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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  January 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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victims dramatic escape. a late start to the ski season. plan will resort to be ready? and one of the best ways to
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can start right now. a new year's nightmare, a man saves a woman from a broken elevator the loses his life doing it and it all happened minutes before the clock struck midnight. good evening, i'm dick brennan. >> and i'm alice gainer. building safety records bring up the question, could this have been prevented? cbs 2's brian conebear has more. >> reporter: this is operated by a group called wavecrest management and why they aren't talking about this horrifying
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here certainly are. >> they have been working on it, shutting it off for weeks, months, and then this tragedy happens. >> reporter: anibal prieto jokes back tears as he talks about the horrific accident in his elevator at his building on 131 broome street in the lower east side. >> it's sad. something that happened on new year's with the family been destroyed. >> reporter: prieto and other residents say the elevators have caused problems for years and three citations have been issued. before midnight, right on one of those elevators turned deadly for stephen hewett-brown who was on his way to a new year's eve celebration. the 25-year-old musician from the bronx is being called the
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sanchez . sanchez told us the victim told her, happy new year, just as he pushed her up and out of the elevator when the elevator suddenly started going down with tran17-side and top outside the door. manuel coranado rushed into help. >> i try to put the elevator lit up to take out his body but i couldn't. the elevator had so much weight. >> reporter: witnesses claim emergency crews took 20 to 30 minutes to arrive on the scene here last night, but the nypd and fdny says it was only about five minutes. the call came in they say at 11:50 4 pm and crews got here at 11:50 9 pm. there are police and fire stations right around the corner. reporting from the lower east side, brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. a woman says her new year's eve night out acted with an end of playing discrimination. >> reporter: out with her crew to bring in 2016, karin petit of did not expect an attitude from ugly days gone by. >> i was discriminated against because i have brown skin.
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teacher says it happened at behan's pub. she has visited before so was surprised when the bouncer turned her way. >> right away he said it's a ticketed event. >> reporter: curious, she joined friends across the street and asked the white friend to get into behan's pub. that friend asked to remain anonymous. >> the bouncer looked at me, gave me a head nod and walked right in. >> he did not check her id or specify that it was a ticketed event. >> reporter: she confronted the bouncer and asked why her friend was allowed in but she was not. >> he looked at me and said because you don't look like the women inside. >> the bouncer said, you don't look like the other women in here. >> you heard him say that? >> absolutely. i was standing right there with her. shocking, absolutely. >> i actually walked away in
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deep. >> reporter: i went into behan's pub to get answers. the bartender referred me to a manager who wasn't around and hasn't contacted me. petito posted her complaint on social media and plans to file a commission. and upper east side pastor is accused of stealing money from the church offering box and church members say they have it on video. surveillance video shows a man going through money in a drawer, counting it and taking some of the money. members of the evangelical rock church on east 62nd street say it's the pastor, daniel iampaglia stealing cash from offerings supposed to go to missions. they say they suspected it for a while. >> we put in extra 20s, marked them, took photographs of them and sure enough on sunday when the offering was given to them, you know, to deposit, 20s were missing. >> church members say they asked the pastor in writing to resign but claimed he ripped up their letter.
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petty larceny. another church community is mourning the loss of their nearly 200-year-old church. stained paul's episcopal church caught fire early this morning, it recently became home to a pentecostal congregation. members were inside last night celebrating the new year but said they left before flames erupted. the cause of the fire is under investigation. with a voice that could sing r&b, pop and jazz, natalie cole was destined for pain. tonight, the music world remembers the singer- songwriter. at the apollo theater in harlem, a tribute to the grammy winner who died last night in los angeles of congestive heart failure. >> reporter: natalie cole followed in the steps of her famous father, that can call and send virtual duet with him in 1991. she found her own voice and success along the way. she won the first of nine grammys in 1975 with the hit,
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and in 1979, she received a star on hollywood walk of fame. there were setbacks. drugs and alcohol, entering the rehab program in 1983. >> it was such a revelation actually for me to start liking myself after all these years. i did not realize i was still grieving from my father at 30 something. >> reporter: cole was diagnosed she underwent a kidney transplant in 2009. >>, walking testimony to you can have scars, you can go through turbulent times, and life. canceled several tour dates including a new year's eve performance due to her health. natalie cole was 65 years old. >> cole is survived by a son and two sisters who say she died with dignity, strength and honor. singer aretha franklin called natalie cole one of the greatest singers of our time.
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the cole excellence -- legend of excellence quite well. singer tony bennett said natalie was an exceptional jazz singer and it was an honor to have recorded with her. patty labelle says she will truly be missed but her light will shine forever. >> reporter: bill cosby's wife, camilla, order to appeal in a civil case against the comedian. a massachusetts court says she has to give a deposition in a defamation lawsuit. she argued their private conversations were privileged, seven women who accused cosby of sexual assault filed a lawsuit. camilla is expected at the deposition next wednesday. this is separate from the criminal sexual assault charge filed against crosby earlier this week. a man on the run after opening fire outside a bar in tel aviv. cameras captured the shooting, you can see the gunman placing a backpack and shopping cart and pulling out a gun. he then walked outside and started shooting, killing two people and injuring several more. >> i hid myself under the baath. and i waited until it was finished but it was like, horrible. >> israeli police say the
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that identified him after his father reportedly saw him on tv. president obama is taking executive action to fight gun violence. he will meet with attorney general loretta lynch to see what he can do without getting he talked about it on his weekly address posted to the white house website. >> we know we can't stop every act of violence but what if we try to stop even one? what if congress did something, anything, to protect our gets from gun violence? >> sources tell cbs knew the president's options include expanding background checks for people looking to buy guns and requiring enhanced reporting and tracking of lost and stolen guns. 24 hours after a massive fire broke out at a dubai hotel, the fire is smoldering. firefighters remained unseen to
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we're getting our first look at the aftermath. the fire started before 10:00 last night sending flames shooting up the side of the 63 for building. 60 people were hurt, the cause remains unclear. new year's in new york city went off without a hitch, 1 million people were in times square for the ball drop and after the party comes to clean up. this morning, crews used blowers to get the last of the garbage from underneath the stage in times square. no mean feat. it was much warmer than usual for last night celebration but changes are happening. >> that's right, elise finch is here with more. >> you're right. let's take a look at what was for the ball drop from 2015 into 16, 40 degrees feeling that's actually not bad when you consider the year before, right now we've got temperatures in the 20s and 30s, factor in the wind, it feels much colder. i'll tell you what that means for the forecast, your weekend going forward. kidnapped in her own car.
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video of the gas station stop them have saved her life. plus, lose money to sports betting online? why that cash to be back in your pocket. a rare sight to start the new year, where hibert has taken up residence and why wildlife officials are letting him stay there. it's heartbreaking to not be able to ski the slopes. >> skiers shout out with one
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that's coming up next. caught on camera, a terrified woman makes a dramatic run to safety after being carjacked and kidnapped. police say the man stole the woman's car at a gas station in pennsylvania a few miles from the new jersey border wednesday while she was still inside. more than an hour later the car stopped at another gas station. you can see the woman escape. she yelled for help and hid behind another man as the car circled around. the suspect fled, crash the car and was arrested. new york's attorney general eric schneiderman has slapped draft kings and fanduel with another lawsuit, this time calling for the companies to return on money lost two players last year and pay hefty fines. schneiderman claims the sites allow illegal gambling. if you're a college student or the parent of one,
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apply for financial aid. experts it's best to get started early. you may miss out on scholarships or grants money if you wait. now, students can also find out how much they can borrow from the government. people in a summit, new jersey neighborhood woke up this money to find an act like that did mister hanging out. a blackberry dozing in a tree. residents were alerted after the large animal was spotted on the corner of ashland road and tanglewood drive. people stopped by all day long to take a look. >> i looked out my window and all of a sudden there was a bear on the trail. what? there's a bear? >> what a great way to start the day, wake up and see a bear in the neighborhood. >> the cbs 2 could be there for a while, new jersey fish and wildlife officers can't train collided while it up so high and when it does decide to come down, police hope the bear will make a peaceful exit. warm weather has put a damper on this year's ski season and resorts are desperate for snow.
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cbs 2's lou young travel to the poconos tonight to watch winter arrived. >> reporter: two hours west of manhattan, the snow guns of winter are spraying icy mist into the mountain air. the noise, deafening at close range, is music to holiday visitors who envisioned a more seasonable landscape for their state. the general consensus, it's about time. >> on january 1, it should snow. >> it is now. >> i love it. >> reporter: that's how weary winter worshipers are these days, once they would have complained about a lack of natural snow, no anything will do. for some, even this comes cruelly late in the game. >> heartbreaking to not be able to ski the slopes because there is no snow and no, i have to go home. >> reporter: it takes days of doing this to make a skiable service and -- surface and these are snow guns happen fouled up three times, each time the warm winter has undone their work. this time, snow makers say their feeling it. >> now it's got a good forecast ahead and are excited to be
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>> reporter: it's hope, ticketholders will be here in the seats in the camelback monday at the poconos. they started making snow at mountain creek in new jersey. upstate, new york slopes are also pushing the stop out. none too soon for ski team member from brewster, high school. >> it has been pretty ridiculous and after praying and doing so many snow dances we have finally got snow here. >> reporter: if you dream of sliding down a local slope, be comforted that the fake flakes are falling as you sleep. in tannersville, pennsylvania lou young, cbs 2 news. >> i think he was feeling it. that jacket is going to be what for a while. all right, elise finch is here. it felt like winter today, right? >> it did. apparently, that young man's snow dance is very effective. at least a pair. we had some flurries across parts of our northern suburbs earlier today, we may see additional once tonight.
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we're seeing at 11:17. things were chilly today, downright cold tonight, one of the warmest temperatures i could find. this is from a lane and brooklyn, 36 degrees where she is, clear, cool, wintry night, winds out of the west at 15 miles an hour, feels at 26. i think that's an appropriate description of what we've got going on tonight. as far as other temperatures are concerned, lots of 30s and a lot of these locations are at or above the slightly above freezing mark, we have one well below, this is barry in bloomingdale, new jersey at 29 degrees at his house. let's take a look outside at what we are dealing with, this is our camera high atop the empire state building. it's cold in prison. the 35 degree official temperature in the city feels like 30. that's pretty much the case around the tri-state area, it's cold tonight and wind makes it feel even colder. high temperatures, 44, bridgeport, connecticut, jfk, central mark -- central park at 42, laguardia also reporting a high of 43 degrees. 40 t -- 42 in central park
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where we should be, the record is 62, 20 degrees off of our record but we ended 2015 with a pair of 48 degree temperatures, bringing in 2016 with a pair of 42 degree temperatures. it is cooler but still above where we should be. temperature wise tomorrow, we look and feel a lot like today. same for sunday. saturday and sunday, very similar conditions both the way they look and feel. for text satellite radar showing a significant break in the clouds. that's nice. still some close to the north and west and flurries into ulster and dutchess counties, we are still seeing flurries with us all day long. people waiting for the cold and winter, well, hopefully you enjoy today. will have more of it this weekend. here is the setup. we have a trough of low pressure, that's why we're seeing flurries and of course, it's cold enough to see some flurries. we get cold air with breezy conditions tonight, we continue into the day tomorrow, still chilly and a little bit breezy, but we expect to see more
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today and sunday's pretty much the same story. tonight, the big story overnight is not just the flurries but temperatures. 32 degrees, that's in central park. 20s in the suburbs, factor in the wind, it feels much colder. these are the actual temps in the suburbs, lots of 20 degree temperatures. be mindful when you factor in the wind, we are talking about low 20s, even some teens. 42, 43 for the weekend. cold air moves in monday with a high of 38. tuesday, we struggle to make it to the freezing mark. if you did a snow and winter dance, success, it's here. >> skiers will love it. >> indeed. you can say oh, brother. a bridal has broken out between two boys for the title of new york city's baby new year. >> one contender is 7 lbs. 4 oz. born at healthcare queens, he has yet to be named, another is zaden staley born at coney
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both have proof showing the exact time of birth at midnight when 2016 hit. >> it was exactly at the 12:00 mark. no seconds at all. >> my baby was born first. [ laughter ] i'm sure. i looked at that clock and is said 12:00. >> forget about the bragging rights, the most important thing, both babies are healthy. >> and super cute, too. the mother's look great, too. >> and they are sleeping. >> congratulations to both. mark morgan is here with a look at sports. the jets control their own destiny. beat the bills sunday and there in the playoffs but they might be shorthanded. also, the knicks hoping to start 2016 with a bang, facing the polls in chicago. highlights on the way. take a live look behind the scenes from our control room. hello, folks and there. we've got a way.
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to the to hockey goes outdoors. >> the next, stephen colbert
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angels eating wings. cole -- the knicks on the hardwood in chicago. >> the knicks season thus far
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a string of wins followed by a run of losses, rinse and repeat. overall much better than last year's start. the knicks were 5-28 after 33 games last season at this point. tonight, they took a 15-18 record into chicago to tipoff 2016. the knicks haven't one of the united center, derrick rose sitting this one out with a hamstring injury by the way. and one right there, 18 points, colderon playing very well in this one for the knicks. the knicks tabouli but then forgot how they came back, they got awful in the fourth, missed layups, you saw the silly turnovers right there, bulls light to their defense and then shut it out. the knicks suddenly down 16 and it got worse, chicago shot 62% from the arc. doug mcdermott, another three, the knicks outscored 31-8, worst quarter in franchise history. 108-81 is the final. week 17 of the nfl, giants and jets are at different ends
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big blue out of the playoffs with head coach tom coughlin's future in the air. jets, winners of five straight could grab a playoff spot with a win over the bills in buffalo. they may be shorthanded, running back bilal powell missed practice today for the third straight game nursing and injured ankle. in other news, jets receivers boated of brandon marshall mvp of the season, rifle so, touchdown. a win and therein, catch the playoff push against buffalo right here on cbs 2, 1:00 on sunday. the granddaddy of them all, rose bowl, i went and stanford, it was a mismatch. first play from scrimmage, kevin hogan, 75 yards to running. he said a rose bowl record with 368 all-purpose yards, the heisman runner-up ran back a
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well, hogan, the third quarter back in history to start free rose bowl games, watch them take the fumble, then found someone wide open, that got the game for standards -- stanford, 29 point blowout for the kernel. defending national champions ohio state did not make college football playoffs but the buckeyes looked impressive in the fiesta bowl, ezekiel elliott will be playing on sundays next fall, he gave nfl teams something to think about today, 149 yards on the ground, four touchdowns, osu finished the season 12-1. after a quick break, alabama head coach nick saban as you have never seen him. plus, we lace up the skates for
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stay with us. welcome back. to the present water we go. nhl winter classic, bruins hosting the canadiens, winner will take over the top spot in
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to it quickly scorn, just one: 14 in, montrial added more goals to the 5-1 win over the bruins. we all know that nick saban is known as a tremendously successful but very, very, very serious coach, rarely smiling even after huge wins, right? this is what happened after his team thrashed mystic in the state, 30-0 in college playoffs last nine, he shakes hands, the team starts dancing and chanting, wait, wait, this apparently is nick saban getting his groove on. i'm not really sure what this is but he's letting his hair down. it's kind of rhythmic, but i don't know. i'm guessing you'll have to answer questions about this at his next news conference. >> that was something. >> that is something, alice, you're right. caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things.
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an adorable update for you, the health of a polar bear cub abandoned by her mother at
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