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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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helping isis, and a serial slasher.
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is growing. developing now. a car crushed at a railroad crossing. the driver rush today a nearby hospital. the crash that suspended service on new jersey transit. also, breaking news. wedding preparations take a terrifying turn when the ring bearer takes a 20-foot fall in the rehearsal fall. story. iraqi refugees arrested in two states in a terrorist sweep. jessica schneider is live in latest. >> reporter: christine, they're accused of helping isis among other several terror groups overseas. even though both of those men
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one of the men moved to the u.s. in 2012 before allegedly traveling to syria for several months in 2013, where he even boasted about his terror training on social media. that suspect moved back to california one year ago. >> the fbi has stated in no uncertain terms he was not planning any attacks in the united states, so this was an individual who was committed to going back home and as an iraqi to fight what he perceives as corrupt and authoritarian regimes. >> reporter: it may have prevented a catastrophic terror event. the feds busted both of those men for lying to immigration officials about their connection to terrorism. live in the newsroom, jessica schneider, cbs 2 news.
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news in the bronx where a shaft. reversal tonight. >> reporter: a wedding rehearsal turned terrifying for a 2-year-old boy and his family at this well known catering bronx. the villa barone manor locked its doors. >> it shouldn't happen. taking a train, you've got a gap. it shouldn't happen. >> reporter: michael edwards says his soehn, isaiah is supposed to be the ring bearer at a family wedding on saturday. instead of practicing for the big event, the boy wound up in the hospital with what amazingly turned out to be
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>> they release him from the hospital. >> reporter: workers here and family members use a ladder to reduce little isaiah from that elevator shaft. we're told he is expected to be okay. and his dad informs us that isaiah should be able to carry the rings down the aisle during the wedding on saturday. reporting from the bronx, brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. a developing story, a new jersey transit train slammed into a car after witnesses say the driver tried to outrun it. it happened around 7:30 at the 5th avenue crossing off weight street. the driver who had to be cut from the vehicle was taken to st. joseph's medical center. his condition is not known. tonight crews are cleaning up the wreckage. service was temporarily suspended. no one on the train was hurt. new information on the case of a man slashing a woman's face in chelsea.
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similar slashing attack in the bronx on new year's day. tracee carrasco joins us. >> reporter: undergoing a mental evaluation before being taken to his arraignment later. we've learned tonight, he has a long criminal history, and that slashing victim wants to know why he wasn't in jail sooner. >> apparently he had 32 offenses before this. 32, which is ridiculous. >> reporter: disbelief from 24- year-old amanda morris of her attacker. police say bazemore slashed her face in chelsea. the unprovoked attack caught on a surveillance camera. the 24-year-old says she had a
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>> he was walking ahead of me and i noticed that his walking pace changed. immediately i was like, oh, no this isn't good. he must be under the influence of drugs or just not all there. when he heard me behind him, i could tell he was waiting for me. >> reporter: an alert citizen recognized him from tv. >> as he's walking on 5th avenue, he sees an individual wearing this jacket, acting somewhat irrationally. he alerted this behavior to two mounted cops on 5th avenue near st. patricks cathedral. he was immediately apprehended. >> reporter: bazemore has a lengthy rap sheet. he was arrested for punching a 32-year-old woman in the face on west 12th street. police are linking him to another slashing of a woman in the bronx on new year's day. >> immediately, we didn't have him on any radar. >> reporter: with 32 prior
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system failed her. >> he's clearly not stable. >> reporter: though bazemore was arrested for that december 30 punching incident, he was released, and only charged with a misdemeanor. he is expected to be formally charged with that january 1 slashing in the bronx. live tonight from bellevue hospital, tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. it has certainly been a rough week on wall street. since monday, the dow has dropped more than 900-points. today, the index closed down 392 points. the nasdaq lost 146. cbs 2's dick brennan has more on what's behind the slump republican the sell-off began at the opening bellment the plunge was the third triple digit loss of the week. once again, the trouble started in china. the chinese market was shut down in less than half an hour after plunging 7%. it was the second shut down this week.
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god, what's really going on? >> reporter: chinese regulators say they're suspending the automatic shut downs, since they may be adding to the panic. investors worry that the chinese don't have a grip on their economy, and that could mean trouble for the rest of the world. >> china was the main driver for global growth for most of the last decade. >> reporter: the dow lost more than 900 points this week alone. that's more than 5%. analysts say hold firm. >> if you are a long term investor, the best strategy is to stick to your game plan. that means don't do anything. no panicking. >> reporter: also driving the markets' troubles, cheap oil. wall street is hoping for encouraging news when new u.s. job numbers are announced tonight. dick brennan, cbs 2 news.
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after a train crash on the gowanus expressway. in all, six cars were involved. a red car was almost completely vehicles. that driver though, amazingly survived. it took firefighters about 45 minutes to rescue him, using the jaws of life. >> all he kept saying was, just please get me out of here. >> he wound up in the one part crushed. it's an area about 3 feet by 3 feet i'd say. >> the driver and two other people were taken to the hospital. it is being called a miracle after 17 miners were rescued. this morning, 10 hours later, they were lifted above ground. temperatures dropped near freezing overnight, and crews lowered food, and blankets to the miners until a large rescue crane arrived.
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tremendous. i don't know. i'm inspired by them to be quite honest by you. the first four that came out of the mine waited until the last two came out of the mine. a landmark settlement tonight in two lawsuits brought against the nypd over surveillance targeting muslims following the 9/11 terror attacks. civil rights groups charged it was unconstitutional to target people merely because of their religious beliefs. the deal announced today requires the city to appoint an independent civilian to the nypd counterterrorism panel, also limit the use of confidential sources. you've got to be in it to win it. with a record breaking $700 million jackpot, you don't want to miss the next powerball drawing.
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billion dollars jackpot in last night's drawing, so the grand prize has now grown to $700 million. that is the largest jackpot gain in any lottery history. the next drawing is saturday. new video pointing a gun and yelling at his victims, an armed man confronts strangers in a greenwich village apartment building. >> dash cam delivery. hear from the hero officers who helped bring a little girl into the world on a guarded state parkway. also a legal fight over fit bit. what your fitness tracker may not be telling you. and a star addition to the
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we'll be right back. new video clearly shows the face of an armed robbery suspect in the west village. police are asking for the public's help to identify him. surveillance cameras captured him pointing a gun and demanding money from two men in the lobby of a building on waiverly place last month. investigators say he took $400, and then fled on foot.
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police are trying to determine if an early morning fire in ronconkama was deliberately set. police are examining two containers found at the scene for possible flammable meantime, the fire victims are could have targeted them. >> i don't know why somebody would do this to somebody. it it doesn't make any sense. >> a neighbor banging on the door alerted the sleeping couple inside. they and their dog escaped unharmed. new at 11:00 now, a very special delivery on the garden state parkway, as two new jersey state troopers help a woman give birth. it was all caught on dash cam video. >> one, two, three, push. there you go. keep going. >> breathe, breathe, breathe. >> there we go.
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>> the couple called 911 early monday morning in hillside township when they realized they wouldn't make it to the hospital. minutes later, the troopers arrive to find the husband in the driver's seat, and the soon to be mother in the backseat of the car in labor. >> instructions to push and at that point, we had, you know, observed the baby's head, so i cleared the airway. i turned the baby's head to its side, and i knew she had to continue pushing. we just gave her instructions, and the baby came out. >> like they were pros. the troopers say they cut the umbilical cord beforehanding the baby to mommy. both mom and child are doing well. fitness trackers are the latest craze, but they may not be as accurate as you would expect. christine sloan has more now on what you should look out for. >> did you get this for the holidays?
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>> i take it with a grain of salt. i've used it a bunch. this one really tracks my resting heart rate most of the time, so i don't really get my heart rate while i'm working out. >> reporter: some like this one track your calories and activity level. others like this, monitor your heart rate. >> do you think it's fully accurate? >> i would hope it would be? >> these fitness bracelets, how accurate are they, and what kind of suggestions to you give to people? >> usually, they're great for working out. they're accurate if you use it for your own benefit. >> reporter: sports doctor, joseph herrera says any device that encourages you to work out is a good thing. >> double check with your own heart rate, and taking that yourself is key as well. >> reporter: plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against one company, fit bit, claim its bracelet's heart monitor gives
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the company saying the case has no merit, that it stands behind its tracker. saying they're signed to help them reach their health and fitness goals and are not intended to be scientific devices. this fitness buff with her own bracelet agrees. >> you don't rely on it as if it were a doctor. it's not. >> you're kind of like one of those who really doesn't like these bands. >> no, i think my body tells me what i'm doing. >> reporter: pretty much the response from most people. that they know their own limits in springfield, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs 2 news. as the temperatures drop, many endangered sea animals are or hypothermia. a marine organization rescued several sea lions and sea turtled that washed up on long island beaches. many do not survive. experts say if you see an animal wash ashore, you should
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lonnie, the reason they're seeing this is because of the warmer than normal temperatures. they didn't migrate south. >> then they get bang, hit by the cold air that drops in here. i will say we're going to warm up again. i do not see like the '70s that we had around christmas time. let's get on in here, 20s, 30s, let's go well south right now. i haven't been done here for a while. let's check in with 32 degrees in little egg harbor. you guys remember little egg harbor, hurricane irene. i wish you the best on your evening, ernie. new york city, a little warmer than 39 right now. one click away from 40. 46 was your high temp.
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average in both categories. 8degrees above the average of 38. you're 4 degrees warmer than we typically start off with this time of the year. sunny north of the city. clouds will be working their way in. 33 the start tomorrow morning. some clouds will be returning as you go through your day. 44degrees. part of my headlines talk about a precipitation chance kicking in late tonight. there's a slight chance of that. some could even see snow during this time period. it's really rain for most. the heaviest would be sunday morning. let's get right into it. vortex satellite and radar. the bigger picture will show you. here's your chance for a little bit of rain friday night going into saturday. most of this is going to go north. heavier band south, to the south of us. we've got this ragged middle part. a better chance for precipitation out of los
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we could see a big soaker out of this. by the time you get to the first part of sunday. 11:00a.m., more clouds south of the city. more sun north. that's 11:00 a.m. now you get into the later days. into the evening. 9:30, more clouds. we're socked in. rain chance comes through. not too much, but north and west could see a little bit of sleet, freezing rain, snow flurries, that's 3:00 a.m. then you get into your morning on sunday. here's where the bigger rain comes through. look at that. that comes through heavy. that's around lunchtime or so. then we'll clear out later in the day. all right, let me start talking to you about the numbers. for the weekend, 48, and 58 on sunday. i just want you to know, 58 would be 2 degrees from the record. the record was set in 1876. that's about as old, the oldest record i've got on the books. across the board, you'll notice the temperatures get colder by the time you get to monday, because it's a cold front.
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new tonight, beyonce is making a comeback to the super bowl halftime show. the singer was the headliner in 2013 with her destiny's child band mates. now she is set to share the stage with cold play at super bowl l. she recently collaborated with the band on their new album, a head full of dreams. super bowl l kicks off february 7. you can watch it live right here on cbs 2. part of that action will be otis living stone. he's got a look at sports now. >> but i will not be singing though. >> maybe, maybe. >> no. i'll do it during the break. it wasn't quite as long as this week's lottery odds, but mike piazza overcame a lot to not only get to the big leagues,
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the fourth time's the charm. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships,
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like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at otis is here with more on mike piazza. >> man, overcoming some serious odds. dodger manager tommy lasorda was a friend of mike piazza's father, which had a big part in the dodgers selecting him.
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piazza gets in on his fourth attempt. revealed he was going to go in as a met. why not? that's when he had his most amazing memories, ten days after 9/11, to lift the spirits of the city. he had 396 homers as a catcher. that's tops of all-time. things are looking up for the mets. piazza gets into the hall, right after the team goes to the world series. >> as much as they've had such memorable teams, there's been the turmoil and the frustration, that's what separates us from other organizations. we're definitely not boring. really happy for the fans. i'd put them up against any fans in the world. i've been in europe the last four years. i'd put mets fans up there.
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greatness in his blood lines, seattle. 630 career home runs, but don't think he didn't have to go out and earn it from the start. >> when i got drafted, okay, you're a number 1 pick, so what, you've still got to go else. the light night on ice, and more from mike piazzas humble
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welcome back everyone. one of those rare nights in new york where only one team was in action. the islanders hospitalling the capitals. alex owe ovechkin picks up a new stick, then picks up the pace before picking up jaroslav halak. 2-0 washington. the islanders cut the lead in half. but a giveaway allowed the capitals to capitalize. the islanders go on to lose 4- 1, and trail the caps by 14 points in the metropolitan division. finally tonight, back to mike piazza and his humble
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right now, to the hall of fame. a lot half changed since he was in the minors in 1998. >> you couldn't even get a hot shower. you saw good, i don't want it to be comfortable here. now you go to minor league stadiums, and it's great, you have baby changing rooms in the clubhouse. >> changed. >> how many of these baseball players show up with their babies? >> taking fly balls and stuff. >> who's playing third base? he's changing the baby. >> what a great feeling though now for him to reflect on his career, and see where he is today. >> the first overall pick to a 62nd rounder. that's incredible. hats off to mike. with real butter.
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rrangonle cl w. t t t pt.gefi. thanks for joining us tonight. coming up next, the late show with stephen colbert. an all-star double dutch
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