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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  December 27, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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>> next, a brick take as driver by surprise on long island missing from the manger.
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right now a driver goes on a collision course with a store and a shopper inside. hear the mix up police say caused the crash. another driver and a passenger injured by this. a brick through the windshield. where did the brick come from? plus, an overtime thriller at met life stadium. the jets keep their playoff hopes alive with the help of a coin toss. good evening i'm diane in for cindy.
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cbs4 mark morgan spoke with witnesses who saw the terror unfold >> reporter: as you can see behind me the store front is being repaired and there's a reason for that. what occurred sunday was frightening for everyone involved. >> it sounded like an explosion. it was something i never heard before. it was a loud crash. >> reporter: gary phillips was inside the store when it unfolded. this video captures the shocking moment when an elderly woman's vehicle pulls in a parking spot and crashes into the store knocking one man to the floor and sending shattered glass and debris everywhere. >> i didn't see the car. i felt the gentleman that the car knocked into me and knocked me backwards and for the most part at that point in time i turned around and the gentleman was on the floor. >> reporter: residents were going about their normal routine.
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feet and i said it could have been me because of the timing of everything. i was scared. i was shaken. looking over me today. >> reporter: the man who was struck suffered a broken ankle. the woman accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. mark morgan cbs 2 news. new york state police are searching for the person who flew a brick at a car and smashed the windshield. it was driving on the parkway before 8:00 last night when police say someone threw a brick from an overpass. it hit the 21-year-old male driver in the shoulder and a female passenger suffered eye and facial injuries. new at 11, several people are injured after a bus and a van collided in brooklyn. the mta says the b 9 bus was standing still when it was hit
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people on the bus and one person in the van were taken to area hospitals and treated for injuries. a new jersey father is speaking out about the gun violence that left his child hospitalized for another day. >> reporter: the baby was shot in the face and had a bullet removed from his cheek at the jersey city medical center. his father says he wants something done now about what he calls the out of control gun violence on the streets here. >> i need answers and i need improvement. >> reporter: a passionate plea for change in jersey city from a man whose 18-month old son was hit in the face by a stray bullet. he was sitting in this car with two children and his wife ran into the post office on bergen avenue. police say they were not the intended target but the gunfire
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window and their sense of safety. >> i don't know. i don't want anything, just safe. >> reporter: right now jersey city isn't safe? >> totally unsafe. >> reporter: the baby had emergency surgery to remove the bullet from his cheek but is expected to be okay. police are still searching for the shooter and witnesses have not been helpful. there have been at least 24 homicides in jersey city this year surpassing last year's total. in a statement, mayor steven phillip told us, thankfully the tragedy. gun violence in cities has become a national epidemic. we continue to hire additional officers and deploy more officers on foot patrols but the challenge is daunting. the jersey city police department cease fire unit dedicated to stopping gun violence is actively searching for the gunman. now to a developing story in
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in the dallas area are dead after several tornados tore through the area. today survivors and emergency crews have been assessing the extensive damage. >> reporter: david denison's backyard shed is shredded wrapped around a pole only his neighbor's property. his neighborhood was one of the hardest hit by a swarm of tornados. >> we ran inside the bathroom and you heard crashing glass. >> reporter: the occasional lightning strike illuminated the twisters that started touching down around 6:30 thursday night. 11 people died including several who were in their cars. officials say the path of destruction stretches for 40 miles and more than 600 structures are damaged or destroyed. weather forecasters say two tornados clocked speeds of up to 200 miles per hour.
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and flattening entire streets. the governor of texas says the situation is still volatile across the northern part of the state and simultaneously experiencing extreme ice and snow conditions and torrential rain. >> we need you to remain individual lent. >> reporter: they sent out four alerts in the minutes before it >> that's the reason -- >> reporter: at the early stage authorities warn the number of victims may rise. the forecast in our area is about to change for the workweek. elyce finch has alerts for tomorrow >> we've had record temperatures and today was no exception and incredibly mild and we're talking about winter weather alerts. they go into affect tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. and you can see it's for a good portion of the state.
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things are about to get interesting and that means a significant temperature drop. we had record temperatures on friday. a little cooler on saturday and remember the 59 we hit that shortly after midnight and temperatures were falling throughout the day. today 61 and tomorrow 42 degrees and windy. we also have this steady stream of moisture so you can see it all here pushing out of texas. a lot is rain but once the temperatures drop and we get that moisture moving in, we're going to see wintery weather. i'll have more coming up in the full forecast. it was a big night for the jets' fans. let's check in with steve with the highlights. >> yeah, certainly a big week for the jets and they came through. we saw a critical win for the jets. this game will be remembered for an unusual coin toss decision by the patriots. >> we want to kick off.
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which way do you want to receive? >> that way. just like this. new england wins the toss >> patriot's coaches wanted to kick the ball to play the field position game. it's a huge risk giving the other team the ball in overtime. it was a tactical error that backfired on new england. ryan fitzpatrick drove them down for the game winning touchdown. the jets are peaking at just the right time. >> oh, my gosh, i'm so excite and had the steelers lost. we're making it to the playoffs no doubt. >> that was a great win. this was our super bowl. we could still make the playoffs with one more win and if kansas city loses we're going all the way. >> i hope he didn't jings it. the jets can clinch a playoff berth next week if they beat the bills and former coach rex ryan. we'll have more on why a one week period in march changed jet's history.
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reports that he use add banned substance while recovering from neck surgery >> it's completely fabricate and had complete trash, garbage. there's more adjectives i would like to be able to use and it really makes me sick. >> all the time we would send ashley manning drugs >> in a report airing tonight the quarterback is accused of taking human growth hormone in 2011. the heart of the story comes from hidden camera video of a clinic worker named charlie sly. he says hgh was quietly sent to his wife, ashley. sly denies the story and the clinic says when he was there manning was no longer a patient. two innocent people caught in the cross fire. cbs has new video of a gunfight in brooklyn. see what happens after the gunshot. what's missing from this picture? a crime leaves a congregation searching for answers.
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on a 20-hour 400-mile journey. where will i get my coffee and my bakery goods? >> closing time at a bakery that's been in business for decades.
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new video of two gunmen opening fire on each other injuring two people sitting in a car in brooklyn. investigators say the suspects were walking on opposite sides of the street when they started shooting at each other and a car was caught in the cross fire. you can see one of the car's passengers chase one of the suspects. a 23-year-old woman in the car was critically injured and a 25-year-old man in the car was shot in the arm family and friends of two people shot to death by police in chicago are demanding change. about a hundred people gathered shot and killed 19-year-old neighbor. they were responding to a domestic disturbance and he was
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they accidentally hit and killed betty jones who lives in the same building as well. his mother says these deaths need to stop >> what happened to tasers? seven times my son was shot. once in the buttocks. he was turning away. i got to turn today for him and i have to be there. this needs to stop. >> chicago mayor is calling on the police department to review crisis intervention training. a flight plan mix up had a ma lay shan airlines plane flying the wrong way. the flight took off in the wrong direction. the airline says the air traffic control was mistakenly given an earlier flight plan but both routes followed approved flight plans. we have new information tonight on the search for a baby
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nativity scene in new jersey. a spokesperson confirms this is the fourth newark parish burglarized this season. it's not clear if the theft is connected to a pattern. the statue had just been purchased. the church is encouraging parishes to report all incidents. a landmark bakery is shutting down after decades of serving up sweet treats. >> reporter: devoted customers started lining up in zaro's bakery early this morning. and ordered their favorite sweet treats for the last time. >> i had to come for the last hoorah >> reporter: it's known for the hala bread. today they're in higher demand than ever and sold out in minutes. >> someone came and buy all of them.
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for people in this neighborhood this is their sunday tradition. >> we're coming to grieve. >> reporter: that tradition is coming to an end. this location will shut its doors tomorrow. >> where will i get my coffee? my bakery goods? >> reporter: the owner post it had sign saying the landlord told him the lease will not be renew and had telling customers to call olshan reality to express concerns. we tried to call the company and have not heard back. >> when i founld out they were going to end the lease how could they do this? >> reporter: people are wondering how it will affect the community. >> it will not be the same. >> reporter: the owner tells us he's expected it to be packed in here tomorrow on the final day. it'll open at 5 in the morning and closes for good at 9 at night.
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>> they have ten other locations and all of them will stay open. adding to that, the owner is trying to find another spot in park chester. the new year's eve ball is getting more glits to ring in 2016. workers installed 288 crystal triangles part of the new design called the gift of wonder. >> it is special. it is about looking ahead. it is about the sense and wonder about what 2016 will bring. >> the new triangles come in addition to the 2100 crystal triangles on the ball. they're built to withstand high winds, rain and temperature fluxuations as it sits 470 feet above time square. it's a good thing the ball has fluxuations built in. >> the winds will be whipping as well. not a moment too soon they've built it to withstand the
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ours have been interesting over this entire month. today was no exception. let's check in with our weather watchers to see what kind of numbers we're seeing. we'll get started in new jersey. there's a 52-degree reading from thomas in manchester township. upper 40s and low 50-degree temperatures include inning this is stan, 51 degrees at his house and he says let's rush through the chilly days and get back to the warm stuff, okay? not sure it's going to work. we'll talk about that in a minute. then it's a full ten degrees cooler into the lower hudson valley. this is daniel and 41 where he is. he says wow it's windy. peak was 24 and running in the high teens. we're talking about significant winds. you'll want to hang onto your hat. a live look outside. doesn't look too significant out there now but it's still relatively mild.
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good news and falling temperatures at 48 degrees. high temperatures today and we'll take a look. upper 50s and 60s. 61 degrees was a record set at jfk. central park you made it to 61 degrees today and the record 63. 61 was not a record by itself but it puts us 21 degrees above normal and only two degrees shy of that record. it did contribute to this record. most 60-degree days or warmer in december. previous record 8 this year. 11 so we shattered that. your vortex satellite and radar showing the clouds and departing rain. most of that is gone. the issue is we have a steady stream of moisture. as you take a look back you can follow the cold front and a tremendous amount of moisture. when the temperatures drop more tomorrow night, we'll have another batch of moisture moving in. this is what happens at 10 tomorrow night. we're looking at wintery precipitation. some rain but we're seeing a
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sleet and snow as we head into the northern suburbs. more at 3:00 in the morning and new york city area and parts of new jersey you'll be in the rain at that point and slowly we'll see the rain taking over the icy precipitation. still late monday early tuesday kind of a dicey situation on the roads. dangerous as well. then things start to taper off. so overnight tonight we've got cloudy skies and much cooler 40 degrees. tomorrow expecting a high of only 42. not a whole lot of difference between the high and the low. the problem is with the wind it will feel colder. here's a look at your 7-day forecast. temperatures drop significantly monday night and monday night early tuesday we get the icy mix before temperatures rise and we're back to the rain. no 60s or 70s but 40s and 50s >> not super cold. still ahead, a mall evacuated. how thousands of teenagers forced stores to shut down early on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.
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steve is back with a quick look at sports. >> yeah, certainly we're
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jets in what was a bizarre decision in overtime on the coin toss which really overshadowed a compelling game. the patriots won the overtime coin toss and made the baffling choice to kick the ball to the jets. the game is over with a touchdown and that overconfidence would end up costing them. the jets needed five plays to drive down for the game winner. the jets win 26-20 and head into the final week controlling their own destiny. the knicks dug an early hole and couldn't make it back against boston. carmelo anthony's 29 points weren't enough. they drop it had fourth straight 100-91 the final. former islander helping beat his own team. they won 3-1 and that's the fourth loss in five games. later we'll sit down with a director on a documentary on baseball in the third world country. none of the players will make it to the big leagues but that's
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still ahead, a boat chase that could be a hollywood movie. they weren't going to quit and neither were we. the coast guard traveled nearly 400 miles to find criminals on the run. a look back at 2015. the heros we lost and the stories that brought out the worst and best in people. catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte
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every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. new tonight, we have new video that shows how christmas became a working holiday for a lot of the coast guard. it was a lengthy chase in the waters off of florida. valerie castro has more. >> reporter: caught in the cross hairs off the coast of florida. this stolen speedboat and three men on board led authorities on a wild hours long chase near ft. myers. >> these folks that were taking part in the activity weren't
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>> reporter: the 20-hour ordeal started christmas eve. lee county deputies say the go fast boat was stolen from a dock in pel kan bay. the coast guard was called in to help. the suspects went on the offensive and tried to ram a sheriff's department boat. >> they realized they were in trouble and started coming at us and where we were was a pinch point and the water depth was less than two feet. >> reporter: they were caught by the coast guard 65 miles off the coast of cuba. >> to grab a vessel running through the bay where you can see we have many people, people could have been easily hit. up next, elyce finch is
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schedule a time for us to call you. so have a great meeting. a kentucky mall reopened today with added security the day after a riot broke out. shoppers evacuated the mall in lieuville after police say as many as 2,000 teenagers caused complete chaos. officers from police agencies responded to numerous reports of fights and disturbances at the shopping center. the mall was forced to close more than an hour early. >> we started heading towards the exits. as we got close we saw larger numbers of teenagers and they
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and all the police and security started running that direction and we decided okay, it's time to head the other direction. >> several minor injuries were reported and they haven't made arrests. the last weekend of 2015 comes to a close, we're looking headlines this year. review. >> reporter: fire engulfed a massive apartment in edgewater, new jersey, displacing more than one thousand residents. luckily no one was killed. >> thank god i've got my family and that's what's most important to me. >> reporter: a plumber accidentally started the fire. this metro north train went up in flames in february killing five men on board during the evening rush. >> i heard a loud bang and a lot of screaming. >> reporter: the train crashed
11:32 pm
an initial report found the car partially stopped on the tracks. in march a gas explosion rocked the east village destroying four buildings leaving two people dead and dozens homeless. this year the nypd mourned the loss of two of its own killed in the line of duty. officer brian moore was shot in the head in may while on patrol in queens and randolph holder was shot in the head in harlem in october. >> we send you on your way to your new assignment to be a guardian angel at the gates of heaven. >> reporter: police commissioner bill bratton promoted both to detective. two u.s. service members were also killed in december in a suicide bombing in afghanistan. nypd detective joseph flem of west chester county and lewis bonakasa, a suffolk county native. >> it speaks of resilience and
11:33 pm
>> reporter: a big milestone came in may when the observatory opened at one trade world center. it was celebrated as another symbol of resolve after the 9/11 attacks. over the summer new york city battled a d a bacteria. last but not least, one of the biggest stories in the world this year took place here in our area. pope frances' visit to new york city. >> i came here because i wanted to meet the pope because i believe in a miracle. >> then you saw him. what was that like? >> it was the most precious moment of my life. >> reporter: people lined up at the airport on 5th avenue in central park and everywhere he went.
11:34 pm
mexico border coming up in february. andrea grimes, cbs 2 news. milestone. it brought in $1 billion at the box office in a record 12 days. the previous record holder was jurassic world. it also had the biggest christmas day holding and had earnings. let's check in with elyce finch and your workweek forecast. >> we've got some rain and wintery weather and some cold weather, which we haven't seen too much of. we'll see a little bit this week. let's take a look outside and see what's going on. clearing skies right now and that's good news. 48 degrees and we'll watch the temperatures drop overnight and it gets a little cold for some locations. take a look at the current
11:35 pm
we're at 42 degrees at beacon and 45 for ter ri town. we're at 48 for central park and 46 for freehold and spring lake. 50 for woodmere. we're looking at cooler temperatures and this december our average temperature 14.5 degrees above normal. an incredibly warm december. it is in the record books as the warmest december on record. here's the vortex satellite and radar. shows the rain moving off with colds and the rain is moving off and the issue is we have more moisture behind it. tomorrow we see the falling temperatures and windy conditions. this moisture moves in. as we start to see the moisture move in monday night it combines with significant drop in temperatures. tonight we get a chilly blast and it's breezy and clearing skies. tomorrow it's chilly and with the winds it makes it feel cold tomorrow. you need to bundle up. it's a bit of a reality check that it's december.
11:36 pm
we do have the moisture moving in at the same time as the temperature drops. we'll see some ice, snow and some rain. it's going to be sloppy and a little dangerous. >> thanks. still ahead, steve sits down with the director of an interesting baseball documentary and the jets inch closer to the playoffs and the giants come up short again. that's next on sports update.
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piano music. i'm glad you finally made it, dad. you have to experience this city. that's what you always say. you were right about the food. hi john. hey kevin. spent the day with an astronaut. one more. it's beautiful, isn't it? how about a baseball game next time? done! done. book priceless experiences around the globe with...
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the jets are one win away from heading into the post season. offense. the heart of the offense is a pair of guys the jets traded for one week in march. brandon marshall came in with all this hype and he's lived up to it by delivering a jet's single season record 13 touchdown catches. who knew when they traded for ryan fitzpatrick his contribution would be the greatest statistical season in jet's franchise history? today he threw for his 29th touchdown and ties a record long held by vinny testaverde. the last five patriots jets games have been decided by
11:39 pm
it was not a surprise that new england erased a lead to tie it and makes this decision so baffling. the patriots just marched down the field to score and choose to kick it in ot. the coaches admitted they were trying to play the field position game. their overconfidence bit them. ryan fitzpatrick is not the same player that's only beaten the patriots once in his career. over the last five games he's thrown one interception and 13 touchdowns. that includes the game winning walk off touchdown to eric decker. jets win 26-20 and once again they sit in that final wild card spot. >> we won the game. we haven't arrived yet. we got things to do next weekend and things to clean up. they fight, they have character and learn how to play together >> we have to work hard this week and go to buffalo with a million different story lines there and you know, we got to
11:40 pm
>> kicking to start overtime. what are you thinking? >> my face lit up. like you really want to kick the ball? i don't know but i'm glad they did >> after the game josh mcdaniels came up to me and i was like what were you guys thinking? he explained to me the situation a little bit but i didn't believe him. >> i'm just proud. i'm proud of everybody. we're playing the best football in december and to be a legitimate playoff team that's what you have to do >> those are moments you cherish and this game was big to us and keep us in the playoff hunt. again just the way we all finish and had i love this team. >> so the jets need to win next week and they get in. standing in their way, the bills and coach rex ryan. tonight was supposed to be a significant test for the giants in minnesota. no beckham jr. and tom coughlin
11:41 pm
it left a huge hole in new york's game plan. eli manning turned in one of his worst performances of the season. he was picked off three times and one returned for a pick six. new york's pass defense is ranked dead last and got knocked around in the trenches. minnesota ran for three touchdowns and the giants pleading no contest in minnesota. 49-17. their record is now 6-9. we're going to switch things to baseball. not baseball in america. there is a new documentary on netflix about the growth of baseball in the small corner of india. it's called the only real game. i spoke with the director and i started this conversation by asking her the significance of the title. >> the only real game is taken from something that meant so much to me when i discovered where it came from. it was a quote from babe ruth and it was something he talked about when he was leaving the game towards the end of his life and he talked about having been
11:42 pm
who played stick ball and who was a nobody and could grow up to be a legend and meaningful to other young people in the world. he said that's what makes baseball the only real game in the world. when we discovered the passion for baseball in this literally unknown to most of us in the west, part of the world, i felt like that connected our story and the story of baseball in india in a great way. >> yeah, perfect explanation for what we saw, which is adults playing this sport like they were kids. watching the sheer joy of throwing a ball and catching a ball. do you understand what you were capturing when you were seeing this? >> chris, when we first went there, we knew that there were people playing but we had no idea the extent of the love for the game and also the skills because of the length of time
11:43 pm
so from the first day that we arrived until over the course of several years when we were working on the film, what we saw was a kind of growth of the attachment to the game and team spirit and people's commitment to play this game despite all the hardships they're living with. >> a ton of hardships. in a corner of the world that is from the sports world would be cricket and soccer and now you introduce a new sport, more or less, baseball. do you think the appeal of the sport was what drove people or the appeal of what america represents? >> well, it's a very good question. in one way or another, people have been playing baseball at least since the second world war. one of if sequences in the film
11:44 pm
vets in that part of the world. they were in support of the british and people began playing that long ago. the game has had its up's and down's and it's now in a resur about. >> in that country aids is an epidemic and unemployment is at 25%. we complain about 5% here. there are half a million people unemployed. drug addiction is rampant and living under a rule of the army for more than a hundred years. it seems like they've grown up generation after generation feeling helpless. now does this sport give them an opportunity to maybe as all sports give us, a little discipline? a path? a goal to achieve? >> well, i think the sport opens
11:45 pm
joy and cohesion and for whatever reason, baseball represents something very free to people in montapour. you hit on something real about the discipline and the team unifying demand of a sport like baseball which honors the achievement of the individual and the achievement of the team. that may be something that they are particularly attracted to given the situation they're living in. i think the situation is somewhat better now than what we're filming. with new policies things have loosened up somewhat. it is still largely under occupation both by the indian army and by various state militias. they feel that they are not
11:46 pm
and making their own choices in the way they would like to be able to. sport has a kind of, if you will, spirit shl relevance >> we know baseball has been on the forefront of making changes here. we saw a little hint of that in we? >> yeah. i think baseball is, if we have anything to do with it, is going to be a big thing in india and should be. partly because of cricket. people are familiar with ball and bat sports. i think they enjoy the faster pace of the game and you know, it's unique. it's certainly for them. they're very good at baseball. it makes them unique and it's a good thing for them. particularly also because women are among the best players and the most powerful players.
11:47 pm
on this sport really begins with the ambassadors you bring in. two characters that were centralized around this were the two coaches you brought. in very different ways they both shared the same passion for this sport and that seemed to be something that permeates throughout the film. >> phenomenal men, both of them. they are major league baseball coaches, part of the mlb international program, which is a wonderful project that helps bring professional level coaching to communities all over the world who care about baseball. in this case it was the luck of the draw that we happened to draw the two best possible guys for this project. they were just wonderful. >> when you're putting together a documentary you don't get to write the ending. you can't write the ending but this film had joy, pain.
11:48 pm
how did you know when you were done? >> that's a very good question. i think many films certainly forever. when the kids were turned down and they were not able to come except for one man who did make it to new york to yankee stadium, to the harlem rbi program, which is a great baseball program, we felt that we had brought everything full circle. we had sent people there and they had come here. we had seen the connection through the second world war with our vets and in a way what i think we did was we tried to do was to leave the door open and hope that in the coming years they'll be more of this
11:49 pm
field will get built and maybe these kids will be able to come and learn from players here specifically in new york. we'd love for them to come to new york. >> we hope this story continues and the hopeful message this sport has given continues to evolve. you can catch it on netflix. it's the only real game. it's on netflix. thank you so much for coming into studio. >> tremendous pleasure. thank you. knicks have dropped three straight after losing to the hawks last night. carmelo anthony has led the knicks in scoring 23 times this season. tonight he had 29. new york within five but isaiah thomas continues to kill the knicks. not the former team president. it's the 5-foot 9 guard who has a way of negotiating through the lane.
11:50 pm
straight and the record is 14-18. islanders back from a christmas break and taking on the maple leafs who sport the second worst record in the eastern conference. couldn't tell by the way they came in and made themselves feel at home. toronto skating away with a 3-1
11:51 pm
>> let's get a final look at your wake up weather. >> it's going to be colder when people wake up and now we have winter weather alerts. they don't go into affect until 6:00 p.m. monday but you'll see ice, sleet and snow. here's the high for monday. 42 degrees late monday into early tuesday is when we get the wintery mix. get ready for it. >> a lot of variety. thank you. that does it for cbs 2 news at 112. for the entire news team, thanks
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a great week.
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte
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