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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  January 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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two super bowl titles in 12 years, tom coughlin decide it's time to step down. he didn't get to walk off into the sunset. leaving the field yesterday after his team lost another game to finish off their second straight 6-10 campaign. after meeting with ownership this afternoon, he decided it was best to step down. coughlin accepted spoonsibility for the past three -- responsibility for the past three seasons and said the following -- >> reporter: coughlin will address the media tomorrow morning along with ownership. the players spoke with regret. >> he definitely has not failed. i feel that we failed hill. >> we didn't do a great job this year. gonna give the extra effort.
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the fans who realize it's time for change but will miss their former coach and everything they've accomplished. >> great coach and has been. took them to two super bowls. >> it will be a tremendous loss for new york but he's -- >> they should remember him as a champion. it's hard to get a super bowl. >> reporter: that's right. 102 wins, three division cowbs and two super bowl titles and the admiration of millions of giants' fans. good job, tom coughlin, good job. we'll have more coming up in sports the day after the jets blew the opportunity to get into the playoffs. they had it right there and they blew it. >> what a day. >> reporter: reporting live outside of metlife stadium. we had two teams that got bounced from the playoff chase. we'll check in with the jets
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it's a long island native who escaped a terrifying ordeal. carolyn gusoff has more. >> reporter: 23-year-old rachel stevenson fleeing from a man who stole her car with her in it. the master student heading home from for christmas stopped at this pennsylvania gas station on wednesday. as she pumped this man jumped in the driver's seat. she opened the passenger door to rescue her two cats but he wasn't waiting. >> he had put the car into driver and was just speeding away and the door wasn't shut. it was against my legs and my legs were hanging out of the car. >> he grabbed her hand and pulled her into the car and told her -- i guess you are going with me. you are now my hostage. >> reporter: rachel ally father describes the two hours of
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18-year-old ralik chambers hit her, announced he had a gun and was making a run for virginia. training kicked in. >> he said let me out. i will buy you a bus ticket anywhere you want to go. >> trying to keep the situation calm because i knew if he got angry, then things would turn out worse for me. >> reporter: weaving through traffic, he didn't notice as rachel texted her boyfriend for help. she even convinced the kidnapper to let her take a call from her father and a calmly gave critical information as gas ran low, rachel saw an opportunity to escape. >> she jumped out of the car and ran to a group of people, was being kidnapped. >> reporter: chambers took off. but by tracking the cell phone, they caught up with him. >> i told her the day she got herself free, she's my hero.
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school with her car and beebe loved cats and a message that drivers should always take their keys from the car when they pump gas. carolyn gusoff, cbs2 news. >> chambers is charged with kidnapping and robbery. police say he tried to carjack three other cars before taking stevenson. this bitter blast of winter and people bundled up outside. temperatures will drop even more tonight. lonnie quinn in the weather center with details and the numbers. >> all right. here we go with the numbers. right now, it's 21. temperatures are falling big time. wait until you see what that morning low will be. you factor in the windchill. high temp was 36 degrees. 39 should be the high. you are only 33. dmeapt was at 2:46 in the morning. your afternoon high temperature was only 30 degrees. that's the coldest afternoon we've had so far this season. what's gonna happen for this point forward? take a look. 6:00 p.m., 21 degrees.
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11 p.m., it's 19 but they continue to drop. by:00 a.m., 17. 6:00, it's 15. factor in the windchill, it feels like around a. i would say zero to 5. temperatures reflect the windchill. here's 21 on the board for new york city. 5 for monticello. put the wind in. monticello feels like 15 blow. 9 in new york city. 5 in babylon. i have the extended forecast a little later. this won't last very long. we'll talk about that coming up. as the temperatures drop to dangerous cold levels, new york city is scrambling to get streets. many of the shelters filled to capacity so where will the people go. hazel sanchez here with more on the search for solutions. >> the city is riding in the department of homeless services trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. one homeless service's expert
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cost the city a dime. as the city continues its three- month evaluation of the department of homeless services, it's searching for ways to more efficiently get people off the street. >> part of our review process, what works for families and individuals. >> reporter: dan has been living in a men's shelter in brooklyn, an environment he says works for him. >> the police is huge. it's really a nice building. i mean, it's very -- i mean, they could hold a lot more people if they had to. >> reporter: there are handfuls of armories that the city uses as full-blown shelters. former department of services believes the city and state could provide shelter for the home les by opening -- homeless by opening more armories. >> this could be a weigh station for them to leave the
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the state controls they. >> reporter: drop-in centers are a place for food, warmth and a chance to connect to services. steven blank says the city is considering the idea. >> we're looking at services overall and what all of our options are. >> reporter: large open spaces people. but some advocates for the homeless say bigger doesn't always mean bigger. >> my experience has been the smaller facilities are much easier to manage. it's a much more intimate setting. >> those are critical transitions, especially during cold winter months. it's important to note governor cuomo's requiring local governments to take homeless people off the streets, that goes into effect tomorrow. >> thank you. a volunteer firefighter
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he was stabbed to death after trying to break up a fight at a new year's eve party. steve langford spoke with his mother. >> my son did not deserve this at all. >> reporter: the mother of justen, a 20-year-old volunteer firefighter in middletown, new york stabbed to death at a new year's eve party in nearby crawford. >> he lived his life as a hero, died a hero. >> reporter: distraught colleagues and friends at the firehouse where spates had volunteered since he was 16 years old. not surprised he had reportedly tried to break up a fight at a party here just after midnight on new year's eve when he was fatally stabbed. state police say there were about 100 people at the party here at the time of the murder. >> justin was a true hero. now we need someone to be a hero and come forward with information. >> reporter: a $10,000 reward offered for leads to the arrest and conviction of the killer. justin spates, his firefighter
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would stop at nothing to help even as a teenaged volunteer. >> he would ride his bicycle to fires at a youngser age with his gear on. >> reporter: flowers by the side of the road near where spates was murdered as his mother and the firefighters who respected him so much now prepare to bury him at the tender age of 20. in middletown, new york, steve langford, cbs news. long island's northshore is on edge after a mugging. dozens of residents gathered to discuss potential measures to deter crime. nassau police looking for the burglar who broke into a house recently. later a man with a knife followed a woman moment from an upscale mall and struggled with her in her driveway for his jewelry. they want to start neighborhood programs. >> come up with ideas perhaps that will help the community feel safer. >> some proposing ideas to
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lighting. school buses vandalized. classes canceled today. next, the extra vacation day for an entire school district. left out in the cold, a couple facing charges for leaving their children in their car while they allegedly gambled. and coming up on the cbs evening news, breaking news on president obama's gun control plan. scott pelley, you will have that tonight. >> a few minutes ago, we learned the details of what president obama intends to do by executive action on his own without the assent of congress with regard to gun violence. we'll have the details -- coming up on the cbs evening news in about 20 minutes. >> see you at 6:30. also next here at 6:00 -- the first medical marijuana dispensary opening this week.
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inside. more than 3,000 students had one more day of bienter break -- of winter break. vandals forced classes to be canceled because of pudge churred tires and broken windshields on the buses. repairs are being made. police are investigating whether students are responsible for the vandalism.
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accused of leaving three young children alone in a cold car wheel their parents gambled. police say the couple was inside the park's casino for one hour and 38 minutes. the three kids, ages 1, 3, and 8, were found by casino security. the children were not hurt and are now with other family members. the parents are jailed on charges of endangering the welfare of children. medical marijuana will soon be available at new york state sanctions, locations in the city. the dispresenceries are expected to open this week. scott rappaport explains how it will work. >> coming to new york, possibly this week, four medical marijuana businesses similar to this one dispensing cannabis legally. >> progress. yeah. it's about time. >> reporter: but it won't look like this. >> no joints, no cookies,. >> reporter: nope, the marijuana will look more like this.
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vaporizers using oil to replace rolled joints. that's the law, according to the company's ceo, who is preparing to open a business in plains. >> people are not gonna be served by bud tenders like in denver, colorado but by licensed pharmacists. >> reporter: the first business in the city to open would be here on 14th street at 3rd avenue. possibly as early as thursday. its ceo touting the benefits of the product. >> medical marijuana has been shown to be more effective at treating a miree yud of illnesses. >> there will probably be lines around the block. >> reporter: of the four planned businesses, two will be in manhattan, one in queens, one in the bronx. medical marijuana is used to treat ten serious diseases
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cancer, hiv and a.i.d.s., parkinson 'he parkinson's he pep epilepsy. >> no gel law tin. we only use natural oils like coconut oils. >> reporter: ceos from the medical marijuana dispensaries tell us they are expecting final approval to open any day now. >> the company slated for the bronx actually changed locations after community members complained the area was too secluded. >> let's get back to lonnie quinn with cold, cold, cold. >> and getting colder as we push through the night. i think tomorrow morning will be the coldest air tonight. the temperatures are falling, it's 21 in new york city.
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ice skating in brian park. 21. it feels 10 degrees colder when up factor in the wind. 36 was the high temperature. this was not indicative of what it felt like. it was at 2:46 in the morning. 39 is typical for this time of the year. during the afternoon hours, we never made it out of the 20s and if you take a peek at the headlines, the cold air in place right now is not going anywhere for the next 24 hours. i think it will get even colder out there. but by the time you get to wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, i think you will find not only the 39- degree mark above average during that time frame. as far as the cold air, there's no major snow brewing over the next seven days. i know there are flurries out there. we knew that east of new york city, you could see a flurry or two and then a little burst right now. it's not the big story. the big story is the cold air. that won't be a big coupe -- accumulator.
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temperatures rise on wednesday and get warm he on thursday. but nothing happening overhead. i don't see a snowstorm anywhere. we should have snow. typical by this time of the year, we should have picked up -- picked up 5.7 inches. and new york city has a trace. a trace right now. while it was the warmest december in our history, it was not the least snowest we've -- snowiest. tonight, frigid winds, 15 will feel like zero, if not below zero. this is 5:00 a.m. the computer moltdles are -- models are saying it will feel like 1 below in new york city. feeling like negative temperatures around a good portion of the area. you get to 9:00 p.m. on tuesday and this you are back to feeling like you are, you know, 25, 26 degrees. the reason why i'm showing you
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going up tomorrow after the sun sets. all right. you typically find cold air. it will get warmer. that's why we see temperatures on the rise for wednesday. so we will have a high of about 30 for your day tomorrow and the winds will be whipping. it won't feel like 30 and then you are looking at wednesday's high up to 42 degrees and it gets warmer too. thursday 45, friday, 47. by saturday and sunday, you are knocking on the door of 50 degrees. >> no kidding. >> it's a very typical pattern where you have a burst of cold air followed by mild. otis is standing out in the cold at the meadowlands with more of tom coughlin's today. zblrnt don't remind me. he brought the giants two super bowl titles but today, tom coughlin, no longer head coach of big blue. what happened to the jets? they control their own destiny
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no playoffs for the fifth straight season. everyone. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks
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technology designed for you.
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tomorrow morning pumped up and ready to get quit. don't forget traffic and weather. and wake up to cbs2 news tomorrow. let's get right back out to
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tom coughlin era with the giants. otis? >> reporter: that's right, dana. a day after the giants concluded their third season of losing, this was the final glimpse fans got of tom coughlin as he left the field following the loss to the eagles. fans saluted him as he headed up the tunnel as final coach n a statement released today. coughlin today -- >> eli manning got a little emotional before he heard the official announcement from the only nfl coach he's ever played for. >> we have a great relationship, great trust.
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i think he appreciates the way i handle my business. had a good run. could have been better. i appreciate everything he's done for me. >> reporter: coughlin along with the ownership of the giants will have a press conference tomorrow morning at 10:30 where they will address the resignation and plans moving forward. as for the jet, it's a day after for them as well. a day after they had a chance to punch their ticket to the playoffs and they blew it. for most of the season, it's been magic for ryan fitzpatrick. yesterday, it was fits tragic. he threw threeinterceptions. out of the postseason. a successful season at 10-6 but yesterday's loss had many fans saying same old jets. >> we were 10-6 which is probably better than what some expected. our expectations in this building every year to get to the playoffs and we didn't no do it. there's a lot of things we need
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this was year one. we didn't meet our own expectations. hopefully things continue to get better. >> reporter: from 4-12 to 10- 6, not a bad debut. today steve sat down with the head coach. how do you try to console a fan base that's almost inconsolable? >> they want to win and we want to win as well. you can't console them. they are hurting. they want a winner and we want a win. we're gonna keep pushing forward. >> reporter: great foundgation for the jets. the giants are looking for a new head coach. otis livingston, dana, back to you. >> thank you, otis. we'll see you back here later.
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i'm kristine johnson. coming up at 11:00, the new
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get healthy. forget about quinoa and kale. the latest trend is fat. yes. fat. it's the animal fat craze. could it actually be good for you? we'll discuss it tonight on cbs2 news at 11:00. let's talk more food. we're talking about good chemistry for new elements will be yabded to the peered aic table. number 113, 115, 117 and 118. take your spots in thenth row. they will be recognized by the international union of pure and applied chemistry. this the first time the table has been updated since 2011. no word on the namessor symbols -- names or symbols. up next, with scott pelley, u.s. stocks welcome 2016 with a major dive.
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