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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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more counties as people across our area race to prepare. that afternoon. i'm mary calvi. chris wragge is on assignment. everyone is waiting as the storm moves closer to our area. this is the system moving our way. snow, sleet, freezing rain in missouri. an interstate was shut down because of dangerous driving. crews are preparing for possible problems. we have team coverage from the jersey shore to manhattan. let's begin with john elliott with an update. >> reporter: hi, everybody. let's see what's going on outside your window right now. nice sunny january day. she's the storm that's heading our way. get a sense of rotation, also heavy rain now. there's that element of ice that mary was talking about through parts of arkansas and tennessee. that's going to be more of a problem for the southeast. watch the colors change. when you see pink, that means icing and snow overnight tonight. now friday afternoon, and
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for the commute activities, we're still snow free. as we work our way into saturday morning, it's into parts of our area. this is 4:00 a.m. what happens between 4 am and lunch time. we see snow start to hit. obviously cold enough, it will stick as soon as it hits. so the first few hours will be very slippery. then the peak of the storm is into the afternoon and early evening hours. watch what happens. we see mixing as this exits. so we have to be mindful of the risk of icing with this sleet snow. another quick update, national weather service has pushed that blizzard watch into more of new jersey. wind is going to be a key component in this as well. we'll talk more about that and coming up in a bit. right now back to marry. >> thank you so much. plows and salt are on standby with crews ready to deploy.
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this. >> reporter: just a few hours ago, mayor de blasio was here at the department of sanitation talking to us about the store. he wants the public to take this very seriously. everyone should be prepared for whiteout conditions and he's telling drivers to stay off the >> the bottom line is new big storm this weekend. make the precautions now. >> reporter: a warning from mayor de blasio to new yorkers. stay indoors this weekend if the blizzard slams the city. what are you doing to prepare? >> i'll probably hit costco. i just hit whole foods. >> i'm going to get a few things that i need. >> reporter: groceries? >> stocking up on groceries. >> i want to get me some boots. >> reporter: the new york city department of sanitation fully stocked up on 300,000 tons of rock salt. trucks will hit the streets starting tomorrow night and
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>> anyone has the illusion that they are going to be taking day trips on saturday and sunday, get that out of your mind. >> reporter: keeping a close eye on the storm track. activating the emergency operation center saturday morning. in nassau county, crews are prepared with heavy couldn't. public works is ready to treat the roads and bridges so they don't ice up, the county executive telling residents to have an emergency kit on and. >> we're not expecting this to be a level of an evacuation, you should always be ready. >> reporter: suffolk county is gearing up as well, bringing in military humvees to help the roads. during what could be the first major snowstorm of the season. >> i think it's coming. it's going to be a big one. >> reporter: the storm could definitely be coming. here in new york city again the mayor has just issued a travel running for drivers, but he says he doesn't expect subway service to be canceled. elon gold, cbs news.
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fearing flooding. crews are building barriers to keep the water at bay. meg baker joins us live from belmar. meg? >> reporter: mary, we're on fifth avenue and ocean on the boardwalk in belmar. you can barely see the ocean because these dunes have been built up so high with the hopes they will act as a barrier against high tides and very strong winds this weekend. i spoke to the merrier and residents about these props. military grade plows have been working hard all morning in belmar pushing sand dunes into place and residents are hopeful these obstacles would do their job to keep the ocean at bay. >> i'm ready. yeah. as ready as we can be. >> reporter: rick peterson lives two blocks from the beach. >> i was here for sandy. so hopefully we won't be having both come down the street. we had about five, six feet of ocean rushing down the street. with pieces of the boardwalk literally two blocks down the
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>> reporter: mayor matt doherty is surveying the coast with a drone. >> some of the dunes have taken a beating over the course of the winter. that's going to strengthen as well. so it's an interesting technology that we are deploying for the first time that allows us to get a better view. >> reporter: main concern is not snowfall or precipitation but right here on the beach, with the dangerous combination of lunar high tide and strong winds. >> if you live in a low-lying area, move your car. we believe there is a high probability of flooding on the streets. a moderate probability of flooding into people's homes. >> reporter: the worst flooding is expected around 7 am and 7 pm on saturday during high tide. >> anywhere 35 to 45 mile an hour winds with 60 miles an hour gusts. that could make anything a projectile. >> reporter: waves 12 feet high , eroding beaches and putting towns at greater risk for flooding. >> i got a 30 pack of beer and i'll watch tv.
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>> reporter: now, the mayor says right now there is no need for evacuation. he doesn't want residents to be prepared. go out now if you have to go food shopping, run your errands today. he does not want people on the roads during the storm. also in contact with local power company and wants to warn residents about power outages. we will be checking out different short towns and how they are preparing and have an update for you later on today. for now, live in 'bama -- in belmar, meg baker. washington, dc and virginia emergency. a winter storm caught many by surprise. just an inch of snow fell but it caused major problems. drivers spent hours trapped on ice slicked roads, there were outs. the presidential motorcade had trouble moving through traffic. with more on the snow on the way, dc's mayor apologized. >> we are very sorry for inadequate response.
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provide adequate resources at a time where it could make a difference in last evening's commute. >> many major airlines have already waive change fees for passengers this weekend. stay with cbs2 for updates on the storm and visit for live radar, traffic and transit conditions and video and photos from across our area. new information on the first murder in scarsdale in nearly 40 years. a husband is now under arrest accused of stabbing his wife to death. cbs2's andrea grymes is live at police headquarters in scarsdale with more. andrea? >> reporter: just moments ago, scarsdale police officially confirmed that jules reich is now charged with murder. he was arraigned last night. as you mentioned, this department has not had to work a homicide in nearly four decades. until now. from husband and father to now
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jules reisch and an attorney and cpa faces a second-degree murder charge in the death of his pediatrician wife, dr. robin goldman. the crime scene, their $3 million home on lincoln road in scarsdale. locked up this morning, 24 hours after the homicide that rocked this upscale westchester village. >> surprising they are still here, but i guess they're trying to figure out what happened. >> reporter: they initially got the 911 call just after 10:00 yesterday morning. >> responded to 50 lincoln road. report is a female has been hurt, seriously. >> reporter: sources tell cbs to dr. goldman was found stabbed to death in a bathroom shower and reich called 911. court records show he had filed for divorce last summer after their daughter's wedding. the couple has three children and were active members of temple young israel nearby. where dr. goldman's funeral will take place later this afternoon.
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knew her from work in shock. >> very pleasant lady. extremely pleasant. always smiling, always said hi, good morning, hello. who would want to do that? i don't know. >> reporter: at a news conference with scarsdale police, it just wrapped up. no domestic violence or criminal calls that they responded to at that address. dating back to 1994, reisch is being held without bail. his next court date is on tuesday. my colleague tony aiello will have more from police coming up on cbs2 news beginning at 5:00. reporting live in scarsdale, westchester county, andrea grymes cbs2 news. >> thank you. danger on the roads and the rails. a car and train collided setting of major problems for the morning commute. police are searching for the driver.
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and security. in his budget address, mayor de blasio is expected to increase funding by 30% allowing the city to hire 67 full-time and 50 part-time patrol officers. the new agents would be sent to locations like the coney island boardwalk, battery park and staten island beaches. move comes after an alleged gang rape at the osbourn park playground in brownsville. four of the five teenage suspects have been released from custody. the nypd searching for two men accused of attacking a man on the lower east side in an attempt to rob him. investigators released a surveillance images, the robbers got inside the 51-year- old victim's apartment after knocking on the door. one of the men armed with a gun. he began beating the victim and demanded money. that happen sunday at 3:00 in the afternoon on a building on fdr drive. the man took off empty-handed. the victim is expected to be okay. a bombshell finding in a british court that russian president vladimir putin
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of a former spy in london. alexander litvinenko died in 2006 after he drank tea containing polonium 210. the judge ruled he was certain the men poisoned litvinenko with the toxic material, litvinenko used to be a russian agent but fled to england and became a critic of the kremlin. his wife spoke after the ruling. >> i'm of course very pleased that the words my husband spoke on his deathbed when he accused mr. putin of his murder have been proved true. >> it's freezing that aspect of the suspects and it summoned the russian ambassador for a meeting. moscow denies involvement. big news out of broadway. a legendary musical is making a comeback.
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special teams quality control coast, the first female full- time assistant coach in the nfl. elaine kim has more. >> reporter: historically the nfl coaching ranks have been one of the biggest boys clubs on the block. but the buffalo bills are changing that. late wednesday, they had proposed -- promoted catherine smith to quality control special teams coach, making her the first full-time female assistant coach in the nfl. the league's newest coach has been around front offices for years. the 30-year-old began her nfl career as an intern with the new york jets in 2003. four years later, smith was promoted to player personnel assistant and in 2014 was named assistant to then head coach rex ryan. smith followed rex ryan to buffalo after he took the head coaching job with the bills last year. ryan said he consulted with arizona cardinals head coach bruce arians whose team made history themselves this past july.
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excited to have coach jen welter join our staff. >> reporter: the cardinals hired jen welter as a linebackers coach and intern for the training camp in preseason, the first woman to hold a coaching position in the nfl. >> i could not have dreamed big enough to imagine this day would ever come. now he sets the stage that it could be a dream for other girls growing up. >> reporter: smith wasn't made available to the media. 18 spokesperson says she may talk to reporters about her new role sometime after the super bowl. elaine quijano, cbs news.. long island railroad ronkonkoma branch, a train hit a car that was stuck on the tracks around 6:30 this morning after a search. they found the driver who safely escaped before the train hit. his gps erroneously placed him on the tracks. lirr service was suspended in both directions between
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a few hours today. back to our eye on the storm coverage. information for drivers, officials urged to stay off the road. if you must drive, here are some tips. leave early, avoid cruise control, leave at least 3 to 4 seconds following distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. here is how you should respond to escape. look in the direction you want to travel, steer in that direction, avoid slamming on the brakes, because that will make the vehicle harder to control. let's get an update on the storm's pass. john elliott has been tracking it all throughout today. adaptive braking and cruise control where the car will to the breaking for you. the key is leave lots of extra space. and to avoid cruise control so that feature is turned off. i know you've got to think this through. let's check in with our weather watches. a beautiful day out there, some nice refreshing numbers, low to mid 30s through the hudson valley.
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i have to share this kind word from any. white plains 36 degrees. and a big hug today to my favorite news and weather team because it is national hugging day. so hugs will keep you warm and i like this, beautiful bright skies from elena and brian. we've got a nice shot from you with a lovely little cargo. she's saying, i hope i'm ready. get the stuff ready, get the shovel ready. also, get some sold out there too. there could be an element of ice as this thing wraps up on sunday. want to make sure you have that. that to me is far more vexing and perplexing because that could cap off the accumulating snow and make it that much more difficult to get around. sunny and 33, wind out of the west at nine. so it's refreshing. 27 the cool spot on the map in monticello. these numbers compared to yesterday, a degree or two cooler, with the wind, we have wind chills hovering in the 20s right now. a few exceptionally colder wind chills and teens north and west.
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below normal. son sets at about 5:00 and you will see lots of sun today. a quiet picture here, storm stilwell to our south and west, gathering strength and picking up moisture, it's a big rain and potentially storm event, for parts of the southeast, but for us, dealing with the snow late friday, well south and west of the city. so that's good news. wrapping things up, saturday morning we start to see light snow and then it's the afternoon and evening hours when you have heavy snow, some banding and that we've really starts to fill in, saturday overnight that's when it starts to exit. that's when we could introduce the element of surprise. don't forget it's an approaching low with a blocking high. those strong gusty winds will play a key role in this. coastal flooding and beach erosion as well. for to eight on average in the city. this blue line may slide a bit to the south. these numbers again, i know that's a spread but we're still
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forget, we need the snow. we are well below this time last year, only 3.7 inches. so far this year not even half an inch. well below the normal of 9.5. blizzard watch into effect saturday, that is going to be a player, 40 to 50 plus mile an hour winds. as it wraps up on sunday, don't forget the roads could be very slick. it's like the mayor said, don't plan the trip this weekend. >> make sure you plan today. thanks so much. when the storm hits, have the, get the forecast, check live radar and send us your weather pictures and video. will smith just joined a growing list of celebrities boycotting next month's oscars. earlier this week his wife gina pigott smith announced her decision not to attend because all of the acting nominees are white. some thought will smith might be nominated for his role in the football drama concussion.
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attend the awards. a beloved musical will return to broadway. >> [music] >> cats, one of the biggest shows in history, will open this summer at the neil simon theater. the original production ran at the winter garden theater from
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performances begin july 14. coming up on cbs2 news tonight beginning at 5:00, a new weight-loss treatment that doesn't require surgery. how doctors use a balloon to make people feel full. oil prices are plummeting. why is the cost of man -- gosse -- why is the cost of gas in manhattan still so high? we'll have that tonight at 6:00. >> thanks for joining us.
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