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tv   The Mc Laughlin Group  CBS  December 27, 2015 6:30am-7:00am EST

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and can burning candles make you sick? products. >> this is cbs 2 this morning. we'll see you at 7. john: it's the 34th annual "the mclaughlin group" year end award 2015 part one. here's the master of ceremonies, john mclaughlin. john: biggest winner of 2015. pat: three winners, john. the donald who is a sensation politically of the year. and american pharoah, the winner of the derby, the preakness, the belmont stakes, the breeder cut.
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secretariat and man of war. eleanor: ok. trump is the obvious winner but i want to spread it around a little. so i have paul ryan, the new speaker of the house. it is the third highest office in the land, third from the presidency. and he's actually gotten some things done. and he got the job. was handed to him and he's doing it on his terms. big winner. tom: i'm going to go with ayatollah khomeini of iran for the investment that will bring to his economy. clarence: i'm going to go with hillary clinton because whatever else happens on the republican nomination. so she's a winner this year. we'll see what happens next year. john: the envelope please, tom. some envelope.
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a little bit of an exciting build-up. pat: we'll get you a letter opener for christmas. john: here we go. biggest winner, donald trump whose presidential bid was demissed by the beltway experts. trump still tops g.o.p. primary polls. he's already proven how out of touch washington insiders are. biggest loser. pat? pat: those washington insiders and the republican establishment who don't know what to do about donald trump. eleanor: yeah, i think jeb bush. when you consider the expectations about him, really had a bad year. but i would add the fossil fuel with the climate accord agreement reached with almost 200 nations. it's the beginning of the end of the era of fossil fuel. tom: i'll jump on -- i was going to say jeb bush but the big loser is going to be the americans with the electricity
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-- clarence: laquan mcdonald. he was the teenager shot 16 times by chicago police officer. he was raised award of the state -- an abusive family. he was a lose from the very beginning. it's a sad story that led to a national scandal. john: biggest loser. china's paramount winner, xi yuanping. china's economy knows -- nosedived with growth officially falling to 7% and maybe even 4%. with millions of young people entering china's workforce. best politician. pat? pat: vladimir putin, john. rolls into syria and just as a week ago, you got the secretary of state of the united states john kerry coming to visit and talk to him about the future of syria. eleanor: the new prime minister of canada, justin trudeau, son of pierre, handsome,
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the progressive world community. tom: i think prime minister david cameron of the u.k. who is expected at best to have to rule with a challenging coalition government but won a majority in the house at the parliament. trump. worse. he's defied predictions and came off as a guy who did it his own way and made the system work for him. john: best politician. that's not even close. pope francis. the pontiff guided his church out of the shadow of scandal and entered global leadership on political concerns. war, immigration, the environment, poverty, john boehner, among many others. the pope is the best politician. pat buchanan? i know you're stunned. pat: no. it's right down your alley.
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i think it's jeb bush. $50 million and he's gone from frontrunner to 6% to 3%. what are the beatles saying money can't buy you love. eleanor: i'm going to give it to jim webb who was briefly a candidate for the presidency as a democratic in his time -- democrat in his time on the stage. he complained that he wasn't given more time. very bad politician. tom: i'm going to say bill de blasio came in with a lot of expectation into new york city but increasingly unpopular with different parts of the city. clarence: there are so many possible nominees for this. i've got to give it to ben carson. john: you mean in chicago? clarence: nationally. ben carson had a lot going for himself but didn't know what to do with it. his biography put him on top of the polls among the leading contenders, but it's going downhill because he's not the
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john: worst politician. house majority leader kevin mccarthy who blew his chance to become speaker when he bragged congressional investigations into benghazi had damaged hillary clinton. you got that figured out, pat? the most define being political moment. pat: it is the paris and san bernadino massacres which have really turned the whole world at to the right. eleanor: i agree with that but i would also add all of the shootings of young unarmed black men, which have really altered politics in this country. tom: it has to be the paris attacks, the scale of devastation, the sense of loss and the effect it has had in political communities across the world. clarence: i would saber ber' time -- well timed denunciation
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it changed the tone of the democratic campaign. john: it was president obama's decision to skip the rally in paris after the massacre of the editorial staff had -- at charlie hebdo's magazine. more than 40 world leaders attended the march drawing more than three million parisians. turncoat of the year, pat. pat: reagan appointee, anthony kennedy becomes a decisive vote, defines the right to same-sex marriage in madison's constitution. i don't think it's really there, john. john: interesting. eleanor: good for kennedy. i would say turncoat would be donald trump who once upon a time, identified strongly as a democrat. gave money to democratic candidates. now has been born again temporarily as a hard right conservative. tom: yeah. eleanor stole my thunder there.
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a chameleon-like ability to change with the political ties. he's done it very successfully and to his credit, i mean, we have to be honest. he has picked up a populous vein. that is a fact. clarence: marco rubio, who was a virgil protege to jeb bush for a long time. they were almost like a peas in a pod and the thing that jeb was hoping didn't happen did happen. marco rubio ran for president and is doing better than jeb. so certainly, we'll see what happens next year. but at this point, marco deserves it. john: turncoat. general motors. taxpayers lost on the g.m. bailout to save u.s. jobs. 40,000 g.m., buick and vision cars now will be made and imported from china. sweet for china. sour for the u.s.
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pat? pat: the paris climate summit that lasted for two weeks, john. could you stand the excitement? eleanor: you know, the paris climate summit is super important, pat. in terms of most boring, this is a difficult category. and so i would define it as someone whose speech style can put you to speech. so i will give it to dr. carson. tom: i would say debbie wasserman schultz. it's so repetitive what she comes out with and it's all serving to the democratic party. john: doesn't have to be a human being. eleanor: i'm going to pick a human being anyway. ben carson has the skills to put himself to sleep. at least i keep thinking he's going to. pat: why are you nothing for? clarence: for putting me to sleep.
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he reminds me a saying he gave a fireside chat and the fire went out. john: very cute but a little meh. [laughter] the most boring. i know this will cause the claws to come out. you will take particular interest in this. but most boring goes to cat youtube videos. [laughter] it was a sensation. but that was then. and this is now. cats. enough already. boring. pat: have you ever watched a youtube that's big screen in your house, john?
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of the year. john: most charismatic, pat. pat: the niece of marie la pin, eleanor's great favorite and she's a 26-year-old that almost won the leadership of that region. extremely attractive gal. extreme right-winger, john. extremely charismatic. eleanor: and the second round of voting, the french came to their
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parties came down. climate change and cats are two of the most important things in my life. ok. most charismatic, pope francis in his fiat driving through washington when he vivid here, spoke before a joint session of congress. really captured the hearts and souls of a lot of americans. tom: marco rubio. clarence: bernie sanders. who would have thunk it? john: bernie sanders. the answer is donald trump. a non-politician who has stayed on top of the g.o.p. presidential preference polls. he centers a blend of charisma and chutzpah that propels him at the top of the polls. bummest rap. pat: that tom brady, the great for the patriots, new england patriots, somehow won because he played with inflated football -- or deflated footballs. it was a bum rap.
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he's a phenomenal quarterback. that had nothing to do with it. eleanor: bummest rap, planned parenthood is selling baby parts. every investigation has found there is no evidence for that bogus charge. tom: jeb bush in the sense of whether you disagree with him for the lack of charisma or lack of energy, i think he has brought to the table policy ideas and he's tried to it in the best american debate. clarence: donald trump's accusation of the muslims in new jersey. despite his best efforts to pull something together on that. john: the rap that political outsiders like donald trump and ben carson appeared to become president have -- the fact is that no prior political job is equivalent to the presidency. pat buchanan, fairest rap. pat: i'm going to go with clarence here.
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covered the fact that those kid -- that kid was shotted 16 times and this thing went over a year it. it was a horrendous cover-up and more for it. eleanor: that's my choice as well. there was a cover-up. there was $5 million given so the family and it took heroic action finally for a judge to order the release of that tape, which showed this young man was not aggressive. had a small knife and had 16 outrageous. tom: the frontrunner is hillary clinton because of the e-mails and donald trump because of his idea that muslims should not be states. clarence: far be it for me that will go something that pat and eleanor agree on. it's the horrible police scandal in chicago. john: if it's good enough for
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the ferguson effect is preventing police nationwide from using tactics that have cut the murder rate in half since 1990. pat buchanan, best comeback. pat: bashir assad. obama says he must go. he's dead. he's sitting in there and it looks like he may very well survive barack obama. john: he was invited to moscow to visit with his comrade over there. and he deserves it eleanor: i'm not going to speak up on behalf of assad that he somehow deserves it. well, jimmy carter, former president jimmy carter, cancer-free after announcing what sounded like a very grim prognosis had some good news at the end of this year. john: congratulation those former president.
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because of his response to the paris attacks. he restored the leadership. clarence: paul ryan. he has become speaker of the house on his own terms. john: wap this curveball. the mighty american dollar is back as the currency and choice the euro has fall on its lowest level in 13 years and the chinese is billing on the charge. pat buchanan, the most original thinker. pat: i'm going to give it to rand paul. eleanor: energy secretary ernest monees next whose intellect and knowledge really helped bring the iran nuclear deal across the finish line. tom: although i'm under
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but i thought joe biden's speech announcing he was not going to run in the white house. john: the award goes to "financial times" reporter and author tom burgess. his 2015 book "the looting machine" chronicles how china exploits the corruption of africa's ruling elites to plunge the continent's mineral well. he brings a dark perspective to his account. pat buchanan, most stagnant thinker. pat: i give john mccain and lindsey graham. [laughter] eleanor: n.r.a., the national rifle association. stagnant thinker. john: that was expected. you hate guns. tom: i'm going to go to -- eleanor: i hate guns that are misused. john: well, the national rifle association recommends the opposite.
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trade association that defends and protects the gun industry and they resist any kind of common sense gun reform which is i think you are in favor of, john. tom: bernie sanders's repercussion -- it has continue to be another failure. john: who was opposed to a gun that was an actor? eleanor: charleston heston. -- charlton heston. he was a spokesman. probably a board member. pat: ted nugent was a board member too. clarence: stagnant thinker. i have to go with donald trump. i have yet to hear an original idea come from him politically. he knows real estate but it doesn't seem to matter. he's able to sell old ideas and makes himself frontrunner. john: you're really picking on
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clarence: why not? are you saying this is a rough show, john? john: the award goes to bernie sanders. who seems mentally trapped in the early heyday of socialism with his polarized democratic party. where centrists have been squeezed out by liberals and with speeches sound more like a nostalgia gia fest for the five-times candidate of the socialist party of america. eugene v. dibbs of the 21st century campaign. pat: what's the next issue? john: best photo on. pat: the photo of that little 6-year-old boy on that shore who had drowned trying to get from turkey to some island in greece. it was a terrible picture but it had a dramatic impact on others in bringing folks into europe. eleanor: and i think bernie
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people to think his ideas are new. they don't think he's a stagnant thinker. best photo on, president obama leading the congregation in "amazing grace" when he did the congregation. tom: the syrian boy on the beach. clarence: the video in police cases of possible brutality has been instrumental and historic in both deciding for one side or the other who is really guilty or innocent. john: best photo on is the rally paris following the charlie hebdo magazine massacre. a perfect photo on except for the missing u.s. president and the missing u.s. vice president.
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predictions. piano music. wow. i'm glad you finally made it, dad. you have to experience this city.
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you were right about the food. yeah? welcome. only in new york, right? i guess so. and a real astronaut. that was something. hi john. hey kevin. one more. didn't you want to be an astronaut? an astronaut? yes, i did. there's still time. ahhhh!!! it's beautiful, isn't it? how about a baseball game next time? done! done. book priceless experiences around the globe with... ... your world mastercard. only at john: person of the year. pat? pat: is dominated politics for
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year and the name is -- it's the year of the donald. eleanor: secretary of state, john kerry whose tireless and creative diplomacy helped bring about the iran nuclear deal, the climate agreement which brought together almost 200 nations and is a turning point for the people. laugh if you will, pat. i don't think you or i will be around to see the effects. pat: i don't think anybody will see the effect. eleanor: no. and then he's in the middle of the diplomacy to try to bring about a cease-fire in syria and get us working on the same page with the russians. he's had a terrific year. tom: my person is the unnamed c.i.a. muslim clandestine officer who is not getting enough credit but is taking great risk. clarence: i have to go along with pat on donald trump because
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dominated the politics. john: 2015's person of the year is f.b.i. director james comey. a defender of the law enforcement on criminal justice policies. macropredictions. i predict 2016 will be a year of upheaval and realignment across the world. china's economy will continue to sputter. commodity exporting countries will suffer. europe's growth will remain flat lined. the u.s. will plug along at under 3% growth. geo politically, brace for the eruption of long simmering disputes and tectonic shifts along alliances. next week, join us for the "the mclaughlin group"'s 2015 year end awards part two.
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