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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 4, 2016 2:00am-3:00am EST

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ng. frank: you didn't hear this from me, but your undercover work with the sanfinos has got a lot of eyes on you. hopefully not the sanfinos'. you're on a fast track and it ain't 'cause of your old man. if anything, it's in spite. only way i'd have it. (sighs) you know, i painted e of m houses when i walked a beat. window trim was my specialty. freehand, no tape. if you hada few do over... aw, that's not a real place; i'm not going there. humor me. okay, if i had it to do all over again, it to i'd still take the test, but i'd rob a bank on my way to get there. how's that? jamie... if you joined the department after joe died as a way of helping us all heal-- especially me--
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i've made my peace with it as much as i can. dad, i like the life. and if joe's death brought me, then so be it. i never thought i was gonna get rich being a cop. even a harvard graduate could figure that out. to it any more chips? there's another bag in the cupboard. connie is not a gun runner. come on, mike. what does that look like to you over there? it doesn't make any sense. maybe somebody's setting him up. setting him up? you know, all my years on the job, that's the first time i ever heard a line so stupid coming from behind a badge. doesn't mean it's not true. all right, well, either way, connie has a lot of explaining to do. i know. what's with the cuffs? detective montero, firearms investigation, meet
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auxiliary officer, mike galatis. he killed some creep named billy jackson in his uncle's diner. oh, yeah? well, you did the world a favor. you ever meet his buddy, joey sava? yeah, that's him! that's the other guy. all right, settle down. what do you got on this guy, sava? i have truck hijacking irginia. he killed the driver and made off with more than just these weapons. there're 211 still out there. so, uh, your uncle was in business with these guys? in vno, mike seems to think there's some other explanation, don't you? you want to find connie? me, too. mike, where would you look? no. he had this thing with a waitress. maureen something. i dropped him off at her place once. great. do you remember where that is? it's around 14th street. i could probably find it again. let's take another ride. hey. okay, kevin. oh...
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not at all. come on. he never gave me a chance. he had his mind made up before he even sat down. not true. there's no fault here, only difference of opinion. garrett, i am open to direction, but i cannot work in a vacuum. you won't be, kevin; i know him. he'll come back to you with direction, but not until he's certain of where he's pointing you. and then what? it's his way or the highway? only when he's convinced he's right. which is how often? when i quit tracking that, i could finally quit smoking. have a good night. listen, garrett, we're doing this campaign with the commissioner's input or without. if he wants to be heard, he should start talking. i'll be in touch. danny: kid, i'm starting to think you got us on a wild-goose chase here. whate doing? i think we're close. you "think we're close," you said that ten blocks ago. see that check-cashing place? yeah. are w a few years back, some guys held it up,
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when they came out, they ran right into two auxiliary. i remember that, the perps thought the, uh, they were real cops. shot them both. they never had a chance. yeah. you know those guys or something? no. i wasn't on back then, but i almost got assigned to this precinct. (phone beeps) just gets you thinking, you know? we just got a text; connie just used his credit card at a liquor store a couple blocks away. great. let's go get him. constantine markos, police. get your hands up front, sir, where i can see them. is there a problem? you could say that. come on. you know, someone in there has been worried about you. michael! don't worry, connie, everything's gonna be fine. these are good detectives. you keep your mouth shut, understand? come on. no. listen, we need to clear this up. tell them what happened. connie, they found all these guns. hey, hey... they're looking at me for murder. get inside! let's go. i want a lawyer. you'll get a lawyer.
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and only bath fitter has seamless walls, which guarantee a watertight fit. when you change your tub, you change your bathroom. and that can change your life. i know because i did it. jackie: you know this guy? no. we've got a witness that says he's seen you two talking. was that a question, detective? signome. it's fine. if you mean michael, he's obviously confused. do you have a crime you'd like to talk about, detective?
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i found in your client's storage locker? my client is not the only one with access to thaer, as you well know. those guns are not his. so, connie, are you saying they're michael's? i'm not saying at lockg. well, i think you should be saying something. see, we found a dead guy in your diner, and you happened to run away. it wasn't me who made him dead. i ran because i was scnythinhis friends would come for me. who? what friends? i don't know; they all have friends. joey sava? connie, listen, if you tell us where he is, ared it's gonna be a lot easier on you and on michael. my client is under no obligation to help you, detective. and as far as his nephew... the boy made his own bed. what the hell is he doing? what does it look like he's doing? he's saving his own ass. by pinning this on me? yeah, well, that's it works, kid. oh, son of a bitch. this... this isn't happening. i was trying to help him. and now he's helping himself. how so you got a choice. you can do the right thing and you can help us now.
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he practically raised me. (sniffles) (sighs) come on, let's go for a walk. come on. i knowad you wanted to be a cop. and i'm sorry that it didn't work out for you. but you got a second chance here. how b you can stop feeling sorry for yourself, and you could think about what it is you can do to help us. think about all the things you've seen your uncle connie do, and all the times you gave him the benefit of the doubt. you can put yourself behind a gold shield, and you can think about it the way a cop would. we got to get joey sava off the streets, and you giving us connie is the only way we can do it. nobody said the job was easy.
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what is this? connie'schance. connie, you give us joe sava, the d.a. will go easy on you. as i was telling your partner, you have nothing on my client. actual last do. bring him in. ly, we michael, this isn't a game. not another word. think abat you're doing. what am i doing, connie? you're trying to bury me. i'm telling the truth. that box with the guns in it was inout whiner one morning, nailed shut. connie told me to stick it in storage, so i did. which proves nothing. the d just your word against his. (sighs) it's not just mine. remember, connie? it's that box weighed a ton. ralph, your chicken guy, had to help me put it in the car.
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he asked you what was in it, you told him it was cast iron skillets. that's corroboration. that puts the weapons in his sole possession. what did i ever do to you except take care of you, huh? i treated you like a son. connie. what were you thinking? if i wanted help from a real cop, i would have called one. i'm sorry, connie. i won't bother you again. now, unless you want to spend the rest of your life in sing sing slinging eggs, you're going to give us joey sava. (short siren blast) esu captain: reagan. you must be that bad feeling i woke up with this morning.
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it's funny, cap, you know, i get that a lot. all right, en up, we're looking for one joe sava. he did ten years for manslaughter. he's got outstanding warrants for felony assault and menacing. this guy is no joke, so let's keep it tight. i need two of you list around back, two of you around front. whose vehicle is this? my car. all right, you, anything goes down, that's the hospital car. you got it? yes. good. no knock? no knock, third floor. all right. let's hit it. police! get down!
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down on the ground! down on the ground now! handnd your head! don't move, don't move! joey! s behi hey! reagan! joey! joey sava! hey! hold it! hey! ey sava! police! don't move! (gunshots) jo (gunshots) hold it! (grunts) joey!
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(gun clicking) drop it! drop it and put your hands where i can see 'em right now! get on your knees. don't even think about it. on your knees! what are you gonna do? what am i gonna do? (sava groans) that's what i'm gonna do. jackass. (sighs) hey, that's a nice look for you, kid, no handcuffs. yeah, grand jury cleared me. figured they would. not without your testimony. hey, i told them what happened. don't get all sentimental about it, all right? yeah, a different detective could have gone either way.
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you got lucky this time; maybe you'll get lucky next time. when you taking the cop test again? (chuckles) you knew i would, huh? yeah-- well, i'll tell you what-- find out who your investigator is, give me a call. i got a few connections inepartment. (car door shuts) the d guy's bedroom was like a shrine to the nypd, except he had a picture ofwhere you're supposed to have a poster of the rock star or the quarterback. or spongebob. granddad squarepants. (laughter) nicky: come on, boys, you s go make that on photoshop. sounds like this guy was really obsessed. if you want something bad enough and you can't have it, then you try your damnedest let'get near it. danny: well, i'm not going to judge the guy. who knows where i'd be if i failed the test? you'd be laying bricks and drinking too much beer. to danny: those weren't my only two choices in life, you know. no, you're right, there was installing car stereos,
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along with drinking too much beer. (laughter) danny: all right. you think that's funny? what about you guys? ladies' better shoes. staying in the marines. and you? oh, we already know about you. i'd be helping bad guys go free, driving a beemer, and dreading every morning. hmm. or you could've been an ada. i love waking up for work every morning. all due respect, sis, but cops are cooler. hear, hear. with all due respect, career choices based on a cool factor is for 15-year-olds. thank you. frank: oh. yeah, is that why you took a job asktail waitress at the roxy-- because that job commanded such respect? (laughs) henry: i thought you used to work at a roller-skating rink. it was a rol a cocskating rink. linda: yeah, in the '70s when you were in, like, grade school. i did have roller skates on. (others laughing) ler- no way you didn't know erin was a cocktail waitress. why would you think that? you're my dad.
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(chuckles) i knew. sometimes one chooses to let things slide. and i didn't become a cop because of joe or for the money obviously. why did you? growing up, it always seemed that what you ade was never the reason you did what you did. it was the work itself, the stories you got into the middle of, guys madventures, the comedies, the tragedies. frank: the adventures, the comedies, the tragedies. the going to work every day with the feeling anything could happen, and you'd be in the middle of it, making a difference. and being part of a brotherhood that spans almost 300 years. i know that's not the big idea, and i don't pretend to have it, but it seems to me... that the personal stories should be
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the heart and soul of it. anything there you can work with? (exhales) i don't suppose i could just turn the camera on the commissioner? not a chance. captioning sponsored by cbs brought to you by the volkswagen sign then drive event, where you can drive away
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cable's out. no friday night rom-com? that's a shame. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer you an excuse
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to get out of friday romantic comedy night. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. if you experience an outage, we're committed to getting to your home within 24 hours. and before we leave, we'll do a free whole-home check to make sure that all your connections and equipment are working great. [doorbell] sorry, buddy. it's going to take me awhile. >> reese's home restoration. mich and catherine's mansion sold. >> the stars moving real estate hollywood and showing us inside. what's coming up now. >> on entertainment tonight. >> celebrities can make a lot of money out of estate. >> who isbuying, who is rightlling? >> is david charve you
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are at my house. one of m favorite places. >> a bay watch star. se tom brady. inside celebrity homes. as we tour kevin costner's house. he is raising young kids. >> why he's inpain. >> you keep feeling on your leg. >> i am in such pain now. >> also at home with dick van dyke at 90. his young wifrets to i ternl youth. >> i eat a pint of ice cream every night and d around the house. >> and he tours three c homes. >> 7 secms, 8 bathrooms. >> inside kyle richar mansion and her update on s kim richards after rehab. needed the time to takbedroo care of herself. >> plus an o.c. housewives mansion under construction. >> wayne newton's vegas home. >> come on.ehere i am. >> private jet. exotic pets. behind the walls of this $70
2:25 am
millmansion. >> this is amazing. >> now n our 35th season, this is entertainment tonight. >> thanks for joining us everyone and welcome to a special entertainment tonight on this new i holiday weekend. we're going inside celebrity homes for pri tours and some very special sit downs. >> stars are always shaking up livingyear's arrangements, right? they love to play that real estate game. they definitely have the money. who has been buying, selling, and flipping the hottest properties in town. >> between having your production company t kids, the family, where do you find time to restore historic home that you just bought here. >> it going to take me awhile. it's something that i'm going t do little by little and it's a passion project for me >> reese bought the home for just under $2million. next buy, look this glass house. he was renting for about 60,0. month but now justin's living it elsewhere so now if
2:26 am
it out and live like the 00 aebs. what's it look like when stars sales man. >> you are at my house and one of my favorite places, the cabana whichbi an area w entertain a lot. the house was built '08 and sits on four acres of land. it's a 6500 square is feet. >> she has gone from the beach on baywatch to being high end home builder with the jo builders group. he and his wife are selling their mansion for 13 million. >> we're i master right now and i can honestly say that i spend a tremendous amount of time in this room and was really important is the bed was very important but the view is just as important. >> what people don't realize about this house is that there's hidden so what we have actually done is taken theater and it's a hidden pdoor so it completely opens up. >> celebrities can make a lot
2:27 am
>> he explains why rich celebrities use this toassageake money on the side. >> i know tha ellen degeneres purchased a house and they bought that house from her a lot more money. it really ms influence t price. people want to buy a celebrity house. rities want to buy another celebrity house. >> but even doe the celebrity estate market took a hill. mila kunis sold her home for under $4 million. michael's was listed for 8 mil and sole for 7.5. it just took a big drop from 1.75 million ask. maybe because her or kerrs weren' included in the sale. >> one of the most fam home is aaron spellings former estate which when i was i had the chance to go into. the elevator. >>elevator. >> it's crazy.
2:28 am
formula one racing heiress. it's 56,000 square feet. the asking price, 10050 million. she said she would be fine taking ove $100 million. >> that's a st at $100 million. am i not far away from that mansi$1 are the homes of some of the most wealthy women on reality tv. i'm talking a real housewives of bevehills.on 2015 was a difficult year with housewives of bevehills.on 2015 was a difficult year with kyle richards with the struggles of her sistekim. >> nothing like a square foot t to make a woman smil well, kyle opened up her doors our specialcorrespondent. star of close and finish it. >> my happiness starts at home. >> you can't be a housewife without a major house. she and h husbandfix itinished a $1.5 million renovation their 7,000 square foot bel-air home.
2:29 am
>> is my dream home. it's a little big. it's f deceiving when you see the outside. it's 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms. and t housewives lighting we have here tha really embarrassing. >> you can't miss all picks of kyle and sister kim richards around their home. kim is back after a stint in rehab and has been seen filming. >> my sister is doing well. she needed this time to take care herself and that's what she has done so we'r happy. >> tou for inviting me into your home let's check it out. >> this is the hub. love this. i'm proud. it's very, very importanthank y me. >> you remodelled this house. >> when we first bought it it was an outdated 8 modern. i loved the home and i to l energy. >> now the design that goes behind all therooms, is it done by both of you to as a team or by you? >> we have a desig that's our close friend and she works with us and knows our taste. >> so thi is our media room.
2:30 am
gets used a lot. itnerth center of the house. all the posters around here are all kyles different mov or the housewives here. that's actually your book. >> their's in most recent renovation, moving their gym down st make a dressingoom for kyle. >> there should be more on side. >> well, i haven't -- >> there's another closet. >> so this is my a closet. >> yeah. >> you know what i can't the >> really i can see how neat you are because you have like skinny jeans. -- skdesign. >> i try to keep it very organized and color coordinated. >> and while her closets were complete, the gym was still work in progress. >> heres my gym. >> talk about the chandelier in the gym. >> it has to go. used to be a b adroom. >> that's something and you're probably wondering what a hou like that cost. they paid more than million
2:31 am
worth a more than that now. e i think it might be. we also went inside another housewives mansion. this is so spectacular it made our >>drop. real housewife of orange county gave a private tour to our spec correspondent. >> hi, heather. >> hi. thank you for having us in your wonderful home. >> welcome. >> welcome to the site of orange county cat fights. she'll be host i a few parties in her 20,000 square foot mansion in the o.c. under construction. >> how manythrooms? >> 14 bathrooms. >> why do you need so bathrooms? >> the key to a successful marriage i need tell you is separate bathrooms. >> the home was s to be finished last month but they time when you have a infinity pool and 18 seat movie theater in your floor plan.
2:32 am
going to be ready then. >> no. >> they have been together years and have four kids that will all hanging out here. >> this honestly is the star the house. >> look at theview. this is really unbelievable. >> this is what we could not accomplish in our old house that we d get to accomplish here which is the kitchen family room. so if you can understand the depth of this i think it's about 90 feet. oh, wow. now all the w in the united states and the rest the world want to know about your closet. >> basically, i've had lights every corner of theroom. i want everything lit up. all of my of accessories go here. my purses and shoes. >> heather is gearing up for book launch party here in march. so he made sure to ask. >> a allowed to come back for thereveal? >> you better and bring your family and all of them too. >> thank you so much. >> good seeing you. >> we'll back in the spring. >>re we sounds good. take re. now have to go. i have a lot of work todo. >> that's going to be one
2:33 am
>> maybe they'll give us a wing >> i just want visit. >> perfect. you take the garage. i'll take the guest room. >> all right. now can you guess who l in this ridiculou hug. manhattan townhouse? it is the med mogul and executive produ of the new show donny and hee showed us all six stories of jaw dropping eye candy. >> you gutted this entire place. you got to choose every you wanted. >> o than the facade we built it from scratch. >> how long did that take? whole process about four years. >> over $20 million filled with art including warhols and this medicine cabinet display and where he f his network show. >> these are offices down here. my three daughters, 28, 12, and 8. this is an amazing kitchen i've nilms cooked anything in my life. >> nothing. >> i h kids half the time so it's either c nuggets,
2:34 am
mac and cheese or pizza. >> thisever is the play room we have the cupcakes and the red heart chairs. where the real happens is right over here. this is it. >> the fourth floor is girls bedroom but the fifth floor is where single dad donny has lots fun. cially with one of his guests on his show, christie brinkley. >> yes. in the episode where i finally get in th espe bedroom she sits in this chair and tells me to strip. >> show me you got. >> it's the sexiest thing in the entire world. e>> i never seen a bathtub like this. >> it's prettycool. >> there's nine bathrooms in all and on the 6th floor a private gym. if you're wondering how he managed to get all ofthis, here is his advice. >> f your passion. always think about it from the other person's perspective. don't be afraid to fai and go for it. >> wor that work for donny.
2:35 am
i'll listen to him.l sure. >> coming up inside homes of kevin costner, reynolds, wayne newton tom brady. talking about those super bowl rings. >> unless people want see them and i'll bring them out for them. >> we're at home with the woman known as the queen of clean. how s turns pain into laugher. >> anything you drag of the dark into i'm jerry bell the second. and i'm jerry bell the third. i'm like a big bear and he's my little cub. this little guy is non-sto he's always hanging out with his friends. you've got to be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat and be ready to get up. there's no "deep couch sitting." definitely not good for my back.p. this is the part i really don't like right here. (doorbell) what's that? a package! it's a swiffer wetjet. it almost feels like it's moving itself. this is kind of fun. that comes from my floor? eww! this is deep couch sitting. [jerry bell iii] deep couch sitting! whatcha doin? just prepping for my boss' party in a couple weeks. what are those? crest whitestrips. they whiten way better than paste. crest 3d white whitestrips...
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like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i accept i don't have to set records. but i'm still going for my personal best. and for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for yo u. welcome ba our celebrity homes special. to acomedian that lives far away new york and los angeles, she's a woman that the whole family can listen to, right? she is known as the queen of clean. >> brook anderson visited her at home in tennessee where she finds humor in the most painful experiences. >> some lady said i don't think you should talk abo taking antidepressants that makes your faith look weak. said then you need to take
2:38 am
your glasses off and drivehome. >> did you ever have toovercome really dark thoughts? >> i did. i wanted to end it all. >> surprising since she made a career of ing peoplelaugh. the devout christians r sales made her the top selling female comedian in the country and she got very persona a docume mak laughing in the dark. >> sometimes it sounds like he's trying to talk to me. lucille ball said i'm notntary, funny. what i am is brave. >> she is very candid in the documentary opening about loss and her battle with depression. >> you tthe movie you're open about at the darkest times you woul on stage. you knew what jokes would hit and would make them laugh and as you saw them laughi in ght, how are they laughing? things a funny. what is going on. >> ye >> but you forced yourself through the moment. >> yes. >> and through the day thoun when you were at depth of your misery. >> i used to say all thetime, everything you drag out of the dark into the light has more
2:39 am
>> eve 31 years i have been married to the same man. don'clap. you don't know him. >> she shares her heart break oversing her husband while making the documentary. he during 2014 during emergency brain s and was a big part of the film talking their court loship. >> i have a question foryou. would you go steady me? >> well, years ago i said what?thisme i go, yes. >> how has comedy helped you pe throughout your life? how pain fuelled your comedy? >> it's been agift. it can also be a curse. >> i'm not the person i was co when this documentary started. and i don't ever want to be that person again. >> what do you want people when they watchthis, what do you want to take away? >> hope. that's the number one thing.
2:40 am
hope is the sweetest thing. them thank you brooke for to my farm. >> thank you for having me. >> i just believe y'all did this. i just can't. >> we love y'all. >> are you kidding me? >> >> it's been wonderful. >> so sweet and i want you t eat more. donuts please. >> now get this she h her eyes on late night tv. she'd love to break into that boy's club and have her own talk show. >> that would be interesting. >> that would be interesting and probably also tricky. those guys are good. >> they but up next we're at hom with country legend clint black. his gs, his famous wife and why he challenged the music industry. >> it was to the detriment of my career.
2:41 am
out his >> tom brady is giving david beckham a run for his money the title of sexiest man ive. >> i'm probably in the gym two or three days a week.
2:42 am
of the spotlight when gq went to the boston home for the annual man of the year issue. tom got fo super bowl rings. ben afleck's former nanny showed them off on a pryivate t. >> they're so big and they attract a lot of attention. if you're wearing them around becaus they're enormous. so for the most part they stay safe all day. >> welcome back everyone toeur special on celebrity homes. some of the are owned by musicians. we got a chance to go inside one star's hou that made a huge mark in co otry musi i'm talking about clint black. >> he released his first album in ten years last but she's spending a lot of time at home his familyun his wife lisa who we all loved. brooke checked in on pair at home in andnashville.
2:43 am
>> a solo performance is right. just for me atclint's home in nashville. >> you only need to be satisfied with your work. you don't need to the biggest thing doing it. >> so your goal is not to be biggest country super star again? >> no, you can't stay at the t forever. >> clint certainly was on top. world sold more than 20 million albums. >> killing time. platinum, huge. >> know, it was a really exciting time. it was like a ship ride. >> but then his momentum slowed. plus came battl with record companies that wanted black to cover other tunes. that wasn't clint'sstyle. >> so i told my manag i said listen i'm going to have to do this independently. i can't go this route. >> so you said off everybody. i'm writing my own songs. >> ier did and, you know, was
2:44 am
to the detriment of my career because i know s10 million records is better than selling 3illi records but that's not the first reason i do things. >> clint's new album, o purpose, he produced m himself. >> you're boss ofyou, you're the boss of this studio, you're the boss of the music and it comes out the way that you want it. most of the time. >> at ne po we were joined by lisa and their four golden doodles. also sharing the house, their daughter lily oarl. >> what's next? >> i don't know. i mean-- >> i'm sort of acting like i'm a good mom right now. >> clint and lisa were married inpe 1991. we were them a year later. >> we're happy. >> very. >> 24 years later, they're still happy. >> what's the secr
2:45 am
>> what i tell everyone is we try to identify the l things along the way that irritate annoy and frustrate and then i just stop doing them. >> qui a house and clint has had such an amazing care 2015 actually marked the 25th anniversary of his first album killing time g platinum and that has four str number oneer. songs. >> that's not a bad way to start things off. am i right? >> no. >> to a television news mogul. king. he just showed off a softeride in a holiday movie produced with his wife called chr eve and they gave micheller a private tour of how they really deck the h at home in beverly hills. >> what's going on with this tree? >> it's turnefantastic. >> my son does not likeit. he says it looks like som threw up fairies on the tree. >> are a lot of fairies. >> there are lot of fairies on the tree.
2:46 am
>> fairies everywhere you turn. these halls were left although his holiday attitude wouldn't last. >> i get up on christmas morning and i watch them open the and out. >> he'sgone. >> so that's your holiday tradition. >> my holiday tradition. is the airport. >> and speaking of the holi larry told us about producing sean's new which stars patrick stewart. >> i was very happy wit the outcome. i think it's wonderful. i was proud of her. she terrific. >> movie was the boss here? >> was, is, what are you kidding me? >> let's see. >> telling truth. >> who who do you think was the boss?well, i really don't know. >> working together has its challenges. >> i'll just go sit over here. >> no, no, no. >> come on. >> the worst par of any working together with i am always on me. >> me too.
2:47 am
>> and y, larry is still a pro. >> you know ti where to look when the red light is on. >> it's a camera a red light. i must be nervous. okay. welcome. you' watching entertainment tonight. >> now larry also hosts a talk larry king now and you can watch new episodes monday, wednesday and friday. >> that guy not stop. >> i know. straight aheurt reynolds at nearly 80 struggling to walk and selling off his home. does he still blame his ex his money troubles? >> she liked to spend y. everything i had. >> i'm at home with beverly johnson. >> i was monedr and i feel very fortunate that i wasn't raped. >> that is next.
2:48 am
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and the oscar goes too. >> can you believe it? >> i need a grammy. >> goodness. >> i'm defely going to celebrate. >> it feels good to live a dream. >> i'm really honored to be recognized for work. >> we love you. where are we going? no, don't tell me. let me gues >> that is burt reynolds in his prime. he is a legend in hollywood and one we to spend time with at the home he's trying to unload. >> he's been out spoken about hing from his finances to divorces and love life. he's opening up brooke anderson about the highs and loes of aeveryt legendary life. >> so set the record straight, you're not bankrupt? >> no, and i get so mad when hear that., i'm not. i'm not bankrupt.
2:52 am
if i was bankrupt i wouldn't have my tie on. >> he was o no hollywood's highest paid actors. an 80s a lister known for taking on big action roles big time relationships. >> your biggest regret was not making i work with sally field an said that you still miss her terribly. she is the love of your life. >> yeah. i do. i do her. she's a strong, strong woman and a brilliant actress. and you could talk to her about anything. i r when i brought up h name to be in smoky and the bandit and everybody said what do you to get her for, she's not sexy. and i said you don't understand,er talent issexy. truthfully, i don't think she wanted to marry me. i don't think she thought i was goo -- this is not a good
2:53 am
>> have you reached out to her or vice versa. no. she hasn't. but i wish she would. >> as for his five year union to lonny anderson. burt says he never should have married the woman she claimed maxe a $45,000 credit card in half an hour. >> she liked to spend money. mine. i really couldn't afford it. if i wasonasis she could break it. if it takes you five hours to get ready to go to the grocery store. that's aole other thing. just shouldn't have married her. i wasn't the right guy for her. but, you know, she married her high school sweetheart just i recently. and i think they're very happy. >> are you still in touch with her? >> no. no. >> at 79 years old, the star is frail.
2:54 am
lifetime of hard living. for years he bat an addiction to pai pills. >> because of all the you did over the years, your body is wreck. >> it is. >> you keep fetled on your leg. >> i'm just feeling if it's still there. i am such pain now. if it wasn't for i could lay down. medic. medic. >> you had a jaw injury and had to start takin prescription pills and battled addiction. >> yeah. >> you lost weight. rumored started flying. >> that i you was dying and i just kept working. i thought the only way to make these rumors go away was to keep working. use if i was actually dying of that -- and it was awful. was really an awful period. >> you say becat the lowest point. >> itwas. >> depressed. alone.
2:55 am
>> but pain, love, and money probl i aren't burt's regret. he writes in hisbook, but enough about me, he turned down big roles. like emshanssolo, james bond, j nicholson in one f over cucu nest richard gear in pretty woman. >> what do you regret turning down the most? wish i'd had been in them all. >> you write career charts like a heart attack. a lot of highs and a lot >> i of lows. >> yes it does. >> why. >> some on my part and management and people think that you're going to get a lot money for this and not a your career. >> last of shin dig you threw here? >> last one? >> yeah.
2:56 am
>> last night. >> now he's moving he's down sizing his home is teaching acting classes and has a new woman in his life. her name is rhonda. >> she was of my students. >> is she a l younger than you. >> a lot younger. she d have a lollipop or anything but is younger. >> what is the greatest piece of advice you cgive. >> keep your nose clean. watch out who your friends are. be nice to your friends be nicer to your enemies and find yourself a good lady. >> would youant to get married again? >> no, ma'am. >> how come? >> check, please. >> we're done. w and by the way burt's son with anderson works in the entertainment industry. he is a ca man for tv and movies. so still a reynolds in hollywood.
2:57 am
home of a super model, mera johnson. she had quite the career since becoming the firs african american model to be featured on cover of vogue in 1974 and that was very big deal. i visited her at her house where we talked her becoming a grandmother to 3 aer past drug use and why s spoke out about bill cosby. >> i was drugged and i feel very fortunate that i wasn't hped. beverly says in the she went to cosby's home to talk to hi a role on the cosby show. she claims he insistedra she drink a capachnd felt woozy. she told her daugh it was time for people to hear what beverly alleges happened her. >> my first reaction was a it to yourself. don't say anything because the other women were just being through the ringer
2:58 am
i didn't want my mom to have to face that. i called herack keep and i was like don't listen to me. idiot. tell your story. i'm slad she did. a lot of people are saying be she told her story she really legitimized the other stories for the other women. >> cosby has sued beverly for defamation. she did admit to past drug use saying super model life wasn't always pretty. >> you talk the cs. champagne, caviar and cocaine. >> you know, back i day, we didn't k thr what the effects of cocaine was back then. it wasn't addictive. was gnowreat for you. it was mind stimulating and all of these kind of representations. >> kept you thin? >> real thin. >> oh, yeah. >> real real thin. i mean, i was anorexic.
2:59 am


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