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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  December 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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a random attack caught on camera, and neighbors think the suspect could come back.
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next. a winter weather warning. road crews preparing for a mix of snow, sleet, and rain tonight. we're tracking what could bring a messy commute to the tri- state area. good evening, i'm alice gainer. >> i'm dick brennan. maurice and kristine are off tonight. also seeing sled and freezing rain in the east village, and this is just the beginning. >> lonnie quinn big concerns for the morning commute. >> the morning commute is going to be a messy one. the national weather service is saying it's a winter weather advisory for those areas north and to the west of new york city, shaded in the purple there. the biggest concern is going to
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take a look at vortex peak. a little burst of snow showers, from sussex county, into northern passe county. wherever you see this pink or sort of that purple color, that's the icing we're worried about. you go up to monticello right now, where i showed you the snow showers pushing through, it's 36 degrees. 39 now in belmar. look what that's temperatures will do as you move forward. this 35-degree reading for new york city is the coldest reading you're going to get. they're on the rise. by the time you get to 2:30, you're looking at a pretty good rain out there. it's widespread, and starting to push through the north. still holding onto sleet, north of the city. that's why we feel that the icing condition, noters and
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to be a problem. winter weather advisevy is in facet until 2:00 p.m. >> our weather team will be tracking this overnight. turn on cbs 2 news this morning, beginning at 4:30 a.m. new details about a bear attack in new jersey. they come from 911 tapes when a scout master was being mauled and the boys with him called for help. >> reporter: it ended with a rescue. scout leader chris petronino bundled onto a stretcher. >> 911, where is the emergency? >> we're at split rock reservoir. me and two other scouts went hiking. my scout master went into a cave and a bear was in the cave with him. >> three scouts watched in hourer, as a bear pulled him into a carve.
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>> the bear is on top of him? >> yes. >> reporter: the scouts showed they could be prepared in an emergency. first leaving sandwiches near the cave entrances to draw the bear out, then taking action to help rescuers locate them. >> the scouts are making the team a fire right now. we'll keep it contained and we'll make it a lot of smoke. >> reporter: as the rescuers closed in, this poignant comment from one of the scouts. >> he'll make it out of this alive. i love you guys. >> reporter: meanwhile, scout leader petronino manages to escape the bear by hitting it on the nose with a rock hammer. >> i'm sorry about all of this. >> no, no, listen. there's nothing to be sorry about. let's just get you taken care of, okay? where are you bleeding? your leg, arm? >> left arm, left leg, neck, and head.
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>> reporter: new jersey wildlife officials estimate petronino spent more than an hour inside the cave with the bear, he's truly lully to be alive. the boy scouts say he's recovering, and even cracking jokes. two hikers trapped on a ledge in rockland county. three people have been stuck, but a man climbed down and called for help. firefighters came in to rescue the woman who had been stuck for almost 3 hours. nobody was hurt. all three will be issued tickets for not staying on the park hail. just last monday, a hiker was injured, and rescued in the a jersey city toddler shot the hospital. cbs 2's valerie castro spoke with his relieved family. >> 18-month-old nina bisshet is
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>> reporter: nina was injured when a stray bullet hit his family's car. the little boy was sitting in the car with his father and sister while his mother picked up a package at the post office. after surgery, mena was finally released. after the shooting, the boy's father demanded justice. >> i need answers, and i need improvement. >> reporter: there were 86 shootings this year, compared to 77 last year. the jersey city mayor gave anticipate. since last year. >> the shootings and homicide last three years. >> reporter: tonight, the father says he got the answers him at home. >> he promised me it's going to be more safe and he's going to hire more officers. >> reporter: as for mena, he's
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recovery. >> jersey city police have still not made an arrest in this case. they're asking anyone with information to begin them a call. in jersey city, valerie castro, cbs 2 news. a surveillance camera caught the whole thing early this morning in midwood. you can see someone jumped and beat a 60-year-old man. another man joins the attack, going through the victim's pants pockets, stealing a cell phone and cash. the victim needed more than 70 stitches to his head. >> in our community here in midwood, that someone would be so maliciously viciously attacked, it's just like what kind of people are capable of doing this? >> a $4,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. this just into the cbs 2 newsroom. ethan couch has apparently been
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reporting couch and his mother were stopped near porta villarte. he's expected to be turned over to u.s. marshals. pouring rain didn't stop protesters in cleveland, where police officers won't face charges for killing a 10-year- old boy who he was holding a toy gun. demonstrators marched through puddles to show their outrage. earlier today, prosecutors announced that a grand jury decided not to indict the officers in the shooting of tamir rice. >> mistakes and miscommunications by all involved, that day. the evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police. >> there was an expectation that this would be the outcome of the grand jury process. but there's nothing like knowing it's real now. and they have to live with that. >> authorities also showed newly enhanced video.
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for the toy. even though he was probably trying to show the gun was not real. a flag draped coffin arrived at stewart air national guard brace. the 45-year-old was among six u.s. service members killed last week. lemm's grieving widow, children, and patients attended the service. joseph lemm's funeral is wednesday at 10:00 a.m. at st. patricks cathedral in midtown. and the funeral for louis bonacasa is at 11:00 a.m. prince of basketball has died. [ music ] for 24 years, meadowlark lemon reined on the court with the harlem globetrotters. lemon died yesterday in
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he was 83 years old. donald trump takes aim at governor chris christie. still ahead, what he's bringing up about the new jersey governor's past that he doesn't want voters to forget. >> plus, are new york city apartments shrinking? why thousands are fighting over 300 square feet. >> never sit on hold again. new technology that makes those customer service calls for you. >> once i opened up the box i realized there was no playstation in there. >> a christmas morning mishap. a little boy's unpleasant surprise when he opened his present. >> we continue to keep our eye on the storm, bringing rain, snow, and sleet.
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for you when we come back. we continue to keep our eye on the storm. this is new video out of ramsey, new jersey, where you can see freezing rain already falling on the ground. lonnie quinn has your full forecast coming up. away. a restaurant in long branch may need to change its name at this hour, it's unclear if weather
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there were no reports of any injuries. campaign 2016, republican front runner donald trump takes aim at new jersey governor, chris christie. trump questioned whether christie was involved in bridge gate. >> if he did know about it, it's a big problem. it's a bigger problem. >> trump was referring to the closing of access lanes from fort lee to the george washington bridge that caused massive delays. we contacted governor christie's office for comment, but they have not responded, all that was inside the box was a piece of wood, and a nasty message.
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christmas crying in his room. when christmas was over, the boy's parents took the playstation back to the target where they bought it. >> we're the only one that with a wooden block. >> the store not only gave the boy a new ps4, but they gave him a $100 gift card, and a free game. when you think about things you dread. how high on your list is waiting on hold with customer service, or dealing with automated voice prompts? a recent survey found many people just hang up in frustration. as jessica schneider found out, there's new high-tech assistance to help you get help. >> reporter: karen dreaded the thought of getting stuck on hold with the cable company. instead, she decided to try this app called owner listens. she looked up the company she was trying to reach, and asked a question. the app relays customer questions, and zaps their responses back to user's phones. >> within two hours i got back
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cable company. it was a long message that listed all of the details, answering all that i had asked. >> not wanting to wait on hold to get answers is what experts say contributes to a growing number of similar apps and websites. >> the future of customer service is everything at your fingertips. people want things to be immediate. >> reporter: apps like get human show ways to get through the company's automated phone person. the lucy phone app waits on hold for you, calling you back when the company answers. >> press 1 to be called back at this number, or 2 for a different number. >> reporter: you can instant message some companies through facebook's instant messenger app. this major department store's website, and its app lets you tweet with a customer service
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>> the days of consumers getting all their problems taken care of by sitting on quickly fading. >> reporter: she was comfortable using the app, and got answers quickly. >> it was the best service i had, when it came to customer service. >> reporter: just like any other app you download, make sure to check the ratings and it's privacy policies first. jessica schneider, cbs 2 news. >> other apps we found like the best buy app let shoppers text, or email a customer service rep while their in the store. the big apple's first building of microapartments is about to only in gramercy park. thousands of people applied to live on carmel place. units are 300 square feet. but they come with a variety of features that save on space.
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>> for a microapartment? >> you get little chairs. welcome to new york. we are tracking some stormy weather moving our way. it's already here. >> already out there for some folks. i think it's going to be a tough commute. i think there could be icy spots out there. in fact, more than just spopts for some of you. take a peek here at the weather watchers. this is really where you guys are worth your weight in gold to me. you gave me the readings as far as rainfall, or snowfall, or sleet fall. here's adam up in middle town, new york, telling us it's 28 degrees and sleet, there's lots of it. stay in if you can. adam sent a picture as well. this is the shot of the sleet that has fallen in middle town, new york. .01 of an inch of sleet on the grounds right now. again, i know he zoomed in on that picture, but that's pretty good coverage. in new york city, right now, there is your picture.
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precipitation. 35degrees. winds are out of the north, 9 to 17 miles per hour. winds are an issue as well. how do we see this thing all playing out? for new york city, points south, it's going to be that wintery mix that we had. i went out for dinner at 6:30, 6:45 and there was sleet in the city. you go just to the north of the city. start off with snow showers, transitioning to sleet right now. it's going to eventually make its way over to rain. then you go well north, duchess county, it's snow, sort of that icy mix. you may never get a big wash of rain that comes over you. could see some rain, i just don't think you're going to see near as much as anybody else. how much snow? if you catch snow, it's in the areas north of the city. we're thinking 1 to 2 inches for some folks. now the maps are saying, new york city could see a tenth of an inch. as of right now, the first trace of snow has fallen officially for the season in new york.
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central park at a trace of frozen precipitation. ice is going to be the big problem. we talked about this at the top of the newscast, this is the concern. anytime you put a tenth of an inch of ice or sleet on the road, you could have a problem. rain, these numbers are decent. new york city about an inch. that really looks like it's holding true to be the swath of the heaviest rainfall. satellite and radar. more precipitation to come. direction. face. you're going to watch them change from the snow, to now that will continue to make its push to the north. the future cast will show us, morning commute, wet weather out there. still icy well north. you go north of 287, that's where the icy spots will be. 11:00a.m., spots of heavy rain move through the area. it's all done by the time you get to your evening commute tomorrow. for travel tomorrow, it's the extra caution.
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it's the morning commute that will be a problem out there. wednesday, you're 52 degrees. looking pretty good out there. keep in mind, even tomorrow afternoon, you're at 51 degrees. the temperatures will be warming up. >> it's been a good run. got it while we could. thanks lonnie. >> one of new york's bravest goes to the head of the class. david real asked his girlfriend, a kindergarten teacher to marry him. >> he had natalie suit up in his gear. she put on his boots, pants and helmet. there was a surprise in one of the gloves. there was a ring. he dropped to one knee and asked the question. the class erupted and screamed in excitement as she said yes. otis is here with a look at sports. >> they're off to a blazing start. they're not road war youers, but the nets took their talents to south beach to try to beat the heat.
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firepower to the back end of the bullpen. make that a lot of firepower. are you curious? do you wonder why things work? do you look at things and say "i can make that better"? these questions, these curiosities then lead to discoveries... ...and those discoveries are going to lead to the energy solutions for the next 50 years. we have big, big challenges. one challenge is to capture the co2 before it's released into the atmosphere. we captured more than 6 million tons in 2014 alone. that's the equivalent of eliminating the annual emissions of more than one million cars. in the longer term, we are working on
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the ultimate objective is to be able to put it into an existing car, to not have to redo the engine. that could be one of the very important parts of the energy equation in the future. we want to drive our scientists, we want to drive our engineers, to never be satisfied with where we are today. because there are always better ways to do things. i'm vijay swarup,
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the yankees pick up a new pitcher. >> can you imagine a bullpen that includes a scenario, where
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miller who turns it over to aroldis chapman. they trade for the left hand thrower chapman, who through the fastest pitches, some upwards of 103 miles per hour. a deal to send champman to the dodgers earlier, after reports of domestic violence. >> we thought this was a good opportunity for us to add an arm to our bullpen. we will acquire him, knowing there are some unresolved issues. we will wait for that to be completed at a date in the future. >> i'm not sure any team in town is looking forward to the end of december, more than the rangers. cup contender.
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first stop, the home of the grand ole opry. nashville. rangers down a goal in the 2nd, when defenseman dan girardi fires it in. nashville would answer right back on the rush. james neal with one of two goals he would score on the night. nashville opened it up in the third, 2-2 on the power play. this beats the king who did pull then, the rangers fall 5- 3. time for us to step aside for a minute. when we return, the nets try to beat the heat and we'll head to the home of the tampa bay lightning, and a moment on the weekend that would melt the ice. we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in
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make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here.
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welcome back everyone. the road is not where the nets were hoping to end 2015. one of the worst in the league away from the barclays center. just 2-12. they finish on a three game roady. the heat finish thanks to shots like this on the fast break. dwyane wade throwing it down.
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season, it's better to give than to receive. he throws the alley oop. the nets down 14 at the break. there's plenty of fight in brooklyn though. the nets have a one point lead after 3. ellington averages just 5.2 points a game. 7 of 9 from three-point range. the nets win it, 111-105. finally tonight, they shoot and miss, but somehow they still come out winners. intermission at the columbus, tampa bay game saturday. three sisters got a chance to shoot through one of the slots in the goal. that's extremely hard. but when they dropped the board, he found their father. home on leave from bahrain. so they got an even better prize than shooting it through that slot. >> that's real sweet. >> he was prepared.
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>> just beat the bills and you qualify for the postseason, or lose in pittsburgh, lose, and who is that guy? >> he rears his head again in the jets playoff plans. >> do you think he's sitting there asking, why does the season have to end this way for me? >> i think he wants that shot.
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let's get a final check on your wakeup weather. >> i think it's going to be a mess out there. watch the white around orange county, that shows you where the snow was, it turns over to that pink color. it's becoming sleet and ice right now. i anticipate that pushing further to the north. a winter weather advisory to the east and east of the city. >> the eye on the storm starts tomorrow at 4:30 on cbs 2. >> guests tonight, michael willmore.
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