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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 21, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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>> first, let's get to the latest hollywood news. we were backstage and in the middle of the miss universe nightmare. >> it was a crazy ending. >> it was intense. >> miss universe 2015 is colombia! >> for an excruciating two minutes and five seconds, miss colombia thought she won the crow >> i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is philippines! >> then look at this. you can see a pageant worker signalling, take the crown off her head. >> i was the only reporter backstage when the
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was floored. wow! >> i know. i know. that's exactly what i'm thinking right now. >> we were exclusive after chaos. >> it was hard. all the girls came down at the end, they didn't congratulate the real winner which was philippines. most of them went to miss colombia because they knew her heart was broking. >> it's a big confusion. >> yeah. >> you do have the crown. >> yes. >> you are miss universe. >> yes, i had to ask them backstage many times, many times. i did really win? are you going to take the crown and, no, no, you're really the they really assured me. >> talk about big time blunder, continuing to boo. they won't leave the stadium. mistake happened. they only know it happened. miss colombia who bears a striking resemblance to fellow colombian sophia vergara had a >> everything has a reason. i'm happy. >> i'm a little shocked. >> a little? >> what just happened? >> have you ever seen anything like that?
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dreams. i actually thought, you know, steve is a comedian, i thought he was making a bizarre joke. >> the "washington post" and a lot of people are asking if it was some sort of publicity stunt. >> it was a mistake. you know, just an honest mistake. >> harvey said he simply miss read the card with the results. but in the latest snap chat video, he blames it on the teleprompter. then he made everything a little worse with this tweet writing, "i want to apologize emphatically to miss philippines and miss colombia. the problem he is misspelled both philippines and colombia." next, trump tweeted very sad what happened last night at miss universe pageant. i sold it for a record pri this would have never happened. >> it was a tough evening. i would sa i would recommend that they go and have a beautiful ceremony which is good for the brand and good for miss universe and do a co-winner. i think something like that could work maybe. >> you know, i actually said the same thing. maybe they should just have co-winners. then everything can be fixed. >> it's done. you can't fix it. what was your reaction? >> confusion. nervousness. scared. dinlt know what was going on.
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open thinking what the heck happened here? >> what about the ladies? >> yeah. we saw miss colombia have her meltdown, of course. she was on stage crying. but actually miss phil had a meltdown backstage because she was so confused. she didn't know what was happening to her. >> i want to say this about steve harvey. it's a big mistake. but this mistake made it the number one trending topic in the social media world. i also applaud steve for doing the right thing. >> absolutely. we love steve harvey. >> yes, he is one of our favorites. big engagement. it wasn't their own. we've got the story from the moment they headed out to party. >> paparazzi surrounded the couple's suv. they're practically trapped as photographers fire away. blake looks frustrated while gwen tries to hide in the passenger seat but eventually gives up, even cracking a smile
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the couple were heading to the airport where a private jet flew them to nashville. the reason for the trip, blake's former voice teammate ray lyn, blake coach herd in 2012. he co-hosted an engagement bash foray lyn and her fiance josh with the theme of ugly christmas sweaters. these funny photo booth stills taken at the party show blake's sweater featured gingerbread men and gwen is wearing. these two are going strong with no sign of slowing down. >> indeed. >> ray lyn also have friends with blake's ex. she did not go to the party, however. all right. let's move on. big movie news. weekend? i feel like everyone did. battle has just begun. even after a $248 million weekend, the pressure isn't letting up on the sequel and awakens can put up box office
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billion before the end of next weekend. which would be gigantic. >> "avatar" holds the record. "star wars" global take is million so far. it hasn't even opened up in china. disney must be breathing a sigh of rel >> they needed this film to work because they have very ambitious goals of one film every year for the next six to seven years. >> we all have a message for all you "e.t." viewers. >> ready? >> may the force be with y >> long time "star wars" fans donnie and marie took a break from the concert tour to celebrate opening night with their most devoted fans. they rented out the theater and won over new fans. >> you know who donnie and marie are now, don't you? >> yes. >> who are we? >> this is princess leia and luke. >> she's not that far off.
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and princess leia when they were part of the marketing campaign for the very first "star wars." >> little did we know we were dancing with characters that were about to change the world. >> let's move on to the special beauty edition of "e.t." >> is that why we're going to cameron now here with a super model and a mom and super businesswoman with a new book and a look back at her amazing career. >> that was nice. i have to get over cindy first. >> that's right. >> cindy crawford, we're talking about. we have a lot to talk about, especially with cindy's 50th birthday coming up. her famous looks? your favorite body part? >> my favorite body part of mine? >> i would say, you know, definitely the legs. >> least favorite? >> i'm not going to text you'll
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>> i can't imagine any of her body parts not to like especially seeing her new book becoming. it wasn't always beaches and tahiti and 1,000 plus magazine covers. this small town girl started at $150 a day and on more than one occasion one of would you say pass out on the set from lack of food. did it change the way that you felt about your own kids modelling careers? >> no. i mean, i feel like who better can guide them if they do choose to do that. i feel like i'll be a great guide. >> coming up in february, cindy turns the how the heck did this happen so quickly? just yesterday i was finishing high school. could you ever imagine what your life would be like on the eve of turning 50? >> as a woman, i don't necessarily like it and say, look. i'm so grateful for my life. just a number, right? >> of course, cindy and randy were front and center at the wedding of george and amal who in september celebrated their first anniversary. >> how have you seen george of marriage? >> i don't know change.
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but he is definitely a happy guy now. >> nearly 50 years old and more beautiful than ever. i also asked cindy if she gives amal advice about how to deal with the paparazzi. she said she handles it so well she doesn't need any of her advice. >> i don't think she needs any advice. she scored clooney. think about. that. all right. kendall jenner also became a year. she emerged as the fashion designer wanted on that cat kendall slowed down long enough to talk to our carly seal. >> hi, kendall. >> hi. >> how are you? >> thank you for having me. >> of course. >> this is awesome. >> this dress is gorgeous. >> what it is like to be kendall jenner, being the toast of the town? >> honestly, it's a dream come true.
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i mean, exhausting but cool. i love it. >> just 20 years old, kendall's high fashion career set her apart from her sisters. flying back and forth from l.a. and new york to london and paris, she's got the life we >> you also have such an awesome model friend squad. kara, bella, gigi. >> yes. >> what it is like behind the scenes when you guys get together? >> we're like all super close and to be able to have such good friends doing the same exact same thing as you is really fun. >> kendall's stock in the fashion world went way up when she was named the face of the estee lauder beauty brand. >> they're such an awesome, classy, mature brand. >> of your family and sisters who is the most makeup obsessed? >> kim and kylee. it's a strong competition between them to two. they're really obsessed. they're really happy that i have this contract. >> kendall is not the only one of the family who really emerged this year. coming up, how kendal's sister khloe overcame hurdles emotionally and physically. we have the trainer getting her fit. >> then jane fonda, 78 years young.
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>> when i was young, i ne
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>> you have something to talk to >> you are looking sexy. >> that is jane fonda playing in "youth" n real life, nothing could be further from the truth. now this performance has already earned jane a golden globe
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jane has a lot to celebrate as she turns 78 today. happy birthday, jane. she is still on the top of her game. >> i realized when i turned 60, there is the curtain on my third third acts are important. i did it myself. >> jane fonda, "youth". >> jane's third act could include a golden globe for best supporting actress when the show airs january 10th on nbc. >> i have for a number of year wanted to give a cultural face to older women. we're the fastest growing demographic in the world. yet, we're left out. >> did you not see me? >> proof that productivity doesn't have to end at a certain age. her series "grace and frankie" has been renewed for a third
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what advice would you give a younger version of yourself? >> whether i was young, i never thought i was going to make it past 30. i thought i was going to die of alcoholism and lonliness. that hasn't been the case. don't give up no matter how hard it is. try to make the best of who you are. >> i never had s >> not ever? like, say up around here? >> no. >> being on tv and in particular netflix, they find themselves obsessed. >> i like orange is the new black. >> i love "empire." >> you get on "empire" before i do -- >> i will. >> all you have to do is say it in an interview and they'll call. >> come how cool would that be? we told "empire" stars about them wanting to be on the show and he said that's dope. yeah, we'll see what happens. >> next, we're hiring hollywood's bod squa the people the stars turn to for fast results >> you work with sophia vergara? >> and christy brinkley's beauty
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fess up to her tricks. >> i've done like a little here.
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how about a baseball game next time? done! done. book priceless experiences around the globe with... ...your world mastercard. only at 2015 is the year that khloe stepped out of the shadows and took her place as a sexy kardashian. khloe busted her butt. just ask our brook anderson who hit the gym with khloe's personal trainer. >> who is an animal in here like you are? >> khloe is an animal.
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no complaining. just get past it. >> and khloe's not the only kardashian gunner trained. he has worked with kourtney, kim, and kris. he posted this photo with gunner saying, thanks for whipping whole family into shape. >> is this the same kind of workout that khloe did yesterday? >> it's almost identical. >> it is. >> this is khloe's workout. we can get the curves and bootie by doing this. >> we've seen gunner run her through paces on episodes of "keeping up with the kardashians." and the results speak for themselves. >> this is khloe's moment. you can see it. the changes she's made are incredible. she's done it the right way. hard work, nothing fast. >> khloe's trance formation is a great advertisement for gunner's work. kellen was also able to tone for his role. >> gunner is severing innovative. >> what is the one thing people
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>> make sure you couple the strength training with the cardio. so many people jump to straight cardio f you're on a bike for 25 minutes or if you're running for 25 minutes, drop down every five minutes and do ten pushups, ten squats, ten crunches. >> pick up your pace. >> you worked with sophia vergara. >> yes. >> what is her favorite thi >> letter favorite thing to do in the gym is leave. >> me, too. >> that was solid. >> peace out! >> brooke getting tough there. >> look at her go. meanwhile, at 61 years old, christy brinkley is nearl as old as khloe but man oh, man christy is proving that age is nothing but a number. >> isn't that true? she sat down with our senior news editor to share her best age defying secrets. >> you've owned up to using laser and fillers. >> i tried botox. i'm not a fan.
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i didn't like the feeling, first of all. the claustrophobic feeling of it. not being able to do whatever i want with my eyebrows. i didn't like it. one of them dropped down. and i had to wait for that to go away for, like, what felt like years. filler is fine as long as it's in very small doses. >> we love her honesty about a little medical help. needles can't replace clean eating and living. her book "timeless beauty" is filled with the lifestyle she wears by. >> how you eat and ho exercise, these all play a tremendous role in how you feel and therefore how you look. you're not looking at how mu you weigh but how good you feel. and you're not looking at food as what i'm denying myself. but instead, what i'm going to gift myself with the next meal. >> our audience would love to live like you, look like you, age like you. what are your top three tips? >> well, i would say sun block, for sure.
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number two, smile. and a smile will give you your face an instant lift. but it also boosts your endorphins which elevates your mood. >> christy's tip number three, she's a vegetarian. >> i think that being a vegetarian really contributes to your health, to your look, and benefits our planet. >> how long you have been a vegetarian? >> since i was 13. >> what is the most important lesson that you taught your daughters about eating? >> to have an attitude of gratitude. and i think that, you know, talking about attitude like you really can't allow yourself a bad mood, a bad day. when you have so much to be grateful for. >> she currently dating rocker john mellencamp but remains friends with her ex-husband.
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say, you know, we have a daughter that is going to hold us together forever. so we were respectful of each other and, you know, you can't find either one of us saying bad word about the other. >> her smile and flowing blonde locks are iconic. who can't can forget her in the movies? jessica simpson challenged her for halloween. >> she is just adorable. and she looked hot in and her husband cracked me up. >> i always said that. she always looks so young because she's always smiling so big. yeah. >> in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which star didn't know what a big deal it was to be on a movie set while growing up with a famous dad. it is michael douglas?
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the answer is next.ories on welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's birthdays, which star didn't know what a big deal it was to be on a movie set growing up with his famous dad? >> it's what my father was doing. >> that is kiefer sutherland who turns 49 today. his dad, of course, donald sutherland. >> we're out of time. here is one more thing before we go.
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purchased a big chunk of weight watchers. now she's the face of the company getting personal about why she joined in a new spot that launches tomorrow. >> not just about the weight. you've been fighting with the wrong tools. you've been looking in the wrong direction. so every time i try to fail, every time i try again, has brought me to this most moment. exclusive miss universe as
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