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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  January 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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make bankers life in morningside heights. >> reporter: the group's trip had ended. they were on their way to the airport to return here for the that's when the accident happened. earlier i spoke to students on campus and also to a coworker of one of the volunteers who lost her life. serving others turned tragic. its side, windows shattered. after falling more than 250 feet down a ravine, leaving olivia erhardt, a 20-year-old sophomore at columbia university, daniella moffson, 21-year-old junior at barnard college, all women's college, and 45-year-old abigail flanagan, a nurse practitioner with columbia university medical center, also a student with the general studies program. >> it's a tragedy. they were there for community service. trying to help other people.
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>> reporter: they were part of a medical service mission working with doctors and pharmacists. a trip organized by the university over winter break. ulysses johnson the third worked in the unit next to flanagan. >> we felt that it because we are all one big unit, one hospital together. we all feel it. >> reporter: she worked day and night shifts. the cardiac coronary care unit with patients. >> we're here most of the time like our own families. >> reporter: a barnard student the trip. >> it's tragic. i can't even imagine that, for the families and stuff. >> reporter: other students who were on board the bus were also injured. >> working abroad, it's very popular over winter and spring break. there are a lot of students who want to do a lot of good. it's a chance to get out there in the world and start doing it. >> they sent out some releases telling people where to go for grief counseling. and passing along condolences
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>> reporter: earlier this morning, i spoke to the molson east side. they were just leaving to go to honduras and richard the body of their daughter. only 21 years old again. most students will return here on saturday as the coming semester starts next week. live at columbia university, meg baker, cbs 2 news. it's a plan that could end up being a nightmare for hundreds of thousands of subway riders. the mta is considering shutting down the l train tunnel for at least three years for repairs. cbs 2's life in the east village with the story. sonja? >> reporter: it is a transit nightmare that could become very real. the already crowded l train out of commission between action and brooklyn. riders are getting the bad news today. l service between the boroughs could be shut down or painfully
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>> i think it's awful. it's awful. i don't know what i'm going to do. >> reporter: the mta says it needs to make repairs to the tunnel under the east river. >> the l train was indicated with hundreds of thousands of gallons of salty water. it flooded into the system during superstorm sandy. >> reporter: the mta hasn't decided yet on a part-time or full-time shut down. 12 at a time or both? it's a couple years away. >> and getting them onto the m training and increasing capacity would be an obvious way to go. also can you get more people to go to queens and change at queens plaza? options. >> i grabbed the l train to hear. it's the first avenue station. if there's no service, i may have to rely on grabbing the c train straight into the city, which will have more time to my commute. >> reporter: the l is critical from williamsburg where the comments are already crowded.
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neighborhoods -- to a degree, they are going to collapse. we're talking commuters, jobs, the way that people pay their rent. the difference between taking the l to work and any other method of getting to the city from those neighborhoods is the difference between 15 minutes and an hour. >> reporter: the straphangers campaign says this will be tougher than losing the montague tunnel for the r train, out of commission for a while and there were more alternatives there. it is urging riders not to panic saying, wait until there is a plan, whether the alternatives include more train service or the dreaded shuttle bus. live in the east village, sonja rincon, cbs 2 news. hundreds of people, thousands really took part in the powerball jackpot, check your numbers. if you bought a ticket, in california, tennessee, or florida. at least three people won the record-breaking jackpot. the winning numbers are 4, 8,
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is 10 . cbs 2's daniel nottingham reports from a lucky location outside la. >> reporter: word spread fast in chino hills that the 711 sold a winning ticket. >> we heard the news so we came was. it's not us. yet come forward, but that didn't stop the celebration. >> maybe next year. >> reporter: this morning it was back to business as usual. buying tickets for saturday's drawing. >> did you think this is a lucky spot? >> i think so. now i know where to go. yeah. >> reporter: the owner of the store also has good reason to celebrating. he takes home a $1 million cut. >> amazing. feels so good. >> reporter: another winning ticket was sold at a supermarket near orlando and the third ticket was sold in memphis.
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almost $529 million before taxes. danielle nottingham, cbs news, chino hills, california. >> california, tennessee and florida also have state laws that require the winner names be released so we will find out who these multimillionaires are. even if you didn't win the jackpot, second prize is nothing to sneeze at. $1 million. there were 73 second place winners including some in our area. one spacebar 711 employee was thrilled to hear they sold one of the winning tickets. >> it's $1 million. >> did you guys sell a lot of powerball tickets this week? >> yeah. a lot. >> other million-dollar wedding locations include the good lucky charm gift shop in queens, package enterprises, and south convenience, and grocery in long island city and stony point, minimart in
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in news overseas, isis has claimed responsibility for the gunfire and explosions that rocked indonesia's capital this morning. office workers captured video of an explosion from a suicide bomber outside a starbucks in central jakarta. authorities say the terrorists also targeted a draft post on a busy road, two civilians were killed, 20 others were injured. always battled for nearly 3 hours during the attacks. all five attackers were killed. telling police have arrested a man in connection with a killing of american ashley olsen. 35-year-old was found strangled in her apartment in florence last weekend. >> reporter: at a press conference this morning said ashley olsen had to fractures of her skull and had been strangled. there was also evidence of murder. the suspect who has been arrested was named as tidiane cheik diaw, a senegalese with no criminal record who worked
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nightclubs. witnesses saw the to enter olsen's apartment together. they were also both seen on cctv surveillance cameras in the area. according to the police, at some point the suspect took olsen's phone and put his card in it. her apartment was described by the landlady as being in a state of disarray. olsen spent most of friday night in this nightclub, the monte carlo. defined hotspot that has a history of problems over drug dealing and other public order offenses. her father walter seen here laying flowers on tuesday outside the apartment where she was murdered, said in a written statement at the time that he had confidence that the perpetrator of a horrible and senseless crime would be found and sentenced quickly. ashley olsen had been living in florence for about three years and was described as well known and popular in her neighborhood. she came to florence to be near her father and start life over after a divorce.
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>> the man suspected of killing olsen is now charged with murder, aggravated by cruelty. much more coming up here on cbs 2 news at noon. nominations.
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has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . your father was exceedingly arrogant. >> british actor alan rickman brought a dark charm and a silky voice to memorable roles including harry potter. today the film industry and fans are remembering his legacy, his family says he died this morning of cancer. he had a career that spanned 40 years. he gained international fame playing the evil mastermind in the first die hard movie. he was 69 years old. the race to oscar gold is on. the 80th annual academy awards nominations were announced
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and it was the brutal frontier saga leading the pack's. joel mchale he has a wrapup of the nominees and the snubs. >> we are pleased to announce the films selected as the best picture nominees. >> leonardo dicaprio is up for best picture, best actor and best director amongst others. the martian is also up for best picture, along with its star matt damon who will be competing with dicaprio in the best actor category. max: fury road bridge of spies, and room round out the best picture nominees. >> it's a system error. >> reporter: others include michael fassbender for his role- playing steve jobs, bryan cranston in trumbo, and eddie redmayne in the danish girl. >> you will find us. >> reporter: the nominees for best actress are brie larson, cate blanchett, jennifer
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rampling in 45 years. in the best supporting actress category, can we have jennifer jason leigh in "the hateful eight", rooney mara in capital, rachel mcadams in spotlight, the actors nominated in the best supporting role include christian bale in the big short, tom hardy in revenant spotlight, mark ryland in british spies, and sylvester stallone in crete. for those that were snapped, "star wars: the force awakens" was not nominated for best picture, although it's one of the top grossing films of all time. other films that were left out in the cold from the best picture category include carol and "straight outta compton", also there's lots of internet buzz about the best director category, ridley scott was not nominated for the martian and steven spielberg for his directing in bridge of spies. a lot of cheers for
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it could finally be his year. >> we're hoping so. for a complete list of all the nominations, head over to our website, why are they singing a spice girls hit?
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breaking news on the new jersey turnpike, an accident is backing up traffic in east rutherford. let's get right to jim smith in shop two. >> reporter: nearly 3 miles worth of traffic on the northbound side of the western spur of the turnpike. the accident occurred at exit 16 w. they were multiple lanes blocked off. crews are in the process of getting those opened up. most of the vehicles now on tow trucks and being removed. look at these delays northbound turnpike, just north of exit 16 w. the eastern spur is looking
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jim smith, cbs 2 news. >> thank you very much. a very special passenger joined james corden for carpool karaoke last night and their video is spreading fast on social media. >> hello? it's me. i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet. >> singing sensation adele hopped in the car and belted out the tunes. >> [singing] i'm in california dreaming about who you used to be. it's no secret that the both of us -- >> [applause] >> that was amazing. >> [singing] so help from the outside. >> what you didn't know about the superstar is that her
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>> [singing] here's the story from agency. -- from a-z. >> the two also sang parts of rolling in the deep and someone like you. >> [singing] someone like you, i wish nothing but the best for you. don't forget me, oh, babe. i remember you said, sometimes it hurts instead. >> adele's new album 25 is still number one on the billboard charts.
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is a wrap, but don't think she can do that as well. >> first things first, i eat your brains. because that's what [bleep] supposed to do. >> we met seven years ago in an airplane hangar in wales, love you, mate, james corden. if you want to see the entire karaoke with adele and james corden, just go to our website, and yes, we did bleep out a bunch of sections on that as well. let's turn over to john elliott and see what he has in the forecast. >> you know what i liked about it? when she was surprised at how good james was at the harmonies. incredible. that broadway training has served that young man well. from broadway to bourbon county, north, south and east and west, a little snow. in fact, i think this is a dell, happy to report, her first measurable snowfall. it's almost gone, anthony also
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a few pictures, got some breaking skies now, still feels like 14, ice from tony, this is from kathy, to slicken up the roadways, a few accidents too and then ralph out on the island, that's it. only in the shade can he hang onto a new free -- a few flakes. there's a possibility of more precipitation later, but looks like it will be in the form of wet weather for most of us, friday night into saturday. partly sunny, 31, winds out of the west at 8. 23 237, that's the spread, compared to yesterday, 3 to 11 degrees warmer. we're seeing a little bit more sun, even with a westwind, wind chills hanging on in the teens, still feels like 23 in the city this afternoon, shy of where we should be by a few degrees. we have our work cut out for us to hit 37. sun sets at 4:51. there's a possibility of a
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west this afternoon, not a whole lot. want to turn on the futurecast and time it out for you, this is what we're talking about, putnam, dutchess, sullivan, you can see it passing flurry, then that's it. afternoon skies, it's a mix of sun and clouds. then friday night after midnight into saturday morning, watch what has happened now, though, to the heavy rain being pushed farther out to sea. we're going to leave rain in the forecast for saturday and then there's another system potentially something into monday but i tell you what, more of the models are pushing offshore. a clipper system, though, this weekend will usher in even colder air monday into tuesday, pretty typical clipper behavior. so we warm up a lot, and then we're back below normal sunday into monday with a few flakes possible into martin luther
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coming up on cbs 2 news tonight beginning at 5:00, a huge discovery is unveiled in new york and we huge. the new type of dinosaur going on display. and then as 6:00, meet ms. granny, america's oldest teacher, how she is inspiring new jersey students at 102 years old. those stories and much more tonight beginning at 5:00. god bless her. >> i know. that's a -- that's it for us at noon. thanks for joining us. i mary calvi. have a good afternoon, everyone. approaching medicare eligibility? don't put off checking out your medicare options until 65.
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