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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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campus as students return to the next semester. we spoke to family and friends. >> reporter: danielle moffson was a junior at barnard college. the all women's school is part of columbia university. she grew up on the upper east side and gave up part of her winter break to volunteer on a medical mission to honduras organized by the university. one of her camp counselors remembers her. >> she had this magnetic aura to her that everyone wanted to be near her and everyone wanted to see what she was doing and everyone wanted to be her friend. >> reporter: moffson and two other columbia university students were killed in honduras on their way to the airport returning home. their bus veered off the road and fell 250 feet down a ravine. friends say moffson was a bright star. she grew up in a jewish family and over the summer she was a camp counselor at camp simca a kosher summer camp for kids with cancer. also lost was 45-year-old abigail flanagan a nurse practitioner at columbia university medical center at
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she was also a student in columbia's general studies program. her rockland county neighbor couldn't believe the news. >> she's always been a caring and giving person. so i could see her doing what she was doing. >> reporter: he says flanagan's son was following in her footsteps and was with her on the volunteer trip. >> patrick is very bright, studious young man and yeah, he was going to columbia and, um, i know she is going to be missed. >> we felt the hit because here we are one big unit one big hospital together and we all a family so one our soldiers go down we feel it. >> reporter: the third victim olivia erhardt of cincinnati was a 20-year-old sophomore at columbia a science major and writer for the student-run magazine. now, i'm told that students are planning to meet on campus tonight around 7:00 to remember danielle moffson. i also spoke to her parents this morning who were on the way to honduras to bring their daughter home.
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cbs 2 news. >> thank you. now to some breaking news in the alleged gang-rape of an 18-year-old girl in a brooklyn park. four of the five teen suspects are out of jail tonight. the brooklyn d.a.'s office says they were release the because they had not been indicted yet. the law requires formal charges to be filed by tomorrow or they had to be let go. the d.a. does still have six months to indict. one of the suspects remains in jail though for an unrelated assault charge. all five are facing adult charges in connection with last thursday's alleged gang- rape in brownsville. attendance is down and hand sanitizer is at high demand in a queens school after an outbreak of stomach flu from a common virus. cbs 2's tony aiello reports. >> reporter: dismissal was less hectic than usual thursday at ps 12 in woodside, queens. almost 20% of students, 200
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early due it a stomach flu outbreak. >> are a lot of children getting sick today? >> um, yes. >> reporter: this child asked her mother to pick her up early due to a stomach ache. the city believes the norovirus may be to blame although investigators testing surfaces in the school haven't yet found it. i hope you feel better. >> me, too. >> reporter: students went home with a norovirus fact sheet from the department of health. these native american artists gave a presentation at the school and saw lots of dispensers of hand sanitizer. >> the teachers assured us they had sanitized and we believe them. they propped all the doors open so you wouldn't have to turn the knob to come in or anything. >> they told me that because that's where you get the sickness all of that. >> reporter: karen says kids were told not to touch door handles or other surfaces where the virus may live. the city doesn't believe all are sick. they think many of them stayed school.
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are not feeling well they should stay home. we want to help them get better and we want to get a handle on this. >> reporter: the mayor says the school will get extra cleaning tonight and over the weekend hoping to stem the outbreak. in woodside, queens, tony aiello, cbs 2 news. >> northern row virus symptoms including -- norovirus symptoms including nausea and vomiting. the school is open despite the outbreak. a note on a bathroom stall prompted wall wick middle and middle school in new jersey to go on lockdown. it said today is the day i have a gun january 14, 2016. parents received an alert about the lockdown on their phones but were told not to come to school to waldwick middle school and high school. >> i got the call, dropped the phone, cried and ran down here. it's uncontrollable emotion. you just want them to be safe. >> it's upsetting because, you know, the other parents out here we all want to go inside and just grab our kids
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you know, but, you know, we can't and we're understandably frightened. >> reporter: everyone at the school was okay. so far, there are no arrests. a developing story now. isis says it's responsible for the attacks that rocked the capital of indonesia today. two civilians were killed 20 others injured. an explosion from a suicide bomb the other side a starbucks in central jakarta. the police chief says as people ran from the scene two other attackers opened fire and two suicide bombers blew themselves up nearby. police found unexploded bombs at the scene later. starbucks has closed its coffee shops in indonesia. in the bronx, part of a giant crane fell off a barge and night harlem river this afternoon. no one was hurt. the contractor weeks marine had been working on repairs to the roberto clemente state park in morris heights. no word on the cause of the collapse. jetblue is working to
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after a temporary power outage caused delays and some cancellations. the airline says that a maintenance operation disrupted power at a verizon data center this afternoon. jetblue's network and website were down for about an hour affecting check-in and airport counter and gate systems. the airline says that the outage is not a cyber security issue. it's not something "l" train subway riders want to hear. the mta will have to shut down the most critical part of the line that carries passengers under the east river. it's still a couple of years away but the tunnel could be shut down entirely for more than a year. cbs 2's sonia rincon has details on what con a commuter -- on what could be a commuter nightmare. >> reporter: it is a lifeline for williamsburg around bushwick and carries 225,000 people a day into manhattan. what happens when it's out? >> it will crush the neighborhood if they shut down the train. >> reporter: riders, like this
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it noting it's one of the biggest perks for living in the neighbor. he would consider moving. >> it's better to say more on the same in another neighborhood where i can get to work in 20 minutes instead of an hour and a half. >> reporter: there's no way around closing it it after damage from hurricane sandy. >> it's a big challenge getting them on the m train and increased capacity on the m train would be an obvious way to get more people to go north to queens to change. >> reporter: riders in williamsburg wonder if think you will have to bike, ferry or spend twice as long on other lines. >> j is long, l is straight into the middle of new york to take the four, five or six. >> i think it will be chaos. >> reporter: how much time are we talking? >> probably add about 25, 30 minutes for me.
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like a extra hour and a half. >> reporter: the straphangers campaign is urging riders not to panic and wait for a plan with community input which the mta is promising. >> we want to work with all the stakeholders, community groups, elected officials to talk about solutions for this. >> reporter: shutting down the tunnel entirely is just one option. the mta could close it nights and weekends or just one tube at a time. there are two. but that would just prolong the length of the work and could make the commute in the meantime even long other. in williamsburg, sonia rincon, cbs 2 news. >> relief on wall street today in the form of a rally. all the indices way up. the dow posted a gain of 227 points. earlier in the day, it had been up a whopping 330. the nasdaq closed up nearly 89 points. the s&p rose 31. the move higher was led to beat up oil stocks like exxon and chevron. three lucky people will share the world's largest lottery jackpot of $1.6 billion. the winners have yet to come forward. that's not stopping crowds
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cbs 2's edward lawrence is in chino hills, california, where one of the three winning tickets was sold. [ chanting ] >> reporter: there was no stopping the celebration of the dream come true. >> whoo! >> reporter: this 7-eleven in chino hills where luck beat out nearly impossible odds including the store owner who got a million dollars for selling one of the winning powerball tickets. >> it's so great. >> reporter: california lottery sold $386 million worth of powerball tickets. >> reporter: inside, customers are hoping the store will bring them luck for the next powerball drawing. >> i bought ticket, maybe it's a lucky one. >> want to get in on the action. >> reporter: the powerball winner in chino hills, california, overcame astronomical odds, one in 292 million, to win the world record jackpot. that person will split the winning $1.6 billion with two other winners in tennessee and florida.
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was sold at this melbourne beach grocery store. betsy miller didn't hit it. but she is a little richer. >> i won $100. so going to spend $2 on a ticket today. >> reporter: the third was sold in ten city near memphis. each winner will bank nearly $529 million before taxes t edward lawrence, cbs news, chino hills, california. >> not a bad payday. even if you didn't win the jackpot, second prize is nothing to sneeze at. we're talking a million dollars. there were 73 second place winners of the million dollars around the country including at this bethpage long island store. employees and customers were thrilled to hear the store sold one of the winning tickets. >> i'm so happy. [ laughter ] >> yeah? >> i'm very happy. >> i'm glad someone in this area won. but it's not me. all the guys at work we all chimed in.
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locations include: for argument's sake if you win a million are you like, oh, my god i was so close or if you win a million oh, my god this is great? >> i would be happy but then you're like, one off! then what's the chances of you actually getting -- i know. crazy. >> good luck to everybody and congratulations to the winners that get the million. up next, think tyrannosaurus rex is the king of th dinosaurs? >> coming up, meet this titan owe sauer. >> the push to keep your phone out of your hands even at red lights. >> and at first hurricane of 2016 forms over the atlantic. what makes this storm so unusual. lonnie. >> talking about that coming up. we are also going to talk about the cold air in place right now. not going to be so cold tomorrow but get the umbrellas ready.
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coming up.
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the largest dinosaur known to man has planned its feet in manhattan. now 100 million years later it's ready for a close-up. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch has a first look at the creature. >> reporter: it's too big to fit in one huge room. it's 122 feet long. 46 feet high. bigger than me. >> scary. and i thought it would collapse and break the room! [ laughter ] >> reporter: this is titanosaur. not its official name. we'll know that in about a month but it's the largest dinosaur unearthed by man. this man, diego pohl a paleontologist from argentina. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: in 2012 a rancher said he found bones on his land in patagonia. >> the quarry had over 200 bones of six giant dinosaurs. >> reporter: all similar in size to this cast of the
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now on display at the american museum of natural history. >> dinosaurs grow fast. >> reporter: this is an actual fossil from the find. it's the femur or thigh bone. it's as large as a living room couch and scientists use it to dinosaur. they believe it weighed 70 tons. the same as 10 elephants. students from ps 87 in manhattan ogled in awe of the herbivore. >> he looks like he would be like a plant eater. >> i thought it would be a little smaller. >> reporter: and shared their thoughts on what scientists should ultimately name it. >> maybe something bigger. >> reporter: no matter what they decide, this find is truly tremendous. from the american museum of natural history, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> the permanent exhibit opens to the public tomorrow.
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i love how they were able to make its neck duck under into the next room. very clever. >> big dinosaur. [ laughter ] >> all eyes are on hollywood today for the announcement of the this year's oscar nominations. one movie led the pack and there were a few notable absences. here's jill nicolini jim. >> i'm afraid to die. >> reporter: "revenant" leads with 12 nominations including best picture. but says the 19th century drama have what it takes to win oscar gold. >> it's a three-way race, spotlight, "revenant" and martian. i want mad max to win it's awesome and gutssty but i think spotlight will take it. >> they knew and they let it happen. >> reporter: spotlight has 6 nominations including mark ruffalo for best actor. >> i think leonardo dicaprio is the front-runner the matt damon is a competitor and eddie redmayne from the danish
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>> reporter: best actress davis says it's a race between first time nominee brie larson in room and cate blanchett in carol but it's supporting actress that has the strongest competition. >> ronan and cate blanchett and general inof i have lawrence. the lack of diversity in the nominations between creed and straight out of compton a lot of black actors and movies were snubbed. >> reporter: two films left out include carol and straight out of compton. >> "star wars" the biggest grossing movie of all time in the united states did not get a best picture nomination. it got five other nominations in technical categories. >> reporter: other snubs for the best director category include ridley scott for the martian and three time academy award winner steven spielberg
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on the upper east side, jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> the academy awards is on february 28. alan rickman probably best known for playing memorable villains in movies his co- stars and fans are remembering his legacy after his death today. >> he too was exceedingly arrogant -- >> rickman brought a dark charm and silky voice to roles including professor snape in the harry potter series. he died of cancer in a london hospital. he first gained fame playing the evil mastermind in die- hard in 1988. harry potter actor daniel radcliffe wrote he was a great actor. rickman was 69. there is a rare january hurricane in the atlantic ocean. the first one to form in the month of january since 1938.
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far out in the atlantic about 400 miles south of portugal's azores island. hurricane warnings for the islands alex packing 85-mile- an-hour winds and will hit the azores tomorrow morning. let's get to lonnie quinn with the forecast here at home. that learn will move to the a. and azores. look how small the cone is. the we watch it for the shipping lanes. the last time we had a hurricane in the atlantic basin, you talk about 1938. everyone remembers 2006 because us it was active. december 30th in 2005 we started with a tropical storm and it stayed with us until
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but it was in the new millennium time period. vortex satellite and radar, quiet cloud cover. friday looking good sunshine 48. friday night that's when i want you to have an umbrella ready to go low 41. we'll talk more about how much rain will make its way into the area a little later. back to you guys. coming up next, searching for a mystery man. what he left in a duffel bag on this doorstep has animal lovers offering a $5,000 reward.
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a special place in history. good evening. i'm dana tyler in the newsroom. hazel sanchez as a feel good story about this woman. >> s this the woman they call granny. she is 102 which makes her the oldest living and working teacher in america right now. and the funny thing is, most people start their careers in their 20s. she started her career as a teacher at 80. >> still at it at 102. >> thank you. back to you. who needs a history book when you have her? >> protecting the legacy of our world war ii veterans.
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long island to preserve and commemorate their place in aviation history. jennifer mclogan reports. >> this is my mother margaret. gilman was her married day. she was a wasp in world war ii. >> reporter: she was a service pilot, playing a major role in our war effort. >> she was a tow target pilot. she would tow the target men would practice artillery on. >> reporter: the center of innovation during wartime long island was filled with aerospace factories and research grumman fairchild republic sikorsky. >> i proudly painted the 810 for fairchild republic. >> we on long island built this jb2 buzz bomb for the invasion of japan. >> i was proud to be part of the grumman team. the team that put the lunar module on the moon. >> reporter: now it's hoped these historic accomplishments already treasured will be saved.
5:23 pm
delegation is backing a bill directing the government to sites. mitchell field, roosevelt field, the hempstead plains, bethpage, farmingdale, where historic firsts took place. a huge field largely forgotten on nassau boulevard in garden city was where the first u.s. air mail flight launched bound for nearby mineola. the distance between the two villages just a couple of miles did not give the pilot enough time to land. so the first u.s. air mail was thoroughly dropped from this plane on the roof of the mineola post office. the new goal, preserve these cherished memories and the lands they once occupied. future generations learning from the greatest generation. from the cradle of aviation museum in garden city, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> new york politicians on both sides of the aisle say they back the national aviation bill. >> so much history on so many
5:24 pm
it and you don't even think of it. it good to be reminded. >> profound. >> drop the mail. >> coming down! olaf laugh. coming up next, we saw a lot of drivers doing it today. texting at red lights. now there's a push to make that illegal. we'll explain. >> also first responders in pain and uncovered. the new medical conditions
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astrazeneca may be able to help. we continue to follow breaking news tonight a midtown building evacuated because of a gas odor. i'm chris wragge. >> welcome back. i'm kristine johnson. coned crews are on the scene right now at 36th street and seventh avenue. jessica schneider reports. >> reporter: police and fire are keeping people off the sidewalk right here at seventh avenue between 37th and 36th all because of potential problems at this building, 498 seventh avenue. around 4:00 this afternoon, pathfinder and coned got alerts that there was a gas smell in the air. at that point they evacuated hundreds from the building. pseg and coned got the alerts.
5:27 pm
there is a faint smell of gas in the air. fire officials are checking the basements of buildings in the area. they have closed offside streets in the area as they continue to investigate. they could be here for a while longer because of that reported gas leak right behind me at 498 seventh avenue. jessica schneider, cbs 2 news. meantime there is a push under way in new jersey to ban texting in cars stopped at red lights or stop signs. while texting and driving is illegal in some states like new jersey you are allowed to text when stopped but that could change. christine sloan with the battle in the garden state. >> reporter: at red lights we found heads down drivers taking a moment to send a text or to look at their phone while they are stopped. that's because it's legal to text at red lights or stop signs in new jersey. but is it wise?
5:28 pm
this although i think i should definitely be more, um, -- try not to text at red lights. >> i would agree as a mother that she doesn't text while driving or even have her phone out although i'm probably guilty of it too but i do think it is distracting. >> reporter: it is also legal to text at a red light in new york state but not for commercial vehicles. but it is illegal to do that in the state of connecticut. why do you think it's that? >> i think it's bad because when you do that you're not with the flow of the traffic. your eyes are not looking forward. >> reporter: new jersey state senator richard codey sponsoring one of two bills in the statehouse banning texting at red lights and stop signs. the state already has big fines for driving and texting. as we witnessed many drivers looking down on their phones at lights, continue using them as they drive off. we had a hard time finding anyone who thinks texting behind the wheel anytime is a
5:29 pm
do you think it should be illegal to text at the red light? >> my opinion on that is that i think for the safety of texting. >> reporter: if it becomes law it would allow new jersey to get federal money for campaigns like this. >> four little letters. that's what killed her. >> reporter: to warn people of driving. in new jersey, christine sloan, cbs2 news. >> senator codey's bill was introduced last week. it was also introduced by a republican assemblywoman. people are looking for a man on long island who left a malnourished puppy on a doorstep. he is shown walking up to the animal rescue in freeport on saturday holding a blue duffel bag. the 3-month-old pit bull terrier was emaciated, shivering and barely breathing. officials say the puppy may
5:30 pm
dogfighting ring. there is a $5,000 reward for information. workers named the puppy copper and say he will be a perfect candidate for adoption. new at 5:30, 9/11 first responders are calling for a new medical condition to be covered under the zadroga act. hazel sanchez explains. >> not covered by these things, many of you was suffering from this, to sleep at night is difficult enough. enough. and there's no hope for this. >> reporter: form ironworker dodged miller was among of the first responders who risked their lives to clean up the toxic debris following the collapse of the twin towers. celebrated after comedian jon stewart and others successfully lobbied congress to extend the zadroga act. the federal act will pay to treat first responders'
5:31 pm
but today, several first responders stood with doctors from winthrop university hospital in nassau county to lobby for a new health condition to be covered under the act called neuropathy that causes nerve damage to the limbs. >> the federal government does not consider it to be a world trade center related condition. >> reporter: this man worked on the 9/11 pile and now has nerve damage to the feet that's so severe it's left him in a wheelchair. >> i get shooting pains from time to time that will make me jump and exclaim things my mother wouldn't be proud of. >> reporter: studies found a nearly 15 times higher than normal neuropathy rate for first responders directly exposed to ground zero or a rate that's 1500% higher. >> my answer is why extend this bill for 75 years if we're not going to add more illnesses? >> reporter: this first responder led the fight a
5:32 pm
now he will go back to washington to lobby lawmakers further to cover neuropathic nerve pain. >> a spokesman for the federal agency administering the zadroga act says new medical evidence will first need to be peer reviewed before deciding whether nerve damage is covered under the act. going above and beyond the call of duty. up next why one man is hoping you can find the officer who helped him change his life. [ music ] >> take me by the hand oh, we do. >> we cannot get enough of this. carpool karaoke across the pond. what we learned about adele thanks to james corden. >> today in history in 1963 the bell jar was first
5:33 pm
plath killed herself. a bronx man got lost on
5:34 pm
now a police officer gave him a lift. >> wherever you at come out of the woodwork police. >> reporter: usually it's the police looking for someone. but in this case 58-year-old james roberts is looking for a particular officer. last month roberts had a john interview to get to. the -- job interview to get to. the problem he went to the wrong location. >> they said airport so i'm thinking airport. >> reporter: so once he got of the bus at laguardia airport at the corner ditmars and grand central. >> i'm at the airport find [ indiscernible ] was i wrong? >> reporter: the actual job was for rental car companies near the airport but the interview was here on 186th street at a staffing company about 6 miles away. >> i'm crying. i want this job. got to be there at a certain time. >> reporter: roberts says a police officer saw him and asked what was wrong. when roberts asked him for directions, the officer let him know how far i was. >> i don't care. i need the job. i got to be there. i'm walk there.
5:35 pm
he said you will never make it. get in the car. the officer's parting words, good luck, god bless you. i said i owe you lunch. >> reporter: he got the job and now roberts is trying to make good on the promise but he can't find the officer. this job was important to roberts because he struggled to find work. he has been applying for years but he has a record. america works an organization who helps hard-to-place workers got him the interview. >> part of the reason he got that job is just they were so impressed with seeing a police officer do that for him. >> he is about 6'2", very nice, puffy face, baldheaded like me wears a -- he is about 225. >> reporter: he wants others to hear about this good deed and hopes the officer will let him thank him in person. alice gainer, cbs 2 news. >> all right. we got to find this police officer for him. >> definitely. >> it's such a great story. >> so happy he got the job. that's great. >> all right. so you heard the description.
5:36 pm
think he has very powerful friends. [ laughter ] >> awesome. >> i love this story. let's have a second part to this story. let's find the guy. >> officer, if you are out there call us. a visit with the doctor can be information overload but a new app could help you keep track of everything the doctor says long after you lead the office. >> also these popular little containers of lip balm are at the center of a class action lawsuit. >> dana tyler has a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> reporter: here's what we're working on in the cbs 2 newsroom. mayor de blasio and city lawmakers one step closer to getting raises but there is a catch. we'll have the full story at also, reports of a disgusting problem at a movie theater. lou young goes inside to see what some movie-goers are complaining about. plus -- >> granny is a wonderful teacher. >> she's taught everybody so well. >> if you think these children are cute, wait until you meet their teacher. she is the oldest teacher in the country still at work and she is right here in new
5:37 pm
those stories and more at 6:00. and the giants making it
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a class action lawsuit has been filed against lip balm according to the lawsuit a woman in california says the lip ball causes her lips to crack as well as a rash around the mouth. she said there was bleeding, blistering and the loss of pigmentation that lasted 10 days. the lawyer is seeking damages and wants the company eosaddress the concerns. they say it's without merit. you need surgery, you have heart disease or even cancer, your mind goes blank and you probably didn't hear or remember anything the doctor said. cbs 2's dr. max gomez shows us how cell phone apps and other programs are changing that. >> follow my finger with your eyes. >> reporter: sandy peters is doing just fine right now. but a month ago she was shocked when a routine mri for brain aneurysm. >> for the first time i was able to see it and see how it everything like that. a little overwhelming.
5:41 pm
really hits you like a brick wall and when i got homer i couldn't remember anything. -- when i got home, i couldn't remember anything. >> reporter: almost as difficult when she had to tell her family. >> i have two sisters who are very smart and they were bombarding me on the phone with questions. i don't have the answers. >> reporter: the reason she knew she would have the answers is that her doctor at lenox hill chief of neurosurgery developed a computer program and mobile app that makes a video of the patient's own medical issue. >> videos about the particular problem they can share with their other doctor or kids their loved ones and then when they say what did doctor say, here's what he said. >> reporter: here's how it works. as dr. langer explains the aneurysm the program records what he is pointing at on the screen as well as what he is saying and sandy's questions. a personalized tutorial in two to five minutes. >> the aneurysm -- >> reporter: she can access the video on her phone to
5:42 pm
the other key part of the app is that it records your hospital discharge instructions. >> i have the staff that i can call so i know what medication to take, how much medication to take, it even has the milligrams of my medication and it reminds you every morning. >> reporter: this clearly makes life easier for the patient but does it improve their medical outcome and can it be integrated into the hospital system? that's what they are studying now. if it works, the app and program which are being used in in the neurosurgery department in lenox hill will be rolled out to the rest of the hospital and eventually other hospitals. >> it couldn't hurt. >> reporter: not at all. it's sort of a no-brainer but you need to actually try it and use it and make sure it works. >> but would you think that it would prevent some misinformation from being passed on? >> privacy issues in terms of protecting those files. that's one other thing because of hipaa regulations. >> thank you, dr. max.
5:43 pm
2 forecast. time to bring in lonnie quinn. i'm hoping there's a warmup on the way. getting cold out there. >> let's check with him. >> there's a warmup on the way. this has been a doable winter. skies clearing south to north. 37 in the city right now. 37 the highest temperature we have had all day. we first hit it at 4:00 in the afternoon. officially 3:59. but get this. temperatures from this point forward won't drop overnight. maybe we lose a degree or two but basically we are going to be rising as you get into your day tomorrow. that's all part of my headlines. look at this. tomorrow late into early saturday, chance for some wet weather that's going to move into the area friday and saturday, 50 degrees. the ice cold area will come back monday. on monday, early monday morning at least going to be a coastal storm close enough if
5:44 pm
that, that would be frozen. it would be white not wet. vortex satellite and radar, we have some clouds out there now. we talk about clear skies north of new york city. but this is the air mass that will move in for your day tomorrow. so friday looks good during the daytime hours. more clouds late and that's going to be a rain chance, as well. here's how we pick up on it with futurecast. friday starts okay. here's a good rainmaker but notice the bulk is staying offshore. we are getting clipped by the western fringe of it and it looks like there will be some snow possibly even up in some of our northwest suburbs but eh, some snow for the vermont ski areas and new hampshire ski areas. then you get into your day on sunday. now, sunday looks like we are not going to be catching any activity from this storm until really the overnight hours going into monday. but now you're talking cold air in place. by monday morning real cold air and this which is forecast to be offshore could be close enough to us to give us some precipitation on monday. i'm going to watch that one. i'm not saying it's definitely coming here because thus far
5:45 pm
storms to be offshore but we watch monday carefully. saturday rainfall about a half inch. numbers down from yesterday. but wet weather out there. so friday high temperature 48 degrees. saturday high temperature 49 degrees. again most likely time for the wet weather would be late friday 10 p.m. in the early morning on saturday and 11 a.m. on saturday clearing taking place, cold air sets up on sunday you're 38. then sunday into monday we watch a storm out there. i mean, monday's high temperature only 31. tuesday's high only 30. so the real cold stuff comes back. >> the weekend isn't just a total washout of? >> better news to report for saturday. yesterday we were talking about a washout. now it's in the morning hours. saturday afternoon looks better. >> thank you. up next -- [ music ] >> lonnie, the spice girls video inspiring others to carpool karaoke. >> she is a cook, mentor and
5:46 pm
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it's the adele performance you have to see to believe. she sang carpool karaoke on last night's late-late show in london. now everyone wants to get in on the action including dave carlin. he says hello from the passenger side. >> hello. >> oh, thanks. i appreciate it. [ music ] [ music ] they are the duet partners everyone is talking about. >> hello [ music ] >> you know adele can sing and so can late show host james corden to her surprise and delight.
5:49 pm
[ music ] >> reporter: it's jaw-dropping plus four more songs. [ music ] >> then adele rapped. [ rap ] when they weren't singing they found common ground. they both love the spice girls. [ music ] >> five ordinary girls who just like did so well. >> love that. >> and she left. >> she left the band.
5:50 pm
[ music ] >> adele and james make it look so easy. >> you go high. >> you go high. [ music ] [ singing together ] [ laughter ] >> tears are gonna fall. [ music ] >> that's awful! >> awesome. [ laughter ] >> we love it. we are going back from philly and all we're listening to is adele. >> and singing along. >> who doesn't? >> this man from a different generation than those women but also an adele fan. [ music ] ! singing ] >> i must have called 1,000 times i'm sorry >> no. we're going to sing the whole thing. >> no, no! it's the entire adele songbook! >> reporter: we will spare you that. it's hello and good-bye to my singing.
5:51 pm
[ music ] >> can you listen it that all day long? >> all day. she sounds better without all the music in the background. >> dynamite. james corden is great, too. brilliant. one of the best voices ever. >> i would love to be in that adele has an oscar and grammy and corden suggested that she write a broadway musical and go for a tony. >> he can star it in. >> he could. >> it's his thing. >> you can watch the entire carpool karaoke with james facebook page. good stuff. that's it for us at 5:00. 4:30. 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right
5:52 pm
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. and right now at 6:00, rated r for revolting. movie-goers at this cinema say they are sharing their seats with lice and mice. >> a building evacuated during the evening rush. good evening, i'm dana tyler. several hundred people forced out of an office building because of a possible gas leak. cbs 2's jessica schneider live in midtown on seventh avenue with more. jess. >> reporter: dana, i just got word from an fdny official that coned things they targeted where the leak is. they think that it's right down west 37th street here. they said but to get to it could take some time. they are actually going to have to drill through and cut up the sidewalk here. now, taking a look live, this is a building where hundreds of people were evacuated from around 4 p.m.
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