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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  January 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> reporter: kari bazemore may be responsible for other similar attacks. they tell us that he has been arrested 32 times before including last month when he was accused of punching a woman randomly in the face. the difference in this case is that the attack was caught on surveillance video this afternoon. that victim is speaking out. >> if he has this on record, he shouldn't be on the streets at all. he's clearly not stapled. >> reporter: amanda morris says the nightmare attack against her should never have happened. police say that's kari bazemore in the red coat, moments before he slashes morris, completely unprovoked. bazemore, career criminal accused of violently cutting her wednesday morning, leaving 24-year-old morris with these gashes on her face before running away. >> he was walking ahead of me. i noticed that his pace changed. and immediately i was like, oh,
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this is and good. i could tell that he was waiting for me kind of. >> reporter: investigators say a man who saw the surveillance video on tv spotted bazemore near st. patrick's cathedral wednesday evening. and flight down two mounted officers including officer ogunad. morris, who was on her way to work, had to have stitches, now out of the hospital determined to face her alleged attacker in court. >> i haven't seen his face, so i don't think it's going to sink in until i do see his face. but i'm willing to do that if you with him behind bars and he's not able to hurt people anymore. >> reporter: detectives say bazemore is expected to be walked out of the 13th precinct station house later this afternoon. he is charged with felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon. live from gramercy park, janelle burrell, cbs studios.
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they got out of their home just as the fire moved in. we have the story live from ronkonkoma. carolyn? >> reporter: the damage is extensive. two cars and a van destroyed and the house behind me boarded up and burned. the sleeping people inside that house barely escaping with their lives. this ronkonkoma couple sleeping at 5:20 a.m. when a neighbor started banging on the door. their house on richmond boulevard on fire. >> i was with my girlfriend in the house. everybody got out. >> reporter: the owner tells me he grabbed his dog and girlfriend and escaped as flames closed in. but the damage was done to their three vehicles, a van and two cars, one charred beyond recognition and part of their home. witnesses say a can with a flammable liquid was found in the driveway. a contractor asking, who would have targeted his cars and
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do you think you know who did this? >> i don't know. >> reporter: like an employee? >> i don't know. we'll see. >> reporter: but you are okay? but we're okay. >> reporter: indebted to neighbor erma vasquez, she called 911 and woke them up. >> i come in over here to my kitchen. i see the fight. -- the fires. my husband knocked on the door two times. the people is asleep. >> reporter: he saved their lives. >> yeah. thank god. >> definitely grateful. if not for what he did -- i don't want to think about that. >> reporter: suffolk police arson squad in the preliminary stages of an investigation. they are still conducting interviews, but if this is deemed to be arson, it could also turn into a case of attempted murder. in ronkonkoma, carolyn gusoff,
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a bronx man charged with killing his pregnant daughter and burying her body in the basement of their baychester home is expected in court today. >> did you kill your daughter? >> william caruth said nothing as he was led from a police station last night. sources tell the body of 39- year-old andrea caruth was discovered yesterday in a basement crawl space covered with plywood. andrea caruth was five months pregnant. the motive for the murder may have all been an argument over money. four people were hurt this morning in a crash involving six people on the gowanus expressway in brookland. a picture shows the extent of the wreck. police say cars and two trucks collided early this morning and the westbound lanes and 60 fixed and bay ridge. one car was pinned under a truck. rescue teams -- teams used the jaws of life to rescue the man. >> when i looked at this
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that this guy is alive and speaking. he was complaining his legs were crushed. we were able to -- to receive the pressure to use the spreader to move the dashboard. >> reporter: the man is being treated for head trauma and other injuries. traffic was backed up across the verrazano bridge into staten island. patients can legally buy marijuana started today in new york state. eight dispensaries are now open including if you in our area with more to come later this month. andrea grymes reports from one in the east village. >> [applause] >> reporter: a grand opening celebration this morning outside columbia care on east 14th street. the first medical marijuana dispensary in new york city. >> i'm so excited and happy. >> reporter: resident colleen says this is good news for her husband who has multiple sclerosis. >> supposed to help alleviate a lot of their pain, they have numbness and tingling.
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vireo health are two of eight dispensaries that opened to date. 18 months after governor cuomo signed the bill into law. patients will not be allowed to smoke it. rather it will look like this. capsules, liquid campus and vaporizers to replace rolled joints. ceo nicholas vita says medical marijuana has been shown to be more effective at treating many illnesses compared to other pharmaceuticals. >> this is all about improving quality of life for people who haven't had as much success working within the existing standard of care. not anyone can just show up and buy medical marijuana. >> reporter: they must be certified and have one of 10 diseases including but not limited to cancer, hiv and aids, parkinson's, epilepsy and spinal cord injury. many near union square welcome
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>> i don't see why it shouldn't be available. >> it's a very, very good thing. it could help the people that genuinely need it. >> reporter: some in the neighborhood are concerned. >> facility needs to take care that they have security and people aren't going to be breaking it. >> there will be lines around the corner. there won't be disruptions on the street. we have a working relationship with law enforcement to ensure that everybody is happy. >> reporter: while opponents are worried this is the first step towards recreational legalization, medical marijuana supporters are concerned that patient requirements are too strict and there are not enough dispensaries. in the east village, andrea grymes, cbs 2 news. the white house has just released new dietary guidelines. added sugar should only be 10% up your calories. that's about 200 per day. the amount in a 16 ounce soft drink. the guidelines say 3 to 5 cups of coffee is okay. coffee could lower diabetes
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officials also say lower salt, 90 percentage of americans consume too much. paris is on edge after police shot and killed a man they say tried to attack a police station in the city. john vigliotti reports. >> reporter: cell phone video captured moments after french security forces shot and killed a man with a butcher's knife outside of police station north of the capital. authorities say the suspect shouted allah akbar. armed officers blocked off parrish streets as the bomb squads moved in. the suspect was wearing a heavy jacket with what appeared to be wires sticking out but the suspicious device turned out to be a fake. french prosecutors say the man carried a piece of paper with the isis flag. locals say the man was known in the neighborhood as mentally unstable. the incident took place on the one-year anniversary of the deadly militant attacks on
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-- charlie hebdo. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news. financial news, in china's troubled economy trading at the shanghai composite was stopped for the second time this week after it plunged another 7%. that led to a worldwide stock selloff. this is a live look where the dow is now down over 200 points. the nasdaq was down 77. the s&p was off 24 points. much more coming up on cbs 2 news at noon. after spending the night trapped underground, more than
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some tense moments overnight 117 miners became stuck in an elevator hundreds of feet underground. kenneth craig reports. >> reporter: rescue crews brought the last trapped miners to the surface around 8:30 thursday morning after a 10 hour ordeal. hundreds of feet below ground. the mine's manager says the workers were cold but their spirits were high.
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well they dealt with this, they worked together. >> reporter: the 17 miners got stuck in an elevator at the start of their shift just after 10:00 wednesday night at the cayuga salt mine. they were about 900 feet underground when the elevator suddenly stopped on the way to the floor. officials say the miners huddled together, crews will work blankets and supplies to them until a large crane was brought in. >> a difficult task. there's not a lot of cranes out there that are ready willing and able to do that type of depth. >> reporter: they were brought to the surface in groups. >> into fashion they waited until the last one were up to make sure they were good together. >> reporter: operations are on hold for now. while safety inspectors investigate what caused the elevator to break down. kenneth craig, cbs news new york. the salt mine is the deepest in the western hemisphere. the "cbs evening news" takes a look at the unprecedented steps west virginia is taking to tackle
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epidemic plaguing their state. >> they are suing 11 drug distributors for supplying excess of amounts to pharmacies legitimate prescriptions. the attorney representing the state told jim axelrod told that one mom-and-pop pharmacy had one of the highest rates in the nation. >> they felt more options for oxycodone than all but 21 pharmacies in america. >> in the country? >> in the country. >> jim axelrod joins us now. west virginia taking this unprecedented move of suing 11 drug distributors. what does this say moving forward as far as what this could mean for so many others? >> everyone is going to want to keep their eyes on this. this is a problem that's nationwide. west virginia, just so you understand, has more prescription pain overdoses, fatal, than any other state in the country. they are trying to figure out, what are we going to do?
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going to follow up on, allows not just doctors and pharmacies to be looked at but the major wholesale drug distributors under the premise that under the state controlled substances act, everybody in that chain has a responsibility and obligation to support suspicious activity. right now when you have that kind of money being made, six, seven, $8 million by a small mom and pop pharmacy? nobody really wants to look that closely. tonight on "cbs evening news", we'll talk about that. >> and it could affect every state. thank you. you can see part two of -- jim axelrod's investigation tonight. coming up, a guardian angel from hell. >> i may be an angel whose mission it is to safeguard your journey through this world. >> we will hear from jane lynch
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parts of southern
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nio. many drivers had to be rescued astros were transformed into rivers. mudslides that spilled onto highways. >> you can drive along and drive right into it and all of a sudden you are up to your window shades -- window shield here, in mud. >> storms have also brought with them some much-needed drought. severe weather is expected to continue into the weekend. jane lynch stars in the new cbs sitcom "angel from hell". >> ted. -- i told you i would see you soon. >> you keep showing up everywhere and it's freaking me out. >> absolute. it is weird. >> lynch stars as amy opposite maggie lawson who plays allison, lynch reveals herself as a guardian angel who hope to keep allison from making the wrong decisions. >> she has a huge heart, she
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on her sugar. she is a bit of an attic personality. but she doesn't have any shame around it and she wants nothing more than to make life for this one the best it can be. >> i get to benefit from all that craziness in a weird way. >> you can watch the premiere episode of "angel from hell" tonight at 9:30 right here on cbs 2. jane sent us these little angel and devil cop case, this is supposed to be a test. this speaks volumes about the type of person you and i are as to which one you would pick. >> let's see. >> i would not have thought that. i know which one i'm going for right here. >> of course. >> i'm sure the folks at home just that. >> i have some -- jane was kind enough to send me some here too. everyone who works with me will tell you that obviously i'm an angel. so you would think i would take that, but maybe told me these winds taste better. so the devil made me do it. sorry. these are great.
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i'll say this. right after this, i'm doing it. we've got some nice numbers, mid 40s for the jersey shore, worried about mowing the lawn, cool enough to make snow north and west. just got to check in with bruce. blues has 42, i like this. he says nice weather too. take down all the decorations, that's a good point. this is the day many do. it's an orthodox or greek christmas. our own lighting guy joey taking down the lights this afternoon. the weather is going to cooperate for that. now we've got some clouds filling in. lots of weather watchers commented on that. but still very quiet. winds are calm, relative humidity, turn that around, it is dry. on the area again, fairfield county, mid 40s already for long island, with the clouds, we're seeing warmer temperatures for parts of the
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exception. on average about 5 to 8 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday. yesterday, 41. we'll bump that up, a far cry from those frigid numbers. conditions this weekend. by sunday, 56+. not unheard-of. we've seen some pretty significant 50 degrees days in the last few january's. back in 2012, we had 11 of them. last year, called january. last year, only one. a nice mild air mass, but it turns wet, not so much today, mix of sun and clouds. then this weak system rolling in, that's friday. the model is not very bullish, about that rain event, friday night into saturday but there is one key feature i want to bring to your attention. clouds during the day, so you are fine. in fact friday night plans will be involving clouds and mild conditions. but cold enough for mixing, maybe a bit of icing early
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then relatively quiet saturday afternoon, just like rain. saturday night into sunday, that's when we could see heavy rain and then also you're going to be dealing with gusty winds, those mild numbers, 56 and then oh, boy, say goodbye to this angel, look at that. 56 down to 35 in just a few days. >> that is a big shift right there. >> that's a big cupcake. >> we've got you on camera here. >> we're going to have pictures of that on the weather app. get the forecast, check live radar, send us your pictures. we'll show you this picture of john of course. it's available in the itunes store. >> let's go right back to john.
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coming up tonight at 5:00, finding a cure for problem skin. why green tea is the newest trend in skincare. at 6:00, governor cuomo announces dramatic new plans but who is going to pay for the $1 billion expansion? those stories and much more tonight beginning at 5:00. it's a lottery lovers dream. the jackpot for saturday's powerball drawing is a record
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no one matched last night's drawing. two, 11, 47, 62, 63, powerball 17. we came so close. 22 of us hairsplitting the big $104. >> better than nothing, right? that's for sure. it's going to be about $800 million by the time it rolls around. that's going to do it for us at noon. thanks for joining us. i'm chris wragge. >> i'm mary calvi.
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