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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  December 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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after his arraignment on charges of felony sexual assault. bail was set at $1 million. the 78-year-old comedian is charged with aggravated indecent assault against a female employee of temple university. his alma mater. >> these charges stem from a sexual assault that took place on an evening in early 2004 at mr. cosby's home. >> reporter: this is the first time cosby has been charged despite years of accusations by more than 50 women. the allegations in the criminal complaint echo claims made by other accusers. >> mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to drink wine the effect of which rendered her unable >> reporter: the charges against cosby are second- degree felony. if convicted he could face 5 to 10 years in prison and a
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several other accusers have filed lawsuits against cosby. attorney joseph camerota represents 7 of them. >> if he is convicted of other cases. >> reporter: cosby denies all wrongdoing and the attorneys say we expect mr. cosby will be exonerated by a court of law but this court documents related to this current case he acknowledged a series of extra marital affairs and sexual encounters. when and if this case got trial it will be up to the judge if any other accusers and there are dozens of them if they can take the stand also against him. back to you. >> thank you. the bill cosby scandal first started making headlines in late 2014. a comedian made a joke about him at a comedy club in philadelphia calling him a rapist. accusers started coming forward.
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unsealed in 2006 in which he acknowledged affairs and had no comment. also in july 35 women appeared on the cover of "new york" magazine detailing their accusations of drugs and sexual assault. much more on the charges against bill cosby on our website and you can read the entire criminal complaint against him at a somber farewell from the city he served. detective joseph lemm killed on national guard duty in afghanistan buried today following an impressive show of support. thousands gathered at st. patrick's cathedral honor a hero at a full inspectors funeral. lou young was there. >> reporter: as the bell told and the flag-draped casket was carried up the cathedral steps many eyes flew to his young son on the shoulders of a family friend a detective like his dad. one can only guess what sense a 4-year-old can make of all this.
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afghanistan last week serving with the air national guard leaving behind a wife and teenaged daughter as well as the boy who donned the detective's cap of his father and saluted. those who served with lemm confirm he is one of the good guys. >> a good father, a good friend. a good brother. give you the shirt off his back. >> it's always the ones that are the nicest, you know, friendliest guys that's what happens. >> reporter: and that's what hurts. an air force veteran turned cop who did three overseas tours with the national guard since 9/11 despite his intense devotion to his family. having the funeral at st. patrick's cathedral was his family's idea. >> this was a wish of kristine, the wife. and the cardinal was gracious enough to grant that request. >> reporter: given the turnout along fifth avenue, the setting seemed appropriate. seven blocks long, 10 deep, a near solid wall of blue. the kind of tribute we rarely
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>> we are here today by the thousands to make sure his son, his daughter and his wife knows not only will he never be forgotten, but they will never be forgotten. >> reporter: officers stood and applauded when commissioner bill bratton told the family they will never be left alone. the cardinal did not permit cameras inside during the funeral mass but those there say the funeral seemed to reach a depth of emotion on several levels. >> maybe it was a combination of a man who personified the best in the military, the best of the police and the best of being an american. >> reporter: the best of us, a city says good die to a genuine hero, joseph lemm promoted to first grade detective in honor of his sacrifice. in midtown, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> the detective first grade was buried at gate of heaven cemetery in valhalla, westchester county. the service for the other new yorker killed in the suicide attack in afghanistan is saturday. staff sergeant louis bonacasa's funeral will be at 11 a.m. at new beginnings christian center in coram.
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recovering tonight from a gunshot wound after a bizarre ambush robbery in queens. cleananthony early left a strip club in an uber car at 4a police say a mile away from the club a group of armed masked men in three cars boxed in the can and robbed early of his belongings and jewelry even his gold teeth. he was then shot in the right knee. >> it was madness. >> robbery that's all we know at this time. >> the attack came hours after they beat the pistons at madison square garden. police aren't sure if early was targeted. his girlfriend was not harmed. a new york jets player says he is feeling betrayed by the nfl over player concussions. cbs 2's mark morgan tells us that's what brought on the remarks and how it has parents of school aged players taking notice. >> head trauma. >> reporter: after seeing the movie "concussion" jets
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ferguson was harsh and tonight point. he told i feel a bit betrayed by the people or committees put in place by the league who did not have my best interests at heart he added, i have a son will i let him play? i struggle with this question. thousands of kids play football in the tri-state area. people we spoke with had differing opinions. >> i would never let them play football. it's too much risk with head injuries and other injuries and they could really affect them for their whole lives and i don't think it's worth it. >> my son doesn't want to play football so i'm actually in a good position. but if he wanted to, i will not prevent him but i will scared. my background is nursing so i know all the medical that goes into it, as well. >> i think the boys should play football. uv to be careful about con -- you have to be careful about
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wear the right gear to protect them. >> reporter: following wednesday's practice, ferguson addressed his original comments and the effect the movie had on him. >> you do play against guys who suffer from brain injury and you play the game 10 years consistently for, you know, many, many plays so it's like, man, what is the outcome of that you will? you always want to make sure that the people you're around or you're in contact with have your best interests at heart. >> reporter: with more former and current players speaking about concussion, you can be sure parents will be listening. reporting from new jersey, mark morgan, cbs 2 news. >> police commissioner bill bratton on the offensive today fighting back against accusations by former commissioner ray kelly that the nypd manipulates crime data. yesterday kelly said that the current administration excluded some incidents from gun violence statistics and that drew a strong denial from the nypd. commissioner bratton hinted
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an ulterior motive. >> he is engaging in politics. as you know the first casualty of politics is usually the truth mr. . kelly is selling a book. -- mr. kelly is selling a book. the "new york post" says he is thinking of running for mayor. i stand by my crime statistics because they are factual, the truth. >> commissioner bratton says crime statistics show that 2015 will be new york city's safest year in modern history. an update tonight on a woman caught on video slashing two subway riders. the woman was arraigned today in brooklyn criminal court a day after surrendering to police. the 28-year-old faces assault and weapons charges. the judge set bail at $20,000. this cell phone video showed her in a violent confrontation on an "a" train this month in brooklyn. both suffered minor injuries. forced out of their homes. why dozens of seniors say their landlord wants them gone. also tonight, another
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family and the fdny. and keeping a promise to yourself. how to set and keep your fitness and health goals in the new year. and lonnie, we are getting there. >> we are getting there. i have your new year's eve forecast coming up also a dense fog advisory into effect tonight. i don't think it's just fog. we'll have more coming up. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news" more on the arrest of bill cosby. jim axelrod in for scott pelley tonight. jim. >> reporter: hi, dana. >> hi. >> reporter: coming up on the "cbs evening news," fall from grace. comedian bill cosby faces sexual assault charges. we'll have a report from outside the courtroom. plus, a flood emergency in missouri where the mississippi river continues to rise. and. >> you can change the world one heart at a time. >> from a dinner table conversation to a multi- million dollar charity the two young girls giving thanks to
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"cbs evening news." the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of
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dozens of seniors in white plains are forced to find new homes after the owner of their senior complex decide to turn their building into an apartment building. late last month all 150 residence at the esplanade got
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evicting them by mid 2016. it offers assistance for relocation. the esplanade is offering temporary housing for those having trouble finding a new place in a building across the street. some feel like they are being pushed out in the cold. >> there are a lot of sick people who came here figuring this is the last stop for them for their lives and it's destroying them and their families. >> a spokesman for the esplanade says 60 residents have already found new homes. new warnings tonight about hoverboards following a second fire in the city this week. members of the fdny show the incident. the johnston family from bed- delieias. they say the board had been charging in the living room when it suddenly burst into flames. >> they are sitting here on the floor and it blew up and sparks of fire started coming from the toy. >> i had my mom and dad freaking out so i came out and
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what's happening and i saw the flames and started crying. >> the recent spate of hoverboard fires is linked to the batteries inside the toys. a new app helps people living with food allergies created by a family with a son allergic to nuts. they spent years sifting through dozens of fda alerts and recalls that included other allergies like wheat, egg, milk and shellfish. they decided there had to be an easier way to sort through all of them. so they created an app called alert me. users can choose which specific allergy contaminations they want to be warned about and get immediate push alerts. >> let's say you don't want to be notified about eggs. just click it. >> i'm thankful that my dad took the time to make an app for me to make sure i stay safe a lot more than i ever was. >> the family says it was inspired to create the app when they almost missed an alert about bagels that they had in their home. the better business bureau is out with the top scams for
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they all have one thing in common. imposters. number one on the list the irs tax scam. some of the most popular scams criminals pose as debt collectors or tech support. other imposters claim you have won a sweepstakes or awarded a grant. it is that time of the year, though, for new year's resolutions and the question will you keep yours? the university of pennsylvania says 6 months after making a resolution about 40% of us are still on track. meg baker tells us what we all need do to beat the odds. >> reporter: it's that time of year. have you made a promise to yourself? will this be the year to get fit and healthy and change your lifestyle? now to make that pledge last. >> everyone has different goals. sometimes it's can i fit into a pair of jeans? i want to play better with my kids. i want to be able to do a race. you need to determine what your goal is not somebody else's. >> reporter: lisa wheeler of the daily burn says set attainable goals. go from the couch to a 5k, not a marathon.
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you start with just simply walking. you can do that anywhere anytime anyplace at the office at home dropping your kids off at school. >> reporter: experts say start a new habit. all it takes is 30 minutes a day to begin your health journey. with the initial rush to get fit a lot of people jump into gym memberships. best to test it out first to ensure you like it or you may get trapped in a lengthy contract. >> most gyms offer a shorter term option like a month something like that. they are going to push you to the year because by february, maybe that new year's enthusiasm will have faded. >> reporter: but if you make it over the much, commit for a year or more. it will save you money in the long term. also important be mindful of your diet. >> nutrition and intake are paramount to your success. >> this man says cut out junk food, eat simple, fruits, veggies and protein. both fitness gurus say most tough on yourself. reward yourself. be proud. move forward. in midtown, meg baker, cbs 2 news.
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bureau with this reminder. under new york state law, you may cancel your gym contract without penalty within three days from the day you signed it. but that's sort of saying you might not be holding your resolutions -- [ laughter ] >> couple of days? yeah, i thought about this for a few days. this is not for me. >> they told us on channel 2 we wouldn't keep it anyway, so whatever. >> knock it out of the park here. we are going to be talking about a pattern change only a temporary one. i'll explain everything but first i'll take you over to the weather watchers and show you what we're dealing with for temperatures outside right now. all right. temperatures in the 40s and some 30s north of the area. got a 42 right now coming in from lynn brown. lynn i think, lynn, i think this might be your welcome to the show. i think it's the first time i have had you on what do you have to say here? 42 in bloomfield new jersey. cool dank day. will the sun come out? it will be so nice. tomorrow, we'll give us peeks of some tomorrow.
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little bit but tomorrow a better chance. in new york city right now, there's that dank sky she is talking about cloudy one, 45 degrees as of right now. my headlines look like this. you can see the fog setting up. that cloud cover getting lower. there will be dense fog in spots and we have the dense fog advisory. it's been the warmest december ever in the history of keeping track of the numbers in new york city. it will be a chillier start to january. let me show you what i'm talking about. the winds will start coming in more from the north and northwest and that canadian air is colder so it will be a colder start as we push into that first week of 2016. but i'm not talking below average. december has been so above average, look at that. our afternoons have averaged 13.4 degrees above normal. that's been our average for december. all right? and thus far it's been a clean sweep. every day this month has been an above normal day. that's all 30 days. well, there's one more day to go. i'm forecasting 50.
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this time of the year is 39 so you will be above average again tomorrow. remember that average temperature of 39 as we talk about the first week of january because you're still going to be i think above average. the warmest december ever it's going to happen. now right now you can't officially say it because decent done but the warmest december ever as far as, we average 44.1. we are averaging almost 51 degrees right now. decent done so we can't say it will be record-breaking but it will be. the cloud cover is out there. bigger picture shows you the heavier rain going offshore. we'll have scattered showers tonight and it all pushes through. we have a much better looking day for your day tomorrow. new year's eve look likes this. 9 p.m. it's brisk quiet at 4340 as the ball is dropping really no wind. 36 a cool walk home. bottoming out around 33 degrees. so right across the board i
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cooler: remember, not a single number there was below average because by the time you get to 39, the average is 38. >> thank you. otis livingston with more now on the knicks off the court story. otis. >> the knicks cleananthony early out this morning early got robbed and shot. we'll have his teammate carmelo anthony's reaction. >> it's now or never for the jets. they can wrap it up in week 17
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buffalo. otis is here now with more on the knicks' headline making story. >> it could have been a lot worse. hard for some fans to believe. but there are more important things than the games being played things like life and safety. let's tack you back to last night. the knicks wered in middle of snapping their four-game losing streak by beating the pistons 108-96. he had a team-high 24 points carmelo anthony. cleananthony early early didn't play but later he was out at a queens strip club with his girlfriend leaving at
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his uber car was surrounded by two cars. up to six men in masks robbed him of i gold chase, shot him in the kneecap. he was taken to elmhurst hospital in stable condition. no structural damage, no surgery will be needed. >> to know he is still here and doing relatively well, as well as you could be, we'll take that. >> this is life and death what we dealing with is a game, basketball. and we can come back and get after it tomorrow. i think we should just take this day to just try to get away from it and kind of count our blessings. this situation could have been worse. back to the games. they don't come any bigger than this sunday in buffalo. the jets will try to punch their own ticket to the post- season or they have to hope the steelers lose, as well. win would mean a victory over
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had the last laugh in week 10 when he cast his return to metlife stadium with a win. jets won five straight offense high-powered defense wreaking havoc on opposing offenses. they have been in play-off mode for five weeks. >> all we do the same thing we been doing taking it a game at a time. it's the last game. but if you don't win the other five you don't get in this situation you start doing things you want to do that you haven't done the last five weeks then we are going down the wrong path so from that standpoint there's no pressure. >> let that music marinade. listen to it! [ music ] >> you can watch this important game sunday at 1:00 here on cbs 2 and, of course, i'll have extended coverage including post-game reaction on the news at 11. jason pierre-paul will need more surgery in the off season on his right hand. he says he wants to be back with big blue. as for coughlin, who knows if he will be back but he is taking a business like
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coach on sunday. >> to be honest, this is the 16th game of the season and i'm focused there. i won't let myself go in those other directions because we have a job to do. that's all we are going to do. all these other issues will clear up in time and not before that. >> that's tom coughlin always very business like. you know, he is taking the right approach. guys just getting ready to play this game everything else will shake out. two time super bowl champion, i was hoping that he would be able to call his own shot when he wanted to retire but it may not be in his hands after now. so we'll see what happens on sunday and then monday and after that. >> we'll be back after this. >> closed captioning on cbs 2 news is brought to you by:
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shattered glass, a warning for drivers after vehicles are vandalized in brooklyn. plus as you gear up to celebrate new year's eve prepare for the morning after, too. we have the hangover cures you haven't heard of. advice from around the world. that's tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. also we hope you can join us for the news at 9:00 on tv 10/55. up next on the "cbs evening news," flood emergencies in
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river could rise to record
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