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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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why did you kill her? did you kill her over money? >> hauled off in handcuffs after his pregnant daughter was found dead. the motive may have been money. good evening, i'm kristine maurice is off tonight. cbs 2's valerie castro has more be. she's live in the baychester section of the bronx tonight. charged with second degree murder and manslaughter. you can see the home they shared is still surrounded with william caruth didn't say a word as he was led out of the 47th precinct in handcuffs.
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pregnant daughter. the victim's friend, yelling in disgust. >> you murderer! that was your own daughter. >> reporter: the body of anndrea caruth was discovered inside the home she shared with her boyfriend and father who lived in the basement apartment. police sources tell cbs 2 her body was discovered shoved in the basement crawlspace, covered up with plywood, a rug, and some gravel. cadaver dogs pointed police to the remains. investigators removed what appeared to be a machete from the home, they she haven't released how. >> very, very sad. she's a nice woman, you know what i mean. >> reporter: heartbroken friends gathered outside a neighbor's home, and released red and white balloons. >> we pray, and we sing songs here. and we let go of balloon to
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>> reporter: some say they saw william caruth last night before the body was found. >> he kept quiet. i was shocked, and i didn't see any reaction. >> reporter: sources say the motive may have stemmed from an argument over money. but many friends say they can't understand how a father could kill his daughter and future grand child. >> how anybody could it be that insane, or that hateful for your own flesh and blood is unfathomable. >> reporter: friends of victim who were at that vigil tonight say they also released balloons for that unborn child. they say andrea was pregnant with a baby girl and plan today name her daughter paige. we have some breaking news. fire forces the evacuation of part of a hotel near times
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firefighters arrived at the tryp by wyndham hotel. 48th street between broadway and 8th remain closed. one person was hurt, but thankfully not seriously. a developing story in chelsea, where police are searching for the man who slashed a stranger. surveillance video shows the attacker cut the woman across the face as she was walking to work. cbs 2's tracee carrasco joins us live from bushwick brooklyn. >> reporter: christine, as that woman left her home, headed to chelsea for work, she says it's a day she thought would never happen. randomly slashed in the face. police are looking for that suspect, hoping to catch him strike again. the 24-year-old victim posted these pictures on facebook, bloodied and bruised, showing the deep wounds to her face,
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the result of an attack in chelsea around 6:00 a.m. this morning as she went to work. the suspect seen casually walking on west 23rd street. the victim past her, and then without a word, he lunges at her. the victim turned to the nearest diner where workers stepped in to help. >> she was bleeding a lot. she was crying. she walked in and she said that somebody slash her in the face. we tried to help her a little bit. she went to the bathroom, to wash her face. after that, the blood didn't stop. >> reporter: the victim said was attack, i was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and put in an unfortunate situation. the victim says she's never seen her attacker before, but i did have a bad feeling about this man as soon as i saw him. his walk was irregular, and he appeared to be under the influence, by his stance. always, always trust your gut
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police say the suspect is a black male. 20 to 30 years old. about 5'7", to 5'10", wearing a red jacket with black pants and white sneakers. they believe he is homeless. tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. happening right now, trading in chinese stocks suspended for the second time this week after the shanghai composite lost more than 7% in thursday trading. china's market uncertainty continues to leave the u.s. nervous. the dow had another big decline. the index closed below 17,000. the nasdaq down 55, and the s & p closed 26 points lower. tonight, scientists are casting doubt on north korea's claim of a hydrogen bomb test. white house press secretary josh earnest says an early analysis is not consistent with the country's claim. earlier today, the united
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will begin working on new sanctions. an anchor woman, announced the bomb test run last night, calling it a quote perfect success. penn station will get a long overdue overhaul under a plan governor cuomo announced today. the concourses would be renovated. >> it's a long time in coming. it really is. this is a sesspool. >> the building's very old. very busy, and it's centrally located here in new york city, and it's time to be redone. >> governor cuomo says the $3 billion price tag will be paid for in a partnership with private businesses. we have a warning tonight for time warner cable customers. your personal information may have fallen into the wrong hands. the company says that the email addresses and passwords of
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the information did not come cable. the fbi is aware, and affected customers should reset their email passwords as a precaution. tickets. here are the winning numbers in powerball drawing. 47, 2, 63, 62, 11, and the powerball is 17. now, if you didn't win, don't give up. cbs 2's jessica schneider has advice on what you need to know about the numbers for next time. >> reporter: it's the same every big lotto jackpot. stampedes of people waiting in line to buy their tickets. >> we're getting some powerball tickets for grandma. >> reporter: with the odds at 1 in 292 million. there's got to be a strategy to winning big, right? >> it's going to be a combination of automatic
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numbers she has in mind that she is going to play. >> reporter: steve and his 12- year-old daughter, eve, play about once a year. they leave a little to chance, and some to eve's lucky numbers. >> for the fun of it. the cost of college education these days. >> might as well bank on this. >> reporter: you might not want to actually pick your numbers. it turns out, computer generated tickets are responsible for 70 to 80% of all jackpots. but 7 time lotto winner richard lustig said that's not the way he made his millions. >> that's the worst thing in the world you can do, is buy quick picks. >> reporter: play often and consistently, playing the same numbers all the time to increase your odds. >> every time you keep playing and you keep losing, you keep getting closer to having a better chance of winning. >> reporter: he says that's how he's won several jackpots.
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still ahead at 11:00, cars that can't pass inspection. so why are they still on the road? the new crackdown, and the clues police are looking for. a star breaks her silence. janet jackson addresses rumors of throat cancer. >> i'm sending you a link. did you open the link? no i didn't open the link. i've got a lot of links. >> jerry seinfeld reveals his cyber pet peeves to stephen colbert. >> people are doing it, rewiring their brains to be better than ever before. could it work for you?
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train your brain happy. a mother's rage outside a bronx courtroom, where her son received the maximum sentence for shooting death of a toddler in 2006. convicting in the shooting of 2-
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family drove to church on easter sunday. during sentencing the victim's mother faced the killer and called him a coward. >> they gave you 25 years? >> the dna test on a sweater left at the crime scene led police to hempfield, who had changed his name and moved to north carolina. it is a growing danger for drivers. cars that can't pass inspection, but are still on the road, with inspection stickers that are either fake, or obtained through fraud. tonight, it means a felony charge for one local driver. cbs 2's tony aiello reports. >> reporter: 12 million vehicles registered in new york state, and a shocking number have inspection stickers that are fake, or acquired through fraud. last summer, police in babylon found 93 counterfeit stockers. drivers usually get tickets for that.
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stopped angel calvo and charged him with a felony for having a fake inspection sticker. aaa's robert sinclair says cars that can't pass inspection often have safety issues, such as bad brakes. >> so you can traverse the world, safely and not cause a danger to yourself or others. >> reporter: many drivers don't want to pay for repairs so their cars will pass, and they give into temptation. we found ads on the internet offering stickers for $50, no questions asked. law enforcement has a number of tools to spot fake inspection stickers, starting with eyesight. the color of the fake stickers tends to fade after a few weeks. >> people come here, they offer me 200, 150.
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so available, the owner keeps them under lock and key. a giant sinkhole opened on the property of a family in moire is county, new jersey. and it seems the mining history of their town came back to haunt them. last week, a 19-foot deep sinkhole opened up just feet from the caulfield family home. it's remnants of a mine that opened up long before their street ever did. >> everyone is still on pins and needles. they're afraid that the house will fall in. >> he says it will cost $10,000 to fill in the hole. thankfully, there were no gas lines below. new tonight, janet jackson is putting the rumors to rest, and denying reports that she is battling cancer. the singer posted a video to her twitter page, saying in
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i do not have cancer. i'm recovering. the video is set to her song, the great forever. jackson says that her doctors approved her concerts in europe, and that postponed shows will be rescheduled. last month, she said she was having surgery, but never disclosed the reason why. improving the outlook on your life, techniques that you can use at home to actually train your brain to be happy. >> reporter: it may look like any other video game. but it's far from simple entertainment. it's an app that aims at increasing your happiness. called happify. it helps you to think more positively. >> i was feeling overwhelmed, and i was feeling, you know, like it was really easy to be negative.
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in one, she takes aim to knock out negative words. >> yeah, i got them all. >> reporter: in another, she gains points for recognizing the positives. >> smile is a positive word. >> reporter: she says it's made a big difference. >> amp a couple of weeks i would say that, you know, i did notice that i felt more positively. >> i've never really felt like happiness was in the cards for me. >> reporter: she uses another simple, but says effective technique. each day she jots down in a journal things she did well, and what she's grateful for. >> it was really hard to do it at first. >> reporter: it started with simple things. >> i wrote down that i was grateful for post it notes. >> reporter: that added up to big changes. >> i'm eternally grateful to be able to help myself. >> it shifts how you see
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and your perspective can change your whole world. >> reporter: some experts warn, these simple approaches aren't for everyone. >> people shouldn't look to these techniques for the panacea for all the things that trouble them. >> reporter: for kempy and comradeo, it works. >> i never thought i would be this happy. let's get a look at our forecast now. hope you felt a little bit warmer out there today, because the temperatures sure reflected that. >> a little bit. going in the right direction and continue to go in the right direction. let's check in on our weather watch, because i'm going to find -- yes. look at that, fell off. we're going to take care of this. two shakes of a lamb's tail. what i've got for you currently, the temperatures around the area, looking at 20s. there is a temperature reading
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this comes in from les. seasonal temps felt kind of good. today you're about where you should be. there's the cities, coming in at 35 degrees, with a clear sky. 41 was your high. so officially 3 degrees above the average. but i'd call that seasonal. if you take a look at my headlines, it will be a bit warmer for thursday, much warmer on sunday. some of you make a run at 60 degrees on sunday. what about snow is that mixed in? so far we've picked up a trace. the least snowiest year ever? 1972 into '73. the winter is very young. i will say there's nothing overhead right now. our next precipitation chance is out west. it's currently in los angeles with big rain. also this rain around houston moves in our direction.
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by say saturday at 8:00 a.m., everyone's got temperatures work freezing with the exception of higher elevated spots, could see a little bit of sleet, maybe freezing rain, maybe a little bit of snow mixed in. this is not too much available moisture. by the time you get to sunday morning, i think it will be a lot more colorful. i think you could see maybe an inch of rain or so. sunday, the wetter of your two days. 45degrees on thursday. near 46 on friday. by the time you get to saturday, you're looking at 48 degrees. sunday, you're maxing out at 54 degrees. some of you again, outside the city in our suburbs, south of new york could find temperatures in the upper 50s, close to 60. monday, 42, wednesday 36, 35. taking you back to the readings where you're below average once again. next thursday could potentially be a snow chance. >> we'll need to fasten that. tighten the clips on your mic,
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steve overmyer is here for otis, and has an update.
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but mike piazza is finally in. he was already a new york legend, and now he is welcomed into baseball immortality. the call has finally been made. mike piazza was sent to cooperstown, earning 83% of the vote. he goes down as arguably the greatest hitting catcher in history. the turn of the century generation will always have mike piazza. >> it's hit deep to left center. andruw jones on the run. this one has a chance. home run! mike piazza! >> reporter: every great player has a moment. this was mike piazzas. with one swing, he inspired an entire generation of mets fans. >> i get extremely emotional about it, and it's tough to even years later to put in any sort of perspective.
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already fallen in love with piazza. non-prospect, picked in the 62nd round. ingly can't tell you mow much i feel embraced. it's very special and it's a relationship that i can't describe how emotional it is for me. >> the hall of fame will hold a press conference here in new york. piazza will announce the hat featured on his bronze statue, there's little doubt it will be the mets. he will be joined tomorrow by the only other man elected this year, ken griffey jr. the kid was elected by 99.3% of the votes. the highest draft pick to make it to cooperstown. piazza was number 1,390. the lowest in hall of fame history. we're going to hit the courts, and see if the knicks can surpass last year's win
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back. usita ye aeent osiv y $0 ck d l e emm vi anlsor yr.
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t t t pt.gefi. well the knicks are no
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the nba. they're approaching .500, and within arm's reach of the playoffs. eight games since the knicks last beat the miami heat, and carmelo is not scoring as much as he used to, but he's a much more productive player this year. knicks up by 11 in the 3rd. they're 14-3 this year, when they take the lead going into the 4th quarter. jose calderon makes it a 15 point game for the knicks. back to melo, he finished with a team high 25. 9 of 12 shooting. the knicks pick up their 18th win of the season. 98-90, the final from miami. the nets hosting the raptors trying to stop a seven game home slide. a couple of circus shots for fans to get entertained by. this one nearly gets over the shot clock. it's a soft touch. apparently brook lopez doesn't even need to look at the rim. that is eight straight losses in brooklyn.
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rutgers, seton hall, and st. john's all losing to ranked teams tonight. a good match up between the devils and the canadiens. the bell center in montreal is one of the toughest places in hockey to get a win. the devils had a man advantage, but a shorthanded goal is given up, and new jersey falls 2-1. but tonight is going to be the night that everybody will remember as the day that mike piazza gets elected into the hall of fame. joining tom seaver as the only mets to get the call into cooperstown. >> tomorrow, they'll announce what cap he will be wearing. >> it's a big shocker. >> not a discussion really. >> i have no idea, which one he's going to go with. >> thanks steve. we'll be right back. and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. ye pasm,ue wt? maiea owanweehanginlilelo bie
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