad, sherri, christy, the kids, the husbands,
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. next at 11:00, what has odell beckham jr. dancing in the aisles at practice. >> after the news, on the late show, stephen colbert has got
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hall. otis here now, talking sports. the giants have a lot to get ready for. >> that's right. cam newton, superman. you can never have too many players with championship pedigree in your locker room. hakeem nicks joined the giants. today it was colefield on the practice field.
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to the -- wisdom to the younger guys during this playoff push. while stretching odell beckham couldn't standstill. before a trip to honolulu, he's got plenty of work to do stateside. >> the goal is to be either in the super bowl, or the pro bowl. and right now, we're working for santa clara. first, you've got to start by taking care of the carolina panthers. a 13-0 team. now to the jets, they won four out of their first five, then lost four out of their next five, before going on this streak. which team is the real jet team, eric decker? >> december is the time where themselves. we've got three left. we expect to compete and win these next three games. i think this is the jet team we
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>> don't forget to tune into our half hour pregame show. that will be followed by the coverage in dallas. we also will have david lucas, and gary meyers in studio with me. time for us to step aside for a minute. when we come back, a full night on ice. the rangers get mauled in minnesota. piano music. i'm glad you finally made it, dad. you have to experience this city. that's what you always say. you were right about the food. hi john. hey kevin. spent the day with an astronaut. one more.
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how about a baseball game next time? done! done. book priceless experiences around the globe with...
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welcome back everyone. full night on ice, the rangers still trying to shake off their recent funk, where they've only one thee of their last eight. ranta, taking a shot to the mask. that hurts. lundqvist went on to replace him, and it looked like the king forgot his crown tonight. the rangers struggles continue,
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the devils hosted the panthers at the rock, and unfortunately, they got rocked. jokinen goes in and slaps one past schneider for the lead. the devils have now alternated wins and losses for 11 straight games. meanwhile, the islanders have been on a rocky mountain high of late. trying to make it 8 of 10 tonight in colorado. colorado slipped in the go ahead goal with about three minutes left. they're down 2-1 in the final few moments of that game. finally tonight, former knick iman shumpert is a hands on man. the child came three weeks early. iman tied a pair of head phones around the umbilical cord while
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the name iman shumpert jr. for the young lady. >> what? >> for the young lady. >> but the jr. part, come on. >> and she's going to get a hair cut, just like him. >> exactly, probably. >> they're going to call her junie. that's what they said. >> that's cute. >> it shocked me. junior for a girl. nice catch though. >> the head phones. wow. >> you have to do what you've got to do, then the ambulance came and took care of business. >> what a special moment for them. >> wish them the best. we'll see you for that special.
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and we'll be right back. if you have yet to like the cbs new york facebook page, make sure to head over to and follow us. >> coming up, the late show with stephen colbert. >> for the entire cbs 2 news
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