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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  January 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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looking for this man. and a shakeup. could the entire tunnel be shut down? . you can't be prepared for everything keho wushe veld,meig fm e rt
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toakthmistneurlfonht wt d..ket ogss good news is the next commander-in-chief is standing on this stage. >> a confident group of republican candidates take the stage. tonight, top contenders donald trump and ted cruz go toe to toe as we enter the final count down to the all important iowa caucus. good evening. i'm christine johnson. cbs 2 marcia cramer has the highlights. >> just 18 days before the iowa caucus, the republican debate was an ugly donny brook as in donald trump naturally. even though it took 18 minutes for trump to get a question, his ongoing feud with ted cruz dominate add. fight one, whether he can run for president since he was born
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>> you have a lawsuit over your head. if you become the nominee, who the [ bleep ] knows if you can serve in office. >> why raise the issue now? >> because now he's doing a little better. i didn't care before. it's true. >> trump had a birth issue of his own. his mother was born in scotland and later naturalized. >> you kindly offered me the vp slot. i'll tell you what if this works out i'm happy to consider naming you vp. if you happen to be right, get the top job at the end of the day. >> i like that. i think i'll go back to building buildings if it doesn't work out. >> chris christie and jeb bush attacked barack obama or hillary clinton. >> if she gets elected her first 100 days she may go back and
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>> carly fiorina said she would love to debate clinton. >> unlike the other woman in the race, i love spending time with my husband. >> trump and cruz nipping at each other, slamming trump for new york values. >> everyone understands the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro abortion, pro gay marriage focus around money and media. not a lot offkeys come out of manhattan. >> conservatives actually do come out of manhattan including william f. buckley. when the world trade center went down, i saw something no place on earth could have handled more blewly. we saw more -- beautifully. we saw more death and smell of death for months. >> republicans have one more debate before the iowa caucus
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>> thank you. ahead of tonight's debate, a new poll released by wall street journal shows trump with strongest support yet. nationally he registers with 33% of the republican vote. ted cruz 20% followed by marco rubio and ben carson. chris christie pulls in 5%. dramatic video shows police in the bronx arresting an armed suspect. two officers were on patrol monday night when shots were fired near nelson avenue. 31-year-old edward chapman dropped his gun and was arrested. he's charged of possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment. new tonight, no charges for a bank robbery suspect. the man was shot by the security guard after he entered the bank and pointed a gun at two guards inside. several customers were inside at the time but no one was hurt.
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on the scene in midtown after a gas leak forced evacuation of hundreds of people from two building this is afternoon. west 37th street was closed to traffic but since reopened. con ed found an underground gas main leaking. buildings should be open tomorrow morning. fond memories of three columbia university students. they were killed heading home from a humanitarian trip. >> hugs and tears as columbia university students and heartbroken family members left a memorial service on west 115th street. they were morning one of three victims in the tragic bus crash in hon durras. >> we love her. tough for all of us.
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kind and always willing to help others. the 20-year-old sophomore of cincinnati was remembered by her high school principal. >> she went to honduras to take that's not surprising. >> it's unfair. >> lee say was best friends with the 45-year-old nurse practitioner. flanagan was on the trip with her son patrick. he tried to save her by doing cpr at the scene of the crash. she later died at the hospital. >> my feeling is she will continue to shine among the stars wherever she's at. >> the memorial service has wrapped up. the university says it's sending a team down to honduras to help the other students on the trip to get back home safely. reporting from columbia university.
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of sickness at a school. students stayed home or left early today with stomach aches. investigators have not determined norovirus as the cause of illnesses, students were told to avoid touching doorknobs. de blasio says the school will get a cleaning overnight. a nightmare for commuters as they're considering shutting down a busy line to repair tunnels under the east river. it's not ado done deal yet. that doesn't stop commuters from worrying about the potential. >> what do you think about this? >> heenes it's going to suck. >> pretty much the consensus is among riders on the already overcrowded train as the other train may be shut down to repair salt water damage from super
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>> you have salt water sitting there eroding it. >> nta hasn't decided on a part time or full time shutdown. it could take one year to three. the line suspension is more than a year out. with 225,000 daily riders, it could mean longer commutes, finding alternate route, subway transfers, and big make for many. >> taking the l train is practically the only line on my route. >> it would be probably double the time to work. >> probably i would have to drive mostly. >> would that be inconvenience? >> yeah, it would.
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give input before coming up with a solution. cbs 2 news. mayor de blasio approved a
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officials. the mayor could get a 15% raise. 23% for council members and 37% for council speaker. not everyone is happy about this. cbs 2 dick brennan has reaction. >> despite tough economic times, de blasio is ready to give a raise to officials accepting the proposals of a commission that studied the matter. members of city council would get 25 ,000 dollars raising salaries per year the mayor's salary would rise to $258,750. de blasio says he would not take it this term they should be working for the working person seeing if they can make a living. >> one person is furious. saying in a statement, how dare they accept increases by underpaying the men and women that put their lives on the line to protect them. >> also covered by the raise, controllers, borrow presidents, district attorneys and advocate. the city council has to vote on this. cbs 2 news. powerball fever is subsiding as three winners hit the jackpot. one of the winning tickets was sold at this 711 in california. the others sold in melbourn beach, florida and one in tennessee. they'll get $29 million each before taxes. second place also made a lot of first time millionaires. 73 tickets worth $1 million were sold across the country.
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one lucky ticket was bought at this 711 in long island. still ahead tonight, dropped off in a duffle bag. what was left at a long island doorstep has police hunting for a man in this video. it has to be like this. >> a mysterious hawk ruffleles feathers. why animal control wants to catch this. breaking the law behind the wheel. a possible crack do you know on new jersey commuters. a homeless man accused of stealing from neil patrick harris. the allegation involving a bench next. from the grocery store to your wallet. three apps to ease mind, body, soul. traffic and weather on the 2.
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new at 11:00, a high flying visitor in new jersey has residents concerned. cbs 2 valerie castro reports now on the hoboken hawk. it's ruffleling feathers with odd behavior. >> it was odd to see a bird that size around here. you're use to seeing pictures of spare rows, not a hawk. >> it's a juvenile red tail hawk best we can tell.
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attention and cell phone cameras of those that live nearby. >> i think it's hurt so it's perched up there scared. >> this time of year climate is really cold, can be hard on them. it could be he's having a rough time and needs help. >> kim sanders with the liberty humane society in jersey city says they've been keeping an eye on a hawk. officials won't know if the bird is hurt until they can get a closer look. sanders urges the public to stay away. >> no one should approach wild life, particularly a hawk. they can be dangerous. babyings are very sharp. >> it was last seen in this area at 10:00 a.m. this morning. a rescue group came to capture it, but he was nowhere to be around. >> he had five minutes of fame. >> oflong island police are
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malnourished puppy inside a duffle bag on the doorstep of an animal shelter. video shows the man leaving the dog saturday. the pit bull mix was shivering shivering and bare breathing. while texting and and driving may be illegal in many states, it's okay to text when stopped at a red light or stop sign in new jersey. that could end soon. two bills in the state legislator aim to ban texting when stopped. christine sloan talked to the sponsor of one of those bills, senator richard coty. >> why do you think it's bad? >> when you do that, you're not with flow of traffic. your eyes are not looking forward. >> in connecticut, it's already illegal to text at red lights. singer celine dion is
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he died after a long battle of throat cancer. he died at the couple's las vegas home. they were married 22 years and have three children. the film industry is mourning the loss of british actor rickman. he brought charm and a voice to movies including the "hairy "hair -- "harry potter" series. he was 69 years old. "the revelent" leads with best actor with leonardo dicaprio and best director. "mad max, furry road" earned 10. "the martian" earned seven with
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and movies like "straight out of compton" was snubbed. for a complete list of nominees, go to cbs new new tonight, a happy ending to a hard lam heist involving kneel patrick harris. at the -- neil patrick harris. harris' butler noticed it was missing and search ised the neighborhood. he found a homeless man around the block trying to sell the item so he called 911. 34-year-old humphreys was arrested, and the bench was returned. it's time to get a look at the forecast. lonnie, get your mic on. pocket maybe? that's all right. it's become a habit. >> this is going to get viral. >> at least i noticed this time take it we. >> blood bless my friend kj -- god bless my friend kj.
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tomorrow. problems later in the day with inclement weather moving into the area. with warmer temperatures, it would be rain. right now temperatures hovering somewhere around the freezing mark. some folks little above, some below. we are looking at 31 degrees reading around princeton. right there in plainsboro township. clouds are breaking up for some folks. there's your picture outside as we speak. few clouds, yes. 37 degrees as of now. high temp 37 degrees. hit that at 4:00 in the afternoon. notice temperatures didn't drop at all when the sun went down. temperatures on their way up tomorrow, maxing out 50 degrees or little bit shy of that. late tomorrow, there's going to be a storm that's coming to the area. it's primarily offshore. we're going to catch activity out of it. with mild air in place, talking rain.
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north could see slick spots. this system could be snow. tomorrow afternoon, 45 in the city. everybody in the 40s. it's mild. you'll be a click or two warm than numbers you see there. we've had clouds today starting to break up in spots that will continue to happen. your air mass tomorrow on top of west virginia. good looking start to the day. by friday night, there's a rain chance. friday good to start. more clouds roll in. goes the coastal storm. the bulk is offshore. it's rain again. maybe higher elevated spots see frozen precip. by saturday lunchtime, we're done with it. now for sunday we've got to look way down south. offshore. by the time you get to early monday morning, may have enough energy to pull this moisture in the form of frozen precip in the
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cold air is going to set up. mild day tomorrow 48. mild sunday 49. high temperature 38. monday morning, here around 26 degrees, you could be seeing snow flurries out there high temp monday 31 if this front around florida happens to stay closer to shore, a bigger system for us. we'll watch that closely. >> thank you. free lunch and a hand shake wait one of new york's finest. all he needs to do is identify himself. james roberts is looking for the mystery officer. roberts said he had an interview with a car rental company. he made the mistake of going to the car lot instead of hiring office. that's when the hero in blue saw him crying on the street. >> i said i've got to be there by 1:00. he said you'll never make it. get in the car. >> wherever you're at, come out the woodworks please.
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doubt, roberts did land the job. good for him. otis is here with a look at sports. >> another battle between the rangers and islanders. we'll see if the offensive coordinator can fill the big shoes th sndli nlsn chkbrd
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unasthpor dghvet po not a new face but a new man in charge. >> yeah, new era starts tomorrow morning. giants have the new head man, offensive coordinator replaces could could replaces -- replaced kaufman who resigned last week he is the 17th coach in history. he said i've been preparing for this my entire life. without the guidance and and support of many people, i would not be here now.
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past seasons gaining praise for manning's 65 touchdowns during that span. kaufman won't coach next season. talks between the giants coach and eagles are ins tense identifying but he took his name out of consideration. mike had first season ending q&a with orthotic media addressing defensive lineman wilkerson. he revealed the pro bowler will miss six months with a surgically repaired broken leg. they hope to resign the free agent. see if we can get back in the fold. that's something we've expressed. we like fits very much. ryan had a great season. we'd like ryan to be back. >> time for us to step ahead for
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when we return, the night on ice.
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welcome back everyone. the rivalry has been taken up a notch. first meeting, islanders won 2-1 in a shootout in brooklyn. took almost 39 minutes for someone to break the ice. mark stahl with his first goal in 36 games. not a bad birthday present for him. blue shirts 17-1-2 this season scoring first. this is why they play the game. four on four early. nelson beats lundqvuist to tie at one. two minutes later, # same empty nether. it's an islander victory. they leap frogged them in the standings. second to last in goals scored
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e jonghe fstwlod. thank you for joining us. coming up next, stephen colbert. have a good night.
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