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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  December 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the rain down around monmouth county into middlesex county. a slight sprinkle. a couple of snow flurries for sullivan, orange, newberg, dutchess. warren county, into morris county, you have some snowflakes flying around as well. hour by hour, this is for new york city. new york city, 7:00 p.m., i don't see too much out there. 40 degrees. 9:00 p.m., 38 degrees. i know it's above freezing but you can still have sleet mixed in. 11:30 p.m., 35 degrees. wintry mix. 3:00 a.m., 40 degrees. this will be just rain. by 6:00 a.m., 45 degrees. some of that rain could be heavy. i'm talking a lot of rain, 1, 2, even more than that. icing will be a problem north of the city. please keep that in mind. back to you. >> it's winter, right? travelers are seeing delays at airports thanks to stormy weather in the midwest. the biggest problems at chicago o'hare. airlines canceled 250 flights because of icing.
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parts of the country are cleaning up from deadly tornadoes over the past several days. we'll have more on the twisters coming up in just a few minutes. and where ever you are during this week with the forecast on the week, the weather app is free. breaking news. hikers had to be rescued after getting trapped on a ledge. it's the same park where another hiker got stuck last week. our reporter is in upper nyack with more. >> reporter: well, dick, the hikers were stuck for almost three hours after the fire chief said they went climbing off trail and then couldn't get down from the rocks. chopper 2 was over the scene as the rescue operation was happening. the fire department deployed the high angle rescue team and lowered a fireman down to two women stuck about 250 feet off the ground. a man who was with those two women had climbed down by himself earlier and was able to go make the call for help. we were there when the second woman was helped down to safety.
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but the fire chief says the group could have been in real trouble. >> reporter: what happened? >> did they talk to you. okay. i'm sorry. i'm gonna get some blankets. >> they are not heeding the warning. i mean, it's simple. stay on path and enjoy nature. it's when you go off path, things like this happen. it's not as bad as last week when the gentleman was injured and fell. they were -- they got lucky. >> reporter: one week ago today, a man hiking in the same area had to be rescued after he slid and fell into a tree and onto a ledge. he was carried down after three hours with injuries to his leg and hip. in this case, all three people appear to be just fine but the fire chief said they were definitely not dressed for the weather and not dressed for the -- this kind of hiking or climbing. all three will be issued
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tickets for going hiking offtrail and park rangers want to remind people there are signs posted that going off those trails is prohibited. valerie castro, cbs news. a vicious assault caught on camera in brooklyn. two thieves attacked a man on the street, then robbed him. now local leaders are offering a $4,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case. hazel sanchez the reports. >> reporter: the surveillance video is disturbing. police say a 60-year-old midwood brooklyn man walking home around 1:00 a.m. on monday, was jumped and beaten by a man. a callous suspect as a second suspect joins in. the attack was recorded by security camera. >> it's scary. >> he had no clue e was in absolute shock, the way he was
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again in his head. anin -- in absolute horror. >> he needed 70 stitches in his head. >> in our community here in midwood, that someone would be so maliciously viciously attacked, it's like what kind of people are capable of doing this? >> we're following the video. we have units as i'm speaking that i retrieved in footage. i give a pledge to the community. we will find these people. >> reporter: they released this surveillance video of the photos who they say they were actively searching for a victim early monday morning. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: after seeing video of the beating, neighbors are kemped the suspects may return. >> it's scary. it's very frightening to think that they are looking for people to hurt in the neighborhood and, you know,
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not ready to protect ourselves. >> reporter: they say they are increasing patrols until the suspects are caught. in the midwood section of brooklyn, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. chopper 2 over an accident at 101st and 159th avenue in howard beach. right now, police haven't said how it happened. but we do know the driver was hurt and taken to jamaica hospital. the front of the store also had damage. fire tore through a three- story apartment building in brooklyn killing two people. it happened overnight in williamsburg. our reporter spoke with residents who got out. >> reporter: for the people inside the burning building seconds felt like hours as they tried to escape. >> all i heard was the shattering glass. the flames were breaking the glass. and then the smoke and the screams. >> reporter: she's describing the panic finding her way through the smoke and flames of her third floor apartment at 30
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>> i had nothing but the shirt i was sleeping in. no phone, no shoes, no nothing. we ran out. we ducked down under the smoke. and watched our homes burn. >> reporter: those nearby say around 1:30 monday morning, just before the flames a loud boom. >> i just heard a massive explosion. i don't know if it was a bomb. it sounded like a bomb went off or something. >> upon arrival, we had very heavy fire. the first, second, third floor of the building. >> we put a couple of towels over our head with water in case we ran down the alely. that was it. >> two neighbors unaccounted for. >> the fire chief says a woman's body was later found in a second floor front bedroom. hours later, they found a man's body in the charred debris as well. neighbors say every moment counted when they were making their escape. the fire chief tells us that the building was so badly damaged it will likely have to
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be torn down. reporting from williamsburg, back to you. a jersey city toddler is recovering back at home after being shot in the case by a stray bullet. doctors expect he will make a full recovery after they removed a bullet and glass fragments from his cheek. he was shot saturday afternoon while sitting in a car with his family. tonight, as police search for the gunman, the family and mayor are denouncing the senseless violence. more at 6:00. the suspect charged in a botched armed robbery at roosevelt field mall is due back in court next month. investigators say oliver lee shot a mall employee as security tried to stop him from robbing a luxury watch store. lee's attorney said he's not ruled out a psychological defense. he's due back in court in january. the iraqi military says it's recaptured the government complex in ramada and liberated about 70% of the city.
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to door searching for holdouts. in is considered a symbolic victory because ramadi is situated on a road that leads to syria. about 30% of ramadi remains under isis control. fans are remembering meadowlark lemon. he died yesterday at the age of 83. >> he was really special, he combined skill with showmanship and entertained millions of us. here's more on his remarkable career. push >> reporter: known as the clown prince of basketball, meadowlark lemon played over 16,000 games between 1954 and 1979. his hook shots and no-look passes were legends. he was a basketball player but so much more, the ultimate entertainer. fans poured in to see the
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current globetrotters, they representen nis -- representen nied. >> it was a lot of fun coming and watching. >> he made everyone else feel jiful. he put a smile on everyone's face. >> reporter: according to his official website, lemmen was 11 years old when he told his father he wanted to play for the globetrotters and set the bar high. >> lemon was a role model, especially to african-americans growing up in the time that he came out. >> reporter: as the globetrotters formed their famous manic circle before the game, it was easy to imagine lemon right in the middle, the catalyst for decades of entertainment. he performed for millions in00 countries around the world.
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the way that he brought life to the game. the superstardom i just enjoyed. >> reporter: another legend, marcus haynes passed away in may. the globetrotters are dedicating this tour to lemon and haynes who helped brings smiles to the faces of so many children around the world. back to you. >> lemon was inducted into the memorial hall of fame in 2003. [no audio] >> as a said he was a clowned princess but a brilliant athlete, too. >> it was great. it was great. it's the ending that has some fans dheering and others scratching their head. why did the patriots make a call that opened the door to the jets' win. what bill belichick is saying. calling for help in the middle of a bear attack.
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tired of waiting on hold? there is an app for that. new ways to dial with customer service that will save you time. >> how blue tooth is helping
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admit they have a problem. there's new information in the bear attack in new jersey last week. we're getting to hear the 911 calls. >> hours of audiotapes were just released. our reporter has been listening to them and joins us live from the newsroom. >> it was one week ago that scoutmaster was mauled by a bear he disturbed while exploring a cave in rockway township. three scouts were with him, ages 1 and 13. those boys put their training to good use helping rescuers find and save their their leaders. >> where is the emergency? >> rock way. we're on a trail. >> the dispatcher keeps the boy on the phone while rescuers frantically try to figure out
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their location. >> did the gentleman come out the of the cave yet? >> no. he's still in there. >> okay. how far are you from him? >> ten feet away. >> okay. stay on the phone. >> two of the boys walked back to the trail to start a fire. eventually the scoutmaster escapes and manages to call 911. >> the bear pulled me in the cave and mauled me. >> where are the kids? >> on the blue trail. they are okay. >> where are you bleeding? your arm? >> left arm, left leg, neck and head. >> both he and the young scouts stay on the phone for more than an hour. the boys take turn screaming to help rescuers find them. >> help! anyone out there! >> when crews reached the scoutmaster, they found he had bites to his leg, head and left
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hospital and is expected to survive. parts of florida, georgia and alabama are under a tornado watch tonight as a deadly storm makes its way east. the same system unleashed a swarm of tornadoes in texas. our reporter is in texas with more. >> reporter: a shed floated down a flooded creek in newton county, missouri and first responders have been rescuing families caught in rising water. authorities estimate at least 40 people have died in this winter storm that stretches from oklahoma to florida. >> i see it. it's crossing the highway right there. >> reporter: the same storm is responsible for nine tornadoes that touched down over the weekend near dallas, texas. >> all we could was run and pray. i can't get that sound out of my head. you don't take life for granted
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>> reporter: this elementary school took a district hit. a family of six slid into this mobile home tossed in the air, killing their 2-day-old baby. 1500 homes are damaged or destroyed. >> i have no heat. no electricity. >> reporter: with so many people unable to live in their homes, there have been some reports of looting. >> it was already a sad situation that others could take and coming to a community that's been hit by total devastation and try to get what little remains we have left. >> reporter: these families have been fighting the rain as they try to salvage what they can. but forecasters say they will have clear skies for the rest of the week. back to you. >> the same storm that brought tornadoes to texas is being blamed for hitting parts of the midwest with snow and ice. the wintry mix created treacherous conditions for the texas panhandle, new mexico and oklahoma. thousands were left without power and major roads were shut down. there was drenching rain.
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southeastern oklahoma was soaked by more than 8 inches of rain. >> we're known for getting 40 inches a year. we got a fourth of that this weekend. >> i figured it would be better here. but apparently not. >> rain and snow weren't the only problems for oklahoma. they were hit by three earthquakes, including a 3.5 that hit near oklahoma last night. missouri is facing relentless conditions. ten people have been killed at least. the governor expects the death toll to rise. more than 200 roads have been closed due do flood -- due to floodinger. >> remember those palmy temperatures? >> barrelly. floating away. lonnie quinn is looking at winter weather headed our way. >> i see the balmy weather pushing back. this is interesting because it will be very short lived. right now, you are looking at
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central park. no skaters out. they will be out there pretty soon. the talk is about the weather. with the system out there, how is it gonna affect us? we have a partly cloudy sky right now as the clouds start to make their wray in. 40 degrees. pretty warm temperature right there. we are looking at -- i mean, a wintry mix for many folks. even new york city as this whole system starts off. overall are we talking rain or snow with the system. wintry mix to begin for most everybody out there. some snow is gonna be north of the area. i'm talking some snow, i believe it will be ice for -- ice for new york city. from the top of the united states to the gulf of mexico. top to bottom. the swirl around st. louis will be going north but it will drag this front through. it looks to be pretty good rain storm for many people out there but there will be the icing concern, again, north of new
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york city. by the time you get to tuesday afternoon, it's all rain and will put down big amounts. toms river. 1.7 for new york. these are computer estimates there will be a lot of rain to finish the system off. we finish up with the rain. back to you. >> thank you. well, thanks to their kids' holiday gift, parents are trending today. it's not for a good reason. the holiday hover board flips and falls that are spreading across the internet. plus from corruption convictions to fire storms, the
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political headlines from 2015. fact. advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. it's just a cough. if you could see your cough, you'd see just how far it can spread. robitussin dm max soothes your throat and delivers fast, powerful cough relief.
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i'm dana tyler. scott rappaport has another one of his reports about graffiti. and we'll take to you a neighborhood where according to the nypd's own numbers, complaints are up 525%. we'll tell you what the mayor has to say about all of this, >> thank you. also tonight at 6:00, did you get a drone for christmas and it disappeared? we'll tell you about that problem, too. >> okay. as 2015 comes to a close, we're
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major political story that made head lines. >> marcia kramer has more. >> reporter: it was january 1st, andrew cuomo inaugurated for a second term in a bare- bones ceremony from albany to ground zero because mario cuomo laid dying. >> my father is in this room. he's in the heart and mind of every perp who was-- person who was here. >> reporter: he passed away hours later. thousands packed the funeral, rows of police forming an honor guard. loom min aries including bill and hillary clinton. >> in the end it wasn't so much of the eloquence of his words that spoke to us but the eloquence of his life. and the world is a sadder place
5:22 pm
>> reporter: thousands at other funerals for cops and this created a political nightmare for the mayor. the police union's questioned the mayor support. new york esquestioned their safety. four cops killed in 11 months. >> what makes a police officer is courage, compassion, calling? i would say to you it's all of these. >> excuse me. >> reporter: another sadness or rather a stain on the body of politics. corruption indictments of the top leaders of the legislature. sheldon silver and dean sdelos and a hint of more to come. >> our unfinished fight against public corruption continues. you should stay tuned. >> reporter: the race to replace barack obama got off to a spirited start with a lot of local candidates getting into the act.
5:23 pm
hillary clinton run as a democratic. chris christie, former new york governor, george pataki and businessman donald trump who caused quite the stir by demanding that muslims be banned by entering the country. mexicans. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico for that wall. >> reporter: and here in new york, mayor deblasio, railed against governor cuomo when he didn't get what he wanted from albany. >> there is a kind of deal making and horse training that he engages in that i think often obscures the truth. >> reporter: that soured the relationship to the point where where at every turn, the governor found a way to bigfoot the situation. on homelessness, something deblasio has found difficult to eradicate, the governor is promising his own solutions to alleviate fears of new york city residents. it will be in the january
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will continue into 2016. marcia kramer, cbs2 news. up next -- they could have been killed a driver and passenger inches from danger as a brick crashes through their windshield. what police are telling us today. shot to death by police while holding a toy gup. the video that made prosecutors' minds up about not charging the cops. and jets are not complaining about the overtime
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otis is up next with sports. uswi a-yr reen fi gesou40ba,d l e emm vi chne f aea
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gonner llowr isre oer
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a dangerous prank on a long island highway sends two people to the hospital. good evening. i'm dick bren none. >> i'm alice gainer. a driver and passenger were hurt when a brick came flying through their window. >> this is not the first time somebody has pulled a dangerous stunt. >> reporter: the 1996 bmw that took a brick to the front windshield right at a couple in the front seat. somebody throwing it off the glen curtis boulevard overpass straight onto the meadow park. resource at this. i want to catch these kids. >> reporter: the couple is very lucky to be alive.
5:28 pm
>> the young man was able to drive straight to nassau university medical center. the 27-year-old ended up with a bruised compan while the female passenger was treated for an i injury and bruising to the mouth. >> we had several reports of youths throwing bricks rocks on the meadow state parkway. >> reporter: fencing unfortunately has not prevented the nightmarish reoccurring of these deadly incidents over the years. >> the folks who do it belong in jail. it's attempted murder. >> reporter: the prospect of taking a flying brick to the windshield at 60 miles an hour on the highway is enough to sicken drivers. >> why would you even do that? what's the point? >> a brick comes through your window, something is wrong with a lot of people. >> i'm pleading to the public. if anyone saw anything, please come forward. everyone will remain confidential.
5:29 pm
>> reporter: malice beyond comprehension. back to you. jets' fans, including alice got a late christmas. >> a questionable decision by the patriots' coach helped the jets win their fifth game in a row. otis livingston is here with more. >> bell belichick is usually the smartest guy in the stadium. it didn't work out. the jets went from needing to win and get some help to now controlling their own destiny in the final week of the regular season. it couldn't happen at a better time against a nicer team. the new england prints are seen as the goal standard but even the coach can make a mistake. >> they elected to kick. ball? my face lit up. i'm glad they did. >> reporter: in a move that left everyone shaking their heads, the coach and the patriots declined to take the ball at the start san fernando overtime.
5:30 pm
for the touchdown, the game is over. this happened. >> back right corner. he has it! touchdown! and the jetting have won it in overtime. >> reporter: ryan fitzpatrick and eric decker put this one in the books before tom brady would even step on the field in overtime. belichick didn't elaborate on why he decided to kick -- >> i thought it was the best thing to do. i think we all have confidence whatever the coach decide we have to do our -- decide we have to do our job. he's doing what he thinks we need to do to get us to win. >> he said it. i guess that's what they wanted to do. nothing to do the jets. >> reporter: it has a lot to do with the jets. that led to the jets' fifth straight win and they are a spot away from the playoffs. all they have to do is reach rex ryan.
5:31 pm
>> rex ryan is a very competitive coach. both teams are fighting to win. we know what it means to us and we know what it means to the bills. >> and bill belichick stood by his decision saying he wanted to get a defensive stop and not have as far to go on offense the least to win by a field goal. it didn't work out. the jets need to win on sunday or have the steelers lose. >> oh, rex ryan. we meet again. >> that's right. they beat them earlier this season on a thursday night in metlife stadium. the jets have to try to return the favor. >> todd bowles, kind of working out -- >> yeah [laughter] >> things are working out and all they have to do is shut rex up and beat him. >> all right. thank you. new information on the deadly police shooting of a 12- year-old boy who was holding a toy gun in cleveland. a grand jury has decided not to indict the officers involved. prosecutors also released enhanced video today of the shooting.
5:32 pm
they say it proves tamir rice was removing the toy gun from his waistband when he was shot. another clip from the video gives us a clearer look at tamir rice before the shooting when witnesses said he was pointing the toy weapon at people. >> it's now indisputable that he was drawing gun from his waist as the police slid toward him and officer loehmann exited the car. >> rice's family is accusing prosecutors of manipulating the grand jury process so the officers would be cleared. and chicago's mayor is cutting his vacation short as the city deals with another deadly police shooting. officers fatally shot 19-year- old le greer on saturday while desponding to a domestic disturbance call. investigators say betty jones who lived downstairs was accidentally hit by gunfire. police departments use of force policies are already under investigation by the justice department. well, from helping others to asking for help themselves. why a food paptry that feeds a
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struggling years after being torn apart by superstorm sandy. this looks like a pen but it's made to help people from losing their hearing. how that and a smart known can help those struggling. the first american baby was born through in vitro fertilization, today in history. an estimated 63,000 babies are
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the doors to a century old queen synagogue remain closed more than three years after superstorm sandy's floodwaters went through. >> they've received little help to repair the building along with the food bank and soup kitchen. >> reporter: the rabbi can barely walk through the crumbling wreckage filling the synagogue. mold covers the floor and walls. the roof shifted and leaks whenever it rains, worsening the damage to hundreds of water- logged prayer books. it's not just the nearly 100 congregants forced to go elsewhere for service who have been hurt but the many needy
5:37 pm
ruined now food bank and soup kitchen. >> we asked them for money. we're not covered. >> reporter: the congregation had no flood insurance and the private insurance company rejected the claim ulrooing the damage had been caused by wind. the rabbi still delivers food to neighbors like mary, the 86- year-old has severe arthritis and struck tolls replace the food she received from the synagogue. >> i have to go to rockaway village. i'm not able to travel there. >> sad. this is a thriving congregation. the floor was put in a few months before sandy. >> reporter: the rabbi must turn to the public to restore what mary and others have relied on. >> please help as much as you can. we need the food bank nearby in this neighborhood.
5:38 pm
>> reporter: the rabbi says he hopes to raise $200,000 to revive that mission. in far rockaway, mark morgan, cbs2 news. >> the rabbi said despite repeated requests, they've had no luck getting donations. if you would like to help go to our website and click on the menu to find out how. well, coming up, taking a spill and a spin. up next, think the hoverboards are all fun and games? a lot of adults are discovering how rough of a ride it really is. but first what's coming up at 6:00. >> tonight at 6:00, a new jersey family fled violence in egypt two years ago only to find it in jersey city. you will hear from the parents of a little boy hit by a stray bullet this weekend as he's released from the hospital. >> also remember a d.c.kive who lost his life fighting her our country. how he will be honored for
5:39 pm
those stories and more at 6:00. check this out -- more
5:40 pm
hoverboard danger this time in ocean county. the fire department posted these pictures after a hoverboard caught fire. they are warning owners don't leave them unattended while charging. there's also the risk of falling off. new owners, especially adults, are quickly discovering it's hard to keep your balance. ben tracy has more. [laughter] >> reporter: it's the gift that keeps on giving, especially for kids enjoying seeing their parents hop on their hoverboards and finding themselves cruising for a bruising. hashtag hoverboardfails has gone viral. carlos tweeted a photo with his arm in a sling tweeting hover board is for kids. my daughter got it. i ended up in the er. just before christmas, the number of injuries were
5:41 pm
that's expected to rise dra mat lickically and -- dramatically and worries safety experts. >> you have a product that doesn't have to meet safety pro requirements. >> try to stand trait up. >> straight up. >> reporter: i thought i got the hang of it. that may be the lesson of this holiday season. something that seems like child's play is probably best left to actual children. ben tracy, cbs news. on the pavement of a los angeles parking lot. >> so there's the threat of fire, the threat of breaking your hip and still, people are loving it. >> and ben is thrown off the curb. let's go over to lonnie. you would probably be good a snowboard, not a hoverboard. >> my niece picked up one and
5:42 pm
one of the grownups. >> getting that second foot up there -- >> no cell phone of you wiping out. >> we will need that like we need a hole in the head. >> let me show you the picture outside. i showed you earlier the rink there was nobody on it. now the rink nice and populated with people. some clouds overhead. 40 degrees as of right now. headlines, as far as the storm moving in, ice will be the first concern. i mean that's what we'll deal with first. ice is the first concern. rain is the second concern. for many people the rain will concerns. as far as snow, not too much. normally this time of year we should have picked up on inches. we picked up nothing. i don't really see too much of anything coming in with this particular storm. as far as snowfall goes maybe the northern communities pick up 1, 2 inches of snow. not a big snowmaker. ice will be a bigger problem.
5:43 pm
what we see right 0 out there, we see warren county, huntingdon, that pink is the rain and sleet. when we say wintry mix, that's what we mean. then you get over to noon passaic, snowflakes flying around. the bigger picture will show you how formidable this storm is. there's your big rotation around st. louis and the comma shows you the cold front that goes down to the panhandle of florida. this will be moving in the area. here we are, 7:00 p.m. tonight. now we get to 11:00 p.m., notice even new york city is right on the line. there's staten island. and then you are into the rain. new york city on the line with that rain/sleet mix. now 2:00 a.m., new york city, now you are in the rain and north of new york, outside of the city, still holding onto icing conditions. you see some snow falling up in the northern suburbs and then you get to 7:00 this morning,
5:44 pm
morning commute, heavy rain for all of like new york city and then north still holding onto some icing and that wintry mix and then by the time you get to 11:00 a.m., even those places north have turned into rain. some of this rain could be heavy. we're talking 2 inches or more for some spots. 5:00 p.m. and the clouds are out there but the precipitation with the system is done. how does it all work out? new york city points south and east, it's a mix for a brief period of time. turns over to rain. outside of the city, maybe snow. it's primarily the icing that we're worried about. well north, it's snow and ice mix. the ice mix at the tail end of this even for you well north could turn over to rain. let's talk numbers. 51, here we are talking about a interwither storm. we'll have a high temp of 51 degrees. even dr. max is shaking his head over there. then you get to wednesday, it's 52 and a sky overhead that looks pretty good during the day on wednesday. thursday we look like we're dealing with rain during
5:45 pm
thursday but it's during the first part of thursday, so that thursday night the revelers out there, i think it will be okay by thursday night. friday i think you will have a fine day as well. between the high des sibles of rock -- des bibles, of rock concerts and the technology is making lives better for the heart of hearing. >> hearing aids have been around for a long time 24e6 gotten much better with digital sound processing but they take the sound around us and make it louder. but if you add blue tooth technology and some clever devices to those aids, hearing improves dramatically. [ sirens ] >> you don't have to be a hearing expert to realize that new york is one noisy city. restaurants and bars are just as noisy. bad enough for normal hearing people but for someone with
5:46 pm
>> i found myself avoiding social situations because it was so difficult. i asked someone how they were doing. couldn't hear them. put on a smile as if i heard them. >> john kramer has a genetic hearing loss that's gotten worse as he's gotten older. he has hearing aids that amplifies the sound but in a noisy environment his speech discrimination goes down. for john and others, that hearing loss can be socially isolating. >> they don't can't to aggravate the family and friends so they withdraw. >> but add blue tooth and some gadgets watch the difference. john has a pen-shached device that's a microphone and blue tooth transmitert. >> i place it near the tv and now it will transmit the sound into my ears. i have to press a button to get it going. if you asked me what you are saying, i can hear it.
5:47 pm
>> the blue tooth receiver is around john's neck is broadcasts into his hearing aids. he can also use the pen in a business meeting and hear the discussion. with an app on a smartphones, he can change the settings to hear his companions during dinner. >> you are much less tired because you haven't worked so hard at listening. >> it's really giving me -- i want to be engaged again. i don't feel like a handicap. >> unfortunately, the technology isn't cheap. the combination of the pen device, blue tooth receiver, and streamer, $3500 plus the cost of hearing aids which can vary tremendous. the costs should come down. it's an investment maintaining connections. it's amazing how elderly will really sort of just with-- just
5:48 pm
they can't hear you and they wig draw. calling customer service can be a time-consuming task. up next, the apps will take away those dreaded dials for you. and where are the drones?
5:49 pm
disappearing from the sky. you think about things you dread, customer service and automated holds. >> as jessica snyder found there is a new high-tech you. >> reporter: carol dreaded the thought of being stuck on hold with the cable company. >> i get really aggravated. >> reporter: she decided to try evener listen, the app. she typed in her question. the app contacts businesses, relays customer messages and zaps their responses pack to -- back to users' phone. >> within two hours i got back information from the cable company. it was a long message that
5:50 pm
listed all of the details answering all i asked. >> reporter: not wanting to wait on hold is what experts say contributes to a growing number of similar apps and websites. >> futures of customer service is everything at your fingertips. immediate. >> reporter: apps like get human show the most immediate way to work through a company's automated phone maze to reach a message and then the lucy phone will put you on hold and call you back. >> press one to be called back. >> reporter: even big-named businesses use app toos communicate with customers. you can instant message some companies. this home improvement store's app offers a live chat option. so did this major department store's website and its app lets you tweet with a customer service agent. >> the days of consumers getting all of their problems
5:51 pm
hold -- pie -- by a company are quickly fading. >> it was the best experience i've had when this comes to customer service. it felt fulfilling to me. >> reporter: consumer watchdogs say these apps can help ease phone frustrations but just like any other app you download, check the ratings and the privacy policies first. >> we were on hold with somebody today. we won't say who. >> we're still waiting. >> the best buy app lets customers do this while in the store. >> that's all for the news at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. a toddler shot by a stray bullet. home from the hospital. tonight, his family's message
5:52 pm
about crime in their new jersey community. honoring a fallen hero, the body of an nwpd detective killed in afghanistan makes the final trip home. how he will be remembered for paying the ultimate sacrifice. plus -- >> went into a cave and a bear in the cave with him. >> a call from boy scouts after their leader is attacked by a pear. hear the 911 released today. and disappearing drones. what's up with that? i'm dana tyler. we'll start with our first taste of winter. finally about to appear, it seems. a major storm heading straight for the tristate area bringing heavy rain and a wintry mix. road crews on the ready, trucks loaded with salt. crews on stand by. lonnie? >> i think the biggest concern about this storm will be the icing conditions and some sand and salt. a winter weather advisory is --
5:53 pm
goes into effect at 8:00 p.m.
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