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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 4, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EST

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and you walk into a shoot and go chiselled to the bone, you're everything.>> the now 63-year-old is a grandmother to three k and shares her life story in th face that changed it all. out now. she is considered an icon in the modeling world after making that vogue cover but beverly s there was backlash. >> some of the models that were my pe at the time really didn't like me as much as when i was on the cover ofvogue. it was like now you're treading in territory. >> you discovered that african american models were not getting paid the same as white models. you decided to demand equal pay. >> yes. and it was the girls, my peers at the time when i asked, he
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this job and w iealized that i was being paid less for the same that they were doing, they also were very reactive r in the sense that that's not fair. had a support system when i did approach the agency and say this i fair and we n to fix it. and they did. rightaway. >> beverly also tells me that she planning a new reality show about theodeling industry and shares her book could be turned into a movie or a mini series. she writes about some of h famous romance with eddie m murphy, jack nicholson, warren beatty. >> interesting to watch. still to come we're atome with dick van dyke. >> dug up an interview of yours. >> walking down memory lane with th 90-year-old. >> i had my time my life --
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>> his memories and how he quit >> that is dick van dyke in video that's g viral on youtube. she is spry as ever. lot that. the hollywood legend just turned the big 90 in december. 90 years youthough. >> amazing. michelle turner ok ainside his home where he lives his younger wife and fut how he is the definition of young a heart. >> what's the secr what are you domething what are you eating? what are you doing? we allnt to know what you're doing? >> that'sfunny. i've always kept moving which is the met? important thing. i'm either singing or dancing something. >> dick never slows down. here's the 90-year-old th his wife arlene who is 45 years longer. >> we were friends for a long time before i talked her into marrying me. >> she keeps you wiyoung, though. >> o you bet. yeah. great cook.
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great everything. and we both, we lot. iame in the other morn and she was washing dishes with her tap shoes on. >> c he shares his other secret to staying young i his book but his diet may surprise you. >> i eat what i want. i eat a pint of ice cream every night. >> he won five emmys but a lot of people thought he should have won an oscar for mary s. when julie andrews w her well deserved deserveds a the crew made poppinis as my award. >> we sp lot of time with him over the y so i had to share this when he w 56. >> we like to dig things up and th we dug up an interview of yours from 1982. >> what? >> 82. >> the first one we ever did with you. do ant take a look at it? >> yeah. who is thiid.
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>> i had my time and my place and all the fame that my life you wed. >> what am i talking about? >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> i'm serious. there's grey already coming in there. >> whe look at that guy right there, what need do you think ofguy? >> he has a very nose but a nice head of hair, i must say. and probably been drinking the night before. a l puffy. yeah. can already tell. >> drinking was once a problem but he says the power of pr helped him stop. >> i went tothe, you know, rehab and all of that kind of thing and have to get rid of it and please take it away and a little sick, a little dizzy. >> as far as turnin 90 he says age has only been an issue once. >> the only time that somebody called me and said you're going to the cover of aarp magazinewog weeks later they called and said the didn't
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do it because i was too old for aarp. they put michael fox on there that just turned if you're too old for aarp. >> there's a problem. that's hilarious. if they're going to make the dick van dyk story, who would you want to play you in a movie about your life? >> who is around? probably jim carey. >> i love that. >> and mr. van dyke has such a big family in addition to being a father to kids he's also a grandfather. onway, we're touring the grounds of kevincostner's beach front home. >> i go out there for lobster. >> and in wayne newton's las vegas home. >> so thi the red room >> that is a but first this weekend in the entertainment tonigh birthdays, which star did not come up his most quoted movie .
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pacific ocean right th he living the good life they're raising three kids. >> are you han on? are you a hands on dad in. >> yeah. we raise our'skids. we both drive them to through in the mo this morning we were both in the car. we get their packs on. away they go. chris is great about what they get to eat because if it was me they'd have chocolate. they'd have what's simple. put some ribs in there. she's like that's not how we're going to do it. >> how do you run a 5-year-old? how do you keep up? >> i know. you just say i have a candy get over here. you don't have to chase them very far you talk about chocolate. i go right out for lobster. >> really? >> yeah. gorgeous spread is right outside of santa barbara. >> if you think it couldn't get better, it's a nude beach. >> shu up. >> complete wayden and homemade gate for his wife. >> i built this for her. i painted it. actually ran out of paint.
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that's why there's s white. >> i garhought it was f effect. >> i had too big of a brush so i couldn't get into the white part. if it looks artistic it's just because i didn tav the stuff. >> he even has dolphins for neighbors. >> they come right up? >> very, very close. they'll put on't h show for free sometimes. >> he has plans for a larger house here. his latestproject, a new illustrate al the explorer's guild volume one. >> what is safe to say is there would be no explorer's guild without d nove. >> most people assume he would show u in the end. that was not the deal at all. he was in there and he alwaysjohn made time for it. >> expect to see the book make its to the big screen. he is big on fantasy adventure and is like a kid when he's at disney land. >> i like pirates of the caribbean. i keep reaching out of the boat
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to see if i can get my hands on the . there's usually a voice tha says get back. get back. man reaching. >> that organ garden that kevin plantedgold his wife christine enables them to be farm to table family. that's my goa but i'm not quite there because whatever they grow garden for makes it on to his dinner plate. >> what a guy. what a catch that guy is. all right to another legendary entertainer, wayne newton we sent him to the las vegas major mansion for aur. he has his own show working on homes called fix it an finish it. let's say, he blown away. , look at this. this is -- i don't know to say wayne because i've been coming to vegas a very long
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see your house because -- i'm here. speechless. i couldn't tell where to work. >> i'm excited i'm in way newton's house. it's cool. >> it might b called the smithsonian sincity. filled with exotic birds and penguins and a monkey named bo. even private yet. is remarkably attached to wayne. movi i got to check out his 165 seat theater. >> huge screen. happening. >> what's happening is the what's lifeline. >> it is home to 60 horses. >> is the worst of this? >> i have been o over
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$800,000 for him and i turned it what down. >> he's perfect and look this. they train in a horse swimming pool. one time around this pool would be equivalent to five and a hand gala on the track. >> it's on t straight and narrow and never hear anything bad about you. >> you're jusn charge of the ripeople. so this is the red room. heardt iut this. >> it's now open to the public and it's so cool you'll be able to be in his office called the red room beneath it's cei abo hosted several presidents. >> we havling everyth in here from presidential letters to robert e. lee sw i don't know where to look first.
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>> you canelly take a week and never everything in this room. >> are you on the wheati serks box? >> actuahat's me on thewheaties box. >> your turning your house into a museum for the world to tsee. >> my wife said to me one day did you ever think about opening this up to the public? and it hit me likeon of bricks. the happiest i am in life is sharing. so why not share one of things that you love the most. >> what a thouse. now it's open public so you can go and check out his
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travel considerations provided by. >> look at all those star with birthdays this weekend. eli m as good turning35. dax sheppard is 41 andtay digs is 35. which star did not come up with his most quoted moline. >> it was in the script. all the stuff i said was th i gave the character the walk and the atti >> that of course is cuba gooding jr. celebrating turning
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48 weekend. >> and the oscar goes to. >> can you believe >> i need a grammy. >> goodness. >> wow. >> i'm definitely going to celebrate. >> it feels really good to live a dream. >> i'm really honored to be recognized for my work. >> we are almost out time this weekend but for more on the storie you have heard and seen and all the late breaking hollywood news go to our website >> but before we go, check out video forne callaway. he had a big year in 2015 with his song see you again with wiz o kh
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i'm onl one call away at least ten people were hurt during an off-road race in argentina after a mini cooper careened into a crowd. it happened during trials for the dakar rally, a 5,000-mile, 14-day race across the mountains and the deserts of argentina and bolivia. it was one of the most dramatic comebacks ever. and as jericka duncan reports, last night's alamo bowl featured an unlikely hero. >> taking a shot down the field! >> reporter: from the very beginning it seemed like oregon's prayers were being answered. by the start of the second quarter they had a 27-0 lead on texas christian university. tcu' struggles seemed obvious. two days before the alamo bowl their starting quarterback trevone boykin was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer after a bar fight. so senior bram kohlhausen, a transfer who had never started a game in his career and who lost
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his father to cancer in november, was forced to step up. it wasn't until the second half that kohlhausen truly broke out of his shell and into college football glory. his teammates fed off his energy, mounting an impressive comeback, overcoming a 31-point deficit. at the end of the second overtime both teams were tied at 41. but kohlhausen scored soon after, giving his team a six-point lead. in the third overtime oregon's last-ditch effort fell short, sealing the game for tcu and their new football hero. kohlhausen dedicated the victory to boykin. >> this will be one i'll tell my grandkids. i mean, this is a night i never thought would ever happen. i honestly just decade it to tre. he's the one who showed me how to play like i did tonight. >> it was a remarkable finish from an unlikely player whose recent loss inspired him to play the best game of his life. jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. a memorial today for the
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fort hood, texas. before she died christmas eve half a million soldiers heading off to war and returning home. today thousands turned out for
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coming up, every dog has its a dog in pennsylvania doesn't have long to live. so her owner is trying to give her as much joy as possible. together they're working their way down a bucket list and sharing it all online. here's jamie yuccas. >> reporter: a drive through the car wash. swimming for the first time. >> nice job, honey. >> reporter: french fries at mcdonald's. and a walk down the aisle. with just months to live, this beagle-poodle mix is checking off an 81-item bucket list with her owner, todd burchanowski. reyes was diagnosed with
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thanksgiving. >> it was the toughest day of my life. >> reporter: burchanowski is posting each adventure to facebook. some are simple. there's number 43, build a snowman. others are sweet. like number 66, take a relaxing bubble bath. and ones all dog owners can identify with. like number 12. watch a sunset with my best friend. why did you create the bucket list? >> we just wanted to do for her in her last days. >> reporter: it seems to be striking a chord with people encouragement. the duo still needs to check off about 30 items. >> i try to, you know, give her as many hugs and kisses and as many treats as she wants nowadays. >> reporter: it's a journey no one really wants to take, especially with their best friend. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. that is the overnight news for this monday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a
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news and "cbs this morning."
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