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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  December 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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new easy pass rules could cost you. how to avoid the extra fees.
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realizing it? stand up. be a big man. >> i think i am a big man. >> a war of words over crime tonight claims the nypd commissioner is making our city appear to be safer than it is, and the person calling him out happens to be his predecessor. >> tonight, bill bratton says he won't have it. tony aiello has more on the commissioner clash. >> reporter: it is an nypd family feud, with the current commissioner lashing out, after the former commissioner spoke out on a radio show,
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a 2% drop in major crime this year. >> look at those numbers, because i think there is some issues with the numbers. >> sure. >> that have been put out. >> reporter: the full interview airs saturday. but tempers rose and found issue with bill bratton. >> my cops worked hard, very hard to reduce crime in the city. stand up, be a big man, and explain what you're talking about. >> i think i am a big man. >> bratton? >> i like to be told. >> reporter: tuesday night, kelly responded in low-key fashion, claiming trusted sources in the department he led for 12 years are questioning how the current administration is tallying gun crime statistics. >> where you have graze wounds on people, and they're not considered shooting victims. if there's a shooting and glass
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considered a shooting victim, which it always was in the past. >> reporter: commissioner bratton insists shooting statistics are compiled just as they were under kelly, and suggested kelly is just trying to gain attention for his new memoir. >> it's amazing the comments you'll make when you're selling a book. are you quite frank? >> come on. i appreciate the promotion for my book. nice of him. >> reporter: former commissioner kelly also said he was quote surprised at commissioner bratton's angry words today. all of this, of course a sore spot for the de blasio administration, which is trying to use the police crime statistics to fight the perception that the city has grown more dangerous under de blasio's watch. >> tony, thank you. the nypd says it's prepared to keep the new year's eve
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major security will be in place, and streets could close as early as 4:00 a.m. in the area. this year marks the debut for the critical response command. in all, over 5,000 officers will be assigned in times square, and people be will screened as they enter the 65 large spectator pens. >> there will be hundreds of traffic agents, plus additional mobile cameras, chemical, and radiation detectors. specially trained police dogs, cops on horsebacks. police helicopters, and police boats. >> reporter: the nypd says there are no threats against any new year's eve events in the city. a strange accident outside the lincoln tunnel, where a bus passenger was thrown from the windshield right onto the street. the charter bus was on jfk boulevard in weehawken this morning. police say edward meerholz was
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light. the bus driver described what happened next. >> i approached the stop, and unbe nonessed to me, there was somebody standing up in the bus, which i wasn't aware of, the windshield. >> the passenger is treated for injuries to the head and shoulder, no one else was hurt. police say a man approached a parked cab, opened the driver's door, and demanded cash and the driver's cell phone at gunpoint. nobody was hurt. the suspect was last seen running down the street in a gray hoody. a new jersey man accused of driving over a driver who happened to be an off duty cop. the sergeant thought he was being stopped by an undercover state police suv. but the vehicle quickly sped away. stop caught up with the vehicle
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he quickly identified the vehicle and its driver. staab says goldrick's behavior behind the wheel raised red flags. >> i'm sure it's not the first time he's done this. the unfortunate things is, he's probably done this a lot over the years. >> even more troubling the contents of the suv. state police say they found a .22 caliber hand gun, ammunition, and fake documents inside. police in texas now say the affluenza teen partied before mother. he had apparently tried to disguise himself, dying his blonde hair brown. police say this video could have violated his probation, proprietorring he and his mother to run. couch was sentenced to ten
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drunk driving crash. he avoided prison after he suffered from affluenza. valerie castro has the story from brooklyn. >> reporter: christmas lights still shine in bushwig. among them a message. >> the signs say three sale. >> reporter: trying to shine a social injustice. the gentfication of their neighborhood. >> developers are making all the money in the world. >> reporter: bruno daniel is also a part of the project. building more expensive housing, and as a result, forcing lower income residents out. >> higher represents mean working class can't be here. >> reporter: rodriguez and her family have lived in brooklyn for 25 years.
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the signs after her family received countless letters from developers offering to buy the home. the owner of this corner store is on board with the project, and has his own sign, which translates to i won't move. he says customers are all worried about the same thing. >> rent. it's bad enough that everything keeps going up around you. the paychecks stay the same. >> reporter: rodriguez says residents need to stay strong and not give in to big development. >> where are we going to go? they're pushing us out of all of new york city. >> reporter: organizers say residents want to make even more of them. reporting in bushwig, valerie castro, cbs 2 news. george pataki is dropping out warm front presidential race. he faced an uphill battle from the start. it's been nearly decades, since he served as governor of new york.
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was even left out of one undercard debate. people in westchester woke up to a bit of snow. now that the rain and snow has stopped, people are out enjoying the rain again. >> you can talk about a little bit of snow out there. it was just that. a little bit of snow in our area. pine plains picked up two inches. 1.2. bristol, connecticut, was a little over a half inch. officially just a trace of snow out there now. we had some rain certainly around the area. that was the bigger number. right now, partly cloudy, and 40 degrees. i do not anticipate this number going down too much. more as we go into the overnight hours. tomorrow is going to be a warmer day. i'll tell you how much in just a bit. new easy pass rules could make your commute more complicated, and more expensive. beginning next month, new jersey drivers will need to sign up for a new york easy pass account. if not, it will cost them an
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only new york passes get the discounts. the change effects 300 new york commuters. the new york state freeway says the goal is to provide customers with the best service and discounts. coming up, wearing head lamps for their heist. roberts steal $2,500 worth of stuff in seconds. >> and the yankees defend their decision to take on a player currently under investigation by police and major league baseball. plus. >> it says that i got a 732, which is lower than all the averages. >> students get scored on a test that they never took. >> and a cbs funny man gets serious. jim parsons tearful meeting
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next. police are looking for three men seen on armed video stealing fur coats from a manhattan store. police say the robbers got in after breaking the store's window with a brick.
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coats worth about $25,000. controversy surrounding the newest yankee aroldis chapman. police and major league baseball are looking into allegations that chapman hit his girlfriend and fired shots. >> aseeming everything that is alleged to be true, that is a profound act of disrespect for one in four women in this country. >> things happen. we're human. >> you're going to give this guy a chance. >> definitely, as long as he bring us another championship. that's all that matters. >> we reached out to the yankees general manager, brian cashman who said the team took a big opportunity to add to their bullpen. he says the team will respect that process as it plays out. new jersey parents are getting results from the controversial park student examine, but some scores are for students who didn't even take the test. park is given to grades 3
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many parents say the test is flawed, and opted out. one 11-year-old honor student who didn't take it, says he was given a low score. >> it says that i got a 732, which is lower than all the averages. which wouldn't be anything that i would get. >> the education department says the letters were written by school districts. some are spending parents guides to explain the results. big bang theory star jim parsons will appear on the season premier of long island medium. >> who is the father figure that's deported? >> our dad. >> i said i asked who was the first soul that stepped forward. he told me that they were away, there was a separation when i died. >> none of us were with him.
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sister sitting next to him. median teresa caputo said she could hear him clearly. >> i thought i heard a different nickname. >> the episode premieres january 3. well you may be getting on people's nerves and not even realize it. >> no? a new poll ranks the most annoying words and phrases of the year. tracee carrasco tells us what they are. >> it's whatever. >> reporter: whatever, and for the 7th year in a row, according to a marist poll, it's been voted the most annoying word, and apparently for a good reason. >> it's not a real answer, but people use it anyway. >> it doesn't annoy me. other people. >> yeah, but that's okay. >> whatever? >> i think it's a very useful word.
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on the list is the phrase no offense, but. because people feel what usually comes after that but is something that's going to offend you. >> you're going to be honest, and it's going to hurt. >> he uses that a lot. >> i do? >> really. but -- >> does it annoy you? >> yeah. >> really? >> because you know it's offensive. >> reporter: third on the list, like. some people have a few other words and phrases they'd like to add. >> bay. >> what is bay. >> not proper english. >> what does it mean? >> like your significant other. >> when people say hashtag and then say a word, that's kind of annoying. >> hashtag annoying? >> yeah. >> literally. everyone says literally, and they don't know what it means.
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>> what do you think is the most annoying word or phrase, just go to our facebook page to sound off. that is an emotional reunion in texas, take a look. [ barking ] >> a man whose home was destroyed by tornadoes found a miracle in the rubble. after hearing wimpers, he mansioned to pull out his dog -- managed to pull out his dog. the dog was trapped in debris for two days. time now for your exclusive cbs 2 forecast with lonnie quinn. getting closer to new year's eve. >> we're going to be just fine for new year's eve as well. there could be a little more rain before we get there. yesterday, some snow as well. i think by the time we get to the ball drop, sit tight, we'll be okay. we're looking around the area right now.
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a couple of low 40s. this is robert in garneville, new york. i've had a lot of emails and tweets. apparently some of you want to see the winter weather this time of the year. i've got to tell you, i'm pretty much in your camp as well. what i see as of right now, allen, my cameraman is just shaking his head. here is vermont. this is important to show you. the ski resorts were able to have the sled riders, but not enough to have the skiers out there. i'll give you some totals in just a moment. here's what i've got for you. currently, the temperature is 40 degrees. those temperatures drop a little bit, but they start to rise toward dawn. then you'll have a day tomorrow afternoon, where you'll hit about 50 degrees or so. late tomorrow, there could be a
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it makes its way into early thursday morning. it shouldn't be too big of a player. right now, it looks like it wants to stay offshore. the bulk of it. not as much rain on that wednesday as we had earlier today. i don't see any snow for a while. we did pick up a little bit of snow. maybe 1 to 2 inches in certain spots. look at this. talk about just a dearth of snow. we haven't had any out there. buffalo, this time of the season should typically have 33.1 inches. buffalo now has 1.1. and nothing out there. vermont, ski country. 21.3. they have 4.9. the big snow was north. up around northern maine. sugar loaf. they had 15 inches today. maybe a little more before this is done. right now, the vortex and satellite clearing out the big picture. we'll show you the flow around here. some of that could make its way into our area later tomorrow
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it may be skims us, it pushes out to sea. that's part of the forecast for your new year's eve. -9d p.m. 12:00a.m., the ball drop is at 41. 2:00a.m., that's a good party. it's 39 degrees. that's a chilly walk home. all right. otis and i will make our way back to wherever we've got to get to. 50 for a high temp wednesday. 53 for thursday. friday, you're at 46. by the time you're in the weekend, the temperaturrers will hover somewhere in the lower 40s, but about where you should be. speaking of new years, if you're making a resolution to exercise, real original. keep the coffee mug or the starbucks card handy. researchers at the university of georgia found the caffeine in coffee can enhance your endurance. it may also reduce the amount
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the effects were particularly strong for runners, and cyclists. >> who knew. caffeine peps you up. >> i sense some sarcasm. >> open season on head coaches, the firings have begun in the nfl, and it's not even black monday.
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and down season. knicks take on the pistons tonight. otis has got that. >> starting to turn their fortunes around. the up and down season for the knicks continues. four games under .500 to begin the night, hosting the pistons after the loss to the celtics on sunday. carmelo anthony said the knicks were digging themselves in a hole early to open games. that didn't happen tonight because melo was getting it done. we're going to have to call this the zing shake. let's just try it out. kick the tires. kristops with 10 tonight. slamming and jamming. 18 points off the bench. 16 in the final quarter for him. the knicks snap their four game losing streak. >> a total team effort tonight on both ends, especially the
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i thought we did a great job of just paying attention to the detail, we made it happen. all right, there's a lot of speculation about tom coughlin's future as giants head coach, the team he'll face on sunday has already made a decision about their coach. firing chip kelly today, so the experiment is over. kelly's oregon duck hurry up fast paced offense worked for a while. he was the only division coach to win a title in his first season in 2014. his high powered offense dropped off in yards per play since then. first in the nfl, to 24th this season. time for us to step aside for a few moments. when we come back after the break, mike tyson was known as a knock out artist. he ends up getting put on his
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human. welcome back everyone. the islanders going up against
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they don't have to look back very far for their scouting report. they played the maple leafs two nights ago, a 3-1 loss. john taveras reflects in his 14th goal of the season. the hard drive to the net past the defense, and his 13th of the season makes it a two goal lead. new york had scored 6 goals in their last three games. they matched that tonight in the 2nd period. lee was in the right place at the right time. islanders win big, 6-3. carolina, winners in four of their last five road games. a tie game in the 2nd, eric stahl beats keith kincaid for a second goal of the game. shoots it toward the net, and deflecting it in to tie it at 2. beating cam ward, far side,
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finally tonight, mike tyson once said after a fight that he had broken his back. he once said it's broken, it's final. one of the more bizarre interviews i've seen. iron mike becomes a victim of the latest technological craze. the man with 44 knockouts is going to wind up on his back himself. not by a lennox lewis punch, but by a hover board. down goes tyson! folks on twitter with the caption, seemed like a good idea to ride my daughter's hover board, but i guess not. >> don't tell him though, that i did that. >> you hear his daughter saying, i don't want you to fall.
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>> we'll be right back. thanks for joining us tonight.
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