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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  December 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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caught on nanny cam, a babysitter's alleged behavior that got her busted. >> and drunk without a sip of alcohol?
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worked. breaking news. a fast food restaurant turned crime scene. two people slashed at an east side mcdonald's. >> plus passengers pulled from a plane on stretchers. emergency crews waiting at the gate after a flight turned dangerous. >> first, surrounded by cameras, and leaving court after dozens of allegations and denials and a storied career. bill cosby is officially charged accused of sexually assaulting a woman. good evening, i'm alice gainer. >> i'm dick brennan. the alleged assault happened more than a decade ago. tony aiello is here with more on the case.
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filed just before the statute of limitations expired. in court. loudly saying thank you when the judge said he could go on bond. walking into court, he tripped. his many accusers hope he will take a fall from grace. seeing him in court left her feeling -- >> vindicated, validated, and just elated. >> reporter: he's posed for countless photos, but this is henry cosby. accused of sexually assaulting andrea constand, a former athlete, and administrator at temple university, cosby's alma mater. it allegedly happened at of philadelphia.
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pills that he provided to her, and to drink wine. the effect of which rendered her unable to move, or respond. >> reporter: constand reported the incident in 2005, but the prosecutor at the time found insufficient evidence to indict. a decade later, charges were filed after the unseating of allegations in which cosby anticipated yes if he gave quaaludes to women. he became madison avenue's favorite pitchman and used his position to lecture on family graham. >> he was this great husband. he was this wonderful family man. you have this man who seems to represent this way to live and world. so when you have someone who's that high, the fall is going to be that much more devastating. >> reporter: tonight cosby's legal team is promising a vigorous fight and expressing
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5 to 10 years in prison, and a $25,000 fine. his net worth is estimated at $300 million. dick. >> all right tony, thank you. here's some more information about the cosby scandal. more than 50 women have accused him of sexual assault. some have filed sexual abuse and defamation lawsuits against cosby in california and massachusetts. cosby has filed a counterdefamation lawsuit against some of the women, and of the 50 honoree degrees to cosby, at least a dozen schools have rescinded them. this started when hannibal burress made a joke about cosby. video of the joke went viral and the accusers started coming forward. breaking news, a customer and employee slashed at a mcdonald's on 58th street and 3rd avenue. let's go to tracee carrasco with more. >> reporter: police are still
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mcdonalds, still shut down after two men were slashed inside around 8:30 tonight. police are still inside investigating the crime scene. they're taking pictures and looking around. they tell us an employee tried to break up a fight between two customers and was slashed in the thigh. the other customer was slashed in the lower torso and arm. their injuries were minor, and neither victim required any stitches. right now, police are still looking for a suspect. no arrests have been made. and exactly as to what started this fight, it is unclear. we're live tonight from the east side, tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. also new tonight, a babysitter busted after allegedly abusing a 6-month-old little girl. investigators say the whole thing was caught on nanny cam. cbs 2's valerie castro is live tonight. >> reporter: alice, ellen abast appeared here in court to face
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welfare of a child. according to court documents, the alleged abuse happened in this apartment building in downtown brooklyn on december 22 and december 23. the family's babysitter, ellen abbas was caring for a 6-month- old. court documents say they recorded two incidents. in the first, it shows bass pick up the child off the changing table rapidly. >> reporter: in those court documents, bass also confirmed she is the woman in those videos. she was released at her own recognizance. her attorney said he couldn't release a statement on his client's behalf. valerie castro, cbs 2 news. new video tonight of the aftermath of a violent turbulence aboard an air canada
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the flight was bound from shanghai to toronto, when heavy turbulence forced it to divert to calgary. passengers said it was frightening. >> honestly, thought we were dying. what you see in the movies, everything went up to the ceiling that wasn't anchored. >> emergency workers say those injured had neck and back problems. that included three children. 24-year-old enrique marquez faces five counts stemming from the massacre. prosecutors say he bought the guns used by the terrorists. he's also accused of other attacks that never materialized. the nypd will have extra security in times square for new year's eve celebrations. a million people are expected to watch the ball drop tomorrow night. and 5,000 officers will keep an eye out for potential trouble. police commissioner bill bratton says there's no credible security threat.
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until most of europe rings in the new you're. but don't except big celebrations in belgium. the mayor of brussels has canceled celebrations after threats of a terror attack. 5th avenue near st. stand still today. police officers filled the joseph lemm. cbs 2 was there as new york remembered a hero. >> reporter: past an unbroken wall of uniforms seven blocks long and ten deep. police and u.s. air men with skin in the game. honoring their own. a military detective who died in afghanistan. >> you work with these guys and you go out with them, you drink with them, you train with them. you know, you live with them. of course, it's emotional. it's the 105th, it's like a family. >> reporter: joseph lemm was
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suicide bomb attack near bagram air base. he leaves his wife, daughter and 4-year-old ryan who looked up on the day -- >> to the detective that worked with joe lemm, not only in the nypd, but he's also a military man as well. >> reporter: it is all family on a day when they follow the flag draped casket into the warmth comfort and grandeur of the great cathedral. a mass of christian burial. having the funeral here at st. pats was not a foregone conclusion. we're told the family requested the honor, and the cardinal agreed. of the eulogies delivered, bill bratton said he only met the detective once, but he triggered a standing ovation with a salute to lemm's service and sacrifice.
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he spoke about a true american hero. it brings emotion to everyone's heart. you can't help but rise to your feet out of respect and love for our fallen brother. >> reporter: there was a fallen salute outside of the cathedral. taps for a man as good as many wished they could be. cbs 2 news. >> as the funeral prosession made its way to the gate of heaven cemetery, yonkers residents paid their respects. some saluted as they stood on the new york state freeway. the yonkers police department shared this video on facebook to show their support. another fallen hero from our area who died in the same afghanistan attack will be laid to rest this weekend. services for staff sergeant louis bonacasa. are football players protected?
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what he says made him realize what he believes the nfl doesn't have his back. >> and a suspect says her body
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we'll explain next. massive flooding in missouri is likely to get worse before it gets better. rivers are rising to their highest levels in a quarter century, and water is starting to spill over levies. one cabin was seen floating away. at least 20 people have been killed in the midwest. most of them trying to drive through flood waters. a man and his dog were plucked from a roof after being stranded there overnight. vandals are targeting cars in brooklyn. police say someone busted windows in at least 18 cars today. it happened along 20th and 21st avenues in borough park. a new york jets player says he's feeling betrayed by the nfl over how the league handles concussions. >> we do play against guys who suffer from brain injury and
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years consistently for many, many plays. so whoa is the outcome of all of that? you just want to make sure the people you're around have your best interest at heart. >> watching the movie concussion prompted d'brickashaw ferguson to speak out. he told that he felt let down by those in the nfl who are supposed to be looking out for his well-being. he said if he had a child he would struggle whether to allow the child to play. and a new study finds second hand smoke is also harmful to pets. cats appear more susceptible to dogs, perhaps because of their self-grooming. new tonight, we're getting closer to celebrating a new year. >> many ring in the new year with a hangover after too much partying. tracee carrasco shows us some hangsover help you may not know about.
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>> eat everything greasy in the world. >> drink pedialyte. >> reporter: whether they work or not is a different story. dr.danielle matagar says the most important thing to do when you have a hangover is drink plenty of fluids. but instead of just water or a sports drink, he suggests drinking pressed watermelon juice, or coconut water. >> it just hydrates you better than water. >> reporter: while you may want to have a burger, he suggests instead. >> pads of the cactus can help high craigs. there's anecdotal evidence that people who eat this prickly pear cactus can beat a hangover, or lesson the effects of a hangover. >> reporter: you can take over the counter painkillers for
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will help. >> alka seltzer has something that helps your stomach. so a lot of people who drink might end up getting indigestion. taking vitamins before or after could help deplete those vitamins. >> reporter: drink in moderation, know your tolerance, and hydrate throughout the night. tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. new at 11:00, drunk driving charges were dropped against an upstate new york woman who says her body brews alcohol. her lawyer says the woman was diagnosed with a rare condition called auto brewery syndrome. high levels of yeast in her digestive system turn food into alcohol. the lawyer says the woman can register always as intoxicated without taking a drink. to the weather now, it
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>> and the rain is falling out there. tomorrow is a very big day. only confetti falling tomorrow, not the rain. >> i think we're going to do just fine, when you compare it to last year. last year, we had windchills like 23 degrees. it will be a lot different. a lot different for your day tomorrow, and a lot different for your new year's eve. right now, weather watchers are tossing in temperatures, 30s and 40s. this is robert in garnerville, new york. 40degrees, he's got a little rainfall there, what is robert telling us? happy new year to the best weather team. thank you, robert for the compliment. let me get you guys outside in new york city. there's the picture. there's a light rain falling, kind of foggy out there as well. 46degrees right now. we actually have a dense fog advisory in effect until 6:00 a.m. for all of these areas shaded in gray north and west of the city. come on, any of us could catch patchy fog out there. keep that in the back of your mind. this is not a big storm.
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it will be a chillier start to your january. it all comes on the heels of a very warm december. the record for the warmest december ever, 2001, average an afternoon high temperature of 44.1. we're averaging this year, 50.9. i mean, we're not just going to break this record, we're going to crush it. look, i've never seen a record like this fall that dramatically. this is really going to replace that 2001 number, dramatically so. because today, you were 48 degrees. still, that's 9 degrees above average. tomorrow, you'll be 50. so we may take that 50.9, and two. but it's going to be a 50-point something for your average december temperature. unheard of right? vortex satellite and radar showing us some showers moving across the area. they're all pretty light. with a flashier yellow. fire island may see a little moderate rain here, shortly,
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we have this trailing little band back here. this little line, and that's what we're dealing with right now. that makes its move through the area. there's your air mass for tomorrow. a much better looking day. a sun and cloud mix. you see more sunshine out there, and temperatures again, around 50 degrees. so the numbers overnight. 45, with that passing shower chance, tomorrow we hit the 50- degree mark with, let's call it partly sunny at times. but a bit milder out there. for the ball drop, 9:00 p.m., it's 43 degrees. i'm not talking big winds. midnight, it's 40 degrees, as the ball is dropping. 2:00a.m. is 36. going to continue to get colder as you go through the overnight. i think we'll be above freezing in new york city, probably an overnight low of about 33. watch what the temperatures do. i talk how it's going to be chillier going into january. still, remember the average this time of the year, is 38, or 39 degrees. we'll be 45 on friday. 42 saturday. 43 sunday with a good looking sky.
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monday will be the coldest day so far this season. the first time subfreezing at 29, or 30 degrees to start off today. 44 wednesday. monday really sticks out with that 39, right? that's where you should be. >> here comes january. >> here it comes. on average. otis is here with a look at sports. >> dick, the knicks cleanthony early gets shot. and we'll have carmelo's reaction. and week 17, the jets shuffle off to buffalo. >> a live picture inside our cbs 2 control room, where everyone is hard at work. do you know you can stream all
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just head to becomes a victim of a crime. >> we are lucky, especially he is lucky that it didn't turn out worse than it was. cleanthony early, as we told you early in the show, the secondier forward was robbed and shot in the right knee cap after leaving a queens strip club around 4:30 this morning. he was taken to a hospital in stable condition. there are more important things than the games these guys play. the knicks were thinking about early, the person, and not the player.
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and doing relatively well, as well as you could be. i think we'll take that. >> this is life or death, what we're dealing with is a game, it's basketball. we can come and get after it tomorrow. i think we should just take this day and kind of get away from it, and kind of count our blessings. this situation could have been much uglier. >> an mri showed no structural damage and he won't need surgery. while the knicks were focused off the court, the nets had to deal with the orlando magic on the court. the nets had a season low 2 turnovers. shane larken through traffic, finds willie reed who knows you've got to get up to throw down. brooklyn up 1 with under 1:00 to go, finding harris for the bucket. the nets allowed 100 points in 10 straight games, as they fall 100-93. what do you give the jet
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a playoff birth. it will be the first in a great career of brandon marshall. are you curious? do you wonder why things work? do you look at things and say "i can make that better"? these questions, these curiosities then lead to discoveries... ...and those discoveries are going to lead
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we have big, big challenges. one challenge is to capture the co2 before it's released into the atmosphere. we captured more than 6 million tons in 2014 alone. that's the equivalent of eliminating the annual emissions of more than one million cars. in the longer term, we are working on how to convert algae into biofuels. the ultimate objective is to be able to put it into an existing car, to not have to redo the engine. that could be one of the very important parts of the energy equation in the future. we want to drive our scientists, we want to drive our engineers, to never be satisfied with where we are today. because there are always better ways to do things. i'm vijay swarup,
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welcome back, everyone, rangers and tampa taking on the lightning. tied game in the 2nd. where would the rangers be this year without mats zuccarello. the rangers add empty netters. only their second win in two weeks though. the rangers take the show on the road to ottawa. he has 35 points so far this season. he had 42 all of last season. the devils win 3-0. jason pierre paul is going to need more surgery in the off- season on his right hand, in shops of shedding that club next season. he says he wants to be back with big blue. as for tom coughlin, who knows if he will be back, but he's taken a very business-like
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>> to be honest, this is the 16th game of the season, that's what i'm focused on. i won't let myself go in those other directions, because we have a job to do. and that's what we're going to do. all of these other issues will clear up in time and not before that. brandon johnson, another pro bowl appearance. breaking jet records, still left and right, but still hasn't played the playoffs in his career. he can do that with a win in buffalo, and he wants to soak this all in. >> life in sports, you've just going to focus on the here and now. you get to enjoy it. if you're thinking down the road, you're not really enjoying this moment. i want to enjoy it. these are memories that you'll have, and that will mean the most, it's not about the money, it's not about the thing. it's about the experiences, and things that you've accomplished with your teammates. >> it's a little bit about the money, come on. don't forget, you can watch
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at 1:00 right here on cbs 2. of course, i'll have extended coverage on the news at 11:00. >> a little bit about the money? >> and we still await anything from rex. >> we're waiting. >> nothing yet. >> we still have time. >> the last time they played,
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>> more aerodynamic. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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a family in burlington county, new jersey, will celebrate the new year with a new addition. >> a baby girl arrived in her father's pickup truck. she was not due for another three weeks, but had other plans. porsha wasn't waiting, dad didn't even have time to pull over. >> it went from me just breathing hard to screaming in the car. i could feel her coming out. >> i could see the look in her face, and hear her desperation that this baby is coming now. >> porsha weighs 4 pounds. mother and baby are doing just fine.
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