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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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it means the conditions have to last for three hours or more and it's really more about the wind than anything else. you have to have 35-mile-per- hour winds or stronger creating blowing snow which will limit your visibility to a quarter mile or less but a blizzard the term blizzard has absolutely nothing to do with snow totals. low snow totals but strong winds blow that snow around you can't see. so those winds are forecast to be very strong. we're talking 40 to 60-mile- per-hour gusts are forecast. so every, single coastal community under a coastal flood watch in our area. the twin forks not under that green shading so you're thinking okay we won't have the winds out here. you're going to have the winds out at the east end of long island. taking a peek at what we see right now on the vortex satellite and radar, this is playing out true to form. it blew up in louisiana. this morning there was nothing there. forecasting a storm that didn't exist, we thought it
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gulf. now we have a storm. if this day wasn't playing out like it is. now it is out there. it is forecast to move to the north-northeast biggest snowfall totals in washington, d.c. i will talk about our totals in just a little bit. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. the jersey shore could see a combination of snow and flooding. cbs 2's meg baker joins us live from manasquan where residents are worried this evening. meg. >> reporter: chris and kristine, we're standing next to the inlet. you can see point pleasant across the way. this is an extremely flood- prone area where the ocean meets the bay and the manasquan river isn't too far off. so the mayor is telling residents they have to be alert of this forecast. the sunshine, the ocean flat and many residents walking with the calm before the storm.
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it may cause to us ask for voluntary evacuations. >> reporter: manasquan's mayor is hoping the three-foot berm on the beachfront is enough to prevent a major crisis like superstorm sandy. >> the army corps of engineers about a beach replenishment a couple years ago. supposedly we have enough to protect us from a 100 year storm and this will be below that threshold. >> reporter: the public works department was busy security property near the inlet a flood-prone area where the bay meets the ocean. the river is also a potential hazard. >> if we get a nor'easter which we're talking about, usually this whole area manasquan this end to the other end is always flooded. so if you are not out of here when the storm -- tied gets high, you won't get out. >> we went out of the shop- rite because it was so busy and we'll go back tomorrow morning. >> i love it around here. it goes with the territory. >> reporter: north in belmar, the mayor surveyed the beach with a drone. his main concern is not
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the dangerous combination of a lunar high tide and strong winds. >> move your car to a higher area if you are in a low-lying area. we believe there's a high probability of flooding on the streets, a moderate probability of flooding into people's homes. >> reporter: 87-year-old billy gilligan walks belmar's boardwalk every day rain or shine. >> i have to walk. save money, buy a place in florida, and enjoy your life because as you get older, the sun gives you a mental lift. >> reporter: now, the worst of the flooding expected saturday around 7 a.m. and then again at 7 p.m. that's during high tide. now, the mayor here in manasquan says in the case of an evacuation, police will be driving around making loud announcements to get people out. we're live in manasquan. meg baker, cbs 2 news. here in new york city, a hazardous travel advisory has been issued for saturday and sunday. cbs 2's alice gainer has more now on how everyone is
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she is live in the concourse village section of the bronx. alice. >> reporter: this home depot is already sold out of salt. workers say that people began buying bags of salt around 6 a.m. this morning, mostly contractors. one man said this is the third store in the area he has been to that sold out of salt. >> trying to get some salt. it's all going. >> reporter: plenty of shovels in stock but if you are looking for salt there is none. some got the last few bags. chad fernandez of the bronx did manage to grab the only two small salt containers left. >> i'm buying the last two, that's it. anybody that come after me you outta luck. >> reporter: elsewhere in new york city, salt is no issue. >> we have 303,000 tons of rock salts on hand. and you can see some of it right here.
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york city's newest salt barn at the corner of spring and west streets, mayor de blasio touted the city's storm plans. beginning tomorrow morning, the department of sanitation will start loading salt spreaders, attaching plows to trucks and pretreating the roads. >> that salt spreader number is actually much higher than it was last year and will allow us to lay down a brine of salt to try to keep those accumulations down. >> reporter: the department of transportation will get to work ahead of the storm tomorrow. >> pretreat our bridges and pedestrian overpasses and ferry facilities. >> reporter: the office of emergency management is keeping an eye on the track of the storm and activating the emergency operations center saturday morning. in nassau county, public works is gearing up to treat roads and bridges so they don't ice up. over in suffolk county, they are bringing in military humvees that will be stationed at local precincts to help drivers if they get stranded on the roads. but again people are being asked to stay home and off the roads. not a problem for those we speak to. >> i'm staying home. i'm not going anywhere.
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>> reporter: you know that, guy was pretty happy about it. they have plenty of shovels here at this home depot. they just don't have salt left right now. the city is announcing that alternate side parking regulations are suspended for saturday to make room for snow removal but they are in effect for tomorrow. live tonight in the bronx, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. flight cancellations have already started at local airports. all american eagle flights departing jfk, laguardia and newark on saturday have been canceled. meanwhile american airlines plans to cancel all flights after the late morning on saturday. all the airlines are waiving fees for people who want to rebook their flights because of the storm. the city parks department even canceled saturday's winter gym due to the storm. snowmaking machines had already transformed a part of central park for the festival but the city says it had to
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abundance of caution and safety concerns. download the free cbs 2 weather app. send us pictures and video. breaking news. a suspect is under arrest for a slashing in the east village over the weekend. he is accused of another recent slashing. he is identified as 28-year- old francis [ indiscernible ] he is originally from queens but has been living in lower manhattan. detectives were investigating the attack on a man along the east 6th street area on saturday when they identify the sue lewd as a person of interest. he is charged with slashing someone in bellevue in october but is out on bail. >> i don't know if i can give you an exact motive but i believe he has a psychiatric history becaused on some of the information that was obtained. >> police have not recovered the weapon in saturday's ak that. they are awaiting a search warrant for his home. new information. a victim's husband is charged with murder. today family and friends
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cbs 2's tony aiello reports. >> reporter: their faces were somber, their hearts heavy with grief. hundreds of people who knew, loved and respected dr. robin goldman attended her funeral at young israel of scarsdale. the circumstances unimagineably painful. goldman's husband jules reich accused of stabbing her in a bathroom of their $3 million scarsdale home. >> i checked and going back to 1994 we have no domestic violence history at that hour, no criminal activity. >> reporter: police won't hint at a motive, an explanation of why a rich lawyer and tax expert would grab a knife and attack his wife. an ambush is how one source described it. reich had filed for divorce days after their older daughter was married in august. the temple said, we are grief- stricken and our hearts are filled with pain to know that
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sweet, and so pieout, has so suddenly been taken from us." among the mourners a rabbi who has known the famil for years. >> i don't know saw this come. people are shocked. >> reporter: this booking photo shows him with a bruise on his faith and cotton in one ear. police say he had injuries during wednesday's attack and was treated at a hospital. he is due in court friday on a bail hearing. in scarsdale, tony aiello, cbs 2 news. >> goldman and reich had three children and four grandchildren. we are following a developing story in east harlem. an out-of-control cars hits an off-duty police officer and slams into a pedestrian pinning her against a wall. dick brennan reports from the scene. >> reporter: we're at east 102 and lex. this happened about 2:20 this afternoon. you can see investigators are still on the scene. police say a gas station attendant was parking a car at a gas station when the car
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on to the sidewalk hitting and pinning a woman who was in front of a laundromat. firefighters worked desperately to free her. witnesses say it was a chaotic scene. >> her body was over the car draped over the car and she just wasn't moving. when we saw that they put a blanket over her we all started crying but they put the blanket so they can break the glass and wouldn't hit her. when they took her we saw her move her head. she moved her head and that's when we all started clapping upstairs and went back to work. >> reporter: now, the woman is in critical condition at new york-presbyterian hospital. an off-duty police officer who happened to be trying to get out of the way of the car, he injured his ankle. in the meantime we can tell you the driver of the car who apparently is a gas station attendant here at the shell station is in police custody but he is not yet charged. live in east harlem, dick brennan, cbs 2 news. a big sendoff for an nypd officer released from the hospital where he was treated for bullet wounds. fellow officers lined up to
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hospital for special surgery on the upper east side. police say stewart was accidentally shot in the ankle when he responded to a street fight in the bronx. the nypd says after a suspect started shooting, stewart was hit when officers returned fire. up next, you can knock but no one is home. broken window, empty rooms, homes like this are a problem in upscale neighborhoods. could a new law close a loophole that lets banks leave them in this condition? >> this balloon might help a woman lose weight. i'm dr. max gomez. i'll tell you how a stomach balloon is being used to treat obesity. >> on the wrong track. a driver blames his gps for this ugly crash. >> plus, paralyzed by a storm before the big one hits, how
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ready after a rough rehearsal. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades,
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wrong turn on the train tracks. he got out of the vehicle before a long island rail road train hit it. there was a suspension on the ronkonkoma branch. full service has since resumed. we have been dealing with them since the height of the financial collapse seven year, these zombie homes still causing problems in all neighborhoods. >> especially an issue in suburbia. cbs 2's lou young has the story from westchester county. >> reporter: the home on purchase street in upscale harrison has seen better days since its famous former owner walked away from his mortgage. latrelle sprewell left belongings behind but his mansion remains. perhaps the grandest zombie home in suburbia. >> the banks or owners are very difficult to track down. >> reporter:they dot the landscape in various stages of foreclosure dropping down property values. towns and cities have been
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them up. >> we deal with zombie properties on a weekly basis. >> reporter: it's hard to miss an eyesore like this if you are looking to buy a new home. they suck the value out of everything around them. it's estimated $20 million in home equity has vanished in westchester county alone because they are too close to dumps like this. >> i don't know who owns it, why is thisst there, why hasn't it been sold why isn't it cleaned up and sold? >> reporter: it's usually fall out from financial stress a home worthless than the mortgage. the bank doesn't want it. new legislation sponsored by state senator jeff klein with the urging of mount vernon mayor would force banks to follow the law and maintain the property. it would also allow local powers to get reimbursed for any clean-up costs. a house like this on your block would immediately pull $5,000 we are told off your home's estimated value. >> by the banks not maintaining these properties, they are really having impact on the american dream of
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we need to do something about it and sort of force the banks to abide by the law and maintain these properties as they should. >> reporter: if the legislation becomes law it won't be too soon for the people on country ridge road in harrison. this place is slated to be demolished at town expense. the cost of the demolition added to the unpaid tax bill. we're in westchester county, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> in westchester county foreclosures not being maintained are costing $9.2 million a year to taxpayers. a state of emergency? virginia, washington, dc and west virginia. it's been a rough ride in the nation's capital. an inch of snow yesterday but there were major problems. roads iced over an spinouts, with drivers stuck in their cars. the district is preparing sand and salt trucks in hopes of being better prepared for the bigger storm this weekend. >> our city has a responsibility to residents and visitors to deliver essential services every,
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and last night we didn't meet those goals. for that, we are very sorry. chances. this picture shows lines at a costco in suburban d.c. and this whole foods shoppers were shelves empty. >> one inch snow? >> but i think it was the ice that was the major issue there. >> put that salt down. >> mm-hm. cars. that's how bad it was. dc may get the worst of it but we'll feel the next one. >> yes. lonnie quinn here to tell us how. >> okay, guys. the picture you just showed of dc where they are one inch with ice. i think you can see pictures just like that even worse possibly tomorrow in north carolina. north carolina could see a half inch to even an inch of ice period. in our area right now what a beautiful sky it is out there. it's a really pretty january day. 32 degrees your temperature outside as of right now. feeling like 25 degrees with a bit of wind blowing. now, my headlines look like this.
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with winds with this storm. you probably heard talk about a different track. well, the winds are going to remain constant. it's been a concern. it's going to remain a concern through the storm especially along the jersey shore. snow totals i gave you yesterday, i have not changed my totals. the models have changed. they are all over the place. i want to share that information with you because it's important that you know what's going on here. i mean, here we go. ha. it's a humbling business that i deal with and i have to put my best forecast -- i have numbers from top to bottom. how do i handle the various models? unchanged from yesterday, the city like 4 to 8" just outside the city where you could
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the further south you go it's a foot or more. dc could have the biggest snowstorm in their history. why do i give the numbers i'm giving? the storm is forecasted -- is following the forecast track i thought it would take yesterday. this high pressure system that we know is there it's exploded in its strength. right now it's pushing 31 on the barometer. all you need to know is that's a lot of weight in the atmosphere. i believe yesterday i believe today it's going to push in essence this storm and push it down to the south so we are not going to take the bull's eye hit. the bull's eye hit i believe goes to d.c. we take our hit the way i explained it to you. i think the winds will be a big issue. coastal erosion definitely and the snowfall totals. more coming up later. that's how we put together my forecast. >> okay, lonnie. up next, water worries. but we're not talking about michigan. the fight on long island about installing a new water system. >> plus, you will see something different at this
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coming up. the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards
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this is the most popular place in our newsroom. the weather center! cbs 2's lonnie quinn and his producer georgio pineta working on our forecast.
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at 6:00 on cbs 2. who gets snow, when, how much. also tonight, a westchester county woman loves to take care of animals. why is her town taking the animals away? the story at 6:00. chris, kristine? >> thank you. on long island now, a costly new public water system is planned for about 50 homes in the barrier beach community of oak beach. >> they will ensure safe drinking water for decades to come but residents want no part of it. jennifer mclogan reports. >> i'm very nervous. i'm going to have to give up my home. >> reporter: he and his family have lived in oak beach for 23 years, pay a few hundred dollars annually to check their private water well and filtration but bills are about to jump five times that or more as 57 homeowners on this scenic barrier beach will be required to pay for a controversial new drinking water system.
5:23 pm
working to pay for my water. >> reporter: how much will your bills go? >> the town estimates $1,500 a year. >> reporter: town of babylon says independent wells that serve those residents violate sanitary code violations. bacteria was detected and elevated levels of iron, copper and lead. facing the possibility of fines, babylon town board authorized construction of a new $3 million system to be designed by this engineering firm located in melville. >> when they have breaks in the system, bacteria can get into the system and into the people's homes. >> reporter: e. coli? >> e. coli bacteria. >> reporter: the dec blanket a hodgepodge pressurization and faulty seals. the new system will be located at the oak beach community center. a 3,000-gallon storage tank will replace the house-by- house scheme. still using well water. >> people don't seem very happy.
5:24 pm
and after sandy, most of us, you know, redid our water systems. >> reporter: john warren calls the new water plan unnecessary bureaucracy shoved down their throats. despite steep costs to homeowners, town, county and state health officials say they are being pro-active before the vulnerable water system here succumbs to from oak beach, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> the average yearly water bill in suffolk county is about $365. now oak beach residents are set to pay $1,500 a year. still to come, new yorkers can be unflappable but how would you react if a cow came running down the street toward you? the wild police chase in queens. >> amazon is offering to buy back hoverboard. >> will this balloon be the
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to get the help you need to quit smoking... so you can always be there for her. now at 5:30, a cow chase. a cow leads police on a wild pursuit on the streets of queens. good evening, i'm kristine johnson.
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a cow made a run for its life as it was being taken to the slaughterhouse. hazel sanchez reports. >> reporter: holy cow! there was a cow running loose in jamaica, queens. >> i was so shocked when i saw it. >> reporter: this attendant says she was working in this booth when she saw him running into her parking garage on archer and 165th street. >> it's like the cow was running for his life. >> reporter: it had bolted from a live poultry and meat market across the street from the garage. the cow being delivered from upstate new york was being transferred from a trailer when he got loose. >> the trailer guy bring the cow to take him in the pen. when they bring him in the pen, he escaped from the pen so we can't catch him. he just run away. that's it. >> reporter: police had to shut down several streets as they tried to safely capture the four-legged escapee. they finally cornered the cow right here at this parking garage.
5:29 pm
are pardoned and end up on greener pastures. not this cow. in jamaica, queens, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. a relief from the red on wall street today with the dow briefly above 16,000. the gains faded but it was up 115. the nasdaq was up .37. s&p 500 up 9.66. after the bell starbucks and american express released strong earnings report. >> good to see green. with an eye on the ups and downs of wall street mayor de blasio unveiled a cautious preliminary spending plan. saves money for a rainy day and includes new service investments. cbs 2's political reporter marcia kramer has this story. >> reporter: you're not going to be able to call mayor de blasio spendthrift bill. not with wall street in prices plummeting. >> we're also watching a global and national economic landscape that looks >> reporter: the mayor proposing an $82 billion budget for the fiscal year
5:30 pm
billions into various reserve funds just in case and asks agencies to find creative ways to save money. the budget has $1 billion worth of economies large and small. like switching to red asphalt instead of red paint for these bus lanes, saves $2.5 million. like most budgets there are also new priorities. >> we know that we have to make targeted investments because we're looking at the question of what builds a long- term economically strong city. >> reporter: the mayor proposed $740 million worth of new programs to hire 327 new traffic enforcement agents to reduce congestion, build nearly 12,000 new classrooms, crackdown on synthetic marijuana k2, prevent elder abuse, buy a new staten island ferry, reduce ambulance response times, and after a woman was raped in a brooklyn park, escalator spanned the parks department staff by 30%. now that he is digging into
5:31 pm
millions for prevention, shelter repair and building new housing units. city controller scott stringer operations the mayor for putting money aside for a rainy day but says the city needs more to be prepared for the next financial downturn. the mayor will propose a final budget in the spring. marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. a british investigation says that russian president vladimir putin probably approved the poisoning of a former spy in london. alexander died in 2006 after he drank tea with poisoning during a meeting with two russians. the judge who led the inquiry says he is certain the men spiked the tea with radioactive material. he used to be a russian agent and went to england. his wife spoke after the ruling. >> and, of course, very pleased that the words my husband spoke on his deathbed when he accused mr. putin of
5:32 pm
true. >> britain says it's freezing at sets of the suspects and [ indiscernible ] moscow denies involvement in the death a consumer alert for anyone worried about the fire hazards of hoverboards. amazon is offering full refunds to people who bought hoverboards from them. it comes amid an investigation by the consumer product safety commission. lithium batteries are blamed for dozens of fires nationwide. the battle to become top dog is about to begin! today organizers of the westminster dog show showed off 7 new breeds of dogs that will join the competition this year. among them, the bergamasco and the miniature american shepherd. this is the 140th year of the show. the two-day competition will be held at madison square garden on february 15th and 16th. >> it's a dog's life. >> it is. [ laughter ] >> they have it good over there, i'll tell you.
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coming up, a new kind of snowman. we'll explain what's going on in this bizarre new trend hitting social media. >> you were tweeting about this earlier. >> it definitely caught my eye. >> plus, we're "living large" with a home that will make your jaw drop. from rooftop putting greens to a theater that will make you see the stars and that's before we even get to the bowling alley. >> only two lanes? [ laughter ] today in history, in 2013 beyonce sang the national anthem at barack obama's second inauguration admitting later she did lip-synch. across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza .
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an eight-foot crocodile mixed up his swimming routine. it left the ocean for a dip in a pool after a $6 million house in the florida keys. the homeowner spotted it and called wildlife officials. when they showed up, the crocodile waddled out and took a slow stroll back to the ocean. >> that $6 million home may need to invest in a $1 million fence. [ laughter ] >> something.
5:37 pm
large," we visit a home in southampton that's perfect for active people. >> you can swim, golf and bowl without ever leaving home. cbs 2's emily smith takes us on a tour. >> reporter: it's one of southampton's newest luxury homes. the brains behind the development john keen calls it a happy house. we are the developers and the builders. >> reporter: you find mirrors on the ceiling giving extra shimmer to the home. lots of white. [ music ] >> whitewashed floors. >> yeah. we bleached all the floors. we wanted that white bright feeling. >> reporter: the glass chairs cost thousands. it's a smart home. just the push of the button. >> and you have a fire. >> look at that. magic. >> reporter: the beach house has multiple kitchens beginning with a stainless steel chef's kitchen. >> this is a stone called iceberg. very difficult to find.
5:38 pm
refrigerator but, of course, you open it up, and it's a walk- in pantry. >> reporter: not a refrigerator. >> no. we have microwaves. we have warming ovens. >> reporter: and entertaining space off the kitchen has a gazebo feel and plenty of sunshine. on the main floor, you have a junior master suite. >> it's as beautiful as the master. >> reporter: an oversized staircase brings you to the master. it's a bright and cheery space with an outdoor terrace overlooking the property. >> we're about a block off the ocean so the breeze from the ocean comes right in here. >> reporter: the dressing rooms provide plenty of space for clothes. >> we have the ladder that goes around. and then you have the pulldown for the things that you don't wear every day. that's actually designed for sunglasses. all your sunglasses in there. >> one, two, three, four. >> reporter: and each bathroom has its own unique and pristine look. the third floor has a retractable roof and a putting green. and down on the lowest level?
5:39 pm
>> oh, look at this. we have a pro. oh!! >> reporter: there's plenty of space to relax in the home theater complete with twinkling and shooting stars. and in this price range there's always a wine cellar. this one fits 1500 bottles. >> 11 bedrooms, 15 baths, three cellar, movie theater. >> reporter: and an infinity edge pool. to live large in southampton it will cost you $45 million. >> we were way off! bowling alley 25? $45million? >> 11 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms? why do you need more bathrooms than bedrooms? >> you need guest bathrooms. that's how i would think if i had that type of money. >> there's also a guest house attached to the main home.
5:40 pm
in the price except for that artwork. >> if you have 11 bedrooms and you get designated to the guest house, you're really an invited guest. what challenges will this new bills coach face when entering the nfl? what current and former players had to say about this woman hire. >> reporter: first dana tyler has a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> reporter: tonight at 6:00 a frightening ordeal for an elderly queens couple. a man follows the woman home from the grocery store and then violently robs her at her doorstep. but he didn't stop there. also, a controversial new yankee won't face criminal charges for domestic violence but he still has to face the league.
5:41 pm
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histories has been made by an nfl team. the buffalo bills hired the first female full time coach kathryn smith the bills' special teams quality control coach but how will breaking the gender barrier be received? steve overmyer is here. >> i was interested to find out some of the numbers. so according to the institute
5:44 pm
sports, the nfl has the highest percentage of women in leadership roles. 30%. the players i spoke with welcomed the idea of a female coach. >> you can't ever speak for everybody but i would say 99.9% it's not a issue. >> reporter: the giants running back believes it's not so hard to imagine a woman in a position of power even if it is in the most testosterone- driven sport in the world. >> i'm a player. whoever my coach is i'm going to have the utmost respect for. i'm going to try to make them the best they gonna try to make m the best. >> reporter: is she going to face challenges? >> fully coach faces challenges. i don't think her specifically is going to have to face anything that's out the norm. [ yelling ] >> reporter: tony richardson is a former nfl pro bowler. he can train with anyone in the city. and his coach is kira. >> i didn't go easy on him. there's i think also the person that i am and the strength that i have as a female comes across in my coaching and in my training
5:45 pm
>> reporter: as a 15-year vet richardson sees the nfl as another organization just evolving with the times. at the forefront is kathryn smith a st. john's university grad. >> she is a trailblazer. it's about time. i think we live in a society where it doesn't matter if you're black, white, male, female, they should get an opportunity. >> reporter: last year they hired a woman as a linebacker coach. her players had no problem following orders from a female. you don't feel she will be forced to overcome stereos types? >> absolutely. i think men view women and empathic, supportive caring nurturing. and these are beautiful qualities but not necessarily the qualities that they are aiming to demonstrate on the football field. >> the doctor spent a decade as a sports psychologist working for the nfl, chris and kristine. she went on to say that of all the professionals she worked with in every sport football players are the most welcoming to females in a leadership role and she thinks it's
5:46 pm
strong mother present in their lives. so that's a key element to it. >> very true. >> very, very true. well, this is great. absolutely great. >> here's a look at something sweeping social media right now. >> the new thing is to put jeans on the lawn and let them freeze. everyone is trying to get a leg up on each other. very good. don't call us liars if we say that the frozen pants craze also has caught fire on social media. >> i thought it was funny. >> lonnie quinn now -- >> how do they get it to stand up? >> have to hold them until they freeze. >> lonnie doesn't have his jacket on so maybe we have the answer to that question now. >> the jacket is outside --
5:47 pm
there. the track is boding better for us. outside some folks out skating right now. you're dealing with a temperature of 32 degrees a clear sky overhead a wind chill of about 25 degrees. interesting almanac picture. 36 your high today so just about where you expect to be. 26 is the low. this is a profile i think we'll see even though it's a storm, you may very well get a high temperature that goes above the freezing mark. but i think each and every day you're talking about temperatures going below the freezing mark. we have had a cold winter all week long. it will remain that way. cape may snow could start at 11 p.m. tomorrow night. for new york city it's more more of a saturday event. saturday morning snow begins in the city. saturday afternoon, some heavier bouts move through. it's not just constant snow. i think there will be heavier bouts on-again, off-again type thing. well north of new york city, you're only going to be affected by the fringe of this storm. doesn't look like it's going to your area.
5:48 pm
is going to be a concern. look at the numbers. saturday 3:30 you're talking about a 58-mile-per-hour gus. montauk 56-mile-per-hour gust. now we are saying how places inland to the north on the fringe of the storm consequently ramapo like a 27- mile-per-hour gust so gusty yes not as strong as what you would be feeling to the east and further south. coastal flood watch in place for our communities. strong winds off the water. surf along the jersey shore 8 to 12 feet gusts up to 60 miles per hour beach erosion. if you along the south shore beaches, you're talking about the surf heights new york now at 4 to 8 feet. not as severe as the jersey shore. still an issue on all our coasts around the area. blizzard watch has been issued friday night until sunday early morning. for all five boroughs all of long island and central and south jersey. winter storm watch those areas shaded in blue going into the lower hudson valley and north
5:49 pm
no warnings out there. here is our storm as of now. numbers in our area i'm going to stick with that 4 to 8" range around new york city. but the 12-foot range still not too far away. could be nipping at a little southern tip there of staten island. and then a foot or more as you are approaching towards dc and into the blue ridge mountains of virginia. so here's how we see things number wise across the board. i don't think anybody is going to be talking temperatures. you're going to be talking about the storm. 34 degrees for friday. 32 maybe even 33 on saturday. notice your lows are below freezing so it's a snow issue out there. i certainly think there could be some mixing along the shoreline as far as going inland north and west, does not look like it's your storm. if there's a would-bel in this track, i'm going to let you know as soon as i know but as of now, if it's going to exit the area around, say by the outer banks, you have to get
5:50 pm
>> i'll have more information at 11:00 p.m. >> thank you. [ music ] >> don't you love this stuff? the beloved musical cats opens this summer at the neil simon theater. it originally ran from 1982 to 2000 making it one of the most lengthy productions. it will start july 14. >> didn't you audition for that role? [ laughter ] >> i thought did you. >> no. >> thought did you. >> toss me under the bus. >> the lion? [ laughter ] >> that's it. >> camera goes crazy now. [ laughter ] up next, a brand-new way to lose weight. doctors are inflating balloons in people's stomachs to keep them from overeating. >> then coming up at 6:00 a woman licensed to care for injured hawks owls and geese forced to give them up.
5:51 pm
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5:53 pm
>> it's why there's gastric bypass and lap bands. now dr. max gomez tells us about a new approach. a stomach balloon. >> reporter: it's no secret that america is overweight. more than 2 thirds of us are overweight and half of those are obese. maria lisa estevez falls into is that group. she struggled with her weight and it got worse with each child. >> you feel like your always on a diet exercise with three kids. it's difficult. >> reporter: at 5'8", 225 pounds, she is trying this, a stomach balloon. >> it's space occupying. it's like having the big turkey dinner that doesn't go away. >> reporter: a scope is passed down the esophagus into the stomach then the balloon is inflated with about 20 ounces of saline solution. roughly the same as a large bottle of soda. when the patient eats, there's
5:54 pm
and in real life it's about a 20-minute procedure done under general anesthesia. after about months the balloon is deflated and taken out in a similar procedure after about 6 months. >> it's a jump-start. it lets you see that light at the end of the tunnel earlier than if you were doing diet and exercise alone. from the u.s. pivotal study it would be about 40% of your excess weight loss. >> reporter: but to keep it off, she knows that behavior modification is key. >> afraid you're going to gain your weight back or go back to your old ways? >> it was a concern for that but i'm hoping my body will reset itself to that weight point that will be easier to maintain. i'll have the dietician for six more months so she will keep me in check. >> reporter: leaks are rare but if they happen a special dye inside the balloon shows up in the patient's urine alerting them to the problem. and a doctor uses a cocktail of medications to minimize nausea and vomiting that can happen in the early days with the balloon. dr. max gomez, cbs 2 news. >> the cost of the procedure
5:55 pm
full year of counseling with a dietician. but it is not yet covered by insurance. >> that's going to do it for us today at 5:00. i'll see you tonight at 11. >> and i'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:30. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado >> reporter: bracing for a blizzard. the first big snowstorm of the season is gaining strength in the south and headed our way. >> new yorkers should be ready for a big storm this weekend to make the precautions now. >> tonight, supplies are flying off store shelves and cities towns and coastal areas across the tri-state watch and wait. good evening, i'm dana tyler. mayor de blasio says new york city is ready with 579 salt spreaders and 300,000 tons of rock salt. more than 1600 plows on standby tonight.
5:56 pm
will work to keep trains and platforms clear of snow. on the jersey shore, snow and serious combination. crews have been working to secure the coastlines. but city leaders are asking residents to stay alert. we have team coverage tonight from the city to the shore. we are going to start though with lonnie quinn in the weather center with the latest because there are a lot of >> i'll tell you, you bet. you're exactly right. i think what i have to start off with though are the watches and warnings that are already issued. they go into effect friday into sunday early morning. the green is the blizzard watch. the blue color is a winter storm watch. north of that, no watches or warnings because we're pretty confident on the track of the storm changing and going further south. but as far as the blizzard watch i want you to keep in mind that the term blizzard
5:57 pm
totals but has to do with wind
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