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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news, teenagers rooftops turns deadly.
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up at night, next. we begin with breaking news, a friday hang out with friends turns deadly for a manhattan teenager. and now we are learning it appears to be a dangerous game gone wrong. good evening, i'm kristine johnston, the recess off. we're live in hell's kitchen with more information on this young girl. >> reporter: kristine, it happened in the five-story co- op building behind me. three teenage girls playing around on the roof. jumping from building to building. when one of them made a tragic mistake. residence placed candles outside 699 10th avenue
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remembrance of me tell you him and those who fell off of the building to her death. this woman who lives on the second floor heard what happened and witnessed. >> she was crouched, that's what i saw. >> reporter: sources say jimenez was jumping from rooftop to rooftop with true friends with -- when she fell. teenagers apparently hang out on the rooftops. these three girls got into trouble as they tried to go from one rooftop to another. one of the girls was trying to cross one of these air shafts like this one that you see here, but unfortunately she did not make it. her horrified friends ran for help. her family owns this pizza shop on ninth avenue in chelsea below their apartment. her heartbroken mother and family came to the scene, but were too upset to say anything. police tell us that the victim was unconscious, they rushed her to st. luke's hospital but
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reporting from hell's kitchen, brian -- cbs 2 news. also tonight, ted cruz has a message for new yorkers after his controversial comments about new york values. as cbs 2's jessica schneider reports he called it an apology, though others aren't so sure. >> reporter: surrounded by a swarm of reporters in south carolina, republican candidate ted cruz issued his own version. >> i apologize to the millions of new yorkers who have been let down by liberal politicians in that state. i apologize for all of the pro- life, pro-marriage and pro- second amendment new yorkers who were told by governor cuomo that they have no place in new york because that's not who they are. >> reporter: he joked to a crowd of supporters giving him the same comments followed by this.
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bipartisan backlash against what debate. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro- abortion or pro-gay marriage , focused around money and the media. >> i am disgusted at the insult that ted cruz throughout the city and its people. >> what it is about new york he doesn't like? i don't know. his wife works for a major investment bank in new york. he got $1 million loan from them. he certainly comes to new york to raise money. >> reporter: after the debate with his anti-new york comments tearing through social media, ted cruz sent out this email help. "i'm counting on you, new york, can i ask you to make an urgent gift of at least $25? or even $500?" governor andrew night's says
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working. some new yorkers we spoke with tonight say they did not hear much of an apology from cruz. >> i think it's insincere. >> i think it's going to win him some political points in the gop foreign. >> reporter: mayor deblasio and governor cuomo joined forces to write for saturday's daily news saying if ted cruz had any class he would issue a real apology instead of sarcasm, adding that his rhetoric is unfit for everyone looking to leave the american public. overlooking the new york 2 news. >> what is your take on his comments? weigh in on our facebook page and use , #newyorkvalues. style robbery in queens. a win and a woman who held up a td bank in ozone park yesterday. they walked in wearing all black, pointing guns and telling everyone to get to the ground.
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teller demanding cash. they got away with $2000 and two red dye packs. a bag with exploded packs was found in a nearby street. developing story, police are searching for a missing woman who may be in need of help. divor stuben is 22 years old and was seen last night in may would driving a mitsubishi craig lalonde. she was wearing black framed glasses, a pink will cold, long black skirt and rainbow colored speaks -- sneakers. she is about 5'2" and weighs 110 pounds. new at 11:00, a nervous night for residents. fair lawn, new jersey wondering if it will happen again. for about a week, the area has been plagued by loud booming sounds. the problem is, no one knows where the sound is coming from. here is cbs 2's dave carlin. >> reporter: we were , like, looking at each other like, what was that?
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in the past week to daniel mcmanus and their family. while inside their home at a usually quite fair lawn neighborhood, things went bump in the night. >> if we did not know any better it almost sounds like a cannon. echoing. >> reporter: elsewhere in the neighborhood along the passaic river, residents say they have 6:00 p.m. and as late as 2:00 in the morning. >> it was like, grr, grr, boom. >> i come out here, sometimes people dump garbage. it sounded like a garbage truck. >> reporter: police search for the source of the noise up and down the passaic including on the patterson side. initially they thought the noises were coming from this pse&g plant in patterson across the river from communities were noises are being reported. construction is going on, but a neighbor closest to the plant says the booms are not coming
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>> have you heard any sounds coming from the plant? >> no explosions. >> reporter: fairlawn mayor, john cosgrove. >> i have had everything from people telling me about fireworks to aliens. >> reporter: he has extra officers deployed, more eyes and ears for when whatever it is disturbs the peace again. in fair lawn, new jersey, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. actor sean penn says his article with fugitive mexican drug lord, joaquin "el chapo" guzman was a failure. he met with him before months captured -- months before mexican authorities captured him. speaking with cbs "60 minutes" he tells charlie rose the mexican government was humiliated. >> do you believe they released this in part because they wanted to see you blamed and put you at risk? >> yes. >> they wanted to encourage the cartels to put you in their crosshairs? >> yes.
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life? >> no. >> you can watch the interview with sean penn on "60 minutes" sunday night at 8:00 right here on cbs 2 after football. new worries tonight about how low the stock market are go, shares assumed again today, this time from the low-key thresholds. the dow dropped 391.2 close under 16,000. for the first time since february 2014. and the nasdaq dipped back below 5000. so far the market is having his worst start of the new year ever. new information on the tennessee couple who claimed the first of three winning powerball lottery tickets. john robertson says he almost did not buy the tickets until his wife nudged him. >> i told her, i said i really don't feel like picking them up. i will stop at the store. >> thank goodness he did. today, the robinsons picked up their huge share of the winnings, a lump sum of nearly $328 million. that's about $200 million less than if they had taken
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moment she realized they had one. >> i was running down the hallway screaming and crying and i said check the numbers. >> the plan to pay off their mortgage, daughters student loans and go back to work for now. on alert for moms to be. still ahead, the countries you should be crossing off your travel list. blender bandits. a new jersey couple caught on camera accused in a big jar -- bazaar kitchen appliance crime. the car could have hit him. it was amazing. >> a crossing guard stops the car from hitting a family and
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. state police in new jersey are searching for suspected blender bandits.
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surveillance video at a walmart in hampton township were spotted leaving the store with a ninja blender they did not pay for. state police say they have swept blenders at more than a dozen walmart in the area. surveillance pictures were posted on the state police facebook page, helping investigators identify the couple and their car. the police are still pursuing them. turbulence injured six people today on a flight that began at laguardia. here you see a flight attendant on a stretcher after a plane landed in miami. her injuries include a broken nose, five passengers were treated at the scene for less serious injuries. the plane was a 737 operated by american airlines. 165 people were on board. tonight, a warning for pregnant women. the u.s. government says avoid traveling to parts of latin america and the caribbean. health officials are worried because the zika buyers has been spreading to insect bites. normally, at least only minor illnesses. but it has been linked to birth defects.
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cases, over 3500. tonight, a bergen county crossing guard risked his life to save a mother and her daughter. as cbs 2's tracy carrasco reports, the hero says he was just doing his job. >> reporter: trivially has been helping people cross the street in leonia, new jersey for the last 15 years. he is posted here every school day at the intersection of broad avenue and portly road. he takes his job very seriously morning. >> charlie was ushering us across the street and a car came around, was ignoring his stop sign and came speeding around the block. >> lee stepped in front of jamie and her 2-year-old daughter as the car rushed toward them. >> i said, "stop." >> he literally stopped, jumped in front of the car. i could not believe he would do that. the car could have hit him. >> reporter: he has put his life on the line before. leonia police say last may a
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he went to the hospital to be checked out but quickly returned and did not miss a single shift. leonia police tell us this is a very busy intersection. many use this local road to cut through from the new jersey turnpike to the george washington bridge, making this part of the area dangerous. in august 2014 when he was not on duty a pedestrian was hit and in april 2013 a stolen new york city taxi jumped the curb at the intersection during his morning crossing. miraculously, no one was hurt. >> he really does an amazing job. >> reporter: and it's a job he truly loves. in leonia, new jersey, tracy carrasco, cbs 2 news. new tonight, studies show drinking moderate amount of red wine can be good for you. but these days there is a lot more than grapes that end up in your class. cbs 2 exposes what's really in your wine. >> reporter: no images more synonymous with winemaking than the stopping of grapes.
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>> reporter: but that's not exactly how the majority of the wine is made today. >> it comes from industrial farms and it is made in enormous, hundreds of thousand gallon sized tanks. >> the commercialization of the industry, experts say, has helped to bring one to the masses with the average bottle running $10. but like the mass production of food, experts say most winds are now made with a long list of additives. >> it is heavily doctored. >> reporter: christopher null, a writer who discovered the investigation of one for wired magazine say there are as many as 100 compounds that can be added to one. some like sugar and water, he says, are innocuous. while others may raise an eyebrow or two. >> one of the most concerning and antimicrobial. >> reporter: other additives include preservatives like gelatin, a coloring called
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>> if i'm drinking a nice bottle of wine i want to know it was in a real oak barrel for certain amount of time and not just a few drops of chemical dropped into it. >> reporter: while he likens the use of some additives to cheating, they are all perfectly legal and widely accepted within the industry. >> we have about 12 anchors. >> reporter: richard eldridge runs bridgestone winery and new york and says additives can help to ensure a robust flavorful product, despite the each year. >> you want consistency to the greatest extent possible. >> you have no idea what you >> reporter: one scholar who has written extensively on the making of wine says it comes down to transparency. she wants labels on the back of wine bottles that list every ingredient. >> i want us to be in a position of choice.
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list their product ingredients on the websites. although full disclosure is not required. let's get a look at the forecast and see was required for the weekend. any jackets? >> okay, temperature wise it's going to be mild but you need a rain jacket early in the morning. we are seeing the rain out there in some spots currently. right now made 40s in the city, i've got 42 right here around scott's planes, and this is steve merlot. welcome to the show, first time you have been on with me. you have been on with me. he is reporting rain and scott's planes and what does he have to say? rain has started. steve, man of few words out there. and hey, there are some showers closing in. getting close to manhattan right now. 46 degrees. temperatures. keep your eye on this area, north and west of the city. talking liberty and putin, booting coming in right now at 33 degrees, this is a spot where could see the snowflakes flying around out there.
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that see snow, it's basically rain as we go through the overnight hours. we have seen hints at frozen precipitation, remember, we were talking about boonton around 33 degrees, looking at a flash of sleep and makes precipitation and portions of sussex county but everybody else right now dealing with heavy rain right now making its way through hackettstown, pushed up to the north. another band in morris county moving into northern passaic county. that is the way of our world as we watch this band moves through. another band behind that, which is just now making its way into ocean county. that's got some heavy rain as well. how is all of this going to play out as far as rain and snow? well, snow is going to be limited out there. i just don't think most of us see it. you've got to really get into that area north and west where you can find that one to do and range,: 42.6 in monticello, maybe .2 in montgomery.
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most people don't get it, it's all going to be elevation driven because mid-40s right now, 50s tomorrow, too warm. rain is out there, most focusing half inch to an inch of rain. small rainfall totals inland, bigger rainfall totals as you push further east and south as well. here's how we see it on future cast. that would be 6:00 in the morning, we are seeing doctor baby rain out there. biggest stuff is offshore. you want to find big rainfall totals? take a boat and go into the ocean, that's where it's going to be but we will get hit. take a look at sunday. that is a big storm offshore. that one is not coming offshore but if you look at the great lakes, you will see a cold front that is going to come through with a chance for a little bit of snow in that. not the big weather maker which is going to be offshore but a smaller system which with cold air in place could give us the snow, late sunday going into monday. monday, 26 to start, 29 for the high, tuesday's high temps, a lot of you are not going to see even 18 degrees to start. colder than that.
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otis is next with sports. more on the new head coach for the giants. the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards
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coming up next, what the fans said to giants co-owner, john mara. then, "the late show with stephen colbert", soccer star abbey wombach and from the
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astronaut scott kelly. news alert, giants have a new head coach, it's official. otis is here with details. >> john mara said it's a great fit for them and he was already in the building. he is the man for the job and has been groomed for this throughout his professional life. ben mcado became the new head coach replacing john coughlin. during this morning's press conference, he thanked players, former courtesy is worked under including coughlin who he spent the last two years with as offensive chlorinator. he says he will still keep the clock to run the facility five minutes ahead, he called it tc time. he's ready to make his first footprints on the head-coaching job at any level.
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tom's shadow, i've got to be comfortable in my own skin. i like the pressure. this is what you live before. it's the opportunity of a lifetime. it's the football capital of the world. what could be better than this type of opportunity and pressure? you have prepared i've been a guy that has been for it. baptized by fire. i'm comfortable with it. >> ben mcado is the only one on the clock when it comes to fixing the giants, a must for everyone to improve from the owners on down. >> it's always pressure. i'm not afraid of the pressure. he is not afraid of the that's what it is. the national football league is pressure, i don't think anybody around here is afraid of the pressure. >> i accept my share of the blame for what has gone off. i have gotten a lot of love letters recently from our fans. one of them wrote me and said the problem with your organization is sitting right in your chair. another one put it more succinctly, he said the fish stinks from the head down. >> he has a great sense of
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four straight seasons out of the playoffs will ratchet up the pressure every time. coming up after the break, the only game in town, nets trying to win consecutive games
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a month. yocage50egio teettvndho f yrfit ar usita ye aeent osiv y $0 ck
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it's the only game in town, nets hosting the trailblazers, and it's the return of one time brooklyn great, mason plumley. okay, maybe not so great, just trying to spice things up for you. nets trying to go back to back for the first time in over a month, unlike his days in brooklyn, mason has been one of the go to guys from portland up high and down low in the first, backdoor to gerald henderson in the second, nets fall by 7 at the break. plumley finished with seven points. brooklyn came back from 12 down and took the lead, portland responded with the 17-2 run in the fourth. they fall, the final from the parkway said. any interaction between one certain grizzlies player and head coach derek fisher will be closely monitored. one player i'm talking about? matt bise. if you recall on october 3, burns drove over to his ex-
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got into a physical altercation with fisher. barnes was suspended two games for his actions. this is a matchup of the two teams since. fisher says he isn't thinking about the incident, barnes says season thinking about fisher who he called a snake. this is the soundbite of the week. >> i've got to keep my mouth shut because he will run and tell. we're really focused on playing that team. when i'm retired, you know, him and i will cross paths again. >> oh! >> oh, yeah. he's done with that. >> i think he's over it. [ laughter ] >> once he's retired. >> might want to think about that, first. >> do you think they will behave at the game? >> i'm wondering if there's going to be a loose ball by the bench and he has to dive. who knows what's going to happen? >> i want to watch. >> just win the game.
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thanks for joining us.
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with stephen colbert". his guests tonight, astronaut
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