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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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rockies. it will push that low down to the gulf of mexico where it will gather up added moisture and then it curves and moves into our area. as of right now the most recent data that i'm showing to you right here makes this a storm with its focus on the mid-atlantic but we're going to be affected by it, as well. here you are lunchtime on saturday. you will be dealing with rain along the jersey shore. that pink line is where the icing is going to be involved and then you have snow falling throughout the area, as well. here's how we see it as far as the national weather service is concerned is putting out its watches and warnings. we have no warnings in our area. the event is still too far away. it's a saturday event for us but winter weather watchers have already been issued for this weekend for new jersey west and south of new york city. more later. along the jersey shore, crews are busy already trying to shore up sand dunes to protect from potential flooding. communities hope they will be better prepared this time than
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cbs 2's vanessa murdoch reporting from belmar. >> reporter: it was an impeccable day along the jersey shore but a busy one. we spent the day in bradley beach and belmar where crews are building berms in hopes of protecting their towns from flooding this weekend. barely a breaker rolling in off the open atlantic today. >> it's the calm before the storm. >> reporter: dory says it's obvious something is brewing. >> all of the readiness activities are going on. they are building up the dunes and people are out getting their shovels and their salt ready. >> reporter: this weekend's storm looks like it will have significant impact especially along our coastline. >> we're going to get a storm but i'm not worried. prepared, not nervous. >> reporter: it's obvious why these berms are being built. >> the emergency management coordinator for bradley beach tells us before sandy these dunes stood 20 feet tall. >> we're in the early stages
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>> reporter: that's why these berms are essential. they bolster the dunes. they are another obstacle for the open ocean man's attempt to keep the ocean at bay, keep floodwaters out of these homes. >> what what we're expecting isn't regarding snowfall expectation but the concern is, right here, on the beachfront, significant high tide, it's a tied, which means that water is going to be elevated. >> reporter: moderate coastal flooding is expected. the worst of it around 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on saturday. and there's more to it. coastal erosion will also be a problem. surf height at 8 to 12 feet expected to pound this coastline throughout the day on saturday. cbs 2 news. in westchester tonight, a 911 call and police find a scarsdale. they are treating it as a homicide. there hasn't been a murder in
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a yale college student at her home 39 years ago. cbs 2's lou young live in scarsdale with what we know so far on this case today. lou. >> reporter: dana, the suspect, who is in custody, called 911 from inside the house, we are told, just after 10 a.m. and police have been here since. at first, police didn't know what they had. an emergency call to a house on lincoln road in the heath coat section of scarsdale. >> respond to 50 lincoln road, the report is a female has been hurt seriously and no further information was given by the calling party. arrive on team and wait outside until patrol units enter. >> reporter: it's the home of dr. robin goldman and husband jules reich. it was a bloody murder scene inside. officially, police are more restrained. >> we are currently investigating a homicide of a
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we currently have in custody a 61-year-old man. it's an isolated incident. both the person that we have in custody lived in the house. >> reporter: the marriage was strained. jules reich aid financial adviser wasn't around much. his wife a pediatrician worked in the bronx where those who saw her daily reacted to her presumed death. >> a lady of that stature, pleasant personality, who what want to do that? >> reporter: this is the first homicide in scarsdale since 1977. neighbors are in a state of shock. >> it's upsetting to say the least. it's very upsetting to know that something like this could happen. >> i'm shocked. i'm absolutely -- really?! >> reporter: the couple has several grown children we're told. their rabbi rushed to the scene. they have lived here since 1997. this afternoon he rushed to the scene and he was sent off to the police station where
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live in scarsdale, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> thank you, lou. nypd officers being extraordinarily careful tonight after they received word that the department was a target of a possible threat. cbs 2 sources say that investigators are now questioning a man in connection with the threat. cbs 2's dave carlin reports. >> reporter: nypd officers on high alert after a pair of phoned in threats. philadelphia's police department got a tip that a man might shoot a cop. the person mentioned was traced to a manhattan address. then the second call with the same message to nypd's 32nd precinct stationhouse in harlem. >> also indicating that this person was going to shoot a police officer. so we start an investigation. one of the phone calls indicate isis. >> reporter: every officer was sent photos of a man with a criminal history. but not a suspect in any threat case. merely someone police say they wanted to have a conversation with. police sources say he is being
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>> there's why this was put out to the police officers as opposed to it the public at large. >> we are taking is seriously. >> reporter: a philadelphia officer was ambushed in his patrol car and shot in the arm on january 7. the suspect in the case allegedly told investigators he is an isis sympathizer. officers are getting refresher courses on personal safety from their supervisors being told now more than ever watch your backs. here's advice from this veteran of the department retired nypd detective sergeant joseph giacalone. >> don't have your head buried in the phone. avoid ambushes. >> reporter: officers are always told and trained to exercise extreme caution. this latest threat a reminder of that. in harlem, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. restaurant and night life workers packed a venue in the village today for an active shooting training program. attendees learned how to prepare, respond and assist police.
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attacks in paris and san bernardino, there's been an increase in requests for training sessions here. today's course was voluntary and free. >> kind of let everybody we want into our venue so we have no idea who is coming in and who is planning what so think the more information that we canyons and passes get out to, to the venues and the operators, the safer new york city is going to be. >> people are concerned and they have written in and they have called and that's why we're out doing things like this. >> the nypd is urging restaurant and club owners to have plans in place and to conduct drills with all employees. police commissioner bratton delivered a state of the nypd address today saying, the department's never been stronger. bratton says during his two years leading the force, overall crime is down nearly 6%. yet in 2015, murder was up 6%. but bratton says that figure is compared to an eight-year
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the nypd is also cut back on police enforcement encounters with citizens including street stops and summons. >> one million fewer enforcement actions is a piece of it. so fewer complaints to ccib and fewer complaints to internal affairs. >> the nypd had faced criticism that it targeted minorities with too many stops for minor crimes. held up inside her own home. a long island woman talks exclusively to our jennifer mclogan about a terrifying encounter. [ crying ] >> three men in my house and one held me with a gun. >> next, how the thieves tricked her into opening her door. plus, plastic, glass, cardboard, takes a real effort to recycle. but in the long run, could it be a waste of time? >> michigan's governor talks to "cbs evening news" anchor scott pelley about the water emergency.
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in the department of environmental quality? >> they were too technical. they followed literally the rules would. they didn't use enough common sense. >> scott is here now with more on what you'll have tonight. scott? >> reporter: dana, we talked to the governor about two crises happening right now in his major cities. the city of detroit saw all of its schools shut down today by a massive teacher walkout. teachers are upset about the buildings they work in saying the schools run safe. and, of course, lead throughout the water system in flint, michigan. we pressed the governor on how they are going to fix these problems and who messed things up to begin with. he accepts a lot of the responsibility himself. >> all right. looking forward to that interview. thank you, scott. see you at 6:30. also right here at 6:00, after pluto was demoted, scientists thought there were only 8 planets in earth's solar system.
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repairmen responding to a call from a long island home turned out to be fake. and soon the homeowner was surrounded by three gun-toting robbers. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan with the exclusive story in west hempstead. >> reporter: tell me why it's so scary. >> because they just -- i just had three men in my house [ crying ]
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and i'm not trusting anyone to come. >> reporter: this west hempstead homeowner saved herself and her neighbors, say detectives, by doing the right thing when fake repairment entered her home with firearm. one robber was armed, they demanded cash and jewels. the victim a long island school teach remained calm and complied. she called 911 and told the police officers who arrived moments after the criminals escaped and on to nearby southern state parkway with the valuables. >> thank god nobody was hurt. they did flee, we believe, in a bluish grayish type chevy sedan. >> reporter: police say the homeowner and her family needed their garage door fixed and called local repairmen. so they were expecting hill. willingly answered the door expecting help. they noticed numerous
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but now? lesson learned is get all the identification. correct? >> yes. but how do i know it's a "real i.d."? anyone can make up an id. >> reporter: the victim fears it was an inside job. and now police are investigating the garage door company the homeowner called just before the robbers appeared. from west hempstead, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> robberies in that neighborhood are highly unusual. and police say because of the health of the victim they hope to find the thieves. are your recycling efforts going to waste? companies that collect those recyclables do it to make money, something low oil prices are making increasingly difficult. cbs 2's diane macedo has more on why and what this means for our landfills and our tax dollars. >> reporter: for centers like this in brooklyn, low oil prices have made for a tough few months. that's because plastic is made from petroleum. so low oil prices means low
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>> so it's virgin plastics as they become less expensive, the recycled plastic commodity needs to drop to remain competitive. >> reporter: and it's not just plastic. >> steel prices are down. and paper prices are down. >> reporter: that makes it especially hard to recycle lower value materials like plastic bags. so what happens if you can't find a market for this stuff? >> plastic bags we will send to a landfill. >> reporter: while we're not supposed to put plastic bags in recycling bins, people still do along with lots of other stuff that doesn't belong. >> we get christmas trees, bowling balls, shirts, sneakers. >> reporter: one of the effect is that the facilities need to shut off the equipment and workers need to go in by hand and pick out the material that doesn't belong like this roller covered in vhs tape. unwanted material can also contaminate what's around it making it all unusable. environmental consultant wayne defoyo says that's especially problematic for smaller governments. >> the smaller contracts there
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that say if you bring me material that's really dirty, i'm charging you more. >> reporter: combine that with a low commodity prices and the association for new jersey recyclessers says it's a major problem. >> for years, our systems operated on the premise that the revenues from the facility cover the operations. but if this goes any further, it becomes a cost to the county and probably municipalities. >> reporter: the better alternative is to be more diligent to keep wrong materials out of recycling bins. putting more good recycling items in the bin can help the landfills an wallets. diane macedo, cbs 2 news. lonnie quinn has his "eye on the storm." what's heading here exactly as we work to predict it late there are week, lonnie? >> we'll give you the most recent information we have. look, that's the one thing you can be guaranteed with as far as the atmosphere. it's going to be fluid. it's a fluid situation. things are changing.
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my weather watchers all across the area. and the reporting temperatures in the 30s, i want to go north right now because let's go to a place -- okay, here we go. this is around poughkeepsie. mark and janine are in pleasant valley. 27 degrees. i wanted to go north because as far as the storm that's approaching, doesn't look like it's going to be as much of a storm north of the area as it would be south of the area. and mark and janine are saying let's get ready for a possible storm. what we see currently the skies are getting cloudier as we progress here. it's 34 degrees as of right now. 37 was your high. so just about where you expect to be for this time of the year. tomorrow similar temperature maybe a couple of clicks cooler. but all in all a good day for january. headlines, the numbers we're talking about as far as the snowfall predictions, they will change. i get more information here it's going to affect my forecast. so those numbers will change just bear with me on that. saturday does not change. that's the brunt of this storm and pounding waves is something that you have to give some credence to.
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certainly is. there's a flood watch on friday. saturday we have the onshore flow and winds off the water. we are talking saturday lunchtime winds above 50 miles per hour. 50 miles per hour around the east end of long island. you get into your day on sunday, they back downed but you're still holding on to 34- mile-per-hour winds from east hampton to montauk. the high tide is going to be key. basically for the new jersey and the new york coastal areas, it's basically a high tide saturday morning around 6 and saturday evening around 7. it's the 7 p.m. high tide cycle that i believe is going to be most problematic. so keep that in the back of your mind. snow will come in tonight not a big accumulation. the possibility is out there, though, for saturday's storm. moving into the area we think sometime and saturday morning, with us on-again, off-again throughout the day on saturday. look, there could very well be dry slots out there so just know that. and this is also real important to talk about! there's going to be a rain- snow line.
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putting it right along the shoreline here in ocean county that pink shows you where the ice and the sleet would be involved. then you look at snow elsewhere. also notice that, can you see that right hand corner of your tv screen? that's where the bulk of this is. it's offshore. it puts the fringe in our area. i think the bull's eye goes over washington, d.c. we are going to get our effects from it. and that's the way it's going to work. the information that i have right now to share with you, yesterday, my forecast was based on two model runs that went all the way through the duration of this storm. today i now have a third that just came in less than half- hour ago so i had to adjust i will have more information by 11 p.m. tonight and that's where i really need you to be joining latest as i get it. currently i think new york city falls in 8" orless . the bulk of new york city because look at this, ha, that blue is a foot or less and that actually includes portions of staten island so you're right there. you only have to go a few
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potential for a foot of snow and a foot or more toward dc into the blue ridge mountains of virginia where they are talking about the potential of 20" or more of snow. weathercasts across the board 34 tomorrow, 34 friday. it's calm until friday evening when the clouds thicken up and saturday would be the event with a high temperature around 32. sunday it's out of here. sun comes back at 34 degrees. by monday and tuesday, temperatures are back to above average. thank you. the knicks fan club is growing.
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with sports next. tiacony per w,or799 moh li,t m fs teet tvndho f yr rs ye. orita ye aeentt 00ac
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steve overmyer with sports. we have the -- [ indiscernible ] >> that's the nickname we might be going for. k-porsi. good news for the knicks and rookie kristaps porzingis. he will be playing tonight despite nursing a foot injury. he has become one of the most popular players in the league. in fact the nba just announced that the porzingis jersey the
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tonight the knicks taking on the jazz an important game. last month the knicks went to utah and were blown out. the starters combined for 27 points. carmelo anthony was held to 12. and even though he is also hurt, melo is looking for retribution. >> i know last time we played them they gave us a whooping. we haven't forgotten. we believe we can get this game. >> sunday tom brady and the patriots will be in their record fifth straight afc championship level also trash talking. a pair of defensive denver players called tom brady a cry bake buy. jackson said he was a whiner and another said he complained
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>> i'm not sure what the other quarterbacks do. i would love to put flags on the defenders absolutely advance their team. that's just part of football. the only place you can see the afc championship game is right here on cbs 2 sunday at 3 p.m. could be the last ever tom brady versus peyton manning matchup. new york has another new football coach. the soccer team has a new man in charge patrick viera. he met the media at yankee stadium today. as a player his resume' is impressive. he won a world cup with france. three premiere league titles with arsenal. this is his first experience with the mls, though. stressed the importance of creating a team identity. >> new york is really lively. it's full of energy in this city and i will like my team to reflect what new york is all about.
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slam of the tennis season saw no surprises in australia. top-seeded and defending men's champion novack djokovic through round two and another player is winning hearts. the ninth seed came to the aid of a ball girl who was hit in the face. he stopped play and personally escorted her off the court. then he went back to work and won in straight sets. but a true gentleman right there. i mean, in the heat of competition, he has the empathy to think of somebody else.
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less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child -- in every neighborhood -- succeed. do you know what you're cooking with? coming up at 11:00, it turns out secret ingredients could be hiding in your seasonings. >> if you see a large container of spies for a couple of dollars, that -- spices for a couple of dollars, that raises a red flag. >> what happened when we tested ? cbs 2 investigates spiked spices tonight at 11. finally here at 6:00, there could be another planet in our solar system. researchers have found evidence of an object that could be the real ninth planet, planet 9 if it exists would be about 10 times bigger than earth and take between 10
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