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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  January 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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store shelves already empty as we prepare for a winter
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history in the nfl. and developing right now, a westchester mansion in a high end town becomes the scene of a murder. tonight, new details on a couple involved, and trouble that may have been brewing behind closed doors. but first, a monster storm hurdles towards the east coast. we have new information on potential snow totals, as coastal communities prepare for a different problem. the possibility of floods. good evening, i'm kristine johnson, maurice is off tonight. we'll have more on the flood threat in just a moment. let's begin with lonnie quinn though. tracking all of this from the weather center.
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>> it's looking more and more likely like a big storm in our area. i want to show you what we're looking at. tonight there could be a few flakes south of new york city. it's not going to be a big accumulator. i just want you to know it's there and not to be surprised in the morning. this little spin around wichita, kansas, is the potential for our big storm in weekend. this is forecast to dive down to new mexico. if it doesn't do that, it's not going to pick up the moisture and curve into our area. but the models are in agreement it will be dropping south and then curving to our east. it will be coming early saturday. this is 3:30 a.m. as you get into the day on saturday, this is a bit of new information right here. this pink color. that's your rain/snow line with ice mixed in. really wasn't a player this morning. now over portions of central jersey stretching out towards long island. wherever you find that pink
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lower the storm totals, because it's going to squish down the snow if you will. play. icing is now an issue for some of you, wherever you see that pink color. there will be a sharp cut off, north of new york city. i'm talking 7 to 10 miles. you could have a lot of snow on one side of the line. the bulls eye remains. the mid-atlantic, my total predictions later in this newscast. >> residents are very worried about flooding. cbs 2's valerie castro joins us live from seabright. >> reporter: christine, here in seabright, you can see the berms already built up on the beach. other communities brought in even more of them as fears over flooding continue to grow. this quiet shore line under a
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weekend. amanda says the boroughs sent out a warning by phone. for the south in belmar and bradley beach, the bulldozers are already on the move. building up berms along the jersey shore. >> all of the readiness activities are going on. they're building up the dunes and people are getting their shovels and salt ready. >> reporter: the berms are the first line of defense in any storm. >> without a doubt, flooding is our biggest concern. >> reporter: paying attention to coastal communities. >> we have to be are the for it, and we are. we'll have pumps and generators and things of that nature ready. we'll be putting messages out to the coastal areas to be prepared. >> reporter: she'll take anything that comes her way hopes that it will feel like winter. >> i would like to see snow come down for a little bit. let her play in the snow a little bit.
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husband are prepared with salt and shovels ready to go on the front porch. as for flooding, they're confident their home can take on pretty much anything. >> we bought this house two days before sandy, and it's still standing after sandy. as long as it's anything less than sandy, i'm not too worried. >> reporter: the family says they also plan to clear their items off their front porch, move their cars to higher ground, and do the all important pre-storm grocery shopping. reporting live in seabright, new jersey, valerie castro, cbs 2 news. suffolk county police say they're ready for an onslaught of snow. the vehicles would be able to stretch through more than a foot of snow in the event of an emergency. police find a woman's body inside her scarsdale home. her husband, now being questioned in connection with
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cbs 2's tony aiello is live now in that town with more. >> christine, the victim's husband is a lawyer and a cpa. he soon may face charges for what police are calling a fatal case of domestic violence. >> reporter: family photos could be seen on mantle. dispatched to 350 lincoln road this morning. >> the report is that a female has been hurt seriously. >> reporter: it's been the home of dr. robin goldman, and jules reich since 1997. goldman was found stabbed to death in a bathroom shower, and reich called 911. >> this is not a random act. it's an isolated incident. both the person that we have in custody and the victim resided at the house. >> reporter: sources say reich also had injuries and was briefly treated at a hospital.
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right after their daughter's wedding, reich filed for divorce from dr. goldman. she was apediatrician who worked at the montefiore hospital center in the bronx where those who saw her daily reacted to her presumed passing. >> a lady of that statue, pleasant, who would want to do that? i don't know. >> reporter: this is the first murder in the area since 1977. 39 years later, this homicide on lincoln road and neighbors are in a state of shock. >> it's upsetting to say the least. very upsetting to know that something like this could happen. >> reporter: goldman and reich have three children. their son-in-law was here early today but he declined to comment. police are planning to hold a news conference with the latest updates tomorrow afternoon. cbs 2 news. tony, thank you. a manhunt is on for a stabbing
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mother walking with her 4-year- old son. police say a man approached the victim, asking for money, after she and her son had left a grocery store saturday night. she said that she had none and walked away. soon after, she felt a sharp pain in her side, and realized she had been stabbed. the suspect is known in the area. >> he's always riding his cart. he got like a cart full of stuff. that's really sad, you know. it happened to a nice lady like that. >> the victim was able to get to her family's home and call for help. police say they have identified the suspect and anticipate a quick arrest. a man is taken in for questioning, and terror fears raised for the nypd after a pair of phoned in threats. the ominous calls warn that a police officer might be shot. philadelphia's police department got a tip about the potential violence. that person was traced to a manhattan address.
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same message came into the nypd's 32nd precinct in harlem. >> also indicating that this person was going to shoot a police officer. so we start an investigation. one of the phone calls indicated isis. >> the threat came after a police officer was ambushed in his patrol car. the suspect told investigators he is an isis sympathizer. no word yet on any arrests. another rough, tumble day on wall street with the dow dropping 249 points. the nasdaq fared better, down just 5, and the s & p lost 22. once again blame the drop on falling oil prices. new tonight, a new york sports team just made history, the nfl coaching fraternity has crossed gender lines.
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just a little more importance. the buffalo bills have hired the nfl's first female full time coach. katherine smith will be the bill's quality control coach. she spent 12 seasons with the jets organization before following rex ryan to buffalo. rex releasing this statement, saying she certainly deserves this promotion, based on her knowledge and strong commitment. part of a new wave of gender progress in men's professionallal sports. in the nba, the spurs hired becky hammond as their assistant. as for katherine smith, her position is considered an apprenticeship to becoming a head coach. katherine smith is about to embark on the same path that has led numerous coaches to become head coaches in the nfl. next at 11:00, held at gunpoint in her own home. >> tell me why it's so scary. >> because i just had three men
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>> why this long island woman willingly let her attackers in, and how the same thing could happen to you. new tonight, a group of teens on the run, and wanted by police. tonight, we're talking to the real life "joy." the long island native sharing her secret to success. >> secret ingredients could be hiding in your spices leaving what's in the bottle not exactly as advertised. what's going on? cbs 2 investigates, spiked
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just ahead. the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students.
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less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child -- in every neighborhood -- succeed. tell me why it's so scary. >> because i just had three men in my house, and one held me with a gun. >> the search is on for three suspects who robbed a long island homeowner. police say they got inside her west hempstead home by posing as repair men. as one man held the school teacher at gunpoint, the others took her jewelry and money.
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>> lesson learned is get all the id's, correct? >> yes. but how do i know it's a real id? anybody can make up an id right? >> police are investigating the garage door company the homeowner called just before the robbers appeared. new tonight, surveillance video. four teens wanted for robberies and attacks in brighton beach. police say the crime started two weeks ago, with the group stole a purse from a 9-year-old girl. the next day, a 64-year-old woman had her cell phone taken and was pushed to the ground. a 55-year-old woman also had her purse stolen. soprano star, jamie siegler posted this picture explaining that she has multiple sclerosis. she says she was diagnosed 15 years ago, but just now found the strength to share her story. the 34-year-old is married with a son. actress jennifer lawrence
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for her role in the movie "joy." tonight, we're hearing from joy mangano. >> he says what do you think about jennifer lawrence playing your role? with a do -- what do i say to that? i'll get back to you. >> best known for inventing the miracle mop, the movie chronicles her rags to riches story. she has advice for single moms dreaming of their own success. >> you absolutely need to try it. if it's a passion within you, and you know, you have that instinct, and your instincts have worked for you. >> mangano has more than 100 patents, and just launched the new and improved miracle mop. new tonight, spices are touted as a way to add health and flavor to your food. but when you buy them dry, are you actually getting what you pay for? cbs 2 investigates spiked
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>> reporter: spices at the supermarket can run anywhere from 4 to $8 for a pretty small container. so how is it you can find them for a fraction of a cost at some discount retailers? >> if you see a large container of spices for only a couple of dollars, that would raise a red flag to me. >> reporter: and for good reason. >> there's definitely some unscrupulous people out there, that are mixing these spices with other ingredients to stretch them. >> reporter: a recent study outside of england found as much as a quarter of all dried oregano sold in u.k. contained substitute plant materials. we decided to do our own testing. after purchasing dried herbs and spices we sent them to a company that specializes in
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>> the major problems are in the tumeric and nutmeg. >> reporter: half of our samples were found to be adulterated in some way. >> as you know, tumeric is yellow powder. we found a good amount of corn in it. >> the oregano contained other unknown plants, possibly weeds. and the nutmeg had pepper. he's not surprised by the test results. he's seen everything from wheat flour to peanut flour added to spices. >> if you're allergic, it can really be a bad situation. >> the color and smell of dried herbs and spices can be a good indication of what you're buying. for example, paprika should be red, and not brown. let's get to this monster storm that lonnie quinn has a very close eye on now. lonnie, what do we have? >> it's just looking more
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and again, it's a fluid situation. i remain flexible. you should remain flexible as well. just be prepared for a big storm. it looks like it's coming together that way. right now, temperatures, here's a 31 we've got down around neptune city. dr.frankie fahrenheit. something tells me an alias. what does frankie have to say? snow shovels are ready, so is a high water boost. tough, tough, tough time coming up with this storm. in the city, increasing clouds. it's 31 degrees. we have a winter weather watch that has already been issued. it goes into effect this weekend for 3/4 of new jersey. we also have coastal flood watches in effect for ocean county, issued now, but going into effect on saturday because again, everything is starting to come more and more in line with this being a storm that's going to effect us in a pretty major way. look at the winds. forecast to be almost 60 miles per hour. at times, 59 from seabright, to surf city.
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i've got new coastal information for you as well. high tides will be combined with those big winds that i just showed you. now you throw in a full moon. the potential for storm surge is there. beach erosion as well sees 8 to 12 feet. as of right now, we talk about what's out there. maybe some flurries. not a big deal at all. don't be surprised if you see a little dusting out there, especially south of the city. all about this storm around kansas, picking up big moisture out of the gulf, and curving into our area. the new information i want to share with you, i have a bunch of these different models i can go to, i will list them for you here. the gfs model is forecasting about 7 inches in new york city. smaller totals north. bigger totals to the south. the rpm is forecasting 10 in new york city. they all have lower totals north, and bigger totals south and west. the european is seeing almost a foot. 11.5. the nam is saying 26 inches.
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out, it's too much of an extreme number, and i'm working with these three. now i'm combining it with the new information i'm getting off of this data run. the reason i'm going to go on the lower end of those numbers, those three numbers i showed you, i'm going to say it's about 4 to 8 in new york city, because this is too close for me. that pink line is the rain/snow line. if that sets up 7 to 10 miles further to the north, it's going to squish those numbers down a bit. so my numbers look like this. 4 to 8 around new york city and a matter of miles you're into the 12 inches or less. as a matter of fact, it hits staten island. then you go south of that, and you get into a foot or more, pushing down towards philadelphia, washington, d.c., northern virginia. i believe that's going to be the center for this storm. i think it's a mid-atlantic bulls eye. we clearly get affected by it. so the numbers, although that's not the story here across the board. 34 thursday,34 friday.
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there, then the storm now, it looks to be a saturday storm. >> at least we won't have school in session. >> sledding. >> there you go. thanks. >> steve overmyer is here with sports now. >> the knicks said tonight's game was going to be a revenge game. you can tell based on the energy and effort in this one.
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in it to win it. >> yeah. >> steve overmyer is here with sports. >> this was an important game tonight for the knicks, because they are feeling a little beat up. carmelo anthony has got an ankle issue. everybody is really spent from that double overtime game on monday, but this was a jazz team that embarrassed the knicks one month ago. kristaps porzingis listed as doubtful for the game. there he was, making his closing arguments for the all- star game in toronto.
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point, but take the lead in the 4th. 16 for kristaps. how about carmelo? the knicks had a 4 point lead with 15 seconds left. just play smart, don't go like this. a rookie mistake by kristaps porzingis, fouling gordon hayward. utah would tie it on free throws. they force overtime. derrick williams. look at this guy. five tips before giving new york a six point lead. they go on to win this 118-111. they are now 22-22 this year. >> a level of grit, and i think mental toughness that's required to kind of continue to persevere in those situations. i think our guys kind of regard it to what happened to us, good or bad, foul situations or whatever. just making the necessary plays to win. lebron james and the cavaliers making their first of two trips to brooklyn. if you had a ticket, i hope you
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lebron put on a show with three 1st quarter dunks. 11 points and 5 assists in the 1st half, and a 13 point lead for the cavs. the nets never really got close in this one. james finished with 17. the nets have now lost 9 of 10. the top team in the east coasts to a 91-78 victory. once again, the buffalo bills making katherine smith a historic figure tonight. she is the first female full time coach in nfl history. this weekend, two of the greatest quarterbacks in history match up again. tom brady, and maten manning face off in the afc championship for the fourth and maybe the final time. you can see it right here on cbs 2. we're going to show you how the americans fared in the aussie open.
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the nets. people are surprised at how easy and affordable it is to get insurance through new york state of health. we help them to find the best insurance plan that suits their needs. working with so many consumers, you begin to develop a kind of kinship or friendship, a bond and you see them on a consistent basis, so it becomes almost like a big family, it's fulfilling and it gives me, you know, hope that there is a better future
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well the australian open 2nd round. the highest seeded american man
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the only break in the match in the 3rd set. he would go on to win that set 6-3, and he would steamroll his way to a straight sets victory. we want to take you back to that nets game, where lebron james matched up against his real nemesis, mr. whammy. the nets decided to honor him by giving away the whammy foam fingers. it worked. at least for the first free throw. mr.whammy apparently went home unhappy, just like the rest of the nets fans. someone did some research on this, and said mr. whammy causes about a 5% decrease in shooting percentage. >> is there some kind of chant that goes on there while he's doing it? >> it must be a repeatable thing. that must be the key. >> all right, thank you.
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we'll be right back. ye pasm,ue wt? maiea owanweehanginlilelo bie mh iusboht hme thntnefa eugfo erne
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