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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 11, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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is entertainment tonight. >> when e.t. does the golden globes, we do the golden globes. >> on the red carp wet leo and kate. jennifer lawrence, will and jada, everything you didn't see on tv. >> we're backstage with all the winners. sentimental favorites, sylvester stallone. i like to call it understated elegance. classy on the red carpet. who w be the best dressed of the night. >> a lot to cover, stars unfiltered, candid, real. no one more than jennifer lawrence knows to live for the moment. >> what keeps you running on a long award night like this? >> booze, camera, booze >> it's good to be alive. does this happen? >> br cranston is carrying amy schumer's train. >> i'd like to say for the record, he has never carried my train. >> you always kill it, play it on the red carpet.
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>> jennifer lawrence. >> j. beat out besty amy schumer, like true bff's, they had ablast. >> i'm j. law. >> and i'm a. schu. celebrate together? >> oh, yeah many. >> oh, yeah. >> we have a party planned. i'm not going to tell you, you may find us. >> she leaned officer and whispered something to you as your name was called. o you remember what she sai >> she said, shut up, just go. i was so -- like the whole time bef was like, don't -- you have an idea of what you want to say in yourhead, they're going to call your name, your head's going to go blank. they called my name, i also blacked out. she could ha said go [ bleep ] yourself and i would not have known it. >> this is not a dril >> j. law colli with two other globe winners. don't cry for pal amy.
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with her. >> you got up and hiked. did you hike thismorning? >> a little romance? >> apparently having a boyfriend is the biggest accomplishment of the year for me. >> i wrote a mov started, i'm really proud of that. >> i worked that -- >> somebody has agreed to have sex with me. yes, we're very happy. amy has a new fella named ben. >> do you like him? >> yes, i do >> you approve? >> i do. >> th touching photo of the pair thanking him today. >> will you play it? will you guys play the lottery? >> i already have 1.3 billion, why would i do it? >> next couple kate and leo reunited. it was a night for them both. >> leon dicaprio. >> kate was the first to congratulate her former co-star after the win. >> she's my favorite actress in the industry. she's actually hanging out wi
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the after parties together. >> you are, you and indicate? >> yes, and her husband. >> we' through a lot together. >> yes, you have. >> i'm going to stand behind -- >> i dread getting on both of these. >> from t movie moment to breaking news. boy was there a buzz abo sean penn and the drug lord. >> sean cut you? it seems like he's trying to cut out the middleman. >> he hit the red carpet with his ex madonna to raise money for hatepy. he secretly met with mexican drug lord el before his arrest. >> i want to do this monologue and th into hiding, okay? not even sean penn will find me. >> it's a big accomplishment from fellow santa monica high -- the people who went to santa monica high, we get [ bl
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let's face it, we do, we g nominated for golden globes, we interview drug lords. >> will you be in the movie? it? >> he's one of the best writers and directors around, not to mentio obviously one of the best actors. there. >> the star couple had us seeing hard eyes had to be will a jada. >> that audience out there loved you. >> awe. now, there's a moment. in fact, partnered with giffy to gift all the best moments from our platform. >> j. law, rob lowe, the rock. there were so many selfies on the red carpet. kevin was stirring up a frenzy. ladies, get your camera out my feed. i'm live, first of all, i got
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on my facebook page. >> get out of my feed. >> i'm b away how everyone's filming everyone else filming themselves. it's so through the looking glass, thr looking glass, and then through looking glass again. i'm kind of amazed by it. >> there were a lot of things that amazed us about last night. >> here are the six things we learned front row at the globes. >> number 6. we learned that leo had the worst seat in the house. >> taraji p. hens >> he was smack in the middle of the winner's walk. his react to bump lady gaga internet. >> that's trending, right? happening. >> ga ga gave us number five. we learned how she remains one of hollywood's most superstars. >> i wanted to be an actress before i wanted to be a singer. >> even before her golden night, she remembers the early days.
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to pay demos and go to auditions. >> even matt damon nee ticket to go inside. >> where's your ticket? >> i must hav it in the car will well, we'll have to print you one. i'm holding on to it for dear life so i can get in. >> jim carrey has no problem working without a net. jim carrey. >> he was off the teleprompter when he took the stage. >> i dream about being three ti golden globe winning actor jim carrey. >> we learned real party was offstage. commercial breaks were all about table hopping. katy perry ordered in and out burger for her t lady gaga and taraji, mark fawned over will. >> at the top of our list, we lear what you didn't hear
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>> we all won the oscars. we can tell you, he asked what does sugar blnk nk blank even mean. the blank is slang for breasts. it's what mel called female police officer during his 2006 dui arrest. >> really no surprise that ricky went there, we all knew he would about. >> don't people know by now, don't ever go one on one with a comedian, ever. ever. >> coming up, cookie's sweet moment backstage gushing over the she's been waiting 20 years for. >> the best an worst dressed of the night. >> we have party gossip, quick change j. lo and j. law, was going on between katy perry and orlando bloom. >> and is there such a thing as too much champagne. >> they helped power us through. >> what about the stars.
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it's a family affair. >> my pop -- >> you bring your pops and all the girl >> i'm happy to bring my dad. i don't think he ever gets to go on stuff like this. it's going to be a fun night. >> who's your date tonight? >> my dad. >> how proud are you of her? >> very proud. >> when i was getting my mom came to the hotel, my niece and my sister and my brother, and my bestfriend. and we were just -- it felt like gettin ready for grown man prom. >> what keeps you running on a day like this? >> >> it looks like mr. robot is no longer an underdog. taking home two globes. what is keeping you running on day like today. >> trying to be as present as you can possibly be. >> make eye contact and enjoy this. >> enjoy it? >> yeah. >> look at me.
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>> this intonight's e.t. birthday,
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when brad and angelina see our next two adorable presenters they're going to want to adopt them. please welcome kevin hart and ken jong. >> that is one of the rare zingers which got only big laughs, nogrowns.
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>> speaking of brad, he was hanging after the show with selena gomez. that's the great part about the parties. you get a crazy eclectic mix of people which can lead to juicy gossip. >> che what we spotted and over heard after hours at the golden gloebz. >> orlando totally hanging on katie's every word, sharing this intimate moment then a sweet parting of the ways. >> they arrived and left separately each with friends. they were t pretty closely and dancing very close all night long. >> security was tight for all the parties, most of which are inside the beverly hilton, so the can party hop. lady gaga hit the carpet but was speechless after her win. >> beyonce knew just what to say. >> love you.
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>> we saw taraji taking off heels and putting her comfy ballet f on at one point. jennifer lawrence. >> she didn't show up with amy schumer, she was with he boyfriend ben at the nbc party. jennifer was ready to party, sh changes out of her red dior dress. and j. lo was ready to party. a somber turn of events last night, news of david bowie's passing, all of them started playing bowie's music. >> celebrity reactio quick. i just lost a hero, rip david bowie. mick jagger shared this photo, he was my friend, i will never forget him. >> the rockledge end passed away after an 18 month battle with cancer.
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just three days on his birthday. david bowie was 69. >> david bowie transcend musicalgenres, he was a trendsetter. coming up next, we are one on with the winners. some have waiting for this moment all of their lives. wait until you see sly stallone congratulated by his ex-nemesis >> such a close friend. we were so adversarial. julianmoore, j. law or j. lo, who was the best dressed and worst.
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by -- jennifer lawrence is absolutely stunning in red, we are backbreaking down the fashion with yahoo styles editor in chief. i have to say, joe, when were here on friday, you predicted the trends ofred, white. >> i'm talking about j. law. you know what i was disappointed by? they didn't wear the same dress. >> she wasn't crazy about that idea. if i didn't talk about it, we could have done it. >> maybe next year they'll wear this same dress. >> let's kick it off with your best dressed list. >> i love julianne moore, the
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did it in velvet. i love that he dressed her and also her date. >>al leisha candor. had the most delicate sleeve at the bottom of the dress. it was el began the. >> the designers are loving her. >> you're wearing the bes clothes on the red carpet. >> who was your number two. >> jennifer lawren i loved her in that red gown. it was simple, elegant and cut out. >> and the bling up top. >> thought ittwas part of the dress, but it was actually a separate necklace. >> i l jennifer lopez. >> i did too. >> it was old hollywood, but in an unexpected way. jennifer lopez called the dress mustard, you know that's a wear. >> we see what feels good. >> it's time to give us your
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>> regina cane. >> the gold shimmering win look. but together i thought that didn't work. >> she walked out there with it. >> there you go. >> thank you so much for being here. here. >> let's send it over to cameron right now. >> ricky gervais is poking fun at the golden globe awards. ricky, how wrong you it's a long road to make it to t stage. you cannot get there without sweat and sacrifice and not letting anything stand in your tonight's big picture the golden globe winners who have been waiting for this moment. >> cookie for everyone. >> you know it was a dead giveaway, where they had the cookies on the table.
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wait. >> how can you rush the great cookie? hello. >> i have been acting in films for 23 years. i need glasses to drive my car, these moments mean a great deal. >> the joy of these moments comes in every step of the journey. up and down. gaga was bully edied. >> we have a video congratulations from somebody, i think you might recognize here. >> congratulations, i know we're going to win at the oscars, trust me. >> we were so adversarial. have you no idea. it's amazing. >> the real takeaway here is that the struggle only adds to
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>> what advice would you give john that you knownow? >> try to bring it as much as you can rather than burning yourself out. which i would do, i would be depleted at the end of every season and think, i have nothing left. >> here you are sitting backstage at the g globes, struggling to make rent? >> that's a testament to me being horrible saving >> we made the pilot, i used a lot of the money to pay for the wedding. >> how are you going to celebrate? >> what would it sound like? >>. >> that's my song. >> there's a lot of nos, and sometimes it feels like there's no reason to keepgoing.
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it's come from, you w warn yourself again like -- i may not make the same mistakes a learn really important lessons p.m. >> i think that's what makes th journey great, that's what makes this moment so sweet, when people have seen the struggle. i'm just a girl from d.c., from the hood, i was a single mother, i became a mother in college and i could have easily become a statistic, but i didn't. i rose above it. i just say, compare yourself to other people, stay in your lane and have faith. >> congratulations. all right. >> what a beautiful interview, you're incredible. >> he's a keeper, e.t., don't get rid of him. >> you a my girl, taraji. >> yes, the champagne was flowing last we'll have that for you tomorrow. the winners also created special
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you can watch them. >> so much fun be back.
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be right back. secrets behind her 40 pound weight loss is ate.t. >> travel consideration provided
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we have to say thanks to our productions. we'll have more from the golden globes tomorrow. nancy, i noticed were carpet. >> i had to represent my clemson tigers. >> i sawit. >> they're going for the national college football go tigers. right now.
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