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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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totals but has to do with wind and flying snow. the conditions have to stay in effect for 3 hours or more, 35- mile-per-hour winds or stronger and has to blow snow around and visibility has to be reduced to a quarter mile or less. we could see that in our area. those winds coming in off the water also have coastal flood watches in effect for basically all of our coastal communities from friday night into early sunday morning. vortex satellite and radar showing that storm has ballooned up. i was working early this morning. there was nothing here. trying to forecast a storm that wasn't even a storm yet. but we really felt that that bit of energy was going to drop down to the gulf, gather up this moisture from the gulf of mexico. and then move in our direction. look at this. we have winter storm watches and warnings that extend from missouri all the way into our area. watches, as well. take a peek at how it's forecast to progress. we thought yesterday it might exit more north of where it is forecast to exit now. so again, snow totalities for 90% of the weather agencies bit. mine will be constant. we'll talk about that later.
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as you have been telling us, parts of new jersey could see the biggest snow in our area. and on the shore, coastal flooding a big worry. brian conybeare joins us from manasquan. >> reporter: dana, it is cold and windy here along the manasquan river just off the ocean right now. people are preparing for whatever happens this weekend but they know the jersey shore is stronger now because of what happened three years ago. some parts of the jersey shore are still rebuilding from superstorm sandy three years ago. >> it would be foolish not to be concerned. >> reporter: mary ryan lives on the ocean in manasquan and remembers sandy all too well. but she is hopeful this weekend's blizzard is nothing like that historic storm. >> a lot of people still have not been able to recover from sandy. so we do consider ourselves in a recovery period still. >> reporter: up and down the
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preparing, front-end loaders piling up protective sand dunes along miles of beaches just in case, and the real concern here is flooding with whipping winds the expected storm surge and a full moon high tide on saturday. >> when you have the wind coming out of the east, the water can't get back out. so one high tide builds on top of the other. >> reporter: manasquan mayor ed donovan has already issued warnings to residents living in flood-prone areas but hopes all the work since sandy pays off. >> they did a beach replenishment acouple of years ago. i think this will work. >> reporter: residents say they expect waves to crash over this railing here along the manasquan river when the storm does kick in this weekend. and the mayor says he thinks there could be three to four feet of floodwaters in some low-lying areas when the storm is at its worst.
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to issue any mandatory evacuations. we are live on the jersey shore manasquan, new jersey, brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. around new york city, people are preparing. but as cbs 2's alice gainer shows us, there's one item disappearing from store shelves quickly. >> reporter: many people thought they were getting ahead of the storm by coming out this afternoon to buy some salt. but this home depot in the bronx is already sold out of it. just a few grains of salt remain on the empty shelves. you have been to several places and everyone is sold out? >> three places. >> reporter: no salt? >> no salt. >> i'm probably going to get these two little containers here and try to make them work, mix them with house salt. >> reporter: shovels are fully stocked. we found people buying those too. >> i would rather be safe than sorry to be prepared. >> reporter: as individuals prepare their homes, officials prepare the city. >> we have 303,000 tons of rock salt on hand. you can see some of it right here. >> reporter: beginning
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department of sanitation will start loading salt spreaders, attaching plows to trucks and pretreating the roads. the office of emergency management is keeping a close "eye on the storm"'s track and activating the emergency operations center saturday morning. public works in nassau county is gearing up to treat roads and bridges. over in suffolk county they are bringing in military humvees to be stationed at local precincts to help drivers if they get stranded on the roads. and if you find yourself without heat or hot water -- >> call the manager for your building. but if it isn't being addressed, call 311. we want to get out to people quickly. we want to address these issues, get them the heat and hot water they need. the sooner we know the faster we can address the issue. >> reporter: the city will be out trying to get the homeless off the streets and inside. check on your neighbors and the elderly. alice gainer hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news, in the bronx. >> the storm not even here
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affecting air travel. american eagle and american airlines are canceling saturday flights at kennedy, laguardia and newark airports. many major airlines also are waiving change fees for passengers because of the weather. the new york city department of transportation has suspended alternate side parking regulations for saturday. it is to make things easier for snow removal crews but saturday you still have to pay parking meters in the city. developing at 6:00 a suspect out on bail for a slashing has now been arrested for a similar attack. this weekend, he is a 28-year- old man of lower manhattan. detectives say he is the man seen in this surveillance video video near a slashing on saturday. this man was left with cuts on his face. police say back in october the same suspect slashed somebody behind bellevue but got bail ahead of a court hearing next month.
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you a motive but i believe that he does have a psychiatric history based on some of the information we have obtained. also developing tonight, a woman in harlem in critical condition after a car pinned her against a wall in front of a laundromat on 102nd and lex. the car also hit an off-duty officer's foot as he tried to get out of the way. the officer hurt his ankle. the drive is a gas station attendant park, the black car. he is in custody. no word if he will face charges. an elderly queens couple robbed in their own home. cbs 2's steve langford tells us how the couple was targeted and how the suspect got away. >> reporter: the staircase to terror for a queens couple in their 80s where police say this man, armed to the teeth,
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video, forced his way into the couple's apartment wednesday about 5 p.m. >> the knife was under her chin on her neck and the gun was on my grandfather's chest. >> reporter: the elderly couple's granddaughter tells cbs 2 news the suspect had followed her 82-year-old grandmother home from the grocery store then at the building entrance put his hand over her mouth and a knife to her throat demanding cash. what she had. that wasn't enough so he made them look for more money. >> reporter: the grandmother forked over $300 the suspect then pushed his way into the apartment and poked his gun into the chest of the woman's 88-year-old husband who quickly coughed up another $500. >> he threw her on to the couch and told her to sit down. >> reporter: that's when another family member came home and walked in on the violent heist. apparently scaring the suspect. >> when he heard her, he started running out the door and pushed her out of the way.
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suspect had a gun and a knife, the victims' family chased the man down this street but he got away. >> i can't believe that somebody would actually do that to an elderly couple. >> it's shocking in this neighborhood. >> reporter: the elderly couple not injured physically but badly shaken. >> for something like this to happen to them after so many years of living here and at this age, it's just heartbreaking. >> reporter: the search continues for a suspect capable of something like this. in the ridgewood section of queens, steve langford, cbs 2 news. new information tonight in the shocking scarsdale mansion murder. hundreds of people gathered today for the victim's funeral. meanwhile her husband, charged tonight with second-degree homicide, hoping to be free on bail soon. cbs 2's tony aiello reports. >> reporter: there were hugs and tears at young israel of scarsdale as friends and family gathered under the most painful of circumstances to mourn pediatrician robin
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allegedly by her husband jules reich. it happened in a bathroom of the couple's $3 million mansion. one source described the attack as an ambush. reich had filed for divorce last summer. >> i checked and going back to 1994 we have no domestic violence history at that house, no criminal activity. >> reporter: and police gave no hint at a motive, no explanation why reich would brutally attack the mother of his three children. >> everybody is upset. everybody is shocked. none of us can believe it happened. >> reporter: marcy klein saw goldman regularly for dog grooming appoints. >> the dog was in love with her. she loved the dog. >> reporter: police removed the victim's dog and brought it to goldman's children. goldman was a pediatrician.
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where goldman was memorialized thursday said she would be remembered as good, sweet and pious. in scarsdale, tony aiello, cbs 2 news. >> reich will spend tonight in the westchester county jail. his lawyer has asked for a bail hearing. that is set for tomorrow afternoon. coming up next on cbs 2 news at 6:00, the storm everybody is talking about. lonnie quinn keeping a close eye. >> that's all i have been doing the last few days. the timing hasn't changed much but the track we are seeing a forecasted change in the track of the storm. i'll tell you how that affects us in just a bit. >> we are not the only ones keeping an eye on the storm. scott pelley, you will have more on it tonight at 6:30. >> reporter: that's right, dana. down the coast from new york city, like in washington, dc, they could get as much as two feet of snow. we're following that and we're also looking at the lead poisoning emergency in flint, michigan. our correspondent is going to
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begin with and how the city is hoping to fix it. those stories coming up on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30. >> thank you. we'll be watching. see you then. also, in our area, abandoned houses that not only look bad but cost money even if you live nearby. a new law to close the zombie home loophole. and a bird battle. a woman trying to save injured and orphaned birds is licensed
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taking them away? ye pasm,ue wt? maiea owanweehanginlilelo bie mh iusboht hme thntnefa eugfo erne
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t os the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students. and test scores won't be used in teacher evaluations. less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards
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there's new proposed legislation to clean up zombie homes in the suburbs. several abandoned homes across westchester county are driving property values down. among them, a harrison mansion once owned by nba player latrelle sprewell. several cities and towns have begun using taxpayer money to clean up these houses. but state senator jeff klein is sponsoring a new measure that would force the banks to pay instead. >> by the banks not maintaining these properties, they are really having an impact on the american dream of homeowner shim. and i think we need to do something about it. and sort of force the banks to abide by the law. >> in westchester, foreclosed homes cost taxpayers $9.2 million a year. a woman's mission to help
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on hold by her town's regulations. she has been treating birds of prey for years in her house. so why is she being stopped from helping them? mark morgan reports. >> reporter: lorraine of bronxville feels that she provides a valuable service by rehabilitating injured hawks and owls so they can eventually be released back into the wild. >> these animals come up against many manmade obstacles, window strikes, automobile collisions, pesticide poisoning. >> reporter: but thursday she had her birds taken away. izzo is fully licensed to treat wounded raptors but not on her private property or in her house. >> according to bronxville she is not zoned to possess those animals in this area. there's a zoning issu. bronxville required that she have them removed. >> reporter: she said she received the birds in late fall and early winter nursing
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the of rodents. in total -- diet of rodents. six red-tailed hawks, two howls and three other hawks were removed. the conditions of the birds wasn't a problem, only where they were being treated. >> they were well taken care of. some of them had injuries that she was mending. and we re-homed them. it wasn't an issue of them not being taken care of. >> reporter: izzo has been rehabbing hawks and owls for over 12 years and often receives calls to take in an injured bird. >> i don't know who will take the call in the area. but there aren't too many of us. it will be a disservice to the county not to have me rehabilitate wildlife because it's so important. >> reporter: in the future, izzo will have to acquire a stand-alone wildlife center separate from her house to continue the work she loves. reporting from bronxville, mark morgan, cbs 2 news. let's get back to lonnie quinn right now. he has weather watchers to start things off. >> where's the storm going?
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>> you're doing a great job. >> i'll give you my thoughts on it. not everybody is in agreement on this storm. right now outside temperatures around freezing below freezing in peekskill. this is greg reporting 28 degrees there. skies looking good. hopefully the low pressure moves close to the coastline so i can see lots of snow. do you share greg's opinion? [ laughter ] >> the forecast is for it to move further away but let me get you right now to what i see outside. i see the empire state building under clear skies, 31, wind chill 24. headlines look like this. greg, bear with me now because there's been a change in the forecast track of the storm. it's now calling for bigger effects south even in like our area so sullivan, ulster and dutchess doesn't look like storm. bigger effects south of new york city. the models have changed. take a look at the numbers. this is what i'm working with. they are all over the place. there's no consensus and yet i
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gfs says 1.8 inches of new york city. european model everybody loves that 6.2. rpn17." nam, 21." the rpm went up for whatever reason. i'll show you how i see it. this high pressure system that's up in canada right now, i believe it's going to be playing a bigger role. this high is pushing 31 on the barometer. all you need to know is that's a lot of weight in the atmosphere and it's going to exert that pressure and steer this a little further south of our area. i still think it's on track for washington, d.c. portions of the blue ridge mountains to be the bull's eye. that's where you find the bull's eye of the storm. when i factor in what i just showed you there, i throw out the high one with the nam of 21", more credence to the numbers pushing it down to the south. i'm going to say 4 to 8" around the five boroughs of
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like staten island further south seeing that possibly 8 to 12." then further south you see the purple color stretching down towards, you know, baltimore and washington, dc, into virginia, where you see, you know, a foot or more. they are saying one to two feet of snow possible. dc has a possibility of seeing 20" of snow out of this a record setter for this area. big gusts up to 6 miles per hour. you see a lot of folks on that map with 50 plus-mile-per-hour gusts. so shoreline concerns are definitely out there. eight to 12-foot seas and the south shore of long island 8- foot seas. it's gone by sunday. it's a saturday event for us. >> thank you. a jets wide receiver on "the late show." otis livingston here with details. >> brandon marshall would rather be in the post-season but hanging out with stephen colbert is a great consolation prize.
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new closer got good news but could still feel the wrath of major league baseball because of the domestic violence situation. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating
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let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at people are surprised at how easy and affordable it is to get insurance through new york state of health. we help them to find the best insurance plan that suits their needs. working with so many consumers, you begin to develop a kind of kinship or friendship, a bond and you see them on a consistent basis, so it becomes almost like a big family,
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hope that there is a better future
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otis livingston here with yankees legal news. >> good news today. but still a ways to go. unlike most of the teams in the majors, the yankees were willing to take a chance on chapman knowing he had a domestic violence charge over his head. he is not going to be facing charges for allegedly fighting with his girlfriend in october due to insufficient evidence and different accounts. he allegedly fired a gun a number of times locked in the garage. while he is clear of criminal charges he could face discipline from major league baseball under its domestic violence policy. last night it was more extra work for the knicks after a double overtime victory on monday. they found themselves in another extra session against the jazz. bonus basketball because they blew a 4 point lead with seconds left. kristaps porzingis fouled and made all three to send it to overtime.
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derrick williams for three and d-will working the glass finally gets to go home. the knicks win 118-111 a nice win as we get to the halfway point. >> all-star break is coming up. so you know, these games count. they are the ones that make the season. it's a good west coast team. these are the games we need to win and get over .500. ben mcadoo's giants coaching staff is taking shape and could include mike singletary. he interviewed for the linebackers coach job. rashad jennings in midtown this afternoon shooting a commercial. we haven't heard much from the player since the elevation of offensive coordinator to head coach so our steve overmyer asked him how he felt about the hire. >> i'm excited. it's a good opportunity for coach to step up and, you know, we know his leadership capability obviously under his leadership two years as offensive coordinator. i got to know him on a individual level.
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can look to and is consistent, first in last out kind of coach. brilliant. knows how to put everybody into good places. there's no doubt that's what he will do for the team. >> with the jets, the general manager mike maccgagnan named the executive of the year by the pro football writers association. his wide receiver brandon marshall was on the "the late show with stephen colbert" which was supposed to be great. >> if you're on the colbert show, you're a loser. [ laughter ] >> oh!! >> i'm with you on that one. >> what i mean by that -- >> i'm not sure if there's anything fixing that, actually. [ laughter ] >> what i mean -- >> this time of year -- [ laughter ] >> yes, this time of year. he would rather be in the play- offs. >> oh, okay. >> he didn't mean it that way. >> i think you're a winner if you get on that show. >> thank you, otis. no ice rink? no problem.
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skating. coming up at 11:00, a group of thieves take advantage of a teen with no arms. >> it's cowardice to use that many people on someone that supposedly can't fight back. >> but he still found a way to scare off the group. >> also ahead tonight, our weather team has been working around the clock keeping track of this monster storm moving closer. lonnie quinn will have your updated forecast at 11. finally here at 6:00 an upstate new york town has come up with a unique way to use a parking lot. watertown residents are trying to turn this lot into an outdoor ice rink by spraying it with water. the ice rink is closed for regular vegas. it will take a few days for the water to freeze and to be ready for skaters. coming up next on the "cbs evening news with scott
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be on the lookout for a major earthquake?
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