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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  December 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the homeless living at laguardia. it's next. ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta
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. bundle up. this bitter cold temperatures are here, and snow is a possibility this weekend. good evening, everyone. i'm muhr reece dubois. >> i'm christine johnson. we hit our high of 57 degrees this morning. temperatures aren't expected to top 40 degrees tomorrow. in some areas, it will feel like it's in the teens. >> at long last, snow in buffalo, about 2:00 in the afternoon, the first flakes fell in the buffalo area, which marked the latest date they have seen snow since 1899. >> vanessa murdock is in for lonnie quinn, talking about
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>> well, finally it will feel like december. temperatures topping out in the low and mid-40s this weekend, but tomorrow will be especially cold because winds will be gusting to 30 miles per hour. windchills will be in the 20s and low 30s for just about all of us tomorrow afternoon. right now, it is 39 in the city, 41 in hamptons. coupled with winds, feels like 34 in the hamptons. feels like 20 in monticello. windchill in central park, 36. windchill. 7:00 a.m. city. feels like 11 in liberty. by tomorrow afternoon, even with plenty of sunshine, feeling like 30 in the city. feeling like only 18 well north and west of the city. coming up, we'll talk about a big warmup and we'll talk about well. >> all right, thank you. the cold weather could have not impact on the last shopping weekend before christmas. cbs 2's christine sloan caught up with shoppers tonight and she is live in lincoln center. christine?
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out here. this thermometer behind me lincoln center. it's supposed to be like this. it's december. but shoppers tell us it's stores. >> was it kind of like strange shopping in the cold? it's been so warm! >> it was. really freezing. forgot my jacket. >> reporter: shopping in westfield, new jersey where santa's presents, a reminder christmas is around the corner. some tell us they haven't bought all of their gifts, but may not brave the chilly temps this weekend to finish up. >> i'm done. i'm going to bake all day tomorrow. >> indoors? >> indoors. i'm done. thank you. >> reporter: many, including this guy in shorts, still in warm mode, unwilling to accept it's winter. >> what does it feel like? >> it's a bit chilly. i'm not going to lie. >> reporter: a few bundled up across the area, including at lincoln center. but gone seem to be the heavy coats and boots we're used to. many just confused about what to wear these days. >> i have to buy a new outfit.
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those who miss the snowstorms of old days. remember those days? it's on some people's wish list. >> feels like christmas. >> reporter: cold this christmas? >> it's going to be 65 for christmas. >> reporter: i think she has it right. vanessa will tell you it will be very different this christmas. live at lincoln center, christine sloan, cbs 2news. >> thank you, christine. well, he fought off an armed robber with his shoe and tonight, a dutchess county store owner is talking about the encounter that was caught on camera. watch, as a man enters a gas demanding cash. the owner begins to put money into a plastic bag, but the robber gets greedy, reaches in to get more. singh hurls his shoe at him. the gunman runs out, fires a round into the pavement and speeds off. >> something from inside. you could say god tell me or something, i don't know. something tells me grab him.
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in a dark-colored sedan with yellow license plates. new tonight, police are on the hunt for the thieves who are stealing christmas lights from homes on staten island. cbs 2 spoke with a family whose home was hit in new dorp. >> it was very enchanting, very pretty. >> reporter: josephine holmes showed us these pictures of what her holiday light display used to look like before some grinches stole her laser lighting system this week. >> i'm angry. to be honest with you, i feel sad and i get very angry. >> reporter: josephine says the thieves took off with nearly $800 in lasers. >> professional-type lights that i understand when i purchased them, that they are used in disneyland and disney world. so they are high-tech lights. they are not as seen on tv-type lights. >> reporter: the only laser left is mounted on the roof, out of reach. and josephine's husband michael moved most of their other decorations inside, because the
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three years ago. >> i felt, you know, we put out an effort and they stole our christmas from us. >> reporter: and it turns out three different families on the same block of jacques avenue got hit just this week. >> yeah, i would call them a >> reporter: and josephine holmes has one message for the christmas culprits who took her lights. >> i want them back. drop them in front of my house. they belong to me. you stole them. >> reporter: so if you have any of these laser lights shining on your home or in your trees, you may want to keep a very close eye on them. reporting from the new dorp section of staten island, cbs 2news. bathing in public rest rooms, camped out near baggage claim, hours after cbs 2 showed you the disturbing and sad images of people living at laguardia, the port authority announced major changes. cbs 2's meg baker has the exclusive story now. >> reporter: it's a sad and shocking situation.
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to the christmas tree at terminal b in laguardia airport. last night and every night. you see a person asleep in a wheelchair with plastic bags full of belongings. people sleeping on window ledges, camped out in sleeping bags, and even people bathing themselves in the public bathrooms, cleaning themselves and their clothes, in full public view. this 68-year-old man has lived here for years and began talking to me, telling me why. >> much safer here than in a shelter. with all this stuff here, i could have bedbugs, lice. >> reporter: people asleep in the food court, near baggage claim, waiting areas, tucked away near bathrooms. we noticed an overwhelming smell where they congregate. using the public rest rooms to groom themselves, this man the sink. >> kind of forget on a day-to- day basis that people are day. >> reporter: late today, the port authority called cbs 2 back to say it will close the terminal from 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.
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not have a ticket. while the port authority does not know how they will accomplish this operationally, they do tell us this will begin just after the new year. in the newsroom, meg baker, cbs 2news. >> so what else is being done to help the homeless who are living at the airport? the port authority tells us it's commissioned the volunteers of america organization to approach the homeless every night to offer assistance, but it is usually refused. it says the outreach will, however, continue. the city's homeless problem extends far beyond laguardia airport. today, the man the mayor tapped to fix it opened up about a possible solution. human resources commissioner steven banks says he will consider increasing the number of spaces at drop-in centers. >> we've got to look at the role and the place of drop-in centers to continue to play that almost way station to help someone come in from the streets and go on that pathway
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>> drop-in centers provide food, showers and medical services. spaces at those centers were slashed by the previous administration. campaign 2016 news tonight, a data breach leads to a heated feud between democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders. late tonight, clinton's team accused sanders' staffers of stealing voter data. the democratic national committee says sanders' team improperly searched and saved the data and they have since blocked his campaign from using it. sanders has fired his national data director and is now suing database. firefighters hurt on the job, but not by fire. >> you missed the punch line. you got to hang on every word. >> hundreds of firefighters in a legal battle suing over what they say sirens have done to their ears. do they have a case? >> plus, an oscar-nominated actor in handcuffs in orange county? >> and snake on a ship.
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india ended up in new jersey. >> plus, same product, different price. are men or women paying more?
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(man) what's that, remy? (remy) it-it's a speck of cork, sir. (vo) a new york gentleman spends $28,000 a week on wine to sit in. (man) i'm so sorry you had to see this. (vo) you'd make a way better rich person. (man) i'll be in the pool. (vo) lotto. making more new yorkers rich
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. police in orange county used bolt cutters to remove a metal harness from the neck of actor james cromwell today. he was then promptly arrested. cromwell was part of a small group who locked themselves together, protesting the construction of a power plant. they could take the heat, but some say the noise is just too much. hundreds of active and retired firefighters in new york and new jersey say they are losing their hearing and they are now suing over sirens. cbs 2's tracy carrasco has their story. >> it's part of living right now. >> reporter: it's a job hazard victor carlucci never thought about. but after 21 years as an fdny firefighter, he says his hearing is gone and blames the loud sirens on the fire engines. [ sirens ]
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this for so long and knowing how loud it was. >> reporter: carlucci is now part of nearly 1500 firefighters and hundreds more across the country suing siren manufacturer federal signal for irreversible hearing loss. the firefighters claim the pitch and decibel level of the sirens is unreasonably dangerous and their attorney mark burn says these sirens are defective. >> it is not something the fire departments or municipalities have a responsibility for. >> reporter: the lawsuit also claims that federal signal could have designed these sirens to be safer while still functional, but chose not to. >> they could have directed the sound by using what we call a shroud. >> reporter: however, federal signal disagrees, telling us the claims that sirens are too loud and should be more directive don't make sense and that any changes would make the sirens less effective and subject the firefighters and general public to increased risk of serious accidents. while federal signal claims to
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occupational safety and health administration of 85-decibels, a doctor of audiology says sirens can easily exceed that. >> 85-decibels is busy city traffic and honestly some restaurants that we dine in. if you raise the volume like a siren or a subway, we're well over 100-decibels, sometimes approaching 120, and you really shouldn't be exposed to that amount of sound for more than a few seconds. >> reporter: now, those who protect us are left wondering who will protect them. in midtown, manhattan, tracee carrasco, cbs 2news. a slithery search aboard a ship docked at port elizabeth. the crew reported seeing a snake in the cargo hold, but not just any snake. it was a venomous indian cobra. experts at the bronx zoo recovered the snake and say it was a little underweight and dehydrated, but is doing better now. the ship came from indonesia
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well, a new study finds women pay more than men for the same products at our local stores. the city's department of consumer affairs compared more than 800 products sold at two dozen new york city stores. it found that products for women cost 7% more than similar products for men. they include clothing, personal care items, toys, and senior products. the city sent out letters to the manufacturers, asking them to eliminate the gender pricing gap. new tonight, the holidays can bring out the best in people, but consumer advocates warn they are also bringing out the worst. >> from store coupons that are fake to gift-giving pyramid schemes, cindy hsu has a heads- up on some of the biggest scams of the season. >> reporter: there it is on your facebook page. off at target. who couldn't use the savings this time of year? >> they are playing with people's emotions. >> reporter: but go ahead and click on the link and you could
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for, says consumer advocate paul oster. >> if the coupon is on social media, don't use it. don't click on it. it's not real. >> reporter: it's a phishing scheme intended to get your personal information. experts say it's just one of many this holiday season. oster recently received this e- mail, urging him to update his personal information on his american express account. >> it says that your card could not be verified. >> reporter: take a closer look at the sender's e-mail address. oster says you can tell it's a scam. >> this is from sam.wiseman@uni- this is not an american express e-mail. >> if you have any doubt whatsoever, don't open it. >> reporter: better business bureau president says another big scam this holiday season is a social media sensation called the secret sister gift exchange. >> you get an e-mail saying here's a list with certain people listed number 1, number 2, for instance, and they will
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they will send it to the number 1 person on the list. move number 2 up to number 1 and put yourself as number 2. >> reporter: as your name moves up the list, the promise is you'll receive dozens of gift cards, but consumer advocates warn it's a pyramid scam. >> bottom line, these are losing propositions. >> reporter: another losing proposition this time of year, says the bbb, unsolicited offers for seasonal work. at many companies, even ups and amazon. >> it's not a job. >> reporter: it's a scam and the goal is to get you to pay an application fee, even a uniform fee if you accept the offer. experts say tis the season for bogus shopping sites. so before you click that buy button, look for the letter "s" after the http in the browser. it means the site is safe and secure. happy holidays. cindy hsu, cbs 2news. >> don't let it ruin your holidays. >> no. when in doubt, delete.
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vanessa murdock is in for lonnie quinn tonight. burrrr, vanessa! >> that's right. time to bundle up if you're heading out tonight or tomorrow morning. it is going to be frigid. teens and 20s to start things off tomorrow. in the afternoon, feeling like the 20s and 30s for most of us. quite a significant change from what we've become accustomed to this december, with temperatures soaring above seasonable every day so far this month. of course that changes this weekend. let's check in with our weather watchers right now. most of us in the 30s, but windchills already down into the 20s. 37 from ernie. plenty of clouds out there for him. for others, skies are on the relatively clear side this evening. winds are also picking up. heading up to the north here, checking in at 39 degrees as we look to stan in greenwich, connecticut. winds are 10 miles per hour. sustained winds tomorrow will be at 15 miles per hour. gusts will be as high as 30 miles per hour.
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we take you live outside in central park. temperatures are falling. it's 39. it feels like 35. we're heading to 32 degrees overnight in the park. so here are your headlines. cold air is diving on in, happening right now. it will finally feel like december this weekend. next week, we're back to near- record warmth. talking highs in the low and mid-60s for your midweek forecast. tomorrow, though, in the afternoon, this is what it will feel like. 15 to 30 degrees well north and west of the city. 20 to 35 degrees in the city, points south and east. you get the picture. it is going to be quite different from what we are used to. but certainly we'll have lots of sunshine tomorrow, but also the slight chance of a little bit of snow. here's the deal. some of us seeing stars right now. others watching as a little bit of snow gets closer. this is well to the north in the city for places like sullivan and ulster counties. big picture, cold air diving in from canada. high pressure taking hold for your weekend. sunday will be awfully sun- filled.
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good, but again, snow showers possible north and west. tomorrow morning, similar story. going through the afternoon, flurries may fly. best bet will be north and west of the city. your high tomorrow under lots of sunshine will be 40 degrees. again, it will feel more like 40 in the cities, 20s north and west. then on sunday, 45, lots of sun. winds will be calmer, feeling more like 45. monday, it's 54, partly sunny skies. tuesday, 58, partly sunny with wet weather beginning to make its way in. then wednesday and thursday, we are in the 60s. problems are possible. christmas looks to be a little the norm. >> got it. otis livingston looking sports. >> maurice, the knicks didn't want to become just the second team to lose to the sixers and they played like it in philly. >> he's not called the louisville slugger for nothing. i caught up with calvin pryor as he gets set for tomorrow night's big game in big d. hi. we're the gibson family, stationed in japan.
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greetings to all my family and >> we miss you!
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>> hope to see you guys soon! . the knicks and the nets both on the court.
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>> yeah, knicks trying to avoid an embarrassing loss tonight. there are truly two streaking teams in the nba. defending champion golden state warriors, 25-1. and the polar opposite, ice cold, the philadelphia 76ers at 1-26. they happened to be tonight's opponents for the knicks. knicks ruin the suspense when they jumped out to a 21-point lead at the break. derrick williams, got to get up to throw down. and then this guy is 7' 3, how can you miss him? lot of derek fisher to rest the starters, which meant plenty of time for the bench to get their shots off. d-will from the corner, as the knicks hang on to win by 10. 107-97, the final from philly. meanwhile, the nets on the second worse record in the eastern conference, tall order against the pacers who only lost three times at home this year. brooklyn proved to be a tougher out than we thought. ellington for a 7-point lead in the fourth.
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ended up taking the lead as well, by george, as in paul george. that's a big finish. 23 points, 10 boards, as the nets drop to 7-19. 104-97, the final. no rest for the weary a night after getting hammered by the wild, back on the ice tonight. rangers have been very average away from the garden. 6-6-3 this season. what has gotten into lundquist? he gave up four goals last night in minnesota. guess what, he gave up four more tonight in winnipeg, as the rangers' slide continues. 5-2, the final again. time for us to step aside. when we return, we'll get you set for tomorrow night's big jets-cowboys shutdown.
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gonner llowr isre oer
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. welcome back, everyone. jets need help to get into the playoffs, but one thing is a must. they must take care of their own business first to have a shot. it begins tomorrow night for the jets. they need to go into dallas, get a w against the cowboys,
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east race. calvin pryor will be called upon to help shut down the cowboy offense, through the air and on the ground. he's come up big with some big hits, as he told me, to set the tone for the day. >> can you feel when an opposing player is a little bit intimidated, nervous about coming over the middle? about challenging the louisville slugger? >> sometimes. sometimes. guys are out there playing football and doing their job. nobody wants to be put in this position. that's not my intention, to go hit someone and just hurt them like that. i'm just out there playing good football. things starting to happen in the heat of the battle. [ laughter ] >> we'll get you set for tomorrow night's game with our half-hour pregame show. game night begins at 7:00. eric decker, jim nance, phil simms, gary myers, ray lucas, a cast of thousands. and speaking of eric decker, i had to get to the bottom of his now-famous christmas carol duet with his wife, country singer jessie
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i really can't stay. baby, it's cold outside. i've got to go away. baby, it's cold outside. >> so how does it go? baby it's cold outside. >> give me a little bit -- [ laughter ] >> i'm going to get fined if i'm singing on camera. [ laughter ] >> i can't do that to myself. >> what about your teammates? how much of a razzing did they give you? >> oh, it's, it's -- i'm still getting razzed, for sure. see my name with her on the song is pretty neat and something special that we'll always have and our kids will be able to listen when they get older. >> sounds good, right? >> sounds really good. >> yeah. >> is that auto tuned? >> a little bit of auto tunes. he said he can carry a note, barely. sounded good, right? they can have that for the future. >> absolutely. his wife's got a beautiful voice.
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piano music. wow. i'm glad you finally made it, dad. you have to experience this city. that's what you always say. you were right about the food. yeah? welcome. only in new york, right?
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