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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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they will drop quickly. black ice will pose a problem. gusty winds stick around. i'm going to talk about snowfall accumulation later but they are not giant numbers. stick around for that. some may fret while others are relieved to see the snow. it's already falling in part of the tri-state area. elise finch is in sparta for >> reporter: well, kristine, it's not much, but this dusting that they have received here in sparta is more than most people have seen all season. people are shocked at how rare the snow is this winter. >> i can't believe we haven't had snow yet. it's unbelievable. >> my family is into skiing at lake mountain creek and the fact that the season hasn't started yet and it's january it's crazy. >> reporter: today's snow showers are a welcome sight for sussex county residents. people who have been waiting patiently for winter to really start. >> i miss the snow and also i'm hoping for the lake to
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some ice boating. >> reporter: rich fitzpatrick manages the hardware store in sparta. without snow business is sluggish especially compared to last year. >> last year was phenomenal for snow blower and other sales. it was almost we couldn't keep up. >> reporter: last winter he sold more than 1,000 bags of rock salt and calcium chloride combined. this year he only sold about 300. clearly this winter has been slow for snow. we lushly get 4.8 -- we usually get 4.8" in december. we only had a trace. now we usually have 2.4" but we have received none yet. this is an el nino winter which is warmer than average precipitation but often more rain than snow. and that has some people or lack thereof come spring. >> we part of a watershed area
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>> reporter: of course we're looking at just a dusting here in sparta. we had a burst of snow showers a couple of hours ago. that slowed down. we are seeing occasional flurries. there is another burst of snow showers moving through the area in the next couple of hours. some people are definitely looking forward to it. i'm elise finch live in sparta new jersey. with that back to you. >> thank you. >> you can get the weather on the run from our website weather app free in the itunes store a happy ending to a frightening encounter. a man was arrested who nearly abducted a toddler in woodmere. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff spoke with the sitter who police say did all the right things to foil the suspect attempts. >> scary. relief for [ non-english language ] the 65-year-old babysitter had the fright of her life monday when walking the woodmere couple's toddler in this stroller a man blocked her path.
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know, and did not let me go. >> reporter: what did he say? >> he said absolutely said [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: nassau police say the manmade alarming statement. >> that she was in quotes pushing a dead baby and the subject follower said he needed to take the baby. >> reporter: the woman rushed the child very much alive and well back into the west broadway house locking the inside kitchen door behind her. but the man followed them in through an open outer door yelling, give me the dead baby! >> he is banging on the door trying to get into the house. >> reporter: fleeing with only the empty stroller he was caught on surveillance video at a nearby pizza parlor which police released to catch him. but less than 24 hours later an arrest. 44-year-old craig myczkowski, found naked and asleep and a couch in this hewlett professional building. police don't know if myczkowski's choice of a
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spend the night was a cry for help. but they took the incoherent transient to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. >> glad they caught him. it's over with. hopefully he will get some help. >> reporter: relief for town residents and accolades for the woman who whisked the baby out of harm's way. >> just want to note that the sittedder in this case did a phenomenal job. >> i did what i had to do. that's it, you know? nothing else. >> reporter: the baby's father calls her actions heroic. in woodmere, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> myczkowski faces several charges including attempted unlawful imprisonment, child endangerment and burglary. >> police arrested the alleged leader of a group of gang- rapists in a party. the woman had been drinking with her father in the park last week when the group ordered the father to leave at gunpoint. sources say two of the suspects told investigators
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a truck accident made for a messy commute on the bqe in brooklyn. chopper 2 flew over at 6:00. a truck carrying garbage flipped on the side blocking a ramp. it took four hours to clear up this mess this morning. and he was struck by a car on christmas day in front of his mother's home. the driver took off leaving the long island father of three to die on the street. today at 5:00, surveillance video has surfaced. victim's heartbroken mother. >> reporter: it's a daily occurrence, prayers and candle son says this woman. she tells us in spanish, he was my life, the most hard working wonderful son a mother it was christmas night just after 5 p.m. emanuel had just dropped off a young children in el salvador
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house for christmas dinner to be followed by evening mass but a hit-and-run driver killed him. the neighbor's camera caught it. now released by suffolk police. >> samaritans attempted to assist him. one individual brought him out of the roadway into safety. another individual attempted to get medical assistance. a third individual tried to find the suspect to no avail. >> reporter: the suffolk deputy commissioner says the driver fled in a compact sedan four doors with a sunroof. it likely sustained damage to the passenger side fender or front of the vehicle. carmen ramirez said the whole street stopped eating christmas dinner and ran to help. >> everyone try. we call 911 right away. and i screaming to the people who don't -- who are there, don't touch him, don't move. >> reporter: it was then they realized the driver had sped off.
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asking for stop signs and lights on busy candlewood road. the community will help you try to find whoever did this. police credit passersby and residents for trying to save the man's life. now detectives hope neighbors' surveillance video will help the public track the christmas day hit-and-run driver. from bay shore, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> police are offering a $5,000 reward for tips that lead to an arrest of the hit- and-run driver. some breaking news now. crew members of two small u.s. navy boats have been taken by iran. the pentagon says -- says the boats were in the persian gulf when one had mechanical trouble and ran aground. iran says it will return them all promptly. 10 crew members are involved. we are also following a developing story in turkey. a suicide bomber killed 10 people and injured 15 in istanbul. a syrian national affiliated
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car near a mosque. most of the victims were part of a german tourist group. turkey's prime minister says the 28-year-old bomber was a member of the "islamic state" and recently crossed into turkey. with terror on the minds of everybody president obama delivers his final state of the union tonight. the white house says this won't be a traditional speech. in two videos, president obama previews a speech that's expected to be less of a legislative "to do" list and more of a defiant blueprint for the next administration. the president is also expected to highlight accomplishments including expanded healthcare, a nuclear deal with iran, and global agreement on climate change. you can watch the state of the at 9:00. you may have noticed that maurice dubois hasn't been here since the new year and we would like to take a moment to explain why. >> maurice has been diagnosed with bell's palsy and is having treatment for the condition. >> his doctors say that his prognosis is good and he is looking forward to returning
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lonnie quinn is joining us here at the anchor desk as well as dr. max gomez. he is here to explain more about what bell's palsy is. >> it's really kind of interesting here. bell's palsy is a paralysis or weakness of the muscles on one side of the face. the result is that one side of the face droops. it's not that rare. about 40,000 people a year will develop bell's palsy. now, the paralysis or weakness affects the facial nerve behind the ear and enervates the muscles of the face smiling, frowning, blinking can all be impaired. the cause is thought to be a virus that inflamed the nerves causing it to, as well. but because the nerve comes out of the brain through the tiny bony canal, there's no room for it to swell so it gets squeezed and shuts down. it comes on suddenly often overnight. and without warning. now, the only treatment for it is prednisone and oral steroid to reduce inflammation and antiviral medications. the good news is that most people with bell's palsy start
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within a couple of weeks and usually recover completely with very little aftereffects. now, i did speak with maurice earlier today and he has been getting the right treatments. he is starting to feel some tingling in his face a sign that the nerve is regenerating. >> yes. >> so that's a good sign. >> all great news. and by the way, maurice now joins us on the phone. maurice, i know that you've posted on facebook today regarding your diagnosis and how you're feeling. we're going to put up the facebook post here. . >> how are you feeling? >> thanks, kristine. you know what, other than the right side of my face being locked and frozen i feel as if it's business as usual. i had a physician and everything is fine except the side of my face. it's hard to speak clearly. but other than that, i'm great. and i have to tell you,
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you know, the nature of email and social media these days, there's been an avalanche of love and support like i never imagined. it's been a flood all day. i want to thank everybody who has been posting and tweeting and facebooking and tweeting and everything else. it's overwhelming and wonderful. >> we hope that speeds up your recovery, maurice, because obviously people have been concerned. dr. max mentioned this comes on suddenly. was that what you experienced? was this you woke up one morning and you had this? >> it sure was. it was monday, the first day of the new year. i was ready to go after a nice little break. and i couldn't smile. i -- it was so disconcerting a ran to the mirror saw this and you think the worst you think stroke, you think worse. i didn't feel any tingling or anything like that so that was a good thing but i called my doctor and he immediately recognized it. sent me to a neurologist who then recognized it and we ruled out other things as max outlined but that's one question i have for max who is
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>> a lot of people say oh, it must have been stress. you know, life is stressful. and on and on like that. what do you say to that, doc? >> dr. max he was asking whether or not stress is a factor in the onset of this condition. >> stress is never a good thing but there's no evidence that stress has any real impact on this. the virus, it seems to be a virus that comes out of nowhere. some other conditions, diabetes, some other things, none of these things that maurice really have might contribute to it. so it's one of these things that just comes out of the blue. >> all right, maurice. well, unfortunately, the same thing that your doctors have been telling you is exactly what dr. max said here. we do appreciate you taking the time, though. you know, we have been fielding a lot of questions about your absence but it was so good to hear you voice today and -- >> likewise, kristine. >> your diagnosis is positive. >> thank you so much. i have to add one thing. i asked my doctor, you know, i think i need a beer after all this. he said i only have one rule about that he said make sure it's a good one.
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>> well you know what, we'll buy you that beer, maurice, okay? >> sounds like you're in good hands. >> thanks, guys. >> i like your doctor's style. >> give our love to the family. >> thanks. see you guys. >> bye-bye. >> dr. max, thank you very much. lonnie we'll see you coming up. coming up on cbs 2 news at 5:00 including questions about a cop caught texting in the middle of an intersection. called. >> the rising powerball jackpt is getting the attention of people across the border. >> a baby seal mystery.
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away. ye pasm,ue wt? maiea owanweehanginlilelo bie mh iusboht hme thntnefa eugfo erne
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t os guess what. it is bigger and better than before. the powerball jackpt has jumped to $1.5 billion another increase of $100 million and reflects a boom in sales for tomorrow night's huge drawing. >> and you have to wonder whether they will be changing
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we actually found another comical example today of a sign getting changed. lotto officials put a giant note over the m for millions on the powerball billboard. >> you have to do what you have to do. powerball fever is taking an innational turn. cbs 2's hazel sanchez shows us how canadians are trying their luck with the jackpot. >> reporter: while millions of americans thinking they are lucky enough to beat the unimaginable odds, so too do canadians. >> i'm going to take my chances. >> reporter: she drove two hours from home to become the world's next billionaire. >> we drop a lot of money on a regular basis. we shop in the u.s. a lot. so we give to you, it's time you give back. >> reporter: our neighbors to the north have been traveling across the border from vancouver, toronto and montreal. >> commuters coming here like crazy. >> reporter: they are legally allowed to do it. >> you don't have to be a u.s. citizen to buy a powerball ticket.
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a retail location that's authorized that's fine. >> reporter: winners outside the u.s. can expect more tax. the federal government can withhold 30% of gambling winnings paid to a foreigner. that's 5% more than for a u.s. resident but no matter which side of the border you're on there's no escaping the one in nearly 300 million chance of winning. >> even though the odds are against winning, somebody has to win. so we can dream. >> reporter: it makes sense the american pie. canada's comparable jackpot just $50 million. hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> there could be additional winners. >> new york some of the highest taxes at more than >> wait a second of we pay taxes here in new york? >> just a little bit. >> i had no idea. thank you for that. take a look at this video out of omaha, nebraska. a building is covered with ice
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weekend. firefighters deal with freezing temperatures. the building was destroyed on saturday and now it's on the verge of collapse due to the weight of the ice. so snow tonight more cold tomorrow. >> lonnie quinn has another look at the forecast. >> let's get to it. the skies oat side showing a few upper level flurries around new york city. it's 37 degrees. we are not down to the cold air we need to set up if you want to find snow on the ground. could take place later tonight. the moisture that remains in our area is mostly wet weather. some rain on long island stray flurries around places like putnam county into dutchess county. here's the front. this will pass through when the temperatures drop and you notice there's thatstin any band of snow associated with it. those could be sort of like pretty good-looking snow squalls out there.
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amounts. here's how it plays out. here's the line. heavier snow showers. by 8:30 it makes its way into the western suburbs but not holding on to its identity meaning it's starting to fall apart. the forecast model is picking up on it. some folks are catching moisture. either which way it's cold. how much snow? the numbers in line with what i was talking about yesterday. a half inch for the areas shaded in gray. north of the area you would find half inch to inch higher elevations more be it a good strong squall that pushes through. the wind a big deal. 10 to 15 in the city. 0 to 10 to the north. high temperature tomorrow of 30 degrees but the wind are strong. okay? it's going to make the 30s feel like the 20s if not the teens all day long. so we'll talk more about the extended forecast and how i see the temperatures rebounding later on. >> thank you.
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of an nfl player. devon steele took to social media to announce his daughter leah beat cancer. >> with her finishing her last treatment last night, i can say my daughter beat cancer. word can't describe how proud i am of this girl." she was 4 when she was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. she went into remission last year. this is a story that's well documented throughout the nfl season and it's so good to see her feeling well. >> the former team kept him on the roster so he would have insurance for his daughter which was quite spectacular. >> without a doubt. coming up, flooded out of their homes, but they are not sure why. the seniors left high and dry for a second time this season. >> plus, 3d technology for your sinuses? the new way doctors plot
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like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at hi from the cbs 2 news newsroom this tuesday evening. tomorrow night the big night $1.5 billion on the line. the powerball jackpt. if you are in an office pool there are things you need to know. hazel sanchez has the story at 6:00. >> you know there's generally more than a dozen people involved. but did you know that the new
5:23 pm
write only 10 checks to a group of winners? >> so there have to be rules because when there's money people get ah! of course. >> we'll hear more about that 6:00. also messy burst pipes and flooding damage at a new jersey housing center leaving several residents homeless for the second time in a week. cbs 2's emily smith talked to those who have to find a new place to stay. >> reporter: for dozens of residents in chester, new jersey, it's been a long cold apartment. it's a low income senior housing building with handicapped people looking for >> i can't talk. [ crying ] >> it's okay -- >> extended stay america is up in budd lake. >> reporter: management at chester senior housing will only say something burst last tuesday but aren't sure what and then something similar happened again today destroying at least 6 apartment and damaging others. residents say that a pipe burst in the attic and they strongly believe it's
5:24 pm
system malfunction over the correctly. plumbers responded quickly but they never saw insulation restored in the attic. gross mismanagement, gross neglect. >> reporter: dumpsters being filled with people's belongings only remind people of what they have lost and the few things they have managed donna lupoes has been volunteering. >> it's a mess. are still leaking. but they are doing their best. >> reporter: this person doesn't know where he is sleeping tonight. management will pay for motel rooms for every resident but he hasn't heard is it. >> last time i stay with my daughter almost two nights but she doesn't have anyplace for me. so i have to sleep on the floor. so i came back. >> reporter: only to have it happened all over again. in chester, new jersey, emily smith, cbs 2 news. >> after the first incident, some but not all residents
5:25 pm
all tenants have now been evacuated until further notice. >> we wish them the best. >> terrible situation for those poor people. coming up, distracted patrolling. a driver catches a cop on his phone in the middle of an intersection. what the department had to say about the photo. >> the mayor's new plan to cut down on gun crimes in the city and the change apple is making
5:26 pm
when we come back. a police officer assigned to direct traffic caught on his phone instead. good evening, i'm chris wragge. >> welcome back. i'm kristine johnson. the addictive nature of cell phones was on display this week in westchester county when a cop was caught using a phone while directing traffic. we sent the photo to cbs 2's lou young, who looked into the matter and he has that story new here at 5:30. >> reporter: the picture popped up online taken monday in new rochelle. a cop in the street, attention on his phone not on the cars. it seems the light at webster and washington was out and the officer was directing traffic near the citgo gas station. in the shot he seems engrossed in his hand-held device which strikes some as a bad example when the drivers around could
5:27 pm
>> instead of him directing traffic, he is on his phone texting. it's not right. >> reporter: from out here it seems like an especially dangerous thing to do. but if you're used to directing traffic, the intersection might seem like a comfortable place as comfortable as, let's say, a driver's seat. another spot where the illusion of control makes us think it's safe to multitask. even though it isn't. >> it's an addiction. we're wired to respond to these texts. >> i got a ticket for texting. my wife got a ticket for texting. it happens. >> reporter: they police don't encourage texting but some official things like schedule and other things go to the phone. >> science shows that we can't multitask. 5% of the population are super taskers and all the rest of us are impaired when we text. >> we're human. everybody does it.
5:28 pm
the circumstances now under investigation could be an explanation but not an excuse. we're in new rochelle, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> when it comes to personal phones on the job one police official said it's the same conversation that every employer has with employees as to when cell phone use is appropriate and when they should be put away. mayor de blasio moves to stop gun violence in the city with new gun court and a new nypd gun crime unit. but as cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer reports, she had some questions about the mayor's plan. >> reporter: it seemed like every major law enforcement person in new york city from district attorneys to u.s. attorneys to the police commissioner stood behind mayor de blasio as he announced a new plan to go after those who use guns to commit crimes and terrorize the city. >> it's our obligation to keep communities safe. >> reporter: but i had some questions for the mayor. you have said that the city is the safest big city in the nation and that crime is down. i'm wondering if that's the case, why you need this
5:29 pm
>> we are the safest big city in the country. and we have to go farther. that's the point, marcia. we have to go farther. no one will rest on their laurels. we have driven down shootings. we want to drive them down more. >> reporter: do you think those that there's a perception that you think it's unfair that the streets are more dangerous than they actually are and are you trying to address that? >> i think it's never unfair if someone feels unsafe, we have to both respect that and do something about it. >> reporter: the antigun strategy includes dedicated gun courts and a new 200- member nypd gun squad, expanded investigations of interstate gun trafficking, and expedited trials. ironically the new program is called, fast track, the same title as the mta's subway repair program. the police station commissioner emphasized that the program goes after a small number of gang members and others who carry guns. he also said gun crimes are down despite the reduction of "stop & frisk." >> the drastic decrease in
5:30 pm
increases just the opposite. the past three years have averaged 1138 shootings a year. that's down nearly 25% from the previous 10-year average. >> reporter: officials say they hope to reduce the time it takes for a gun case to go to trial from just over 10 months to under six. at city hall, i'm marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. >> the first gun court will open in brooklyn later this month. "affluenza" mom tanya couch is out of jail from fort worth, texas after posting $75,000. she is charged with hindering of the capture of her son. the two were arrested in mexico last month. investigators believe they fled there while prosecutors determined if ethan violated his probation in a 2013 drunken car crash that killed four people. his attorneys argue that he was too wealthy to know better. he is still in mexico facing extradition. the american woman found dead in italy was strangled. an italian prosecutor says the autopsy on ashley olsen determined a rope or cord was
5:31 pm
the 35-year-old was found naked in her florence apartment saturday. she had bruises and scratches on her neck. olsen had been living there for about 3 years. her father placed flowers outside the front door of her apartment building. >> she is a gently kind beautiful friendly lovely girl and it's an awful shock. >> olsen was last seen by friend friday at a florence nightclub. no one has been arrested. but investigators are searching through surveillance video in hopes of finding a suspect. up next, it's the ultimate beach house. >> we are in a home in sandpoint built to resemble and ark are 300 feet of beach coming up in "living large." >> a little snow tonight. what's next? lonnie quinn has the forecast you will want to see. >> and today in history back in 1969, the new york jets beat the baltimore colt 16-7 in super bowl iii.
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[ music ] everyone has a different idea when you say beach house from a cottage to a wood shingled mansion. font's "living large" home doesn't -- tonight's "living large" home doesn't fit into any category. emily smith reports. >> reporter: it's a 10,000- square-foot home designed to look like an ark on the water. >> hey, emily. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> welcome. >> reporter: maggie gave us the tour. >> i know you want to look at me. but turn around. the view. >> reporter: the view. the home's all about indoor/outdoor living with a water view from every room. >> i just want you to notice the ceiling in here because it's a very sophisticated glass system.
5:34 pm
and technology that was used at the louvre and the pyramids. >> reporter: the wood is mahogany and the floors limestone. >> this is the indoor pool the length of this room. >> reporter: a true pleasure up the staircase, the view with more than 300 feet of private sandy beach and a terrace to enjoy it all from above. >> the house was actually engineered not built. none of the ceilings and the walls meet. they are all floating walls and ceilings and tucked into the gap are the heating and air-conditioning systems. >> reporter: the family room lead right into the chef's kitchen. carrera marble, custom cabinetry and a breakfast area. >> this actually is cantilevered. it floats over the terrace. >> reporter: the master bedroom on the second level a dramatic space with an alabama limestone fireplace. the dressing room a whole wall of closets and the master bathroom entirely onyx.
5:35 pm
the main level for one final surprise. >> it has stars. >> it has a galaxy of shooting stars. >> reporter: it's a home theater that cost up to $250,000. this home has even been used as a movie set. >> the most recent filming here was pierce brosnan's movie "urge." they also filled the blacklist here. >> reporter: how much does to cost to live large here? >> $20 million m. >> reporter: thank you. that's living large in sands point. >> i would never guess that's a house from the outside. >> looks like an ice rink. need to soften up the edges on that baby a little. if you are worried about weekend guest,there are eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms. >> you could sleep in the movie theater. >> i will say as ostentacious as it is, liked the shooting star effect. nice job. this time of year can be
5:36 pm
but new technology for patients whose only option is surgery. the 3d help doctors get that could -- that could ease recovery. [ music ] >> plus a long distance dedication a sneak peek at james corden's huge duet. >> first dana tyler has a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> reporter: chris and kristine, tonight at 6:00 a woman accused of holding two children captive as slaves in a queens home the charges she is facing tonight and how police say they learned about the abuse. also, controversy at a new jersey school over which bathroom and locker room transgender students should use. the proposed new policy and the backlash. also tonight at 6:00 former giants coach tom coughlin popular these days. we'll tell you about the job interview he had.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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between things like cold, flu, indoor allergies this is a bad time for sinus infections. surgery may be a solution when medications stop using.
5:40 pm
are using 3d model to make surgery safer. >> reporter: that's right. it's sinusitis. there will be 37 million sinus infections this year. antibiotics and steroid sprays work well. but if you are getting three or four infections a year, it may be time to think about surgery. there's a lot of critical structures just millimeters from the sinuses. here's a way to make it safer. for years, brian kirk has cook dinner for his family but missed out on all the savory smells that fill the kitchen. brian had chronic sinus problems and whether he was cooking, running or sleeping he struggled to breathe. >> it was pretty bad. the doctors said i can't -- i don't know how you're able to breathe. >> reporter: eventually he had surgery to clear his sinuses. a procedure takes place about every 40 second in the u.s. it's common but complex. >> the sinuses are surrounded by the brain and eyes and so you have to be very precise within millimeters. >> reporter: the long-term complication of surgery are
5:41 pm
and include loss of smell or taste, nerve damage and empty nose syndrome where the air passages are wide open but patient constantly feel congested. researchers at the ohio state university wexner medical center are using 3d modeling to try to eliminate complications. a doctor is using computerized simulations of nasal air flow so doctors can test the outcome of a patient's sinus surgery before stepping into the operating room. >> like playing a videogame to remove some tissues and then we can back-compute what is the effect on the nasal air flow. >> we also use ct navigation like gps for the head allowing us to be within a fraction of a mill meeter in terms of accuracy. >> reporter: the team will also analyze 3d printed models of the sinus cavity to give more detail before surgery because patients have to live with the results forever after. sometimes things like 3d models are technology for the sake of technology so doctors
5:42 pm
models to see if they really help doctors be more precise during operations and, of course, whether it improves the outcomes for the patient, the bottom line. >> this affects everyone. i know for me personally nothing is worse. i have had some of the worst sinus issues throughout the course of my life. and i couldn't pronounce it! that was my other problem. [ laughter ] >> it's a nagging all day thing. you just want to shake it off and you can't. >> it's bad. >> dr. max, thank you. it's time for your exclusive cbs 2 forecast. we have been talking about snow all day. sparta has a nice coating and now the temperature is also dropping. lonnie quinn is here with more. >> the temperatures are going to drop fast. there's the first time this season i have had a chance to show you snow in the poconos. coming down you will see some
5:43 pm
not too many but there are a couple of them mid trail. a little bit of activity. that's manmade snow. they have had a little dusting on top of it. haven't seen big totals. don't think we will. temperatures dropping in new york city. high temperature was 44 at 3:30 so two hours ago and on their way down. they will continue to drop. look at this. morning low temperature around 7, 8 a.m. it will be 25 degrees in new york city. 15 liberty. 21 newburgh. the fact is it's going to be cold. wind will be winning. we may not find 30 degrees tomorrow. i'm going for a high of 29 in new york city tomorrow. as a matter of fact, this particular computer model is not finding a 30-degree reading for anyone tomorrow afternoon. now you're going to, you know, add on some winds blowing up to 40 miles per hour. we have an wind advisory in effect for all of new jersey. don't be fooled if your community and shaded in tan, you will still have strong
5:44 pm
combined with the wind will make the wind chill a big story. it's going to feel during the warmest time of your day tomorrow about 15 to 20 degrees for most of the area north and west feeling like 5 to 15 at best. you get a lot of sunshine tomorrow. we have had today the cloud cover. we have had some precipitation, as well. now, as of now, it's rain around the east end of long island. right around nassau, suffolk, around the county line, a wet snowflake mixed in. it's not a big accumulator. we are going to watch this line making its way through. this gap that you see here is approximately three hours of dry air. then you catch this line coming through with snow squalls and behind it a little bit of trailing activity and then it's out of here tomorrow. the amount of snow we get numbers aren't great a few flakes to half inch for a chunk. area and then some areas north
5:45 pm
some of the higher elevations get 2." tomorrow will be 29 degrees, cold, blustery. wind chill 20 at best. across the board 37 on thursday. so now we're going up. then 45 on friday. 44 on saturday. saturday does come with another precipitation chance looks to be just rain as of right now. we'll keep a close eye on that. temperatures 38 on sunday. monday and tuesday close to freezing. >> back and forth. >> it's going to be that type of winter all winter long it will be that way. apple is getting a system update and adding a night shift mode for iphones and ipad. it will automatically change the displace screen to warmer colors at sunset making it easier on your eyes and in the morning goes back to the regular settings. exposure to blue light from electronics makes it harder to fall asleep. >> now they have adjusted it so we can stay on them all
5:46 pm
the late-late show james corden has had some big names for carpool karaoke but they don't get any bigger than this. [ music ] [ music ] >> loving this, bob. >> oh, thanks. >> her voice is amazing. >> adele singing along with james corden this wednesday night. you can see the two having fun together chatting singing some of her biggest hits. [ music ] [ music ] [ music ] >> i mean -- >> he is good at that. >> she sounds great no matter what oo. >> i'm so compelled by her voice. oh, my goodness.
5:47 pm
corden playing carpool karaoke tomorrow night on the late- late show 12:35 here on cbs 2 and obviously that was taped overseas. >> i think it was shot in reverse. >> what's that doing over there. >> yeah. the unusual sight that washed up on a local beach. up next while plenty of people would want to school this
5:48 pm
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a one hour arrival window. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call for more, now. a baby seal that came ashore in the hamptons has biologists asking questions. dick brennan has more on the mystery including the video of the cute creature. >> reporter: the healthy barking newborn seal was spotted yesterday near the dunes on a beach in hampton bays. marine biologists quickly determined it was best to leave the 4-week-old alone. >> if they come up and they are just doing what seals normally would which is sun themselves and just trying to rest, then we don't want to interfere in that. >> reporter: the big mystery is how this very young gray pup seal wound up on this beach when normally their breeding grounds are further north.
5:50 pm
right now one that's been monitored extensively is off of nantucket. >> reporter: he believes it's too far of a distance from nantucket for the baby seal to have traveled. so now the search is on for evidence their breeding grounds have moved closer. >> the evidence we would need to say that an animal pupping here is seeing an animal being born. >> reporter: despite the cold conditions the mystery of where it came from drew laurie anderson to do her own research. >> we have never seen a seal on this beach in all my time here. >> reporter: using binoculars he searched for it but concluded it likely returned to the sea with high tide. he hopes locals will keep looking but cautions against getting too close citing federal law. >> it is against the law for you to get closer than 50 yards from the animals so we uncourage the unto stay -- encourage the public to stay back and don't get although he is to them. >> reporter: call the 24-hour hotline for the riverhead foundation for marine research and may help solve a mystery.
5:51 pm
>> this is a rare event of the last time a seal this young was spotted around here was off montauk beach back in 2011. >> we didn't get those 50-yard ground rules until after we took all the pictures. >> post-photo shoot. that's it for the news at 5:00. i'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> i'll see you tonight at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. were children kept as slaves in a queens home for years? how the alleged abuse was discovered and the charges against the woman who was supposed to be taking care of them. >> also, bathroom debate, a new jersey high school tackling transgender issues. the proposed new policy and the backlash against it. >> and playing powerball with your friend. it might increase your chance of winning but it's not as simple as you think. first, kaboom!
5:52 pm
and there's a chance for even more snow tonight. good evening, i'm dana tyler. a delay in our winter but tonight we have snow on the ground in some parts. we have team coverage. elise finch in the elements but lonnie quinn is right here with me in the weather center. >> we have snow. they won't be shattering totals as far as snowfall but the fact we haven't had any snow so of this year is the story. the green shows you rain around the east end of long island. you can zoom in tight there and there's some spots there making the transit reyou -- places making the transition. there are light snow flurries mixed in. but it's the real wintry mix. not bona fide snow. the bigger picture will show you what we're watching. there's this break and then you find the actual front about 100 miles off to our west. it's going to be making its way into places like sussex county probably an hour and a half from now and it's about a three-hour time span to
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