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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 6, 2016 3:07am-4:00am EST

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the preceding has been a paid presentation there's also been an arrest in the shooting death of a college student in den ton, texas, in what may been an act of road rage. the suspect is a marine corporal, eric johnson, arrested today in yuma, arizona. he's accused of gunning down a 20-year-old early new year's day as she drove with friends home from a party. in another big story today, floodwaters are reseeding along some parts of the mississippi, but rising in others. tonight, 23 illinois counties have been declared disaster areas. >> this is where the mississippi river is pouring into one of the poorest counties in the state of illinois -- alexander county. i'm standing on a small levee which failed four days ago, and now that breach is nearly a mile
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more than 125 properties in alexander county have been flooded. david willis owns three of them. the mississippi river is at his front door. >> looks like you built this in the middle of a lake. willis was one of the people in a flood zone who accepted a state buyout and agreed to leave. when did they offer you the buyout? >> right after the floodwater went down. >> reporter: in 2011? >> yes. >> reporter: and you took it? >> yes. >> reporter: and you haven't gotten the money? >> nope. >> reporter: he had the money to move away and have the state reimburse him. offer. >> i told my wife, we can't afford to move. you can't just up and move like that. >> reporter: johnson says he doesn't have the money to start over. the median income in alexander county is $27,000 per year, less than half of the state's median income.
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not he gets his money, he's made up his mind. do you think you'll ever come back? >> nope. >> reporter: because of that? >> because of that. >> reporter: that's the levee that was breached because of floodwater that started further north and killed 25 people in illinois and missouri. it may be two years before this breach is repaired. it could be two weeks before the flooded areas are dry. but the good news is the water is reseeding, bahhing into the mississippi river, which is above flood stage from here to louisiana. >> thanks. the warming pacific current known as el nino is powering storms in the west. >> here's ben tracy. >> reporter: the rain came down hard, up to an inch an hour, snarling roadways and covering part of the 101 freeway in mud. this mini cooper was no match for the mega rain. the driver jumped to higher ground.
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by wildfires were encouraged to evacuate. steel netting had been installed to catch large debris. hal hyman lives below the mountains and decided to leave. >> at nighttime, i don't want to go to sleep wondering if the debris is going to come down again. >> bill passert is a kiemtologist. >> the fact of the matter is we need all of this rain. >> this is going to be a fantastic affect on drought. we can anticipate anywhere from four to six inches of rain here in los angeles, which is normally double what we get in january. >> the l.a. river is rushing tonight, sending billions of gallons of washington out to the ocean. the good news is that is what prevents los angeles from flooding. there is more rain in the forecast expected to hit southern california tomorrow. >> ben tracy reporting this weekend, thank you.
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u.s. service member was killed, two others were wounded in to a fierce battle near the southern city of marja. the taliban had been advancing. american special operations forces are supporting the afghan military. in the race for the next commander-in-chief, ronald reagan once said the 11th commandment is tthou shall not speak ill of the another republican. he wouldn't recognize the melee just four weeks before iowa. here's major garret. >> reporter: this ad from a super pac backing ted cruz mocked marco rubio's foreign policy toughness. >> i know i have a debate, but i have to get this fantasy football thing right. >> reporter: santorum ridiculed rubio for filibusters. >> if you want to defeat isis,
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>> reporter: the super pac branded chris christie an out of step liberal. >> chris christie, liberal energy-loving, obama care medicaid expanding president is enough. >> rubio and cruz sell themselves as positive candidates who don't attack their opponents, leaving that job to their million dollar funded super pacs. the super pacs are supposed to operate independently from the campaigns, although rubio today says he does support his group's message. >> these are serious policies. >> super pac ads don't necessarily tip the scale. the group backing jeb bush spent tens of millions, only to see bush's poll numbers tumble, leaving bush to scramble for attention on live tv. today, vowing he's been tougher than anyone on donald trump. >> i think that's my job. you have to take on the bully
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>> christie told "the washington post" that rubio can't slime his way to the white house. those attacks came from a super pac and not rubio himself was a distinction lost on christie, as it may very well be for voters. >> major garret on the muddy campaign trail. thanks very much. in new york, in the democratic race, bernie sanders took aim today at front-runner hallry clinton over her ties to wall street. he said wall street's greed is destroying the fabric of the nation. >> and here is a new year's resolution that i will keep if elected president and that is, if wall street does not end its greed, we will end it for them. >> sanders also vowed to break up the country's biggest financial firms. a dom tear leads to a campaign to release a convicted murderer. and a ceremony at west point
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a new documentary has turned viewers into amateur detectives, and many are going to bat for a man serving life for murder. dean reynolds has this. >> reporter: thanks to a show on netflix, the website has a big hit on its hands. >> we have stephen avery in custody. >> reporter: in less than a month, more than 250,000 people around the world have signed a petition on the site, demanding ustice for a man in prison for life and featured in a netflix documentary. mike jones is with >> for it to go from a few thousand signatures to upwards of 250,000 signers is phenomenal. really shows that this pe decision is tap into a national conversation. >> i didn't know how to handle it. >> reporter: it's all due to this series, "making a murderer" launched last month which tells the story of stephen avery.
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served 18 years in prison before being exonerated, only to find himself in prison again on a murder conviction in 2007. since its debut, millions of viewers have spent hours binge watching it and discussing the case in online chat rooms. many viewers concluded avery was framed by authorities who lied and planted evidence. ken kratz who prosecuted avery and is now receiving death threats says the series is misleading. >> stephen avery is right where he needs to be. that's in prison for the rest of his natural life. >> reporter: avery's lawyer dean strang says the reaction to the series has included useful information fullback the defense. >> we can't afford not to at least sift and consider something that might be useful
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is facing a slow death in prison. >> reporter: here in wisconsin, governor scott walker has the power to pardon someone, but during two terms in office, he has never used it. and scott, his aids say he cannot going to change that strategy now. >> dean reynolds, thank you very much. the justice department takes action after a cbs news
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that's next. we have an update tonight on our investigation of a compounding pharmacy outside dallas which mixes custom drugs. last year, jim axelrod and
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downing labs sent people millions of dollars in medications they did not order. the lab was also investigated for unsanitary conditions. well, yesterday the department of justice filed an injunction that forces downing to stop mixing drugs until an outside expert inspects the facility. in a first for the u.s. military academy, today brigadier general diane holland was sworn in as commandant of cadets. she's a 1990 graduate of west point and served in iraq and afghanistan. in a moment, students dancing their way to success. look how beautiful it is...
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tonight, we saved the last dance for mike strassman in atlanta. >> who is that middle age dude who can do it like them? >> once we started, i said i'm so bad, i said let's just film you all. they said no, you've got to be in it. >> ron clark, a former teacher of the year founded the ron clark academy in 200. it's a private nonprofit middle school, part hogwarts, part harvard. learning comes to life at warp speed here for kids who are
3:23 am
lower income. the viral video stars include seventh grader jaden lindsey. >> the message to get out there was to say that we can do fun things while learning at the same time. >> reporter: every student but one in the school's history has gone on to college. >> it's very indescribable the amount of love that is shown from the teachers towards us, and it really motivates us to push ourselves, be great citizens. >> reporter: is there a message in the video? >> i think the message in this are. at the ron clark academy, we're all about relationships with kids, building bonds and showing kids that you care, because when kids know you're willing to meet them where they are, and you're willing to work with them at their culture and interact with them in a positive way, they're going to respect you more and work harder. >> reporter: by breaking the mold, ron clark and his kids
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cbs news, atlanta. and that's the overnight news this wednesday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back with us just a little bit later for the morning news. and, of course, cbs this morning.
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york city, i'm scott pelley. >> welcome to the overnight news. the latest political battle over gun control have both sides of the issue locked and loaded. an emotional president obama announced his new executive actions in the east room of the white house surrounded by family members of those killed in gun violence. but on capitol hill, republican leaders are promising a court fight and vow to undo the president's actions if and when they retake the white house. jan crawford reports. >> and from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun. >> reporter: it was an emotional appeal. >> we maybe can't save
3:26 am
>> reporter: and a political call to action. >> so the gun lobby may be holding congress hostage right now, but they cannot hold america hostage. we do not have to accept this is the price of security. >> reporter: the president called the actions common sense steps that respected the second amendment, and he expressed solidarity with the people who surrounded him at the white house -- a father who lost a 7-year-old, the daughters of the pastor at a charleston church, and a congresswoman nearly killed after being shot in the head. a. >> the right to worship freely and safely, that right was denied to christians in charleston, south carolina. and that was denied jews in kansas city. and that was denied muslims in chapel hill and seikhs in oak creek. they had rights, too. >> the directives focused largely on background checks
3:27 am
dealer, even those who sell fire armts at gun shows and the internet to be licensed and conduct background checks. improve the current system to hire more to make background checks more efficient and eeffective. although the issue of stricter gun laws remains highly divisive, 92% of americans support background checks. but the president in the wake of the sandy hook shootings failed to get legislation through congress that would have expanded them. today, he says he wants voters to kick ardent gun rights supporters out of office. >> this is not that complicated. the reason congress blocks laws is because they want to win elections. and if you make it hard for them to win an election, if they block those laws, they'll change course, i promise you. >> now the president could face constitutional challenges that these actions exceed his
3:28 am
but the nra in a statement indicated today that it may hold off, saying the actions don't really appear to change anything and are simply political theatre. jan crawford, cbs news, the white house. the president's new gun control initiatives are all the talk on the campaign trail. hillary clinton called the executive actions a crucial step forward on gun violence. but republican ted cruz says they aren't worth the paper they're written on. major garret is in manchester, new hampshire, where five republican candidates spent the day stumping for votes. >> the battle for the republican nomination has reached a crucial and long anticipated turning point. the candidates are now turning on each other in tough tv ads. meanwhile, bill clinton tried to deflect some of donald trump's tougher rhetoric, telling voters here, he's just a happy grandfather who isn't angry at anyone.
3:29 am
lifetime anyone has run for this job at a moment of great importance who was better qualified by knowledge, experience and temperament to do what needs to be done now. >> reporter: in new hampshire, on political ground, theclinton family made his first ssolo trip on his wife's behalf. the former president picked up with voters where he left off from hillary's 2008 primary victory in the granite state. >> >> meanwhile in iowa, the candidate herself hillary clinton continued her campaign, turning over a new trumpian leaf. >> i'm going to let him live in his alternative reality and i'm not going to respond. >> donald trump was battling his
3:30 am
copying his immigration plans. . >> he says we're going to build a wall. here's a good thing. he's a politician so he wouldn't know where to start. i know how to build a wall. >> don't engage in the mud slinging, don't engage in the games. >> rubio's action took on chris christie, a threat to rubio now in new hampshire. >> one high tax common core liberal energy loving obama care medicaid expanding president is enough. >> reporter: trump took heat for showing border crosses in morocco in his ad discussing illegal immigration in america. >> that was just video footage. it's just a display of what our country is going to look like. we're like a third world country. we're a dumping ground. >> reporter: republicans battling the trump campaign said it was unlikely that moroccan video gaffe is going to tarnish trump or his tv ad. details for trump supporters
3:31 am
than an overall message of strength in the face of perceived danger. one other thing, about the trump ad, it doesn't attack any republicans, only the president and hillary clinton. >> it turns out the militiamen occupying a refugee office in oregon didn't come prepared nor a long siege. it started out as a protest against the arrest of two ranchers for setting fires, and now the occupiers have taken to facebook asking for snacks and even clean socks. don blackstone has the latest. >> reporter: there was not a single law enforcement officer to be seen for miles in the wilderness that surrounds the wildlife refuge headquarters. but the county sheriff david ward had a message for those occupying it. >> you said erp here to help the citizens of the county. that help ended when a peaceful protest became an armed occupation. the hammonds have turned themselves in. it's time for you to leave our community. >> reporter: the armed group
3:32 am
they even showed us around the compound they took over. how many people are living in here? they refused to say how many have joined the group they called citizens for constitutional freedom. the leader ammon bundy tweeted, we have no intentions of using force upon anyone, but if force is used against us, we will defend ourselves. they're demanding an inquiry into why ranchers dwight and steven hammond were ordered back to prison for setting fires on federal land after they had already served prison time. >> it has been left to us to decide whether we allow these things to go on or whether we make a stand. so they will not happen to other people across this country. >> reporter: but many in the area who support the hammonds oppose the occupation. >> it's so imperative that we find ways to address these issues that are peaceful, that are legal and that are productive.
3:33 am
occupiers out. >> the morning of august 6, i looked over at the big screen tv and i saw breaking news. 30 navy s.e.a.l.s. killed in a helicopter crash. >> i looked over and saw my wife coming through the front door. as soon as i turned and saw that navy chaplain, i knew that he was dead. >> he was the heart and soul of our family. >> my dad, he was always the person to go help other people. he loved being a navy s.e.a.l. i was really proud of him and everything that he did. >> he was good to all of us. he was kind, he was caring. >> chris was very proud to serve our country. >> chris saw becoming a navy
3:34 am
he enjoyed helping others. the british parliament is up in arms that reports that the latest murderous spokesperson for the islamic state was arrested sick times in england on terror-related offenses. he was released each time and by the time the british government sent him a letter ordering him to surrender his passport, he was already on his way to syria. we have more from london. >> reporter: dahra converted to islam as a young man. in 2014, he was arrested with encouraging terrorism but leased on lack of evidence and immediately made a break for
3:35 am
what a shoddy security system britain must have to allow me to breeze through europe to the islamic state. later using his isis name, he posted a photoof him holding a gun and his fifth child. in a recent video that shows the execution of five men, the man thought to be dhar is masked. in it, he taunts the british government. >> how strange it is that a leader of a small island -- >> dhar's sister says she can't be sure the masked man is her brother. >> i think it's a bit hard to say gwynn what i've seen. i'm not entirely convinced that it is. my honest opinion is that it might not be. >> reporter: but many other people who knew dhar think it probably is. one of the hundreds of british citizens now in syria, including this little boy, who appears at the end of the video. he's thought to be about 4 years
3:36 am
to establish the identity of that masked man conclusively, british intelligence services are going to examine as much as they can of his face behind the mask and also compare his voice with samples that they already have on file. this year's powerful el nino is bringing drenching rain up and down the california coast, but so far it's done little to end the state's four-year-long drought. nearly 90% of california is suffering under severe drought conditions. ben tracy took to the sky to see for himself the effects on the state's forests. >> reporter: we took off from an airfield near sacramento. minutes later, we saw this -- reservoirs at record lows and forests dying after four years of drought. >> there's a lot of red on this screen, which is a sign that we're over an area that's in trouble. >> reporter: gray gazner is director of the garn ghee air
3:37 am
hez lap lab scans 15 acres of forest every second. it's like having x-ray vision that produces vivid immechanicals of the health of every single tree. >> our systems are seeing beyond the dead trees and seeing the trees that are stressed. >> reporter: the cutting-edge technology, funded in part by "avatar" director james cameron, creates 3d maps of the forest throughout the entire state. the red areas on this map are severely drought stressed. blue areas are healthier. your equipment reads how much moisture is in each individual tree? >> yeah. the measurement is focused on how much water is in the foliage itself. it's like getting a blood test. it's one of the key indicators on the health of the tree. >> reporter: and the dat a released this week shows california's forests are in very bad shape. 58 million trees are severely drought stressed and could die. an astounding 888 million have seen measurable water loss since
3:38 am
jew you're basically saying the drought has impacted nearly 1 billion trees in california? >> that's correct. >> reporter: the u.s. forest service says more than 29 million trees have already died. >> here's the trees that have totally succumbed. >> reporter: these maps will help the forest service know which areas are most vulner able and wildfire fishes to know where the greatest risks are. the severely stressed trees, are they past the point of no return or are they recoverable? >> we don't know if a stressed tree is absolutely going to succumb and be gone or if it's going to bounce back over time. >> reporter: el nino-fuelled storms are expected to bring much-needed rain. experts hope that turns the golden state a bit more green. ben tracy, sacramento. environmental activists are plotting a new law that outlaws microbeads that are in personal care products. how they are polluting our lakes and rivers.
3:39 am
the microbead free waters act is designed to eliminate tiny bit of plastic from products many of us use every day. >> microbeads are found in many health and beauty products, incruding soap, body scrub and toothpaste. they are generally used to exfoliate or add polish. no bigger than a grain of salt, these microplastics are a big concern for environmental scientists. they say the tiny particles are a farmful. this scientist and his team study plastic pollution in waters around the world. he's found microbeads in the san francisco bay and in high concentrations in the great lakes. not all water treatment plants are able to filter them out. >> they're absorbing industrial chemicals, pesticides from
3:40 am
will stick to these microplastics and microbeads. at that point, they can enter the food chain. >> a single cosmetic product can contain up to 300,000 nonbiodegradable microbeads. in september, california banned sales of product containing microbeads. richard bloom authors the legislation and is thrilled that congress is following california's lead. >> it's very significant. you're going to have 50 states doing the same thing. i have no doubt this is going to spread now to other country. and the longer we have these pollutants in the environment, the harder it is to take action to effectively clean up after them. >> reporter: the law passed surprisingly quickly, but it's not immediate. the law prohibits the manufacture of products
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tom jones -- make that sir tom jones sold 100 million records over his remarkable six decade career. in his new memoir "over the top and back" jones recounts how he rose from his roots in the coal fields of whals to become an international singing star and an honorary knight of the realm. the 70-year-old singer sat down
3:44 am
>> you really kieb ofnd of wanted to be a white wilson pickett. >> yeah. i met otis redding and he said man, we all try to do what you do. meaning the soul singers. i said i'm trying to do what you do. >> reporter: tom jones was 24 when he left wales and moved to london to break into music. within a year, he had a number one hit. it's not unusual to be loved by anyone >> the first time you heard "it's not unusual," you knew it was something for you? >> yes. i said i have to have this song. i've got to have it. >> reporter: the problem was that jones' manager, gordon mills who co-wrote the song wanted to give it to another singer. but jones was told he could record the demo. >> he said oh, i can write a million of those. he never did. he never wrote another one like that. >> reporter: but when that other
3:45 am
the tune, jones got his chance. >> peter sullivan, my recording manager said we've got to wrap this up. you've got to rip into it. the demo was like it's not unusual to be loved by anyone so we had to have somebody go bad da bam. i said brass. it's the most important record to me because it changed my life. >> reporter: his next hit would be the theme song to a woody allen film, written by burt bacharach. what's new pussy cat snent. >> the fist time you heard what's new pussy cat, what did you think? >> i thought that burt bacharach was joking with me.
3:46 am
you know what i mean? i was 25 then. and i thought, what is this? he said this is not a rhythm and blues song. i said i know that. >> reporter: a string of hits through the '60s made him a star. >> this is tom jones. >> reporter: but it was the abc tv series "this is tom jones" that made him a household name. is "this is tom jones" really what turned you into a sex symbol. >> i think i was a sex symbol as soon as i started singing. let's really start to leave >> do women still throw understood wear at you? >> no. it started in new york. >> reporter: that's where it started? >> in '68. this woman stood up and, you know.
3:47 am
so i didn't miss a beat. i said hope you don't catch cold like that. you' got to sort of roll with it. but it was written up in the newspaper, you see. it backfired. i wasn't being taken seriously as a singer. they showed that more than what they heard i was singing. >> reporter: at one point you got opposite advice from frank sinatra and elvis presley. >> elvis didn't like an album of standards he released. >> he said tom, we don't go there. he said we leave that to frank. we. but he said we. i thought wow. >> putting me in the same -- >> yeah, exactly. that was a big compliment to me. then i would be talking to frank sinatra. at the galleria bar in caesar's palace. and he said you've got a great
3:48 am
leave that pop stuff. you' got to come with me. i said frank, i love it all. i do. >> that obviously worked for you, but sometimes it's probably worked against you, too. because people don't know where to put you. >> exactly. that's the problem. i always used to think my versatility would be an asset. but sometimes, people say well, what is tom jones. i'm not in the rock 'n roll hall of fame. >> do you want to be? >> i would like to be, yeah. because i'm basically a '50s rock 'n roll singer. >> reporter: he may not be in the hall yet, but since 2006, sir tom jones has been a member of an even more exclusive club. >> uh yo eve had a knight hood, which i know means a lot to you. >> oh, yeah. when you neil -- kneel there and the queen puts the sword on your shoulder e, that's something i never dreamed of in my wildest dreams that i would become a knight. >> important message
3:49 am
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some of america's favorite cocktails were actually invented overseas. take, for instance, the bloody mary. we found the origins in paris. >> this was an old bar that had been shipped to paris. harry bought it after the first guy went broke. >> from shipping that bar to paris. >> anyway, this obvious american bar has a singular, one might even say historic distinction. back in the 1920s, a bartender here mixed worcester sauce with tabasco, salt and pepper, mixed it -- i love the way he does
3:52 am
don't forget the vodka. and tomato juice. that's key. harry's is where the bloody mary was born. the bloody mary, it's a brunch staple for when you need some of the hair of the dog. well it's a bloody mary morning in the 1920s as prohibition closed bars in the united states, some american bartenders came to france looking for work. they brought a new idea to the french, cocktails, mixed drinks, to a country used to drinking wine. at the same time, paris was a refuge for a lot of russians escaping the communist revolution back home. and they brought this new stuff called vodka. now, there are a lot of different versions of how the drink was created. the most widely accepted is that a barman at harry's found vodka too bland. so he added tomato juice and spices to give it some flavor, as the henry family from massachusetts can attest to. >> very good.
3:53 am
>> it's bloody because of the tomato juice. and mary is believed to have been someone's girl friend. but after a few of these, who remembers the details. it's a versatile drink that inspires many interpretations. at a mexican restaurant, it's made with tequila. >> blood by maria. >> at a sake bar, it's made with a japanese vodka and wasabe. three generations later, harry is still owned by the same family, and they claim that last year, they told more than 12,000 bloody marys.
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